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This Vocabulary contains about 15,000 words of common use, besides 
more than 1300 proper names or adjectives, and about 200 dates, cov- 
ering the more important points of classical history and mythology. 
While it makes no claim to supply, for the critical student, the place 
of his larger Lexicon, it is believed to be sufficiently complete (with 
special and rare exceptions) not to leave him in doubt as to the niean- 
ing or inflection of any word he is likely to meet in the course of his 
reading, from Plautus down to Tacitus. Having (besides other aids) 
been twice collated with the whole of Andrews*s large Lexicon, and a 
considerable part of it, besides, with the much more copious one of 
White & Riddle, it will not, it is hoped, be found defective, on the 
score of either accuracy or fulness. 

J. H. A. 

Cambridge, Massachusetts^ 
August, 1869. 


^ll C\' -^ '-. ^ 

• ,^ 









Nouns. — M. masculine; v. feminine; n. neuter; c. common; d. doubtful. 

Vbrbs. — The figures i, 2, 3, 4, signify the Conjugations. In those of the istand4th, where 
only one form is given, the conjugation is regular, like amo or audio. In the others, the 
Perfect termination is given, and usually that of the Supine Stem only — as rego, xi, ct- — 
instead of the ending in um. Wheno>mpound verbs are divided by a hyphen, the conjugation 
may be found under the simple form. — a. active ; n. neuter; p. passive. 

Proper Names. — k. king; q. queen; {.father; m. mother; s. son; d. daughter; 
^t. district; prov. j^rovince; mt. ntountain; — myth, signifies that the name belongs to 
Mythology. The dates are usually those of birth and death : as, Hannibal, b.c 247-183. 

Unusual forms of inflection are given in parenthesis ; cognate words in brackets. 

Words marked t are Greek. Forms given with hyphen occur in compounds. 

Vowels not marked, and not long by position, are to be reckoned short 

The References are to the Sections or Tables of the " Manual Latin Grammar.** 

A, the praenomen Aulus. -*1 abjicio, jeci, ject-, [jacioj 3, cast A 

a, abfjrom, by, since, on the side of. 
[ab-, atoay, apart^ completely. 
abactUBy [abigoj driven away. 
abacus, i, m., desk, reckoning-board. 

away, cast down, abandon. 
abjudico^ i, give sentence against. 
abjungOy nari, net-, 3, unyoke, part. 
abjuro, i^ deny on oath. ^ 

abalieno, i, estrange, transfer. -^i^blatus, [aufero,] carried off. ^ 

Abas, antis, gr.-son of Danaus. 
abavus, i, m., gr. gr. grandfather, , 
abdico, i, deny, abdicate, resign. ^ 
„^bdicOy ad, ct-, 3, refuse assent. 
^ abditus, a, am, hidden, secret. X 
. abdo, didi, dit-, 3, to hide, remove. ^ 
abdiico, zi, ct-, 3, lead away, with-%^ 
draw, degrade, separate. 

abeo, ii ^vi), it, 4, depart, vanish,^ ish, remove, 
abandon, end, change, come off. ^"^ — ' "~ 

abequito, i, ride aumy, 
^ aberro, i, wander, stray. V 

abfore, [sum,] be away. 

abhinc, since, henceforth. \ 
^ ^bhorreo, ui, 2, shrink, abhor,differ.i 

abiegniis, a, um, of fir. 

abiens, euntis, [eo,] departing. 

tibieB, etis, t., fir-tree, fir-wood. 

abigo, egi, act-, [ago,] 3, drive away. 

abitus, us, m., departure, outlet. 
^— abjectus, a, imi, downcast, mean/ 
abject, desponding. 

ablego, I, send away. «-Iigurio, 4, 
abludo, si, stun, 3, differ, [waste. 
abluo, ui, VLt-,'^,washaway,cleanse. 
abnego, i, deny, refuse. 
abnormis, e, out of rule. 
abnuo, nui, nut- (nuit-), 3, deny, 
refuse, reject, forbid. 
^aboleo, evi (ui), it-, 2, check, aboU 

abolesco, evi, 3, wither, decay. 

abolitio, onis, F., annulling, 

abolla, 8B, F., robe, qloak. 

abominor, i, deprecate, hate, detest. 

aborigines, um, m., prvnitive colo- 
nists, first inhabitants. 

aborior, ortus, 4, set, disappear. 

abortus, us, M., abortion. 

abrSdo, si, sum, 3, scrape off, 
shave, rob. 

abripio, ui, rept-, 3, drag away^ 

abrogo, i, repeal, annul. 



abrnmpo — accnsatio. 

■^:>- abrumpOy rupi, nipt-, 3, break offy 

tear away, 
abruptus, a, urn, broken, steep ; N., 

bottom^ depth. 
atoSf from. 
abscedOy cesai, cess-, 3, depart^ 

escape^ desuit. 
;siAjibBcessus, iia, m., departure, 
abscidOy cidi, cis-, (caedo,) 3, ciU 

abscindo, Bddi, sciss-, 3, rend 

away, divide, 
abscisos, a, am, cut off, abrupt. 

abscondo, didi, dit-, 3, Uide^ fc«e-'"-accepto, i, receive. 

Academia, ae, F., Academy, a, gym- 

nasium near Athens. 
-( acanthiB, idis, f., goldfinch. 
f acanthus, i, M., bear's-foot, thorn. 
Acarnan, anis, c, of Acarnania 

(W. dist. of central Greece). 
Lccedo, cessi, cess-, 3, approach^ 

advance against, be addedy befalL 
accelero, i, hasten, 
accendOfdi, sum, 3, kindle, inflame. 
accenseo, ui, it- (ens-), 2, reckon 

accensus, i, m., attendant, recruit. 

sight of, 
.*«« absens, tis, (absuxn,) absent. 

absimilia, e, very unlike. 

absinthium, i, n'., wormwood. 
— ^ absisto, stitd, 3, depart, desist, cease, ^ccessus, us, m., approach, 
"i^ absoliitus, a, lun, complete, "'^^^ ' accido, cidi, (cado,) 3, fall 

absolve, vi, ut-, 3, ac<yMiV, 6/i.s*c7/a?'<7e. 

absorbeo, ui, 2, suck in, swallow, 

absque, without, but for. [sweep off. 

abstergeo, si, sum, 2, wipe clear or 

abstemius, a, um, temperate, 

absterreo, ui, it-, 2, frighten away.-^ 

abstersus, a, um, wiped off, 

abstinentia, ae, F., abstinence, re- 
^"^ abstineo, ui, tent-, 2, hold away, 
abstain, refrain, 

abstraho, xi, ct-, 3, draw away, ab- 
stract, release. 

abstrudo, si, sum, 3, thrust away, 
conceal. [served, difficult. 

abstrusus, a, um, concealed, re- 

abstuli, [aufero,] took away. 
-mahBxiaLeaBe,fin,tobeabsent,distant, | acoommodo, i, suU, jit, conj 
diff^ent, unfit. [^ifroy.'^ ^accommodus, a, um suUable, 

abstoio, mpsi, mpt-, 3, waste, de- — «— «revi. cret-. r mcr 

absurdus, a,tim, absurd, stupid, 

abundantia, ae, f., abundance. 

abunde, in abundance. 

ab-undo, i, abound^ overflow, 

abusque, /rom as far as, 

abiitor, iisus, 3, abi^e, consume, take 

Abydus, i, F., a town in Asia, on 
the Hellespont. 

ac=atque, and^ as, 
j" acacia, ae, F., thorn. 

acceptus, a, um, acceptable. 
accerso, ivi, itum, 3, fetch, send for. 
accessio, onis, f., approach, in- 
^ crease. 

^ us, M., approach, 


befall, happen. 
accido, cidi, cis-, (caedo,) 3, cut 

short or into. 
accingo, nzi, net-, 3, gird, equip. 
acoio, 4, summon, 
accipio, oepi, cept-, (capio,) 3, gety 

receive, undertake, understand. 
accipiter, tris, M., Jiawk. 
accisus, (accido,) cut off, ruined. 
accitus, us, M., summons. 
acclamo, i, shoiU, applaud. 
acclinis, e, leaning on, 
acclino, i, lean forward, [cending. 
acclivis, e, (-us, a, um,) steep, (as- 
acclivitas, atis, F., acclivity, ascent. 
accola, ae, c, neighbor, 
accolo, ui, cult-, 3, dwell near, 
accommodo, i, suit, fit, conform. 
accommodus, a, um, suitable, 
accresco, crevi, cret-, 3, increase, 

grow to, be added. 
accubo, ui, it-, i , sit or lie (at table). 
accudo, di, sum, 3, to hammer out. 
accumbo, cubui, cubit-, 3, lie near. 
accumulo, i, heap up. 
accuratus, a, lun, exact, careful, 
accuro, i, care for, 
accurro, cucurri, ctirs-, 3, run 

accursus, us, m., concourse. 
accusatio, onis, F., accusation. 

accnsator — adeptus. 

accuBator, oria, m., accuser, 
accuBO, I, accuse, inform against, 
acer, eris, n., maple. 
■*><^acc>r, crifl, ere, keen, eager, vigorous, 
acerbe, bitterly, sharply. 
acerbitas, atis, p., bitterness, harsh- 
acerbo, i, to embitter, 
acerbus, a, am, biitery harshj satL 
acemov, a, mn, of maple. 
acerra, as, f., censer, incense-box, 
acervatim, in heaps. 
acervo, i, to heap up. 
acervuB, i, m., heap, pile. 
acesco, acui, 3, to turn sour, 
acettun, i, n., vinegar. 
Achsemenes, is, first k. of Persia. 
Achaicus (-aeua), a, um, Greek, 
achates, 8b, m., agate. 
Achel5iis, M., a river of N. Greece. 
Acheron (iins), tis, m., a river in 

Achilles, is, ea, champion of 

Greece in the Trojan war. 
AchSvuB, a, tun, Grecian. 
addiis, a, lun, sour, sharp, tart, 
acies, ei, f., edge, sighty line-of-bat- 

tie, keenness, battle. 
factnaces, is, m., Persian sword. 
acinus, i, M. (um, N.), grape-berry or 

acipenser, eris, m., sturgeon, 
aclis, idis, f., dart. 
aconitum, i, N., wolfs-bane. 
•— acquiesce, evi, et>, 3, come to rest. 
acquire, sivi, sit-, 3, gain, get, add, 
Stcrimonia, 8B, sharpness, pungency, 
— acriter, (acer,) eagerly, keenly. 
f acroama, atis, n., music or recita* 

tion ; a musician. 
Acrisius, myth, father of Danae. 
Acroceraunia, the mt. boundary 

of Macedonia and Epirus. 
acta, ae, f., shore, breaker. 
Actseon, onis, myth, gr.-son of 

Cadmus, torn by his own hounds. 
Acte, es, f., (coast-land) Attica. 
actio, onis, F.,( ago,) action, acting, 

suit at law, activity. 
Actium, 1, N., promont. of Epirus, 

scene of Antony's defeat, b. c. 31. 

actor, oris, m., driver, actor, agent. 

actuarius, a, vmiffor driving, row- 
ing, swift -osns, energetic. 

actus, a, um, driven; n., deed, 

actus, us, M., impulse, act, deed, 

actiitum, at once. 

aculeus, i, m., sting, prickle. 

acumen, inis, n., edge, point, keen' 

acuo, 1, utum, 3, to sharpen^ rouse. 

acus, us, ubus, F., needle, pin. 

acute, sharply. 

acutus, a, um, sharp, pointed, vio- 
lent, keen, sagacious. 

ad, to, towards, near, for, at, ac- 
cording to, besides. 

[ad-, near, towards, in addition, 

adactus, (adigo,) driven, 

adaeque, in like manner. 

adaequo, i, make equal, compare, 

adagium, i, N., proverb, 

adamanteus (inus), a,imi, hard as 

fadamas, antis, M., tempered steel, 

adamo, i, begin to love. ^cover, 
^^Uadapeiio, ui, tum, 4, to open, un- 

adaquor, i, to get water. 

adaugeo, xi, ct-, 2, increase, devote, 

adazim=adegerim, (perf. subj. of 
adigo, drive). 

[adc-, see ace-. 

addecet, it is fit. 

addenso, i, (a.), eo, 2, (n.), thicken. 
-.Liiddico, sd, ct-, 3, to favor, doom, 
devote, yield, adjudge, consent, 

addictus, a, um, devoted; m., a 

additus, (addo,) joined, 

addo, didi,dit-,3, to add, give, join, 

addubito, i, incline to doubt. 

adduco, zi, ct-,3, lead along, bring 
towards, induce, contract. 

adductus, a, um, strained, severe, 

ad-edo, 3, bite at, eat up. 

ademptus, (adimo,) taken away. 

adeo, to that degree, so, so far, truly. 
^d-eo, 4, to approach, visit, attack^ 
undertake, undergo. 

adeps, ipis, d., fat. 

adeptus, (adipiscor,) Jiaving at- 

adeqnito — advertow 

adeqnito, i, ride up to. 
[adf-=aff-; adg-=agg-. 
adhaereo (esco), hseai, haes-, 2, to 

cling f fasten, border upon, attain. 
^^^adhibeo, ui, it-, 2, apply to, sum- 

mon, employ, have near, bring in. 
adhortor, i, exhort, encourage. 
adhuc, hitherto, besides, as yet. 
adigo, egi,act-,3, drwe, force, urge. 
Ldixno, emi, empt-, 3, take atoay^ 

set free, deprive, rob. 
adipiscor, adeptos, 3, itin, get, ar- 
rive at, overtake. 
LditUB, us, M., approach, access. 
adjaceo, ui, 2, lie near. 
adjicio, jeci, ject-, 3, add, cast or 

put upon, turn totoards. 
a4judico, I, adjudge, assign. 
adjumentam, i, n., help. 
adjungo, nzi, net-, 3, join, annex^ 

altach, apply, bring near. 
adjuro, i, adjure, confirm by oath. 
adjiito, I, to help. 
adjntor, oria, m. ; -true, triciB, F., 

helper, assistant. 
adjuvo, juvi, jut-,i, to help, sustain. 
admetior, inenBiis» 4, to measure 

Admetus, myth. k. of Thessaly. 
adminiculo (or), i, to prop, assist. 
adminiciilum, i,N., a prop, support. 
administer, tri, m., assistant, 
administro, i,manage,serve, attend. 
admirabilis, e, admirable, strange. 
admiratio, onis, p., iconder. 
admiror, I, toonder at, admire, gaze. 
admisceo, cui, mizt-, 2, mingle in, 
admissarius, i, m., libertine. 
^ a dml tto, misi, miss-, 3, admk,per' 

mit, commit, consent, spur on. 
admodum, very, quite, loholly, fully. 
adm51ior, 4, heap up, bring to. 
admoneo, ui, it-, 2, to remind, warn. 
admonitio, onis, f., warning. 
admoveo, movi, mot-, 2, bring 

near, apply, direct. 
admurmnro, i, to murmur near. 
adnascor:=agnascor, grow to, 
adnato (adno), i, sumt towards. 
adnepos, otis, m., gr. gr. grandson. 

adnitor, ma- (niz-), 3, attemptySlrioe 

for, lean againsL 
adno, I, swim towards. 
adoleo, ui, ult-, 2, bum, consume 

(as sacriiBiceX ^erve by rituaL 
adolescens, tis, c, a youth. 
adolescentia, ae, f., youth. 
adolesco, evi, ult-, grow, come to 

ripeness^ bum (oa the altar). 
Adonis, is (idis), myth, prince of 

Cyprus, loved by Venus. 
adoperio, ui, ert-, 4, cover over. 
adoptio, onis, F., adoption. 
adopto, I, to select, adopt. 
ador, oris, n., fine wheat, spelL 
adoreus, a, um, of wheat ; f., gift 

of corn. 

orior, ort-, 4, accost, attack, begin. 
adomo, i, equip, adorn. 
adoro, i, to worship, accost, entreat. 
[adp-=app; adq-==:«cq-; adr-= 

arr-; ads- — aas- ; adst-==ast-. 
adsciaco, scivi, scit, 3, summon^ 

join, receive, admit. 
adsum (assum), be near. 
adulor, i, flatter, fawn. 
adulter, era, um, adulterous. 
adultero, i, to alter, corrupt. 
adultus, (adolesco,) grown up. 
adxunbro, i, shadow out, sketch, 

aduncus, a, um, hooked. 
aduro, ussi, ust-, 3, bum, scorch. 
adusque, even to, throughout. 
adustus, a, um, parched, scorched. 
.adveho, zi, ct-, 3, carry, bring. 
advelo, i, to veil. 

advena, ae, c.,foreigner, newcomer. 
advenio, veni, vent-, 4, arrive^ 

approach, be added. 
adventicius, a, van, foreign. 
advento, i, to advance. 
adventus, us, m., coming, anival. 
adversarius, a, um, frorUing, op- 
posed; M., enemy; N., note-book. 
adversor, i, oppose, thwart. 
adversum, i, n., adversity, disaster. 
adversum, (versus), against, tow- 

ardsj oppoaife, as to^ up (stream). 
adversus, a, um, contrary, opposite. 
adverto, ti, sum, 3^ turn towards^ 



ad verto — 2Btii4. 

direct; anIniTiTn adv., observe^ 

attend to ; anim. adv. in, proceed 

againstf punish. 
advesperascit, avlt, 3, t^ grows late, 
advocatio, onia, p., summons. 
advocatoB, i, M., counsel, advocate* 
advoco, I, call for J summon, 
advolo, i,Jltf towards, 
ad-volvo, 3, roll towards, fall before, 
4dvorBump=adverBum, against, 
^adytum, i, n., sanctuary, tomb. 
.SSacidea, 8b, descendant of i£acus, 

JESaea, 8b, p., the island of Circe. 
.Sacus, i, myth, son of Jupiter and 

Europa, a judge in Hades. 
^die^oU forsooth (by Pollux). 
sedes, la, p., temple; pi. house, hive, 
aedificStio, onis, p., fmilding, 
eedificium, i, n., a building. 
sedifico, I, to build, construct, 
sedSiciuB, a, um, of the Edile. 
sedOis, IB, M., Edile, (inspector of 

buildings, police, &c.). 
f aedon, osds, p., nightingale, 
iEetes, 8B, myth. k. of Colchis. 
2BgaBxini mare, the JEgean Sea, 

between Greece and Asia Minor. 
seger, gra, gnim, sick, weary, sad, 
iEgeiis, i, myth. k. of Athens, father 

of Theseus, 
aegis, idis (os), p., shield. 
iBgisthus, i, myth, son of Thyestes 

and murderer of Agamemnon. 
aegre, ins, gerxime, with difficulty. 
aegresco, 3, grow sick, or worse, 
aBgrimonia, ee. P., grief, 
aegritndo, inis, p., sickness, grief, 
asgrotatio, onis, p., sickness^ dis- 
aegroto, i, tobe sick, languish. 
aegrotos, a, um, sick. 
2Bgypttt8, i, P., Egypt ; also, myth. 

k. of Egypt, br. of Danaus. 
aemulatio, onis, p., rivalry. 
aemulor, i, to rival, emulate. 
aemiilus, a, nm, emulous, vying, rival. 
iEneades, as, son or companion of 

.SSneaa, ae, myth, prince of Troy, 

founder of tfie Roman race. 

aeneixB (aenus), a, um, brazen ; n., 
iBoluB, i, god of the Winds, [pot, 
aequabilis, e, equal, even. Just. 
aequaevufi, a, am, of equal age. 
aequalia, e, even, equal in age, like, 
aoque, equally, just so. 
aequinoctiam,-!, N., (nox,) equinox, 
aequiparo, i, match, make equal. 
aequitas, atis, p., justice, fairness^ 

calmness, moderation. 
aequo, i, to make eqtial, level. 
^ r, oris, n., even surface, sea, 
asquus, a, um, equal, just, right. 
aer, is, a, M., the air, mist. 
aerarius, a, vaa, of copper or money; 

M., coppersmith ; P., copper-mine ; 

N., treasury, treasure. 
asratus, a, um, covered with brass, 
aereus, a, um, of copper or brass, 
aeripes, pedis, brazen-footed. 
Serius (eus), a, um, airy, lofty. 
aorugo, inis, p., rust, blight, envy,' 
adrumua, ae, p., grief, distress. 
aorunmosus, a, um, sad, wretched. 
aes, aeris, n., copper, money, wages, 
iEsculapiuB, i, myth, son of Apollo, 

god of healing. 
aesculus, i, p., Italian oak. 
aestas, atis, P., summer, fair weather, 
asstifer, era, um, bringing heat. 
aBStimatio, 5nis, P., reckoning, 

valuation, estate. 
aestimo, i, to estimate, value. 
aestive, summer-like, scantily. 
aestivo, i, pass the summer. 
aestivuB, a, um, belonging to sumr 

mer; N., pi. summer-quarters. 
aestuarium, i, n., tide-water inlet, 
aestuo, I, boil, rage, toss, burn. 
aestuosus, a, um, heated, vexed. 
aestus, us, m., tide, surge, noontide- 
heat, glow of passion. 
aetas, atis, p., age (time of life). 
aeternS (um), continually, for ever. 
aetemus, a, vlocl, eternal^ perpetual. 
aether, eris (os), a (em), m., ether, 

aethSrius (-eus), a, tun, celestial. 
iEthiops, opis, Ethiopian, stoarihy, 
aethra, as, p., clear sky. 
.aitna, ae, p., Mt. Etna, in Sicily. 

^ I 


iBtolia — alanda. 

JBtolia, 8B, F., dist. N. of the Gulf 

of Corinth. 
eevum, i, n., age (period), lifetime, 
ASeZf fra, um, African, 
affaber, bra, um, curious^ skUful, 
affatim, abundantly. 
TtfStua, uSi M., talk, address. 
affectlo, onis, F., disposition^ state 

of mind, love^ good-will. 
afiTecto, i, affect or strive for, reach. 
affectus, a, um, endowed, disposed. 
affectU9, US, M., disposition, desire, 
affero, attuli, allat*, bring, an- 

nounce, procure, betake, allege. 
afficio, fecii feet-, 3, affect, influence, 

a£5go, fijd, fiz-i 3, fasten, join. 
affliigo,nzi,fict-y3, attach, annex. 
afifinis, e, adjacent, kindred. 
affTnitaB, atis, f., alliance, nearness. 
affinuatio, onis, f., assertion. 
affinuo, I, confirm, maintain. 
afflatus, us, M., blast, breath. 
afflicto, I, vex, torment, shatter. 
afflictus, a, um, wretched, ruined. 
affligo, ud, ict-, 3, strike, distress, 

cast down, wj'eck. 
afflo, I, blow on, or towards. 
affluens, tis, abundant, [overflow. 
affluo, zi, zuzn, ^^flow towards or 
affor, I, to address, accost. 
affQre, [adsum,] will be at hand. 
afiulgeo, fulsi, 2, beam doton upon, 
afiiindo, fudi, fus-, 3, pour upon, 
afore, (abauni,) be away. 
Africa, ae, F., Africa, especially 

the country near Carthage. 
Africanus, i, surname of Scipio, 

after the defeat of Carthage. 
AfricuB, A., African ; S.-W. wind. 
Agamemnon, Snis, ona, myth. k. 

of the Greeks before Troy, 
ag^o, onis, m., groom. 
age (imperat), agedum, come now. 
agellus, i, m., dim. of a^er, field, 
agema, atis, n., battalion. 
agens, tia, effective. 
Agenor, 6rls, myth. k. of Phoenicia. 
ager, gri, "M.., field, territory. 
Agesilaus, B.C. 440-360, k. of Spar- 
ta, victor at Coronea. 

age BIB, (bI vis,) go to, come on, 

agger, eris, m., heap, inound, dike^ 

aggero, i, to heqpujp. 

aggeto, gesBi, gest-, 3, bring upon, 

aggeatuB, us, M., a heap, mound, 

agglomero, i, heap together, join» 

agglutino, i, fasten together. 

aggravo, i, weighten, burden. 
saggredior, gress-, 3, approach, eU- 
tack, beginy attempt. 

aggrego, i, (grez,) to add, join. 

agilis, e, movable, active, nimble, 

agilitas, atis, f., quickness, speed, 

agitatio, onis, F., movement. 

agitator, oris, m., driver. 

agito, I, (ago,) drive, rouse, attack, 
keep, revolve, hunt. 

agmen,inis, N., flock, troop, body 
of troops (on march). 

agna, se, F., ewe4anib. 

agnascor, 3, gr&w near, be bom after, 
^gn&tus, a, um, kindred (by father's 

agnitus, a, um, acknowledged. 

agnomen, inis, N., surname. 

agnosco, novi, nit-, 3, own, recog- 
nize, admit. 

agnus, i, m., lamb. 

ago, egi, act-, 3, act, do, lead, drive^ 
treaty rob, pass, ply, deal. 

agrarius, a, um, of fields or pubUc 
lands; M., an agrarian. 

agrestls, e, rustic, rude. 

agricola,8B, M.,farmei\ 

agricultura,8B, (-tio),F., husbandry, 

Agrigentum, i, n., a city in the W. 
of Sicily. 

aheneus, a, um, (aeneus,) brazen, 

ain'f say you so f from 

aio (defect. § 38, ii.), say, assent. 

Ajaz, acis, name of two Grecian 
heroes before Troy. 

ala, ae, f., wing, upper arm. 

alacer, oris, ere, eager, active. 

alacritas, atis, F., eagerness, rap- 

alapa, ae, F., slap, cuff. 

alaris, e (ius, a, um), of a wing, 

alauda, as, f., lark. 


Alba — Alpes. 

Alba, sdf an ancient town of La- 
tium, 20 miles S. E. of Rome. 

albeo, 2, (-esco, 3,) be or yroto while. 

albico, I, to whiten. 

albas, a, vaax,white^fair^fawrable; 
N., whiteness^ white, a tablet. 

alcedo, inis, p., kingfisher, 

aloes, is, p., eUc, 

Aloibiades, is, an Athenian gen- 
eral, B.C. 450-404. 

Alcides, se, a name of Hercules. 

Alcmena(-ainena), se, myth, wife 
of Amphitryo, m. of Hercules. 

falcyon, onis, p., kingfisher. 

Slea, ee, p., a die, game, rutk, 

aleator, oris, M., gamester, 

alec (haleo)» ecis, n., brine. 

Aleoto, us, p., one of the Furies. 

ales, itis, winged, a bird. 

Alexander, dri, k. of Macedon 
and conq. of Asia ; B.c. 356-323. 

Alexandria, se, a city of Egypt, 
founded by Alexander, B.C. 332. 

alga, se, p., sea-weed, 

algeo, si, 2, to be cold. 

algor, oris, M., cold. 

algosus, a, iuii,full of sea-weed. 

algu, with cold. 

alia, by some other way. 

alias, otherwise, elsewhere, at another 
time^ in other respects. 

alibi, elsewhere, in other respects. 

alica, se. P., spelt, grits, gruel. 

alicubi, somewhere, anywhere. 

alicunde,/ro7/i somewhere. 

alienatio, onis, p., transfer, deser- 
tion, separation, enmUy. 

alienigena, se, c, foreigner. 

alieno, i, estrange, remove, alter. 

alienus, a, am, another's, unfavor- 
able, unfit, foreign, hostile ; ses 
alienuni, debt, 

aliger, era, um, tmnged. 

alimentum, U n. ; -monia, se. P., 
food, nourishment, support, 

alio, elsewhither. 

alioqai (-quin), otherwise, besides. 

aliorsum (-versam), in another way. 

alipes, pedis, wing-footed (steed). 

faliptes, SB, m., trainer, anointer. 

aliqua, by some way, somewhere. 

aUqaam, in some degree. 
aliquanidlu,/or some time. 
aliquando, some time, al length. 
aliquantisper,ybr a whUe. 
aliquantulum, some little. 
aliqaantus, a, um, somewhat, con' 

siderable ; -to, in some degree. 
aliquatenus, to some extent. 
aliqui (quis), qua, quod (quid), 

some (§ 21, iii.); N., something^ 

aliqui-piam, any one, some other. 
aliquo, some-whither. 
aliquot, some, several 
aliquoties, severed times. 
aliter, otherwise. 
alitus, (alo,) nourished. 
aliubi, elsewhere. 
aliunde, from elsewhere. 
alius, a, nd, ius, other^ (§ 22, 2). 
allabor, laps-, 3, fall or glide to. 
allaoximans, tis, i, weeping. 
allatro, i, bark at, reoile. 
«Uatus, (afifero.) brought. 
allecto, I, allure. 
allego, I, to despatch, incite, allege. 
4— allego, egi, ect-, 3, choose, elect. 
allevo, I , raise, ease, lighten, lift. 
allez, icis, m., thumb. 
AlHa, se, p., a river N. of Rome, 

famous for the victory of the 

Gauls, July 18, B.C. 389. 
allicio, lezi, leot-, 3, allure, entice. 
allido, si, sum, 3, dash against, 

alligo, I, fasten to, bind, detain. 
allium, i, N., garlic. 
allocutio, onis, p. ; -quium, i, N., 

alloquor, cutus, 3, to address, eX' 

hort, console. 
allubesco, 3, please. 
allude, si, sum, 3, sport, banter. 
alluo, ui, 3, wash, flow near. 
alluvies, ei, p., pool, overflow. 
* •imun, a, um, (alo,) nourishing, her 

nign, cherishing, propitious, 
alnus, i, p., alder. 
|-alo, ui, alt- (alit-), 3, feed, nourish. 
faloe, es, p., aloe, bitterness. 
Alpes, ium, p., the Alps. 



AlphenB — Amphion. 

Alpheus (eios), i, m., a river of 

alaus (ms), a, um, cold, [algeo.] 

altaxia, iom, N. pL, high altar, 

alte, on high, deeply. 

alter, era, -am (g.,-teiiaB)t other (of 
two), second ; one . . . the other, 
.^Altercatio,oni8,F., guarrel, dispute. 
>..,^tercor, i, contend, wrangle. 

altenuB (ne, na), by turns. 

altemo, i, to alternate, hesitate* 

alternuB, a, um, alternate. 
^^alter-uter, one or the other. 

althsea, se, f., marsh-mallow. 

Althaea, m, myth. m. of Meleager. 

altilis, e, well-fed, fat. 

altisonos, a, tun, lofty in tone. 

altltudo, inis, p., height, depth. 

altor, oris, M. ; -trix, tricis, F., 

altrinaecuB, on the other side. 

altua, a, um, (alo,) high, deep, remote, 

aluoinor, i, wander in mind, dream, 

alumen, inis, n., alum. 

alumnus, i, m. ; a, ae, p., (alo,) fos- 
ter-child, pupil. 

aluta, ae, p., soft leather, purse, 

alvearium, i, n., bee-hive. 

alveolus', i, m., tray^ tub, bucket. 

alveus, i, m. ; um, n., channel, hull 
(of ship), cavity^ hive. 

alvuB, i, M., P., belly. 

amabilis, e, lovely, 

Amalthea, a nymph of Crete, 

who fed Jupiter with goat's milk. 4-«unitto, misi, miss-, 3, lose, let go. 
amando, i, send away. 
amans, Ms, fond, friendly, lover. 
amanter, lovingly, 
amaracus, i, c. (tun, n.), marjoram. 
famarantus, i, m., amaranth. 
amiror, oris, M., bitterness. 
amarus, a, um, bitter, harsh, sad. 
amasius, i, M., lover, gallant, 
amator, oris, m., lovei', friend, 
AmSzones, um, p., myth, tribe of 

female warriors, of Thrace. 
ambactus, i, m., vassal. 
ambages, is, p., circumlocution, 

obscurity, digression. 
ambarvaiis, e, going alwut the 


ambedo, edi, ea-, 3, consume. 
[ambi- (amb-, am-, an-), round 

ambigo, 3, wander, doubt, dispute. 
ambiguus, a, um, doubtful, drifiingy 

uncertain, obscure. 
ambio, 4, go about, encircle., solicit. 
ambitio, onis, p., solicitation, flat* 

tery, ambition, canvassing, 
ambiliosus, a, um, tmning, court* 

ing favor, vain, ambitious. 
ambitus, us, M., circuit, bribery. 
ambo, 8B, o, (§ 18, i., 2,) both. 
f ambrosia, as, F., food for gods. 
ambrosius, a, um, divine, lovely. 
ambulo, i, walk, go, march. 
amburo, ussi, ust-, 3, bum about. 
ambustns, a, um, scorched. 
amellus, i, m., purple starwort. 
Smens, tis, mad, insane^ distracted. 
amentia, ae, P., madness. 
amento, i, famish or hurl with a 

thong, impel. 
Smentum, i, n., ihong. 
ames, itis, m., stake, forked pole. 
amfractus, us, m., bend, crook. 
amica, ae. P., friend, mistress. 

icio, ui (zi), ct-, 4, fcrap, clothe. 
amicitia, ae, f., friendship, 
amictus, us, m., garment, covering. 
amiculum, i, N., mantle. 
amiculus, i, m., dear friend. 
anuous, a, xtm, friendly, friend. 
amita, ae, p., father'^s sifter. 


Ammon, onis, M., the supreme 

Egyptian deity. 
amnis, is, m., river (farge deep 

amo, I, to love^ be fond of, 
amcsnitas, atis, p., pleasantness^ 

charm, darling. 
amcsnus, a, vaai, pleasant, fair. 
amolior, 4, put away, 
amomum, i, N., spice-plant, 
amor, 5ris, m., love, desire. 
amoveo, ovl, ot-, 2, remove, steal. 
Amphiaraus, i, myth, seer and 

hero in the siege of Thebes. 
Amphion, onis, myth. k. of Thebes 


Amphitrite — annuliu. 


AmphitritS, Ss, sea-goddess, wife 

of Neptune ; the sea, 
Amphitryo (uo), onis, myth. k. of 
Thebes, husband of Alcmena. 
Amphitxyoniades, se, Hercyfes, 
amphora, se, f., water-jar (f>gz\[s.), 
ampleotor, zus, 3 ; -z6r, i, to em- 

brace, comprehend, clasp, 
amplezuB, us, m., embrace, 
aznplio (-fico), i, enlarge, widen, 

delay, glorify, 
amplit&do, inis, F., largeness, dig- 
nity, grandeur* 
amplios, more, further, [ample.] 
ampluB, a, um, large, strong, great, 
ampulla, se, f., flask, jar, bombast, 
amputo, I, prune, cut offi 
Amolius, i, myth. k. of Alba, gr.- 

uncle of Romulus. 
amurca, 8B, f., oil-lees, dregs, 
amnftaJB, is, im, p., foot-rule ; ad 

amiiSBim, exactly, 
Amycise, arum (e, es), a town in 
Laconia, birthplace of Castor 
and Pollux (Amydasi fratsres). 
f amygdalum, i, n., almond, 
f amylum, i, N., starch, 
Amyntas, as, k. of Macedon, father 

of Philip ; died B.C. 370. 
amystiB, idis, p., eager draught, 
an, whether, or; (interrog. § 71). 
t anagnostes, ae, m., reader, 
t analeota, orum, N., scraps, 
anas, atis, um (ium)» F., duck, 
anceps, cipitiB, tioo-headed, doubt- 
ful, perilous, critical. 
Ajachises, ae, a prince of Troy, 

fether of iCneas. 
fanchora^^ancora, anchor, 
ancile, is, n., shield, 
ancilla, ae, F., maid-servant, 
fancon, onis, M.,fork, comer, 
f ancora, ae, F., anchor, 
AncuB Marcius, fourth k. of Rome, 

reigned B.C. 640-618. 
Andromache, es, wife of Hector. 
Andromeda, myth. d. of Cepheus, 

rescued by Perseus. 
SnelluB, i, m., a little ring, 
t anemone, es, f., wind-flower, 
tanethum, i, n., anise, dill. 

anfractuB, ub, m., turning, bend, 

anfraotuB, a, um, broken, bent. 

f angeluB, i, M., angel, messenger, 

t angina, ae, f., choking. 

angiportuB, us, M., lane, alley. 

ango, zi, ot- (x-), 3, choke, strangle^ 
torment, press hard upon, 

angor, 5ri8, M., distress, strangling, 

anguilla, 8b, f., eel, 

anguinuB (eua), a, um, snaky. 

angulB (en), is, c, (ango,) snake, 

angulus, 1, M., corner, angle, nook, 

anguste, narrowly, closely. 

angustias, arum, f., pi. narrowness, 
narrow pass, defile, difficulty, 

angustus, a, um, narroto, scanty, 

anhelitus, us, m., breath, panting, 

anhelo, i, to pant, gasp, breathe, 

anheluB, a, um, panting, gasping, 

AnienssAnio (a river). 

anHis, e, old-womanish, 

anima, ee, F., air, breath, life, 

animadversio, oniB, f., notice, re- 
proach, investigation, [perceive, 

axiimadverto, td, sum, 3, attend to, 
in (w. ace), to punish, chastise, 

animal, alls, n., living creature, 

animalJB, e, of air, living. 

animans, tis, living, animate. 

animatus, a, um, minded, disposed, 

animo, i, to give breath or life. 

animoBUB, a, um, spirited, daring. 

animus, i, M., soul, mind, dvtposi- 
tion, spirit, temper, life, 

Anio, enis, M., the Teverone, a 
branch of the Tiber. 

Anna, as, (Perenna,) sister of Dido. 

annalis, e, of a year; m., year- 
book ; pi. annals, narrative, 

annecto, zui, jdxol, 3, hind, fasten. 

Annibal=:sHannibaL [against, 

annitor, nis- (niz-), 3, strive, lean 

anni^ersariua, a, um, yearly, 

anno (adno), i, suiim to, 

annon, or noL 

annona, as, F., harvest, price of 
corn, provision, 

annSsus, a, um, aged, 

annotdnuB, a, um, last year*s, 

annoto, i, note, observe, register, 

annulus (anulus), i, m., ring. 


animmero — appaxate. 

annnmero, i, count up, reckon, 
annuo, ui, ut-, 3, nod, assent, grant, 
annus, i, m., year. 
annuuB, a, um, yearly, a-year, 
an-quiro, quisivl, sit-, [qusero,] 

3, inquire, search, 
ansa, se, f., handle, 
ansatus, a, um, icixh handles, 
anser, eris, m., goose, 
ante (ace), before, in fronts ago, 
antea, before, formerly, 
anteactus, [ago,] done before. 
ante-capio, 3, anticipate, preoccupy. 
ante-cedo, 3, go before, excel. 
ante-cello, 3, excel, be prominent, 
antecessor, oris, m., advance-guard, 
antecursor, oris, m., scoxU, pioneer, 
ante-eo, 4, go before, exceed, 
ante-fero, bear before, prefer, 
antegredior, gressus, 3, usher in* 
antehac, till now, formerly, 
antelatus, [fero,] preferred, 
antelucanus, a, van, before day* 
ante-mitto, 3, send Itefore. 
antenna (mna), ae, p., saUyard,spar, 
antepilanuB, i, m., of the front 

ante-pono, 3, set before, prefer, 
ante . . . queun, before (that). 
anterior, us, former, in front, 
antes, ium, m., ranks, rows. 
antesignanus, i, m., one in front 

(of standard). 
ante-sto, i, stand before, excel, 
antestor, i, summon as witness, 
antevenio, veni, vent-, 4, come 

beforcj prevent, surpass, 
anteverto, si, sum, 3, outstrip, pre- 
cede, prevent, prefer. 
antevolo. i, fly before. 
anthrax, acis, m., (coal), cinnabar, 
anticipatio, dnis, f., previous idea, 
anticipo, i, anticipate, surpass, 
f antidotum, i, N., antidote, remedy. 
Antigone, es, myth. d. of CEdipus. 
Antiochia, se, the capital of Syria. 
Antiochus, i, name of several 
kings of Syria, desc. of Seleu- 
cus ; the Great, B.C. 238-187. 
Antiopa, ae (e, es), mother of 
Amphion, by Jupiter. 

anHqvLB, formerly, in the old way, 

antiquitas, atis, f., antiquity, the 
good old ways, 

antiquitus, anciently, of oM, 

antique, i, restore, repeal, reject 

antiquuB, a, um, ancient, famous^ 
venerable, old, 

antistes, itis, c, priest, overseer, 

anti-sto=ante-sto, excel, 

Antium, i, a coast- town of Latium. 

Antdnius, M., the triumvir, de- 
feated at Actium, B.C. 31. 

antrum, i, N., cave, grotto, cavity. 

anulatus, a, um, decked with rings, 

anulus, i, m., ring, seal-ring, 

anus, tis, F., old woman. 

anjde, anxiously. 

anzietas, atis, f., anxious care, 

anzius, a, mn, anxious, unquiet. 

Anxur, uris, n., a coast- town of 

Aonia, ae, a district of Bceotia. 

apage, away ! avaunt I 

Apenninus, i, the Apennine. 

aper, apri, M., unld boar. 
perio, erui, ert-, 4, to open, disclose, 
display, reveal. 

aperte, operdy, clearly. 

aperto, i, to lay bare. 

apertura, se, f., opening. 

apertus, a, um, open, uncovered, 

apez, icis, m., tip, cap, summiL 

f aphractus, i, F., undecked ship. 

apianus, a, um, of bees ; ¥., camo- 

apiariuB, a, um, of bees; M., bee^ 
keeper ; n., bee-house, 

apiastrum, i, N., mint, balm, 

apicula, ae, F., little bee, 

apis (es), is, f., bee. 

apiscor, apt-, 3, pursue, seize, geL 

apium, i, N., parsley, 

apluda, se, F., bran, chaff, 

aplustre, is, n., ship''s stem. 

ApoUinaris, e, sacred to ApoUo, 

Apollo, inis, god of light, music, 
&c., son of Jupiter and Latona. 

t apologia, ae, f., apology, defence, 

t apologus, i, M., fable, tale, 

f apotheca, ae, f., storehouse, 

apparate, magnifcently. 


apparatus — arbutos. 


apparatus, a, um, sumptuotis, 

apparatus, us, M., outJUj equipment^ 
apparatus, splendor. 

appareo, ui, it-, 2, appear, he mani- 
fest or certain, he in public, 

apparitio, onis, f., service, domes- 

apparitor, oris, M., puUic servant. 

apparo, i^ prepare, furnish. 

appellatio, onis, f., address, appeal, 
calling hy name, utterance. 

appello, I, accost, call, name. 
^appello^ puli, puis-, 3, push to- 
^ wards, hring to land. 

appendix, icis, f., appendage. 

appendo, di, sum, 3, weigh out, 

appetens, tis, eager, grasping. 

appetentia, as (-petitio, onis), f., 

appetitus, us, M., attack, longing, 
eager desire. [approach 

ap-peto, 3, seek, attack, long fof, 

Appia via, a road made by the 
Censor, Ap. Claudius, B.C. 313. 

appingo, 3, paint, inscribe. 

applaudo, si, sum, 3, applaud, clap. 

applioatus (citus), a, um, attached. 
^pplico, iJoin,fasten, drive towards, 
^ attach, apply, bring near, Jean. 

ap-pono, 3, put near, add, serve up. 

apporto, I, bring, convey. 

appositus, a, um, situated near, ft. 

appotus, a, um, drunk. 

ap-prehendo (-prendo), 3, seize. 

apprime, especially, chiefly. 

approbatio, onis, f., approval. 

approbo, i, approve, assent, confirm. 

appropero, i, to hasten. 

appropinquo, i, to approach. 

Appulia, ae, f., dist. of S. £. Italy. 

appulsus, a, um, [pello,] driven. 

appulsus, us, M., driving-up. 

apricatio, onis, F., haMng in sun- 

apricor, i, bask in sunshine. 

apricus, a, um, sunny, open to the 
sky, clear, full, open. 

Aprilis, is, m., [aperio,] ApriL 

aprinus (-ugnus), a, um, of a hoar, 
.-.^ptatus, a, um, suited, fit.», fitly, suitably. 

^pto, I, to fit, join, prepare. 
^^qitus, a, van, fit, suited, ready. 
"^ipud (aput), near, at, amxmg. 


aqua, se, f., water; 6axe,give time. 

aqu^iE^ is, m., water-pot or bowl, 

aquSrius, a, um, of water; m., 
water-carrier; n., sink, trough. 

aquatious, a, um (-tilis, e), belong- 
ing to water, watery, moist. 

aquatio, onis, f., getting water, 

aquatus, a, um, watery. 

aquifolium, i, N., hoUy. 

aquila, se, F., eagle, army-standard, 

Aquileia, se, a town near Venice. 

aquilifer, feri, m., standard-bearer. 

aquilo, onis, M., north wind. 

aquilus, a, um, swarthy. 

Aquitania, se, F., dist of S. W. 
Gaul; -nus, a, um, Aquitanian. 

aquor, i, to bring water. 

aquSsus, watery, wet, 

ara, as, f., altar, refuge, monument. 

Arabs, &bis (-icus, a, um), Arab- 

aranea, se, F. ; us,i, M., spider, cob- 
web; -eum, i, N., cobweb. 

Arar, firis, m., the Saone, a branch 
of the Rhone in S. E. Gaul. 

aratio, onis, F., ploughing, field. 

arltor, oris, m., ploughman, farmer. 

aratrum, i, N., plough. 

Araa:es,is, m., a river of Armenia. 

Arbela, orum, n., a town of As- 
syria where Darius was defeated, 
B.C. 332. 

arbiter, tri, M., tcitness, judge, um- 
pire, master. . 

arbitrarius, a, um, by arbitration^ 
arbitrary, uncertain. 
■i^urbitratus, us, m., choice, freewiU. 

arbitrium, i, n., presence, judgment, 
award, dominion, wUl, power, 

arbitror, i, observe, judge, think, 

arbor (5s), 6ris, f., tree, mast, oar. 

arboreus, a, um, of trees. 

arbustum, i, n., copse, grove, or- 
chard (for training vines). 

arbuteus, a, um, of the arbute, 

arbutus, i, F. ; um, i, n., wUdstraw- 
beiry-tree or fruit. 


area — Armenios. 

area, ae, F., chesty money-box, 
Arcadia, ae, the central district 

of the Peloponnesus. 
arcano, in secret, 

, arcanuB, a, um, secret, hidden. 

ArcSs, adJSi Arcadian, 

arceo, ui,ot-,2,8Aut close, keep off, 

constrain, guard, confine, 
arcera, se, F., covered carriage (for 
the sick), ambulance. 
•^ i^urcesBO, ivi, it-, 3, summon, fetch, 
invite, obtain, 
f archetypus, a, um, original, 
[farchi-, chief, 

ArchiiziedeB, is, a mathematician 
and engineer of Syracuse, who 
defended the city, B.C. 212. 
architeotus, i, m., master-builder. 
arcitenens, tia, m., archer (Apollo), 
arctim (te), closely, with difficulty, 
arc to (arto), i, to strain close, 
f arctOB (us), i, F., the polar Bear, 
Arcturus, i, M., a star in Bootes, 
arctus, [arceo,] close, narrow, strict, 
arcTila, se, f., little chest, box, 
arcuo, I, to bend, curve, 
arcus, us (i), m., arch, bow, 
ardea, ae, f., heron, 
ardelio, onis, m., busybody, 
ardens, tis, glowing, hot, fiery, 
ardenter, hotly, vehemently, 
ardeo, arsi, arsum, 2, to bum, 
ard^sco, arsi, 3, take fire, gleam, 
ardor, oris, M., heat, flame, glow, 
ardus=aridus, dry. 
arduus, a, um, steep, difficult. 
area, ae, F., threshing-floor, court- 
yard, house-plot, field. 
arefacio, feci, fact-, 3, mjcJce dry, 
arena, as, F., sand, beach, arena. 
arenarius, a, um, of sand; u., 

gladiator ; F., sand-pit, 
arenatus (-osus), a, um, sandy, 
arena, tis, parched, thirsty, 
areo, ui, 2, to be dry, parched. 
Areopagus (os), i. Mars' Hill, the 

supreme court of Athens. 
aresco, ami, 3, grow dry. 
Arethu^ ae, f., a fountain near 
Syracuse, fabled to flow under 
the sea from Elis to Sicily. 

argentarius, a, um, of silver ; m., 

banker; F., bench, mine, 
argenteus, a, um, of silver, silvery. 
argentum, i, N., silver, money, 
argilla, ae, F., potter^s clay. 
Arg^vus, a, um, of Argos; Greek, 
Argo, us, F., the ship of Jason. 
Argolicus, a, um, of Argos, Greek, 
Argonautae, arum, the heroes 
who sailed for the golden fleece. 
Argos, N., the capital of Argolis. 
argumentatio, onis, f., reasoning, 

argumentor, i, prove by reasoning, 
argumentum, i, N., reasoning. 
arguo, i, ut-, 3, to make clear, rea- 
son, accuse, convict, 
Argus, i, the keeper of To, having 

100 eyes ; slain by Mercury, 
argute, shrewdly, acutely. 
argutias, F., animation, wit, 
arguto (or), i, to speak sharply or 

argutiae, arum, f., animation, wit, 

argutus, a, um, active, keen, witty, 
Ariadna aa, (e, es), myth. d. of 
Minos, who fled with Theseus. 
Aricia, ae, f., a town in Latium. 
ariditas, litis, f., dryness. 
aridus, a, mn, dry, parched, lean; 

N., dry ground. 
aries, etis, m., ram, battering-beam, 
arieto, i, to butt, push, batter. 
ariolor (hariolor), prophesy, babble, 
Arion, dnis, myth, harpist of Les- 
bos, rescued at sea by dolphins. 
arista, as, F., wheat-ear, harvest. 
aritudo, inis, F., dryness, drought. 
arma, orum, N., arms, defensive 

weapons, tools, tackle. 
armamaxa, ae, F., covered chariot, 
armament^ orum, N., tools, tackle, 
armamentarium, i, N., arsenal, 

armarium, i, N., chest, closet, 
armatura, ae, F., equipment, troops, 
armatus, a, um, armed, equipped, 
armatus, us, m.,' equipment. 
Armenia, ae, Armenia. 
Armenius, a, um, Armenian^ 


armentalis — asiniu. 


armentalis, e, of the herd, 
armentariuB, i, M., herdsman, 
armentum, i, N., herd ofcatlle, &c. 
annifer, fera, um, hearing arms, 
armiger, geri, m., armor'-bearer, 

armiUa, ae, f., bracelet, armlet, 
amiilluni, i, N., wine-vesseL 
armipotens, tis, mighty in battle, 
armisonus, % um, resounding with 

armo, i, to arm, equip, caU to arms, 
Armoricus, a, um, of the coast 

district of N. W. Gaul. 
annus, i, M., shoulder (of beast). 
aro, I, to plough, tiU, cultivate, 
f aroma, aids, n., spice, 
Arpinum, i, a town in Latium, 

birthpl. of Marius and Cicero. 
Arpiaus, a, um, of Arpi, (Apulia). 
arqnatus, a, um, arched, bent, 
arquu8=arcus, bow, 
arrectus, a, um, steep, attentioe, 
arrepo, psi, pt-, creep toward, 
arreptus, [arripio,] seized, 
Arretium, i, N., a town of Etruria. 
arrha, ae, f., (-abo, onis, is..), pledge, 

ar-rideo, 2, to smile upon, please, 
arrigo, read, reot-, 3, uplijft, rouse, 
arripio, ui, rept-, 3, attack, snatch, 

seize, drag into court, 
arrisor oris, M,, flatterer, 
arrodo, si, stun, 3, gnaw, nibble, 
arrogans, Ids, haughty, 
arroganter, haughtily, 
arrogantda, se, F., haughtiness, 
arrogatdo, onis, f., adoption, 
arrogo, i, to question, claim, adopt. 
arrosus, a, um, nibbled, 
ars, artiis, F., skiU, art, science, habit, 
arsus, a, um, [ardeo,] burnt, 
arte (arete), closely, 
^urticulSte, distinctly, 
articulatim, jom^ by joint, 
^^ ar ticulatus, a, um, jointed, 
^^"airticulo, I, to connect by joints. 
artdoulosus, a, um, knotty, [crisis. 
articulus, i, M., knot, joint, division, 
artifez, icis, m., artist, builder; 

(as adj.), skiUed, 

artificium, i, N., trade, skiU, trick. 
arldtus, a, imi, [ars,] skUled, 
f artopta, se, f., baking-pan, 
artus, a, tun (arctus), close, scant, 
artus, us, M., joint, limb. 
arundifer, fera, um, reed-bearing, 
arundineus, (-osus), reedy. 
arundo, inis, F., reed, rod, shaft, 
Aruns^^^ls, Etruscan name of 

younger sons. 
aruspez, icis, m., a diviner (from 

entrails), sootJisayer, 
arvalis, e, of the field, 
arvina, se, F., fat, tallow, 
arvus, a, ran, ploughed (not sown) ; 

N., field, ploughed land, 
arz, arcis, F., tower, citadel, height. 
as, assis, M., unit of weight or 

coin (§ 84), consisting of 1 2 parts : 
I (^), imcia ; 7 (^5), septunz ; 

2(4), sextans ; ^ ( f X bessis ; 
3(|), quadrans; 9(|),dodrans; 
4( I ), triens; 10 ( f ), deztans; 
5 (o)> qtdncimz; 1 1 {\^), deimz. 
6( j^),semissia; 12 as, originally 

a pound of copper; as coin, 

worth afterwards about a cent. 
Ascanius, myth, son of i^neas. 
ascendo di, sum, 3, [scando,] to 

climb, mount, ascend. 
ascensio, onis, f.,-us, us, m., ascent. 
ascia, se, f., axe, hoe, mattock, 

cio, 4, to summon, admit ; i, hew. 
, .ascisco, ivi, it-, 3, coil for, bring in, 

receive, adopt, approve, 
Ascra, se, a town in Boeotia, birth- 
place of Hesiod (Ascraeus). 
asonbo, psi, pt-, 3, tvrite in, enrol, 

impute, ascribe, assign, 
ascriptivus,a, um, supernumerary, 
ascriptor, oris, M., subscriber, 
asellus, i, m., asella, ae, f., donkey, 
Asia, as, F. ; (originally a town of 

Lydia) Asia; generally, Asia 

Minor, the large peninsula S. 

of the Black Sea. 
Asiaticus, i, surname of L. Scipio, 

conqueror of An tiochus, B.C. 190. 
asilus, i, M., gad-fly, 
asinarius, (-Inus), a, um, of asses, 
asinus, i, m. ; asina, ae, f., an ass. 


Asius — asras. 

AsiuSy a, um, of A8i% Astatic. 

f asotus, i, M., a riotous person. 

f asparagus, i, M., asparagus. 

aspecto, I) behold, look at, attend. 

aspectos, [aspicioj beheld. 

aspectus, us, M., aspect, view. 

aspello, 3, expel, drive. 

asper, era, um, harsh, rough, cruel. 

asperS, roughly, harshly. 

aspergo, si, sum, 3, besprinkle. 

aspergo, iuis, p., a sprinkling. 

asperitas, atis, F., roughness, harsh- 
ness, sharpness, cruelty. 

aspernatio, dnis, f., contempt. 

aspernor, i, cast off, slight, despise. 

aspero, i, roughen, sharpen, enrage. 

aspersio, onis, f., sprinkling. 

fasphodeluB, i, m., asphodel (lily). 

aspicio, exi, ect-, 3, vieto, behold, 
consider, examine, get sight of. 

aspiratio, onis, f., breathing. 

a&pao, I, breathe on, approach, 

faspis, idis, p., asp, viper, shield. 

asporto, I, carry away, convey. 

aspretum, i, N., a bramhly place. 

assa, 5ruxn. N., sweating-room. 

AssaracuB, i, one of the sons of 
Tros, myth, founder of Troy. 

assariuB, a, um, roasted. 

assatura, se, roasting. 

assecla, se, C, hanger-on, follower. 

assectator, oris, m., attendant. 
--^-^uisector, i, attend, wait on, get. 

assensio, onis, f. ; -sub, us, m., 
assent, approval, agreement. 

assentatio, onis, f., flattery, assent. 

assentator, 6rls, is.., flatterer. 

assentio, si, sum, 4, to assent, ap- 

assentior, 4, semi-, agree, assent. 

assentor, 1, flatter, comply. 

assequor, cutus, 3, foUmo close, 
overtake, attain, comprehend. 

asser, eris, m., pole, joist, stake. 

asserculus, i, m., (um, n.), stake, 

assero, evi, it-, 3, to plant near. 

assero, ui, ert-, 3, assert, affirm^ 
claim, lay hold, liberate, protect. 

assertio, onis, f., declaration of 

assertor, 5ris, m., deliverer, pro^ 
lector, claimant. 

asservio, 4, render service. 

asservo, i, to preserve. 

assessio^ onis, f., sitting near. 

assessor, 5ris, M., assistant. 

asseveratio, onis, f., earnest asser^ 
tion, affirmation. 

assevero, i, assert, affirm, prove. 

asslcco, I, to dry, harden. 

assideo, sedi, sess-, 2, sit near, 
assist, resemble, besiege. 

assido, sedi, 3, to sit near, or settle 

assiduS, (-uo), constantly. 

aasiduitas, atis, F., constant pre- 
sence, repetition. 

assiduus, a, um, constant, unremit- 
ting; rich; M., tribute-payei\laB]. 

assignatio, onis, f., allotment. 

assigno, i, assign, appoint, impute. 

assilio, ui, suit-, 4, leap upon. 

assimilis, e, very like. 

assimulatio, onis, f., feigning. 

assimulatus, a, imi, like, feigned. 

assimulo (ilo), i, pretend, compare, 
represent, assume, feign, copy. 

assis=as, unit of coin, weight, &c. 

assisto, stiti, 3, stand near, assist. 

assitus, a, um, [sero,] set near. 

asso, I, to roast, broil, scorch. 
'associo, I, to join, add, unite. 

assoleo, 2, to be usual or accustomed. 

assono, i, resound, sound forth. 

asBue-facio, 3, to accustom, train. 

asBuesco, evi, et-, get wonted, fond. 

assuetudo, inis, f., custom^ habit. 

assuetos, a, um, accustomed, usual. 

assula, se, f., door, chip, splinter. 

aBBulatIm (-ose), piecemeal. 

assultim, by leaps. 

assulto, I, to leap upon, assault, 

assultus, us, M., onset. 

assimi (adsum), to be at hand, at- 
tend, protect, appear, 'approach, 
-as-sumo, 3, take, assume, choose. 
. -'€OiBumptlo, 5niB, F., receiving. 

assumptivuB, a, um, extrinsic. 

assuo, 3, sew upon. 

assurgo, exi, eot- ,* 3, rise up, mouni, 

assus, a, um, roasted, dry. 

Assyria — attero. 


Assyria, ae, F., district of Asia, 

eastward of the upper Tigris. 
Assyrius, a, iim, Assyrian. 
aBt=at, but. 

faster, eris, m., stary stanwrt. 
asterno, strat-, 3, spread upon* 
f asticus, a, um, of the city, 
astipulor, i, engage, agree, 
astituo ui, ut-, 3, to set near. 
astOy stiti, I, stand near or erect. 
Astreea, se, goddess of Justice, 

who forsook earth for heaven. 
astratus, [asterno,] spread. 
astrepo, 3, be noisy, roar, shout. 
astrictos, a, um, close, brief, tight. 

tringo, inyl, ict-, tie, hind close. 
fastrolognis, i, m., astronomer, 
astruotio, onis, f., piling-on, build- 

f astrum, i, N., star, constellation. 

trao, zi, ct-, 3, build near, add. 
f astu (asty), N., city, 
astupeo, ui, 2, wonder at, 
astur, uris, m., a kind of hawk. 
asturcOi onis, m., Spanish nag. 
astus, a, um, crafty. 
astus, us, M. ; -ti],-tia, ee, F., crafi. 
astute, cunningly. 
astutia, ee, F., dexterity, crafi. 
astutus, a, um, crafty, expert, 
Astyanaz, actis, son of Hector, 
f asylum, i, refuge, sanctuary. 
fasymbolus, a, um, scot-fee. 
at, but, but yet, on the other hand. 
atabulus, i, M, a hot wind, Sirocco. 
Atalanta, se, myth, princess of 

Bceotia, famous for speed in 

atat! exdam. of pain or wonder. 
atavus, i, m., ancestor (5th deg.). 
atellanus, a, um, (of Atella, a town 

in Campania,) farcical, 
ater, tra, trum, black, dark, gloomy. 
Athamas, antis, myth. k. of Thes- 

saly, son of ^Eolus. 
Athenee, arum, F., Athens, capital 

of Attica, made a repub. B.C. 5 10. 
Athenaeum, i, n., temple of Min- 
erva at Athens. 
Atheniensis, e, Athenian. 
I atheos, i, m., atheist. 

t athla, 5rum, N., struggles, sorrows. 

f athleta, se, m., wrestler, 

Athos, o, on, M., a stormy prom- 
ontory of Macedonia. 

Atlautiades, ae, Mercury, 

AtlantiadSs (-tides), the Pleiades 
and Hyades, daughters of Atlas. 

Atlas, antis, a Titan, son of 
Japetos, changed to a mountain 
(in N. Africa) by Perseus. 

f atomus, a, um, indivisible. 

atque (ao), and, as, than. 

atqui, but yet, indeed, 

atramentum, i, N., ink, black dye. 

atratus, a, um, in mourning, 

Atreus, ei, myth, son of Pelops, 
f. of Agamemnon and Menelaus. 

atriensis, is, m., house-steuxird. 

atritas, atis, F., blackness. 

atrium, i, N., [ater,] hall, court. 

atrocitas, atis, F., savageness, hor- 
ror, severity, harshness, 

atrociter, cruelly, fiercely. 

Atropos, i, F., one of the Fates. 

atroz, ocia, fierce, stern, cruel. 

attactus [attingo,] touched. 

attactus, us, m., touch, 

attagen, enis, M. ; -gena, as, F., 
snipe, woodcock, 

attalicus, a, um, of Attains, or 
Pergamus ; gorgeous. 

Attains, name of three kings of 
Pergamus, allies of the Romans, 
reigning B.C. 241-197 ; 159- 

138; 138-133- 
attamen, but yet. 
attamino, i, to rob, dishonor. 
attegiae, anun, f., huts. 
attemperSte, opportunely. 
attempero, i, toft, adjust. 
^ttendo, di, tum, 3, stretch, apply, 

give heed, strive, bend, strain. 
attente, diligently. 
attento (tempto), i, attempt, attack, 

attentus, a, um, heedful, attentive. 
attenuatus, a, um, thin, weak. 
atteuuo, I, to make thin, lessen. 
attero, trivi, trit-, 3, rub upon, wear 

away, destroy, weaken, exhaust. 


attestor — auliila. 

attestor, i, testify, prove. 

attezo, ui, turn, 3, weave upon. 

f atthis, idis, f., (of Attica), night' 
ingale or swallow. 

Attica, se, F., dist. in £. Greece. 

attice, eUgandy. 

atticus, a, um, elegant, superior, 

attinae, a, anii f., boundary-stones. 

attineo, ui, tent-, 2, hold to, belong, 
detain, reach to, be of moment. 

attingo, tigi, tact-, [tango,] touch 
upon, lie near, reach, seize. 

attollo, 3, uplift, elevate, enlarge. 

attondeo, di, tons-, 2, shave close, 
clip, prune, nibble. 

attonlte, frantically. 

attonitua, a, um, thunderstruck, 
amazed, stunned, terrified. 

attono, ui, it-, i, amaze, stupefy, 

attorqueo, 2, to hurl upward, 

attraho, trazi, tract-, 3, draw, drag, 
attract, contract. 

attrecto, i, to touch, handle, appro- 

attribuo, ui, ut-, 3, impute, assign, 
bestow, add. 

attributio, onis, f., assignment, 

attributum, i, n., bUl, draft, attri- 

attritus, [tero,] worn, wasted. 

attritus, ua, M., a rub, bruise. 

attuli, [affaro,] brought. 

Atya (Attys), yos, myth. k. of Ly- 
dia, son of Hercules and Om- 
phale, queen of Lydia. 

auceps, cupis, c. ; [avis capio,] 

auctifer, era, xua, fruit-bearing. 

auctio, onis, F., increase, auction, 

auctionor, i, sell by auction. 

aucto, (-ito), I, [augeo,] to increase, 

auctor, oris, M., author, adviser^ 
founder, model, advocate, mover, 

auctoramentum,i, n., bounty, pay. 

auctoritas, atis, F., authority, in- 
fluence, advice, dignity, weight. 

auctoro, i, bind, pledge, hire. 

auotumnalis, e, of autumn. 

auctumno, i, bring on harvest. 

auctuinnus,i, M., [augeo,] autumn. 

auctus, [augeo,] great, rich, ample. 

auctus, us, M., growth, increase, 

aucupitun, i, n., bird-catching, 

aucupor, i, watch, hunt, catch. 

audacia, ee, F., boldness, daring. 

audacter, -citer, fearlessly, boldly. 

audaz, acis, bold, audacious, con- 
fident, violent, rash. 

audens, tis, courageous, brave, 

audentia, ee, F., courage, bravery. 
eo, ausus, 2, to dare, venture, 

audiens, tis, obedient ; m., listener, 

audientia) m, F., hearing, attention. 

audio, 4, hear, understand, listen, 
obey, be spoken of (well or ill). 

au^tio, onis, f., hearing, hearsay, 

auctor, oris, m., hearer, disciple, 

auditorium, i, N., audience-haU, 

aufero, abstuli, ablat-, bear aivay, 
withdraw, remove, obtain, 

aufugio, fugi, 3, flee away. 
^— flMigeo, 3d, ct-, 2, to increase, enlarge, 
exalt, enrich, honor with gifts, 

augesco, 3, grow, increase. 

augmen, inia ; -turn, i, N., growth, 

augur, uris, m., augur, diviner, 

auguralis, e, respecting augury. 

auguratio, onis, f., divination. 

augurato, having inspected the 
omens, with consent of the gods. 

auguratus, us, m., office of augur. 

augurium, i, n., augury, interpret- 
ing of om£ns, prophecy. 

auguro, I, consult, forebode. 

augur or, i, to prophesy, forebode, 
divine (by flight of birds). 

auguste, reverently. 

auguatus, a, am, majestic, august, 
an Imperial title ; f., a princess 
of the emperor's house. 

Augustalis, e, (-anus, a, um), of 

Augustus, i, Octavius Caesar, 
adopted son of Julius, emperor 
from B.C. 31, to A.D. 14. 

aula, 8B, (Si), F., haU, court. 

aulseum, i, n., curtain, canopy, 

aulicus, a, um, of the court, princely, 

faulcsdus, i, M., minstrel (who 
sings to the flute). 

aulula, a, f., [olla,] a IMe pot. 

aura — aviiiB. 


aura, sb (51), p., mr, hreezcy breath, 

vapor, gleam. 
aurarius, a, am, of gold; M., gold- 
smith ; F., gold-mine. 
auratus, a, um, gik, gold-colored, 

gold-clad ;-^axa,ai, F., gilding. 
AureliuB, 1, Emperor of Rome, 
_ reigned, a.d. i6i;-i8o. 
aureus, (-olua), a, um, golden, 

bright; m., a gold coin. 
auricomus, a, um, gold-haired or 

auricula, ee, p., lap of the ear. 
aurifer, fera, lun, gold-bearing, 
aurlfez, fids, m., goldsmith. 
aurifo^na, ee, p., gold-mine. 
auilga, ae, m., charioteer, driver, 

groom, pilot. 
^urigo, I, to drive, steer, guide. 
auris, is, P., ear; mx)uLd-board (of 

aurltus, a, um, long-eared. 
auro, I, to cover with gold. 
aurora, se, P., dawn, morning. East. 
aurugo, Inls, p., jaundice. 
>«-CMirum, 1, N., gold. 
Aurund, orum, people of S. Italy. 
auscultatio, onis, p., hearkening. 
auscultator, onis, m. listener. 
— ausculto, I, hearken, listen, obey. 
ausim, [audeo,] dare. 
Ausdnes (-ii), people of Ausonia. 
Ausonia, sa, N., ancient name of 

central and lower Italy. 
auspex* Ids, c, diviner (by birds) ; 

guide, patron or protector. 
auspicate, having taken the auspices. 
auspicatus, a, um, fortunate, au- 
spicious, consecrated. 
auspicium, 1, n., token, omen. 
auspice, I, to take auspices. 
auspicor, i, watch omens (by birds), 

take the auspices, begin, enter upon. 
auster, tri, m., south wind, south. 
austere, rigidly, sternly. 
austeritas, alls, p., harshness, 

austerus, a, um, harsh, tart, severe, 

sad, gloomy. 
austrkus, e; -trinus, a, um, of the 


Bxama, [audeo,] having dared; n., 

adventure, enterprise. 
aut, either, or, or else. 
autem, but, however, besides. 
f authepaa, ae, p., stew-pan. 
author (autor),=sauctor, adviser. 
fautomatus, a, um, self moving, 
autumnussauctumnus, autumn. 
autumo, I, affirm, assent, assert. 
auarilifirls, e, giving aid, auxiliary. 
auxiliSrlus, a, um, for aid. 
auzilior, i, to aid, help, relieve. 
aiudlium, i, n., aid, assistance ; pi. 

auxiliary troops, military force. 
aiudm, (pf. subj.of augeo),^ot(7. 
avare, eagerly, greedily. 
avaritia, ee. P., avarice, greed. 
avarus, a, um, greedy, covetous. 
ave, hail, farewell. 
aveho, zi, ct-, carry off. 
avello, velll (vulsi), mils-, 3, rend 

away, pluck out or apart. 
avena, 8b, p., oats, straio-pipe. 
Aventinus, 1, M., a hill in the S.- 

W. of Rome. 
aveo, 2, to desire, covet. 
aveo, 2, be fortunate or blest. 
Avernus, 1, m., a lake at the en- 
trance to the world below. 
a-verro, 3, sweep away. 
a^errunco, i, avert, remove. 
aversio, onis, p. turning aioay. 
aversor, i, to turn aloof, hate, scorn. 
aversor, oris, m., purloiner. 
a^ersus, a, um, backward, remote, 

hostile, estranged. 
averto, ti, sum, 3, turn aside, avert, 

withdraw, embezzle, estrange. 
avia, 8B, p., grandmother. 
avia, orum, pathless places. 
aviarius, 1, M., bird-catcher; -um, 

i, N., bird-cage, resort of birds. 
avlde, eagerly, greedily. 
avlditas, atis, p., greediness, eager 

desire, avarice. 
avidus, a, um, greedy, covetous, 

longing, hungry, insatiable. 
avis, is. P., bird, flying thing, omen. 
avitus, a, um, [avus,] ancestral, 

avius, a, um, pathless, remote. 


avooatio — baris. 

a^ocatdo, Snia, F., calling away, 

a^oco, I, call off, withdraw, recall. 

a-volo, hfly off, haste away. 

avtdaiOi oniSi P., plucking off. 

avulauB, [avello,] torn away. 

avunculus, %, VL., uncle (by moth- 
er's side). 

avus, i, M., grandfather, ancestor; 
(i pater, 2 avus, 3 proavus, 
4 abavus, 5 atavus, 6 tritavus). 

azicia, se, p., scissors. 

axilla, 8d, P., arm-pit. 

axis, is, M.y axle, axis, sky, pole, 
north, a board or plank. 

axnngia, ee, P., wheel-grease. 

f azymus, a, um, unleavened* 


babylo, onia, M., money-changer, 

Babylon, onis, P., ancient capital 

the East, on the Euphrates. 
Babylonia, ee, P., the province of 

Babylonicus, (-na), a, am; -ensis, e, 

Babylonian; -ca, oruxn, embroi- 
dered tapestry. 
bacca, SQ, P., berry, fruit, pearl. 
baccar, axis, n., valerian, wild 

baccatuB, a, um, set with pearls. 
baccha, se, priestess of Bacchus. 
Bacchaiial, alia, n., a place sacred 

to Bacchus ; pL festival of B. 
bacohatio, onia, p., debauch, [chus. 
bacohicua (-eua), a, um, of Bac^ 
bacchia, idia, p., bacchanal. 
bacohor, i, to revel, riot, go about 

wildly, as in the Bacchanalia. 
Bacohua, i, god of Wine (Liber), 

son of Jupiter and Semele. 
baccifer, era, um, bearing berries. 
bacillimi, 1, n., a little staff, wand. 
baculum, n., staff, stick. 
badiua, a, um, brown^ bay. 
fba^lzo, I, to go, walk. 
Baetia, ia, m., the Guadalquiver, in 

Spain ; -ica, 8d, the dist near. 

Baled, arum, p., a coast-town on 

the Bay of Naples. 
bajulo, I, to carry a burden. 
b3julua, i, m., porter, bearer. 
balsena, Bb, F., whale. 
fbalanua, i, m., acoruy chestnut^ 

balatro, onia, M., jester, buffoon. 
balatua, ua, m., bleating. 
balbua, a, um, lisping, stammering. 
balbutio, 4, to lisp, slammer. 
Balearea, ium, p., a group of small 

islands E. of Spam. 
balineum=balneum, bath. 
baliolua=badiua, tawny. 
balliata, se, p., an en^ne like a 

cross-bow, for hurlmg stones, 

&c., in a siege ; battery. 
ballux=:baluz, gold-dust. 
balneariua, a, um, of the bath; N. 

pi. bath-room. 
balneator, oria, m., baih-keeper. 
balneum, i, n. ; pi. ae, arum, p., 

balo, I, to Heat. 
balaamum, i, n., balsam, 
balteua (um), i, m., beU, sword-beU^ 

edge, girdle, zone. 
baluz, ucia, p., gold-dust. -. 
fbaptiaterium, i, N., plunge-bath. 
t barathrum, i, N., gulf, pit, abyss. 
barba, se, p., beard. 
barbare, outlandishly, rudely. 
barbarla, se ; -ea, ei, p., a foreign 

country, barbarism, savageness. 
barbaricua, a, um, foreign, bar- 
barbarua, a, um, foreign, strange, 

wHd, cruel. 
barbatulua, a, um, with thin or 

slight beard. 
barbatua, a, am, bearded, old-fash- 
barbitoa, (on)^ 1., d., lute, lyre. 
Barcaa, se, M., the family name of 

barditua, i, m., office of bard. 
bardocucuUua, i, m., hooded chak* 
bardua, a, um, heavy, slow. 
bardua, i, M., bard, minstrel. 
fbaria, idoa, p., bier, barge. 

baro — bidens. 


baro, oniB, m., blockhead, 

barrio, 4, to cry or roar ; from 

barrus, i, M., elephant, 

bascaudai se, f., basket or ba^sin. 

f baailice, royally, completely, 

fbaailicus, a, nm, ^n'nc^/^) royal; 
F., a building used as court-house 
and exchange. 

baaio, i, to kiss, 

f basis, is, f., base, foundation^ 

bfisiiim, i, N., a kiss, 

bassareus, ei, m., (foxskin) a title 
of Bacchus. 

bastema, s&, f., litter, palanquin. 

Batavus, a, mn, of HoUand, 

batallmn, i, n., fire-pan, shovel, 

batiola, ae, F., goblet, 

batuo, ui, 3, to beat, fence, 

baubor, i, to bark, whine, 

bazea, as, f., wooden shoe, clog, 

beate, happUy, 

beatitas, aids ; tudo, inis, f., hap- 
piness, prosperity. 

beatuB, a, um, happy, fortunate, 
rich, abundant, magnificent, 

Bebryx, ycis, Bebrycian (of Asia 
Minor); a myth, king, van- 
quished by Pollux in boxing. 

Belgao, arum, people of Belgium. 

bellaiia, orum, n., dainties (fruit, 
nuts, &c.). 

bellator, oris, m. ; -triz, icis, f., 
warrior; adj., warlike, 

belle, prettily, finely, 

Bellerophon, tis, myth, son of 
Glaucus, who slew the Chi- 
maera, riding upon Pegasus. 

belli, abroad (in the war § 55, ill., 3). 

bellicosus, a, urn, warlike, eager 
for war, 

belliciis, a, um, belonging to war, 
warlike (Mars) ; n., battle-signoL 

belliger, era, um, waging war, 

belligero, i, to wage war, 

beU^potemi, tis, mighty in war, 

bello (or), i, to make war, fighi, 

Bellona, ae, goddess of War. 

Belu8,i,myth. founder of Babylon. 

bellua, ae, f. (belua), brute, 

bellulus, a, um, pretty. 

bellum, i, N., war, battle, 

bellus, a, imi, pretty, elegant, fincy 
costly, vigorous, 

belua, as, beast, monster, brute, 

beluosus, a, um, abounding in 

Benacus, % u,, Lake Garda in 
N. Italy. 

bene (melius, optime)^ well, hon- 
orably, pleasantly, 

benedico, zi, ct-, 3, bless, praise, 

benediotum, i, n., commendation. 

benefaoio, feci, fact-, 3, to benefit. 

henefaotaai^it^., good deed, benefit, 

beneficiarii, privileged troops (ex- 
empt from severer service) 

beneficimn, i, n., favor, kind act 

beneficus, a, tun (-ficentior, -tis- 
simus), liberal, kind, [friendly* 

bene-(beni-)volen8, tis; -volus, 

benevolentia, ae, f., good-ujill. 

benigne, kindly, indulgently, 

benigzroiB, atis, f., bounty, kind- 
ness, fl^0Ugenpe, 

benignus, a, um, kind, indtdgentj 

beo, I, to bless, make happy, refresh, 

Berecyntius, a, mn, of Cybele, 

Berecyntus, i, m., a mt. in Phry- 
gia, sacred to Cybele. 

beryllus, i, m., beryl. 

bes, beasis, m., 8 ounces (f of as). 

bestia, as, f., beast, 

bestiSrius, i, m., one who fights 
with wild beasts in the arena. 

beto, 3, to go. 

betula (-11a), ae, f., birch, 

f bibliopola, as, m., bookseller, 

f bibliotbeca, as, f„ library, 

t biblus, i, F., papyrus (paper plant). 

bibo, bibi, bibit-, 3, to drink. 

bibulus, a, um, thirsty, absorbing 

biceps, cipitis, two-headed, in two 

bicolor, oris, two-colored, 

bicornis, e, two-homed, pronged. 

bidens tis, having two teeth; M., 
garden-fork; F., a sheep 2 years 
old, or with two front teeth. 


bidental — bracatos. 

bidental, aliSi struck with lightning 

(forked) ; a consecrated place. 
biduum, i, n., space of two days, 
bienniami i, N., two years, 
bifariam, on two sides, double, 
bifer, fera, um, double-yielding, 
bifidos, a, um, cleft, forked, 
biforia, e, having two openings, 
biformiB, e, double-shaped, 
bifrons, tis, two-faced, 
bifiircuB, a, lua, forked, 
bigas, aroniy f., team of two horses. 
bigatua, a, um, stamped with figure 

of bigae. 
bijugis, e ; -us, a, um, yoked, coupled, 
billbris, e, f., of two pounds' weight, 
biHngnJB, e, double-tongued, 
bills, is, F., bile, gall, wrath, 
biliz, icia, twilled, 
bilustrla, e, of ten years, 
bimaris, e, between two seas, 
bimatuB, us, m., two years, 
bimembrls, e, having double limbs 

(as centaurs). 
bimestria, e, of two months, 
bimuB, a, um, two years old. 
bini, ae, a, two and two, by twos, 
bipklium, i, n., mattock, pick. 
blpalmis, e, two spans long. 
bipartite, in two divisions. 
bipatena, tls, opening both ways. 
bipedalia, e, two feet long or thick, 
blpennlB, is, 1, F., battle-axe (two- 
bipes, edlB, two-footed. 
biremia, is, f., ship (of two banks 

of oars). 
bis, twice. 

bisseni, twelve (each), 
bisulcilingua, ae, c, hypocrite, 
bisulcuB, a, um, cloven, furrowed, 

Bithynia, as, F., prov. in N. W. 

Asia Minor. 
bitumen, Inis, n., bitumen, coal-tar, 
biviuB, a, um, having two ways or 

blaesuB, a, um, lisping, stammering. 
blande, softly, kindly. 
blandimentum, 1, N., blandishment, 
fiattery, charm. 

blandior, 4, to flatter, caress, allure^ 
blanditer, gently, sweetly, 
blanditia, ee ; es, ei, fiattery, fond- 
ling, delight, 
blandua, a, um, gentle, courteous, 

caressing, alluring, 
blatero, i ; blatlo, 4, prate, babble. 
blatta, ae, p., m^th, cockroach, 
blattaria, as, F., moth-mullein, 
blennuB, i, m., sorry fellow, dolt. 
bliteus, a, um, mean, foolish, 
blitum, 1, N.) spinage. 
boa, 8B, F., water-snake, measles. 
boarius, a, um, of oxen or cattle. 
BocchuB, 1, king of Mauritania 

(North Africa), father-in-law of 

Bcsotla, ae, f., district of central 

Greece, N. W. of Attica. 
boiae, anun, f., collar. 
bSletUB, 1, N., mushroom. 
f bolus,!, M., cast (with dice),^atn, 

profit, bait. 
bombilo, i, to hum or buzz. 
bombilus, 1, M., hum, buzz. 
bombycinus, a, um, of silk. 
bombyz, yois, D. silk-worm, sUky 

fine cotton. 
Bona Dea, ae, s^oddess of female 

honor, worshipped by women. 
bonitas, atia, f., goodness, kindness. 
Bon5nia, ae, Bologna, in N. Italy. 
bonus, a, um (melior, optimus)^ 

good, kind, fit, prosperous, virtU" 

ous ; N. pi. riches, goods. 
boo, I, to roar, bellow. 
boStes, ae (is), M., a constellation. 
boreas, ae, m., north-wind, north. 
Boryathenea, is, m., the Dnieper. 
bos, bovis, (§ 11, III., 4), ox, cow. 
Bosporus, i, M., the strait from 

the Black Sea to the Propontis. 
botellus (-ulus), i, m., sausage. 
t botrus, i, M., cluster of grapes, 
t botxyo onis, m., raisins. 
bovile, (biibile), is, N., cattle-stall. 
bovinor, i, to brawl, revile. 
brabyla, orum, N., damsons. 
bracae, arum, breeches, trowsers. 
bracatus, a, um, having trowsers^ 

foreign, effeminate. 


brachialifl — Syzantinm. 


brachialis, e, of the arm; n., brace- 

let, armlet. 
brachium, i, N., arm (fore-arm), 

branchy sail-yard, 
bractea, se, F., gold-leaf^ tinsel, 
branchise, arum, f., gills, 
brassica, », f., cabbage, 
Brennusy i, chief of the Gauls, 
who captured Rome, B.C. 389. 
breve (i), shortly, in few words, 
brevia, ium, n., shallows, 
breviariuB, a, um, abridged, 
brevio, i, to abridge. 
brevis, e, short, small, brief shoal, 
brevitas, atis, f., shortness, con- 
breviter, breviua, -issime, shortly, 
Briareus, ei, a hundred-handed 
Giant, who defended Olympus. 
Brigantea, am, people of N. Brit- 
ain, Yorkshire, Cumberland, &c. 
brisa, 8B, f., grape-pomace, 
Britannia, », F., Britain; adj.,-nus 
Brixia, », F., Brescia, in N. Italy, 
brochua, a, nm, projecting, 
t bromoa, i, M., oats, fodder, 
f brontia, », F., thunderstorm. 
bruma, so, f., frost, winter (solstice). 
brumalis, e, wintry, of winter, 
Bnindisinm, i, n., a seaport in 

S. E. Italy, nearest Greece, 
brutiarii, a class of menials. 
Bruttii, 5rum, people of the ex- 
treme S. of Italy, near Sicily. 
brufcus, a, um, bniii'ih, dull, solid. 
Brutus, L. Junius, a founder of 
the Roman Republic, B.C. 509 ; 
Marcus, friend of Cicero, a 
conspirator against Caesar, d. 
at Philippi, B.C. 42. 
bryonia, as, F., briony (wild vine). 
bGbalua, i, m., gazelle, 
bubile, is, n., cattle-stall, 
bubo, 5nis, M., homed owl, 
bubulcito (tor), i, to keep oxen, 
bubulcus, i, M., ploughman, herdS' 

bubulo, I, hoot (like an owl). 
bubulus, a, um, of cattle; f. beef, 
bucseda, », m., cow-hided fellow. 
bucca, », F., cheek, bawler. 

buccea, se, F., mouthful. 

buccina, se, f. (bucina), trumpet, 

buccinator, oris, m., trumpeter, 

buccino, l, sound the trumpet, 

bucco, onis, m., big-mouth, block- 

buccula, SB, f., cheek, face-guard 
(of helmet.) 

bucerus, a, um, ox-homed. 

bucetum, i, n., cow-pasture, 

bucina (buccina), ss, F., trumpet. 

f bGcolicus, a, uxa, pertaining to 

bucula, se, f., heifer, 

buculus, i, M., steer, young ox. 

bufo, onis, m., toad. 

bulbus, i, M., bulb, onion, 
— 4^blil6, es, F., senate, council, 

f buleuta, ss, m., councillor, 

bulga, se, F., knapsack. 

tbulxmua,i, m. ; ia, 8e,F., voracious 
hunger, faintness. 

bulla, se, f., bubble, stud, ball (child's 

bullatus, a, um, having the bulla, 

buUo, I ; io, 4, to boil, bubble, 

bumastus, i, M., a large-clustered 

bura, se ; -is, im, i, f., plough-tail, 

bursa, se, f., ox-hide, purse. 

Busiris, idis, myth. k. of Egypt, 
slain by Hercules. 

bustirapus, i, M., body-snatcher. 

bustuarius, a, um, of tombs or 
funeral piles, 

bustum, i, N., burial mound, tomb, 
place of burning dead bodies. 

buteo, onis, m., hawk, falcon, 

butyrum (butyr), i, n., butter, 

bujceus, a, um, of box-wood, 

buzum, i, N. ; us, i, f., box-wood, 
{pipe, flute, top, comb, &c.). 

Byrsa, so, the citadel of Carthage. 

byssinus, a, um, of fine cotton, 

fbyssus, i, Y., fine flax, cotton. 

Byzantium, i, n., a Greek colony 
in Thrace ; Constantinople, Cap- 
ital of the Empire, a.d. 330. 

Byzautius (tinus), a, um, of By- 


C — cala]iiit08ii& 


C, the praenomen Caius, (Gains) ; 

as numeral, loo. 
caballinus, a, am, of the horse, 
caballus, i, M., pack-horse, poni/, 

Cabirl, divinities worshipped in 


cacabus, i, m., kettle^ pan, , _, _ . , ^,. ^ 

cachinnatio, onia, f., laughter, «^ caelum, i, n., chisel. 

caohinno, i, to laugh aloud, 
caohinnos, i, M., laughter, derision, 
cachla, 89, F., may-weed, ox-eye. 
fcacoethea, is, n., obstinate dis" 

t oactos, 1, F., artichoke, 
cacula, 8B, M., soldier's hoy, 
—cacumen, inis, n., top, peak, limit* 
cacomino, i, to make pointed, 
Caoos, i, myth, son of Vulcan. . 
cadaver, eris, N., carcass, corpse, 
cadaverdsus, a, am, corpse-like, 
cadivos, a, am, apt to fall. 
Cadmus, * i, myth, founder of 

Thebes, brother of Europa. 
cado, cecidi, cas-, 3, fall, sink, 

drop, decay, die, befall, suit, ft. 
cSduceator, 5ris, m., messenger 

with flag of truce. 
caduoeiis, 1, M.,-um (n.), toand, her- 

aid's staff, 
caducifer, i, staff-bearer, an epithet 

of Mercury. 
caducus, a, um, fallen, frail, ready 

to fall; N., a windfall, 
cadorcum, i, N., quilt, sheet. 
tcadus, 1, M..,^ask,jar (9 gallons). 
fcaecias, sb, m., N. £. wind. 
caecilia, 8B, f., blind-worm, lizard, 
csBcitas, atis, f., blindness, 
C8BCO, I, make blind or dark, 
Csecubum, i, n., town of S. Latium. 
cseculto, I, to be dim-sighted, 
csecusy SLf urn, blind, dark, obscure, 

gloomy, doubtful, vain. 
csBdes, is, f., slaughter, massacre. 
>QfBdo, cecidi, caes-, 3, cut, strike, 

km, beat down, 
casduus, a, um, that may be cut. 

CBBlamen, inis, n., engraved loork, 
caelator, oris, M., engraver, 
caelatura, as, embossed work, 
caelebs, ibis, unmarried, 
caeles, itis ; -estis, e, celestial, heav^ 

enly ; M., pi. the gods, 
caelibatus, us, m., single life. 
caslicola, 8B, c, dweller in heaven. 
caelo, I, engrave, carve (in raised 

work), emboss. 
^oadlum, i, N. ; pi. i, m., sky, heaven. 

caementum, i, n. heum stone, 

caena^cena, supper, 

Caeneus, ei, myth. d. of Elatus, 

changed to a young man ; a hero 

at the battle of the Centaurs. 
caBpa, 8d, F. ; -e, is, n., onion. 
Caere, is, n., a town of Etruria. 
caerimonia, ae, F., religious rite, 

sacredness, awe, 
Caerites, (-etes), um, people of 

Caere, with partial rights as 

Roman citizens. 
caeruleus, a, um, blue of the sky 

or sea ; dark of clouds or trees. 
Caesar, Ikns, C. Julius, the Dicta- 
tor, B.C. 100-44 ; consul, B.C. 59. 
caesairiatus, a, um, covered with 

hair, having long hair, 
caesaries, ei, f., a head of hair, 
caesim, toith the- edge, by cuts, 
caesio, onis, f., cutting. 
caesius (-itius), a, um, bluish gray, 
caespes, itis, m., turf, altar, hut, 

knob, clump, field, 
caestus, us, m. ; [caedo,] gauntlet 

(of hide and metal, for boxing). 
caesura, ae, f., cutting (see § 79). 
caesus, [caedo,] ciu, 
caeter=ceter, other. 
caeterum=ceterum, but. 
Caicus, i, M., a river of Mysia. 
Cajeta, ae, the nurse of i^neas. 
Calabria, ae, f., dist. of S. E. Italy. 
calamister, tri, m. ; -trum, i, N., 

crimping-iron, florid ornament, 
calamitas, atis, f., mischief disas" 

ter (to crops by hailstorm), ruin, 
calamitosus, a, um, icretchedj 


calamus — camelopardalis. 


-j- calamus, i, m., reed, pen, straw, 

fcalathus (-isous), i, m., basket, 

calator, 5ri8, M., summoner, attend- 

calautioa, ee, F., hood, head-veil, 

calcar, 3ris, N., [calx,] spur, 

calcarius, a, um, of liine, 

calcator, aria, m., trampler, 

calceamen, iuia ; -mentum, i, n., 

calceo (io), i) to put on shoes, 

calceus (-olus), i, m., shoe (half- 

Calchas, antis, a Greek seer in 
the siege of Troy. 

calcitro, [cabs,] i, to kick. 

calcitro, onia, M., blusterer. 
I, tread, trample, travel 

calculo, I, reckon, 

caloulo, onia, M., reckoner, teacher, 

caloulosus, a, um, pebbly, gravelly, 

calculus, i, M., pebble, gravel, a 
vote, reckoning, 

caldarius, SL,XLm,for heating water; 
F., N., hot-bath, 

caldor, oris, m., heat, 

caldus=calidus, hot, 

Caledonia, sb, f,, Scotland (High- 

. lands). 

cale-facio, (calfacio), 3 ; -facto, 
I, to heat, vex; -fio, be heated, 

calend8e=skalend8e, Jirst of the 
aleo, ui, 2, to glow, be hot, warm, 

Cales, ium, F., a town of Cam- 
pania, north of Naples. 

calesco, 3, to grow warm, 

calfacio=^alefacio, to heat, 

caliculus, i, M., little cup, inkstand, 

calide, promptly, 

calidus, a, um, hot, warm, fiery, 
eager, hasty, 

caliendrum, i, N., a head-dress. 

caHga, aa, F., soldier's boot, 

caligatus, i, m., (booted), a private, 

caliginSsus, a, um, misty, obscure, 

caligo, inis, f., mist, fog ^ darkness, 

caligo, I, to be or make dark, 

Caligula, ae, f., little-boot. 

Caligula, bb, C, the third Roman 
Emperor, A.D. 37-41. 

caliz, icis, M., cup, chalice, 

callens, tis, skilled, versed, 

calleo, ui, 2, be hard; or skilled, ex- 

cadlide, cleverly, slyly, 

caUiditas, atis, f., cunning, shrewd- 
ness, skin, aptness, 

callidus, a, um, cunning, skUftd. 

Calliope, es, chief of the Muses, 

caUis, is m., foot-path, cattle-track. 

callosus, a, um, hard, callous, thick- 

callus i, M., (um N.); hard skin^ 
hardness, dulness, 

calo, I, to call, 

calo, ords, m., camp-servant, drudge, 

calor, oris, m., heat, glow, zeal. 

Calpe, es, f., headland of Gibral- 
tar, in Southern Spain. 

caltha, SB, f., marigold, 

calthiQa, ae, f., yellow robe. 

calumnia, ae, f., false accusation, 
artifice, intrigue, 

calumniator, oris, m., pettifogger, 

calumnior, i, to accuse falsely, at- 
tack unfairly, torment one's self, 

calumniosus, a, um, tricky, 

calva (-5ria), ae, F., skull, scalp, 

calveo 2, (-esco), 3, to be bala. 

calvities, ei, F. ; -iimi, i, N., bald- 

Lcalvor, I, to attack, intrigue, evade, 

calvus, a, um, bald. 

calx, cis, F., lime,chalk, goal, pebble, 

cabr, cis, D., heel, 

Calydon, onis, f., a town of JEio- 
lia, famous for the boar slain by 
Meleager (Calydonius sus). 

Caljrpso, us, myth. d. of Atlas. 

calyx, ybis, M., cup (of flower), 

Camarina, sb, f., a city of S. W. 

cambio, 4, to exchange, barter, 

camella, ae, f., porringer, wine-cup* 

f camelopardalis, is, F., giraffe. 


oameliu — Capaneiu. 

fcameliis, i, .m, camel. 
Camena, 8B, f., muse, song, 
camera, sd, f., vaulted roof. 
Camera, tia, of Camerium, a town 

of Umbria. 
oamillus, i, m., -a, ae, f., priesfs 

Camillu8,M.Furius, the Dictator, 
who resfiued Rome from the 
Gauls, M:. 389. 
caminus, i, ^,, forge, Jire-place. 
Campania, ae, f., the dist. of S. 

W. Italy, near Naples. 
CampanuB (-icus), a, urn, Campa- 

niaOf of Campania, 
f campe, es, f., a crooked turn. 
campester, tria, tre, of the plain, 

level; n., a torestler's apron. 
campus, i, m., plain, field, level sur- 
face ; C. Martins, an open field 
at Rome, outside the N. wall, 
where elections were held. 
camnms, a, nm, crooked. 
canalis, is, m. f. ; -licnlns, i, m. ; 
-a, 89, F., channel, gutter, groove. 
canSrins, a, um, of dogs. 
canoelli, omm, m., lattice, cross- 

bars, railings of court-house. 
cancellOy i, make crosswise. 
cancer, cri (ceris), m., crab. 
cande-facio, 3, (p. -iio), to make 

candela, sb, f., candle, taper. 
candelabrum, i, F., candlestick. 
candeo, ui, 2, (-esco, 3), be white, 

gleam, glitter, glisten. 
candico, i, to be whitish. 
candidatus, i, m., candidate (clad 

in white). 
candidus, a, um, glistening white, 

clean, fair, sincere, open. 
candor, oris, m., whiteness, puriiy, 

caneo, ui, 2, to be white or hoary. 
canesoo, 3, grow hoary. 
cani, orum, M., gray hairs. 
canicula, as, F., whelp, dog-star. 
caninus, a, um, currish, of a dog. 
canis, is, (g. pi. um), c, dog. 
canistra (-tella), 5ram, n., ba'iket. 
canities, ei, F., hoariness, old age. 

canna, ee, f., cane, reed. 
cannabinus, a, um, of hemp. 
t cannabis, is, im, f., hemp. 
CannaB, arum, a town of Apulia, 

where the Romans were defeat- 
ed by Hannibal, B.C. 216 [pugna 

cano, cecini, cant-, 3, sound, sing, 

play, recite, blow (as signal), ybre- 
t canto, onis, m., rule, model, [tell. 
fcanonicus, a, um, regular. 
Canopus, i, m., a coast town of 

Lower Egypt. 
canor, oris, m., melody, clang. 
canorus, a, um, melodious, singsong, 
Cantaber, bra, um, of Cantabria, 

N. Spain, on the Bay of Biscay. 
cantamen, inis, n., charm^ incanta- 
cantatio, onis, F., music, song. 
cantator, oris, m. ; -triz, icis, f., 

canteriatus, a, um, underpropped. 
canterinus, a, um, of a horse, 
canterius, i, M., gelding (horse); 

trellis, lattice-work, rafter, 
cantharis, idis, F., beetle, Spanish 

fly, weevU. 
caniharus, i, m., Jug, tankard, pot. 
canthus, i, m., wheel-tire. 
canticum, i, N. ; -tdlena, as ; F^ 

song, ballad. 
canticus, a, um, musical. 
cantio, 5nis, F., singing, song. 
cantito, i, to sing often. 
Cantium, i, n., Kent, in S. £. 

Britain, the dist. nearest Gaul. 
canto, I, sing, chant, declaim, praise 

in song, declare^ enchant. 
cantor, 5ris, m. ; -triz, tricis, F., 

singer, poet, actor, eulogist. 
canturio, 4, to sing, chirp. 
cantus, us, m., singing, playing, 

song, prophecy, incantation. 
canus, a, um, gray, hoary. 
canusina, ae, f,, fine-web garment, 
Canusiimi, i, n., a town of Apulia. 
capacitas, atis, F., capacity, large' 

Capaneus, ei, a chief at Thebes, 

struck witii lightning by Jupiter. 

oapax — cardo. 


capaz; acis, apt to seize, capable 

of holding, apt, fit, capacious, 
capedo, inis, f., howl, cup. 
capella, se, F., kid, she-goal. 
Capena, se, F., an Etrurian town ; 
caper, pri, M., he-goat. [adj. -ntts. 
caperOi i, to frown, torinkle. 
capesso, ivi, it-, 3, seize, take in 

hand, lay hold, resort. 
CaphareuB, ei, M., a promont of 

capillacenB, a, urn, hair-like. 
oapillamentum, i, n., -atio, onis ; 

-atiira, ae, F., hair, fibre. 
capillaris, e, of the hair. 
capmstaa, a uin, hairy » 
capillor, I, to he hairy. 
capidlosiis, a, vLm^fuU of hair, 
capillns, i, m., [caput,] hair. 
capio, cepi, capt-, 3, take, seize, 

rob, ruin, select, receive, contain. 
capia, idis, f., cup, can. 
capiatro, i, to muzzle, halter. 
capiBtmm, i, N., halter, muzzle. 
capitalis, e, of the head, capital, 

eminent, deadly. 
capltium, i, n., [capio,] hoddice. 
capito, onis, m., big-head. 
CapitolSnuB, a, um, of the Capitol. 
CapitSlitun, i, n., citadel, capitol, 

temple of Jupiter on the central 

hill of Rome, 
capitulum, i, n., capital, little head. 
fcapo, oois, M., a capon. 
Cappadocia, se, p., £. district of 

Asia Minor. 
Cappadoz, ocis, Cappadocian. 
capparifl, is, im, m., caper, 
capra, sb, f., she-goat. 
caprarina, i, m., goatherd. 
caprea, se, f., doe, wild goat. 
Caprese, the I . Capri, near Naples. 
capreclnB, i, m., buck, chamois; 

stay or prop, tendril. 
capricomns, i, m., the Goat (con- 
caprilicuB, i, p., wUdfig. 
caprigenuB, a, tun, of the goat 

caprile, is, n., goat-pen. 
oaprimnlgus, i, m., goat-milker. 

capxlnuB, a, uin, of goats. 

capripes, jiedis, goat-footed, (satyr). 

capsa, ee, p., box, chest, salcheL 

oapsSrius, i, m., a slave who took 
charge of budgets. 

capsula, », P., band-box. 

captatio, 5niB, P., catching at. 

captator, oris, m., snatcher, legacy^ 

captio, 5nis, p., catch, deceit, soph- 
ism,, mischief. 

captioBus, a, um, captious, crafty. 

captivitas, atis, p., captivity, cap- 
ture, (of eyes) blindness. 

captivua, a, um, captured; m. p., 

capto, I , catch at, strive after, allure, 

captura, se, p., catching, prey, gain, 

captus, [capio,] taken. 

captus, us, M., grasp, capacity, 

Capua, 9d, P., the chief town of 
Campania, 20 miles N. of Naples. 

capulSris, e, near the grave. 

capulo, I, pour off; catch. 

capulua, i, m., um, i, N., coffin, 
handle, hiU, 

caput, itifl, N., head, chief, top, sum- 
mit; of rivers, the source or 
mouth; life. 

Capys, yos, father of Anchises. 

carabuB, i, M., crab, kayak (boat). 

caracalla, 8B, p., Gallic mantle. 

carbasuB (-eua), a, um, flaxen. 

carbasus, i, P. ; pi. N., a, orum, linen, 
canvas, curtain, saU. 

carbo, onis, M., coal, charcoal. 

carbonarius, i, m., collier. 

carbunculus, i, m., small coal, car- 

career, exis, m., dungeon, prison ; 
pi. barriers (of race-course. 

carcereua (-arius), a, um, of a 

f Carchedonius, a, um, of Carthage, 

carchesium, i, n., cup, goblet. 

t carcinoma, atds, n., afoid ulcer, 

cardiacus, a, um, of the stomach, 

cardinalis, e, pivotal, chief. 

cardo, inis, M., hinge, pivot, beam, 
tenon, pole (of heavens), crisis. 


carduelis — casnla. 

cardnelis, F., linnet, thistlefinch. 
carduos, i, m., thistle, 
care, dear, at high cost. 
'^oarectum, i, N., growth of sedge. 
•f carenum, i, N, boiled grape-juice, 
areo, ui, it- 2, to lack, be urithotU, 

devoid or deprived of. 
carez, icis, F., sedge. 
Caria, ae, S. W. district of Asia 

caries, em, e, F., rottenness, decay. 
carina, se, f., keel, ship, nutshell; 

pL, a district in Rome, 
carinatus, a, um, keel-formed. 
carioBus, a, um, rotten, meUow. 
caritas, atis, F.. dearness, high 

price, esteem, love. 
carmen, inis, N., song, tune, poem, 

oracle ; card, for wool or flax. 
Carmenta, ae, mother of Evander, 

an Arcadian prophetess. 
carmine, i, to charm, card (wool). 
camariuB, a, nm, of flesh ; u., 

butcher; u., flesh-hook, larder. ^ 
camifez (-ufez), ficis, m., execu- 
tioner, murderer, knave. 
carnificina, 8B, f., headsman^ s office, 

torment, place of torture. 
camifico, i, behead, mangle. 
camoBus, a, ura., fleshy, gross, 
camufezsscamifez, knave. 
care, camis, F., flesh. 
caro, Tii, 3, to card wool. 
Carp&thuB, i, F., an island of the 

i^gean, near Rhodes. 
carpentarius, i, m., carttoright. 
carpentum, i, n., chariot, waggon. 
carpinoB, i, f., horn-beam. 
carpo, psi, pt-, 3, pluck, gather, 

tear away, open, pass, divide. 
carptim, in bits, piecemeal. 
carptfira, ee, f., sucking, gathering. 
carrago, inis, F., barricade of carts. 
carruc£^ se, f., covered waggon. 
carruB, (-uIub), i, m., cart, waggon. 
Carthago, aginis f. (Karthago), 

cartilage, inis, f., gristle, cartilage. 
■earns, a, um, dear, costly, precious. 
Caryatides, um, maidens of 

Caryain Laconia, serving Diana. 

t caryon, i, n., a nut. 

t caryota, se, (-tiB idis), f., date, 

casa, 8e, f., cottage, tent. 

caseus, i, M. (um, N.), cheese. 

casia, se, f., cinnamon. 

Casilinum, i, n., a town near 

Casinum, i, n., a colony in Latium. 

case, I to reel, tumble. 

Caspium mare, the Caspian sea. 

Cassandra, se, d. of Priam, a pro- 
phetess, slain by Clytaemnestra. 

casse, in vain. 

casses, ium, m., hunting-net, 

cassida, se, f., helmet. 

Cassiope (-ea), se, wife of Cepheus. 

cassis, idis, f., helmet (of brass). 

cassita, ae, f., crested lark. 

Cassiterides, imi, F., the ScUly Is. 
S. W. of Britain. 

CasBius, C, chief conspirator 
against Caesar, d. at Philippi, 
B.C. 42 ; Cassiani, his partisans. 

.casso, I, to destroy, annul. 

cassuB, a, um, vain, void, devoid. 

Castalia, se, f., a fountain of Par- 
nassus, sacred to Apollo. 

castanea, ee, f., chestnut. 

caste, purely, uprightly. 

castellanus, a, um, ojfthe castle or 
fort ; M., holders of the castle. 

castellatim, in detached forts. 

castellum, i, N., fort, castle, citadel, 

casteria, ee, F., forecastle, 

castigate, briefly, closely. 

casligatio, 5nis, f., chastisement, 

castigator, oris, m., reprovei\ 

castigatuB, a, nm, confined, slender. 

casligo, I, to chastise, chide, check, 

castitas, atis ; -monia, », F., chas- 
tity^ purity. [a kind of musk. 

t castor, 5ris, m., beaver ; enm, i, n. 

Castor, 6ris, myth, son of Tynda- 
rus and Leda ; twin-br. of Pollux. 

castra, 5rum, N., camp. 

castrensis, e, of the camp. 

castro, I, to cut, prune, enfeeble, 

castrum, i, N., castle, fortress. 

castus, a, um, chaste, pure, holy^ 

casnla, ae, F., cottage. 

casus — Caystros. 


^^^aauBf us, M., fall, chance, mishap, 
end, occasion, calamity, death. 

Catabathmos, i, m., coast-dist. of 
Africa, W. of Egypt 

f cataolyamoa, i, m., deluge, 

f catadromus, 1, M., tight-rope. 

f oatanutua, i, m. (Ganymedes), an 
effeminate or lascivious person. 

t cataphractes, bo, f., scale-armor. 

t cataphraotua, a, urn, in mad, 

f catapluSy i, m.., fleet, landing. 

fcatapulta, so, F., a military en- 
gine for throwing arrows, &c. 

fcataracta, se, f. ; (-es), M., cata- 
ract, portcullis, floodgate. 

tcatascopiia, i, m., scout, spy-ship, 

fcatasta, se, f., stage, scaffold. 

fcatastrSina, atis, N., deck. 

fcataz, acis, limping, lame. 

cats, sagaciously, skilfully. 

cat^a, SB, F., barbed dart. 

catellua, i, m. ; -Ua, », F., whelp, 
puppy, small chain. 

catena, 8B, f., chain, fetter. 

catenatio, 5nis, f., band, clamp. 

catenatoa, a, um, chained, joined. 

caterva, 89, crowd, troop, band, com- 

catervatim, in troops, 
^cathedra, as, f., chair, seat, 

f cathetus, 1, f., plumb-line. 
^oaiholicus, a, am, universal. 

CatiUna, », L. Sergiua, head of 
the conspiracy, B.C. 63. 

catillo, I, to lick dishes. 

catillo, onis, M., glutton. 

Catina, se, P., Catania, in Sicily. 

catinus (-illus), i, M., dish, bowl,pot. 

Cato, M. Forciaa, the censor, B.C. 
232-147 ; the younger, enemy of 
Caesar, B.C. 93-45, d. at Utica. 

catomua, i, m., between the shoulders. 

fcatonium, i, N., the lower world. 

catulus, i, M., puppy, whelp^ cub, 

catus, i, M., tom-cat. 

catus, a, um, shrill, shrewd, wise. 

Cauoasius, a, tun, of the Caucasus. 

Caucasus, i, M., the mts. between 
the Black and Caspian Seas. 

Cauda, 89, P., tail. 

caudeus, a, um, wooden. 

caudez (ccdez), icia, m., stock, log, 
boat, book (of thin tablets). 

caudicalis, e; -carius (-ceus), a, 
tun, of trunks of trees. 

Caudinus, a, um, of Caudium, a 
Samnite town ; furc89 Caudinaa 
a defile famous for a defeat of 
the Romans, B.C. 321. 

caul89,arum, f., sheep-fold, passage. 

caulia, is, m., stalk, stem, cabf)age. 

Caunus, i, f., a town of Caria. 

caupc, onis, M., innkeeper, huckster, 

caupona, 89, f., tavern, landlady. 

cauponius, a, um, of an inn. 

caurua (oorus), i, m., N. W. wind. 

causa (caussa), 89, f., cause, rea- 
son, occasion, pretence, excuse; 
(abl.), ybr the sake ofm.^^"^^ 

causarius, a, um, discharged for 
sickness, invalided. 

causia, 89, f., wide-brimmed hat. 

causidlcus, i, m., advocate, pleader, 

causer, i, plead, discuss, allege, 

fcausticus, a, um, caustic, burning, 

oausula, 89, f., petty cause. 

caute, cautiously. 

cautela, 89, f., precaution. 

oauterio, i, to brand, bum. 

t cauterium, i, n., branding-iron. 

cautes, is, F., crag, sharp rock. 

foautim, warily. 

cautio, 5niB, f., care, caution, fore- 
sight, security, bail. 

cautor, oris, M., care-taker, surety. 

cautus, [caveo,] cautious, secure, 
wary; N. pL, securities. 

cavaticus, a, um, living in caves. 

oavea, 89, F., cave, stall, cage, coop, 
spectators* seats, theatre. 

caveo, cavi, caut-, 2, beware, take 
^ heed, provide, get bail. 

caverna, 89, F., cavern, vault, hold. 

cavilla, 89, F., cavil, scoff. Jest. 

cavillatio, 5nis, f., jeering, raillery, 

cavillator, 5ris, M., jester. 

cavUlor, i, to taunt, jest. 

cavitas, atis, f., hoUowness. 

cavo, I, to make hollow. 

cavus, a, um, hollow; N., hole, cave. 

Caystroa (us), i, a river of Lydia, 
frequented by swans. 


Cecropius — centiusis. 

Cecropiua, a, am, AtJienian. 

Cecrops, Qpis, myth, founder of 
Athens, emigrant from Egypt. 
■^M>edo, cesai, cess-i 3, yield, give way, 
succeed, befall, become. 

cedo, cedite (cette), give, tell. 

cedrus, i, f., cedar, juniper. 

celator, Sris, m., concealer. 

celatum, i, n., secret. 

celeber, bris, bre, abundant, popu- 
lous, famous, solemn, festive. 

celebratio, onis, f., concourse, fes- 
tival, commendation. 

celebratus, a, um, customary, fre- 
quent, brilliant, famous. 

celebritas, atis, f., multitude, re- 
nown, pageant. 

celebro, i, to resort, celebrate, per- 
form, practise, solemnize, praise. 

celer, eris, ere, swift, fleet, hasty ; 
pi. light-horse (patrician), knights. 

celere, swiftly. 

celeripea, pedis, swift-footed. 

celeritas, atis, f., swlfness, speed. 

celeriter, swiftly, immediately. 

celero, i, to hasten, quicken. » 

f celes, etis, m., race-horse. 

Celeos, ei, vayXh, k. of Eleusis, 
taught agriculture by Ceres. 

fceleusina,atis, ii.,boatswain^scaU. 

cella (-ula), so, f,, closet, storehouse, 
shrine, cell, hut, private room. 

cellarius, a, uxn, of a store-room ; 
M., steward; N., pantry. 
* q o lo, I, to hide, conceal, cover. 

celoz, ocis, swift ; f., boal, cutter. 

celse, on high. 

celsitudOy iuis, f., loftiness. 

celsQS, a, uin, high, lofty, haughty. 

Celtae, arum, people of W. Eu- 
rope ; also, ofcentr. and S. Gaul. 

Celtiberi, drum, people of middle 

cena=coena; ceno=coeno, 8Uj9. 

censeo, tii, um, 2, estimate, think, 
vote, decide, count, reckon. 

censio, onis, f., assessing, taxing, 

censor, oriSj m., censor, one of two 
magistrates having in charge 
morals and rank ; critic. 

censorius, a, um, of the censor; 
of the rank of censor. 

censual^ e, ratable ; pi. recorders. 

qpensum, i, n., wealth, possessions. 

censiira, so, f., office of censoTy 
judgment, reproof, severity. 

census, [censeo,] registered^ reck- 
oned, taxed. 

census, us, m., vcduation, register, 
reckoning, wealth. 

f centaureum, i, k. ; la, se, p., a 
kind of gentian. 

t Centaurus, i, m.. Centaur, a wild 
people of Thessaly; a myth, 
creature, half man half horse. 

centenarius, a, um, of a hundred. 

centeni, by the hundred, 100 each. 

centeaimus, a, um, the hundredth ; 
I per cent a month. 

centdes, a hundred times. 

centimanus, i, m., hundred-handed. 

cento, onis, m., patchwork, skull- 

f centrum, i, n., centre, heart-wood. 

centum, a hundred. 

centumgeminus, a, um, hundred- 

centumTori, orum, M., Board of 
100, for civil suits. 

centunculus, i, M^ rag, patch, sad- 
dle-cloth, bind-weed. 

centuplez, icis, hundredfold. 

centuria, as, f., a century, division 
(of a hundred), company; one of 
193 classes of the people, ac- 
cording to property. 

centuriatim, by centuries, (compa- 

centuriatus, a, um, divided or 
. classed by hundreds; comitia 
centuriata, the vote by centuries, 
to elect the higher officers or 
decide important policies, — 
the highest political tribunal 
of Rome. 

centuriatus, us, m., centurion's 
office, division by centuries. 

centurio, onis, m., centurion (cap- 
tain of 100). 

centurio, i, to divide by hundreds. 

centussis, m., sum of 100 asses. 

oepa — chartacem. 

cepa, 86, F. ; cepe, ia, n., onion. 
Cepheus, ei, myth. k. of Ethiopia, 

father of Andromeda. 
cera, se, f., totix, ivax-tablet (for 

writing), toaxen image, 
Ceramicua, i, m., a place of mon- 
uments at Athens. 
cerariuB, a, urn, of wax; F., candle- 

tceraates, as, (is), m., homed ser- 
cerasus, i, f. ; tun, i, n., cherry, 
ceratuB, a, tun, covered with wax; 

N., wax-ointment, 
Ceraunii, onun, m., mts. of Epirus. 
Cerbems, i, m., the three-headed 

dog of Hades, 
tceroums, i, m., yacht, 
cerealis, e, of Ceres or grain, 
cerebroBUB, a, urn, hot-headed, 
cerebrum, i, N„ hrain, wrath, 
cerenioma^=C8Bre-, ceremony, 
cereoluB, a, um, wax-color, 
Cerea, Sris, d. of Saturn and Ops, 

goddess of Corn and Fruits. 
cereuB, a, um, waxen, M., waxlight, 
cerintha, ee ; e, ea, F., honeysuckle, 
cerinuB, a, am, wax-colored, 
cemo, crevi, cret-, 3, sifty discern, 

perceive, decide, resolve, 
cemuo, I, to fall headforemost, 
cemuuB, i, m., rope-dancer, stoop- 
c§ro, I, to cover with wax, 
fceroma, atia, n., salve, prize-ring, 
cerritua, a, xuai,Jrantic, 
cerma, i, f., Turkey-oak, 
certamen, inia, n., contest, struggle, 

battle, conflict, rivalry. 
certatim, eagerly, emulously, 
certatio, ovdB, F., struggle, 
certe, at any rate, eertaitdy. 
certo, certainly, surely (§ 41, 11, 3). 
certo, I, to strive, contend, struggle, 
certoB, a, um, sure, resolved, fixed; 

certiorem facere, to inform. 
t cenichi drum, m., rope, sheet, 
cemla, 8B, f., wax (for erasing). 
ceruaaa, sb, f.. white-lead, 
cerva, sb, f., hind, doe, 
cerrioal, alia, n., pillow, bolster. 

oervinna (-Silua), a, um, of a stag. 
cervix, icia, f., neck, obstinacy. 
cervuB, i, m., stag, deer; pi., stakes, 
ceapea^caeapea, turf 
ceaaatio, 5nia, f., ceasing, lingering, 
ceaaator, 5na, m., loiterer, 
ceaaim, yieldingly, backward, 
ceaaio, Soia, f., giving up. [cedol. 
Ceaao, i, cease, linger, be idle, loci. 
^^fceaticua, a,.um, of boxing, 
fceatua (oa), i, m., ^tr62^ 
ceatua=C8Batua, gauntlet. 
cetariua, a, um, of whales; m.,^A- 

monger; m., jfish-pond. 
fcete, N., pi. indecl. of cetua. 
cetero,/or the rest. 
ceterSqui (-quin), otherwise, 
ceterum, but yet, besides. 
ceterua, a, um, other, the rest, 
Ceto, ua, mother of Medusa. 
cetra (castra), ae, F., buckler, 
cetr§tua, a, um, armed with buckler* 
cette, [cede,] give, tell. 
f cStua, i, M., pi. cetS, sea-monster, 
ceu, like, as it were, 
ceva, SB, F., a small cow, 
ceveo, 2, wag the tail, fawn, 
Ceyz, ycia, myth. k. of Trachis, 

changed to a kingfisher. 
f chalceua, a, um, brazen, 
Chalcidicua, a, um, of Chakis 

(Euboea), or Cumce. 
Chaldasua, a, um, Chaldcean (of 

Assyria) ; M., soothsayer. 
Chalybea, um, a people of Pontus. 
chalyba, ybia, m., steel. 
f chamsBleon, 5ni8 (ontia), m., cha- 

m£leon, a kind of lizard. 
Cli§oniua, a, um, of N. W. Epirus ; 

of the oracle at Dodona. 
Chaoa (ab. chao), N., chaos, the 

dark Void. 
chara, eo, F., wild cabbage. 
t characStua, a, um, staked, 
f character, Sria, m., mark, brand* 
charita8=caritaa, deamess, 
t CharitSa, um, f., the Graces, 
Cliaron, ontia, the ferryman of 

charta, ae, F., paper, writing, 
chartSceua, a, um, of paper. 


Charybdifl — oippus. 

Charybdia, is, p., a whirlpool in 

the strait of Sicily. 
t chelae, a um, p., claws (the sign 

Scorpio or Libra), 
f chelidouiaa, so, m., west wind, 
f chelidoniua, a, iim, of swdUows ; 

p., swaUow-worL 
t chelydruB, i, M.^ water-snake, 
t chelys, yn, y, P., tortoise, IvUe. 
Chersonesusy i, p., the peninsula 

S. E. of Thrace, 
f chersinus, a, um, living on land, 
f chiliarchas, i, m., commander 

of i,ooo men, 
Chimaera, as, P., a fire-breathing 

monster (lion, goat, and dragon) 

of Lycia, slain by Bellerophon. 
Chios, i, p., Scio, an island W. of 

Asia Minor, famous for wine 

and marble, 
f chiragra, ae, p., hand-gout, 
f chiridotos, a, lun, with sleeves, 
f chirographum, i, n., handwriting, 
Chiron, onis, a Centaur, instructor 

of Hercules and Achilles, 
f chironomos, i, c, pantomime, 
f chirurgia, ae, P., surgery, 
f chirurgus, i, m., surgeon, 
chlamydatus, a, um, cloaked, 
fchlamys, ydis, p., cloaky broad 

mantle (a, Grecian garment), 
f oholera, ae, p., gaU, bile, 
f choragus, i, m., play-manager, 
t choraules, ae, M., flute-player, 
fchordE^ ae. P., string, cord, 
chordus (cordus), a, urn, late-bom, 
t chorea, aa, p., dance in a ring. 
fchortinus, a, um, of grass, 
f chorus, i, m., band of dancers, 

chorus, troop, crowd. 
Christianus, a, um, Christian, 
fchronicus, a, um, of time. 
t chrysanthemum, i, n., marigold, 
t chrysos, i, m., gold, gold-fish. 
cibarius, a, um, of food; n. pL, 

food, allowance of com, 
cibatus, us, M., food, 
t ciborium, i, M., drinking-cup, 
cibus, i, M., food, fodder, bait. 
cicada, ae, P., tree-cricket, katydid, 
cicatric5sus, a, um,/u^ of scars. 

cicatrix, icis, p., scar, seam. 

f ciocus, i, M., core (worthless). 

cicer, eris, n., vetch, chick-pea. 

Cicero, M. Tullius, the Roman 
orator, B.C. 106-43. 

cicindela, ae, p., glow-worm, 

Cicones, um, a people of Thrace. 

ciconia, ae, p., a stork, well-sweep, 

cicur, uris, tame, gentle. 

cicuta, ae, p., poison-hemlock, reed, 
shepherd's pipe. 

cidaris, is, p., turban, tiara. 

cieo, civi, cit-, 2, shake, rouse, sum- 
r mon, stir, call, excite, begin. 

Cilicia, ae, p., S. E. dist. of Asia 
Minor, Cicero's prov., 51 B.C. 

cilicium, i, N., hair-cloth. 

cilium, i, N., eyelash, eyelid, 

Ciliz, icis, Cilician, 

Cimbri, orum, people of N. Ger- 
many, routed by Marius, B.C. 102. 

cimez, icis, m., bug, maggot. 

Cimmerius, a, um, of South Rus- 
sia ; Cimmerian, lying in perpet- 
ual darkness ; of Hades. 

fcinaedus, i, m., wanton youth, 

f cinara, ae, p., artichoke. 

Cincinnatus, i, L. Qiiinctius, 
Dictator, B.c. 458, 439. 

cincinnatus, i, curly-head, 

cincinnus, i, m., ringlet, 

cinctura, ae. P., girdle, 

cinctus, [cingo,] begirt, 

cinctus, us, M., girdle, girding, 

cinefactus, a, um, reduced to ashes. 

cinerarius, a, um, of ashes or 
graves ; M., hair-curler; N., recep- 
tacle of ashes (in tombs). 

cinereus (-icius), a, um, ash-like. 

cingo, nxi, net-, 3, to gird, wreathe, 
surround, invest. 

cingula, ae; -um, i, n., girdle, 
sword-belt, girth, zone, 

cinis, eris, m., P., ashes, 

cinnabari, n., -is, p., dragon's- 

cinnamum (-omum), i, cinnamon. 

CInyphius, a, um, of the Cinyps, a 
river of N. Africa. 

cio, 4, =cieo, rouse. 

cippus, i, M., stake, stock, monuinent 

drca — oitnu. 


circa, o^ut, near, beside. 

Circe, es (ae); d. of the Sun, a 

sea-nymph and sorceress. 
Circeii, onun, m., a town of Latium* 
circenais, e, of the circus; pi. 

Circes, itis, m., hoop, ring. 
circino, i, encircle, make round. 
circinus, i, m., compasses. 
circiter, about 

circitor, 5ris, m., watchman, jyatroL 
circu-eo=ciroumeo, go about. 
Circiii8,i, M., a violent N. W. wind. 
circuitio, onis, F., going the rounds, 

circuitus, us, m., revolution, circuit. 
circulator, 5ris, m., quack, pedlar. 
circulor, i, go round about. 
circulus, i, M., circle, ring, hoop. 
circum, about, around, among. 
circumactus, a, um, curved, bent. 
^ircumago, egi, act-, 3, drive about^ 

tum^ wheel, shift, change. 
circumcido, cidi, cis-, 3, to ctU 

about, prune, clip. ■ ^- 

circumcirca, round about. 
circumcisus, a, um, steep, brie^ 
circumcludo, di, sum, 3, to s 

in, surround, inclose. 
>Circumdo, dedi, dat-, i, to put or 
^ set round, encompass, wrap about. 
circumduco, xi, ct-, 3, lead or 

march round, cheat, protract, ex- 

punge, draw about. 
circumeo, ivi (ii), it-, 4, encompass, 

go dbovl or amjong. 
circumfero, tuli, lat-, to carry or 

spread around. 
circum-fluo, Zyfloio about, surround. 
circumiimdo, fudi, fas-, 3, pour 

abouty envelop. 
^X)ircumjaceo, 2, border on, lie near. 
circumjectus, us, m., sun-ounding. 
^ircumiicio, jeci,^eQt-,cast around 

cironmplector, xus, 3, to embrace. 

circumlino, lit-, 3, smear, embellish. 

circumscribe, psi, pt-, 3, to draw 
lines about, encircle, constrain. 

circumscriptio, onis, f., encir- 
cling, outline, deceit. 

circumsedeo, sedl, sess-, 3, to 

encamp about, besiege. 
circumsisto, steti, 3, surround. 
circumsono, i, to ring with, make 

ring, resound, echo. 
circimispicio, spezi, spect-, 3, 

watch, look about, wait, ponder. 
circumspectus, wary, heedful, well- 
considered, distinguished. 
circumsto, steti, i, stand about, 

beset, surround. 
circumvallo, i, to waU around, 

circumvehor, vectus, 3, ride about. 
circumvenio, veni,vent-,4, beset, 

distress, cheat. 
circus, i, M., circle, ring; circus 

mazimus, a space in Rome, 

enclosed for public games (cir- 

cemies), race-bourse. 
f dris, is. F., a sea-fowL 
Cirrhadus, a, um, of Cirrha (near 

Delphi), or Apollo. 
cirrus, i^ M., curl, fringe. 
cis, on this side. 
cisalpinus, a, um, this side (South) 

of the Alps. 

-wheeled carriage. 

Cisseis, idis, hT^uI^^^ dat:^^'^^ 
of Cisseus, king of Thrace. 

Tcista,8e, F., chest. 

cistella (-ula), as, f., basket, box. 

cisterna, ae, f., cistern. 

citatim, hastily. 

citatus, a, um, hurried, quick. 

citerior, citimus, [citra.] Iiither, 
nearer, this side. 

Cithaeron, onis, m., a mt. in S. W. 
of Boeotia, sacred to Bacchus. 

tcithara, as, f., harp, lute. 

t citharista, ae, m., harp-player. 

citliaroedus, i, »i., singer to the harp. 

cito, iuB, issime, quick. 

citimus, a, um, nearest. 

^cumligo, I, bind upon or round. cito, i, summon, stir, incite, accuse, 
droumnleotnr. ^,- , t^ .^y . ^ ^^^^j^ ^^^ proclaim. 

citra, this side, within, before. 
citreum, i, n., citron. 
citreus, a, um, of citron-wood. 
citro (with ultro), to and fro. 
citrus, i, M., citro7i, African cedar. 


oitns — olypens. 

citus, [deo,] 9wifi, 

civicas, a, um, of citizens^ civic; 
corona, civic crown (of oak, for 
saving a citizen in battle). 

civilis, e, of citizens, courteous. 

civilitaB, atis, F., polity, courtesy, 

civiliter, courteously, 

civiSy is, c., citizen, fellow-citizen. 

civitas, atis, f., ciiy, state, citizen- 
ship, freedom of the city. 
des, is, F., disaster, defeat, 
slaughter, massacre. 

clam, secretly, without the knowl- 
edge of. 

clamator, oris, m., declaimer. 

clamito, i, to cry, vociferate. 

clamo, I, cry out, call, proclaim. 

clamor, oris, m., a shout, applause, 
noise, din, clamor. 

clamosns, a, uxa, noisy, clamorous. 

clanculo (um), secretly, privately. 

clandestinus, a, am, secret, stealthy. 

clango, 3, to sound, resound. 

clangor, oris, M.,a shrill ci-y, clang. 

Clare, brightly, clearly, loudly, 

clareo, 2, be clear or bright. 

clareaoo, ni, 3, grow clear. 

clausula, 8B, f., a close, clause. 

olausus, [claudo,] shut, closed; N. 

clava, », F., club, cudgel. [pen. 

clavator, 5ris, m., cudgel-bearer. 

clavatus, a, um, nailed, striped. 

clavicula, ee, f., tendril, small key. 

claviger, erl, m., club-bearer (Her- 
cules) ; key-bearer Qanus). 

clavis, is, F., key. 

clavus, i, M., spike, nail, rudder^ 
stripe (of the tunic). 

Clemens, Ids, merciful, gentle, 

clementer, gently, calmly. 

dementia, se, F., mercy, mildness, 

Cleopatra, ae, the last queen of 
Egypt, B.C. 69-30. 

clepo, psi, pt-, 3, to steal, pilfer, 

t clepsydra, ae, f., water-clock, 

fclepta, 2B, M., thief. 

f derus, i, m., one of the clergy. 

clibanus, i, M., oven, baking-pan, 

cliens, tis, M. ; -ta, ae, f., client 
(one attached to a patron, and 
protected by him) ; subject-ally. 

client^, ae, f., clientship, body of 

t clima, atis, N., climate. 

clarigo, i, to 7raaj:^^;§g|gga^n^£;7?cZaKf^ c Hn atus, a, um, inclined, bent 


llritas, atis; -tiido, inis, F., bright- 
ness, clearness, splendor, farne. 

Clarius, i, (of Claros, an Ionian 
town), Apollo. 

claro, I , brighten, explain. 

claror, oris, m., brightness. 

clarus, a, um, bright, clear, hud, 
famous, plain, manifest. 

classiarius, a, um, cf the fleet. 

classioum, i, m., trumpet-signal. 

classicus, a, um, of the army or 
Jieet; of high rank; M., trumpeter. 

classis, is, f., army, fleet, rank. 

clathxi, orum, m., trellis-work. 
---^daudeo, 2 ; -ico, i; -o, 3, to limp. 

Claudius, i, (Appius), the Decem- 
vir, B.C. 450; (Tiberius), the 
fourth Emperor, a.d. 41-54. 
_^laudo, si, sum, 3, to shut, close, 
end, conclude, enclose, confine. 

claudus, a, um, lame, defective. 

claustra, orum, N., bar, bolt, dike. 

Clio, us, the Muse of History. 
clipeo, I, to arm with shield. 
clipeus (um), i, m., a brazen shield, 

disk, medallion. 
clitellaB,arum, as, F., saddlebags. 
clitellarius, a, um, bearing packs, 
Clitumnus, i, M., a river of Um- 

cUvosus, a, um, steep, hilly. 
clivus (um), i, M., hUl, slope, 
cloaca, 8B, F., sewer, drain. 
Clodius, the enemy of Cicero^ 

killed by Milo, B.C. 52. 
oludo=ciaudo, shut. 
cludus=daudus, lame. 
-fdueo, 2 ; duo, 3, to be famous. 
clunis, is, D., haunch. 
clupea, ae, F., ^Aac?. [-us=cUpeufl. 
clurinus, a, um, of apes. 
Clusium, i, n., a town of Etruria. 
Clymene, es, myth, queen of 

Ethiopia, mother of Phaethon. 
clypeus^dipeus, shield. 

ClytsBsmestra — coUare. 


ClytaBmneatra, ee, d. of T3mdarus 
and Leda, wife of Agamemnon. 
Cn. the praenomen Cneeua. 
t cnodax, acia, m., pin, p'woL 
[co-, con-, together, or intensive. 
coaoervo, i, to heap together, 
coaceaco, cni, 3, to get sour, 
coactilis, e, thick, felted. 
coactor, oris, m., gatherer. 
coactus, \po^o,'\ forced ; N., qaUjt, 
coactuB, U3, M., constraint, 
ooddqxxOf i, to make equal, 
coagmento, i, fasten, join, 
coagxnentum, ii n., joint. 
coagulum, i, N., curd, cemenL 
coalesco, ui, it-, 3, grow together^ 

unUe, agree, grow firm. 
coargaOi 3, arraign, convict, prove, 
coarto, I, to compass, confine. 
tcoccum, i, N., scarlet grain. 
t coccyx, ygis (cis), m.^ cuckoo, 
cochlea, se, f., snail, shell-fish, 
cochlear (are), is, N., spoon. 
cochlearium, i, N., snail-shell. 
c5oio, onia, m., broker, agenL 
codes, itis, one-eyed. 
cootilis, e, [coquo,] baked, burnt, 
coctio, onis, f., cooking, digestion. 
Cocy tus, i, M., (Lament), a river of 
coda=cauda, tail, [Hades. 

codejt=oaudex, stump, book, 
Codms, i, king of Athens, who de- 
voted himself to death to win 
victory, B.C. 1045. 
CGSlestis=c8Blestis, heavenly, 
Ccslius, i, M., a hill of Rome, £. 

of the Aventine. 
CGsluin=sca9lain, sky. 

oemo, emi, empt-, 3, buy, buy up. 
poemptio, onis, ¥., purchase; mar- 
riage in the form of purchase. 
coena, », f. (cena), supper (the 

chief meal of the Romans). 
coBnaoulum, i, n., dining-room, 

upper story, attic, 
coeno (-ito), i, to dine, sup, eat, 
coenSsus, a, am, boggy, filthy. 
CGsnum, i, n., filth, mud, mire, 
co-eo, 4, assemble, unite, agree. 
CGspi (§ 38, 1), began ; p., cceptus. 
Lospto, I, begin, attempt. 

ooeptum, i, n. ; -tus, us, m., under^ 

isoerceo ctii, cit-, 2, restrain, hem 
^ in, curb, confine, repress. 
coeroitio, onis, f., check, punish^ 

ment, right of coercion. 
coeruleus=ca9nileas, dark blue, 

oetus, us, M., assembly. 
Cceus, i, a Titan, father of Latona. 
cogitatio, onis, f. ; -tltum, i, n., 

thought, purpose, plan, judgment^ • 

reflection ; -tato, on purpose, 
cSgito, I, think, reflect, intend, 
ognatio, onis, f., relationship, 

resemblance, agreement, kindred, 
oognatus, a, um, kindred (by the 

mother's side). 
cognitio, 5nis, f., knowledge, ac-- 

quaintance, inquiry. 
cognitor, oris, m., witness, advocate. 
cognitus, [cognosce,] known, 
cognomen, inis, n., surname, 
cognominis, e, of like name, 
cognomino, i, to surname. 
cognosce, novi, nit-, 3, know, find 

out, investigate. 
cogo, coegi, coaot-, 3, to gather^ 

compel, bring together. 
cohsereo, si, sum, 2., (-resco, 3), 

cling, unite, hold together. 
coheres, edis, c, joint-heir. 
cohibeo, ui, it-, 2, restrain, subdue, 
cohonesto, i, to honor amply. 
cohorresoo, ui, 3, shudder, quiver. 
cohors, tds, F., cattle-yard, troop, 

cohort (600 men), body-guard, 
cohortaUs, e,ofa cattle-yard. 
cohortatio, onis, f., cheering. 
cohortor, i, to cheer, exhort, animate. 
cohum, i, N., yoke-strap. 
coiens, euntis, [eo,] meeting. 
coinquino, i, to defile, infect. 
coitio, onis, f. ; -tus, us, m., com- 
ing together, uniting. 
fcolaphus, i, m., cuff, blow. 
Colchis, idis, f., the dist. E. of the 

Black Sea ; a Colchian woman, 
c51is=:caulis, stalk. 
coUabe-fio, be brought to ruin. 
collabor, psus, 3, tofaU, sink. 
coUare, is, n., neck-band, collar. 


Collatinus — oomiter. 

Collatiaufl, a, urn, of CoUatiOy a 
Sabine town; M.,L.Tarquiniiia, 
the husband of Lucretia. 

coUatio, onis, f., bringing together, 
comparison, contribution. 

coUativus, a, um, gathering. 

collator, oris, m., gatherer, 

coUatus [conifero,] &rou^^/ together. 

toUatuB, us, M., attack, collision^ 

coUaudo, I , praise highly, extol. 

colleotio, 5niB (-ta, ae), f., gather- 
ing, collecting, summary. 

coUectuB, [colligo,] gathered. 

coUega, 8e, m., associate, colleague. 

collegium, i, n., company, frater- 
nity, association, guUd. 

collibet, uit, 2, it pleases. 

colliciaB (-liqxiiae)^ arum, F., gutters. 

colHdo, si, sum, 3, dash together, 
clash, contend. 
—-Golligatio, oniB, F., binding. 
-«olligo, I, to fasten,, bind. 

colligo, legi, lect-, 3, collect, gather, 
gain, get, consider ; (refl.), recover. 

coUino, levi, lit>, 3, besmear. 

collinuB, a, um, of a hUl. 

colliB, is, Mm hill, high ground. 

collocatio, onis, F., establishing. 

coUoco, I, set, establish, invest, em- 
ploy, give in marriage. 

coUoqiuum, i, N., conference, dis- 
course, conversation. 

colloquor, locutus, i, converse. 

coUuceo, 2, to shine clear, be bright. 

collude, si, sum, 3, to sport, play, 
deceive, act falsely. 

coUum, i, N., neck. 

coUuo, ui, ut, 3, wash, rinse, wet. 

collusio, Onis, f., deceit, collusion. 

colluBtro, I, illumine, survey. 

coUuvies, ei; -io, onis, F., sink, 
drain, filth, vile medley. 

t collybus, 1, M., exchange, hroher- 

t collyrium, ^ N., eye-salve, [age, 

\ coUyra, ae, F., maccaronu 

colo, I, to strain, sift. [honor ^ 

'^colo, ui, cult-, 3, till, adorn, worship, 

colocasia, se, F. ; -um, i, N., Egyp- 
tian bean (a marsh lily). 

colonia, ae, f., colony, farm, resi- 
dence, colonial town, colonists. 

colonicuB, a, tun, of colonies, or 

colonus, M., fanner, colonist. 

color (os), oris, m., color, condition, 
complexion, lustre. 

coloro, I, to color, dye, tinge, stain. 

f colossus, i, M., a gigantic statue. 

coluber, bri, m. ; -bra, 89, f., snake. 

colum, i, N., strainer. 

columba, as, F., dove, pigeon. 

columbarius, a, um, of doves; m., 
keeper of doves; 'a., pigeon-hole 
or house, mortise; pi. niches for 
burial urns. 

columbinus. a, lun, of doves, dove- 
colored; -bus, i, M., dove, 

columella, ae, f., a smcUl pillar. 

columen, inis, n., column, beam, 
height, prop, summit. 

columis, e, safe, sound. 

columna, as, F., pillar, post, pillory. 

columnarius, a, uxa, of a column ; 
M., condemned debtor; n., a tax. 

colurnus, a, um, [corulus,] of 

colus, i (us), F., distaff, 

t colutea, orum, N., tamarind. 

fcolymbas, adis, f., pickled olives. 

coma, aa, f., Iiair, mane, foliage. 

comans, tis, liairy. 

fcomarchus, i, M., governor. 

comatus, a, tun, long-haired, leafy. 

combibo, bibi, 3, drink, swallow. 

comburo, ussi, uat-, 3, bum up. 

comedo, edi, es- (est-), 3, to ecu 
up, consume. 

comes, itis, c, companion, comrade, 
tutor, attendant, official. 

f cometes (-ta), ae, m., comet. 

comicus, a, um, of comedy, comia 

cominuB, close at hand. 

comis, e, gentle, courteous, kind. 

comisaabundus, a, um, revelling 

comissatio, onis, f., a revel. 

c5misBator, oris, m., reveller. 

comissor, i, to revel, feast. 

comitas, atis, F., courtesy, friendli- 
ness, mildness. 

comitatus, a, um, accompanied, 

comitatus, lis, m., retinue, escort, 

comiter, kindly, courteously^ 

comitialis — oomo. 


comitiSlis, e, of the elections. 

comitiatas, ub, m., etectvon-assem- 

comitiuxn, i. n., voting-ground; pi. 
meeting 1 1. curiata, of the patri- 
cians ; 2. tributa, of the ple- 
beians ; 3, centuriata) of the 
whole body of citizens. 
^^aomitor, i, accompany , attend, 

commaculo, i, to stain, polltite, 

Commagene, es, F., a town of N. 

commeatus, us, m., passage, fur- 
lough, train, company, supplies. 
^ commemim, remember fully, 

commemoratio, Snia, p., recount- 
ing, mention. 

commemoro, i, call to mind, telL 

comxnendatio, onis, F., recom- 
mendation, praise. 

comxnendatiiB, a, um, pleasing. 

comxnendo i, commit, commend. 

commensus, [-metiori] measured. 

commentarius i, m., (um, n.), 
memoir, sketch, journal. 

commentatio, oniSi F., study, 
treatise, meditation^ 

commenticius, a, um, invented, 
pretended, forged. 

commentor, i, to compose, discourse^ 
meditate, sketch, invent. 

commentum, i, N,,Jiction, inven- 
tion, plan, device. 

coxnxnentus, a, um, devised, forged. 

commeo, i, go to and fro, resort. 

commercium, i, n., trade, inter- 
course, right of traffic. 

commercor, i, to traffic, purchase, 

commereo, ui, it-, 2, to deserve. 

com-metior, 4, measure, compare* 

commeto, i, go frequently. 

commigro, i, remove, enter. 

oonunilititim, i, n., comradeship. 

commHito, onis, m., feUow-soldier. 

comminatio, oris, p., threatening. 

commingo, xud, ct-, 3, to defile. 

comminlscor, mentus, 3, invent, 
feign, contrive. 

comminor, i, threaten greatly. 

comminuo, ui, ut-, 3, break in 
pieces, weaken, lessen, impair. 

comminua, close by, hand to hand. 

commisceo, sctii, 2t- (at-), 2, mix 
together, mingle. 

commiseror, i, bewail, pity. 

commisaio, onis, p., contest, decla- 
mation, committing. 

commiBSum, i, n., offence, trust, 

coxmnissura, se, F., joint, seam, 

coinmitigo, i, make mellow, 

committo, misi, miss-, 3, set to- 
gether, engage, commit, resign, 

conuniztos, [misceo,] mixed, 

commode, duly, fitly, just now, 

commoditas, atis, f^, fitness, advan- 
tage, symmetry, kindness. 

commodo, i, to adjust, adapt, 
oblige, help. 

commodo, seasonably, just in time. 

commodum, i, n., fitness, advan- 
tage,profit, convenience,pay,favor, 

commodum, oppm'tunely,just now, 

commodus, a, um,^^ advantageous, 
friendly, serviceable, kind. 

commone-£Eicio, 3, warn, advise, 
ommoneo, ui, it-, 2, remind, im- 
press upon, advise. 

commonstro, i, to show, point out, 

oommoratio, Snis, p., delay, lin- 

commoxlor, mortuus, 3, to die to- 

commoror, i, to abide, delay. 

commotio, onis, p., m^ovement, dis- 
turbance, commotion. 

commotUB, a, um, uncertain, 
roused, disturbed. 

commoveo, movi, mot-, 2, disturb, 
remove, agitate, push back. 

communicatlo, onis, f., imparting, 

communico, i, impart, share, join. 

communio, onis, p., partnership. 

communio, 4, fortify, intrench. 

communis, e, common, courteous. 

communitas, as, p., fellowship. 

communiter, in common. 

commutabilis, e, changeful. 

commutatio, onis, p., change, 

commute, i, to exchange, alter, 

como, mpsi, mpt-, 3, comb, braid, 
dress the hair. 


oomoBdia — conoedo. 

t comoBdia, ae, f., comedy, 

f comaedus (-icus), a, um, comicj 

of comedy ; M., comedian. 
compaciscor, pact- (pect-), 3, to 

to make a bargain^ or compact. 
compactua, [compingo,]^m86^; 

N., a bargain. 
compagea, is ; - go, inis, f., joining, 

building, structure, embrace. 
compar, aria, equal, like ; M,, com- 
rade, consort, mate. 
coxnparatio, onia. F., comparing, 

agreement, providing, getting ready. 
comparoo, ai, 3, to save, store up, 
compareo, ui, 2, to appear, agree, 

happen, exist, be present. 
oomparo, i, to get, procure, compare, 

bring together, corns to agreement. 
oompaaco, paat-, 3, feed, pasture. 
compaaaio, onia, f., [patior,] sym- 

pathy, fellow-feeling. 
coxnpeotiia, [paciaoor,] agreed, 
coxnpedio, 4., to shackle, feller. 
compellStio, oniai f., an accost- 

ingy rebuke. 
compello, I, to accost, rebuke, chide. 
compello, puli, pula-, 3, constrain, 

force, drive, collect. 
compendiuDi, i, n., saving, gain, 

sparing y shortening, abridgement. 
compensatlo, onia, F., balancing, 

exchange, barter. [ance. 

compenao, i, to recompense, bal- 
comperendino, i, to adjourn trial. 
^omperio (ior), peri, pert-, 4, to 
" fnd out, learn, ascertain. 
compes, pedia, f., a fetter, shackle. 
coxnpeaco, iii, 3, to check, restrain. 
competitor, oria, M., rival. 
coxnpeto, ivi (ii), it-, 3, seek, strive, 

meet, agree, fit, correspond. 
compilo, I, to roby piUage, plunder. 
compingo, pegi, pact-, 3, tofasteuy 

crowd, confine, conceal. 
compitalia, e, of the cross-ways. 
compitum, i, N., cross-ways. 
complaceo, ui, it- 2, please greatly. 
complano, i, make level. 
complector, xua, 3, embrace, com- 
prehend, care for, lay hold of 
complementum, i, n., aflling-up. 

compleo, evi, et-, 2,JUl up,fumishf 
finish, complete. 

coxnplez, icis, leagued, agreeing. 
4i««oxnplexio, onia, f., connection. 

complezua, ua, m., embrace. 

compUco (ui, it-), i, to fold up. 

complodo, ai, aom, 3, to clap. 

comploratio, onia, p., lamentation. 

comploro, i, to lament loudly. 

oompluo, ut-, 3, flow together. 

complurea, \a, several, very many* 

compliiriea, very often. 

cpmpluviam, i, n., open court-yard 
(for the flow of rain). 

oompono, poaui, poait-, 3, put to- 
gether, arrange, settle, compare. 

comporto, i, bring, collect. 

oompoa, 5tia, partaking, sharing. 

oompoaite, orderly. 

compositio, onia, f., adjusting, 
composing, arrangement, compact. 

compoaitua, [pono,] well-ordered. 

compotio, 4, make or be partaker. 

oomprecor, i, to worship, pray. 

oomprehendo, di, autn, 3, seize, 
grasp, perceive, recount, contain. 

comprehenaibilia, e, perceptible. 

comprehenaio, onia, F., seizing. 

compreaae, briefly, urgently. 

compreaaio, onia, F. ; -aua, us, M., 
pressure, embrace. 

oomprimo, preaai, preaa-, 3, press, 
restrain, curb, bind, withhold. 

comprobo, i, to approve, confirm. 

comptua, [como,] 2Wmm€(£. 

comptua, Ua, M., band, head-dress. 

oompulaua, [compello,] ybrce^. 

compungo, nxi, net-, 3, sting, goad. 

computltio, onia, f., reckoning. 

oomputo, I, reckon, compute. 

[con-, together (or intensive). 

conamen, inia, n., effort, struggle. 

conatum, i, N. ; -tua, ua, M., at- 
tempt, effort, impulse. 


concaedia, ia, f., barricade. 

concaleaco, calui, 3, to glow. 

concavo, i, to hollow out. 

concavua, a, um, hollow, arched. 

concede, ceaai, ceaa-, 3, go, with-' 
draw, submit, allow, oonsent. 

eoneeleliro — condeiuo. 


oonoelebro, i, to resort, celebrate, 
concentiOy qdIb, f. ; -tus, us, m., 

[cano,] concert, harmony, 
conceptio, onia, f. ; -tos, lis, m., 

gathering, conceiving, 
conoerpo, pt- 3, tear to pieces, 
^^oncertOi i, contend, dispute, 
conceasio, onis, f. ; -sua, ua, M., 

yielding, grant, 
conceaao, i, leave off, desist. 
conceasiia, [cedo,] granted, 
•f concha, ae, f., sheU-Jish, pearl, 
'f conchia, ia, f., string-bean, 
i conchylium, i, n., oyster, purple 

sheU'fish, purple dye. 
concido, cidi, [cado,] 3, faU in 

pieces, perish, go to ruin, die, 
concido, cidi, cia-, [casdo,] 3, cut 

to pieces, destroy, 
concieo, ivi, it-, 2, bring together, 

collect, rouse, stir, excite, 
conciliabiiliun, i, n., place of 

conciliatio, onia, f. 

conciliator, orla, m., provider, 
conciliatua, a, Moa, jfriendly, dear, 

favorable, well inclined. 
concilio, i, to reconcile, unite, win, 

provide, procure, prepare, 
concilium, i, n., council, assembly, 

agreement, connection. 
ooncinnatio, onia, f., preparing. 
conclnne, elegantly, fitly. 
concinnitaa, atia, f., elegance, fit- 
concinno, i, to trim, fit, prepare, 
ooncinnua, a, tun, neat, elegant, fit, 
concino, iii, [cano,] 3, to accord 

(in music), agree, harmonize, 
concio (tic), onia, f., meeting, 

speech^ylace of speaking, 
concionator, oria, m., demagogue, 
concionor, i, to assemble, harangue, 
concipilo, i, seize, catch, 
concipio, cepi, cept-, 3, take up 

or hold of, perceive, conceive, 
conciae, briefly. 
conciaua, [concido,] broken shor% 

cut, trimmed, 
concitate, quickly, impetuously. 

conoitatio, onis, p., excitement. 
concitator, 5xiB, M., exciter. 
concitatua, a, um, roused, swift, 

vehement, violently moved, 
concito, I, stir up, rouse, excite, 
concitua, [cieo,] incited, stirred* 
conclamatio, onia, p., a shout, 
conclamatua, a, um, celebrated, 
conclamo, i, cry out, shout, call to 

arms, call together, exclaim. 
conclave, ia, n., inner roon^ stall, 
conclude, ai, aum, [claudo,] 3, 

to shut up, close, confine, include, 
concluaio, onia, f., siege, blockade, 

conclusion, end. 
concolor, oria, of one color, 
concomito, i, accompany. 
concoquo, coxi, coot-, 3, to cook^ 

ripen, digest, waste away. 
Concordia, se, f., harmony, 
concorditer, harmoniously, 
concordo, i, to agree, harmonize. 
concora, dia, harmonious, 
reconciling, J^onciedo, 6x61, dit-, 3, entrust. 
concrepo, ui, it, i., creak, clash. 
oon-creaco, ^ grow together, harden. 
concretua, a, um, hard, stiff. 
concretua, ua, m., hardening, 
concubina, ae, f., concubine, 
concubitua, iia, m., pairing, mating, . 
concubiua, a, um, of sleep; n^ 

dead of night, 
concubo, bui, bit-, i, lie together. 
conculco, I, to trample down, 
concupiaco, ivi (ii), it-, 3, to desire, 

long for, strive after, 
concurro, curri, cura-, 3, meet, 

flock together, contend, befall, 
concuraatio, onia, f., moving to- 

gether, concurrence, restlessness, 
concurao, i, to rush about or to- 
gether, ramble, frequent, 
concuraua, ua, m., running together, 

crowd, onset, 
concutio, [quatio,] cuaai, cuaa-, 3, 

shake, shatter, terrify, rouse, 
t condalium, i, n., ring (for slaves). 
pondecet, uit, 2, it befits, 
condemno,[damno,] i,tosentencej 

condemn, disapprove, 
condenao, i, crowd together. 


condeiunis — congeries. 

condensius, a, am, close, dense, 
oondepBO, ui, 3, knead together. 
condico, zi, ct-, 3, appoint, declarey 

agree, engage, proclaim, 
condignuB, a, lun, quite worthy, 
con^mentiun, i, n., spice, 
condio, 4, to season, embalm, adorn, 
_^on-diBCO, 3, learn carefully, 

conditio, onis, p., condition, rank, 

term (of agreement), match, 
conditio, onis, p., spicing, preserve 

ing, seasoning, 
conditivus, a, um, /or preserving; 

N., vault, tomb. 
conditor, oria, m., builder, founder, 
conditorium, i, n., place of deposit, 
;ondo, didi, dit-, 3, lay up, com- 
pose, establish, build, bury, hide, 
•condoceo, ui, ct-, 2, teach, train. 
condoleaco, lui, 3, suffer severely, 
condonatio, onis, p., giving-away, 
condono, i, to grant, surrender, 

pardon, remit, present, 
condormiBCO,mivi, 3, faU asleep, 
conducibilia, e, profitable, 
conduce, xi, ct-, 3, lead, hire, 

gather, join, serve^ contract, 
conducticiua, a, um, hired. 
conductio, onis, p., hiring, 
conductor, oris, m., tenant, farmer, 

conduB, i, M., steward, 
fcondyluB, i, M., knuckle, joini, 
confabulor, i., converse, discuss, 
confarreatio, onis, p., solemn mar- 
riage (with bride-cake, far). 
confectio, onis, p., making-up. 
confector, oris, m., finisher, 
confectUB, a, \xoi, finished, spent, 
conferoio, fert-, 4, to stuff, cram, 
confero, ferre, tiili, collat-, bring 
together, collect, compare, betake, 
conferte, -tim, compactly. [appoinU 
confertus, a, um, close, crammed. 
oonfervesco, bui, 3., grow hot, heal, 
confesBio, onis, p., confession, 
confestim, at once, forlhtmth, 
confibul£i, 86, p., clamp, 
conficiens, tis, effective. 
(onficio, feci-, feet, 3, to finish, de- 
spatch, produce, effect, loear out. 

confictus, [fingo,] counterfeit, 
coniidens, tis, boUl, confident, 
oonfidentia, as, f., confidence, 
confide, sua, 3, to trust, rely, 
configo, zi, Z-, ^, join, fasten, pierce, 
confingo, finad, fict-, y, form, feign, 
confinis, e, adjacent, bordering; n., 

confinium, i, n., neighborhood, 

on-fio, feet-, be brought to pass. 
confirmatio, onis, p., conjirming, 

consoling, strengthening. 
confirmitas, atis, p., obstinacy, 
oonfirmo, i, establish, strengthen, 
confisco, I, seize as forfeit. 
confisuB, a, um, confident, 
<sonfiteor, fessus, [fateor,] confess, 

admit, declare, make known, 
confizuB, [G^Ot^ pierced, 
conflagro, i, burn up. 
conflictio, onis, p., -tus, us, m., 

collision, conflict, 
conflieto, i, strike, dash, ruin, 
confligo, ad, ct-, 3, to bring together, 

struggle, contend, compare, 
conflo, I, kindle, inflame, melt, 
confluens, tis, m., confluence, 
oonflue, zi, 3, flow together, throng, 
oonfodio, fSdi, foss-, 3, dig, stab, 
conformo, i, to shape, adapt, 
conforto, i, [fortis,] strengthen, 
confoBsus, [fodio,] stabbed, 
confragoBUB, a, um, broken, rough, 
con&emo, ui, 3, mwmur, resound, 
eonfrico, i, to rub, touch, 
confringo, fregi, fract-, 3, break in 

pieces, destroy, squander. 
confugio, fugi, 3, flee for refuge, 
confundo, fudi, fOs-, y, mix, con- 
fuse, pour out, diffuse, empty, 
confuse (-sim), confusedly, 
confOsio, onis, p., mingling, confu- 
confusuB, a, um, disordered, con- 
fused, perplexed. 
confute, I, to check, confute, 
congelo, I, to freeze, stiffen. 
congemino, i, to redouble, 
congemo, ui, 3, to sigh, lament, 
t conger (-grus), i, m., sea-eel, 
oongeries, ei, p., heap, mass. 

congero — eonBeqneiuu 

congero, gessii gest-, 3, heap to- 

gether, put upon, impute, 
congero, onia, m., thief. 
congerro, onis, m., play-fellow, 
congestio, onis, f., -tus, us, m., 

heaping-up, accumulation, 
congiariUB, a, vaax, of a gallon 

measure; N., largess, 
congiua, i, m., about a gallon. 
conglobo, I, to heap together, 
oonglatino, i, tojoinfrmlyj cement, 
oongraeoo, i, to lavish, squander, 
ongredior, [gradior,] greaa-, 3, to 

meet, encounter, contend, 
congregatio, onis, f., union, society, 
oongrego, [grez,] i, to gather in 

troops or flocks. 
congreasus, us, m. ; -aio, onia, f., 

gathering, meeting, encounter, 
congrez, egia, of the same flock. 
congruena, tia, suited, accordant, 

ngruo, ui, 3, agree, fit, coincide, 
congruua, a, um,,/:/, harmonious, 
cdnifer (-ger), era, urn, cone-hearing, 
cdniveo, nivi, 2, to chse the eyes. 
cOQJecto, I, throw together, infer, 
conjectura, e,F., conclusion, guess, 
conjectua, us, m. ; -tio, onia, f., 

casting, hurling ; a heap, pile, 
oonjioio, jeci, ject-, 3, to cast, hurl, 

drive, prophesy, interpret, 
conjagilia, e, of marriage, 
conjugium, i, N., marriage, consort, 
co^jancte, -tixn, jointly, intimately, 
oonjonctio, onia, F., joining, con- 
nection, agreement, sympathy, 
oonjungo, 3d, ct-, 3, to join, couple, 
ooiijiinx=sOonjux, spouse, 
conjuratio, onia, f., conspiracy, 
conjuratua, m., conspirator, 
conjiiro, i, sioear together, conspire, 
conjuz (luc), ugia, c, husband or 

wife, betrothed, [ooii-=coiin-. 
[conl-=:=coll- ; conm-^^comxii-. 
oonnecto, zui, zum, 3, clasp, join, 
connitor, nix (nia-), 3, strive, yean. 
conniveossconiveo, close the eyes, 
connubialia, e, oftoedlock. 
connubium, i, n., wedlock, right of 

t conopeum, i, N., fly-net, 


^.-«onor, I, to endeavor, try. 

oonquaaao, i, to shake, shatter. 

conqueror, queat-, 3, complain. 

conqueatua, us, m., complaint. 

conquieaco, evl, et-, 3, to rest, 
repose, be unconcerned, 

conquiro, aivf, ait-, 3, inquire, seek. 

conqmaitio, onia, f., collecting, levy. 

conquiaitor, oria, m., recruiting- 
officer, spy, listener. [conr=corr. 

conquiaitua, a, um, choice, costly. 

conaaluto, i, to greet, salute, 

ccnaaneaco, aanui, 3, to get well. 

conaanguineua, a, um, kindred, 

conaanguinitaa,atia, F., kindred, 

conaceleratua, a, \un,^depraved, 

conacelero, i, to dishonor, 

conacendo, di, aum, 3, [acando,] 
climb, mount, embark, 

conacientia, as, f., [ado,] con- 
sciousness, conscience, 

conacindo, idi, iaa-, 3, cut to pieces. 
' "^onaoio, 4, be conscious {pi wrong). 

conaciaco, acivi, acit-, 3, to vole, 
approve, agree, adjudge, 

conaciua, a, um, conscious, know- 
ing; M., F., accomplice, accessory. 

conaciibo, pai, pt-, 3, to register, 
enrol, compose, appoint. 

conacriptus, a, um, registered, 
summoned; M., pL, senators. 

conaeco, ui, ct-, i, cut to pieces. 

conaecratio, onia, f., dedication. 

conaecro, i, devote, deify, consecrate. 

conaector, i , to hunt, chase, pursue. 

conaectua, [aeoo,] cut to pieces. 

conaecutio, onia, f., consequence^ 
connection, sequel. 

conaecutua, a, um, having got, 

conaeneaco, ui, 3, grow old, decay. 

conaenaio, onia, f. ; -aua, ua, m., 
consent, plot. 

conaentaneua, a, um, agreeable,fit. 

conaentea dii, the 12 chief gods, 

conaentiena, tia, accordant. 

oonaentio, aenai, aens-, 4, to agree, 
consent, resolve, conspire. 

conaepio, aept-, 4, to fence in, 

conaeptum, i, n., enclosure, 

couaequens, tia, consistent, ft. 


oonsequenter — coxuuL 

couaequenter, suitably, 
consequor, cQtUB, 3, foUow close, 

come up tvithy obtain. 
consero, sevi, sit, 3, to sow, plant, 

strew, Jill, 
consero, ui, sert-, 3, entwirie, join ; 

bring together (as for battle). 
^■■Mjonsertus, [sero,] joined, inter- 

\Doven, matched. 
conservatio, oxi!iB,¥,, preservation, 
conservator^ oris, m., defender, 
conservo, i, to keep, preserve. 
conservus, i, m. ; couaerva,8e, F., 

conseasor, oris, m., a by-siiter, 
^*«<«oiiaes8us,.ii8, m., session, assembly. 
conaideranter, deliberately, 
conaideratua, a, um, circumspect, 

cautious, considerate. 
conaidero, i, consider, ponder. 
conaido, sedi, aeaa-, 3, sit down, 

sink, subside, settle, encamp^ halt, 
conaigno, i, to seal, sign, attest, 
couaileaco, ui, 3, keep stUl. 
conailiariua, a, um, of counsel; M., 

counsellor, adviser. 
conailiator, oria, m., adviser. 
conailior, i, give or take counsel. 
conailium, i, N., advice, counsel, 

purpose, prudence, council, 
consimilia, e, quite like. 
conaiato, atit, atit-, 3, to stand fast, 

stay, stop, continue, agree, cease. 
couaitua, [aero,] planted. 
conaobrinus, a, lun, cousin, kin, 
couaocio, I; associate, join, connect, 
conaolabilia, e, consolable. 
conaolatio, ozua, f., comfort. 
conaolor, i, to console, comfort. 
conaonana, tis, harmonious, ft. 
conaono, ui, i, to resound, accord, 
conaonua, a, um, harmonious. 
conaopio, it-, 4, put to sleep. 
conaora, tia, c, fellow in fortune, 

partner, comrade. 
conaortio, onia, F., partnership, 
oonaortiuxn, i, th., fellowship, 
couapectua, [-apicio,] conspicuous, 
conapectua, ua, m., sight, glance, 

view, presence, survey. 
conapergo, ai, aum, 3, besprinkle. 

conspioio, spezi, apect-, 3 ; -apt* 
cor, I, to view, behold, descry, 

conapicuua, a, um, easy to see^ 
visible, distinguished, 

conapiratio, onia, f., agreement^ 
harmony, plot, conspiracy. 

conapiratua, a, um, having con^ 
spired; M. pi., conspirators. 

conapiro, i, combine, accord, plot, 
conspire ; coil or crowd, 

conapuo, ut-, 3 ; -to, i, to spit upon, 

conatana, tia, firm, constant, con- 
sistent, steadfast, certain, 

conatantia, 8B, ¥., firmness, harmony, 

conatanter, steadily, with one voice, 

conatematio, onia, F., dismay, 

conatemo, i, overthrow, terrify. 

conatemo, atravi, atrat-, 3, strew, 
pave, overthrow, 

conatapo, i, to ci'owd close upon. 

oonatituo, ui, ut-, 3, to establish, 
determine, set in order, 
^— conatitutio, onia, f., regtdation, 

conatitutua, a, um, established; 
N., institution, compact, 

conato, atiti, atat-, stand frm, con- 
sist, endure, agree ; conatat^ it i 
evident, well-known, resolved, 

conatratua, [aterno,] strewn, sub- 
dued; N., ship's deck, floor. 

conatrictua, a, um, compressed, 
brief, trimmed, compact, tight. 

conatringo, inzi, ict-, 3, hold close, 
bind, constrain. 

conatructio, onia, f., joining, 
framing, building, connection, 

conatruo, zi, ct-, 3, build together, 
pile, construct. 

conatupro, i, debauch, violate, 

conauadeo, 2, advise strongly, 

conaudo, i, sweat abundantly. 

conauefacio, feci, fact-, 3, to ac" 
custom, habituate, 

conaueaco, evl, it-, 3, to inure, get 
wonted, become accustomed. 

conauetudo, inia, f., custoiu, habit, 
use, intercourse, companionship. 

conauetua, a, um, accustomed. 

conaul, ulia, M., Consul, the chief 
executive officer of Rome, of 
whom two were chosen yearly. 


consularis — ooatrario. 


coiiBiilaris, e, of the consul; m., 

o/ consular rank, ex-consul. 
consulatuB, us, m., consulship, 
oonsnlo, ui, suit-, 3, consider, re- 
flect; (w. ace.) consult; (w. dat.) 

favor, consult, or have regard for. 
conaultatiOi onis, F., consultation. 
consulte, -t5, on purpose. 
consulto, I, reflect, take counseL 
consultor, 5riB, M., counsellor, 

adviser, consuUer. 
consultuxn, i, n., a decree, resolve. 
consnltuB, a, 11m, weU-toeighed. 
conanltaB, us, m., decree, prudence. 
Kon-suxD, fatunizn, fore, happen. 
consuminatio, onis, F., summing- 

up, completion, summary. 
conBummOi i, to sum up, complete^. 
oonsumo, mpsi, mpt-, 3, to spend, 

destroy, bestow, consume. 
conauo, sat-, 3, sew up or together. 
con-surgo, 3, rise up, revolt. 
Consus, i, the god of CounseL 
contabesco, ni, 3, waste away. 
contabolatio, onis, F., flooring. 
contabulo, i, to coiner vnth plank. 
contaotus, [-tingo,] touched. 
contaotus, ns, lii., touch, infection. 
contages, is ; -io, onis, F. ; -ium, i, 

N., infection, contact. 
contaminatus, a, um, defied. 
contamino, i, to blend, corrupt. 
^^ontatlo=ciiiictatio, delay. 

contechnor, i, play tricks. 
**contego, ad, ct-, 3, cover up, pre- 

serve, hide. 
— contemno, psi, pt-, 3, scorn, despise. 
contemplatio, onis, f., survey, 

aim, consideration. 
contemplator, onis, m., observer. 
contemplor, i, behold, meditate. 
contemptim, scornfully. 
contemptio, onis, f. ; -tns, us, M., 

contempt, scorn, disregard. 
contemptor, oris, m., scomer, in- 

svUer, despiser. 
contemptos, [temno,] despised, 

contemptible, vile, abject, 
contendo, di, turn, 3, to conte 

insvit, march, urge, compare. 
contente, earnestly. 

oontentio, onis, f., strife, disputCj 
contest, comparison, contrast. 

contentus, [tendo,] strained, in- 
tent; [teneo,] content, satisfied. 

conterminus, a, um, bounding^ 
neighboring; N., neighborhood. 

contero, trivi, trit, 3, bruise or 
wear away, waste, destroy. 

conterreo,iii, it-, 2, affright, terrify. 

oontestatus, a, um, tried, proved. 

contestor, i, caU to witness, bring 
an action. 

contezo, ui, torn, 3, weave together. 

conteztus, us, m., connection. 

conticesco, ticui, 3, become silent. 

conticinium, i, n., still of evening. 

contignatio, onis, F., timber-floor. 

contigno, i,join with beams. 

oontiguua, a, um, adjoining, within 
reach, neighboring. 

continens, tis, close, connected^ 
restrained; N., continent. 

continenter, uninterruptedly. 

continentia, as, f., self-restraint. 

contineo, ui, tent-, 2, [teneo, [| hold 
close, restrain, contain, hem in. 

contingo, tigi, tact-, 3, [tango,] to 
touch, befaU, take hold, partake. 

contingo (-guo), 3, to wet, sprinkle. 

oontinuatio, onis, f., succession. 

continuo, i, to join, connect^ con- 
tinue, border on. 

continuo, immediately, consequently. 

continuus, a, um, constant^ closcy 
successive, continuous. 

contollo=confero, 3, betake. 

oontorqueo, torsi, tort-, ttcist, hurl. 

contortus, a, um, twisted. 

contra, against, opposite, &n the 
other hand. 

contractio, onis, f. shortening. 

contractus, [traho,] drawn together, 
closed, compressed, retired. 

contractus, us, M., bargain, con- 
tract, shrinking, contraction. 

contradico, 3, gainsay, oppose. 

contradictio, 5nis, f., opposition. 

contraho, 3d, ct-, gather, contract, 
produce, conclude, restrain, lessen. 

contra-pono, 3, put opposite. 

contrario, on the contrary. 


oontrariiu — oopa. 

contrariius, a, um, opposite^ hostile. 

contrecto, i, touch, search, handle. 

contremisco, tremui, 3, to tremble 

coatribuo, bui, but-, 3, to grants 
assign, contribute. 

contristo, i, grieve, sadden, darke 

contritio, onis, F., grief. 

contritUB, [tero,] worn, bruised. 

controversia, ee, F., dispute, debate. 

controversuB, a, um, set opposite, 
disputed, quarrelsome. 

contruoido, i, to kill, bu'cher. 

contrudo, si, sum, 3, to crowd in, 
thrust together. 

contrunco, i, mangle, cut to pieces. 

contubemaliB, is, c, of one mess ; 
M., tent-companion, comrade. 

contubemiutn, i, n., m^ss, com- 
pany, a common tent, abode. 

contueor, uitus, 2, gaze upon, con- 
sider, care for. 

oo ntumacia, 89, f., stubbornness. 

contumaz, acis, stubborn, unyield- 
ing, insolent. 

contutnelia, as, f., taunt, reproach, 
assaults disgrace, insult. 

coutuzneliosus, a. urn, reproach- 
ful, insolent, ignominious. 

coiitando,tudi, tus-, 3, beat, bruise, 
crush, grind, subdue, demolish. 

conturbatio, onis, f., confusion. 

contnrbo, i, to disturb, confuse, 
' embarrass, distract, 

conturmaliB, e, of one squadron. 

contuB, i, M., pole, long staff. 

contusio, onis, F., bruising. 

coxiabiain=coiinubiuin, wedlock. 

t ooxins, i, N., cone, crest, tip. 

convador, i, to cite, summon. 

convalesco, valui^ 3, get strength. 

convallis, is, f., an enclosed valley. 

convaso, i, to pack baggage. 

convectio, onis, f., bringing to- 

convecto, i ; -veho, ad, ct, 3, cor^ 
vey, bring together, fetch in. 

convector, oris, m., fellofo-passen- 
ger, gatherer (of grain &c.). 

oonvello, velli, vuls-, 3, to ivrench, 
tear away, pluck up, rend. 

convena, as, c, one of a company, 

conveniens, tis, harmonious, suited. 

Gonvementer, ftly, consistently. 

convenientda, ae, f., meeting, ac- 
cord, conformity, fitness. 
onvenio, veni, vent-, 4, meet, 
agree, visit; impers. it is fit, or a- 

oonventicius, a, Xkxa,rneitiAg.[greed: 

conventio, onis, f., a meeting, com- 
pact, agreement, indictment. 
J-ijoonventum, i, n., agreement. 
' ""^onventuB, us, m., meeting, com- 
pany, assembly, court, compact. 

converro, ri, sum, 3, to sweep, beat. 

conversatio, onis. P., use, inter- 
course, conversation, abode. 

conversio, Snis, F., change, revolu- 
tion, subversion. 

converso, i, to turn; p., to abide. 

converto, ti^sum, 3, to turn, change, 
transform, alter, transfer. 

oonvezo, i, press violently. 

convezus, a, um, curved, arched; 
N., arch, vault, concavity. 

conTaoiator, oris, M., reviler. 

convicior, i, to revile, reproach. 

convicium, i, n., loud cry, reviUng, 
wrangling, insult, importunity. 

convictio, onis, f., intercourse. 

convictor, oris, m., [vivo,] mess- 
mate, familiar friend, 

convictus, [vinco,] proved. 

convictus, us, m., living together. 

oonvinco, vici, vict-, 3, to con- 
vict, convince, prevail, conquer. 

conviso, 3, consider, examine. 

conviva, ae, c, guest, companion. 

convivium, i, n., banquet. 

convivo, zi, 3, to live or feast with. 

convivor, i, to feast, revel. 

oonvoco, I, assemble, call together. 

convolo, I, fly togetlier. 

convolvo, vi, volut-, 3, wrap to- 
gether, roll round, heap. 

convolvulus, i, m., caterpillar. 

convulnero, i, to wound severely. 

convulsus, [vello,] wrenched* 
operio, ui, ert-, 4, to cover up. 
^ "Uudpto, I, choose, admit, elect. 

oobrior, ortus, 4, arise, appear, 

oopa, dd, F., tavern-dancer. 

oopjunus — Corybantiiu. 


i cophinus, i, m., basket, 
copia, ae, f., abundance, wealth, op- 
portunity ; pi. supplies, troops. 
copiose, abundantly, 
copiosus, a, um, plentiful^ copious, 
-f copis, idis, F., cutlass, 
dopia, is, c, rich, abounding, 
copo=caupo, mn-keeper, 
t coprea (as), se, M., a dirty jester, 
f copta, 88, F., cake, biscuit, 
copula, 88, F., cord, band, leash, 
copulatio, onis, f., binding, 
cSpulo, I, to couple, join, cement, 
coqua, 88, f.) a cook, 
^ coquina, 88, F., kitchen, cookery, 
^ coqniao, i, to cook, 

coquo, xi, ot-, 3, to cook, bum, vex. 
coquTis, i, M., a coot, 
cor, cordis, n., heart, mind, 
fcora, 88, F., jtMtpi/ of the eye, 
t coralium, i, N., red coral, 
coram, openly; in presence of, 
fcoraz, iicia, m., raven, crow, 
corbis, is, d., basket, 
corbita, 88, f., ship of burden, 
corbula, 88, f., little basket, 
corculum, i, N., stoeetheart, 
Corcyr88U8, a, um, of the I. Cor- 

cyra (Corfu), near Epinis. 
cordatus, a, um, wise, prudent, 
f cordaz, acia, m., a wanton dance. 
oordoliom, i, n., heart-sorrow, 
Cordubensis, e, of Corduba (Cor- 
dova), in S. Spain. 
cordus=:cliordus, late-born, 
Corfinium, i, n., a fortified town 

of Central Italy. 
coriarius, a, um, of leather ; m., a 

tanner, currier, 
Corinthius, a, um, Corinthian, lux- 
urious; ass, a costly bronze. 
Corinthus, i, f., Corinth, on the 
Isthmus of Greece, taken by 
Mummius, B.C. 146. 
corium, i, n., hide, husk, thong, 
comeoluB, a, um, horn-like, 
comeus, a, um, of horn, or cornel, 
cornicen, inis, m., horn-blower, 
cornicor, i, chatter (as rooks). 
comiger, era, um, horned, 
comipes, edis, hoofed (horse). 

comix, icis, R, crow, rpok, 

ooruu, us (u), N., horn, paint, tip 
(as of spar), bow, cone (of helmet), 
hoof, wing (of an army). 

cornuB, i, f. ; -um, i, N., comd, 

comutuB, a, um, homed, 

corolla, 88, F., garland. 

corollarium, i, N., wreath, gift, 

corona, 88, F., crown, wreath, dirong. 

coroneola, as, F., musk-rose, 

Coronis, idia, f., d. of Phlegya% 
mother of iEsculapius. 

corono, i, to crown, wreathe, 

corporeus, a, um, bodily, fleshly, 

corporo, i, to en^ody. 

corpulentus, a, um, of gross body, 

corpus, 5ria, n., body, flesh, person. 

corrado, si, sum, 3, scrape together. 

correctio, onis, f. straightening, 

corrector, oris, M., improver, 

correpo, pai, 3, to creep, sneak. 

correptio, onis, F., seizing. 

ccrrigia, 88, F., string, rein, 
4^6Mgo, rexi, root- [rego,] 3, to 
set right, straighten, correct, 

ccnipio, ui, rept-, [rapio,] 3, seize, 
snatch, plunder, reproach, attack,. 

corrivo, i, to draw together, 

corroboro, i, [robur,] strengthen. 

corrodo, si, sum, 3, to gnaw, 

corrogo, i, get together by asking. 

corrotundo, 3, to round off, 

corruda, se, F., vMd asparagus, 

corrugo, i, to wrinkle, 

corrumpo, rupi, rupt-, 3, to cor- 
rupt, pollute, bribe, destroy, spoil, 

oorruo, ui, 3, fall to pieces, gather. 

corruptela, 88, F., corruption, bribe. 

corrupter, oris, M. [rumpo,] 
spoiler, corrupter, 

Corsus, a, um, of the I. Corsica, 
W. of Italy. 

cortex, icis, D., shell, hull, bark. 

cortina, 88, F., kettle, vat, tripod, 

corulus=corylus, hazel, 

corus=caiuTis, N. W. wind. 

corusco, I, shake, gleam, brandish. 

coruscus, a, um, glittering, waving, 

corvus, i, M., raven, crow, grapple. 

Corybantius, a, imi, of the priests 
of Cybele (Corybantes), 


Corycins — erocio. 

Corycina, a, um, of Cori/cos, a 
coast town and cave in Cilicia. 

t corydaluB, i, m., crested lark, 

■f coryluB, i, m., hazel, 

f coxymbiis, i, m., cluster, 

i coiytoB, i, M., quiver, arrow, 

cos, cotis, F., Jiint, whetstone. 

i coBxneta, ee, m., adomer, 

coBta, 89, F., rib, side, wail, 

I costum, i, N., an aromatic plant. 

f cothurnus, i, M., hunting-boot, 
buskin, lofty or tra^gic style, 

t cottabuB, i, M., clap, stroke, 

cottEuia, 89, F., a small fig. 

coturniz, icis, f., quaU. 

fcotyla, 39, F., about a pint. 

Cous, a, um, of Cos, a small I. 
in the iEgean. 

covinus, i, m., vxir-chariot. 

coza, 89 (-endiz, icis), f., kip, bend, 

crabro, onis, f., hornet, 

t crambe, es, f., cabbage. 

t cranium, i, N., skull. 

crapula, 89, F., drunkenness. 
, eras, to-morrow. 

crassamen, inis (-turn, i), N., dregs. 

crasse, rudely, dimly, 

crassitudo, inis, f., thickness, 

crasso, i, to thicken, 

crassuB, a, um, thick, gross, clumsy, 

Crassus, B£ IdciniUB, the triumvir, 
d. in the Parthian War, B.C. 53. 

crastinus, a, um, of to-morrow, 

f crater, oris, era, eris, m. ; -era, 89, 
f., bowl, pail, basin, 

crates (is), is, f., basket-work, har- 
row, hurdle; pi,, fascines, gabions, 

creatio, onis, f., creating, 

creator, oris, m., creator, founder, 

creatriz, tricis, f., mother, 

creatura, 89, F., creature. 

creber, bra, um, thick, close, abound- 
ing, frequent, numerous. 

crebresco, 3, thicken, increase, 

crebro, frequently, close together. 

credibiUs, e, credible, likely. 

creditor, oris, M., one who trusts. 

creditum, i, N., loan, credit, 

credo, didi, dit-, 3, lend, intrust, 
confide, believe, 

credulitas, atis, f., credulity. 

credulus, a, um, easy of belief. 

crematio, onis, f., bwning. 

Cremera, 89, f., a stream of Etnv 
ria where the Fabii perished. 

cremina, orum, n., brushwood, 

cremo, i, to bum, consume. 

Cremona, 89, F., a town on the Po. 

cremor, 6ris, m., broth, porridge, 

creo, I, create, beget, elect, produce. 

creper, era, lun, doubtful, dark, 

crepida, 89, f., shoe-sole or last. 

crepido, inis, f., brink, base. 

f crepis, idis, f., slipper, 

crepito, i, crackle, rumble, tinkle. 

crepitus, us, M., clashing, crashing. 

crepo, ui, it-, i, to clatter, resound. 

crepundia, N., pi. playthings, rattle. 

crepusci, orum, m. pi., of twilight. 

crepusculum, i, N., tvnlight, dusk, 

CreB,-etis,M.;CreBBUs, a, Cretan. 

cresco, crevi, cret-, 3, grow, ap- 
pear, increase, multiply. 

creta, 89, F., chalk, 

Creta, 89, (-te, es), f., Candia, a 
large island S. of the i^gean. 

Cret89us (-ticus), a, um ; -tensis, 
e, Cretan ; taurus, the Minotaur. 

cretatus, a, um, chalked, 

cretio, onis, F., estate, inheritance. 

cretura, 89, F., bran, 

cretus, [cresco,] descended; [cer- 
no,] sifted, decided, 

Creusa, 89, Trojan wife of iCneas. 

cribrum, i, n., sieve, strainer, 

crimen, inis, n., judgment, a-iminal 
charge, reproach, fatdt, crime, 

criminatio, onis, f., accusation. 

criminor, i, to charge, accuse. 

crimin5sus, a, um, accusatory. 

crinalis, e, of the hair. 

crinis, is, M., hair, comeVs taiL 

cnnitus, a, imi, havry, 

t crisis, is, F., decision, crisis. 

crispo, I, to curl, roughen, brandish. 

crispus, a, um, crisp, curled, wrin- 
kled, waving, quivering, 

crista, 89, F., crest, comb, plume. 

cristatus, a, um, crested. 

fcriticus, a, um, critical; M., critic. 

croceus (-inus), a, um, of saffron, 

erocio, 4, to croak (as a raven). 


crooodiiTU — ounctanter. 


fcrocodilas^ i, m., crocodile, 
t crocota, se, F., saffron robe, 
fcrocuB, i, M. ; -tun, n., saffron, 
CrcBsiiB, i, k. of Lydia, conquered 

by Cyrus, B.c. 546. 
crotalia, orum, N. ear-rings, 
crotalum, i, n., rattle, bell, castanet, 
Croto, onis, c, Crotona, a Greek 

town of S. Italy. 
omciataB, ua, m. ; -mentum, i, N., 

torture, torment, misery, ruin. 
omcifer, feri, m., the cross-bearer, 
cruoio, I, to torment, afflict, crucify. 
crudelis, e, cruel, harsh, fierce. 
crudelitas, atiSp f., cruelty, 
crudesco, dui, 3, grow raw, hard, 

violent, bad, 
oruditas, Stis, F., indigestion, 
crudus, a, um, raw, bloody, harsh. 
cruento, i, to stain, mcike bloody. 
cruentus, a, um, bloody, fierce. 
crumena, ae, f,, purse, money-pouch, 
cmor, oris, m., spilt blood, gore. 
cruralis, e, o/the leg. 
crurifragiiui, a, um, broken-legged. 
CTUB, cruris, N., leg (below the 

knee), shin. 
cmsta, ee, f., ice, crust, stucco. 
cnzsto, I, to plaster, encrust, 
crustulum, 1, s., confectionery, 
crustam, i, n., crust, pastry, 
Crustumeria, se, f., an old Sabine 

town, on the Etrurian border. 
crux, cnicis, f., cross, torment. 
-f orypta, sb, f., vault, cell, 
fcrystallinua, a, urn, of crystal. 
t crystallus, i, m. (-um, n.), crystal, 

ice ; crystal vase, gem, 
cubioullrius, a, um, of the cham* 

ber; M., body-seroant. 
cubiculum, i, N., bed-chamber. 
fcubicus, a, um, ctibic. 
cubile, is, n., couch, bed, chamber. 
cubital, £Iis, n., elbow-rest, 
oubitalis, e, a cubit long or high. 
cubito, I, to lie down often, 
cubitum, i, n., elbow, bend, cubit 

or ell (iS inches). 
cubitus, us, M., lying down, bed. 
cube, ui, it-, I, lie down, sleep. 
t cubua, i, M., cube, die. 

cucullu8,i, M.,^oo(f, cap, wrapper, 

cuculus, i, M., cuckoo, lubber. 

cucuma, ee, f., kettle, bath-tub, 

cucumis, erls, (im, i,) m., cucumber. 

cucurbita, ae, F., gourd, cup, 

cucurio, 4, to crow, [cudo, a cap. 

cudo, di, sum, 3, to hammer, coin, 

cuicuimodi, of whatever sort, 

cujaa, atis, whose t whence? 

o^jus, a, um, whose (gen. of quis). , 

cujusmodi, of what sort, 

culcita, ae, f., mattress, bed, cushion. 

culeus, i, M., bag, a liquid measure. 

culez, icis, f., gnat, mosquito, 

culigna, 89, f., bowl, 

culina, as, F., kitchen. 

culmen, inis, n., top, ridge. 

culmus, i, M., staJk, straw, stem, 

culpa, ae, f., fault, crime, mischief. 

culpStus, a, urn, blamaUe, guilty, 

culpo, I, to bla)ne, condemn. 

cultellus, i, M., little knife, 

culter, tri, M., knife, cutter. 

cultor, oris, M. ; -triz, tricis, F., 
tUler, dweller, worshipper, helper. 

cultura, ae, f., tillage, 

cultus, [colo,] tilled, adorned. 

cultus, us, M., care, culture, orna- 
ment, luxury, splendor, dress. 

culullus, i, M., bowl, pot. 

cum, (abl.) toith, among, 

cum=quum, when, since, though; 
cum . . . turn, both , , , and. 

Cumaeus, a, um, of Cumce, a coast- 
town near Naples ; Cumaea 
Virgo, the Sibyl. 

-cuxnbo, cubui, cubit-, 3, lie down, 

cumatiUs, a, Muish ; N., a garment 

cumera, ae, f. ; -um, i, N., a meed- 
tub, bin, chest (for grain). 

cumpxime (}a), especially, 

[-cumque, -ever, 

cumulate, abundantly. 

cumulatim, in heaps. 

cumulatus, a, um, fuU, complete, 

cumulo, I, to heap, pile, amass. 

cumulus. 1, M., heap, pile, mass. 
^^eunabula, 5rum, n., cradle, origin. 

cimae, arum, f., cradle, nest. 

cunctans, tis, dilatory. 

cunctauter, lingeringly, slowly. 


cunotatio — Cydonia. 

ctmctatio, onis, F., delay. 

cunctator, oris, m., delayer; a 
name of Fabius the dictator, 
who baffled Hannibal, B.C., 213 

cunotor, i, to delay, linger. [-209. 

cunctus, a, um, a//, whole. 

ctmealis, e, wedgelike. 

otmeStiin, wedge-formed. 

ctmeo, I, to wedge, fasten. 

ctmeus, i, m., wedge, seat (in the- 
atre), column (of troops). 

ciimoiilus, i, M., rabbit, burrow. 

cunila, ae, f., pennyroyal (f). 

cunio, 4, to defile. 

[-canque=-camque-, -ever. 

cupa, se, F., tub, cask, crank. 

cupedia or as, pL, dainties. 

cupedo, inis, p., daintiness. 

oupella, 8B ; -um, i, n., cup. 

cupes, Sdia, m., dainty-feUow. 

cupide, eagerly, passionately. 

cupiditas, atis, f., eagerness, long- 
ing, avarice, party spirit. 

cupido, inis, f., eager desire. 

cupidus, a, um, eager, desirous, 
fond, devoted, greedy, covetous. 

cupiens, tie, longing, eager. 

cupio, ivi, it-, 3, to desire, favor. 

t cupresBUS, i, f., cypress. 

cupreus (-inns)^ a, um, of copper. 

cuprum, i, N., copper. 

cupula, se, F., tub, crank. 

cur, why. 

cura, 86, F., care, grief. 

curatio, onis; -tura, as, F., care, 
cure, management. 

curator, oris, m., overseer. 

curculio, onis, m., weevil. 

Cures, ium, m., a Sabine town. 

Curetes, um, an ancient people 
of Crete, worshippers of Zeus. 

curia, ae, f., the court, senate-house, 
ward (the patrician assembly). 

curialis, e, of the court or ward. 

curiatus, a, um, of the curiae. 

curio, onis, M., priest of curia. 

curio, onis, m., lean, toasted. 

curiosus, a, um, careful, nice, cu- 
rious, eager, lean, wasted. 

curis, is, f., spear. 

ctiro, I, care for, cure, manage. 

curraz, acis, diligent, quick. 

curriculum, i, N., race-course, car. 

curro, cucuni, curs-, 3, to run. 

curruca=eruca, ae, F., canker- 

currus, us, m., car, waggon, chariot, 

cursim, hastily, speedily. 

cursio, 5nis, f., runnhig. 

curao (-ito), i, [curro,] run about. 

cursor, oris, M., runner, footman, 

cursura, ae, f., running. 

cursus, us, M., running, course. 

curto, I, to shorten. 

curtus, a, um, short, broken. 

curulis, e, of a chariot; sella, the 
chair of state (used by consuls, 
praetors, and curule ediles). 

curvamen, inis, N. ; -tura, ae, f., 
bending, arch, vault. 

curvo, I, to bend. 

curvor, 5ris, M., crookedness. 

cturvns, a, um, crooked, bent. 

cusor, oris, M., [cudo,! coiner. 

cuspidatus, a, um, pointed. 

cuspido, I, to point, sharpen. 

cuspis, idis, F., spear-point, lance, 
spit, sting. 

custodia, ae, F., custody, guard, 
guard-house, prison. 

custodio, 4, to guard, keep. 

custos, odis, M., keeper, guard. 

cutis, is, F., skin, rind. 

Cyaneae, arum, F., the Symplegades. 

fcyaneus, a, um, bright blue. 

■f cyanus, i, M., blue-bottle (flower). 

f cyathus, i, M., drinking-cup. 

cybaeus, a, um, of a large ship. 

Cybele, is, a Phrygian goddess. 

f cybium, i, N., tunny (fish). 

Cydades, um, F., islands of the 
iEgean, around Delos. 

f cyclas, adis, F., woman^s robe. 

cyclicus, a, um, circular. 

Cyclops, opis, a savage race of 
Sicily and elsewhere ; workmen 
of Vulcan, forgers of diunder- 
bolts under Mt. Etna. 

t cyclus, i, M., circle. 

cydonia, ae, f., quince. 

cydonites, ae, M., quince-wine. 

Cydonia, ae, f., a town of Crete. 

cygneiu — DaunTU. 


cygneus, a, um, of a svoan. 
fcygnus (cycnus), i, m., swan, 
cylindrus, i, m., cylinder^ roller, 
Cyllene, ea, f., a mt. of Arcadia, 

birthplace of Mercury. 
f cyma, as, f., (atis, n.,) sprout, 
\ cymatniB=cumatilia, bluish, 
f cymatiuni, i, m., wave-work, 
\ cymba, se, F., boat, skiff, 
f cymbalum, i, n., cymbal, 
tcymbium, i, N., boat-like cup, 
cymbula, sb, f., little bocU, 
oymosus, a, woiffull of shoots. 
t cynicus, a, am, currish, cyclic, 
\ C3rnocephalu8, i, m . , dog-head ape, 
f cynosbatos, i, N., sweetbrier, 
f C3rnosura, as, F., pole-star, 
Cynthiis, i, m., a mt. of Delos, 

birthplace of Apollo, 
f cypariBSua, i, F., cypress, 
t C3rperoB, i, m., a kind of rush. 
t cyprimim, i, n., cypress-oil, 
Cypiiii8,a,uin, Cyprian; of copper, 
Cyprus, i, F., a large island S. of 

Asia Minor, 
t cy]>8elua, i, m., marten, 
Cyrenaeus (-aicus), a, um, of 

Cyrene, a Greek town on the 

African coast, W. of Egypt. 
C3rmeua, a, um, Corsican, 
Cyrus, i, the Great, founder of the 

Persian empire, B.C. 559 ; the 

Younger, who perished at Cun- 

axa, B.C. 400. 
Cythereus (-eius)^ a, um, of Cyth- 

era, an island S. of Greece, 

sacred to Venus ; f., Venus, 
cytisus, M. F., clover, trefoil. 
Cytorus, i, a mt. of Paphlagonia. 
Cyzicum, i, a town of Mysia. 


n, the praen. Decixnus; num., 500. 
tdabula (dabla), as, f., date-palm. 
Dacia, ae, F., the country on the 

lower Danube ; adj. Dacus. 
fdactylus,!, m., {finger,) name of 

a kind of date, mussel, grass, &c. ; 

the foot dactyl (§ 79, 5). 

fddedalus (-ens), a, um, elegant, 
artificial, skilful. 

Dsedsdus, i, myth, architect of the 
Cretan Labyrinth. 

t daemon, 5nis, m., spiint, evil genius. 

Dahae, arum, a Scythian tribe. 

DalmataB, arum, people of Dal- 
matia, the dist. on the eastern 
coast of the Adriatic. 

dama, ae, c., fallow-deer, 

DamascenuB, a, um, ofDamascuSy 
an ancient city of Syria, 

damnatio, onis, f., condemnation. 

damnSLtus, a, um, criminal. 

damno, i, to condemn, sentence., 
adjudge, prosecute, 

damnosus, a, um, harmful, prodi- 
gal, unfortunate. 

damnum, i, n., loss, harm. 

dane, [do,] givestf 

Danae, es, myth. d. of Acrisius, 
mother of Perseus. 

Danal, drum, poetic name for the 
Greeks, in the siege of Troy. 

Danaides, um, the 50 daughters 
of DanauS; who slew their hus- 
bands in one night. 

Danaus, i, myth, founder of Argos, 
a colonist from Egypt. 

f danista, se, m., usurer, 

Danubius, i, m., the upper Danube. 

Daphne, es, myth. d. of Peneus, 
loved by Apollo. 

f daphne, es, f., bay, laurel, 

Daphnis, idis, son of Mercury, 
inventor of pastoral verse. 

dapis, (§ 14, 1, 2), food, feast, 

dapsUis, e, bountiful, sumptuous. 

Dardanius (f., -nis), Trojan. 

Dardanus, 1, myth, ancestor of 
the royal race of Troy ; adj., 
Trojan; also, a people oiServia, 

Darius (eus), i, name of several 
kings of Persia, the last being 
conq. by Alexander, B.C. 333. 

f dasypus, pddis, c, rabbit, hare. 

datatim, by giving. 

datio, F., giving, surrender. 

dator, oris, m., giver, 

dato, I, to give away, 

Daunus, i, myth. k. of Apulia. 


de — decnria. 

dS, of^ from^ during, concerning, 
dovonfrom, according to, at, 

[de-, down, away, utterly. 

dea, 88, abuB, f., goddess. 

dealbo, i, to whitewash, plaster. 

deambnlo, i, to walk, strolL 

deamo, i, to love dearly, be in love, 

deartuo, i, to dismember. 

deaacio, i, to smoothe over^ chouse. 

deauratuB, a, um, gilded: 

debacchor, i, to rave out, rage, 

d§bellator, oris, m., conqueror. 

debello, i, subdue, vanquish, finish 
the war, fight out. 

debeOiUi, it-, 2, to owe ; ought, must. 

debilis, e, wecdc, lame, frail. 

debilitaa, atia (-tatio, onis), F., in- 
firmity, weakness, crippling. 

debilito, i, to weaken, lame, cripple. 

dSbitor, oris, m., debtor. 

dfibitum, i, N., debt. 

deblatero, i, babble, prate. 

decanto, i, chant, repeat, cease. 

decanuB, i, m., chief of ten. 

decauLesco, 3, grow to stalk. 

decedo, ceaai, cess-, 3, to depart, 
cease, disappear, yield, die. 

decern, ten. 

December, T>ria, ^., December. 

decempeda, as, f., surveyor's pole, 
(10 feet) ; -pedator, surveyor. 

decemplez, icia, tenfold, 

decemviralia, e, of the decemvirs. 

decemviri, orum, m., Board of ten; 
the Commission which prepared 
the XII. Tables, B.C. 450. 

decennis (-alis), e, of ten years. 

decexiB, Ids, decent, becoming. 

decentia, as, f., comeliness, decency. 

deceptUB, [decipio,] deceived. 

decemo, crevi, cret-. 3, to decree, 
determine, resolve, contend. 

decerpo, pai, pt-, [carpo,] 3, pluck 
off, crop, gather, enjoy. 
wtiecerto, i, contend, strive. 

deceaaio, onia, F. ; -bus, ub, m., 

departure, disappearing, decrease. 

decet, deciiit, 2, it is fit, becoming. 

decide, cidi, 3, to fall, fail, die. 

decide, cidi, cia-, 3, cut off, decide. 

deciduua, a, van, falling off. 

deciduuB, a, um, lopped, cut off. 
deciea (ens), ten times. 
deci-(deca-)manus, a, um, of the 

tenth, tithes, &c. ; porta, the main 

entrance (of camp) ; limes, east- 

and-west line. 
decimua (mnns), a, um, tenth. 
dScipio, cepi, cept- [capio,] 3, to 

catch, cheat, deceive, beguile. 
decipula, ae, f., snare, trap. 
deciaio, onia, p., decision, settle" 

ment, agreement, diminishing. 
deciBUB, [decido,] decided. 
dSolamatio, onis, F., speaking, loud 

taJJc, declamation, essay. 
dedamo (-ito), i, declaim, bluster. 
declarStio, Snia, f., disclosure. 
declaro, i, to make manifest. 
declinatio, onia, f., turning aside. 
declinatuB, us, m., avoidance. 
decUnis, e, retreating (as tide). 
declino, i, bend aside^ avoid. 
decliviB, e, sloping downward. 
declivitas, atia, f., declivity. 
decoctio, onia, f., boiling down. 
decoctor, oris, m., bankrupt. 
decoctua, [coquo,] boUed down. 
decollo, I, behead, take from the 

neck, rob, deprive. 
decolo, I, trickle away, fail. 
decolor, orla, discolored, degenerate. 
decoloro, i, discolor, disfigure. 
de-coquo, 3, boil away, waste, fail. 
decor, oria, u., grace, beauty, charm. 
decoria, e, adorned, elegant. 
decoro, i, adorn, embellish, beautify. 
decortico, i, to peel, bark. 
decorus, a, um, becoming, graceful, 

beautiful; N., fitness, decorum. 
decrepitua, a, um, [crepo,] de- 
crepit (noiseless). 
"t*decreaco, crevi, cret-, 3, diminish, 

decrease, lessen. 
decretoriua, a, um, decisive. 
decretum i, n., [cemo,] decree. 
deculco, I, trample down. 
decumbo, oubui, 3, fall, lie down. 
decumuB=decimua, tenth. 
decunz, cia, m., 10 ounces (v. as), 
decuria, ae, f., body of 10 men, 

class, division. 


decurio — degredior. 


decurio, onla, M., captain of teuj 
or of a squadron of cavalry (32). 

decurio, I, divide (by decuriae). 

de-cuiTO, 3, to f'un down, advance, 

decnrsio, onis, F. ; -bus, us, m., 
running down, advance, evolution. 

decua, dris, n., ornament, dignity, 
honor, glory, chamu 

decussis, is, m., [as,] coin of 10 
asses ; the mark X. 

decusso, I, to cut crosswise. 

decutio, cussi, cuss-, [quatio,] 3, 
to beat down or off. 
, dedecet, cuit, 2, it miadecomes. 

dedecor, 5ris, unseemly. 

dedecorus, a, iim, shameful. 

dedecus, 5ris, n., disgrace, dishonor. 

dedicatio, onis, f., consecration. 

dedico, i, dedicate, devote. 

dedignor, i, disdain, refuse, 
^....^-dedisco, didici, 3, unlearn. 

deditioius, a, um, of surrender ; 
M., prisoner of war. 

deditio, onis, f,, surrender. 

deditus, a, um, addicted, devoted. 
Ido, dedidi, dedit-, 3, to sur- 
render, yield, apply, devote. 

dedoceo, 2, to unteach. 

dedoleo, ui, 2, cease grieving. 

dedolo, I, to hew smooth. 

deduce, xi, ct-, 3, to bring down, 
withdraw, conduct, spin out. 

deductio, onis, p., leading out, 
quartering (of troops), expulsion. 

deductor, oris, m., attendant. 

deerro, i, stray aioay, go astray, 

defseco, i, clear from dregs, purify. 

defatigatio, onis, f., exhaustion, 

defatigo, I, to weary out, exhaust. 

defatisoor, 3, languish, get weary. 

defector, oris, m., revoUer. 

defectus, [deficio,] enfeebled. 

defectus, us, m. ; -tio, onis, p., 
revolt, failure, eclipse. 

defendo, di, sum, 3, ward off, de- 
fend, maintain, claim, allege. 

defensio, onis, p., defence. 

defense (-ito), i, dejend, ward off. 

defensor, oris, m., averter, defender. 

defero, tali, l§t-, 3, to bear down, 
drive, convey, deliver, report. 

deferve-fado, 3, hoil thoroughly, 
deferveo, 2 ; -vesco, vi (bui), 3, to 

boil thoroughly; cool down, allay. 
defessus, a, um, tired out. 
defetiscor, fessus, 3, togroio weary. 
^=Seficio, feci, feet- [facio,] 3, to 

faU, remove, desert, cea^e. 
defigo, zi, zum, 3, to set, fix, plant. 
defingo, nzi, 3, to shape, fashion. 
definio, 4, to limit, explain, deter^ 

mine, fix, finish. 
definitio, onis, f., boundary, expla- 
nation, definition. 
definitus, a, um, distinct, precise. 
'^de-fio, [-ficio,] to fail, cease, lack. 
defizus, a, um, \p%o,\ fastened. 
deflagratio, onis, f., conjlagration. 
deflagro, i, to burn up, destroy. 
deflecto, zi, sum, 3, bend, turn off. 
defleo, evi, et-, 2, bewail, deplore. 
deflezus, us, m., turning aside. 
deflo, I, to blow away, or clear. 
defloccatus, a, um, baldpate. 
defloresco, rui, 3, uriiher, decay. 
defluo, 3d, zum, 3, to flow down or 

away, vanish, disappear, 
defluus, a, xua, flowing, falling. 
defodio, f5di, foss-, 3, dig, bury. 
'I'^-defore, [desum,] will be wanting. 
deformis, e, ugly, misshapen. 
deformitas, atis, p., ugliness. 
deformo, i, to shape out, disfigure. 
defossus, [fodio,] dug, buried. 
defraudo, i, to cheat, defraud. 
defrico, oui,cat- (ct-), i, rub hard. 
defringo, fregi, fract-, [frango,] 3, 

break off, or to pieces. 
defrutum, i, n., boiled must (of 

grapes), spiced wine. 
defiigio, fiigi, 3, to shun, withdraw. 
defonctus, a, um, finished, quit, 

served out, dead. 
defondo, fudi, fus-, 3, pour out. 
defungor, fonct-, ^, fulfil, finish. 
degener, eris, base, ignoble. 
degenero, i, to degenerate, dishonor. 
degero, 3, to carry off. 
dSglubo, pt-, 3, to peel, strip, 
dego, degi, [ago,] 3, to lead, spend. 
degravo, i, weigh down, overpower. 
J^egredior, gress-, 3, to go down. 



degnsto — demessus. 

degusto, I, to taste, lap, try, 
dehamio, hausi, haust-, 4, to skim, 

dehinc, henceforth, hereupon, next, 
dehisco, hivi, 3, to yawn, gape open,- 
dehoueBtamentuxn,!, N.^ dishonor, 
dehouesto, i, to dishonor, 
dehortor, i, to dissuade, 
Deianira, se, wife of Hercules. 
Deidanua, ae, mother of Pyrrhus. 
dein, then, moreover, 
deinceps, thereupon, next, 
deindei then, secondly, afiertvard, 
dein8Uper,yrom above, 
Deiphobus, i, a son of Priam. 
dejectio, onis, f. ; -tus, us, m., 

casting down, 
dejectuB, [-jicio,] downcast, 
dejero, [juro,] to stoear outright, 
dejicio, jeci, ject-, [ jacio,] 3, cast 

down, drive out, deprive, 
LejungOi 3, disjoin, unyoke, 
dejuro, i, stvear outright, 
dejuvo, I, withhold help. 
delabor, laps-, 3, slip or fall down, 
delacero, i, tear to pieces, 
delapsus, xm, m., descent. 
delasBO, i^ to weary out, 
delatio, onis, f., information, 
delator, oris, M., accuse?^ informer, 
delectabilis, e, delightful, 
delectatio, onis, f., delight, pleas- 
ure, amusement, 
delecto, i, to delight, allure. 
delectus, [deligo,] chosen, 
delectus, us, m., choice, levy, 
delego, I, depute, assign, ascribe. 
delenimentum, i, n., comfort, ca- 
ress, charm, 
dSlenio, 4, to soothe, charm, win, 
-*«^Sleo, evi, et-, 2, blot out, destroy, 
deleter, oris, m., destroyer. 
D§li£i, 8B, Diana (born in Delos). 
deliberatio, onis, p., weighing, con- 
sidering, consultation, 
d§liber3tivus, a, um, deliberative, 
deliberatus, a, um, resolved, 
delibero, i, weigh, discuss, resolve. 
dSlibo, I, taste, cull, lessen, 
delibro, i, to peel, strip, 
delibuo, ui, ut-, 2, besmear, anoint. 

delicatus, a, uxrLr dainty, luxurious* 
deliciee, arum, f., delight, darling* 
-ji^elictum, i, n., fault, crime, 
deligo, I, to bind fast, 
r4-deligo, legi, lect-, [lego,] 3, choose 

out, select, send away. 
delingo, 3, to lick up. 
dellnio, 4, soothe, appease. 
delinquo, liqui, lict-, 3, fail, lack, 

neglect, transgress, offend. 
deliquatio, onis, f., clarifying. 
deliquesce, licui, 3, melt, dissolve. 
deliquias, arum, f., gutters. 
deliquium, i, n., lack, fault, dropping, 
deliquo, i, strain, clear, pour off. 
deliquus, a, um, wanting, lacking. 
deliramentum, i, n., nonsense. 
deUratio, onis, f., giddiness, foUy. 
delirium, i, n., madness. 
deliro, I, to rave, dote, baulk. 
delirus, a, um, crazy, foolish. 
delitesco, litui, 3, [iateo,] lie hid, 

lurk, skulk, take refuge, 
Delius, a, um, of Delos (Apollo). 
Delos, i, F., an I. in the yEgean, 

birthpl. of Apollo and Diana. 
Delphi, drum, a town of Phocis, 

famous for an oracle of Apollo, 
delphin, inis; -nus, i, m., dolphin. 
delubrum, i, n., shrine, temple, 
deluctor (-to), i, to struggle, wrestle. 
delude, si, sum, 3, deceive, mock, 

disappoint, play out. 
delumbo, i, to lame, bend, iveaken. 
delusio, onis, F., cheat, deceit. 
deluto, I, bedaub with clay. 
demadesco, madui, 3, get wet. 
demadidus, a, um, drenched. 
f demagogus, i, m., demagogue. 
demando, i, commit, intrust, 
f demarchus, i, m., people's ruler. 
demens, tis, mad, raving, witless. 
demensus, [metier,] measured out; 

N., an allowance, ration. 
dementer, foolishly, 
dementia, se, F,, madness, folly, 
dementie, 4, to be mad. 
demeree (-eer), ui, 2 ; earn, deserve, 

demergo, si, sum, 3, to dive, sink. 
demessus, [demeto,] reaped. 

demetior — depositio. 


demedor, mens-, 4, measure out. 
demeto, xnessui, mesa-, 3, to reap, 

mow, cut, 
demigratio, onis, f., emigration, 
dexnigro, i, depart, remove, migrate. 
deminuo, ui, ut-, 3, lessen. 
dexninutio, onis, p., decrease, short- 
ening, lessening. 
demiror, i, to wonder greatly. 
demiBse, humbly. 
demissio, onis, p., lowering. 
demisBus, a, tun, low, doumcast, 
denutigo, i, to soften down. 
demitto, misii miss-, 3, let or bring 

down, let go, dismiss. 
demo, mpsi, mpt-, 3, to take aioay, 

withdraw, rerriove. 
fdemocratia, ae, p., democracy. 
demdlior, 4, remove, demolish. 
demolitdo, onis, p., destruction. 
demonstratio, onis, p., a pointing 

out, exhibition, proof. 
demonstrativus, a, um, laudatory. 
demonstro, i, show ft)rth, designate. 
demordeo, mors- 2, to bite off, 
demorior, mortuus, 3, die, depart, 
^Smnirr%r j^ delay, linger, restrain. 
Demosthenes, is, the Athenian 

orator, B.C. 385-322. 
demoveo, movi, mot-, 2,putft)rth, 

force back, remove. 
demptus, [demo,] put away. 
demulceo, mulct-, 2, soothe, stroke. 
demum, at length, precisely, indeed, 

only, finally, 
demuto, i, to change, make worse. 
denarius, a, um, of ten; M., sum 

of 10 asses (16 cents). 
deuego, i, deny, refuse, reject. 
deni, as, a, ten each, by tens, ten. 
denigro, i, besmut, blacken. 
denique, thereupon, finally, in short. 
dendmino, i, to name, specify. 
denoto, i, to mark, designate, 
denormo, i, to make irregular. 
dens, dentis, m., tooth, prong, fluke, 
densitas, atis, p., compactness. 
denso, at-, i ; -seo, et-, 2, to thicken, 

set close, press together. 
densus, a, um, thick, close,frequent. 
dentalia, um, N, pL. ploughshare. 

dentatus, a, um, toothed, spiked. 
dentio, 4, to grow, ache (of teeth). 
denubo, psi, pt-, 3, to be married, 
denudo, i, stvip bare, disclose. 
denuntiatio, onis, p., declaring^ 

affirming, informing. 
denuntio (-cio), i, to threaten, an- 
nounce, team, 
dSnuOf^again, once more, 
deonero, i, disburden. 
deorsum (-suf), doionward, below, 
deosculor, i, to kiss fondly. 
depaciscor, pact-, 3, bargain for, 
depalo, I, bound with palings. 
depango, pact-, 3, set, fix, plant. 
depsurcus, a, um, niggardly. 
depasco, pavi, past-, 3, to feed 

feed upon, feed down, consume, 
depecto, pez-, 3, to comb, trim. 
depeculor, i, to plunder, despoil. 
depello, puli, puis-, 3, drive away, 

cast down, avert, expel. 
dependeo, 3, hang down, depend. 
dependo, di, sum, 3, weigh out, 

pay, spend, abandon; weigh less, 
deperdo, didi, dit-, 3, destroy, ruin, 
depereo, ii, 4, to perish utterly. 
depetigo, inis, p., scab. 
depezus, [pecto,] combed, trimmed, 
depilo, I, pluck the hair. 
depingo, nzi, pict-, 3, paint out^ 

describe, portray, conceive. 
deplango, nxi, 3, bewail, lament, 
deplanto, i, break off, plant. 
depleo, evi, 2, empty, pour out, 
deplezus, a, um, clasping. 
deploro, i, bewail, lament, complain. 
depluit, it rains down. 
deplumis, e, featherless, callow, 
depolio, it-, 4, to polish, finish. 
depono, posui, posit-, 3, to lay 

aside, put off, deposit, entrust. 
depopulatio, onis, p., pillage. 
depopulo (or), i, to plunder, devas" 

tate, pillage. 
deportatio, Snis, p., carrying off, 
deporto, i, to carry away, fetch. 
deposco, poposci, 3, to demand, 

require, claim, request. 
depositio, onis, p., depositing, put- 
ting or laying down, testimony. 



depositum — despero. 

depositum, i, n., p/er^/e, stake, 
depositus, [pouo,] laid out, dying, 
depraedor, i, to rob, plunder. 
depravatio, onis, f., a jjerverting, 

distorting corrupting, deformity, 
depravo, i, to distort, disfigure, 

corrupt, pervert, deprave, 
deprecatio, onis, F., entreaty, beg- 

ging-off, deprecation, 
deprecator, oris, m., intercessor, 
d c preoor, i, to beg, entreat, plead, 

deprecate, plead iri excuse* 
depreheudo (-prendo), di, sum, 

3, to cdlch, discover, seize, conjine. 
depressus, a, tun, deep, pressed 

down, crushed, sunk (as ship). 
depretio, i, to under oalue, 
deprimo, pressi, press-, [premo,] 

3, to bear down, crush, sink, 
AepxoGvl, from afar, 
depromo, prompsi, prompt-, 3, 

to draw forth, bring forward, 
depso, sui, st-, 3, knead, curry, 
depuber, eris; -is, is, of unripe age, 
depugno, i, fight it out, contend, 
depnlsio, onis, f., thrusting away, 
depulsus, [pello,] driven away, 
depurgo, at-, i, to cleanse, 
deputo, I , think, reckon, prune, 
deque, downward (after susque). 
dequestns, [queror,] complaining, 
derado, si, sum, 3, shave, scrape, 
derelictus, [linquo,] /or^^o^^n. 
derelinquo, liqui,lict-, 2, forsake, 

neglect, abandon, 
derepente, suddenly, 
derepo, psi, 3, to creep down* 
dereptus, [rapio,] snatched, 
derideo, si, sum, 2, to laugh at, 

scoff, deride, 
deridiculus, a, um, very laughable, 
derigesco, gui, 3, groio stiff, 
deripio, ui, rept-, [rapio j 3, pluck 

down, tear away, cast off 
derisor, oris, m., jester, mocker, 
derisus, [rideo,] mocked, 
derisus, us, m. (-io, F.), derision, 
derivatio, onis, f., turning away. 
derivo, i, draw off, convey, divert, 
derogatio, onis, f., partial repeal, 
derogito, i, to ask urgently, or often. 

derogo, i, repeal, restrict, abate, 
deruncino, i, trim, smooth, cheat. 
deruo, ul, 3, pull ot fall down, 
deruptus, [rumpo,] broken, steep, 
desacro, i, consecrate, dedicate, 
desae'vio, 4, to rage furiously, 
descendo, di, sum, [scando,] 3, 

climb or go down, sink, descend, 
descenaio, onis, F., descent, 
descensus, iis, m., descent, down- 
ward way, ^ 
descisco, ivi (ii), it-, 3, to revoU, 

alter, depart, get clear, 
describo, psi, pt-, 3, write out, de- 
scribe, ascribe, mark off] arrange, 
descriptlo, onis, F., pUin, copy, 
deseco, cui, ct-, i, cut off\ cut out, 
desero, rui, rt-, 3, to forsake, quit, 
dSsertor, oris, M., deserter, 
desertus, a, um, forsaken, lonely ; 

N., waste, desert, 
dSservio, 4, wait, serve zealously, 
deses, idis, slothful, idle, 
desicco, i, to dry up, 
desideo, sedi, [sedeo,] 2, to sit idle, 
desiderabilis, e, desirable, 
desideranter, eagerly, 
desideratio, 5ni8, F., longing, 
desideratus, a, um, welcome, 
deuderium, i, N., longing, regreL 
desidero, i, desire, long Jor; v., he 

missing, wanting, 
desidia, sb, f., sloth, idleness, 
desidiosus, a, um, slothful, idle, 
desido, sedi, 3, to sink, settle, 
designatio, onis, f., arrangement, 
designator, oris, m., regulator, 
designo, i, assign, appoint, describe, 
desilio, ui, suit-, 4, to leap down, 
desino, ivi (ii), it-, 3, cease, desist, 
desipio, [sapio,] 3, trifle, be foolish, 
desisto, stiti, stit-, 3, cease, desist, 
desitus, [sino,] ceased,' disused, 
desolo, I ; to forsake, abandon, 
despecto, i, look down on, overlook, 
despectus, us, m., view from above, 
desperanter, hopelessly, 
desperatio, onis, f., despair, 
desperatus, a, um, desperate, hope- 
less^ incurable. 
despero, i, io despair, give up hope. 


despicatus — devestio. 


desplcatns, a, ton, despised, 
despiciOi ezi, ect-, 3, look down ou, 

despise, disdain, shun. 
despicor, i, despise, disdain, 
despoliStor, 5ris, m., robber, 
despolio, I, to rob, despoil, plunder, 
despondeo, di, sum, 2, to betroth, 

promise, pledge, yield, 
despumo, i, to skim, clear, 
despuo, 3, spit oiU, abhor, reject, 
desquamo, i, to scale, strip, peel, 
defitillo, I, run by drops, trickle, 
destina, se, F., a stay, prop. 
destination onis, f., design, resolve, 
destino, i, determine, intend, re- 
solve, mcJcefast, appoint. 
destituo, ui, ut-, [statuo,] 3, to 

place, set, desert, forsake, defraud. 
destittitio, onis, f., desertion, 
destringo, xud, ct-, 3, strip, scrape 

off, unsheathe, graze, censure. 
destructio, onis, f., demolition. 
destruo, zi, ct-, 3, destroy, demolish. 
desuby below, under, beneath. 
desubito, of a sudden. 
desado, i, to sweat greatly. 
desue-facio, 3, to disuse. 
desuesco, evi, et-, 3, disuse, cease. 
desuetudo, inis, F., disuse. 
desultor, 5rlB, m., leaper, vaulter. 
desultiirc^ 8e, F., leaping down. 
desum, deesse, dSfui, to fail, be 

wanting or absent. 
destUno, sampsi, mpt-, 3, pick out. 
desuo, 3, to fasten. 
dJesyxpeXf from above. 
dSsurgOy 3, to rise up, 
detector, oris, m., discoverer. 
dStegOy zi, ct-, 3, uncover, discover, 

expose, lay bare, betray. 
detendo, sum, 3, to unstretch, strike 

(tents), relax. 
detentoa, [tineo,] kept back. 
detergeo, si, stun, 2, wipe off, 

scour, cleanse, strip, break. 
deterior, deterrimus, worse, worst. 
determino, i, to fix bounds, limit, 
detero, tiivi, trit-, 3, to wear away, 

weaken, diminish, thresh out, 
deterreo, ui, it-, 2, to frighten off^ 

deter, prevent, avert. 

detestSbilis, e, accursed. 
detestStio, onis, f., averting, exe- 
cration, renunciation (of gens). 
detestor, i, to loathe, abhor, depre- 
cate, curse solemnly, [take off. 
d€tezo, zui, act-, 3, weave through, 
dStineo, ui, tent-, 2, hinder, cheeky 

engage, detain. 
dS-tondeo, 2, to clip, shear. 
detono, tonui, i, to thunder, cease 

detorqueo, torsi, turn, 2, to wrest, 

twist, turn, avert. 
detractio, onis, f., withdratcing, 
d§tractor, oris, m., slanderer. 
detraho, zi, ct-, 3, draw away, 

take from, disparage. 
detrecto, i, decline, refuse, detract, 
dettimentmn, i, n., loss, damage. 
detritus, [tero,] worn away, or out, 
detrudo, si, sum, 3, to thrust forth, 

dislodge, reduce, defer. 
detrunco, i, mutilate, behead. 
deturbo, i, to thrust or cast dotim, 
deturpo, i, defile, deface. 
Deucalion, onis, myth. k. of Thes- 

saly, in the time of the Deluge. 
deunz, cis, eleven twelfths (see as). 
deuro, ussi, ust-, 3, to bum, blast. 
deus, i, M., (§ 10, 7), god, divinity, 
deutor, lisus, 3, to misuse, 
devagor, i, wander, 
devasto, i, lay waste. 
d€veho, zi, ct-, 3, carry atoay ; p., 

go away, descend. 
devello, veUi, vuls-, 3, pluck off, 
develo, i, to unveil. 
deveneror, i, to worship. 
devenio, veni, vent-, 4, to come 

dovm, arrive, happen. 
devenusto, i, disfigure. 
devergo, 3, bend downward. 
deversor, ij turn aside, lodge. 
deversorius, a, um, for lodgings, 

fit for lodging ; N., inn. 
deverticulum, i, N., by-path, inn, 

lodging, refuge^ retreat, 
deverto, ti, sum, 3, turn aside; P., 

put up, lodge. 
devescor, 3, feed upon, devour, 
devestio, 4, unclothe. 


devexus — diflRa«Ti& 

devezns, a, um, bending or sloping 
dowmoard sleep. 

devictus, a, um, conquered. 

devincio, nzi, net-, 4, to bind/astj 
unite closelt/y engage, oblige. 

devinctuB, a. um, devoted^ attached. 

devinco, vici, vict-, 3, vanquish, 

devito, I, shun, avoid. 

deviua, a, um, out-of-the-way, re- 
tiredf inaccessible^ foolish. 

devoco, I, caU away or down. 

devolo, lyjly down. 

devolve, vi, ut, 3, to roll or pour 
down ; p., to sink, fall, 

devoro, i, devour, swallow, toaste. 

devotio, onis, f., devoting, conse- 
crating, piety ; execration. 

devote, I, dedicate, bewitch, invoke. 

devotuB, a, um, devoted, attached. 

devoveo, vovi, vot-, 2, to devote, 
vow, curse, execrate. 

devulsua, [vello,] plucked off. 

deztans, tis, M..,ten twelfths (v. as). 

dexter, tra (tera), um, right, fortu- 
nate ; F., right hand. 

dezteritas, atis, f., aptness, dex- 

deztxorsum (-bub), to the right. 

di (dei, du). pi. gods, (§ 10, 7). 

Dia, ae, f., old name of Naxos. 

f diabathrum, i, N., slipper. 

f diacouuB, i, m., attendant. 

t diadema, atis, diadem. 

I disdta, tSB, F., way of life, abode. 

t dialectioua, a, um, of debate. 

Dialia, e, of Jupiter; ethereal. 

t dialogus, i, M., dialogue. 

Diana, ae, (Gr. Artemis), goddess 
of the Moon and of Hunting. 

diarium, i, n., day's record or 
allowance ; pL, wages. 

f diatretus, c^ um, open-work. 

fdibaphus, a, um, double-dyed 
(purple) ; an office. 

die, imper. of dieo, say. 

dica, ae, f., lawsuit, (f ) 

dicacitas, atis, f., pertness, banter. 

dieax,aeiB (-eulus), keen, sarcastic. 

diois caxisa, for forrn's sake. 

dice, I, dedicate, devote, proclaim. 

dieo, ai, ot-, 3, say, call, tell, mean. 

fdicrotum, i, N., two-oared or 

banked boat. 
dietamnuB (um), i, F. ; dittany, 
dietata, 5rum, n., lessons, rules. 
dictator, oria, m.. Dictator, with 

absolute power for six months. 
dictatoriuB, a, izm, dictator's. 
dictatura, as, F.. dictatorship. 
DictaeuB, a, um, Cretan ; of Dicte, 

a mountain in Eastern Crete, 
dicteriixm, i, N., jest. 
dictio, onis, F., speech, delivery, 
dictito, I, to say or plead often, 
dicto, I, to say often, dictate, comr 

mand, appoint, prescribe. 
dictum, i, n., word, saying, jest. 
Dido, us (5nia), myth, founder and 

queen of Carthage. 
dido, dididi, didit-, 3, give forth. 
diduco, zi, ct-, 3, draw apart, sepor 

rate, disperse, distribute. 
diecula, as, F., one little day. 
dierectuB, (uplifted,) go be hanged, 
dies, ei, m. day (§ 13), daylight. 
diespiter, Jupiter. 
difCamo, i, defame, publish, report. 
diffarreatio, onis, f., divorce. 
differentia, as, F., diversity. 
diflfero, distuli, dilat-, delay, dis- 
perse, publish, defame, differ. 
differtuB, a, um, stuffed, crammed, 
difficile, with difficulty. 
difficilis, e, difficult, obstinate. 
difficultas, atis, f., trouble, distress, 
diffidentia, ae, F., distrust. 
difiido, fisus, 3, to distrust. 
diffindo, fidi, fiss-, 3, cleave asun- 

der, divide, defer. 
diffingo, 3, undo, mar, make over. 
difOsus, a, um, distrustful. 
diffiteor, [fateor,] 2, deny, disavow 
diffle, I, bloio away. 
diffluo, 3, flow abroad, dissolve. 
di£Eringo, fract-, [frango,] 3, brea^c 

apart, shatter. 
diffugio, fugi, 3, flee away, scatter, 
diffugium, i, N., dispersion. 
difEiindo, fudi, fus-, 3, pour forth, 

spread, diffuse, cheer, unbend, 
diffiiaio, onis, F., cheerfulness,. 
di£Eusus, a, um, widespread. 

digero — dinu. 


digero, gessi, gest-, 3, dimde, dis- 
tribute, arrange, dissolve, 

digestio, onis, arrangement, 

digitus (-ulus), i, M., finger, toe, 
inch, twig, or small bough, 

digladior, i, fight fiercely. 

dignanter, courteously, 

dignatio, onis, f., holding worthy, 
dignity, reputation, 

digne, worthily, 

dignitas, atU, f., dignity, honor, 

dignor, i, hold worthy, deign, 

dignoBCO, 3, to distinguish, discern, 

dignus, a, am, worthy, fit, proper, 

digredior, gressua, [gradior,] 3, 
turn aside, depart, 

digreasio, onis, f. ; -stiB, us, m., 
departure, separation, 

dii, deoruin, M. pi., gods, 

dijudico, I, judge, decide, discern. 

dijungo=disjungo, disjoin. 

dHabidus, a, um, perishing, 

dHabor, lapsus, 3, slip, fall or meU 
away, disperse, decay, 

dilacero, i, tear to pieces. 

dilanio, i, tear, mangle, 

dilapido, i, throw away. 

dOargior, 4, give lavisMy. 

dilatio, 5ni8, f., delay. 

dilato, I, expand, extend. 

dilator, oris, m., delayer. 

dilatus, [diflfero,] spread abroad. 

dilectus, [diligo,] beloved, chosen. 

diligens tis, attentive, diligent. 

diligentia, ae, F., diligence, thrift. 

diiigo, lead, ct-, 3, to love, esteem, 

dilucesco, liud, 3, dawn, shine, 

diluciduB, a, um, clear, evident, 

diluculum, i, n., daybreak, dawn. 

diludium, i, n., respite, intermission, 

diluo, ui, ut-, 3, to wash, dissolve, 
weaken, dilute, remove. 

dilutus, a, um, watered, weakened, 

^luvies, ei, f. ; -iiun, i, n., flood, 
deluge, inundation, destruction, 

fdimacliae, arum, F., dragoons, 

^mano, i,flow, spread. 

dimetior, mensua, 4, measure out. 

dimeto, i, to mark or stake out, 

dimioatio, onis, F., contest, strug- 
gle, battle, encounter. 

dimico, I, tofi^ht, contend. 

^midio, I, to halve, 

dimidius, a, um, half; n., the half. 

dimiuuo, 3, break to pieces, 

dimissio, onis, F., sending forth. 

dimitto, misi, miss-, 3, send forth, 
let go, disband, abandon, 

dimoveo, movi, mot-, 2, put aside^ 
divide, disperse, dismiss, 

Dindymus, i, (-a, orum), a mt. in 
Mysia, sacred to Cybele. 

dinumeratio, onis, f., reckoning, 

dinumero, i, reckon up, count out. 

diobolaris, e, toorth two farthings, 

Diomedes, is, a Greek hero at 
the siege of Troy, s. of Tydeus. 

Dione, es, mother of Venus. 

Dionysius, i, tyrant of Syracuse, 
B.C. 430-367 ; his son and suc- 
cessor, expelled B.C. 344. 

Dionysus (os), i, the Greek name 
of Bacchus. 

t diota, ae, f., wine-jar, 

\ dipl5ma, atis, n., official letter, 

dipondius (um), i, m., two pounds. 

f dipsas, &dls, F., viper. 

diradio, i, spread in rays. 

Dirae, arum, F., the Furies. 

Dirce, es, F., a fountain near 
Thebes; (adj. -caeus, a, um). 

direotio, 5nis, F., straightening. 

directo (te), straight, directly, 

direotus, [dirigo,] straight-out, leveL 

diremptus, [-Xmo,] taken away. 

direptio, onis, f., pillage, 

direptor, oris, m., robber, 

direptus, [-ripio,] snatched, 

diribeo, 2, lay apart, sort (votes). 

dirigo, read, rect-, [rego,] 3, guide, 
straighten, direct, guide, arrange, 

dirimo, emi, empt-, [emo,] 3, to 
part, divide, delay, interrupt, 

diripio, ui, ept-, [rapio,] 3, plunder, 
destroy, tear to pieces, 

cUritas, atis, F., fierceness, mis- 
fortune, cruelty, mischief, 

dirampo, rupi, rupt-, 3, break to 
pieces, burst asunder, 

diruo, ui, ut-, 3, scatter, destroy, 

dims, a, um, fierce, dreadful, tK- 
boding; F., pi. evU omens. 


dis — diBsensio. 

[dl3-, apart^ all apart. 

Dis, DitiB, a name of Pluto. 

dis, ditis, rich, fertile == dives. 

discaveo, 2, beware, keep clear. 

discedo, cessi, cess-, 3, depart, 
forsake, cease, pass away. 

disceptatio, onis, f., discussion. 

diaceptStor, 5ris, m., umpire. 

discepto, I, dispute, decide, discuss. 

disceruo, crevi, cret-, 3, distinr- 
guish, divide, decree. 

discerpo, pei, pt-, [carpo,] to pull 
to pieces, scatter, disperse, destroy. 

discesBio, 5iii8, F. ; -ssiis, us, m., 
separation, removed, 

discidiuiii, i, n., separation, divorce. 

discinctos, a, um, ungirt, slack. 

discindo, cidi, ciss-, 3, cut asun- 
der, divide, disperse. 

diacingo, nxi, not-, 3, to ungird, 
cashier, disarm. 

disciplina, as, f., discipline, skill, 
habit, learning, system. 

discipuluB, i, m. (a, se, f.), learner. 

discissus, [scindo,] cleft. 

discludo, si, sum [claudo,] 3, 
keep apart, confine, divide. 

disco, didici, 3, learn. 

f discobolus, i, m., quoit-thrower. 

discolor, 5ris, parti-colored. 

disoordia, ae, f., variance, strife. 

discordo, i,be at variance. 

discors, dis, discordant, harsh. 

discrepo, ui, i, jar, disagree, differ, 

discretus, [cerno,] parted. 

discrimen, inis, n., difference, 
crisis, peril, division, decision. 

discrimino, i, divide, distinguish. 

discrucio, i, torment ; p., he vexed. 

discumbo, cubui, cubit-, 3, re- 
cline (at table), go to bed. 

discupio, 3, desire greatly. 

discurro, cucurri, curs-, 3, run 
about, go to and fro, discourse. 

discursus, us, m., running about, 
conversation, discourse. 

t discus, i, M., disk, quoit, round dish. 

discussio, onis, F., shaking, exami- 
nation, di'icussion. 

discutio, cussi, cuss-, [quatio,J 3, 
shatter, disperse, frustrate. 

disertus, [dis8ero,]^itcn^, eloquent. 


disjicio, jeci, ject- [jacio,] 3, scat- 
ter, disperse, destroy. 

disjunctio, onis, F., separation, 
opposition, diversity. 

disjunctus, a, um, remote. 

disjungo, nxi, net-, 3, unyoke, sep^ 
arate, remove, wean. 

dispalor, i, to straggle. 

dispando, sum, 3, spread, expand. 

dispar, paris, unlike, unequal. 

disparilis, e, unlike. 

disparo, i, separate, differ. 

dispartio=dispertdo, 4, divide. 

dispello, puli, puis-, 3, drive away, 
scatter, disperse. 

dispendium, 1, n., cost, damage. 

dispendo, 3, to weigh out. 

dispensatio, onis, f., management, 
charge, superintendence. 

dispensator, oris, m., manager. 

dispense, i, pay out, regulate, ar- 
range, dispense. 

disperdo, didi, dit-, 3, to waste, de- 
stroy, spoil, ruin. 

dispereo, ii, 4, <a ^ undone. 

dispergo, si, sum [spargo,] 3, 

dispertio, 4, distribute, divide. 

dispesco, 3, to divide, separate. 

dispessus, [pando,] spread out. 

dispicio, spead, spect-, 3, discern, 
perceive, reflect on. 

displiceo, ui [placeo,] 2, displease. 

displodo, [plaudo,] 3, spread out. 

dispone, posui, posit-, 3, set in 
array, distribute, put in order. 

dispositio, onis, F., arrangement. 

dispositus, a, um well-ordered. 

dispudet, 2, it shames greatly. 

dispulsus, [pello,] dispersed. 

dispungo, adl, 3, balance accounts. 

disputatio, onis, F., discussion^ 
debate, dispute, argument. 

dispute, I, dispute, debate, tell. 

disquiro, 3, [qusero,] search out. 

disrumpo=dirumpo, to break off^ 

disseco, ui, sect-, j, cut to pieces. 

dissemino, i, spread abroad. 

dissensio, onis, F., disagreement. 


diBsensuB — divexo. 


dissensus, us, m., discord, 

disfieutio, si, sum, 4, disagree, dis- 
sent, differ. 

dissepio, pal, pt-, 4, to fence off.i 

dissero, sit-, 3, sow, scatter, 

dissero, mi, rt-, 3, set apart, dis- 
course, examine, argue, discuss, 

disserto, i, to discourse, discuss. 

dissideo, edi, ess- [sedeo,] 2, dis- 
agree, be apart, 

dissidium, i, n., breach, discord. 

dissilio, ui, [salio,] 4, leap or fly 

diHsimiUfl, e, unlike, 

dissimiliter, differently, 

dissimilitfido, inis, f., unlUceness. 

dissimulanter, clandestinely, 

dissimulatio, 5niB, f., dissembling, 

dissimulator, 5ris m., dissembler. 

dissixnulo, i, to conceal, disguise. 

dissi]>atio, onis, f., dispersion, ruin. 

dissipo, I, scatter, disperse, rout. 

dissitus, [sero,] sccUtered, remote, 

dissocio, I, disjoin, estrange. 

dissolute, negligently. 

dissolutio, 5nis, f., dissolving, de- 
stroying, ceasing, refutation,fraiUy, 

dissolutus, a, um, loose, careless, 

dissolvo, ▼!, soliit-, 3, loosen, pay, 
dissolve, destroy, refute. 

dissono, i, disagree. 

dissonus, a, um, discordant. 

dissors, tis, of other fate. 

dissuadeo, A, sum, 2, dissuade, 
advise against, resist. 

dissuasor, oris, m., opponent. 

dissuavior, i, kiss fondly, 

dissulto, I, burst asunder, 

dissuo, 3, unstitch, part gently. 

distabesco, bui, 3, melt aumy. 

distsedet, 2, it greatly wearies. 

distant!, tis, differing. 

dlstantia, ee, f., distance, difference. 

distendo, di, tum, 3, stretch out, 
JiU, extend, divide, distract. 

distentus, a, \xni,full; busy. 

distermino, i, to divide. 

distero, trivi, 3, bruise, grind. 

distinotio, 5ms, F., difference, sep- 
aration^ distinction, ornament. 

distinotus, a, um, marked, distinct, 
distin^o, ui, tent- [teneo,] 2, hold 

apark divide, perplex, detain. 
distingno, lud, net-, 3, to mark, 

distinguish, part, diversify, adorn. 
disto, i}\be distant or apart, differ. 
distorqiieo, torsi, tort-, 2, wrench, 

twist, torture. 
distortio, 5nis, F., writhing, twisting. 
distortus, c^ um, twisted, deformed. 
distraotio, 5nis, f., division, dis- 
cord, selling in parcels, 
distractus, a, um, divided, per^ 

distraho, zi, ct-, 3, to draw apart, 

divide, perplex, sell in parcels, 
distribuo, ui, fit-, 3, deal, distribute, 
disttlbQtio, 5nis, p., division, 
distriotus, a, um, severe, busy, 
distringo, nzi, ct-, 3, stretch apart, 

restrain, occupy, molest. 
disturbo, i, confuse, destroy, thwart, 
ditesco, 3, grow rich. 
ditio, onis, f., sway, authority, 
ditior, [dis,] richer. 
dito, I, to enrich. 
diu, -tius, -tissime, long (in time), 

long ago, in the day-time. 
diurnus, c^ um, daily, of a day. 
dius=divus, divine, 
diutinus, (-tumus), a, tuii, long^ 

diutius, longer, too lotig. 
diutumitas, atis, f., long duration, 
diva, 86, F., goddess. 
^vSlis, e, divine, imperial. 
divSrioo, i, to spread asunder. 
divello, li, vuls-, 3, rend or pluck 

apart, dissolve, destroy. 
divendo, dit-, 3, seU in parcels. 
diverbero, i, strike apart, divide. 
diverbium, i, n., dialogue (of play). 
diverse, differently. 
diversitas, atis, f., difference, con" 

tradiction, disagreement. 
diversus, a, um, facing different 

ways, unlike, hostile, apart. 
diverto, ti, sum, 3, tum aside, sep- 
arate, diverge, differ, 
dives, itis, rich. 
divezo, I, rend asunder, harass. 


divi — dnMtatio. 

divi, omm, pL, gods. 

dividia, se, F., discord, division, 

divido, isi, is-, 3, divide, distribute, 
separate, distinguishf breakthrough. 

dividuus, a, um, separate, divisible. 

divinatio, onis, f., divining, pre- 
dicting, examination. 

divinitas, atis, f., divinity, divining. 

dSmintOB, providentially, admirably. 

divino, i, to divine, foretell. 

divinus, a, um, divine, prophetic, 
inspired, admirable; M., diviner. 

divisio, onis, ¥., partition, portion. 

divisor, oris, m., divider, election- 
eering agent. 

divisura, as, F., cleft, division. 

divisus, [divido,] parted. 

divitise, arum, F., riches, wealth. 

divortdum, i, N. ; [verto,] parting 
of the ways, divorce. 

divulgatus, a, um, wide-spread. 

divulgo, I, make public. 

divulsus, [vello,] i, torn apart. 

divus, a, um, divine; n., the sky: 
sub divo, in the open air. 

do, d&re, dSdi, d^tum, i, give, per- 
mit, bestow, grant, deliver, tellfpuL 

doceo, ui, ct-, 2, teach, tell. 

docilis, e, teachable. 

docilitas, atis, f., teachableness. 

doctor, oris, m., teacher. 

doctrine^ ae, F., teaching, learning. 

doctus, a, um, learned, skilled. 

documentum, i, n., proof, pattern. 

Dodoua, 86, F., a city in Epirus, 
famous for an oracle of Jupiter. 

dodrans, tis, m., 9 ounces; i, (v. as). 

f dogma, &tis, n., opinion, decree. 

dolabella, ae, f., hatchet. 

dolabra, se, f., axe, mattock. 

dolens, tis, painful. 

dolenter, vnth pain or grief. 

doleo, ui, it-, 2, to grieve, suffer or 
give pain. 

d51ium, i, N., cank, tub, jar. 

dolo, I, to hew, cudgel, fashion. 

t dolo, onis, m., staff, sting. 

Dolopes, um, people of Thessaly. 

dolor, oris, m., jmin, grief. 

dolosus, a, um, crafty, decitful, 

dolus, i, M., deceit, craft, guUe. 

domatorssdomitor, tamer. 

domesticus, a, um, of the house^ 
familiar; pL, inmates, servants. 

dozoicilium, i, n., dwelling, abode. 

domina, se, f., mistress, lady. 

donxiuatio, onis, F., lordship, tyr- 
anny, dominion, absolute power. 

dominatUB, us, m., rule, sovereignty. 

dominium, i, N., property, banquet, 

dominor, i, to rule, be master, 

dominus, i, m., lord, master, owner. 

domito, I, tame, break (as cattle). 

domitor, oris, m. ; -triz, icis, F., 
tamer, conqueror. 

domnus=dominus, master. 

domo, ui, it-, i, to tame, subdue. 

domus, us (i), f., house, home, fam- 
ily (§ 12, 2) ; domi (ui), at home. 

d5narium, i, n., temple, treasure- 
chamber, votive gift. 

donatio, onis, f., gift, reward. 

donativum, i, N., gift, largess. 

donee (donicum), until, while. 

dono, I, to give, bestow, present. 

dSnum, i, n., gift, votive offering. 

f dorcas, adis, F., gazelle. 

Doricus, a, um, poetic for Greek, 

Doris, idis, a sea-goddess ; the Sea. 

dormio, 4, to sleep, be at ease. 

dormisco, 3, go to sleep. 

domuto, I, be sleepy, nod. 

dorsum, i, N., back, slope. 

dos, dotis, F., dowry, marriage-por-' 
tion, quality, endowment. 

dotalis, e, of dowry. 

dotatus, a, um, wdl-endowed. 

d5to, I, to endow. 

t drachma, ae, f., drachm (coin or 
weight, about 16 cents). 

f draco, onis, m., dragon. 

t drama, atis, N., a drama, play. 

fdrapeta, ae, m., runaway. 

f dromas, adis, M., dromedary. 

druides, um (-as, arum), m., dndds. 

drupa, ae, F., an over-ripe olive. 

dryades, um, F., wood-nymphs. 

DrySpes, people of Epirus. 

dualis, e, containing two. 

dubitanter, hesitatingly. 

dubitatio, onis, f., doubt, kesitO' 
tion, uncei'tainty. 

dubito — echo. 


dubito, [duo,] I, to doubt, waver. 

dnbiua, a, um, doubtful, tvavering, 
perilous; N., doubt, danger, 

duceni, se, a, two hundred each, 

duoenti, se, a, two hundred, 

ducenties (-ens), 200 times, 

duco, ad, ct-, 3, lead, guide, con- 
struct, reckon, endure, protract, 
receive, admit, marry (a wife). 

ductiin, by draughts, 

ductio, 5ni8, F., drawing away, 

ducto (-titoji I, lead, deceive, take 
home (marry). 

ductor, oris, m., leader, guide. 

ductus, us, M., guidance, outline, 

dudum, some time ago, 

duelluxn=belluin, war. 

duim, pres. subj. of do, give. 

dulcedo, inis, f., sweetness, charm. 

dulcesco, 3, to grow sweet. 

dulois, e, sweet, pleasant, dear. 

dulcitudo, inis, f., sweetness. 

Duliohius, a, um, of Ulysses (or 
Dulichium, a small island near 

dum, while, until, provided. 

dumetum, i, n., thicket. 

dummodo, provided that. 

dumosus, a, um, bushy, bramhly, 

dumtazat, exactly, only, however, 
so far, at least. 

dumus, i, M., bush, bramble, 

du5, as, o (§ 18, i, 2), tioo. 

duodecies, twelve times. 

duodeoim, twelve. 

duodecimus, a, um, twelfth. 

duodeni, ae, a, 12 each, by twelves. 

[duode-, minus two, (as in duode- 
viceni, -viginti, eighteen). 

duplex, icis, double, crafty. 

duplicarius, a, um, doubly paid, 

duplioatio, onis, f., doubling. 

duplioitas, atis, f., deceit. 

duplico, I, to double, repeat. 

duplus, a, um, tioice as much. 

dupondius, of two lyounds. 

duracinus, a, um, hard-berried. 

duramentum, i, n., hardening. 

f durateus, a, um, wooden. 

duratio, onis, f., endurance. 

duresoo, durui, 3, grow hard. 
dureta, ae, f., bath-tub. 
duriter, hardly, sternly. 
duritia, se ; -tas, atis, f., harshness, 

hardness, cruelty. 
t durius, a, um, of the wooden horse. 
duriusculus, a, um, rather hard. 
duro, I, harden, inure, endure, stay. 
durus, a, um, hard, stern, rude, cruel. 
duumviri, pi. n., board of two, 

(on criminal or naval matters). 
duz, diicis, m., leader, guide, chief. 
t dyas, &dis, f., the nwmber two. 
t dynamis, is, f., plenty, power. 
t dynastes, as, M., ruler. 
Dyrrachium (Gr. Epidamnus), 

Durazzo, on the coast of Epirus. 
dyspepsia, ae, f., indigestion. 
dyspncea, ee, difficulty of breathing. 


e (eac), out of, from. 
ea, [is,] 6y that way. 
eapse,"[ipse,] herself, same, 
eatenus, so far. 
febenus (um), i, f., ebony. 
ebibo, bl, bit«, 3, drink up or out 
ebito, I, to go forth, 
eblandior, 4, get by flattery. 
eboreus, a, um, of ivory. 
ebrietas, atis, F., drunkenness. 
ebrio, i, make drunk. 
ebriolus, a, um, tipsy. 
ebriosus, a, um, given to drink. 
ebrius, a, um, drunk, intoxicated, 
ebullio, 4, boil up or atoay, 
ebulus, (um), i, m., dwarf-elder. 
ebur, Oris, N., ivory, 
eburatus, a, um, inlaid with ivory. 
ebumeus (-nus), a, um, of ivory. 
ecastor, by Castor! 
ecce, behold ! (also as ecoum, ec- 

cam, eocillum, &c). 
ecoere! by Ceres. 
fecclesia, ae, f., assembly, church. 
f ecdicus, i, m., solicitor. 
ecfero=effero, bear off. 
t echinus, i, m., hedgehog, burr, bowL 
t echo, us, F., echo. 


ecloga — egestas. 

fecloga, 86, F., choice selection. 

econtxa^. on the contrary, 

ecquando, whether ever. 

ecquis, quc^ qtiid, whether any. 

ecquo, whither. 

f ectypuB, a, um, copy (in relief). 

eculeuB, i, M., colt, rackf [equus.] 

edacitaa, atis, F., greediness, 

edaz, acis, [edo,] devouring. 

edeuto, i, dash out the teeth. 

edepol, by Pollux. 

edera=hedera, ivy. 

edico, 2ci, ct-, 3, declare, pMish, 
appoint, establish, ordain, 

edicto, I, proclaim, jyublish. 

edictum, i, n., ordinance. 

8disco, didici, 3, learn thoroughly. 

edissero, mi, rt-, 3 ; -rto, i, to set 
forth, explain, unfold, relate. 

editio, onis, f., giving forth, pub- 
lication, exhibition, birth. 

editus, a, xim,lofty, high, descended. 

edo, didi, dit-, 3, give forth, pub- 
lish, utter, display, produce, effect, 

edo, (esse, § 37, v.), edi, Qa-, 3, eat, 
devour, squander. 

edo, onis, m., glutton. 

edoceo, cui, ct-, 3, instruct or inr 
form thoroughly. 

edolo, I, he tv out, polish, prepare. 

edomo, ui, it-, i, to tame, subdue. 

Edonus, a, um, Thracian. 

edormio, 4, sleep off, or out. 

educatio, onis, f., training, breed- 
ing, education. 

educator, 5ris, M. ; -trix, icis, F., 

educo, I, educate, train. 

educo, ad, ct-, 3, lead or draw 
forth, summon, erect, put to sea. 

edulis, e, eatable ; N., pi. food. 

edurus, a, um, very hard. 

effarcio=effercio, cram. 

effatus, [for,] pronounced, estab- 
I'lshed, determined. 

effectio, 5nis, f. ; -tus, us, m., 
doing, effecting. 

effector, oris, M. ; -trijc, tricis, F., 
doer, producer, author. 

efieminatus, a, um, womanish. 

effemiuo, i, to weaken, effeminate. 

efifercio, fert-, i, to stuff, cram, 
effero, efferre, eztuli, elat-, bear 

forth, produce, proclaim, exalt. 
effero, i, make wild or savage. 
effertus, [farcio,] stuffed. 
efferus, a, um^ very toild, savage. 
effervo (-esco), fervi, 3, to boil up, 

boil over, rage, swarm. 
effetus, a, um, having borne or 

yielded, exhausted (by bearing). 
efficaz, acis, effectual. 
efficio, feci, feet-, [facio,] 3, bring 

to pass, make, form, yield, prove. 
effigies, ei, f., copy, image, portrait. 
effingo, nxi, ct-, 3, to form, fashion. 
efflagito, I, demand urgently. 
efflictim, to death, desperately. 
effligo, ad, ct-, strike down or dead. 
effio, I, blow or breathe out. 
efflSresco, rui, 3, to blossom. 
effluo, xi, 3, flow out, get abroad, 

go forth, pass away, disappear. 
effluvium, i, N., outflow, outlet. 
effodio, fodl, foss-, 3, dig or tear 

out, dig up. 
effcBtus=:effetus, exhausted. 
effor, I, speak forth, utter. 
effractor, oris, M., burglar. 
effrenus (-natus), a, tun unbridled. 
efiringo, fregi, fract-, [frango,] 3, 

break out or open. 
effugio, fugi, 3, to flee, escape, shun. 
effugium, i, n., flight, refuge, 
effulgeo, si, 2, shine forth, glitter. 
effultus, [fulcio,] propped, stayed. 
effundo, fudi, fus-, 3, to pourfort\ 

shed, let go ; P., indulge in. 
effuse, far and wide. 
effusio, onis, f., pouring out, pro- 
effusus, a, um, wide-spread, profuse. 
effutio, 4, prate, babble. 
egelidus, c^ um^ lukewarm, cold, 
egens, tis, needy, lacking. 
egenus, a, um, destitute, void, needy. 
egeo, ui, 2, to need, lack, want. 
Egeria, ae, nymph of a grotto near 

Rome, wife and counsellor of 

egero, gessi, gest-, 3, carry forth. 
egestas, atis, F., poverty, need. 

egestio — emano. 


egestio, onis, f., carrying forth, 

emptying, toasting, 
ego, mei, xnihi, me, /. 
egomet, / myself. 
egredior, gress-, 3, go forth, mount, 

tcander, march out, go beyond. 
egregie, excellently, 
egregius, a, am, [grex,] exceUent, 

eminent, distinguished. 
egressus, us, m., a going forth. 
egurgito, i, pour out, squander, 
ehem (of joy or suprise), ha ! 
eheu (of grief or pain), ah ! 
eho (of command or reproof), ho I 
eia (eja), ha ! ho ! come on ! 
ejaculor, i, hurl forth. 
ejectio, onis, f., casting ouL 
ejecto, I, to cast forth, 
ejero=^3uro, reject, 
ejicio, jeci, ject-, [ jacio,] 3, to cast 

out, throw forth, run aground, 
ejulatio, onis, f. ; -tus, iis, m., 

wailing, lamentation. 
ejulo, I, to wait, lament, 
ejiincidus, a, imi, lean, slender, 
ejuro, I, reject, abjure, 
ejusmodi, of thai sort, 
elabor, lapsus, 3, slip away, escape, 

disappear, pass away, 
elaboro, i, take pains, work out. 
elanguesco, gui, 3, slacken, relax. 
elate, loftily, proudly. 
elatio, onis, F., bearing-out for 

burial, uplifting, passion, 
elatus, [effero,] proud, lofty, 
elavo, lavi, laut- (lot-), i, ujash out, 
elecebra, se, f., allurer, 
electilis, e, choice, dainty, 
electio, onis, F., choice, election, 
electo, I, worm out, select, 
XSlectrc^ 8b, d. of Agamemnon. 
felectrum, i, n., amber. 
electus, a, um, choice, select. 
elegans, iAB,Jine, elegant, luxurious, 
elegantia, se, f., elegance, grace, 
t elegi, drum, N. ; -g^a, ee, F., elegy. 
elementa, 5rum, n., elements, rudi- 
ments, beginnings. 
felephantinus, a, um, of ivory, 
felephas, antis; -phantus, 1, m., 

elephant, ivory. 

Eleusinus, a, am, of Eleusis, a 

town of Attica, famous for the 

mysteries of Ceres. 
elevatio, onis, f., disparaging, 
elevo, I, lift up, lighten, disparage, 
elices, um, m., trench, drain, 
elicio, licui (lezi), licit-, 3, draw 

out, allure, entice, call forth. 
elido, si, sum, 3, dash out, crush. 
eligo, legi, lect-, [lego,] 3, select. 
elimino, at-, i, turn out of doors, 
elimo, I, to polish, finish, 
elinguis, e, dumb, mute, 
eliquo, i, strain, pour, melt. 
Ells, idis, F., the W. district of 

Eleus, a, um, of E lis, or Olympia. 
Slisio, onis, F., striking out, 
Slissc^ se, a name of Dido, 
elisus, [elido,] crushed, forced out, 
elizus, a, um, boiled, soaked, 
t ellychnium, i, N., lamp-wick. 
eloco, I, hire or let out. 
elocutio, onis, f., oratory, 
eloglum, i, N., maxim, clause, writ, 
eloquens, tis, eloquent, 
eloquentic^ ss, f. ; -quiizm, i, N., 

eloquor, cut-, 3, speak out, declare. 
eluceo, zi, 2, shine forth, come to 

eluotor, I, to struggle out, ujin, 
elucubro, i, compose laboriously, 
eludo, si, sum, 3, wash out, win (at 

play), parry, delude, escape, 
elugeo, zi, 2, to mourn the full time, 
elumbis, e, weak in the back, 
eluo, ui, St-, 3, wash off, get rid of, 
elutus, c^ um, insipid, watery, 
elutrio, i, tvash out, draw off. 
eluvio, onis ; -ies, em, e, f., vxishing 

off, overflow, chasm, 
Elysium, i, n., the abode of the 

blest in the world below. 
emacio, at-, i, make lean, 
emaculo, i, clear of stains, 
emancipatio, onis, f., release (of 

a son from the father's power). 
emancipo, i, emancipate, transfer, 
e-maneo, 2, stay outside, overstay, 
§m§no, I, flow out, spread. 


Emathia — enubo. 

Emathia, as, poetic for Macedonia 

or Thessaly. 
emaz, acis, eager to buy. 
f emblema, atis, n., inlaid work, 
\ embolium, i, n., interlude. 
emendatio, 5nis, correction, 
emendator, oris, M., amender, 
emeudatus, c^ xuxi, faultless. 
emendico, i, get by begging. 
emendo, i, to correct^ improve. 
emensus, [metior,] traversed. 
ementdor, 4, utter falsely, pretend. 
emercor, i, to purchase, bribe, 
emereo, ui, it-, (-or), 2, to earn, 

win, serve out one's term. 
exnergo, si, sum, 3, bring or come 

to light, rise, emerge, get clear. 
emeritus, a, um, worn out. 
emersus, us, m., an emerging. 
emetior, 4, measure out, traverse, 
emeto, 3, mow down. 
emico, ui, i, spring or show forth. 
emigre, i, depart, remove. 
eminatdo, onis, f., threat. 
eminens, tis, prominent, lofty. 
eminentia, ae, F., prominence. 
emiueo, ui, 2, stand forth, extend, 
eminor, i, declare with threats, 
eminulus, a, um, projecting, 
eminus, at a distance. 
enuror, i, be amazed, wonder at. 
emissarium, i, N., drain, outlet. 
emissarius, i, m., scout, spy, shoot. 
emissio, onis, F., sending-forth. 
emitto, misi, miss-, 3, send forth, 

cast away, let go, release. 
emo, emi, empt-, 3, to buy, get. 
emdlior, 4, bring out, stir up. 
emollio, 4, soflen, weaken, 
emolo, it-, 3, grind up. 
emolumentum, i, n., effort, gain. 
emoneo, ui, it-, 2, admonish. 
emorior, mortuus, 3, die, perish. 
emoveo, movi, m5t-, 2, remove, 

push out, shake, rack, 
emplastro, i, to bud, graft. 
emplastrum, i, N., bark, planter. 
f emporium, i, n., market. 
empticius, a, um, boughten. 
emptio, onis, f., purchase. 
emptor, oris, m. ; -triz, f., buyer. 

emptus, [emo,] bought. 

emulgeo, sum, 2, drain, exhaust. 

emunctus, a, um, cleaned out. 

emundo, i, clean thoroughly. 

emungo, nxi, not-, 3, to clean out, 

emunio, 4, fortify, protect, furnish. 

en ! behold ! come ! 

enarrabilis, e, explainable. 

enarro, i, tell, declare, interpret. 

enascor, nat- 3, spring or sprout 
up, be born. 

enato, i, swim away. 

enavattts, a, um, perform£d. 

enavigo, i, sail away, or over. 

t enoaustus, a, um, burnl-in. 

Enceladus, i, a giant buried under 
Mount Etna. 

t encytus, i, m., cake, pastry. 

[endo-=indu- or in- (im-). 

t endromis, idis, f., coarse cloak. 

EndymioD, onis, myth, prince of 
Caria, loved by Diana. 

eneco, cui, ct- (cat-), i, to kill, ex- 
haust, torment. 

eneotus, a, um, k^ed. 

enervis, e, nerveless, weak, 

enervo, i, unnerve, weaken, 

enico == eneco, kill. 

enim, for, surely, for instance. 

Enipeus, i, m., a river of Thessaly. 

eniteo, 2 ; -esco, tui, 2, shine forth. 

enitor, nis- (nix-), 3, to strive, climb, 
bring forth. 

enize (im), strenuously. 

enizus, a, um, in earnest, having 
given birth^ toiling, striving. 

Enna, ee, f., a town of Sicily, 
where Proserpine was stolen. 

Enuius, i, the earliest Roman 
poet, B.C. 239-169. 

eno, I, sumn away, traverse or es- 
cape by swimming. 

enddate, clearly, plainly. 

enodis, e, [nodus,] smooth, clear. 

enSdo, i , to free from knots, explain, 

enormis, e, irregular, immense. 

enotesco, tui, 3, become known, 

enoto, I, to mark, note. 

ensis, is, m., sword, blade. 

enubo, psi, 3, marry out of one's 
rank or home. 


enndeatas — erodo. 


cnacleatnay a, mn, cleaVf pure, 
enucleo, i, clear from husk or 

kernel, explain, 
enuxneratio, onis, f., numbering. 
enumero, i, county reckon. 
enuncio (tio), i, declare, report, 
enutrio, 4, nurture, support, 
eo, ire, ivi, Itum (§ 37, vi), go,pass, 
eo (abl.), as, by so much, for {his. 
eo, thither ; eddem, the same way, 
-(- Bob, f., dawn, East, 
f eous, a, um, of morning; eastern, 
ZSpaxninoudas, sb, a Theban gen- 
eral slain at Mantinea, B.C., 362. 
fephebus, i, m., a youth (18 to 20). 
t ephemeris, idis, f., diary, 
EphesiuB, a, um, of Ephesus, a 
city of Ionia ; or of Diana, 
whose chief temple was there. 
-f ephipplum, i, n., horse-cloth, sad- 
dle, housing, caparison, 
f ephorus, i, m., a Spartan magis- 
trate, of a board of five. 
ISphjreius, (-aBua), a, um, ofEph- 

yra (c), or Corinth, 
f epibata, ae, M., a marine, 
fepichyais, is, f., pitcher, 
t epicopus, a, um, loith oars, 
f epicrocum, i, n., thin, transparent, 
Epidaurus, 1, p., a city of Argolis. 
fepigramma, tis, ^., an inscription^ 

fepilogus, i, M., conclusion, 
Epirus (os), i, f. (mainland) the 

N. W. district of Greece. 
f episcopus, i, m., overseer^ bishop, 
f epistola (ula), ae, f., letter, 
f epistoxnium, i, n., cork, bung, 
I epitaphium, i, n., funeral oration, 
\ epithalamium, i, n., nuptial song. 
I epitheca, se, increase, 
I epityrum, i, N., olive-conserve, 
f epodos, i, M., alternate verse, 
I epops, 5pis, M., hoopoe (bird), 
f epos, N., an heroic poem, 
epoto, avi, pot-, i, drink off or up, 
epularis, e, of banquets, 
epulo, onis, M., guest at feasts, 
epulor, I, to feast, eat, banquet, 
epulum, i, n. ; pi., epulae: arum. P.. 
banquet, religious feast. 

equa, se, F. (d. pL, abiis), mare. 
equarius, a, um, of horses, M,, groom, 
equea, itia, M., horseman; pi., cav- 
alry ; knights (a Roman order). 
equester, tria, e, of the cavalry or 

knights, equestrian, 
equidem, indeed, no doubt, 
equile, is, N., horse-stall, 
equinus, a, um, of horses, 
equiso, onis, m., groom, hostler, 
equitatua, ua, M., cavalry, 
equito, i, to ride, bestride, 
equuleuB, i, m., colt, rack. 
equua (ecua), i, m., horse, 
era=hera, mistress^ 
eradicitua, root-and-branch, 
eradico, i, root out, wear out, 
erado, ai, aum, 3, scrape off, erase. 
Erato, P., the lyric Muse. 
f Erebua, i, M., Darkness, (name of 

the lower world). 
Erechtheus, i, myth. k. of Athens. 
erctum=lierctum, inheritance, 
erecte, boldly, 

erectua, [erigo,] upright, lofty, 
erepo, pai, 3, creep away. 
ereptio, onia, p., seizure. 
ereptor, oria, m., plunderer. 
ereptua, [eripio,] snatched. 
Eretria, ae, a city of Euboea. 
erga, towards, opposite, 
ergaatulum, 1, n., workhouse, prison. 
ergo, therefore (§ 43, 5), then, 
f erice, es, p., heath, broom, 
Erichtiioniua, i, myth. k. of Athens, 

son of Vulcan ; also a king of 

Troy, son of Dardanus. 
ericiua, i, M., hedgehog, abattls, 
Eridanua, 1, M., the river Po, in 

North Italy. 
erigo, rezi, rect-, 3, to set up, rouse, 

cheer, excite. 
erilia=herilia, of the master, 
Erigone, ea, myth. d. of Icarius, 

changed to the constell. Virgo. 
fErimiya, yoa, p., a Fury, 
Eriphyla, ae (e, ea), myth. d. of 

Talaus, wife of Amphiaraus. 
eripio, ui, rept-, [rapio,] 3, snatch 

aioay, set free, 
etddq ei, aum, 3, eai or gnaw away. 



erogatio — evergo. 

erogatio, onis, F., paying-out. 

ercgo, I, pay out, spend, 

eroaio, onls, f., [rodo,] eating away. 

errabunduB, a, mn, wandering. 

errSticiis, c^ iim, rambling. 

errOy i, wander, roam, err, stray. 

erro, onis, m., wanderer, vagrant. 

error, oris, m., wandering, error. 

erubesco, bui, 3, to redden, Mush. 

erucc^ ae, F., canker-worm, cater- 
pillar, cabbage, 

enicto, I, belch, cast off. 

emcttts, a, um, imjmre, bad. 

erudero, at,- i, to clear of rubbish. 

erudio, 4, train, polish, 

eruditio, Snis, F., learning. 

eruditus, a, um, educated, skilled, 

eriigo, i, smoothe from wrinkles. 

enimpo, rupl, rupt-, 3, burst forth. 

eruo, ui, ut-, 3, pluck, draw or cast 
out, overthrow, destroy. 

eruptio, Snis, f., bursting-out. 

eruB=:lienis, master. 

ervum, i, n., wild pea, or vetch. 

ErycnnuB, a, tun, of Eryx, or Venus. 

ISrymanthuB, 1, mts. of Arcadia. 

ZSrythraeus, a, um, of Erythrce, a 
city of Boeotia ; also, ofEryihras, 
myth, king of S. Arabia. 

Eryz, ycu^ m., son of Venus ; a 

. mountain of W. Sicily. 

eaca, ae, Y.,food, bait. 

cscalis, e ; -ariua, a, um, of food, 

eacendo, di, aum, [acando,] 3, to 
climb, mount. 

eacit, eacunt, fut. of aixm, to be. 

eaculentuB, a, nm, Jit for food. 

eaculua=8Baculua, oak. 

eaito, I, [edo,] to eat often. 

•f eaox, 5ci8, M., pike, pikerel. 

Eaquiliae, arum, f., a hill of Rome. 

eaaedum, i, N., war-chariot. 

eatriz, icia, f., glutton, 

eatur3==editur, pr. pass, of edo, eat. 

eaurialia, e, of hunger, 

eaurio, it-, 4, to be hungry. 

esurio, onia, M., glutton, 

eaua, [edo,] eaien, 

et, and, also, even ; et . . . et, both 
. , , and, 

eteiiim,ybr, truly, jince (g *3, 11). 

f eteaise, arum, M., summer trade" 

winds, through the dog-days, 
etiam, even, also, yes, yet, indeed. 
etiamnum, till now, also, still. 
etiamai, even if, although. 
etiam tum, tiU then, even then, still. 
Etruria, ae, W. Italy, N. of Rome, 
etai, even if, although. 
t etymon, 1, N.. root (of a word), 
■feu, euge, well! well done! 
Eubcea, ae, F., a large island near 

the coast, N. of Athens. 
feugeneua, (-iua), a, um, well-bom. 
f Eumeuidea; nm, F., (gracious), a 

name for the Furies. 
feunuchua, i, M.. eunuch. 
ZiuphrStea, ia, M., the chief river 

of Syria, 
f euripua, i, M., channel, strait, canal. 
Europa, ae (e, ia), Europe ; myth. 

d. of Agenor, loved by Jupiter. 
Eurotaa, as, m., a river of Laconia. 
feurua, 1, m., the South-east wind. 
Ihirydice, ea, wife of Orpheus. 
Euryatheua,i,myth. k. of Mycenae. 
Euterpe, ea, the muse of Music, 
f euxinua, a, um, {hospitable) epithet 

of the Black Sea (Euxine). 
evacuo, i, to empty, make void. 
Evadne, ea, wife of Capaneus. 
evado, ai, aumj 3, go forth, tum 

out, pass over. 
evagor, i, wander forth, extend. 
evaleaco, valui, 3, grow strong. 
evallo, 3, to hull, winnow, cast out. 
Evander, dri, myth, colonist of 

Rome, from Arcadia. 
evaneaco, ui, 3, vanish, disappear, 
evanidua, a, um, vanishing. 
evamio, 3, to winnow, 
evana, tia, crying Evan ! (Bacchus), 
evaato, i, lay waste, devastate. 
evaz! hurrah! 

eveho, zi, ct-, 3, carry or lead out. 
evello, velli, vula-, 3, pluck away. 
evenio, veni, vent-, 4, come forth, 

happen, result, 
Sventum, i, n. ; -tua, ua, M., evenly 

consequence, result, 
everbero, i, beat, slap, flap, stir» 
evergo, 3, pour for iJi. 

everrionlTiiii — exoitns. 


everriculum, i, n., drag-neL 
everro, veni, vers-, 3, sweep out, 
eversio, oniSi F., overthrow,, ruin. 
eversor, oris, M., destroyer, 
eversus, a, run, overthrown, 
everto, ti, sum, 3, expel, overthrow, 
evictus, [vinco,] vanquished, 
evidens, tis, manifest, plain, clear. 
evidentia, se, f., distinctness, 
evigilo, I, wake up, watch, elaborate, 
evilesco, lul, 3, grow worthless, 
evincio, xud, net- 4, bind up, wind, 
evinco, vicl, vict-, 3, to vanquish^ 

subdue, prevail, 
eviro, i, to unman, 
eviscero, i, disembowel, 
eyito, I, avoid; put to death. 
Evixis, i, a name of Bacchus. 
evocatio, 5nis, f., summons, call. 
evoco, I, to call forth, summon, 
evoe, a joyous cry (of bacchanals). 
evolo, I, fly or spring out, ascend, 
evolutio, onis, f, unrolling, reading. 
evolvo, vi, lit-, 3, unroll, unfold, 
evomo, ui, it-, 3, disgorge, 
eviilgo, I, publish, divulge, 
evulsio, onis, f., puUing-out, 
eviilsus, [evello,] jo/itc^ccZ off or out. 
ez=e, out of, from, after, forth from, 
[ez-, otjU, utterly, very, 
ezacerbo, i, embitter, 
ezacte, exactly, precisely. 
ezactio, onis, f., driving-out. 
exactor, oris, m., expeller, collector. 
ezactus, [ezlgo,] driven out, 
ezacub, id, at-, 3, sharpen, inflame. 
ezadversum, over against, 
ezsedifico, i, build, construct,finish, 
ezaequo, i, level, equalize, 
e2C8estuo, i, boil up, ferment, glmc. 
ezaggeratio, Snis, F., heaping up, 
ezaggero, i, to heap up, enlarge, 
ezagito, i, stir up, rouse, disturb, 
-f ezagSga, 8B, f., exportation, 
ezalbesco, bui, 3, turn white, or 

pale with fear. 
ezalto, I, raise, heighten,, deepen, 
ezamen, inis, N., swarm, crowd, 
ezaminatio, onis, f., balancing. 
ezamino, i, weigh, ponder, swarm. 
ezamussim, exactly. 

ezanclo, i, draw out, endure, 
ezanimatio, onis, f., suffocation, 

fright, breathlessness, 
exanimis, e ; us, a, um, lifeless, dead. 
ezanimo, i, deprive of life or breath. 
ezardesco, arsi, ars-, 3, to kindle^ 

blaze out. 
ezaresco, ami, 3, to dry up. 
ezarmo, i, disarm, weaken. 
ezaro, 1, plough up, tiU, inscribe. 
ezaspero, i, roughen, sharpen. 
ezanctoro, i, discharge, cashier. 
earaudio, 4, hear from afar, listen. 
ezangeo, 2, enlarge gready, 
ezauspico, i, take augury. 
ezcaeco, i, make blind. 
ezcalceo, i, deprive of shoes. 
ezcandesco, dui, 3, kindle, glow. 
ezcavo, i, to hollow out. 
ezcedo, cessi, cess-, 3, to go forth 

or beyond, die, 
ezcellens, tis, lofty, eminent, 
ezcellentia, 8B, f., superiority, 
ezcello, ui, sum, 3, raise up, exceL 
ezcelsus, a, um, lofty, 
ezceptio, onis, f., exception, 
ezcepto, I, catch up, snuff up, 
exceptor, oris, m., scribe, reporter. 
ezceptus, [-cipio,] caught, 
ezcemo, crevi, cret-, i, sift outy 

cleanse, discharge. 
ezcerpo, psi, pt-, [carpo,] 3, pick 

out, select, except. 
ezcessus, us, m., standing-out, de- 
parture, projection. 
ezcetrc^ ee, F., snake. 
ezcidium, i, n. ; -cidio, 5nis, F., 

doumfaU, overthrow, destruction. 
ezcido, cidi, [cado,] 3, to fall out^ 

escape, perish, pass away, 
ezcido, idi, is-, [caedo,] 3, to cut 

off, cut down, destroy, 
ezcieo, civi (cii), cXt-, 2; -cio, 4, 

call forth, summon, stir up^ terrify, 

ezcipio, cSpi, cept-, [capio,] 3, to 

take out or up, catch, receive, 
ezcisus, [excido,] cut off or out. 
ezcitatus, a, um, animated, strong. 
ezcito, I, raise, rouse, excite, kindle. 
ezcltus, [ezoio,] roused. 


exclamatio — exoletus. 

ezclamatio, 5niB, f., outcry. 
ezclamo, i, to cry aloud. 
ezcludo, ai, Bum, [claudo,] 3, to 

shut out, exclude, prevent. 
ezcliisio, 5nis, f., exclusion. 
ezcoctuB, [coquo,] cooked. 
ezcogitatio, onis, f., invention. 
ezodgito, I; think out, devise, con- 
ezcolo, colui, cult-, 3, cultivate, 

improve, adorn, honor. 
ezcoquo, ad, ct-, 3, hoU out, roast. 
ezcors, cordis, brainless. 
ezcremeutum,!, N., sif lings, refuse. 
ezcresco. evi, et-, 3, grow out or 

big, rise up, grow, 
ezoretus, [cerno,] sifted, culled out ; 

[cresco,] full-grown. 
ezcrucio, i, torture, torment, extort. 
ezcubiae, arum, f., night-guard. 
ezcubitor, oria, m., watchman. 
ezcubo, ui, it-, i, lie out of doors, 

watch, keep guard. 
ezciido, di, sum, 3, to strike out, 

hatch, forge out, 
ezculco, I, tread out, trample, 
ezcultus, [colo,] improved. 
ezciiratus, a, um, well cared for. 
ez-curro, 3, run out, extend, spread, 
ezcursio, onis, f. ; -bus, ub, m., a 

running-out, onset, digression. 
ezcusatio, f., excuse. 
ezciiBO, I, to excuse, plead. 
ezcuBsuB, a, um, stretched out, stiff. 
ezcusus, [cudo,] struck out, forged. 
ezcutio, cussi, cuss-, 3, to shake 

out or off, search, inspect. 
ezedo, edi, es-, 3, consume, corrode, 

fezedra, ae, f., hall for discourse. 
ezemplar, aris, N., model, copy, 
ezemplum, i, n., image, example, 

copy, manner, sort. 
ezemptus, [-imo,] taken out, 
f ezentero, i, disembowel, empty. 
ezeo, ii ^vi). It-, 4, go forth, expire. 
ezerceo, cui, cit-, 2, drive forward, 

employ, exercise. 
ezercitatio, F., practice, exercise. 
ezercitatus, a, um, trained, jyrac- 

tised, agitated, troubled. 

ezercitio, onia, f., management, 

ezercito, i, practise frequently, 

ezercitor, dris, m., trainer. 

ezercituB, us, m., host, army. 

ezesus, [edo,] consumed, 

ezhalatio, f., vapor, exhalation. 

ezhalo, i, breathe forth, evaporate, 

ezhaurio, haufii, haust-, 4, draw, 
drain, empty, remove, exhaust. 

ezheredo, i, disinherit. 

ezheres, edis, disinherited. 

ezhibeo, ul, it-, 2, holdfortli, dis- 
play, sustain, maintain. 

exMbitio, onis, f., delivery, main- 

ezhilaro, i, gladden, refresh. 

ezhinc, hereupon. 

ezhorreo, 2 ; -esco, ui, 3, dread 
extremely, shudder at, 

ezhortatio, onis, F., encourage- 
ment, exhortation. 

ezhortor, i, to cheer, exhort. 

ezigo, egi, act-, [ago,] 3, drive out, 
exact, demand, ^nish, consider^ 

ezig;uitas, atis, f., scantiness, 

eziguus, a, um, little, scanty, brief, 

ezilis, e, thin, meagre, feeble. 

ezilitas, atis, F., slenderness. 

ezilium=ezsi]ium, exile, 

ezimius, a, um, select, excellent, 

ezimo, emi, empt-, [emo,] 3, take 
out, release, remove, consume. 

ezin, thereupon. 

eziuanio, 4, to empty, exhaust, 

ezinde, thence, thereafter. 

ezJHtimatio, F., judgment, opinion, 

ezifltimo (-umo), i, to judge, think, 

ezisto=ezsisto, stand forth. 

ezitiabilis (-alis), e ; -osus, a, um, 
deadly, pernicious. 

ezitium, i, n., going-forth, destruc- 
tion, ruin, mischief, 

ezitus, [ezeo,]pa5^ 

ezitus, us, M ., going-out, end, death, 

ezlez, legis, out of the law, lawless, 

ezoculo, I, destroy the eyes. 

t ezodium, i, N., after-piece, end. 

ezolesco, evi, et-, 3, to grow up, 
stop growing, cease, disappear. 

ezoletus, a, um, mature, dissolute. 

ezonero — ezpnma 


ezonero, i, disburden^ discharge, 
ezopt&toB, a, um, longed-for, 
ezopto, I, to desire earnestly, 
ezorSbilis, e, easy to be entreated. 
ezorbito, i, go astray, deviate. 
ezordior, orsua, 4, lay the xoarpy 

exordium, i, N., beginning, warp, 

introduction, treatise, 
ezorior, ortius i, arise, spring up, 
ezomatio, f., embellishment, 
ezomo, I, adorn, equip, supply, 
ez5ro, i, gain by entreaty, 
ezoraus, [ordlor,] begun; N,, be- 
ginning, effort. 
ezoTBiui, lis, M., beginning, 
ezortivns, a, nm, 0/ rising, eastern, 
ezortus, oa, m., rising (of sun). 
ej^OB, OBsis, boneless, pliant, 
ezosculor, i, kiss fondly, admire, 
ezosso, I, deprive of bones or teeth. 
f ezostra, so, F., stage-machinery, 
ezosua, a, um, hating, hateful, 
f eacSticiui, a, um, outlandish. 
ezpallescOi ui, 3, turn pale, dread. 
ezpalliStus, a, um, uncloaked. 
ezpallidua, a, um, very pale, wan, 
ezpaljk) {ot), \, get by coaxing. 
ezpando, di, pass- (pans-), 3, to 

spread forth, expand. 
ezpapillatus, a, um, bare-breasted, 
ezpavescOt pavi, 3, fear greatly, 
ezpectoro, i, drive from the breast. 
-ezpedio, 4, bring out, release, set 

forth, arrange, hasten, hurL 
expedite it is useful, or expedient, 
expedite, readily, promptly. 
ezpe^tio, F., excursion, discussion, 
ea^peditUB, a, um, disengaged, light- 
armed, without baggage, handy, 
ezpello, puli, puis-, 3, thrust out 

or away, reject. 
ezpendo, di, Bum, 3, weigh out, 

measure, pay, charge, estimate. 
ezperge-facio, 3, rouse, stir, excite, 
ezpergiBCor, perrectuB, 3, awake. 
ezpergo, gi, git-, 3, arouse, waken, 
ezperientia, ae, f., trial, experience, 
ezperimentum, i, n., trial, proof 
ezperior, ezpertua-, 4, to try, test, 
ezpertus, a, um, tried, skilled. 

ezpera, tis, [pars,] having no share. 

ezpeteBBo (-isBo), 3, long for, 

ezpeto, ivi (ii),it-, 3, seek,contrivey 
desire, aspire for, attain, 

ezpiatio, f., expiation, atonement. 

ezpilatio, 5niB, f., plunder, pillage. 

ezpilator, oria, m., pillager, 

ezpQo, I, rob, plunder, 

eacpingo, pUud, pict-, 3, to painty 
depict, describe, 

ezpio, I, expiate, atone. 

ezpiBCor, i,Jish out, search. 

ezplanatlo, onis, f., making clear^ 
explanation^ distinctness, 

ezplano, 1, flatten, make clear. 

ezpleo, evl, et-, 2,flU up, fulfil. 

ezpletuB, a, um, complete,JiUed up., 

ezplioatio, f., uncoiling, explaining. 

ezplicatuB, a, um, spread-out, clear. 

ezplioituB, a, um, clear, easy. 

ezplico, avi (ui), at- (it-), i, to un- 
fold, arrange, clear up, relieve. 

ezplodo, Bi, Biun (plaudo), 3, to 
hoot off, drive away. 

ezpldratS, with certainty. 

ezploratio, F., searching, exploring. 

ezplorator, oris, m., examiner, 
searcher, scout. 

ezpl5ratuB, a, um, established, sure. 

explore, I, to search, examine, re- 
connoitre, test, prove, 

ezploaio, 5nia, f., hooting-off. 

ezplOBUS, [-plodo,] driven off. 

ezpolio, 4, to polish, refine, adorn. 

ezpolitio, F., polishing, refinement. 

ezpolitUB, a, um, neat, refined. 

ezpono, poBui, poait-, 3, setforthy 
offer, expose, explain. 

ezporrigo, read, rect-, 3, spread 
out, smoothen. 

ezportatio, F., export, banishment, 

ezporto, I, carry forth or away. 

ezpoBCO, popOBoi, 3, ask, require. 

ezpoBitio, F., exposing, expounding. 

ezpoBtulatio, onis, F., complaint. 

ezpoBtulo, I, demand, complain. 

ezprease (-aim), distinctly, strongly. 

ezpressus, [-primo,] clear, distinct. 

ezpretuB, [spretus,] spurned. 

ezprimo, presai, preaa-, [premo,j 
2, press or force out, represent. 


exprobratio — ezta. 

ezprobratio, F., upbraiding^ blame, 
.ezprobro, i^to reproach j upbraid, 
ezprSmo, mpflif mpt-, 3, take out, 

exhibit, display, declare, 
ezpugnabilis, e, liable to capture, 
ezpugnatio, F., storming, capture, 
ezpugnator, m., conqueror, taker, 
ezpugnaz, acis, subduing, 
ezpugno, I, to take by assault, sub- 
due, extort, effect, 
ezpulsiOi 5nis, p., expulsion. 
ezpulso, I, drive out, expel, 
ezpulsuB, [pello,] driven' out, 
ezpungo, nad, net-, 3, prick out, 

erase, fulfil, adjust (accounts). 
ezpurgatio, F., justification, 
ezpurgo, I, cleanse, vindicate, 
ezputesco, 3, putrify, 
ezputo, I, prune, examine, 
exquiro, sivi, sit-, [qiuero,] 3, ask, 

search out, inquire, 
exquisite, accurately, 
ezquisitus, a, um, choice, excellent, 
ezsasvio, 4, spend one's rage, 
ezsanguis, e, bloodless, pale, weak, 
ezsaroio, sart-, 4,, patch up, mend, 
ezsatio (-saturo), i, glut, satisfy, 
ex8ceudo=e8cendo, ascend, 
exscindo, idi, iss-, 3, to extirpate, 
ezscribo, psi, pt-, 3, write out, copy, 
exsculpo, psi, pt-, 3, dig out, erase, 
ezseco, cui, ct-, i, cut out or off, 
exsecrabilis, e, cursing, accursed, 
easecratio, f., solemn oath, curse, 
ezsecratus, a, um, detestable, 
ezsecror, i, curse, swear solemnly, 
exsectio, f., cutting out, 
exsectuB, [seco,] cut out, 
ezsecutio, F.,fu^lment, discussion, 
ezsecutor, 5rls, m., performer, exe- 

cuter, prosecuter, 
ezsequens, tis, studious of, 
exsequiaB, arum, f., [sequor,] 
funeral rites, procession, obsequies. 
ezsequor, cutus, ^, follow out, pur- 
sue, accomplish, relate, avenge, 
ezsero, rui, rt-, 3, thrust forth, dis- 
play, protrude. 
exsertus, a, um, open, conspicuous. 
exserto, i, stretch forth. 
exsibilo, i, to hUs away. 

exsicco, I, dry up, parch, 
exsigno, i, wrke out, record, 
exsilio, ui, 4, leap forth, spring up, 
exsilium, i, n., exUe, retreat, 
exsisto, stiti, stit-, 3, come or 

stand forth, exist, 
exsolvo, vi, fit-, 3, unbind, dis- 
charge, get clear, throw aside, 
exsomnis, e, sleepless, watchful, 
exBorbeo, ul, 2, swaUow up, drainy 

exBors, tis, without part or lot, 
exspatlor, i, expand, digress. 
exspectStio, Sms, f., awaiting, 
exspectatus, a, um, longed for, 
exspecto, i, wait for, anticipate, 
exspergo, spers-, 3, sprinkle, scatter. 
exspes, hopeless, 
exspiro, i, breathe out, blow or rush 

forth, expire, cease, 
exspolio, I, to plunder, spoil. 
exspuo, ul, fit, 3, spit out, expeL 
exsterno, i, terrify greatly, 
exstillo, I, to drop or trickle out. 
exstimulo, i, goad on, impel. 
exstlnctio, Snis, F., annihilation. 
exstinctor, oris, m., destroyer. 
exstinguo, nxi, not-, 3, to quench^ 

extinguish, annul, destroy, 
exstirpo, i, uproot, pluck out, 
exsto, I, stand forth, appear. 
exstructio, onis, f., sti'ucture, 
exBtruo, xi, ct-, 3, heap up, build. 
exBUCtus, [siigo,] drained dry, 
exsudo, I, sweat forth, exude, toU. 
exsugo, xi, ct-, 3, suck out, 
exsul, ulis, c, exile, wanderer. 
exsulo, I, to be in exile, 
exsultems, tis, skipping, diffuse. 
exsultatio, F., leaping up for joy. 
exsulto, I, leap up, exuU, revel, 
exsuperabilis, e, surmountable, 
exsuperans, tis, excellent, 
exsuperantia, ae, F., pre-eminence. 
exsuperatio,5nis, p., exaggeration. 
exsupero, i, mount, surpass, over- 
power, exceed, excel, pass beyond. 
exsurdo, i, deafen, blunt, 
exsurgo. surrexi, 3, lise, stand up. 
exsuscito, I, rouse, excite. 
exta, orum, n., the internal organs. 

extabesco — fEtcinnB. 


ezt&besco, tabui, 3, to fade, wane. 

eztaiis, e, of the exta. 

eztemplo (-pulo), immediately. 

eztemporSlia, e, extemporary. 

eztendo, di, tum (buxxi), 3, stretch 
forth, increase, spread, extend, 

extentua, a, nm, wide-spread. 

eztento, i, stretch forth, exert. 

extennatio, f., thinning, lessening, 

extenuo, i, make thin, weaken. 

ezter (-terns), a, um, oiUward, ex- 
ternal, foreign. 

ezterebro, i, bore out, 

eztergeo, si, Bum, 3, tvipe off, 

exterior, ua (compar.), outei\ 

extermino, i, drive away, banish, 

extemns, a, um, outward, foreign. 

extero, trivl, trit-, 3, rub out, wear 
out or aioay. 

exterreo, ui, it-, 2, strike with terror, 

extexo, 3, pick to pieces, plunder, 

extiineBCO, timui, 3, fear greatly, 

extixigao=exstinguo, quench. 

extispex, IcIb, diviner. 

extoUo, 3, raise, uplif, defer. 

extorqueo, si, turn, 2, wrest away. 

extorris, e, exiled. 

extra, outside of, except, beyond. 

extraho, xi, ct-, 3, draw forth, with- 
draw, release, protract, outroot. 

extraneuB, a, um, external, strange. 

extraordinarins, a, nm, beyond 
the ranks, uncommon. 

extrarius, a, um, outward, strange, 

extremitas, atius, f., end, edge, 

extremus (-timus), a, um, outmost, 
remotest, utmost, latest, last, 

extrico, i, disentangle, clear, 

extrilidus, a, um, dauntless. 

extriilsecus, /rom abroad, outside, 

extrituB, [tero,] worn off. 

extrudo, si, sum, 3, thrust forth, 

extubero, i, to swell, raise. 

extundo, tudi, tuB, 3, to beat out, 
strike out, devise, extort. 

exturbo, i, drive or thrust away, 

exubero, i, abound, makefuU, 

exudo=exsudo, exude, 

exul=exBul, exile. 

exulcero, i, fester, exasperate, 

exululo, I, howl. 

exulto=exBulto, leap forth. 

exundo, i, overflow, rush forth. 

exungo, unct-, 3, anoint, squander, 

exuo, ui, ut-, 3, put strip or cast off, 
lay aside, despoil, 

exuro, ussi, ust-, 3, burn up, con- 
sume, parch, destroy. 

exuBtio, F., burning, scorching. 

exuviae, arum, F., spoils (stripped 
from an enemy's body), hide, 

exveho=eveho, carry off. 


faba, 8B, F., bean, 

fabaliB, e; -ariUB, a, um, of beans, 

fabella, ee, F., short story or play, 

faber, bri (g. pi. brum), M., smith, 
artisan, craftsman. 

faber, bra, brum, skilful, ingenious, 

FabiuB MaximuB, Dictator in the 
second Punic War, B.C. 2 1 7-209. 

fabre-facio, 3, fashion skilfuUy. 

fabrica, ee, F., workshop, fabric, 
trade, trick or crafty device. 

fabrioatio, F., construction. 

fabricator, oria, m., artificer. 

FabrioiuB, C, consul in the war 
against Pyrrhus, B.C. 279. 

fabricor (-00), i, fashion, construct. 

fabriliB, e, of a smith ; N., pL tools, 

Sbula, ae, f., [fori] story, drama, 

fabula, dim. of faba, bean. 

fabularia, e ; -oaua, a, JxoHf fabulous, 

fabulator, oria, m., story-teller, 

fabulor, i, to talk, converse. 

liaceaao,i,it-, 3, do eagerly, perform; 
get clear, depart, retire. 

facete, neatly, wittily. 

facetias, arum, F., wit, fun. 

facetua, a, um, elegant, fne, funny. 

faciea, el, F., figure, face, appear- 
ance, aspect, pretence. 

facilia, e, [facio,] suited, apt, com- 
pliant, favoring, prosperous, easy, 

facile, easUy, no doubt, readily. 

facilitaa, atda, t., facility, readiness, 
ease, fluency, -good humor. 

facinorosuB, a, um, atrocious, 

facinuB, Qria, N., bold deed, crime. 


facio — fastigium. 

facio, feci,fact-,3; p., fio, fieri, fac- 
tus, mak€f do, •perform, practise, 
esteem, assume, cause ; fit, it hap- 
pens, is usual; fiat, so he it, 
f actio, 5nis, f., making, doing, rank, 

party, class, faction, 
factiosus, a, um, factious, seditious, 
factito, I, keep doing, practice, make, 
factor, oris, m., doer. 
factura, ae, f., doing, deed, 
factus, [facio,] done; n., deed, 
factus, us, M., doing, making. 
facula, 8B, F., [fax,] torch, link, 
Jacultas, atiis, f., opportunity, sup- 
ply, power, abundance, resource, 
facunde, eloquently. 
facundia, 8B, f., eloquence. , 

facundus, a, um, fluent, eloquent, 
faecula, ae, tartar (of wine). 
faeculeutus, a, van, full of dregs. 
Faesulas, arum, f., Fiesole, a hill- 
town near Florence. 
faez, cis, f., lees, dregs, brine, 
faginus (-eus), a, um, of beech. 
f fagus, i, F., beech-tree, 
iala, SB, F., scaffolding, scaffold, 
falarica, aB, F., fire-hall. 
falcariuB, i, m., scythe-maker, 
falcatUB, a, um, scythe-hung or 

falcifer (-ger), era, um, scythe or 

t falco, onis, m., falcon, 
falcula, as, F., sickle, talon, 
falere, is, n., pedestal, pile. 
Falernus, a, um, Falemian, of a re- 
gion in Campania. 
Faliscus, a, um, of Falerii, a city 

of Etruria. 
fallacia, ae, F., deceit, intrigue, 
fallaz, acis, deceitful, fallacious, 
fallo,fefelli, fala-, 3, deceive, cheaty 

beguile, escape notice, 
falsi-dicus, -ficus, -loquus, speak- 
ing or axiting falsely, 
falsimonia, as, f., imposition, 
ialao (e), falsely. 
falsus, a, um, deceitful, fabe, 
falx, cis, F., scythe, sickle, hook, 
fama, as, F., fame^ report (good or 
evil), tradition, reputation. 

famelicuB, a, um, famished. 

fames, is, f., hunger, need, greed, 

famigeratio, onis, F., rumor. 

famigerator, 5ris, m., tale-bearer, 

famigeratUB, a, um, celebrated. 

fsmiilia, as, f., body of slaves, f am- 
ily, household, company, clan. 

familiaris, e, of servants or famUy, 
intimate, friendly ; M., friend, 

familiaritas, atis, f., intimacy. 

familiariter, by families, familiarly, 

famosus, a, um, of good or HI fame. 

famularis, e, of servants or service, 

famulatus, us, m., servitude. 

famulor, i, to serve, be a servant. 

famulus, a, um, serving, service- 
able; M., F., servant. 

fanaticus, a, um, inspired, rapt. 

fauum, i, n., shrine, temple. 

far, farris, n., spelt (a grain), meal, 

farcimen, inis, n., sausage. 

farcio, si, tum, 4, to stuff'; cram. 

farfarus, i, m., coWs-foot (a plant). 

farina, ae, f., meal, flour, substance. 

farrago, inis, F., mixed fodder (for 
cattle), medley. 

farrarius, a, um, of grain ; n., pi. 

farratus (-eus), a, um, of com, grain . 

fartor, oris, M.,fattener (of fowls), 

fartum, i, n., [farcio,] stuffing, 

^g^mdech), right (by divine law). 

fascia, as, f., band, swathe, 

fasciculu s, i, m., packet, 

lascina, se^F., fagot, 

fascino, i, bewitch, fascinate. 

fascinum, i, N., witchcraft, amulet, 

fasciola, ae, f., bandage. 

fascis, is, m., bundle; fasces, (pi.), 
rods-and-axe, (symbol of office 
with power of life and death), 
consulship, [fassus, v, fateor. 

faslidio, 4, loathe, despise, scorn, 

fastidiose, disdainfully. 

fastidiosus, a, um, full of disgust, 

fastidium, i, N., loathing, aversioriy 
haughtiness, contempt, 

fasligatus, a, um, sloping, steep, 

fastigium, i, N., top (of gable), 
highest point or rank. 

A .^ 

£Mtigo — ferramentom. 


fsuitigo, I, bring to a point, exalt, 
fastdsiis, a, uxn, haughty, sumptuous. 
fastos, i, M.y court-day; pL, calendar, 
fastUB, us, M., haughtiness, contempt, 
fatalis, e^ fated, destined, fatal, 
fataliter, by fate or destiny, 
fateor, fasBua, 2, confess, manifest, 
fatlcSuius (-cinua, -dicus), a, um, 

predicting fate, prophetic, 
fatifer, era, um, deadly, 
fatagatio, F., weariness, banter. 
fatigo, I, toeary, plague, vex, jeer, 
latiin, sufficiently, 
fatdsco (-cor), 3, gape open, faint. 
fatoitas, atia, f., folly. 
fatum, i, N., [for,] destiny, doom, 
fatuor, I, talk foolvildy, 
fatiiB, us, M. [for,] word, 
fatuus, prophetic (title of Faunus). 
fatuus, a, um, foolish, Jiat, insipid, 
fauce, F.,jato (abl. sing.) ; and pL, 
fauoes, ium, f., throat, defile, gulf, 
Faunus, i, a rustic deity of Latium, 
son of Picus, gr.-son of Saturn. 
Faustulus, i, the shepherd who 

brought up Romulus. 
faustus, a, nni, fortunate, auspicious, 
fautor, (-vitor), dris, m. ; -triz, icis, 

F., favorer, patron, 
faveo, favi, faut-, 2, favor, befriend, 
favilla, SB, F., glowing embers. 
faviasae, arum, F. storage-cell. 
Favonius, i, M., the Spring West- 
favor, oris, M., good-will, applause, 
favorabilis, e, pleasing, in favor, 
favus, i, M., honey-comb, 
fax, ficis, F., torch, firebrand, 
faxlm, feUco==fecerini, feoero, sub. 

and flit perf. of facio, do, 
febricito, l, be ill of fever, 
febrioala, ee, F., slight fever, 
febris, is, im (em), i (e), f., fever, 
Februarius, 1, m., February, 
februa, onim, n., purgation (religi- 
ous festival of February 1 5). 
fecunditas, atis, f., fertility, plenty, 
fecundo, i, fertilize, 
fecundus, a, um, fertile, abundant, 
fel, fellis, N., gall, bitterness, wrath, 
leles, is, f., cat, thief. 

felicitas, atis, F., fertility, happiness, 
feliciter, fruitfully, auspiciously, 
felinus, a, um, of a cat. 
feliz, iQiB, fertile, auspicious happy, 
fellitus (-daus), a, um,/u// ofgcUL 
fello, I, to suck. 
femella, ae, F., girl. 
feminis, g. of femur, thigh, 
femina, ae, F., woman, female. 
feminatus, a, um, effeminate. 
femineus, a, um, of woman. 
femininus, a, uxrL,feminine. 
femur, dris (inis), N., thigh, 
fenebris, e, of usury, 
feneratio, F., lending on interest. 
fenerator, oris, m., money-lender. 
feneror(-o), i, lend, practice usury, 

cheat or extort by usury, 
fenestra, ae, f., window, entrance. 
fenestro, i, furnish with windows. 
fenilia, ium, N., hay-loft, 
fenisez, sScis, m., mower, rustic. 
fenum, i, n., hay. 

fenus, 6ris, N., interest, gain, profit. 
fera, as, F., wild beast, game. 
firalis, e, of the dead, deadly. 
feraz, acis, {feroi] fertile, 
ferculum, i, n., litter, bier, dish, 
fere, almost, quite, hardly, generally. 
ferentarius, a, um, light-armed. 
Feretrius, i, [ferio,] the Subduer. 
t feretrum^siferculum, litter, 
ferias, arum, f., holidays, festivals. 
feriatus, a, um, at leisure, quiet. 
ferinus, a, um, of wild beasts, 
ferio, 4, strike, batter, kill, cheat. 
ferior, i, keep holiday, 
feritaa, atis, F., wildness, rudeness, 
ferme=fere, nearly, hardly, 
fermentatus, a, am, loose, soft. 
fermento, i, rise, ferment, 
fermentum, i, n., leaven, beer, 
fero, ferre, tuli, lat-, to bear, carry, 

get, raise, show, report, say, tell. 
fer5cia, as; -citas, tatis, f., toUd- 

ness, ferocity. 
ferociter, boldly, fiercely, 
feroculus, a, um, rather fierce. 
Feronia, ae, F., a divinity of Plants, 
ferox, 5cis, bold, fierce, 
ferramentum, i, N., iron tool. 


ferrarius — filnm. 

ferraritts, a, tun, of iron ; M., black- 
smith; F., iron-mine. 

ferratus, a, urn, iron-clad or shod. 

ferreus, a, um, of iron^ hard, cruel. 

ferricrepinus, a, um, clanking. 

ferxiteriuni, i, n., chain-house, jail. 

ferritribaz, acis, iron-galled. 

ferriigmeiis, a, um, of iron-rust 
(color or taste). 

ferrugo, inis, f., iron-rust. 

ferrum, i, n., iron, steel (sword). 

ferrumen, inis, n., cement, rust. 

ferrumino, i, to solder, cement, 

feitilis, e, fruitful, productive, 

fertilitas, atds, F.,fruitfulness, fer- 
tility, abundance. 

fertorius, a, um,^r carrying ; n., 

fertum, i, N., oblation-cake. 

fertus, a, um, fertile, 

ferula, ae, F., fennel, twig, rod, 

ferus, a, um, wild, rude, barbarous ; 
F., a tmld beast. 

ferve-facio, 3, to boil, melt. 

fervens, tls, hot, glowing. 

ferveo, bui, 2 ; -vo (-vesco), vi, 3, 
to bum, glow, ferment, swarm. 

fervidus, a, um, hot, glomng,fiery. 

fervor, oris, m., heat, glow, passion. 

Feacennia, ee, F., a town of Etru- 
ria on the Tiber. 

Fescennini, rude jesting verses. 

fessus, a, um, weary, weak. 

feslananter (-atdm, -ato), hastily. 

feslanatio, onis, f., haste, speed. 

festino, i, make haste, hasten. 

festlnus, a, um, hasty, quick, early. 

festSve, joyouslyt delightfully. 

feslivitas, atis, f., gaiety, delight, 
cheer, festivity, kindness. 

festivuB, a, um, lively, agreeable. 

festuca, 8B, F., stalk, straw, rod. 

festus, a, vaa, festal; n., banquet. 

fetiales, pL, the college of heralds. 

feto, I, to breed, haich, fructify. 

fetura, se, F., bringing-forth. 

fetus, a, um, breeding, teeming, full. 

fetus, us, M., breeding, breed, pro- 
geny, offspring, fruit, produce. 

fex, fgcis=f8e2:, lees, dregs. 

fi, imperat. of fio, become. 

fiber, bri, m., beaver. 

fiblar==fibula, clasp. 

fibra, 8B, F., fibre, entraiL 

fibrinus, a, um, of the beaver, 

fibula, ae, F., clasp, pin. 

fibulo, I, to clasp, fasten. 

ficarius, a, um, of figs. 

ficedula, », f., fig-pecker (a bird). 

ficetum, i, n., a fig-orchard. 

fictilis, e, of clay, earthen, [fingo.] 

fiotio, 5nis ; -tura, ae, f., makingy 
fashioning, feigning. 

fictor, 5ris, M., image-maker, baker. 

ficuB, i (us), F4,fig; adj., -ulnus. 

fidel-committo, 3, put in trust. 

fide-jubeo, 2, give security, 

fidilia, ae, F., earthen pot, jar, 

fidelis, e, trusty, faithful, sure, 

fidelitas, atis, f., faithfulness. 

Fidenae, arum, F., an old town of 

fidens, tis, confident, bold, 

fidenter, courageously. 

fidentia, ae, f., confidence, boldness, 

fides, Si, F., tcust, belief, credit, 
promise, security, credibility^ faith . 

fides, is, F., string, lute, lyre, 

fidicen, inis, M. ; -cina, f., a lute- 
player, or harpist. 

fidicula, dim. of fides, lyre. 

Fidius, god of Trust, an epithet of 
Jupiter (as, me dlus fidius). 

fido, fisus, 3, trust, confide. 

fiducia, ae, F., trust, boldness, pledge, 

fiducio, I, to pledge, mortgage. 

fidus, a, um, trusty, sure, safe. 

figlinus, a, um, of a potter ; n., poL 

figmentum, i, 'ii., forming, fiction. 

figo, 3ri, zum, 3, fasten, fix, pierce, 

figularis, e, of a potter. 

figulis, i, M., potter, bricklayer. 

figiira, ae, f., shape, kind, phantom. 

figiiratio, onis, f., fashioning. 

figuro, I, to form, shape, picture. 

fHia, ae, (d. pi. abus), daughter, 

filioatus, a, um, decked with fern. 

filiola, ae, f., little daughter, 

filiolus, i, M., little son. 

filius, i, (v., fill), M., son ; pi. children. 

filix, icis, F.,fern. 

filum, i, N., thread, fillet, outline. 

fimbria — floreo. 



fimbriaD, amm, p., threads^ fringe. 

fimuB, i, M., (una, N.), dung, manure, 

finalis, e, of boundaries, final. 

findo, fidX fiBS-, 3, split, part, divide. 

fingo, lud, fict-, 2^/^^''^^ faskiony 
make, instruct, represent, invent. 

finlo, 4^ to limit, hound, appoint. 

finis, is, M., end, limit, border; pL, 
bounds, territory. 

ffnifrifimH, a, nm, bordering, neigh- 
boring, like; pi., neighbors. 

finitio, P., bounding, defining. 

finitor, oris, m., surveyor, finisher. 

fio, fieri, fact-, p. of facio, make. 

firxnamentum, i, N., support, sky. 

firmator, M.,esiablisher. 

firme (-iter), firmly. 

firmitas, atds ; -tudo, inis, f., firm- 
ness, strength, endurance. 

firmo, I, strengthen, establish. 

Firmum, i, n., a port of E. Italy. 

firmus, a, uxn, stable, strong^ firm. 

fiscalis, e, of the treasury. 

fiscella (-cina), ee, p., osier basket. 

fiscus, i, M., basket, treasury. 

fissilis, e, split (or that can be). 

fissura, 8D, p., cleft, chink. 

fissns [flndo,] split,cloven : if. f cleft. 

fissipes, pedis, cloven-footed. 

fistiica, 8D, P., rammer, beetle. 

fistuoo, I, ram down. 

fistula, 86, P., pipe, tube, reed. 

fistulator, oris, m., a piper. 

fistul5sus, a, wai,fuU of holes* 

fisiis, [fido,! having trusted. 

^xaB,[fiQqi] fixed. 

flabellum, i, ii., fan, fly-flap. 

flabilis, e, airy. 

flabra, 5rum, n., blasts, breezes. 

flacceo, 2 ; -cesco, 3, droop, wither. 

fiaccidus (flacous), 9, um, flabby, 
feeble, languid. 

flagello, I, scourge, beat, lash. 

flagelluxn, i, N., whip, thong, shoot. 

flagitatio, p., earnest request. 

flagitator, oris, m ., demander, dun. 

flagitioBe, infamously. 

flagitioBUS, a, um, shameful, infa- 
mous, disgraceful 

flagitium, i, n., dvgraceful thing or 
cuit ; scoundrel, vUlain. 

fiagito, I, demand vehemently. 

fiagrems, tis, blazing, glowing. 

flagranter, ardently, eagerly. 

fiagrantia, ae, p., burning heat. 

flagritriba, sb, m., wearing out the 
lash (nickname of a slave). 

flagro, I, to flame, blaze, glow, bum. 

flagruxn, i, n., whip, scourge. 

flamen, inis, n.. blast, wind, gale. 

flamen, inis, M., priest (of one god). 

fiaminica, aflamen's wife. 

fiaminius, a, um, of a flamen. 

fiamma, as, p., flame, blaze, pas- 
sion, conflagration, peril. 

flammeus, a, VLm, fiery, red, flame- 
colored; N., bridal veil. 

flammifer (-ger), era, vuai, flaming, 
flame-bearing, fiery. 

flammo, i, to blaze, burn, redden. 

flatilis, e, produced by blowing. 

flator, 5ris, M., blower, caster (of 
metal), melter, coiner. 

fiatura, ae, p., blowing, casting. 

fiatus, lis, M., blowing, blast. 

flaveo, 2 ; -vesco, 3, to be golden, 
or yellow. 

flavus, a, um, yellow, gold-color. 

fiebilis, e, lamentable, tearful. 

flecto, zi, zimi, 3, to bend, turn. 

flemina, ee, p., swollen ankle. 

fleo, flevi, flet-, 2, weep, drip, bewatL 

fletus, us, M., weeping. 

fiezanimus, a, um, affecting, moved. 

flezibilis (-ilis), e, pliant, bending. 

flesdloquus, a, um, equivocal. 

flezio, onis, p., bending, inflection. 

flezo, I, to bend, curve. 

flezu58us, a, um, full of bends. 

flezura, ae, P. ; -zus, us, M., bend- 
ing, turning, winding. 

flezus, [flecto,] bent. 

flictus, us, M., clash. 

flo, I, to blow, cast (metal). 

floccus, i, M., lock of wool, trifle. 

floces, um. P., dregs, lees. 

Flora, ae, goddess of Flowers. 

floralis, e, of Flora ; N., pi., garden. 

florens, tis, shining, flourishing. 

Florentia, ae. P., Florence. 

floreo, ui, 2, to bloom, flower, swellf 
flourish, prosper. 


floresco — fortiter. 

fioresco, ui, 3, come into blossom. 
floreus (-idus), a, um, of flowers, 

flowery y abounding in flowers. 
florilegus, a, uxn, culling flowers, 
florulentua, a, uxn, abounding in 

flowers, blooming, youthful, 
flos, oris, M.., flower, blossom, top, 
flosculuB, i, M ., floweret, 
flucto, I, to wave, flow, 
fluctuatio, onis, f., wavering, 
fluctuo (-or), I, undulate, waver, 
fluctaosus, a, um, billowy, 
fluctus, us, M., wave, billow, flood, 
fluens, t^Bf flowing, lax, fluent, 
fluentum, i, n., flood, stream, 
fluiduB, a, um, flowing, fluid, lax, 
fluito, I, float, waver, undulate, 
flumen, inis, n., stream, river, flood. 
flumineus, a, um, of a river. 
fluo, xi, sum, 3, to flow, overflow, 

pour, come forth, pass away, 
fluor, oris, m., flowing, flux, 
fluBtra, orum, n., calm at sea. 
fluto, I, to float. 
fluvialis (-atilis), e, of a river, 
fluviuB, i, M., river, stream. 
fluzio,onis; -xus, us, M., a flowing, 
fluzus \flvioi\ fluid, loose, frail, 
foc£Lle, is, N., [faux,] neck-band, 
focillo, I, comfort with warmth, 
foQuluaf jfire-panf brazier, 
focuB, i, M., fire-place, hearth, 
fodioo, I, to pierce, 
fodiua, ee, f., pit, mine, 
fodio, fodi, fosB-, 3, dig, 
foederatus, a, um, leagued, 
""*"**•— iioBdero, i, to league, establish, 
foedifraguB, a, um, perfldiotts, 
foeditaB, atia, f., foulness, fllth, 
fcedo, I, to defile, disfigure, 
.-. foedus, a, um,/oM/, ugly. 

fiaedus, eris, n., league, treaty, 
fGBnuB:^fenus, profit. 
fcBteo ; 2, -escO; 3, have an ill smell, 
fostiduB, a, um, of evil odor, foul, 
foetor, oriB, M., stench, 
foetuB=fetuB, jyroduce. 
fostutina, ae, f., dirt-hole, puddle. 
foliatuB, a, um, leafy ; n., ointment, 
folium, i, N., leaf, trifle, 
folliculuB, i, M., bag, pod, hush. 

folliB, is, M.., bellows, wind-bag, 
foUitim, with money-bags, 
fomentum, i, n., poultice, comfort, 
fomeB, ItdB, M., tindei', touchwood, 
fouB, tia, M., fountain, source, 
fontanuB, a, um, of a spring. 
fonticuluB, i, m., [fona,] spring. 
^t6r, fatUB, I, (§ 38, iv.), speak, say, 
foram.en, inia, n., aperture, 

,e^^j£oTaa, out of doors. 
foratUB, UB, M., boring, 
forcepa, ipia, D., tongs, pincers. 
forduB, a, um, unth young. 
fore, fut. infin. of Bum, to be, 
forenaiB, e, of the forum, 
forfez, fioiB, f., shears, 
forica, ae, f., storeliouse. 
forinseouB, from without, 
foriB, iB, F., (gen. pi. um), door, 

■ — loriB, abroQjd,from without, 
forma, ae, F., shape, beauty, motdd. 
formalis, e, of a form or mould, 
formatio, onia, f., forming, design. 
formator, oriB, m., former, framer. 
Formiae, arum, F„ a town of S. 

formica, ae, F., ant, 
formico, I, crawl like ants, 
formidabiliB, e, fearful, 
formido, i, to fear, dread. 
formido, inia, F., fear, dread, 
formidoloBUB, a, imi, timid, dread- 
ful, fearful, afraid, 
formiduB, a, um, warm, 
formo, I, to fashion, shape. 
formoBUB, a, um, beautiful, 
formula, ee, F., beauty, pattern, nde, 
formuB, a, um, warm, 
fornacalia, e, of a furnace or oven, 
for;iax, acia, f., furnace, oven,kiln, 
fornicatim, archwise, 
fornicatuB, a, um, arched, vavUed, 
fornix, icia, M., arch, vaults brothel 
foro, I, to bore, pierce, 
forpez, icia, F., curling-tongs, 
fora, tia, f., chance, fortune. 
fora, forte, foraan, forait, foraitan, 

fortaaae, perhaps, 
ffortaz, acia, M., base offurnctce. 
fortia, e, strong, brave, vigorous. 
fortiter, vigorously, boldly. 

f ortitndo — MzLgilla. 


fortitudo, inis, F., vigor, bravery, 
forttiitUB, a, mn, accidental, 
fortuit5 (tu), acddentally. 
fortuna, ae, f., fortune (good or 

ill), condition ; pL, property, 
fortiinatua, a, nm, fortunate, pros- 
perous, happy, 
fortuno, I, maks prosperous, 
foruli, orum, m., hook-shelves, 
foruzn, i, n., public square, market; 
a square in Rome, the chief 
place of public business. 
foms, i, M., gangway, row of seats 

or cells, garden-bed. 
fossa, as, f., ditch, trench. 
fossilJB, e ; -tins, a, nm, dug-up, 
fossio, onia; -ura, ae, f., digging, 
foBSor, 5ris, m., digger, 
fossils, [fodio,] dug. 
lotus, [foveo,] loarmed, cherished, 
■fotus, us, M. warming, comforting, 
fovea, 8B, F., pit, pitfaU, 
foveo, fovi, fot-, 2, to warm, cherish, 
fraces, urn, m., grounds, dregs, 
fracesco, cui, 3, grow mellow or 

fraoidus, a, um, soft, mellow, 
fraotiira, se, F., breach, fragmenL 
fractus, [frango,] broken. 
fraenum==^frenum, curb, bit, 
fraga, drum, n., strawberries, 
fragesco, 3, be broken or subdued, 
fragilis, e.fraU, apt to break, 
fragilitas, atis, f., fraiUy, brittle- 

ness, weakness, 
fragmen, inis, n., fracture, wreck, 

fragmentum, i, n., fragment, rem- 
fragor, oris, m., crash, din, 
fragdsus, a, um, fragile, broken, 

rough, roaring, crashing. 
fragrans, tis, sweet-scented. 
firagrantia, 88, F., fragrance. 
fragro, i, to emit odor, 
fraxnea, ae, f., spear, sword. 
frango, fregi, fract-, 3, to break, 

crush, bruise, weaken, subdue, 
frater, tris, m., brother. 
fraterculus, i, m., little brother, 
frateme, brotherly, heartily. 

frSLtemitas, Sltis, F., brotherhood, 
fraternus, a, una, brotherly, 
fratria, ae, f., brother's wife, 
fratricida, ae, m.., frairicide. 
fraudatio, onia, F., deceit, fraud, 
fraudator, oris, m., deceiver, cheat, 
fraudo, I, cheat, defraud, steal, 
fraudidentia, ae, F., deceit. 
fraudulentus, a, um, deceitful, 
fraus, dis, F., deceit, crime, harm, 
frazinus, i, F., ash; spear, 
frazinus (-eus), a, um, ashen, 
Fregellanus, a, um, of Fregellas^ 

an old town of Latium. 
fremebundus, a, um, murmuring, 
fremitus, us, m., roaring noise. 
fremo, ui, it-, 3, roar, murmur^ 

grumble, growl, mutter, 
Iremor, 5ris, m., low roaring, 
frenator, 5ris, M., controller, 
frendo, fres-, 3, gnash, crush, 
freniger, a, um, bridled, 
freno, i, to bridle, curb, check, 
Irenum, i, n. (pi., i, M., or a, N.), 

curb, bit, bridle, rein, 
frequens, tia,frequent, crowded,fulL 
frequenter, often, iii large numbers, 
frequentatio, onis, f., crowding. 
frequentatus, a, um, much used. 
frequentia, aD, f., crowd, throng. 
frequento, i, to resort, frequerdy 

crowd, assemble, celebrate, 
fresus, [frendo,] bruised, 
fretalis, e, of a strait, 
fretum, i, N., strait, channel, sea, 
fretus, a, um, relying, sustainedf 

trusting, danng, 
fretus, us, M., reliance, 
frico, cui, ct- (cat-), i, to rub. 
frictus, [frigo,] roasted, parched, 
frigeo, 2 , -esco, frizi, 3, to be cold^ 

stiff, torpid, languid, faint, 
frigidarius, a, um, of cooling ; N., 

cooling-room ; pi., cold-closet, 
frigide, coldly, feebly, fiaily. 
frigidulus, a, um, rather cold or stiff, 
frigidus, a, um, cold, cool, chill, duU, 
frigo, xi, ct- (acum), 3, roast, fry, 
frigus, 6ris, N., coldness, winter, chUL 
frigutio, 4, to twitter, stammer, 
fringilla, ae, f., robin (?), finch* 



Mo — famifioo. 

frio, I, to rtiby hreaky crumMe. 
friUlla, se, F., gruel. 
fritillua, i, M., dice-box, 
fritinnio, 4, twitter, 
frivolua, a, mn, silly j paltry, 
frizorium, i, n. ; fiiziira, 88, F., 

frizas, [frigo,] roasted, 
frondator, 5ris, m., leaf-pruner, 
frondeo, 2 ; -esco, dui, 3, put forth 

fr ondeuB (-ifer, -osus), a, urn, leafy, 
frons, dis, F., leaf, bough, garland. 
Irons, tds, f., brow, front, forehead. 
frontklia, um, n., frontlet, 
fronto, oniSi m., wide-brow, 
fructifer, era, tun, fruit-beanng, 
fructuarius, a, um, offruit-beanng. 
fructuosufl, a, urn, fruitful, profit- 
able, abounding in fruit. 
fructus, [firuor,] enjoying. 
fructus, us, M., fruit, profit, enjoy- 
ment, consequence, resuU, 
frugalis, e, thrifty, prudent, 
frugalitas, atis, f., thrift, worth, 
fruges, \fnxi\ fruits (of the earth). 
frugi (indecL), worthy, useful. 
frugifer, era, tun, fruit-bearing-, 
frumentarius, a, tun, of com, 
abounding in com ; res firanien- 
taria, supply of com. 
frumentatio, onis, f., providing or 

distributing of com, foraging, 
frumentor, 1, fetch or provide com. 
friunenttun, i, N., com, grain, 
fruniscor, nitus, 3, enjoy. 
&iui8=frons, tis, leaf. 
fruor, fruct- (fruit-), 3, to enjoy. 
frustatini (-tillatim), piecemeal. 
frusto, I, break in pieces, 
firustra, in vain, toithout reason. 
frustratio, 5nis, f., deceiving, dis- 
appointment, failure. 
frustror (-tro), i, deceive, disappoint, 
frustulentus, a, um, full of crumbs, 
frustum, i, N., piece, fragment, 
frutectum, i, N., shrubbery, 
frutez, icis, M., shrub, bush, stem, 
fruticetum, t N., thicket, shrubbery, 
frutico, (-cor)» I, to sprout, groio 

fruticosus, a, tun, bushy, shrubby. 

fruz, gis, ¥,, fruit, produce, [finges.] 

fucatus, a, um, counterfeit, 

fuco, I, to paint, dye, stain, 

fucosus, a, um, painted, colored, 
stained, counterfeit, 

fucuB, 1, M., orchil (a lichen), red, 
rouge, deceit; bie-glue; drone. 

friga, ae, F., flight, exile, avoiding, 

frigaciter, in fleeing. 

frigaz, eioiB, fleet, fleeing, 

frigictis, tis, fleeting, vanishing, 

frigio, fugi, frigit-, 3, flee, pass 
away, avoid, escape, 

frigitivus, a, um, runaway, deserter. 

frigito, I, flee hastily, avoid. 

frigo, I, drive, chase, rout. 

frii, perf. of sum, to be. 

frilcimen, inis, n., prop, 

fulcio, frilsi, frilt-, 4, to prop, sup- 
port, strengthen, secure, 

frilcrum, i, N., bed-post, couch. 

frilgeo, frtlsi, 2 ; -gesco, 3, to glitter, 
flash, shine, lighten, 

fulgetrum, i, n., heat-lightning. 

frilgidus, a, um, glittering, shining. 

fulgor, 5ris, m., flash, gleam, splen- 
dor, brightness, glory, 

frilgur, firis, N., lightning. 

fulguralis, e, of lightning, 

frilguratio, onis, f., flashing, 

fulgurlo, 4, to hurl lightning. 

fulguro, I, to lighten, flash, shine, 

frilica, ae, ; -liz, icio, f. coot, diver, 

fuligo, ginis, f., soot. 

friUo, onis, M., fuller. 

fullonious (-ius), e^tun, offuUers; 
F,, fuller^ s art or shop, 

frilmen, inis, n., thunderbolt. 

frilmenta, », f., prop, shoe-heel 

frilmentum, i, n., prop, bedpost. 

frilminatio, onis, f., lightning. 

frilmineus, a, um, of the thunder- 
bolt, destructive, 

frilmino, I; hurl lightnings, blast. 

fultura, ae, F., support. 

friltus, [frilcio,] propped, 

frilvus, a, um, yellow, tawny. 

fiimeus (-idus), a, tun, smoky. 

fumifer, era, um, emitting smoke* 

fumifico, I, bum incense. 

flunig^ — galbevm. 


fumigo, 1 1 to smoke, fumigate, 
famo, I, to smoke, steam, reek, 
fuzndauB, a, iim, smoky, reeking, 
ftiiniis, i, M., smoke, fume, vapor, 
fanalia, e,of a rope or trace; N^ 

thong, torch, candlestand. 
fonambulns, i, m,. rope-dancer. 
funarins, a, um, of a rope. 
funotio, 5niB, f., discharging, fvJtr 

fihnent, execution. 
ftmctiiB, [fongor,] having fulfilled. 
fdnda, ad, p., sling, casting^net, purse. 
fundimen, inis; -mentum, i, N., 

foundation, groundwork. 
fimdator, 5riB, M., founder. 
fundatUB, a, nm, durable. 
Fundi, orum, a town of Latium. 
fdndito, I, to hurl, sling, 
fdnditor, Sxia, m., slinger, 
funditns, from the bottom, utterly. 
fiuido, f5di, foB-, 3, to pour, melt, 

bathe, pour or spread forth, rout. 
fondo, I, to establish, found, secure, 
fdnduB, i, M., bottom, estate. 
iunebriB, e; -ereuB, a, um, of 

burial, deadly, fatal. 
Itinero, i, bury, destrc^, 
fiineBto, i, pollute (with murder). 
lanestiiB, a, nm, fatal, mournful. 
fonetum, i, n., arbor of vines, 
funginua, a, nm, of mushrooms, 
fungor, funct-, 3, perform, fulfil, 
fungosos, a, um, fungous, spongy. 
fungus, i, M., mushroom, soft-head, 

inniculuB, i, m., slender cord, 
funiB,iB, M., rope, cord, line. 
fnnuB,.eriB, n., burial, corpse, death, 

ruin, funeral rites. 
ftto, 3,=sBum, be. 
fur, furiB, M., thief knave, drone, 
furaz, SciB, thievish, 
furca, 80, F., fork, stake, prop, 
fnrcifer, eri, m., yoke-bearer (jzsciX), 
Inrcilla, m, f., dim. of furca, fork, 
fnrcula, 89, f., forked prop, ravine, 
furfur, uriB, M., bran, scurf 
fizriae, anzm, F., madness; Furies 

(goddesses of Vengeance). 
fnr&llB, e, raging, maddening, 
fuxibnnduB, a, nm, mad, raging* 

furinuB, a, um, of thieves. 

furio, I, madden, enrage. 

fiiridBUB, a, um, raging, furious. 

fumuB, i, M., oven. 

furo, ul, 3, rage, be furious. 

furor, I, to steal, take away secretly, 

furor, orlB, M., raging, madness. 

furtim, stealthily, 

furtivuB, a, um, stolen, secret, 

furtum, 1, N., theft, deceit, 

fumnouluB, i, m., pilferer; boU. 

furvuB, a, um, dusky, gloomy, 

fuBcina, ae, f., trident, 

fuBCO, I, to blacken, darken, 

fuBCUB, a, um, swarthy, dark, hoarse* 

fnae, extended, copiously, 

fuailiB, e, molten, liquid, 

fuBio, oniB, p., pouring, melting. 

fuBtibalUB, i, m., sling-staff. 

fuBtiB, iB, M ., cudgel, staff, club. 

fuBtuarium, i, N., beating to death. 

foBUB, [fiindo,] spread, diffuse. 

fiisuB, UB, M., melting, pouAng. 

fusus, i, M., spindle, 

futatim, abundantly. 

futiliB, e, [fundo,] loose, vain, idle; 

for pouring ; N., pan, 
futilitaB, atiB, f., vanity, 
futuruB, fut part, of aum, to be. 


gabaluB, i, m., gallows. 

gabataa, arum, f., platter, 

Gkibii, drum, m., an old city of 

Latium, 12 miles from Rome. 
Gkidea, ium, F., Cadiz, a port of 

Spain, a Phoenician colony. 
ga&aum, i, n., heavy Gallic javelin. 
Oaetuli, omm, a people of N.-W. 

Africa, in Morocco, 
fgagatea, ae, m., asphalt, Jet, 
fgalactttea (galaziaa), 89, M., 

Galataa, Imm, people of Galatia, 

in N. central Asia Minor. 
galba, ae, F., ash-worm, 
galbanum, i, n., a fragrant gum, 
galbanua, a, um, greenish yellow, 
galbeum, i, n. ; ua, m., arm-band. 


galbnla — gentieiu. 

galbnla, m, f., yellow thrush ( f). 

galbuluB, i, M., cypress-cone. 

galbuB, a, nm, yellow ; smooth, 

galea, a», f., helmet (of leather). 

galeatns, a, nm, hehneted. 

galena, », f., lead-ore, dross. 

galeo, I, to put on the helmeL 

galeritns, a, nm, hooded; ¥., crested 

galeruB, i, m. ; -nm, N., leather cap. 

galla, ae, f., gall-nut. 

gallana, tis, revelling, raving. 

Oallia, 8D, f., Gaul, including Bel- 
gium, France, and Switzerland. 

galliciiiinm, i, n., cock-crowing. 

GallicuB, (-canns), a, nm, Gallic. 

gallina, ae, F., hen. 

gedlinacens (-aricns), a, nm, of 

galUnula, ae, f., ptdlet. 

Gallograecia, gs=Galatia. 

Gallns, i, m., a Gaul; a Phrygian 
stream ; a priest of Cybele. 

gallna, i, m., cock. 

gamba, ae, f., hoof. 

ganea, ae, f. ; -um, i, n., cook-shop. 

ganeo, onia, M., glutton. 

Ganges, is, m., a river of India. 

gannio, 4, to yelp, bark. 

gannitus, us, m., yelping, chirping. 

ganta, ao, f. (German), a goose. 

Ganymedea, is, myth, son of 
Laomedon, stolen by Jupiter. 

Garamantes, um, a tribe of In- 
terior Africa. 

Garganus, i, m ., a stormy mountain 
range of Apulia. 

Gargara, onmi, a mt. near Troy. 

fgargarizo, i, to gargle. 

garrio, 4, to chatter, talk. 

gamilitas, Stis, f., chattering. 

gamdua, a, ulqi, talkative, garru- 
lous, babbling, murmuring. 

t garum (on), i, N., fish-sauce. 

gandeo, gavisns, 2 (§ 35, ii), to re- 
joice, be glad, delight in, 

gaudium, i, n., joy (at heart). 

fgaulus, i, M., bucket, tub, boat. 

Ganms, i, a mt. of Campania. 

gausapa, se (-e8,-e, -um), frieze, felt. 

gavisns, [gandeo,] glad. 

SB, f., treasure. 

QelsL, 80, F., a city in S. Sicily. 

gelasco, ^freeze. 

gelatio, onis, F., freezing. 

gelicidinm, i, n.,frosL 

gelide, coldly, famdy. 

gelidus, a, nm, cold, icy. 

gelo, I, freeze, chill, stiffen. 

geln, ns, a., frost, cold, chill. 

gemellus, [geminns,] twin. 

geminatio, onis, f., doubling. 

gemino, i, to double, redouble,joiiu 

geminns, a, nm, tvnn, double, like. 

gemitns, us, m., a sigh, groan, roar, 

gemma, ae, f., bud, gem. 

gemmens, a, nm, of gems, glitter- 
ing, sparkling. 

gemmifer, era, nm, containing gems. 

gemmo, i, to put forth buds, or 
shine with gems. 

gemmnla, ae, F., [gemma,] bud, 

gemo, ni, it-, 3, sigh, bewail, moan, 

gena, a», F., cheek, eyelid. 

gener, eri, m., son-in-law. 

generSlis, e, generic, general. 

generatim, by kinds, generally, 

generator, oris, M., author, father^ 

genero, i, engender, produce. 

generdsitas, atis, f., noble breed. 

generosuB, a, nm, of noble descent^ 
great, noble, generous. 

f genesis, is, f., birth, creation, 

genetrijc, icis, f., mother. 

Gteneva (-ava, -ua), ae, f., a city on 
the Helvetian boundary of uauL 

genialis, e, of birth, nuptial, genial, 

genialiter, genially, meiTily, 

geniculatus, a, nm, vnth bent knee, 
knotted, bent, crooked, 

genicnlnm, i, N., [genu,] knee, knot, 

genista (-esta), ae, f., broom-plant. 

genitalis, e ; -Uvus, a, nm, ofbirUi 
or generation, fruitful, fertilizing, 

genitor, 5ris, M., father. 

genitura, ae ; -tus, us, M., Urth, gen- 
eration, begetting. 

genitus, [gigno,] begotten. 

genius, i, m. (v. i), divine guardian ; 
genius or inclination, 

gens, tis, f., clan, race, house, 

genticns, a, nm, of a tribe or people. 



gentilicius — gloria. 


gentilicius, a, um, of a clan or 
famUy, national. 

gentnis, e, of the same clan or house, 

genlilitas, atis, p., kindred of clan, 

genu, us, N.; knee, joint, 

Gteuua,8e,F., Genoa; also, Geneva. 

genualia, um, N., garters. 

genuinuB, a, um, [genus,] innate, 
native; [gena,] ofttie cheek or jaw, 

genus, eris, n., birth, kind, race, 

fgeometres (-tra), se ; -ter, tri, M., 

f geometria, ee, F., geometry. 

f georgicus, a, um, of husbandry. 

germana, ae, p., sister. 

germane, faithfully, brotherly, 

Qermania, 8B, p., Germany. 

germanitas, atis, p., brotherhood. 

germanus, i, m., brother. 

germanus, a, um, of one's own bro- 
ther or sister, genuine, true. 

Qermanus, a, um, German. 

germen, inis, n., sprig, sprout, bud, 

^rminatio, 5nis, p. ; -tus, us, M., 
sprouting, germination. 

germino, i, to bud, germinate, 
ero, gessi, gest-, 3, to bear, carry, 
wear, wage (war), show, transact. 

gero, onis, m., abducter, carrier. 

gerree, arum, p., trifles, nonsense. 

gerro, onis, M., trifier, loafer. 

gerulus, a, um, bearing, doing, 

■f gerusia, ee, P., old man^s retreat. 

Qeryon, onis, myth. k. of Spain, 
a monster with three bodies. 

gestamen, inis, n., burden, a thing 
worn, oi'nament, equipment, litter. 

gestatio, onis, p., bearing, carry- 
ing, place of resort. 

gestator, oris, m., bearer, carrier. 

gesticulor, i, make gestures. 

gestio, onis, p., doing, performing. 

gestio, 4, exult, desire eagerly. 

gesto (-tito), I, bear, carry, report. 

gestor, oris, m., tale-bearer, doer. 

gestus, [gero,] borne; res gestae, 
deeds, exploits. 

gestus, us, M., gesture, bearing. 

gesum=g8ssum, javelin. 

Qetse, arum, a Thracian people 
near the Danube. 

gibber, era; gibbus (osus, -er5- 
sus), a, um, hunch-backed. 

Gigantes, um, the Giants, sons of 
Earth and Tartarus. 

gignentia, um, n., growing things. 

gigno, genui, genit-, 3, beget, pro- 
duce ; p., arise, spring forth, 

gilvus, a, um, pale yellow. 

gingiva, ee, p., the gum. 

ginnus=]iinnus, mule. 

git, gith, coriander, 

glaber, bra, um, smooth, beardless^ 
bald; M., a youthful slave. 

glacialis, e, icy. 

glaoies, ei, p., ice. 

glacio, 1, freeze, harden, congeal. 

gladiator, t5ris, m., a prize-Jighterf 
gladiator, swordsman, cutler. 

gladiatSrius, a, um, of gladiators. 

gladiatura, ae, p., sword-Jight. 

gladiolus, i, m., small sword. 

gladius, i, m., sword; killing. 

glandarius, a, um, of acorns. 

glandifer, fera, um, acorn-bearing, 

glanditun, i, n., dainty bit. 

glandulae, pL, glands (of throat). 

glanis, is, p. ; -us, i, M., shad ( ?), 

glans, dis, p., acorn, nut, bullet, 

glarea, ee, p., gravel. 

glareosus, a, um, gravelly. 

glastum, i, N., wood. 

j- glauceum (-cion), i, p., celandine. 

f glauciscus, i, m., blue-fish, 

f glauc5m&, atis, N. ; -ma, sb, p., 
cataract (of the eye). 

f glaucopis, idis, p., owl. 

Glaucus, i, myth, son of Sisyphus. 

t glaucus, a, um, bluish-gray. 

gleba, 8B, P., cipd, sod, soil, lump, 

glebalis, e, of clods or land. 

glebula, 8d, P., small clod or farm, 

glesum, i, N., amber. 

glis, gliris, M., dormouse. 

glisco, 3, swell, grow, spread, kindle, 

globo, I, make round, heap togeth&r. 

globosus, a, um, spherical. 

globus (-ulus), i, M., ball, mass. 

glomeramen, inis, n., round mass. 

glomero, i, to heap, gather in mass. 

glomus, eris, n., ball of thread. 

gl5ria, ae, p., glory, fama, ambition. 


gloriatio — gravamexL 

gloriatio, onis, f., glorying. 

gloriola, as, f., modest glory. 

glorior, i, to boast, pride one's self. 

gloridaus, a, um, famous, boastful, 

gl5s, gl5ris, F., husband's sister. 

fglossa, as, f. ; -ema, atis, N., a 
foreign word, needing explanation. 

glubo, 3, to strip, peel. 

gluten, inis, n. ; ^iis, utiB, F., gltte. 

glatinator, oris, n., bookbinder. 

glutdno, I, to glue, fasten. 

glutinosiis, a, um, gluey, tenacious. 

glutio, 4, swallow, gulp, cluck. 

gluto, oniB, M., glutton, 

glutus, a, nm, tenacious, soft. 

gnaniB, a, um, knowing, skilfuL 

gnatus=natus, bom (son). 

gnavuB=navus, busy. 

j* gnomon, Qms, m., index of dial 

gnoaco=nosco, k7iow. 

GnosiuB, a, um, Cretan ; ofGnosus, 
the old capital of Crete. 

gndtus, [nosco,] known. 

Qorgo (on), 5nis, the Gorgon, a 
name of Medusa. 

OortyniuB, a, um, Cretan (of 

Qothi, orum, the Goths, a tribe of 
N. Germany. 

fgrabatuB, i, M., couch pallet. 

Gh-acchuB, TL, tribune, B.C. 133 ; 
C. id., 123, authors of popular 
laws, and slain by the nobility. 

gracilis, e, slender, plain, meagre. 

gracilitaB, atia, F., slendemess, lean- 
ness, simplicity. 

graouluB, 1, M., jackdaw. 

gradariuB, a, um, of steps, pacing. 

gradStim, step by step, gradually. 

gradatio, onia, f., making or tak- 
ing steps. 

gradStuB, a, um; -ilia, e, with steps. 

gradior, gresBUB, 3, go, take steps. 

GradivuB, i, an epithet of Mars. 

gradus, ub, m., step, degree, station. 

GraeaB, arum, the gray sisters, 
daughters of Phorcus, 

GraBcia, as, f., Greece. 

GraecuB, a, um, Greek. 

Ghraius, a, um, Greek. 

grallas, arum, f., stiUs, 

gramen, inia, n., grass, herb. 

grSmineuB, a, um, grassy, of reed. 

fgrammaticuB, a, um, of grammar; 
li., philologist ; f., (-oe, ea), gram- 
mar ; N. pi., philology. 

t grammatiata, ae, m., grammar^ 

granaria, 5rum, n. pi., granary. 

granatua, a, um, having seeds or 
grains ; n'., pomegranate. 

grandadvua, a, um, aged. 

grandeaco, 3, grow great. 

grandiloquuB, a, um, lofty-speak- 
ing, boastful, grandiloquent. 

grandinat, il hails. 

grandineuB (-oaua)^ a, wai,fuU of 

grandio, 4, to enlarge, increase. 

grandia, e, great, tally strong, olck 
sublime, grand. 

granditaa, Itia, f., grandeur. 

granditer, exceedingly. 

grando, inia, f., heal, hailstorm. 

Ghranicua, m., a stream in Mysia. 

granifer, era, um, carrying grain. 

granum, i, n., grain, seed, kernel. 

f graphicuB, a, um, of drawing. 

f graphia, idia, f., pencil, draught. 

f graphium, i, n., writvig-style. 

graaaator, oria, m., idler, rioter. 

graaaatiinu ae, f., rioting, waylaying^ 

graaaor, i, roam, loiter, aUack^stay. 

grate, gladly, gratefully. 

gratea, f., thanks. 

gratia, a», F., favor^ esteem, regardj 
friendship, grace; pU thanks. 

gratia (abl.), for the sake of. 

QratiaB, arum, the Graces, Aglaia, 
Euphrosyne, Thalia. 

gratiia (gratia)^ unthout reward. 

gratificatio, f., showing kindness. 

grStificor, i, do favors, gratify. 

gratioBUB, a, um, enjoying or show- 
ing favor, agreeable, beloved. 

grator, i, rejoice, congratulate. 

gratuitUB, a, um, done imthout pay. 

gratulatio, F., congratulation, joy. 

gratulor, i, to congratulate, give joy 
or thanks. 

gratua, a, um, grateful, agreeable. 

gravSmen, inia, n., trouble, vexation. 

gravastelliu — Hadriatictui. 


gravastellna, i, m., gray-head, 

gravate, reluctantly, 

gravatim, with difficulty, 

gravedo, inia, f., catarrh, 

graveolens, tia, of rank odor, 

gravesco, 3, grow heavy, teem, 

gravido, i, to load, burden. 

gravidus, a, um, burdened, teeming, 

gravis, e, heavy, burdensome, deep., 
of weight or influence, rank, 

graviter, weightily, seriously, deeply, 

gravitas, atds, f., weight, vehemence, 
dignity, severity, rankness, 

gravo, I, to load heavily ; p., feel as 
a burden, be weary. 

gregalis, e, of the herd or common 
sort; pi., companions, of the same 
host or multitude, 

gregarins, a, um, of the herd, com- 
mon (soldiers). 

gregatim, in flocks or herds. 

grego, I, herd together. 

gremium, i, n., lap, bosom. 

gresBus, [gradior,] stepping. 

gresaus, us, m., a stepping, going, 

grez, gregis, m., flock, herd, com- 
pany, swarm, troop. 

groma, 8B, f., measuring-rod, 

grossus, a, um, thick, gross ; m., 
green fig. 

grilintis, i, M., hillock. 

gnmnio, 4, to grunt. 

gms, grais, f., crane. 

gryllo, I, to chirp. 

f grylluB, i, M., grasshopper, cricket. 

Gryneus, i {of Grynia or Grynium, 
a town of yCoUs), Apollo. 

tgryp*! gryphis, m., griffin. 

grypus, i, M., hook-nosed, 

gubernaculum, i, N., helm, guid- 
ance, government, 

gubematio, onis, f., steering, gov- 
erning, piloting. 

gubemator, oris, m., pilot, steers- 
man, governor. 

gubematriz, icis, F., directress, 
— gubemOy i, steer, direct, govern. 

gubemum, 1, n., helm, rudder. 

gula, se, F., throat, guUet. 

gulo, dnis, M., epicure, glutton. 

gulosus, a, um, gluttonous, dainty. 

gummeus (-atus), a, um, gummy, 

f gummi, N. indec. ; -is, is, F., gum. 

gurdus, i, M., doU, blockhead. 

gurges, itis, m., gulf abyss, stream^ 
flood, whirlpool, prodigal. 

gurgulio, onis, f., gullet, 

gnrguBtium, i, N., hut. 

gustatus, us M., taste, flavor, 

gusto, I, to taste, enjoy, 

gustus, us ; -ulus, i, m., taste, relish^ 

gutta (-ula), ae, F., drop, spot, bit* 

guttStlm, drop by drop. 

guttatus, a, um, speckled, 

guttur, iiris, n., throat. 

guttus, i, M., bottle, flask, 

t gymnasium, i, n., school for train- 
ing, gymnasium. 

t gymnicuB (gymnasticus), a, um, 

fgynsBceum, i, n., women's apart- 
ment, an inner room, 

gypso, I, to plaster. 

t gypsum, i, N., plaster, stucco. 

t gsrrinus, i, m., tadpole. 

gyro, I, to wheel in a circle. 

t gyrus, i, m., circle, ring, race-course, 

Oytheum, i, n., a port of Laconia. 

habena, 8B, F., thong, rein, 
habentia, se, F., property. 
habeo, ui, it-, 2, have, hold, regard, 

consider, use, deliver (speech). 
habilis, e, handy, fit, expert, 
lial»litas, atis, F.. aptitude, 
habitabilis, e, habUdble. 
habitatio, 5nis, F., dwelling, rent. 
habitator, oris, m., dweller. 
habito, I, hold, possess, dwell, 
habitudo, inis, f., condition, habit, 
habiturio, 4, desire to possess, 
habitus, [habeo,] held. 
habitus, us, M., condition, quality, 
hac, [hie,] by this way. ,[suit. 
hactenus, hitherto, thus far, . 
Hadxia, se, fa.., the Adriatic. 
Hadxiaticus, a, um, of the Adri- 

atic, the Sea E. of Italy. 


EadnuBietiim — Eelle. 

Hadrumetum, i, n., a city of N. 

haedinuB, a, mn, of a kid. 

haedus (-illus), i, M., kid, 

Haemoxiia, sd, F., a name of 

Haemus, i, m., the Balkan, mts. of 

haereo, haesi, hsea-, 2, to cling, stay, 
stick fast, linger. 

haeres=here8, heir, 

fbaeresis, is (eos), p., sect, craft, 

haesitatio, onis, f., stammering, 

haesito, i, stick, stammer, hesitate, 


halec=alec, brine, 

haleca=alica, mush, 

HalesuB, i, son of Agamemnon. 

HalicarnassiiB, i, F., a city of 

. Caria. 

halitus, US, m., breath, vapor, 

hallez=ssdlez, thumb, 

hallucinor=4Uucmor, dream. 

halo, I, breathe, exhale, 

fhalophanta, ee, F., salt-informer^ 

f hales, Oi F., halo, 

t halter, eris, m., dumb-bell. 

Halys, yos, M., a river of Asia 

fhama (-ula), ae, F., water-bucket. 

hamadryas, adie, f., wood-nymph, 

hamatilis, e, hooked. 

hamatus, a, um, hooked, crooked, 

f hamaxagoga, ae, N., waggoner. 

fhamazo, i, to yoke to a waggon. 

Hamilcar, aris, father of Hanni- 
bal, chief in the ist Punic war. 

hamiota, ae, m., angler. 

hamus (-iilus), i, m., hook, talon, 

Hannibal, Slis, a Carthaginian 
chieftain, B.C., 247-183. 

Hanno, onis, a general of Carth- 
age, enemy of Hannibal. 

t haphe, es, F., dust, sand. 

hara, ae, f., pen, coop, sty. 

harena=arena, sand. 

hariolor, i, prophesy ^ talk nonsense. 

hariolus, i, m. ; -ola, ae, F., diviner. 

harmonlaf ae, f., harmony, concord. 

fharpago, i, to plunder, 
fharpago, onis, m., grappHng" 

hook, grasper. 
f harpaz, &giB, rapacious. 
fharpe, es, f., sickle, falcon. 
Harpyia, ae, a rapacious monster 

half bird, half woman; harpy. 
hajiindo=sartuido, reed. 
haruspez, icis, m., diviner (from 

entrails), prophet. 
hasta, ae, f., spear, pike; sub 

hasta, at auction. 
hastatos, a, nm, spear-armed, ofOie 

front rank of the Roman legion, 
haalile, is, N., spear-shaft, 
hastiila, ae, f., a little spear or 

hand (hau, haut), not at aU, 
hauddum, not yet, 
haudquaquam, by no means. 
haurio, hausi, haust-, 4, draw^ 

drain, consume. 
haustus, us, M., drawing, draught: 
haveo=^veo, covet. 
t hebdomas, ftdis, f., a week, seven. 
Hebe, es, goddess of Youth. 
hebeo, 2 ; (-esco, 3), be blunt, 
hebSs, Stds, blunt, dull, dim, 
hebeto, i, make blunt. 
Hebnis, i, m., a river of Thrace. 
Hecate, is, F., goddess of en- 
hecatombe, es, f., hecatomb. 
Hector, dxis, 5ra, son of Priam, 

champion of Troy. 
Hecuba, ae, wife of Priam, 
hedera, ae, f., ivy. 
hederatus, a, um, ivy-crowned* 
f hedychrum, i, N., cosmetic 
hei! alas! 

fhelcium, i, n., yoke (for hauling). 
Helena, d. of Jupiter and Leda, 

wife of Menelaus. 
Heliades, um, sisters of Phae- 

thon, changed to poplars. 
fhelianthSs, is, N., sunflower. 
t helice, es, F., wUlow, osier. 
Helicon, onis, a mt. of Boeotia. 
t helix, icis, f., tunning ivy. 
Helle, es, myth. d. of Athamas, 

drowned in the Hellespont. 


helleboras — Hierosolyma. 


fhelleboms, i, m., hellebore. 

lielluo=^eluo, glutton, 

HellespontoB, i, m., the strait of 
Dardanelles, S. E. of Thrace. 

fhelopa, 5pis, M., sturgeon, 

Helotes, um, the Spartans' slaves. 

heluo, onia, M., glutton, 

heluor (helluor),i, gormandize. 

heliiB (helvella)=^ius, pot-herb, 

helvenacuB (-veolus), a, um, pale 
yellow, yellowish. 

Helvetii, drum, people of Helve- 
tia (Switzerland). 

helvus, a, um, dun^ yellowish brown. 

hem! ah! indeed! 

hemina, 8B, f., half-a-pint. 

fhemisphaerium, i, n., half-globe. 

HennapsEnna, a town of Sicily. 

thepar, &tis, n., liver. 

fhepsema, &tiB, n., grape-marma- 

fheptas, ftdis, F., the number seven. 

f bepteriSyis, f., seven-banked ship. 

hera, ae, F., mistress, lady, 

Heracleus, a, um ; -ides, se, of, or 
descended from, Hercules. 

herba, ae, f., grass, herbage. 

berbaceus (-bidus), a, um, grassy, 

herbesco, 3, grow like grass, 

herbifer, era, um, grass-bearing, 

herbilis, e,fed on grass, 

herbosuB, a, um,/u// of grass. 

herbula, ao, F., a little herb. 

hercisco, 3, to divide inheritance. 

herde ! by Hercules ! 

herctum, i, n., inheritance, estate. 

Etercynia silva, a German forest. 

Herculaneum, i, N., a town near 
Naples, destroyed, a.d. 79. 

Hercules, is, myth, son of Jupiter 
and Alcmena, god of Strength. 

Herculeus, a, um, of Hercules. 

liere=heri, yesterday, 

hereditarius, a, uai, inherited. 

hereditas, atis, F., inheritance. 

heredium, i, n., inherited estate. 

herea, edis, M., heir, own'tr. 

heri (here), yesterday, lately. 

henlis, e, of the master. 

fhermaphroditus, i, of both sexes. 

Hermes (-ma), ae, Mercury. 

Hermione, es, d. of Menelaus. 

Hernici, orum, an ancient people 
of Latium. 

Her5, us, a priestess of Venus in 
Sestos, beloved by Leander. 

Herodotus, i, a Greek Historian, 
of Halicarnassus, B.C. 450. 

f herdicus, a, um, of heroes. 

fheroina, ao; -is, idis, f., heroine. 

f herds, 5is, oa, M., hero, demigod. 

f herous, a, um, of a hero, 

f herpes, etis, m., a creeping sore* 

hems (ems), i, m., master, owner. 

hervum (ervum), wild pea. 

Hesione, es, d. of Laomedon, res- 
cued by Hercules. 

Hesperia, ao, f., Greek or poetic 
name for Italy or Spain. 

hespexiuB, a, um, western. 

Hesperus, i, son of Cephalus and 
Aurora ; the Evening Star. 

hesperua, i, M., west (vesper). 

hesternus, a, um, [heri,] yester- 
day^ s; abl., yesterday. 

fhetaexia, ae, f., secret society. 

heu! alas! 

fheuretes, ae, m., inventor. 

heus ! halloo ! ho ! 

t hexameter, tri, m., hexameter. 

t hezerla, is, f., six-banked ship. 

hiasco, 3, to split open. 

hiatus, us, m., cleft, opening. 

hibernSciilum, i, N., winter apart- 
ment ; pL, winter tents. 

Hibemia, ae, f., Ireland. 

hiberno, i, pass the winter. 

hibernus, a, um, of winter, wintry; 
N., pi., winter-quarters. 

hibiscum, i, n., marsh-mallow. 

hibrida, ae, c, mongrel, half-breed, 

hie, haec, hoc, this, the latter. 

hie, here, hereupon, herein. 

hic-ce, this (emphatic). 

hiccine, this, here (interrog.) 

hiemalis, e, wintry, of winter. 

hiemo, i, pass the winter; be coldf 
frozen or stormy. 

hiems (ps), mis, F., tointer, storm. 

hieratius, a, um, of sacred use. 

Hiero, onis, ruler of Syracuse. 

Hierosolyma, orum, Jerusalem. 


hieto — horrenB. 

bieto, I) yawn, gape, 

thilaris, e; -us, si, um, * cAeer/W^ 

merry; N. pi., spring-ganies. 
miaritas, atis, F., cheer, irdrth, 
hilaritudo, inis, f., cheerfulness, 
hilaro, i, gladden, exhilarate, 
hillae, arum, f., entrails, sausage, 
hnum, i, N., trifle, 
Himera, se, a river and town of 

hinc, hence, hereafter, this side, ago, 
hinnio, 4, to neigh, 
liiimituB, us, M., neighing, 
hinnuleus, i, m., young deer. 
jhinnus (-ulua), i, m., mule, 
Ido, I, to stand open, yavm, gape. 
fhippace, es, f., cheese (of mare's 

t hippagogi, pL, horse-transports. 
Hippo, onis, a city of Numidia. 
Hippocrene, es, f., a fountain of 

the Muses near Helicon. 
Hippodame, es (-ia, ae), myth, wife 

of Pelops ; also, of Pirithous. 
f hippodromos, i, m., race-course, 
Hippolyte, es, an Amazon, w. of 

Theseus, mother of Hippolytus. 
jhippomanes, is, n., horse-heat, (a 

slime or excrescence), 
fhir, N., hand, [hira, F., intestine, 
hircinus, a, um, of a goat, 
hircSsus, a, um, like a goat, 
hircus, i, m., he-goal, rankness, 
hirnea (-ula), ae, F., water-jug, 
birpez=sirpez, harrow, 
Hirpini, orum, people of S. Italy. 
hirquus=hircus, goai. 
hirrio, 4, to snarl. 
hirsutus, a, um, shaggy, bristly, 
hirtus, a, um, hairy, shaggy. 
hiriido, inis, f., le^ch. 
hirundineus, (-ininus), a, um, of 

hirundo, inis, f., a swallow. 
hisco, 3, to open the lips, speak. 
Hispania, ae, F., Spain. 
Hispanus, a, um ; -iensis, e, Span- 

i<ih; pi., Spaniards. 
hispidus, a, um, bristly, prickly. 
Hister=^ter, Danube. 
fhistoria, so, f., history, tale, story. 

histoxicus, a, um, historic ; M., Auw 
torian; f., (§,§8), exegesis, 

histricus, a, um, of stage-players, 

histrio, onis, m., play-actor. 

histridnia, ae, F., stage-play. 

bist]±c=liystriz, porcupine. 

hiulco, I, cause to gape, open. 

hiulcuB, a, um, gaping, cleft, eager. 

hodie, to-day, now, at this time. 

hodiernus, a, um, of to-day, 

hcBdu8:s=liaedus, kid. 

[t holo-, whole. 

holus=olus, pot-herb. 

Homericus, a, um, of Homer. 

homicida, ae, c, man-slayer. 

homicidium, i, N., homicide, murder. 

homo, inis, c, man. 

[fhomo-, together. 

homiillus, -imcio, -unoulus (dim. 
of homo), manikin, petty man. ' 

honestamentum, i, n., decoration, 

honestas, atls, F., honor, beauty. 

honeste, nobly, honorably, 

honesto, i, to adorn, honor. 

honestuff, a, um, honored, honora- 
ble, noble, 

honor (5s), 5ris, m., honor, esteem^ 
dignity, reward, ornament. 

hon5rabilis, e, winning honor. 

honorarius, a, um, conferring 
honor ; N., gift. 

honorate, honorably. 

hondratus, a, um, distinguished^ 
. honored. 

honorificus, a, um, doing honor. 

honoro, i, adorn, respect, honor. 

honorus, a, um, worthy of honor, 

hora, as, F., hour, season. 

hordeaceus (-arius, -eius), a, um, 
of barley. 

hordeum, i, n., barley. 

hordus=sfordus, with youny, 

hoxia, ae, f., fishing-boat. 

horiola, ae, f., skiff. 

hoxior, 3, cheer, encourage. 

t horizon, ontis, M., bounding-line. 

hornus (-5tinus), a, um, belonging 
to this year. 

horologium, i, n., clock. 

horrendus, a, um, dreadful, awful. 

horrens, tds, fearful, terrible^ rough. 

horreo — hydnu. 



horreo, 2, hrtstle, shudder aty he 

rough or dreadful, 
horresco, ui, 3, grow rough, tremble, 
horreiun, i, N., bam, granary, 
horribilis, e, dreadful, horrible, 
horridas (-uIub), a, um, rough, 

shaggy t scraggy, bristling,frightful, 
hontfer, era, um, bringing dread, 
horrifico, i, make rough, ruffle, 
horrificus, a, tun, causing horror, 
horrisonus, a, um, of dreadful 

horror, 5rifl, m., bristling, trembling, 

dread, bugbear, rudeness, 
horsum, this way, 
hortamen, inia; -mentum, i, n., 

hortatio, onis, f., exhortation. 
hortativns, a, um, serving for cheer, 
hortator, oris, m., exhorter, 
hortatus, us, m., exhorting, 
hortensis, e; -sius, a, um, of a 

Hortensius, i, the Roman orator, 

A.D. 114-52. 
hortor, i, cheer, exhort, urge, 
hortus (-ulus), i, M., garden, 
liospes, itis, host, guest, stranger; 

M., (as adj.), foreign, hospitable. 
hospita, 86, F. ; -ta, 5nim, n. pi., 

foreign, hospitable, 
liospita, se, f., hostess, 
hospitalis, e, hospitable, of a guest, 
hospitalitas, f., hospitality, 
hospitaliter, hospitably, as a guest, 
hospitium, i, n., hospitality, inn, 

hospitor, I, to be a guest, 
hostia, 8B, F., victim (for sacrifice). 
hosticus, a, um, the enemy^s, 
bostilis, e, of an enemy, hostUe, 
Hostilius, TuUus, the third king 

of Rome, B.C., 679-630. 
hostio, 4, requite, strike, 
hostis, is, c, stranger, enemy, 
hosttU; 1, M., yield pf olives. 
hue (interr. -cine), hither, thus far, 
hucusque, hitherto, 
hui! ha! 

hujusmodi (-cemodi), of this sort, 
humane, humanly, kindly. 

humanitas, fitis, p., human nature, 

mankind, refinement, kindness. 
humSniter, like men, courteously, 
humanitus, in the manner of men, 
humanus, a, um, human, humane, 

gentle, refined, courteous, kind, 
humatio, 5nis, f., burial, 
humecto, i, moisten. 
humectus, a, um, moist, wet, 
humefaoio, fact- 3, to moisten, 
humeo, 2 (-eaco, 3), to be or grow 

humerus, i, m., shoulder, back, ridge* 
humi, on the ground, 
humidulus, dainp, 
humidus, a, um, moist, wet, 
humifer, era, um, bringing wet, 
humificus, a, um, moistening, 
humHio, I, abase, 
humilis, e, low, lotdy, base, humUe. 
humilitas, Stds, f., humUenesSj 

lowness, meanness, humility, 
humiliter, deeply, lowly, basely, 
humo, I, to bury. 
humor, 5ris, m., moisture, liquid. 
humdrosus, a, um, wet, 
humus, i, F., ground, soil, region, 
t hyacinthinus, a,um, hyacinthine. 
Hyadnthos, i, a youth of Sparta, 

loved by Apollo. 
fhyacinthus, i, m., blue-iris ( f). 
Hyadte, um, f. (rainers), a group 

in the constellation Taurus. 
fhyaona, ae, f., hyena, 
fhyalus, i, m., glass (green). 
Hy^tius, a, um, BoRoiian, 
hybernus^sfaibemus, wintry, 
Hybla, se (e, Ss), f., a mt. of 

Sicily, famous for honey. 
Hydaspes, is, m., a river of India. 
hydra, se, water-inake. 
Hydra, ae, f., the hydra (lake- 
monster), slain by Hercules. 
fhydrargyrus, i, m., quicksUver, 
f hydraulus, i, M., water-organ. 
f hydreuma, atis, n., watering or 

resting place for caravans. 
fhydria, se, F., water-pot, pitcher, 
f hydromeli, itis, N., me(ul, 
t hydrops, opis, m., dropsy. 
jhydrus (os), i, M., water-snake. 


Eydms — ignorabilis. 

Hydrus, untis, Otranto, a city of 

hyems^hiems, winter, 
Hygea (-ia, -eia), ae, goddess of 

Hylas, ae, a youth of Argos, loved 

by Hercules. 
Hyllus, i, son of Hercules. 
Hymen, enis ; -eeus, i, M., god of 

fhymen, enis, m., marriage-song, 

marriage, wedding, 
Hymettus (os), i, m., a mt. near 

Athens, famous for honey and 

f hymnus, i, m., hymn, song, 
t hypae fchruB, a, am, open to the sky, 
t hyperbole, es, f., exaggeration, 
Hyperborei, drum, people of the 

extreme north, 
t hyperboreus, a, um, northern, 
Hyperion, 5nis, father of the Sun. 
t hypocauBtum, i, n., heated hath- 

fhypocrita (es), ae, m., dumb-actor, 
fhypogeum, i, N., cellar, vault, 
fhypomnema, ati8,'N., memoran- 
f hypotheca, ae, f., security, pledge. 
Hyrcanus, a, um, of the Caspian, 
hystru^ iois, F., porcupine. 

lacchuB, i, a name of Bacchus, 
iambus, 1, m., iambus (§ 79). 
fianthinns, a, um, violet-colored, 
lapetos, i, father of the Titans. 
lapydes, um, people of Illyria. 
lapygia, ae, f., the peninsula of 

S. E. Italy, country of lapyx. 
lasios, i, son of Jupiter and Elec- 

tra ; also a king of Argos. 
lason, dniB, Jason, son of ^son, 

leader of the Argonauts. 
fiaspis, idis, f., jasper, 
t Iberia, ae, f., Spain, 
Iberus, a, um, Spanish , of Iberia 

(near the Caucasus). 
ibez, icis, m., wild goat, chamois. 

ibi, there, thereupon, at that time, 

ibidem, just there, moreover, 

t ibis, iB (idiB), f., ibis (an Egyptian 

bird held sacred). 
ibuB for iis, [is,] to or with iliem, 
Icarus, i, myth, son of Daedalus, 

drowned in the ^Egean sea. 
iccirco (idcirco), on that account. 
t ichneumon, 5niB, m., Egyptian rat, 
ico, ici, ict-, 3, to strike, hit, sting, 
ictus, UB, M., blow, stroke, 
Idaeus, a, um, (of Mount Ida), 

Trojan or Cretan, 
Idalium, i, n., a city of Cyprus. 
idcirco, on that account, 
fidea, ae, f., idea, creative type, 
idem, eadem, idem, same, very, 
identidem, again and again. 
ideo, so, therefore, 
fidiota, ae, m., rude, ignorant, or 

common person, 
fidolum (on), i, N., image, spectre. 
IdomeneuB, i, a Cretan hero in 

the siege of Troy. 
iddnee, ftly, properly, 
id5neu8, a, um,^^, apt, capable, 
iduB, uum, F. pL, Ides (§ 83), the 

15th of March, May, July, Oct. ; 

13th of the other months. 
igitur, therefore, then (§ 43, 5). 
ignarus, a, um, ignorant, unaware, 

inexperienced, heedless, unknown, 
ignave (-iter), idly, sluggishly, 
ignavia, ae, F., sloth, cowardice, 
ignavus, a, um, idle, slothful, coiv- 

ardly, unfruitful, sluggish, 
ignesco, 3, kindle, take fire. 
igneuB (-olus), a, um, fiery, gioto^ 

ing, h^t, flaming, resplendent, 
igniculus, i, m., little flame, spark, 
ignifer, era, xua, fire-bearing, 
ignipes, pedis, fiery-footed. 
ignipotens, tis, lord of fire, 
ignis, is, m., fire, splendor, glow. 
ignitus, a, uxa^Jfiery, glowing, 
ignivagus, a, um, like wUd-fire, 
ignobilis, e, unknown, obscure. 
ignobilitas, atis, F., obscurity, 
ignominia, aa, F., dishonor, 
ignominiosus, a, um, disgracefuL 
ignorabilis, e, unknown. 

ignorantia — Ilva. 



IgnorantUi 8B (-atio, onia), f., tvant 

of knowledge, ignorance, 
igndratUB, a, um, unknown* , 
ignorOi i, to be ignorant of, 
ignoscena, tie, forgiving, placable, 
ignosco, n5vi, not-, 3, to pardon, 

overlook, excuse, forgive, 
ignotUB, a, nm, unknown, 
ilez, icis, f., scarlet or holm oak, 
Hia, ae (Rhaea Sylvia), mother of 

Romulus and Remus. 
ilia, um, N., groin, flank, 
niacus (Bius), a, nm, Trojan, 
Iliades, ao, Trojan, 
Hike, adia, Trojan woman, 
ilicet, let us go, all is over, at once, 
Qicetum, i, n., holm-grove, 
ilignuB (-ceus), a, nm, of holm, 
nion (-am), i, n., Troy, 
fllithyia, 8b, Lucina, 
ilia, by that way, 
illabeiactus, a, um, unbroken, 
illabor, laps-, 3, glide or fall upon, 
illaboratua, a, um, unloUed-for 
illaboro, i, work upon, 
lilac, on that side, 
illacesaituB, a, um, unprovoked, 
illacrimiabilis, e, unwept, pitiless, 
Ulacrimo (-or), i, weep over, trickle, 
illSBSUS, [l8Bdo,] unimpaired. 
illsetabiUB, e, cheerless, gloomy, 
lllapaus, us, m., [Uihor,]flowing-in, 
illaqueo, i, to ensnare, entangle, 
illatenuB, thus far, 
illatio, onis, f., bringing-in, burial, 
illatro, I, to bark at. 
Hiatus, [infero,] brought, 
Ulaudatus, a, um, unpraised, 
illautus, [lavo,] unwashed, 
llle, ilia, Ulud, that, the former, the 

well-known (§ 20, ii.). 
illecebra, ae, F., charm, lure, 
illecebrosus, a, um, enticing, 
illectamentum, i, n., charm, 
illectus, [lego,! ^ot gathered or 

read; [iUicio,] allured. 
illepidus, a, lun, unpleasing, 
illez, egis, lawless, 
illez, iois, alluring, enticing, 
illibatus, a, um, unimpaired, 
iUiberabilis, e, sordid, mean. 

llliberaiitas, atis, F., meanness, 

illiber§liter, ignobly, meanly, 

illic, illadc, illoc (illuc), that, yon- 
der (interrog. -cine). 

illic, there, yonder, 

il-licio, lezi, lect-, 3, entice, allure, 

illicitator, oris, m., mock-bidder, 

illicite, unlawfully, 

illicitUB, a, XLDitforbidden, unlawful, 

illicium, i, N., enticement, charm, 

illico, there, on the spot. 

ilUdo, si, sum, [laodo,] 3, to drive^ 
dash against, crush, 

illigo, I, bind, fasten, encumber, 

illim=illinc, thence, 

ilHmis, e, clear of mud, 

illinc, thence, from that quarter, 

illino, levi, lit- 3 ; -io, 4, to smear ^ 
bespread, anoint, 

illiquefactus, a, um, liquid, 

illisuB, [illido,] crushed, 

illisus, us, M ; -sio, onis, F., dash- 
ing, striking, 

illiteratus, a, um, unlettered, 

illitus, [illino,] besmeared, 

illiz=illez, enticing, 

illo, thither, to that end, 

illoc, thither, that, 

illotus, [lavo,] unioashed, dirty, 

illuc, to thai place, 

illuoeo, 2, to shine upon, 

illucesco, luzi, 3, to grow bright, 
daum, shine upon, 

illudo, si, sum, 3, play, mock, de- 
stroy, abuse, 

illuminate, clearly, luminously. 

illumino, i, make bright, illustrious, 
or conspicuous. 

illunis, e ; us, a, um, without moon, 

illusio, onis, f., mocking, 

illusor, oris, M^ mocker, scoffer, 

illustris, e, bright, clear, famous, 

illustro, I, brighten, illuminate, 

illusus, [ludo,] mocked, 

illutibiliiB, e, indelible. 

illntUB — in otus, unwashed, 

illuvies, ei, ¥., foulness, dirt, 

Illyricus, a, um, of Illyria, the 
coast dist. N.-W. of Epirus. 

Hub, i, myth, founder of Ilium. 

nva, 86, F., the island Elba, 


imaginaniu — immtinnnro. 

imaginSrlufl, a, um, of images, 

seeming ; N., alandard-bearer, 
imaginatiOl 5nis, F.y fancy. 
imagino, i, to shape, represent, 
ixnaginor, i, to fancy, imagine, 
imago, iiiiB, F., image, copy, figure, 

likeness, semblance. 
imbecillitaa, atds, F., feebleness. 
imbecilluB, a, lua, feeble, helpless, 
imbellia, ed, F., unfitness for war, 
imbellis, e, unwarlike, peaceful. 
imber, bris, m., rain-storm, water, 
imberbis, e ; -bus, a, um, beardless, 
imbibOy bi, 3, drink in, resolve, 
imbito, 3, enter. 

imbracteo, i, to plate (with gold). 
imbrex, icis, f., roof-tile, gutter, 
Imbridtor, oris, m., rain-giver, 
imbrico, i, cover with tiles. 
imbricuB, a, um, rainy. 
imbrifer, era, um, rain-bringing, 
imbuo, ui, ut-, 3, to saturate, stair^ 

train, instruct, imbue. 
imitabilis, e, that may be copied, 
imitamen, Xnis, n., likeness, copy, 
imitatio, dnis, f., imitation, 
imitator, oris, M., copyist, 
imitor (-to), i, to imitate, copy, 
imitus, yrom the bottom. 
immadesoo, madui, 3, grow moist, 
immanis, e, monstrous, fierce. 
immanitas, atis, f., cruelty, vast- 

ness, ferocity, excess. 
immaniter, excessively, fiercely, 
immansuetus, a, um, untamed, 
immaturitas, atia, f., unripeness, 
immaturuB, a, um, untimely, un^ 

ripe, premature. 
immedicabilis, e, incurable. 
immeditatUB, a, um, unstudied, 
immemor, dris, unmindful. 
immemorabiliB, e, not to be told, 
immemoratuB, a, um, untold, 
immense, vastly, immensely. 
immensitaa, atia, f., vastness, 
immensuB, a, um, boundless, vast, 
immeo, i, to enter. 
immerenB, tis, undeserving. 
immergo, ai. Bum, 3, to plunge. 
immerito, unjustly, without cause, 
immerituB, a, um, undeserved. 

immersabiliB, e, not to be droumed, 

immersuB, [mergo,] plunged. 

immetatUB, a, um, unmeasured, 

immigro, i, remove into. 

imminens, tia, threatening. 

immineo, 2, overhang, border on, 
impend, threaten, be intent on. 

imminuo, ui, ut-, 3, lessen, ruin, 

imminutio, 5niB, F., lessening. 

immintituB, a, um, undiminished. 

immiBceo, scui, zt- (at), 2, to min- 
gle, blend. 

inuniBerabilis, e, unpitied. 

immiBericorSy diB, merciless, 

ImmTtJB, e, harsh, rude, cruel. 

immitto, miat miBB-, 3, admit, in- 
troduce, send against, let grow, 

immiztUB, [miBceo,] mingled in. 

immo, nay, surely, on the contrary, 

imm5biliB, e, immovable. 

immoderate, extravagantly. 

immoderatua, a, um, unrestrained, 

immodeBtia, ee, f., unrestraint. 

immodestuB, a, um, unrestrained, 

immodice, immoderately. 

immodicuB, a, um, without bounds, 
unruly, extravagant. 

immodidatuB, a, um, unrhythmic, 

immolatio, onis, F., sacrifice. 

immolator, oris, m., sacrificer. 
. immolituB, a, um, buUt up. 

immolo, i, [mola,] to sprinkle (with 
meal), sacrifice. 

immordeo, dli, sum, 2, bite upon. 

immorior, mortuus, 3, die upon. 

immoror, i, linger, delay. 

immorsuB, [mordeo,] corroded. 

immortalia, e, deathless, endless, 

immortalitaa, atia, f., immortality, 

immotus, [moveo,] unmoved. 

immugio, 4, roar within, 

immulgeo, 2, mUk into. 

immunditia, se, F., unckanness, 

immnndua, a, um, unclean, fouL 

immunificuB, a, um, stingy. 

immunio, 4, fortify. 

immunia, e, exempt, devoid. 

immunitas, atia, f., exemption, 
freedom from burdens. 

immunituB, a, um, unfortified. 

immurmuro, i, to murmur against. 

immutabilis — impluvimiL 

immutabilia e, changed; unchang- 
ing, unaltei 

iminuto, i, i 
i]no=ixnxno, s 
impacatuB, a, 
impactus, [ 

F., exchange, 
um, unchanged, 
lutui, 3, grow dunib. 
change, aUer, 


_ Ingo,] struck^ hit, 
impages, is, f/, frame-iwrk, border. 

rumt unprepared, 
2inpartio=Bi]|kpertio, impart, 
impastuB, a, lun, unfed, famished, 
impatiLbiliB, 4, insufferable, 
impatiLens, tib, not enduring, 
impatieiitia, le, f., impatience, 
impavldus, 2!i^XLni, fearless, 
impedimentom, i, n., hindrance; 

pi., baggage, army-train, 
impedio, 4, hmder, clasp, entangle. 
impedltio, onis, f., obstruction, 
impedituSfia, tun, obstructed, en- 

cumberedf embarrassed. 
impello, ndli, puis-, 3, push against, 

urge, rduse, subdue, destroy, 
ixapend#o, 2, overhang, impend, 
impendioBiiB, a, tun, extravagant, 
impenoivun, i, n., expense, outlay. 
impenfo, di, stun, 3, weigh out, 

expei d, employ, devote, 
impent trabiliB, e, impenetrable, 
impem a, 8B, f., cost^ outlay^ 
impemuB, a, um, ample, grand, 

costly strong, vehement. 
imperaavns, a, tun, by orders, 
imperator, orla, m., commander, 

general, director, chief, 
imperatdriiiB, a, um, of a general. 
imperStmn, i, N., o, command. 
imperceptns, a, tun, unperceived. 
imperco, [parco,] 3, to spare. 
impercnsBtiB, [qnatLo,] not struck. 
imperdituB, a, um, rtot destroyed. 
imperfectOB, a, um, unfinished. 
imperfosBus, a, um, not stabbed, 
impeiialiB, e, of the empire. 
imperiostiB, a, um, havinq command 

or dominion, tyrannical. 
imperite, awkwardly, unskillfully. 
imperitda, 6d, f., lack of skUl. 

imperito, [Impero,] to command. 

imperituB, a, um, inexperienced, 
unskilled, ignorant, 

imperitun, i, n., military authority, 
order, command, dominion. 

impenniBBUB, a, tun, forbidden. 

impero, i, to command, rule, require, 
order, exact, impose, prescribe. 

Imperterritua [terreo,] undaunted, 

impertio, 4, share, impart, bestow. 

imperviuB, a, um, impassable. 

impetigo, inis, f., scurf. 

impeto, 3, assail, attack. 

impetrSbiliB, e, obtainable, success 
Jul, propitious, 

impetrio, 4, obtain by omens, 

impetritum, i, n., a good omen. 

impetro, i, obtain by request, effect, 
^4mpetUB, UB, m., attack, assault. 

impezuB, [pecto,] uncombed. 

impico, I, cover with tar. 

impie, impiously. 

impietae, atia, f., impiety, treason. 

impiger, gra, um, active, bold. 

impigre, actively, readily. 

impilia, um, N., felt shoes. 

impingo, pegi, pact-, 3, strike, hit, 

impio, I, defile, pollute. 

impiuB, a, tun, without revereficey 
undutiftU, impious, wicked. 

implacabiliB, e, unappeasable. 

implacatUB, a, um, unappeased. 

implaciduB, a, um, ungentle, rude. 

implecto, zi, zum, 3, interweave. 

impleo, evi, et-, 2, to fill up, com- 
plete, satisfy, fulfil, finish. 

implexuB, [plecto,] interwoven, 

implezuB, ua, M., embrace. 

implicatio, onia, F., interweaving. 

implicStuB, a, um, intricate. 

implioiscor, 3, get entangled. 

implicite, intricately. 

implico, avi(ui),at- (it-), i, entan- 
gle, entwine, involve, envelop. 

imploratio, onis, f., imploring. 

imploro, i, entreat, beseech, implore. 

implumiB, e, featherless, unfledged. 

impluo, ui, ut-, 3, rain upon. 

impluviatuB, a, um, square-bor- 
dered (like a rain-tank). 

impluvium, i, N , rain-basin. 

i^ffi^f'^tUj^'*$'i» ^ /./>fc*^/^<P-— ^"^t 


impcBnituB — inamabilis. 

impoenitaSi a, nm, unpunished, 
impoHtia, ee, f., negligence, 
impolitUB, a, um, unpolished, rude. 
impoUutUB, a, lun, unstained. 
imp5no, sni, sit- (at-), 3, put upon, 

embark, impose, appoint, deceive, 
imporcatus, a, um, in furrows. 
importo, i, bring in, import. 
importunitaB, atis, F., unfitness, 

rudeness, ohtrusioeness. 
importunus, a, um, unfit, rude, 

grievous, dangerous, cruel, churlish. 
importuosiia, a, um, hafhorless. 
impos, p5tiB, not master of. 
impositiciuB, a, um, applied, laid on. 
^__Jinp08itio, onis, f., application. 
impossibilia, e, impossible. 
impostor, oris, m., deceiver. 
impostus, [pono,] put upon, 
impotens, tis, weak, ungovernable, 
impotenter, weakly, passionately. 
impotentia, ee, f., umnt, poverty, 

ungovernableness, violence, 
impraepeditus, a, um, unhindered, 
impraesentiarum, j^r the present, 
impransus, a, mu, fasting. 
imprecatio, 5nis, invoking of evil. 

imprecor, i, invoke, imprecate, 

impresse, forcibly. 

impressiOi onis, f., pressing upon, 

pressure, attack, division. 
impnmis, chiefiy, in the first place, 
imprimo, pressi, press-, 3, press 

upon, stamp, mark, imprint. 
improbabilis, e, not to be approved. 
improbatio, onis, f., disapproval. 
improbe, immoderately, badly. 
improbitas, atis, f., wickedness. 
improbiter, badly, erroneously. 
improbo, i, disapprove, rescind. 
improbus, (-ulus), a, um, bad, 

wicked, monstrous, outrageous, 
improcerus, a, um, undersized. 
improfessus, a, um, undeclared, 
impromptus, a, um, not ready, 
improperatus a, um, not hasty, 
impropero, i, hasten, cast against, 
improprius, a, um, not befitting, 
improsper, era, um, unfortunate, 
improteotus, [tego,] unsheltered, 
improvidus, a, um, not foreseeing. 

improvisS, of a sudden, 
imprdvisus, a, um, tmforeseen. 
imprudens, tis, not fiyreseeing, un- 
aware, inconsiderate, 
imprudenter, wi^ut foresight, 
imprudentia, sb, f., lack of fore- 
sight, ignorance, 
imptibes, is, youthful^ beardUess; pi. 
impiibesoens, tis, growing, [-eres 
impudens, tis, shameless, 
impudenter, shamelessly, 
impudentia, so, f., shamelessness, 
impuc^citia, sb, immodesty, 
impudious, a, uxa,- shameless, imr 

modest, unchaste: , , 
impugnatus, a, um, unassaHed, 
impugno, i, to attack, oppose, 
impulsio, 5nis, f., pressure, im- 
pulse, influence. 
impulsor, 5ris, M., instigator, 
impulsus, [pello,'l^ptished. 
impulsus, us, M., impulse, pressure. 
impune, with impunity. 
impunis, e, unpunished. 
impui^tas, Stis, F., impunity. 
impunitus, a, um, unpunished, 
impuratus, a, um, defiled, 
impure, vilely, shamefully, 
impuritas, atis ; -ritia, se, F,, un- 

cleanness, impurity, 
impurus, a, um, unclean,foul, 
imputator, oris, m., reckoner, 
imputatus, a, um, unpruned. 
imputo, I, charge, reckon, ascribe. 
imus [inferus,] a, um, lowest, 
in (ace), into; (abl.), tn,o»(§56, i). 
[in-s=no<; on or against, 
inaccessus, a, um, inaccessible. 
inacesco, cui, 3, grow sour, 
Inaohius, a, um, ofArgos ; Tuachia 
juvenca, lo, d. of Inachus, 
changed to a heifer. 
Inachos, i, first myth. k. of Argos. 
inactus, [inigo,] driven in, 
insedifico, i, build upon, erect. 
iixdequabilis, e, uneven, unequal. 
inaequalis, e, unequal, unlike. 
inaequo, i, to make level, 
inaestimabilis, e, not to be valued. 
inalbo, i ; (-esco, 3), whiten, dawn. 
inamabilis, e, unlovely. 

inambulatio — incolnmis. 



inambulatio, onis, f., promenading, 

inambiilOf i, pace to and fro. 

inaxncBnus, a, iim, gloomy, 

inanimia, e ; -us (atu8)> a, um, ^i/e- 
less, inanimate, 

inanio, 4, make void. 

inanis, e, empty, void, vam, hollow, 

JnanitaB, atU, F., empttnesss, 

inamter, vainly, idly, 

inaratus, a, tun, untilled, fallow. 

inardesco, arsi, 3, take fire, 

inaresco, ami, 3, dry up, 

Inarime, es, F., the I. Ischia, near 

inaro, i, to plough in, cultivate, 

inaasuetuB, a, lun, unwonted, 

inaudaz, acis, timid, 

inaudio, 4, hear, learn, 

inauditus, a, lun, unheard. 

inauguro, i, practise divination, 

inaiires, ium, F., ear- drops, 

inauro, i, gild, enrich. 

inauBpicatus, a, um, without au- 
spices, unlucky, inauspicious, 

inausns, [audeo,] unventured, 


incaeduus, a, um, uncut, 

iucalesco, calui, 3, grow hot, 

incalfacio, 3, to heat, 

incallidus, a, um, unskilful, 

incandesco, dui, 3, glow, kindle. 

incanesco, nui, 3, turn gray, 

incanto, i, sing, chant, bewitch, 

incanus, a, um, quite hoary, 

incasBum, in vain, 

incaute, incautiously. 

incautUB, a, um, heedless, inconsid- 
erate, unforeseen, dangerous, 

incedo, cesBi, cesa-, 3, go, advance, 
march, arrive, happen. 

incenatus, a, um ; -nia, e, dinnerless, 

incendium, i, 'a., fire, conflagration. 

incendo, di, sum, 3, hum, kindle, 

incensio, SnlB, f., burning. 

incenaus, a, um, unassessed, kindled. 

inceptio, onis, f., beginning, 

incepto, i, undertake. 

inceptum, 1, n^ attempt, undertaking. 

inceptuB, [-cipio,] begun, 

incerno, 3, strdw, sift. 

incero, i, smear with wax. 

incerto, i, make doubtful. 
incertuB, a, um, doubtful, unsure. 
inceBBO, ceBsivi (cessi), 3, attack. 
inceasuB, ua, m., pace, gait, attack, 
incesto, i, defile, dishonor. 
inceatuB, a, um, impure, unchaste; 

N., lewdness, incest. 
inceatUB, ub, m., incest, unehastity, 
inchoatuB, a, um, incomplete, 
inchoo, I, to found, begin, 
incido, cidi, caa-, [cado,]3, to fall 

upon, occur, happen, 
incido, cidi, cia-, [caedo,] 3, to cut. 

into or off, inscribe, register, 
incilia, e, cut in ; N., a ditch. 
inciLo, I, to rebuke. 
incingo, nzi, net-, 3, gird about. 
incipio, cepi, cept-, [capio,] 3, to 

begin, commence. 
incipiaso, 3, begin. 
inciae (-im), in short clauses. 
incisio, dnia, F., cutting, clause. 
inciaura, ae, F., incision, 
inciBUB, [incido,] cut. ■ 
incitamentum, i, N., inducement, 
incitate, violently. 
incitatio, 5niB, f., incitement. 
incitatUB, a, um, stvifl, eager. 
incito, I, hasten, rouse, enlarge, 
inoituB, [cieo,] swifl; unmoved. 
incivilis, e, uncivil, unjust, 
inclamo (-ito), i, cry out upon, 
inclaresco, mi, 3, grow famous, 
inclemena, tia, harsh, rude, bitter, 
inclementer, harshly, severely, 
inclementia, ae, f., harshness, rigor, 
inclinatio, onis, F., leaning, 
inclinatuB, a, um, bent, low, 
incUno, i, lean, bend, give way, 
include, Bi, aum, [claudo,] 3, shut 

up, enclose, obstruct, stop, finish, 
inclusio, onis, F., confnemenL 
inclutus (-clitus), a, um, famous. 
incoctus, [coquo,] uncooked, raw. 
incogitabilis, e; -tatus, a, um, 

thoughtless, inconceivable. 
incognitus, [nosco,] unknovm, tin- 

tried, unclaimed. 
incola, ae, c, inhabitant, resident. 
incolo, colui, 3, dwell, inhabit, 
incolumis, e, safe, unhaimed. 


incoltunitas — tndignor. 

incolamitas, Stis, f., safety. 

incomitatuB, a, um, unattended* 

incomitiOi i, to insult. 

incoxmnendatus, a, um, aban- 

incommoditas, atis, F., inconven- 
ience, damage. 

incoxninodo, i, annoy, injure. 

incommoduB, a, um, troublesome, 
inconvenient ; N., trouble, disaster. 

incompertus, a, um, unknoum. 

incomposituB, a, nxn, ill-arranged. 

inoomptufiy [oomo,] unadorned. 

inconcessus, [cedo,] unlawful. 

inooncilio, i, win over. 

inconcinnus, a, am, inelegant. 

inconousaus, [-cutio,] unshaken. 

inconditoB, a, uxn, un/ashioned. 

incongruu8,'a, um, unsuitable, 

inoonsideratua, a, urn, heedless, 
unadvised, inconsiderate. 

inconstans, XAb, changeful., fickle. 

inconstantia, ae, p., inconstancy. 

inconsultus, a, um, indiscreet, un- 
asked, without counsel. 

incontinens, tis, intemperate. 

incontiiientia, ao, p., greediness. 

inconvenienB, tis, unsuked, 

incoquo, zi, ct-, 3, boil in or with. 

incorporalia, e, bodiless. 

incorruptuB, [rumpo,] unspoiled. 

increbreaco, brui, 3, to increase. 

iacrebro, i, repeat often. 

incredibiliB, e, incredible. 

incrementum, i, N., growth, pro- 
geny, increase. 

increpito, i, chide, call, challenge. 

increpo, (ui, it-), i, resound, chide. 

iacreaco, crevi, 3, grow, increase. 

incretus, a, urn, unsifted, mixed. 

iucruentuB, a, um, bloodless. 

incriisto, i, to cover, coat over. 

incubatio, onia, p., brooding. 

incubito, i, lie upon. 

incubo, ui, it-, i, lie on, brood, hatch. 

incudo, di. Bum, 3, forge. 

inoulco, I, trample, cram. 

inculpatua, a, um, blameless. 

incultuB, [colo,] untitled, rude. 

incumbo, cubui, cubit-, 3, lie or 
lean upon, give earnest heed, yield. 

incunabula, 5rum, n., cradle, 
origin, birthplace. 

incuria, se, p., negligence. 

incuriOBUB, a, um, negligent, un- 

in-curro, 3, run upon, attack, meet. 

incuraio, 5niB, p. ; -bub, ub, m., 
onset, assault, attack. 

incurao, i, to assault. 

incurvo, i, to crook, bend. 

incunruB, a, um, crooked, bent, 

incuB, iidlB, f., anvil. 

incuaatio, onia, p., accusation. 

incuse, I, charge, blame, accuse. 

incuBtSditUB, a, um, unguarded. 

incuBUB, [cudo,]^r^e^. 

incutio, cuBBi, cuss-, [quatio,] 3. 
strike upon or into, cast, hurl. 

indagatio, onia, p., search. 

indagator, oris, m., explorer, 

indagoi inla, p., search, enclosing. 

indago, i, to track, search. 

inde, thence, thereupon, next. 

indebite (-td), unduly. 

indebitus, a, um, undue. 

indecena, tis, unseemly. 

indecor, dris ; -dria, e, inglorious, 

indecoruB, a, um, unbecoming. 

indefensuB, a, um, unprotected. 

indefeaauB, a, um, umpearied. 

indemnatUB, a, um, uncondemned, 

indemnia, e, [damno,] unharmed. 

index, iciB, c, informer, spy, title. 

indicena, tia, not idling. 

Indicium, i, N., note, discovery, mark. 

indico, i, point out. 

indico, 3d, ct-, 3, appoint, declare. 

indictuB, a, um, unsaid, unsung. 

IndicuB, a, um, of India. 

indidem, jfrom the same place. 

indigena, ao, c, native. 

indigena, tia ; -ea, ia, needy. 

indigeo, ui, [egeo,] 2, to need. 

indigeatUB, a, um, disordered. 

Indigetea, um, pi., deified heroes. 

indignana, tie, lorathful. 

indignatio, onia, p., lorath, dis- 
pledsure, disdain. 

indignitaa, atia, p., unworthiness. 



I, deem unworthy, be 


Indignns — infindo. 


Indignus, a, nm, unworihyy wrong, 
indigUB (-uus), a, mu, [egeo,] needy, 
indiligena, tis, careless, negligent. 
indipiscor, eptuis, 3, obtain^ begin, 
indiscretUB, a, unii unparted. 
indistinctas, a, um, confused. 
inditus, a, um, put upon. 
indlviduuB, a, um, indivisible. 
indlviatia, a, urn, undivided. 
indo, didi, dit-, 3, put into, impart 
indocilis, e, unteachable, untaught. 
indocttiB, a, um, unlearned, rude. 
indolentia, ao, f., painlessness. 
indoles, is, F., quality, talent. 
indolesco, dolui, 3, to feel pain. 
indomitus, a, um, unsubdued. 
indorxnio, 4, fall asleep over. 
indotatus, a, um, unportioned. 
[indu-=s in-. 

indubitatus, a, um, undoubted. 

indubito, i, to doubt respecting. 

induco, 2d, ct-, 3, bring in or upon, 
exhibit, mislead, spread upon. 

inductio, 5ms, f., bringing-in, pur- 
pose, resolution. 

inducule^ ao, p., under-garmerU, 

indulgentia, se, F., indulgence. 

indulgeo, si, sum, 2, to be kind or 
fond, indulge, permit. 

indumentum, i, N., garment. 

induo, ui, ut-, 3, put on, assume. 

induresco, mi, 3, gj-ow hard. 

induro, i, harden. 

Indus, a, um, of India ; pi., Hindus. 

indusium, i, n., under-garment. 

industria, ae, F., diligence, industry; 
de industria, on purpose. 

industrius, a, um, active, diligent. 

indutiae, Snim, f., truce, pause. 

indutilis, e, that can be put on. 

indutus, [induo,] put on, clad, 

induviaa, 3rum, f., garments. 

inSbrio, i, to make drunk. 

inedia, as, [edo,] f., fasting. 

ineluctabilis, e, inevitable. 

inemptus, [emo,] unbought. 

ineo, ii ^vi), it-, 4, to go in, enter 
upon, begin. 

ineptiaB, arum, f., follies, trifles, 

ineptus, a, unit foolish, silly, unfit. 

inequitabilis, e, unfit for cavalry. 

inequito, i, ride upon, traverse, 

inermis, e; -us, a, um, unarmed. 

inerro, i, ramble about ^ or near, 

iners, tis, [ars,J unskilled, sluggish, 

inertia, aa, f., sloth, ignorance, lack 
of skill or energy. 

inesco, i, entice with bait, satisfy. 

inezhaustus, a, um, unexhausted. 

inezorabilis, e, inexorable. 

inezpertus, a, um, untried, un- 
wonted, inexperienced. 

inezplicabilis, e, intricate, 

inezpugnabilis, e, impregnable, 

inexBuperabilis, e, insurmountable, 

inextricabilis, e, inextricable, 

infabre, unskilfully, 

infacetus, a,imi, coarse, rude, blunt, 

infamia, as, F., HI repute, disgrace, 

infamis, e, disreputable, infamous, 

infamo, i, to defame, accuse. 

infandus, a, um, unspeakable, hor- 
rible, shocking. 

infans, tis, speechless ; c, child, 

infantia, ae, f., lack of eloquence^ 
infancy, childhood, 

infaustus, a, um, unfortunate, 

infector, 5ris, M., a dyei\ 

infectus, [facio,] unwrought, unfin- 
ished; [inficio,] stained. 

inlecundus, a, um, unfruitful, 

infeliz, icis, barren, unhappy. 

infenso, i, ravage. 

infensus, a, um, hostile, dangerous, 

inferiaa, anim, f., offerings for the 

inferior, us, lower, later. 

infernus, a, imi, beneath, infernal. 

infero, tuli, lat-, bring in or upon. 

inferus, a, um (§ 17, iii), what is 
below ; pi., of the lower world, 

infeste, violently. 

infesto, i, to attack, molest, injure. 

infestus, a, imi, unsafe, hostile. 

inficiens, tis, ineffective. 

inficio, fici, feet-, 3, stain, imbue, 

inficior^dnfitior, deny. 

infidelis, e, unfaithful, faithless. 

infidus, a, um, untrusty, unsafe. 

infigo, zi, zum, 3, fix, thrust,fasten, 

infimus=imus, lowest, last. 

infindo, fidi, fiss-, 3, cleave, cut in. 



iTifinitan — uynriuB. 

innnitaa, atia, P., boundlessness, 

infinitus, a, um, boundless^ end- 
less, unlimited, infinite. 

infirmitaa, atia, p., weakness. 

infirmo, i, to weaken, disprove. 

infinnus, a, mu, weak, feeble. 

he (or she) begins (to speak). 

infitiae, arum, p., denial. 

infitiator, oris, m., denier of debts. 

infitior, i, deny, disown. 

inflammo, i, kindle, excite, inflame. 

inflatuB, US, M., a blast. 

inflecto, xi, zum, 3, bend, change. 

infletus, a, am, untcept, 

inflezio, onis p. ; -xus, us, m., bend. 

infligo, izi, let-, 3, strike against, 
inflict, impose. 

Infio, I, blow upon, inflate, puff up. 

Influo, xi, X-, 3, flow in or upon. 

Infodio, fodi, foss-, 3, dig, bury. 

informatio, 5iiis, p., outline, idea. 

informis, e, shapeless, deformed. 

informo, i, give shape to, describe. 

inforo, i, accuse in court. 

infortunium, i, n., misfortune. 

infra, beneath, below. 

infraotus, [frango,] unbroken; ex- 
hausted, hurt, broken. 

Infremo, ui, 3, to bellow. 

infrenis, e ; -atus, a, um, unbridled. 

infreno, i, bridle, curb, restrain. - 

infrequens, tis, rare, infrequent. 

infrequentia, se, F.,feumess, scanti- 
ness, lack of attendance, 

infrico, cui, ct- (cat-), i, rub in. 

infringe, fregi, fract-, 3, break in on, 
check, weaken, mitigate, 

infrio, I, crumble upon or into, 

infula, ae, p., bandage, fiUet, 

infundibulum, i, n., funnel, 

infundo, fndi, fus-, 3, pour in or 
upon, put or cast upon, impose, 

infusco, I, make dark, stain. 

ingemino, i, redouble, repeat, 

ingemo (-isco), ui, 3, groan, lament, 

ingenero, i, implant, 

ingeniosus, a, um, talented, fit, 

ingenitus, a, um, inborn. 

ingenium, i, n., quality, disposition, 
intellect, talent, genius, temper. 

ingens, tis, huge, vast, mighty. 

ingenuus, a, um, native, freeborn, 
noble, ingenuous, delicate. 

ingero, gessi, gest-, 3, to pour or 
throw in, obtrude, inflict. 

ingestus, a, um, laid or forced upon. 

inglorius, a, imi, inglorious. 

ingluvies, ei, p., crop, maw, 

ingrate, ungratefutly. 

ingratia, ae, p., thanklessness. 

ingratiis, against one's will. 

ingratus, a, imi, thankless, displeas- 
ing, ungrateful. 

ingravesco, 3, grow heavy, increase. 

ingravo, i, weigh down, make worse. 

ingredior, greas-, 3, enter, advance. 

ingressus, us, m., advance, march. 

ingruo, ui, 3, break in upon. 

inguen, inis, N., groin, crotch. 

ingurgito, i, plunge in, gorge, glut. 

inhabilis, e, unfit, unhandy. 

inhsereo, si, sum, 2, cling, stick. 

inhibeo, ui, it-, 2, lay hold, check, 
exercise, employ. 

inhio, I, gape at, stand open. 

inhonestUB, a, um, dishonorable. 

inhonorus (-atus), a, um, un- 

inhorreo, ui, 2 ; -sco, 3, stand erect, 
shudder, tremble, bristle. 

inhospitus, a, um; -alis, e, inhos- 

inhumanitas, atis, p., barbarity, 

inhumSnus, a, um, rude, churlish, 

inhumatus, a, um, vnburied. 

inibi, therein, on the point of. 

inigo, egi, act-, 3, drive in, 

inimice, hostilely, 

inimicitia, 83, P., hostility, 

inimicus, a, um, unfriendly, hurt- 
fid ; M., foe, personal enemy, 

iniquitas, atis. P., injustice, 

iniquus, a, um, uneven, unjust, un-- 
fair, unfit, hostile, hurtful, 

initiiui, i, N., beginning, element; 
pi., mysteries, sacred rites. 

injicio, jeci, ject-, [jacio,] 3, cast 
upon or against, impose, occasion, 

injungo, nxi, net-, 3, join, fasten^ 
bring upon, inflict, impose. 

injuria, ae, p., injury, wrong. 

injiirius (-5sus), a, um, wrongful. 

iojiiKSiu — instiUo. 


injusBiis, a, um, voluntary, unhid. 
injussu (abl.), ivitkout orders. 
injuatus, a, um, unjust, wrong, 
[inl-=411-; mm-==imm-. 
innascor, natus, 3, be born in, 
innato, i, float or swim upon, 
innecto, arai, zum, 3, fasten, join, 
iniutor, zus-, 3, lean on. 
inno, I, float in or upon, 
innooens, tiB, harmless, guiltless. 
innocentia, Be, F., blamelessness, 
ixmocuuB, a, um, harmless, 
innStesco, tui, 3, become knoton. 
innosdus, a, um, harmless, unhurt. 
inniunerus, a, um, countless. ^ 
innuo, ui, ut-, 3, nod to, hint, 
innuptus, a, um, unwed, 
Inoi^us, myth. d. of Cadmus. 
inoculo, I, engraft. 
inolesco, evi, it-, 3, grow upon, 
■^nopia, 3d, F., want, lack, need. 
inopinans, tis, not expecting. 
inopinuB (-natus, a, um), unex- 
pected; inoplnato, of a sudden. 
inops, dpis, poor, needy, helpless. 

iaqaam (inquio), sag (§ 38, iii). 
inquietus, a, um;-es,etis, restless, 
inquilinuB, i, m. ; -a, 8b, F., lodger. 
inquino, I, dejile, pollute, 
inqturo, Bivi, Bit-, 3, search, seek, 
inquiBitio, 5nis, F., investigation, 
inquisitor, oris, M., examiner. 

inaania, 8B, f., madness, insanity, 
inBanio, 4, be insane, rave, rage, 
iUBanitaB, atis, f., unsoundness, 
insanuB, a, um, mad, crazy, violent. 
iasatiabiUB, e, insatiable. 
inBcendo, di. Bum, 3, step upon, 
inBOieuB, tis, without knowledge, 
inscitia (-ientia), se, f., ignorance, 
inscitUB, a, um, ignorant, unskilled, 
inscius, a, um, without knowledge. 
inscribo, psi, pt-, 3, write upon, in- 
scribe, attribute, subscribe. 
inscriptio, onis, F., title, inscription, 
inscriptuB, [scribo,] not tvritten, 
insculpo, psi, pt-, 3, carve upon. 
inseco, ui, ct-, i, cut into, cut up. 
insectum, i, N., insect. 

insectatio, ouis, f., pursuing. 
insector (-to), i, to pursue, rail at. 
insepultus, a, um, hidden, unburied. 
insequor, cutus, 3, follow close, 

pursue, strive after, 
insero, sevi, sit-, 3, plant, engraft, 
insero, ui, rt-, 3, introduce, insert. 
inserto, i, put into, insert. 
inservio, 4, be of service, devoted. 
insideo, sedi, sess-, 2, sit upon, be 

fixed, established, 
insidiae, arum^ f., ambush, st/cUa- 

gem, plot, treachery. 
insidior, i, lie in wait for. 
insidiOBUS, a, um, deceitful, sly. 
insido, sedi, sess-, 3, settle, occupy. 
insignio, 4, put a mark upon. 
insignis, e, marked, d'tstinguished ; 

N., sign of distinction, badge. 
insignitus, a, um, marked, clear. 
insilio, ui, [salio,] 4, leap upon. 
insimulo, i, allege, blame, accuse. 
insinuo, i, wind in, thrust in, get at, 
insipiens, Ub, foolish. 
insisto, stiti, 3, stand on, pursue. 
insitio, onis, f., grafting. 
insolens, tis, unwonted, haughty. 
insolenter, unusually, haughtily. 
insolentia, ae, f., novelty, arrogance. 
insolitus, a, um, unwonted, strange, 
insomnia, ae, F. ; sleeplessness, 
insomnis, e, sleepless, 
insomnium, i, N., a dream, 
insono, ui, it-, i, resound, roar, 
insons, tis, guiltless, harmless. 
inspeoto, i, look in on, view, inspect, 
insperatus, a, um, unhoped-for. 
inspergo, si, sum, 3, strow upon, 
inspicio, exi, ect-, 3, look into, 

examine, contemplate, consider. 
inspico, I, sharpen, make pointed. 
inspiro, i, breathe in, inspire, 
instabiliB, e, infiiTn, tottering, 
instans, tis, urgent, present, 
instanter, vehemently. 
instantia, ae, f., steadiness, firmness, 
-*istar (indec), n., likeness, like. 
instauro, i, renew, reunite. 
insterno, stravi, at-, 3, overspread, 
instigo, I, urge, incite, instigate. 
instillo, I, pour by drops. 

instinctiis — interimo. 

instinctas, us, m., insiigafion, 

instinguo, nxi, net-, 3, instigate, 

instita, ae, f., border^ flounce. 

instito, I, press on, 

institor, oris, m., huckster, dealer. 

ihstituo, ui, ut-, (statuo), 3, appoint, 
train, establish, contrive^ resolve, 

institutio, onis, f., custom, training. 

institiitunx,!, N., institution,purpose, 

insto, stiti, i, stand upon, urge, at- 

instratos, [stemo,] spread, [tack, 

Instrepo, ui, it-, 3, resound. 

instructio, onis, f., erection, array, 

instrumentum, i, N., tool, apparel, 

instruo, zi, ct-, 3, build, furnish, 
instruct, prepare, provide. 

insuasum, i, n., a dark, color. 

insuavis, e, unpleasant; 

Insuber, bris, Milanese^ Insvbrian. 

insiido, i, sweat at or upon, 

insuesco, evi, et-, 3, to get wont. 

insuetus, (-factus), unaccustomed. 

insula, se, f., island, block 0/ houses. 

insulsg, foolishly. 

insulsus, a, um, [sal,] insipid. 

insulto, I, leap at or against, revile. 

insum, esse, fui, be in or on, belong. 

insumo, mpsi, mpt-, 3, take, apply. 

Insuo, ui, tit-, 3, sew in, add to. 

insuper, above, moreover. 

insuperabiliS) e, insurmountable. 

insurgo, rezi, rect-, 3, rise upon 
or against, mount, rise. 

insusurro, i,, whisper to. 

intabesco, tabui, 3, pine away. 

intactus, a, um, untouched, untried. 

intectus, [tego,] uncovered, open. 

integer, a, um, sound, entire, whole. 

intego, xi, ct- 3, to cover. 

integritas, atis, f., wholeness, sound- 
ness, integrity, purity. 

integro, i, renew, repeat, restore, 

integumentum, i, n., covering. 

intellectus, us, m., understanding. 

intelligens, tis, intelligent, skilled. 

intelligentia, se, F., intelligence. 

intelligo, zi, ct-, [lego,] 3, to per- 
ceive, understand, discern. 

intemeratus, a, um, undefiled. 

intemperans, tis, immoderate, ex- 
travagant, profligate. 

intemperantia, ae, p., inclemencyj 
extravagance, excess. 

intemperiae, arum, f. inclemency. 

intemperies, ei, f., tempest, rage. 

intempestus (-tivus), a, um, un- 
seasonable, unwholesome, stormy. 

intendo, di, tum (sum), 3, stretch, 
strain, spread, aim at, intend. 

intentatus, a, um, unattempted. 

intentio, onis, f., stretching, effort. 

intento, i, stretch forth, threaten. 

intentuSy a, um, intent, strict, eager. 

inter, between, among, during. 

interamenta, drum, n., hull-timbers. 

interamnus, a, um, between rivers. 

interbito, i, come to naught. 

intercalo, i, insert, introduce. 

intercapedo, inis, f., interruption. 

intercede, cessi, cess-, 3, come or 
go between, protest (as tribune). 

intercessio, onis, F., intervention, 

intercessor, 5ris, m., interposer. 

intercido, cidi, cis-, [caedo,] 3, cut 
to pieces, cut down, divide. 

intercido, idi, [cado,] 3, fall be- 
tween, befall, happen, perish. 

intercipio, cepi, cept-, [capio,] 3, 
intercept, rob, hinder. 

intercludo, si, sum, [claudo,] 3, 
shut off, hinder, blockade. 

intercurro, ri, rs-, 3, run between. 

interous, ciitis, uiuler the skin. 

interdico, zi, ct-, 3, interfere, for- 
bid, interdict. 

interdictum, i, n., prohibition. 

interdiu, by day-time. 

interdum, at times, meanwhile, 

interduo 3, give for a thing. 

interea, in the mean time, at times. 

interemptio, f., slaughter. 

interemptus, [-imo,] destroyed. 

intereo, ii, it-, 4, perish, go among. 
Slnterest, there is difference or advan- 
tage (§ 50, iv. 4). 

interfectio, onis, f., killing. 

interfector, 5ris, m., slayei'. 

interficio, fSci, feet-, [facio,] 3, to 
kill ; interfio, perish, 

inter-fundoy 3, pour between. 

interim (-ibi), meanwhUe. 

^terimo, emi, empt-,3*, to destroy. 


interior — mvenio. 


interior (§ 17, iii.), inner. 
--4nteritii8,. us, m., ruin, 
intezjaceo, 2, lie between. 
taterjectus, a, um, put between. 
intezjectus, us, m., casting in. 
inteijacio, jeci, ject-, 3, throw in. 
inter-lego, 3, pluck here and there, 
interlino, levi, lit-, 3, smear, erase. 
interloquor, cutus, 3, interrupt. 
interliiceo, zi, 2, shine, appear. 
Interluo, 3, wa^h, flow between. 
intermiuo, i, threaten, forbid. 
inter-misceo, 2, mingle among. 
intermissio, onis, f., interruption. 
iutermissus, a, um, interrupted. 
iuter-mitto, 3, cease, discontinue. 
inter-morior, 3, perish, decay. 
intermortuuB, a, um, lifeless. 
intemecio, onis, f.» massacre. 
intemoBco, 3, dvtcem, distinguish . 
intemuntius, i, m., messenger. 
intemus, a, um, inward, internal. 
intero, trivi, trit-, 3, bruise, crumUe. 
interpello,- i, interrupt, disturb. 
interpolo, i, give new shape to. 
interpono, sid, sit-, 3, put between, 

utter, decree, interpose, pledge. 
interpres, Stis, c, inteipreter, agent. 
interpret9tio,oni8, P., explanation. 
interpretor, i, explain, decide. 
interpzimo, essi, ess- 3, crush. 
interregnum, i, n., between-reigns. 
interrez^ regis, m., regent. 
interritus, a, um, undaunted. 
interrogo, i, ask, sue, argue. 
inter-rumpo, 3, break off, interrupt. 
interruptus, a, um, broken up. 
inter-scindo, 3, tear asunder. 
intersepio, psi, pt-, 4, fence in. 
interstinguo, nad, net-, 3, spot, kill 
^intersum, esse, fui, be present at, or 

among; differ (see interest), 
intertezo, xui, art-, 3, interweave. 
intervallum, i, n., m^eryoZ (between 

the palisades), difference. 
inter-vello, 3, pluck out or away\ 
inter-venio, 4, come between. 
interventus, us, m., interposition. 
interverto, ti, sum, 3, turn aside. 
interviBO, si, sum, 3, spy, inspect. 
intestab£lis;~e, abominable. 

intestatus, a, tmi, intestate. 

intestinus, a, um, internal. 

intezo, xui, zt-, 3, interweave, 

intimus, a, um (§ 17, iii.), inmx)st, 
deepest, secret, intimate. 

intolerabilis, e, unbearable. 

intolerandus, a, um, insupportable. 

intolerans, tis, impatient. 

intoleranter, immoderately. 

intolerantia, se, p., insolence. 

intono, ui,it-, i, thunder. 

intonsus, [tondeo,] unshorn. 

intorqueo, si, tum, 2, twist, hurl. 

intortus, twisted, involved. 

intra, within, inside of. 

intremo, ui, 3, to tremble. 

intrepidus, a, um, undaunted. 

intrico, i, entangle, perplex. 

intrinsecus, inwardly. 

intritus, a, um, [tero,] unworn. 

intro, I, enter, penetrate. 

intro, inwardly, within. 

introduco, zi, ct-, 3, lead in. 

introeo, ivi (ii), it-, 4, enter. 

introitus, us, m., entrance. 

intro-mitto, 3, send in, let in. 

introrsum (-versum), inwardly. 

introspicio, spezi, ect-, 3, inspect 

intubus, i, d. ; -um, i, n., endive. 
/^-intueor, itus, 2, gaze on, observe. 

intumesco, mui, 3, to get swollen. 

intus, within, on the inside, 

intutus, a, um, unguarded. 

inultus, [ulciscor,] unpunished. 

inumbro, i, shade. 

inundo, i, overflow, inundate. 

inurbanus, a, um, unpolished. 

inflro, ussi, ust-, 3, brand, bum. 

inusitatus, a, um, uncommon. 

inusque, unto, even to. 

inutdlis, e, ^useless, hurtful. 

Inuus, i, a name of Pan. 

invado, si, sum, 3, com£ upon, at- 
tack, enter upon, befall. 

invalesco, vaLui, 3, grow strong. 

invalidus, a, um, weak. 

invectio, onis, p., importing. 

inveho, ari, ct-, 3, bring in or upon, 
attack, inveigh against. 
4-^venio, veni, vent-, 4, come upor^ 
find, discover, invent. 


inventor — itinerarias. 

inventor, Sris, m. ; -triz, icis, f., a 

Jinder, discoverer, 
invenustuSi a, um, ungraceful. 
inverecunduB, a, um, shameless. 
invergo, 3, pour upon. 
inversus, a, um, perverted. 
inverto, ti, sum, 3, reverse, upset. 
investigo, i, track, trace. 
inveterasco, 3, grow old ox fixed. 
invetero, i, make or grow old. 
invicem, by turns. 
invictus, a, um, unconquered. 
--invldeo, vidi, vis-, 2, grudge, envy. 
w - in vidla, se, F., envy, malice^ odium. 
invidl53us, a, um, envious, odious, 
invldus, a, um, envious. 
invigilo, i, be watchful, take pains. 
inviolatns, a, um, unharmed. 
inviso, si, sum, 3, visit. 
invisuB, a, um, unseen, hated. 
invito, I, invite, summon, challenge. 
in Vitus, a, um, unwilling, reluctant. 
invius, a, um, pathless, impassable. 
invocatus, a, um, uncalled. 
invoco, I, call upon, name, invoke. 
involOy I, fly into or ujyon. 
involucrum, i, n., wrapper. 
involvo, i, ut-, 3, roll upon, wrap. 
lo, Iu3 (onis), myth. d. of Inachus, 

changed to a heifer. 
locaata, ae (e, es),m. of CEdipus. 
lolcos, i, M., a port in Thessaly. 
Ionia, ae, dist. of 12 Greek cities 

on W. coast of Asia Minor. 
I5nicus (-ius), a, um, of Ionia. 
Iphlgenia, ae, d. of Agamemnon, 

sacrificed to Diana at Aulis. 
ipse (ipsus), a, um, (§ 20, ii.), self 
ira, ae, f., rage, anger, 
iracundia, ae, f., wrath, temper. 
iracundus, a, um, passionate. 
irascor, 3, to be angry, wrathful. 
iratus, a, um, enraged, 
ircus=liircus, goat. 
Iris, idis, f., messenger of Juno- 
iris, idis, F., rainbow^ sword-lUy. 
irpez, icis, m., raJce, harrow. 
irrado, 3, scrape, shave. 
irrasus, a, um, unshaven, 
irreparabilis, e, irretrievable. 
irrepo, psi, 3, creep in or upon. 

irrequietus, a, um, restless. 
irretio, 4, ensnare, entangle. 
irrideo, idi, is-, 2, laugh at, jest. 
irridiculus, a, um, laughable. 
irrigo, i, to water, irrigate, nourish. 
irriguus, a, um, full of water. 
irrisuB, [rideo,] mocked. 
irrisus, us, M., mockery, derision. 
initamentum, i, n., stimulant. 
ixiito, I, excite, inflame. 
irritus, £^ um, vain, void, useless. 
irrogo, i, propose^ appoint, inflict. 
irroro, i, to moisten, bedew. 
ir-rumpo, 3, to break or burst in. 
irruo, ui, 3, rush or pour in. 
irruptio, onis, f., bursting-in. 
is, ea, id (§ 20), he, she, this, that. 
Isauria, ae, F., a dist. of Asia Minor. 
Isis,is (idis), an Egyptian goddess. 
Ismarus, i, m. ; -a, orum, n., a 

mountain range of Thrace. 
Issus, i, F., a city of Cilicia, where 

Darius was defeated, B.C. 333. 
istac, this way. [isse see eo. 

iste, a, ud (§ 20, ii.), that. 
Ister, tri, m., the lower Danube, 
t isthmus, i, m., isthmus. 
Isthmius, a, um, Isthmian ; n. pL, 

games celebrated near Corinth. 
istic, aec, oc (uc), this same. 
istic, there, yonder. 
istim, to that place. 
istinc, thence, from yonder. 
istiusmddi, of thai sort. 
isto, istoc, thither, yonder. 
istorsum, thitherward. 
Istria, ae, f., the dist. near Venice, 
istuc, thither (interrog. -cine), 
ita, so, thus. 
Italia, ae, f., Italy. 
Italia, idis, f., an Italian woman* 
italua (-icus), a, um, Italian. 
itaque, and so, therefore, according- 
item, so, likewise, also. [ly, 

iter, itineiis, n.. tvay, roady march. 
itero, 1, repeat, relate. 
^l-iterum, a second time, 

Ithacus, a, um, of Ithaca, an I. 

west of Greece ; m., Ulysses, 
itidem, in like manner, 
itinerarius, a, um, of the march. 

itio — Justus. 


iUo, onis, F. ; itus, ub, m., a going. 

ito, I (freq. of eo), go. 

Itya, yos, ya, myth. s. of Tereus, 

changed to a pheasant. 
lulus, i, a name of Ascanius, as 

founder of the Julian family. 
ladon, 5111S, k. of Lapithae, bound 

to a fiery wheel in Tartarus. 
lynx, gis, f., wry-neck (a bird). 


jaoeOfUi, jacit-, 2, lie, 
jado, jeci, jaot-, 3, throw, utter. 
jactanti£^ as, f., loud boasting. 
jactatio, onis, F., tossing about. 
jacto, I, iossy hurl, discuss, boast. 
jactura, sb, f., throwing, cost, loss. 
jactua, us, m., a throw, cast. 
Jaculor, I, to cast, hurl, shoot, 
jaoulum, i, N., javelin, dart. 
jaculus, a, um, thrown; n., net. 
jam, now, already, presently. 
jampxidexn, now, long since. 
Janiculum, a hill of Rome, be- 
yond the Tiber. 
janitor, oris, M., door-keeper. 

ranuarlus, a, uin, January. 

Janus, i, the Italian Sun-god. 

jeour, 5ris (inoris), n., liver. 

jejunium, i, n. ; -itas, f., fasting. 

jejunus, a, um, hungry, sterile, dry. 

jentaculum, i, N., early meal. 

jocor (o), I, to jest. 

jocosus, a, um, jesting, facetious. 

jocularis, e, funny, laughable. 

jocus (-cuius), i, M., joke, jest, fun. 

Jovis, gen. of Juppiter. 

Juba, as, k. of Numidia, partisan 
of Pompey ; d. B.C. 46. 

juba, as, f., mane, hair. 

jubar, Sxis, n., sunbeam, radiance. 

jubatus, a, um, crested. 

jubeo, jussi, juss-, 2, order, com- 
mand, bid, entreat, decree. 

jucuuditas, atis, F., pleasantness. 

jucundus, a, um, glad, delightful. 

Judaea, a^, f., Palestine. 

Judaicus (-aeus), a, um, Jewish. 

judex, Xcis, M., judge, juror. 
judicatio, 5nis, f., investigation. 
jttdicialis, e, of the court. 
judicium, i, n., court, trial, judg^ 

ment, sentence. 
jttdico, I, to judge, decide. 
jugalis, Ot of a yoke, nuptial. 

jugerum, i ; pi., er£^ um, n., acre 
(about i of linglish acre). 

jugis, e, constant, perennial^ fresh. 

juglans, dis, f., walnut. 
jugo, I, bind, join, marry. 

jugulo, I, cut the throat, kill. 

jugulum, i, N. ; -us, i, M., throat. 

jugum, i, N., yoke, cross-bar, ridge. 

Jugurtha, so, king of Numidia, 
capt. B.C. 106. 

Julius, a, um, ofJtdy ; a Gens, in- 
cluding the Jamily of Caesar. 

jumentum, i, N., beast of burden. 

junceus, a, um, of rushes. 

junctura, as, F., joint, connection. 

juncus, i, M., rush. 

jungo, nzi, net-, 3, join, yoke. 

junior, oris, younger {^17, iii.). 

Junius, a, vaa,of Jane; a Gens, in- 
cluding the fiamily of Brutus. 

juniz, icis, f., heifer. 

Juno, onis, queen of Heaven. 

Juppiter, J5vis, Jupiter, son of 
Saturn, king of gods. 

Jura, se, M., the mt. W. of Helvetia. 

jurator, oris, m., witness^ or judge. 

juratus, a, um, under oath. 

jureus, a, tun (jus), of broth. 

jurgium, i, N., dispute. 

jurgo, I, to quarrel, dispute. 

juris consultus, i, M. jurist. 

jurisdictio, onis, f., administration 
of justice, legal authority. 

jurispentus, a, um, skilled in law. 

juro (or), I, swear, take oath. 

-jus, juris, N., law, right, justice. 

jus, juris, N., broth, soup, gravy. 

jusjurandum (§ 14, ii, 2), oath. 

jussum, i, N. ; -us, us, m. command. 

jussus, [jubeo.J ordered. 

justitia, ae, f., justice. 

justitium, i, n., vacation of court. 

Justus, a, um, just, true, due, right; 
fi., justice; pi., ceremonies. 



jnve&alit — IflDvnB. 

juvenalis, e, yotUhfuL 

juveucuB, a, um, young ; m., bul- 
lock; F., heifer. 

juvenesco, nui, 3, become a youth, 

juvenilis, e, youthful, cheerful. 

juvenifli is (urn), c, a youth. 

juventa, ee ;- tas, tatis ; -tus, tutLs, 
F., youth (reckoned from 20 to 40). 

juvo, juvl, jut-, I, help, gratify. 

juzta, near, close by, directly, alike, 

juxtim, close by, near. 

K, the prsenomen KaBSO. . 

k, (kaL or Kalendse, arum, F.), 
kalends, first of the month (§ 83). 

Karthaginiensis, e, Carthaginian. 

Karthago, inis, f., Carthage; a 
wealthy and powerful city of 
N. Africa, long a deadly rival 
of Rome ; taken and destroyed, 
B.C. 146. — The Carthaginian 
wars were, i. B.C. 264-241 ; 2. 
B.C. 219-202 ; 3. B.C. 149-146. 

L, the prsen. Lucius ; num.,sB5o. 

labasco (-or), 3, totter, waver. 

Ziabdacua, myth. k. of Thebes. 

labe-facio, 3, loosen, shake, weaken. 

labefacto, i, shatter, overthrow, ruin. 

labefio, p. of labefacio. 

labellum, i, n., lip, bath-tub. 

labeo, onis, M., blubber-lip. 

labes, is, F.,falL, ruin, stain, 

labi£^ se, F. ; labium, i, N., lip. 

labo, I, totter, wavei*, sink. 

labor, lapsus, 3, glide, fall, err. 

labor, oris, m., toU, distress. 

laboriosus, a, um,^^ of toil. 

laboro, i, labor, strive, suffer. 

labrum, i, N., lip, magazine, vat. 

labruBca, ae, F. ; -cum, i, n., wild 

Ziabyrinthus, i, M., an intricate 
building wrought by Daedalus 
in Crete, for the Minotaur. 

lac, lactis, n., milk. 

fLaceeua, ee, a Spartan woman. 

fLacedeemon, duis, f., Sparta, 
S.-E. dist. of Peloponnesus; 

Lacedsemonius, a, um. Spartan. 

lacer, era, um, mangled, torn. 

lacerStio, onis, f., mangling. 

lacern£^ ee, f., a warm cloaJc. 

lacer o, i, mangle, rail at, destroy. 

lacertus, i, m. ; -ta, ee, f., lizard. 

lacertus, i, m., arm (upper-arm). 

lacesso, ivi, it-, 3, challenge, har- 
ass, excite, provoke. 

lachrima (-7ma)sslacrima, tear. 

laciui£^ ee, f., lappet, dewlap. 

lacinioaus, a, van, jagged, indented. 

fLaco (-c5n), conis, m., a Spartan. 

Ziaconicus, a, um. Spartan. 

lacrima (lacruma), ee, f., tear. 

lacrimabilis, e, tearful, sad. 

lacrimo (or), i, weep. 

lacrimosus,a, um, tearful, weeping. 

lacteo, 2, suck or hold milk. 

lacteus, a, um, milking, milk-white. 

lactis, is, F., smaU entrail. 

lacto (-ito), I, suckle, allure. 

lactuca, ee, F., lettuce. 

lacuna, ee, F., hole, pool, gap, void, 

lacunar, aris, N., panelled ceiling. 

lacuno, I, to hollow, panel. 

lacus, us, M., lake, tank, vat. 

ikedo, si, sum, 3, strike, hurt. 

leena, ae, F., mantle. 

Laertes, se, father of Ulysses. 

L8Bstryg5nSs, um, a myth, savage 
race of Sicily and S. Italy. 

laetabilis, e, joyful, glad. 

leetamen, inis, n., manure. 

leete, gladly, fruitfully. 

laetifico, i, gladden, fertilize. 

leetificus, a, um, gladdening. 

teetitia, ee, f., joy, beauty, fertility. 

Iseto, I, make glad; P., to rejoice. 

leetus, a, um, glad, joyful, cheerful, 
fertile, charming. 

leeve, awkwardly. 

leevis^slevis, sTnooth. 

leevorsum, to the left. 

leevus, a, um, the left, unfortunate^ 
awkward; (in augury) J^r/tino^e; 
F., lefi hand; N., on the left. 

lagena — latesco. 


lagena, sd, F., flask, 

Lagos, father of Ptolemy, the first 

Grecian king of Egypt 
Laius, myth, king of Thebes, 
lama, se, f., bog, slough. 
lambo, bi, bit-, 3, lick, wash. 
lamenta, orum, n., lamenL 
lamentabiliB, e, mournful, 
laxnentatio, oniB, F., mourning, 
lamentor, i, bewail, lament, 
laxni]l£^ 8e, F., leaf, layer, 
t lampas, adls (da, d&s), F., torch. 
t Iiampeacum (cub), i, a town in 

Asia on the Hellespont. 
lana, se, F., wool, down. 
lanarins, a, um, of wool; M., a 

worker in wool; F., wool-factory. 
lanatus, a, urn, woolly. 
lancea, Sd,F., a light spear. 
lances (lanz), dishes. 
lancino, i, mangle, destroy. 
laneus, a, um, woolen, downy, 
languens, tiB, faint, languid. 
langueo, 2 (-guesco, gui, 3), to be 

or grow faint, languid, weak. 
languidus, a, xiaXf faint, weak. 
languor, 5ri8, M., languor, faintness, 
laniarlus, a, um, of a butcher, 
laniatus, us, m., mangling. 
lanicium, i, N., wool (in mass). 
lanien£^ se, F., butcher^s stall. 
lanificus, a, um, working in wool 
laniger, era, um, fleecy ; M., ram. 
lanio, I, mangle, tear, lacerate. 
laniBta, ee, M., fencing-master, trai- 
ner of gladiators. 
lanius, i, m., butcher, executioner. 
lanugo, inis, f., down, bloom. 
lanugineus (-osus)^ a, um, downy. 
Iianuvium, i, N., a town of Latium, 

23 miles S. E. of Rome. 
lanz, cis, f., dish, platter. 
Iiaocoon, tisr myth, priest of 

Apollo, in Troy. 
Iiaomedon, tis, k. of Troy, father 

of Priam and Ganymeae. 
lapathum (us), i, n., sorrel. 
lapicidinaB, arum, F., quarries. 
lapidat, it rains stones, 
lapidatio, onis, f., stoning, 
lapideus (-arlus), a, um of stone. 

lapido, I, throw stones at. 
lapidSsus, a, um, stony. 
lapillus, i, M., pebble, gravel. 
lapis, idis, m., stone, milestone. 
Ziapithae, arum, mountaineers of 

lappa, se, f., burr, 
lapsio, onis, f., sliding, proclivity. 
lapso, I, slide, fall, stuni>le. 
lapsus, us, M., [labor,] fdU, flight. 
laquesur, iris, n., panelled ceiling. 
laqueo, i, er^nare, entangle; adorn 

with pannelling. 
laqueus, i, m., noose, snare, lasso. 
Lar, tiB, first-bom (Etruscan). 
laarentia (Acca), wife of Faustu- 

lus, nurse of Romulus, 
laares, ium (lun), houshold deities; 

hearth, home. 
leurge (-iter), bountifully. 
largior, 4, bestow gifts, lavish, bribe. 
largitas, atds, f., lU)erality, bribery, 
lar^tor, oris, m., giver, briber. 
largus, a, um, ample, abundant. 
laridum (leurdum), i, n., fat bacon, 
Larinum, i, n., a Samnite town. 
Iiarissa, ee, f., a city of Thessaly. 
Itarissseus, a, um, Thessalian. 
Ziarius, i, M., L. Como, in N. Italy. 
flEuiz, icis, D., larch. 
larus, i, M., sea-mew ( f), 
larva, se, f., mask, spectre, goblin, 
larvo, I, bewitch, enchant. 
lasanum, i, F., cooking-pot. 
lascivia, se, F., sport, wantonness. 
lascivio, 4, to be playful, wanton. 
lascivus, a, um, playful, wanton. 
lassitude, inis, F., weariness. 
lasso, I, make faint or languid. 
lassuB, a, um,/am/, weary, languid. 
latebra, 8e, F., hiding-place, retreat^ 
latebr5sus, a, um, hidden, intricate, 
latens, tds, hidden, [late, widely. 
lateo, vdt'2, be hid, (w. ace), 
later, eris, m., brick, tile. 
laterarius, a, um, of bricks; m., 

brick-maker; F., brick-kiln. 
laterculus, i, m., tile, pancake. 
latericius, a, um, made of brick. 
latema, se, f., lantern. 
latesco, 3, hide ; latesco, widen. 


latex — lenis. 

latex, icia, M., liquid; pi., water, 

latibulor, i, be hid, lurk, 

latibulaiu, i, N., lurking-place, 

laticlavius, a, um (with broad 
stripe), of noble family, 

latifundium, i, n., estate, plantation. 

Latinus, a, um; LatiSlifi, e, of 
Latium, Latin, 

Latinus, i, myth. k. of Latium. 

latio, onia, f., bringing, 

latito, I, [lateo,] hide, skulk, lurk, 

latitude, inia, f., breadth, size, 

Latium, i, n., the district 
. ward from Rome, having espe- 
cial political rights (jus Latii). 

Laton£^ as, the mother of Apollo. 

later, oris, m., proposer of a law. 

latrater, oria, m., barker, dog, 

latratua, ua, m., barking, 

latrina, ee, F., sink, privy, 

latre, i, to bark, rant, bluster. 

latre, Snia, m., robber, brigand, body- 
guard, mercenary, assassin. 

. latrocinium, i, n., robbery, fraud. 

latrdciner, i, serve for hire, rob, 
plunder, hunt. 

latrunculua,!, M., robber, freebooter, 

latua, [fere,] borne, carried, 

latua, a, um, broad, wide, copious^ 

latua, eria, N., side, flank, body, 

laudabilia, e, praiseworthy. 

laudatie, onia, F., eulogy. 

laudator, oria, m., eulogist, 

laude, I, to praise, eulogize. 

laureatua, a, um, laurel-crowned. 

Laurena, tia, ofLaurentum, a coast 
town of Latium. 

laureela, se, F., laurelrwreath, 

laureua, a, um, of laurel. 

lauriger, era, um, laurel-decked. 

laurua, i (ua), F., laurel, bay. 

laua, laudia, f., praise, merit, glory. 

laute, sumptuously. 

lautia, se, F., state-banquet. 

lautitia, as, F., magnificence. 

flautumise, arum, F., stone-quarry, 

lautua, [lave,] noble, elegant, 

lavatie, onia, p., bathing. 

Lavema, ae, goddess of Gain. 

Lavinia, se, daughter of Latinus, 
wife of i^neas. 

South— ^lectiO; 

lave, lavi, laut- (lot-), i, to wash. 
lazamentum, 1, n., widening, ease, 
lazitaa, atia, f., roominess, breadth* 
lazatua, a, um, wide, free. 
laxe, spaciously, freely. 
laze, I, open, expand, slacken, 
laxus, a, um, wtde, loose, open, 
leaena (lea), ae, F., lioness, 
f lebea, etia, m., kettle. 
leo1iC£^ aa, F., litter, carrying-chair, 
leoticariua, i, m., litter-bearer, 
lecticul£^ ae, f., litter, bier. 

io, onia, F., gathering, reading, 
lectiatemium, i, n., a banquet 

offered to the gods or images. 
lectito, I, [lego,] read frequently. 
lector, oria, m., reader. 
lectua (-ulua), i, m., bed, couch, 
lectua, [lege,] select, chosen, 
Leda, ae, wife of Tyndarus, mother 

of Helen and Clytaemnestra. 
legalia, e, of the law, 
legatum, i, n., bequest. 
legatio, onia, p., embassy, legation, 
legativua, a, um, of the legation, 
legatua, i, M., [lege,] an ambassa- 
dor, deputy, lieutenant. 
legifer, era, um, law-giving. 
legie, onia, F., legion (of 4,200, 

afterwards 6,000) ; army. 
legionariua, a, um, of a legion, 
legirupa, ae, M., law-breaker. 
legitimua, a, um, lawful, right. 
lege, I, depute, appoint, bequeathe. 
lege, legi, lect-, 3, gather, pass 

along, select, read, recite. 
legumen, inia, n., beans or peas, 
Lelegea, um, a Pelasgian tribe, 

of Greece and Asia Minor. 
Lemannua, i, m.. Lake Geneva, 
lembua, i, m., yacht, cutter. 
t lemmE^ fttia, N., topic, title, 
flemniacua, i, M., ribbon, badge. 
fLemnoa, an I. in the i^gean, the 

abode of Vulcan, 
lemurea, um, m., shades, spectres, 
lena, ae, f., procuress. 
lene, calmly, indolently. 
lenimen, inia, N., soothing, remedy, 
lenio, 4, soothe, soften, mitigate, 
lenia, e, smooth, mild. 


lenitas — librarins. 


lenitas, atis ; -tudo, inlB, F., gentle- 
ness, smoothness, mildness, lenity. 
leno, onis, m., seducer, procurer, 
lenocinium, i, n., trade of procurer, 

allurement, decoration, finery, 
lenocinor, \, flatter, serve, 
lens, lentia, F., lentU., 
lenteaco, 3, grovo pliant, relax, 
lenticala, 8b, f., lentil, 
lentigo, inis, f., freckle, 
lentiBCUB, i, f. ; -um, i, n., mastich. 
lentdtia, as; -es, 61, f., pliancy, 

toughness, viscosity, 
lentltudo, Inis, f., sluggishness. 
lento, I, bend, lengthen, protract. 
lentor, oris, m., pliancy. 
lentus, a, um, shw, tough, pliant 
lenunculus, i, m., boat, skiff. 
leo, leonis, m., lion, 
Iieonidas, ae, a Spartan king, 

killed at Thermopylae, B.C. 480. 
leomnus, a, um, of a lion. 
f lepas, ftdis, f., limpet. 
lepide, agreeable, prettily, 
lepidus, a, um, agreeable, facetious. 
lepor (os), oris, M., pleasantness, 

charm, wit, humor, 
lepus, 5ris, m., hare. 
IiernaBus, a, um, ofLerna, a marsh 

near Argos. 
Iiesbis, idis ; -las, &dis, f., Lesbian. 
Iiesbius (-OUS, -iacus), a, um, of 

Lesbos, an island near Troy. 
lessum (m. ace), wailing. 
letalis, e, deadly, 
f lethargus, i, M., drowsiness. 
laethe, es f., (oblivion), a river of 

the world below. 
letdfer, era, um, death-bringing. 
leto, I, slay, kill, 

letum (lethiun), i, n., death, ruin, 
laeucadia, sa ; Leucas, &dis, f., a 

peninsula of N. W. Greece, 
fleucaspis, idis, with white shields, 
Iieucata, ae, f., a prom, of Leucadia. 
Iieucothea, ae, myth, name of I no. 
Iieuctra, orum, N., a town of 

Bceotia, famous for the defeat 

of the Spartans, B.C. 371. 
levamen, inis; -mentum, i, N., 

aUeviaiion, consolation. 

levatdo, 5nis, f., uplifting, relief. 
leviculus, a, um, i^ther vain. 
levigo, I, bruise, make smooth, 
levir, M, M., husband's brother. 
levis, e, light, easy, slight, false. 
levis, e, smooth, soft, delicate, 
levitas, atis, f., lightness, fickleness. 
levitudo, inis, f., smoothness. 
levo, I, to uplift, lighten, relieve. 
levo, I, to make smooth, polish, 
lea:, legis, f., law, rule, order. 
libamen, inis ; -mentum, i, N., liba- 
tion, drink-offering. 
Libanus, i, M., Mt. Lebanon^ in Syria. 
libella, ae, F., small coin, farthing, 
libellus, i, m., [liber,] little book, 

note, memorifd, bill, 
libens, tis, [libet,] uniting, glad. 
libenter, gladly. 
libentia, ae, f., delight. 
libenter, gladly, freely. 
liber, era, van, free; pi., children. 
Uber, eri, m., Bacchus; wine, 
liber, bri, m., bark, book. 
Ubera, as, a name of Proserpine. 
Uberalia, um, festival of Bacchus. 
liberSHs, e, of freemen, liberal, 
liberalitas, atis, F., liberality, gift. 
liberatio, onis, f., release, 
liberator, oris, M., deliverer. 
liberi, 5rum, M., children. 
libero, i, deliver, release. 
liberta, ae, 'p.,freedwoman. 
libertas, atis, f., freedom. 
libertanus, a, um, of afreedman; 

VL,, freedman fas class). 
libertus, i, M., jreedman. 
libet (lubet), it pleases (§ 39, i). 
libidinor, i, indulge lust. 
libidinosus, a, um, lust fid, sensual, 
libido, inis, F,, [libet,] eager or 

unlawful desire, pleasure, caprice. 
libita, onun, N., what one will, 
Libitina, ae, goddess of Burial. 
libo, I, taste, touch, pour, cull, 
libra, ae, f., pound (12 oz.), balance. 
libramentum, i, N., weight, even 

surface or balance, 
librarius, a, um, of books; M., 

copyist, clerk; F., bookstore; N., 



librarinB — litigiosns. 

librariuB, a, um, of a pound; f., 
head-spinner (weigher of wool). 

libra do, 5xiiB, F., weighing oat, 

librator, 5ri8, m., surveyor, engineer. 

libriUs, e, of a pound; N., scales. 

libripens, pendia, m., paymaster. 

libro, I, weigh, poise, hurl. 

libum, i, N.y a cake. 

liibornus, a, nm, Liburnian (of 
lUyria) ; F., a swift galley. 

Libya, se (-e, ea), Libya, Africa. 

IilbyuB (-ycus, -yaaus, -yatiniia), 
a, um; -ya, yos (-ystia, tj^dia, 
F.), Libyan, or African. 

licens, tis, free, unrestrained, 

licenter, at pleasure. 

licentia, se, f., freedom, license. 

liceo, cui, cit-, 2, be on sale, vcUue. 

liceor, itua, 2, bid (at auction). 
Lcet, uit, 2, it is permitted (§ 39, i). 
•- l i cet, although, even if, granted, 

f lichen, enia, M., lichen, eruption. 

licitor, I, [liceor,] to bid^ contend, 

licium, i, n., listing, thread, girdle. 

lictor, dria, m., lictor (attendant 
on a magistrate ; a dictator liad 
24, a consul 12, a praetor 6). 

lien, enia, m., spleen. 

Iien5flua, a, um, splenetic. 

ligamen, minia ; -men bum, i, n. ; 
-tura, SB, F., band, ligament. 

Iiiger, Sria, m., the river Loire. 

lignariua, a, um, of wood ; m., car- 
penter, lumber-dealer. 

lignatio, onia, p., getting wood. 

ligneua (-olua), a, um, wooden, dry. 

lignum, i, n., wood; -nor, i, get wood. 

ligo, I, to bind, tie, fasten, 

ligo, onia, m., grub-hoe, or spade, 

ligula, dim. of lingua, tongue, 

Iiigurea, um, people of Liguria 
(Piedmont), the dist. near Genoa. 

ligurio, 4, Uck, long for, be dainty. 

Llguaticua, a, um, of Liguria. 

ligustrum, i, N., privet. 

liiium, i, N., lUy. 

liibybaeum, i, n., a promontory 
at the west of Sicily. 

lima, 89, F., fie. 

limariuB, a, um, slimy, clayey, miry. 

limatUB, £^ unx, refined, correct. 

limaz, acia, F., slug, snail. 
limbus, i, m., edge, border, flounce, 
limen, inis, n., sill, threshold. 
HmSa, itia, m., by-path, boundary, 
limia, e=»limua, aslant. 
limito, I, limit, fix, divide. 
limo, I, to file, whet, polish. 
limoaua, a, um, muddy, miry. 
limpidua, a, um, clear, pure. 
limua, a, um, aslant, awry, squinting, 
limua, i, M., slime, mud, dirt. 
limua, i, m., girdle, apron. 
linea, 8e, F., thread, string, line, net. 
lineamentnm, i, n., line, stroke, 
lineo, I, sketch, straighten, 
lineua, a, um, of flax. 
lingo, nxi, net-, 3, lick. 
lingua, 8B, F.. tongue, language. 
lingulaca, se, C, chatterbox, gossip. 
liniger, era, um, linen-wearing. 
lino, levi, lit-, 3, anoint, srnear. 
linquo, liqui, lict-, 3, leave, quit, 
linteo, onia, m., linen-u)eaver. 
linter, tria, F. (nom. M.), boat, tray. 
linteua, a, um, of linen ; k., linen 

cloth, canvas. 
linum, i, N., flax, thread, net, curd. 
fLinua (oa^ i, son of Apollo, a 

singer and poet of Thebes. 
Lipsura, ae, f., an I. N. of Sicily. 
lippio, 4, to be blear-eyed. 
lippua, a, um, blear-eyed. 
lique-facio, 3 ; P., -fio, melt, dissolve, 
liqueo, cui (qui), 2 ; -eaco, 3, to be 

fluid, clear; non liquet (n. l.)j 

the case is not clear. 
liquids, clearly, confidently. 
liquiduB, a, um, liquid, clear, 
liquo, I, melt, dissolve, strain, 
liquor, i, melt, flow, 
liquor, oria, M., liquid, fluidity, 
lira, se, p., ridge, furrow. 
liro, I, to plough, harrow. 
flirce, trifles. 

,litia, F.,{stliB), dispute, lawsuit, 

litatio, oxoBt^,, propitious sacrifice, 

litera (-ula), se, letter (of alphabet) ; 

pL, epistle, document, letters. 
literate, clearly, learnedly, literally, 
literatuB, a, um, lettered, learned,, 
litigidaua, a, um, disptUatious, 

litiginm — Incnbratio. 


litiginm, i, N., dispute. 

litigOi I, to sue, quarrel, litigate. 

lito, I, aacri/Jcc (with good omens), 
make expiation, appease. 

litoralifl^ e; -eus, a, um, of the 

littera=slitera, letter. 

littussslitus, shore. 

litfira, se, F,, [lino,] blur, erasure. 

Iitu8| ns, M., smearing, daubing, 
*-"*4itus, 5riB, N., shore. 

litaus, i, M., augur^s crook, horn. 

liveo, 2, to be bluish. 

lividus, a, tun, bluish, lurid, envi- 
ous, malignant. 

Uvor, 5ri8, M., lividness, envy. 

lix, liois, M., asheSf lye. 

liza, ee, m., sutler; pi., camp-fol- 

liximiB (-ius), a, um, of lye. 

localis, e, of a place. 

locarins, a, um, of renting. 

locatio, oniSi F., location, lease, 

locator, oris, m., one who lets, hirer, 

loco, I, piU, let, give in contract 

locnluB,!, M., place, bier, coffin, stall 

locuples, etis, rich, sure, ample. 

locupleto, I, to enrich, 

locuB, i, M. ; pL, a, N. (§ 14, ii. i), 
place, topic, rank ; abl., instead, 

locuBta, 8B, F., locust, lobster, 

locutio, SniB, F., speaking, speech, 

locutus, [loquor,] having spoken, 

lodiz, icis, f., coverlet, blanket. 

tlogicns, a, tun, logical; f., logic, 

f logos, i, M., word, jest, reason. 

lollgo, inia, f., cuttle-fish, 

lolium, i, N., darnel, cockle, tares. 

Idmentcun, i, n., a bean-poultice. 

Iiondinium, i, n., London, 

longSBTtiB, a, tun, aged, ancient, 

longe,/ar, by far. 

longinqtiitas, atis, p., distance, ex- 
tent, length, duration. 

longinquus, a, um, long, far, 

longitude, inia, f., length. 

longnziiui, i, m., long pole. 

longua (-uIub), a, um, long, far, 

loquacitaa, atis, f., loquacity, 

loquaz, acia, talkative. 

loquSla, se, f., word, discourse. 

loquor, locutus, 3, speak, talk. 

lora (-ea), ee, f., afier-wine, 

15retum, i, n., laurel-grove, 

loreus, a, um, of thongs. 

lorica, 8B. f., leather cuirass, breast- 
work, parapet, fence. 

lorico, I, clothe in mail. 

loripes, edis, lUhe, or bow-legged. 

lorum, i, N., thong, rein, scourge, 

t lotos, i, M., water-lily, lotus. 

lotus, [lavo,] washed. 
•4ubet»Blibe^ it pleases. 

lubido, inis, F. :=4ibido, pleasure. 

lubrico, I, make slippery. 

lubricus, a, um, slippery, fleeting, 

lucans, e, of the forest; n., a tax. 

Lucanus, a, um, of Lucania, a 
dist. of S. Italy. 

lucellum, i, n., sligJit gain. 

luceo, luxi, 2, shine, gleam. 

Iiuceres, um, a patrician tribe in 
the founding of Rome. 

Iiuceria, ee, f., a town in Apulia. 

ItLcema, se, p., lamp. 

lucesco, 3, grow bright, daton, 

lucidus, a, um, bright, clear, 

lucifer, era, um, light-bringing, 

L&cifer, fexi, m., the morning star. 

lucifngus, a, um, light-shunning, 

Ltlcina, 8e, the goddess of Birth. 

lucinus, a, tun, bringing to light. 

lucrativuB, a, um, of gain or be- 
quest, profitable. 

lucri-facio, 3, get gain. 

lucrificus, a, um, profitable, 

Iiucrinus, i, M., a lake near Baiae. 

lucripeta, 8e, c, gain-seeker. 
'"iucror, i, to get gain, profit, 

lucrosus, a, um, gainful, 

lucrum, i, n., gain, wealth. 

luctamen, inis, n. ; -tatio, onis, f., 
a wrestle, struggle, contest, 

luctator, oris, M., wrestler. 

luctifer, ers^ um, grief-bringing, 

luctificus, a, um, causing grief. 

luctisonus, a, um, sad-sounding. 

luctor, I, to struggle, wrestle. 

luctuSsus, a, um, sorrowful. 

luctus, us, M., grief, mourning. 

lucu, [lux,] by daylight. 

lucubratio, onis, f., night-work* / 


luoubro — Lyceum. 

lucubro, I, to toil by night, 
luculente (-ter), brilliantly. 
luculentos, a, um, bright, famous. 
Iiucullus, i, L. Licinius, a wealthy 

Roman patrician, commander 

against Mithridates, B.C. 74-66. 
Lucuino, onis, m. (an Etruscan 

title), jmest or prince. 
lucus, if M., wood or grove. 
ludia, 8B, F., actress. 
ludibri5suB, a, urn, scornful. 
liidibrium, i, N., jest, mockery. 
ludibundus, a, lun, playful, easy. 
ludicer (-cms), a, um, sportive, 
ludificatio, dnis, f., derision. 
ludifico (-cor), i, to make sport of, 

deceive, deride, frustrate. 
ludixnagister, tri, m., teacher. 

^...^udo, si, sum, 3, play, sport, deceive. 
ludua, i, M., sport, game, school 
lues, is, F., pestilence, calamity. 
Lugdunensis, e, of Lugdunum, a 

city on the Rhone {Lyons). 
Itigeo, zi, ct-, 2, mowm, lament, 
l&gubris, e, mournful. 
luma, SB, F., thorn. 
lumbifragiuin, i, N., back-breaking. 
lumbricuB, i, M., an earthworm. 
lumbus, i, M.; loin. 
lumen, inis, N., light, lamp, eye. 
luminal, aria, N., window. 
lumino, i, brighten, illumine. 
luminosus, a, um, light, bright. 
luna, SB, F., m^on. 
lunaria, e, of the moon, moonlight. 
lunatUB, a, um, crescent-shaped. 
^vjuno, I, bend (like half moon). 
^*~lUo, lui, 3, wash, cleanse, expiate. 
lupa, 86, F., she-wolf, prostitute. 
lupatua, a, um, sharp-toothed; N. 

pi., curb, or toothed bit. 
Iiupercsil, alls, n., grove of Pan 

in Rome ; pi., a festival of Pan 

celebrated in February. 
Lupercus, i, M., a name of Pan. 
lupinus (-iUua), i, M., lupine. 
lupinus, a, um, of a wolf. 
lupus, i, M., wolf, a jagged bit. 
lura, SB, F., bag, sack's mouth. 
lurco, onis, m., glutton. 

lurco (-or), i, devour greedily. 

luridus, a, um, wan, lurid. 

luror, oris, M., paleness. 

luscinia (-61a), se, f., nightingale. 

luscinus (-ius), a, um, one-eyed. 

luscidsus, a, um, purblind. 

luscus, a, um, one-eyed. 

Lusitania, se, f., Portugal. 

lusito, I, freq. of ludo, play. 

lusor, oris, M., player. 

lusdrius, a, um, of play; -a,, play- 
ground; F. pi., swiji cruisers. 

lustralis, e, of purifying; or, of 
four years. 

lustratio, onis, f., a purification, 
going about. 

lustricus, a, um, of purification. 

lustro, I, purify, survey, traverse. 

ludio, onis, F. ; -ius, i, m., actor, ^vlustrum, i, N., den, bog, forest; expi- 

ation, period of four years. 

lusus, us, M., [ludo,] game, sport. 

lutamentum, i, n., mud-wall. 

lutarius, a, um, of mud. 

luteolus, a, um, yellowish^ 

lutesco, 3, get muddy. 
^|«Jt<utetda, SB, F., Paris, 

luteus, a, um, golden-yellow. 

luteus, a, um, of mud, dirty. 

luto, I, bedaub with clay. 

lutosus, a, um, muddy. 

lutra, se, F., otter. 

lutulentus, a, um, muddy, dirty, 

lutulo, I, bespatter, bemire. 

liitum, i, N., yellotv-weed. 

lutum, i, N., mud, clay. 

hJLJL, luois, F., light, life, day, 

luxo, I, dislocate, displace. 

luzuria, SB (es, ei), f., luxuriance, 
rankness, luxury. 

luzurio (-or) I, be luxuriant, abound. 

luzuriosus, a, um, rank, luxuriant, 
exuberant, wanton. 

luzus, us, M., excess, luxury, splen- 
dor; dislocation (adj. -us, a, um). 

LysBus, i, M., a name of Bacchus. 

LycsBus, i, M., a mt. of Arcadia, 
sacred to Jupiter and Pan. 

Lycaon, 5nis, myth. k. of Arca- 
dia, changed to a wolf. 

Lycetmi, i, n., a gymnasium near 
Athens, Aristotle's school. 

lychnis — mage. 


t lychnis, idia, lighUgwing, 

f lychnus, i, m., lamp^ light. 

Iiycia, dist. of S. W. Asia Minor. 

lyoiscus, i, M., loolf-dog, 

LycioB, a, um, of Lycia. 

Iiycurgus, i, legislator of Sparta ; 
a myth. k. of Thrace. 

Lydus (ills), a, um, of Lydia, a 
dist. in W. Asia Minor ; Etruscan. 

lympha, as, f., spring-ioafer. 

lyxnphaticizs, a, UTn, panic-stricken. 

lympho, I, to drive distracted. 

lynceus, a, um, sharp-sighted. 

lynx, lyncia, c, lynx. 

lyo, I, liquefy. 

f lyra, se, F., lyre, lute. 

f lyricus, a, um, lyrical. 

Lyaander, dri, a Spartan general 
who captured Athens, B.C. 405. 

Lysimachus, a general of Alex- 
ander, afterwards k. of Thrace. 

Lysippus, a sculptor of Sicyon. 

lytra=lutra, otter. 


M, the prsenomen Marcus ; num., 

M', the prsenomen Manius. 
maccus, i, M., buffoon, simpleton. 
MacedSnSs, um, &s, Macedonians. 
Macedonia, dist. N. E., of Greece, 

(Southern Turkey), made a 

Roman prov. B.C. 148. 
Macedonicus, i, surname of Q. 

Caecilius Metellus. 
Macedonius, a, um; -iensis, e, 

macellarius, a, um, of the market; 

M., victualler, 
macellum, i, N^ meat market. 
maceo, 2, be lean. 
macer, era, um, lean. 
maceria, a9, f., wall, enclosure. 
mlcero, i, to steep, soften, fret, vex. 
macesco, 3, groio lean. 
f machaera, se, f. ; -ium, i, N., sword. 
Machaon, onis, myth, son of 

iEsculapius, a surgeon of the 

Greeks at Troy. 

machina, ee, f., engine, staging. 

machinamentum,!, n., instrument, 
machine, device. 

machinatio, onis, f., contrivance. 

machinator, oris, m., engineer, 
contriver, inventor. 

machinor, i, contnve, scheme, plot. 

machio, onis, m., a mason. 

macies, ei, f., leanness. 

macilentus, a, um, meagre. 

macis, idis, f., mace ( f). 

macresco, crui, 3, grow lean. 

macritudo, inis, f., leanness. 

mactatio, onis, f., slaying. 

macto, I, kill, sacrifice, requite. 

mactus, a, um, honored, adored; 
macte, hail ! well done ! 

macula, a9, F., spot, stain. 

macule, I, stain, speckle, pollute. 

maculosus, a, um, speckled, stained. 

madefacio, feci, fact-, 3, moisten. 

madens, tis, wet, marshy. 

madeo, ui, 2 ; -esco, 3, be or get 
wet, moist, drenched, overflowing. 

madido, i, moisten. 

madidus, a, um, wet, dyed, soaked. 

mador, oris, M., moisture. 

madulsa, 99, m., drunken. 

Masander, dri, m., a river of 
Ionia ; a winding way or border. 

Maecenas, Stis, friend of Augus- 
tus, patron of Virgil and Horace. 

maBles=meles, badger. 

Maelius, Sp., slain for treason by 
Cincinnatus, B.C. 436. 

maena, ae, f., herring (f). 

MaenadSs, priestesses of Bacchus. 

Maenalus, range of mountains in 
Arcadia, sacred to Pan ; pi. n. 

Maeonia, a dist. of Lydia. 

Maeonides, 30, Homer. 

Maeonius, a, um, Mceonian, Lydian. 

Maeotis, idis (os), the Sea of Azof. 

maerens, tis, sad, grieving. 

maereo, 2, grieve, mourn. 

maeror, oris, M., sadness. 

maestitia, ae, F., grief. 

masstus, a, um, sad, grieved, un- 
lucky, gloomy, mourning. 

magaUa, um, N., huts, booths. 

mage=»magis, more. 


magia — mando. 

fmagia, ee ; -ice, ea, F., magic, 

f magicuB, a, um, magical, 

magia (mage), more, 

t magia, idia ; -ida, se, F., platter, 

magiater, tri, M., mastery leader, 
directory chief, teacher, 

magiaterimn, i, N., director's office, 

magiatra, se, F., mistress. 

magiatratua, ua, m., office j magis- 
tracy, magistrate, 

magnanimua, a, um, grecU or 
high-hearted, brave. 

fmagnea, etda, M., magnet. 

magnidicua, a, um, boastful, 

m^agnifacio, 3, make much of 

magnifies (-ficenter), splendidly, 

magnificentia, ae, f., grandeur, 
splendor, boastfulness, 

magnifico, i, esteem highly, praise, 

mLagnificua, a, um, grand, boastfid, 
splendid, sumptuous. 

magxliloquentil£^ ae, F., lofty strain. 

magniloquua, a, um, of lofty style. 

magnipendo, 3, rate highly. 

magnitudo, inia, f., greatness, 
size, rank, dignity. 

magnopere (magno opere), very 
much, greatly. 

magnua, a, um (comp. major, 
superl. mazimua), great. 

magna, a, um, magical; m., magi- 
cian; F., sorceress. 

Mala, ae, myth. d. of Atlas, mother 
cff Mercury ; one of the Pleiades. 

majalia, i, m., hog^ barrow. 

majeataa, atia, F., grandeur, splen- 
dor, majesty ; gen., of treason. 

major, us, [magnus,] r/rm/er, elder ; 
majores, ancestors. 

Majus, a, um, month of May, 

majusculua, a, um, rather larger, 

mala, ae, F., jaw, cheek. 

fmalacia, ae, F., calm. 

malacua, a, um, sofi, pliant. 

f malagma, atia, n., poultice. 

male, ill, badly. 

Malea, ae, F., S. point of Greece. 

maledicaz, acia, F., slanderous. 

maledlcena, tia, scurrilous, 

maledico, zi, ct-, 3, revile, slander. 

maledictna, a, am, accursed; n., 
curse, abusive speech. 

maledioua, a, tun (-dicentior, -di- 
-centiaaimuB), abusive. 

malefacio, feci, fact-, 3, do mis- 

malefactor, 5ria, m., evil-doer, 

malefactum, i, N., injury. 

maleficium, i, N., mischief, crime. 

maleficua, a, um, criminal, hurtful, 

maleauadua, a, um, ill-advising. 

malevolena, tia (-volua), spiteful, 

m.alevoleIlti£^ ae, F., iU-will. 

malifer, era, um, apple-bearing, 

maligne, spitefully, grudgingly. ^ 

malignitaa, atia, F., malice, spite, 

malignua, a, um, mxdicious, nig- 
gardly, barren, 

malitia, aa, f., evil quality, malice, 

malitioaua, a, um, wicked, crafty. 

malivolua — malevolua. 

malleolua, i, M., mallet, shoot (for 
planting), fire-ball. 

malleua, i, m., hammer, 

f mallua, i, m., lock of wool. 

malo (§ 37, iii.), choose rather, prefer, 

malum, i, n., apple, pulpy fruit. 

malum, i, evil, misfortune. 

malua, a, um (comp. pejor, superl. 
peaaimua), bad, 

malua, i, f., apple-tree, mast, beam. 

malva, se, F., mallow. 

Mam., the prsenomen Mamercua. 

Mamera, tia, Oscan for Mars. 

Mamerlini, a tribe of N.E. Sicily. 

mamma (-ilia), as, f., breast, udder. 

mammdaua, a, um, full-breasted, 

manalia, e, flowing. 

mancepa, ipia, m., purchaser, hirer^ 
bondsman, proprietor, 

mancipatio, 5nia, f., a transfer of 
property by purchase. 
"|*taancipium, i, N , formal purchase^ 

possession, chattel, slave, 
• - mancipo, i, deliver as property, 

mancua, a, um, maimed, infirm. 

mandator, 5ria, M., suborner, 

mandatua, ua, m. ; -um, i, n., order, 

jBdudo, I, commit, comm^nd^ give. 

mando, di, aum, 3, gnaw, chew. 


mandra — massa. 


fmandra, se, p., stall, herd, team. 

msmduco, i, chew, 

manducus, i ; -o, onis, m., glutton. 

mane, morning, early. 

maneo, mansi, mans-, 2., wait, stay, 
continue, abide, wait for. 

Manes, ium, shades of the de- 
parted ; the lower world. 

mango, 5uis, m., dealer. 

manl'^^mane, morning. 

manicae, arum, p., sleeves, hand" 
cuffs, manacles, grapple. 

manicatus, loith long sleeves. 

manicula, ae, p., hand, handle. 

manifestarius, a, nm, evident. 

manifeste (5), clearly, palpably, 

manifesto, i, make public. 

manifestus, a, um, plain, proved. 

manipularis, e, of the maniple. 

manipnlatim, by handfuls. 

manipuluB (-plus), i, m., handful; 
infantry company (of 200), maniple. 

manniiB, i, m., draught-horse, pony. 

mano, i, trickle, drop, spread. 

mansio, onis, p., stay, continuance. 

mansito, i, abide, dwell. 

mansue-facio, 3, make tame. 

mansuefactus, a, um, tame, gentle. 

mansuesco, evi, et-, 3, make or 
grow tame. 

mansuetudo, inis, p., mildness. 

mansuetuB, a, um, mild, gentle. 

mansus, [mando,] chewed. 

mantele, is, n., towel, napkin. 

mantelum, i, n., cloak. 

mantica(-ula), ae, p., travelling-bag. 

mantdculor, i, steal, act slyly. 

Mantineai, ee, p., a town in Arca- 
dia, famous for the victory and 
death of Epaminondas, B.C. 362. 

manto, i, stay, wait. 

Mantua, 89, a town of N. Italy. 

manualis, e ; -arius, a, um, held 
in the hand, for the hand. 

manubise, arum, p., booty. 

manubrium, i, n., handle. 

manulea, so, p. ; -us, i, M., sleeve. 

inanumissio, 5ni8, p., emancipa- 
tion, act of liberation. 

manu-mitto, 3, to set free. 

manupretium, i, n., wages, value. 

manus, us, p., hand, trunk (of ele- 
phant), grappling-iron, band (of 
troops), handiwork. 

mapalia, um, N., cottages. 

mappa, se. P., napkin. 

Marathon, onis, a town in Attica, 
famous for the defeat of the 
Persians, B.C. 490. 

marcens, tls, drooping, feeble. 

marceo, 2 ; -esco, 3, wither, droop. 

marcidus, a, um, withered, feeble. 

marcor, oris, m., decay, faintness. 

meurculus (-tulus), i, M„ hammer. 

mare, is, n., sea, esp. the Mediter- 
ranean; superum, the waters 
E., and inferum, W., of Italy, 

Mareota, ae. P., a lake of Egypt 

fmargarita, 89, F., pearl. 

margino, i, enclose with border. 

margo,inis, p., edge, border, margin. 

marinus, a, um, bf the sea. 

marisca, ae. P., a large fig. 

maritalis, e, nuptial. 

maritimus, a, um, of the sea. 

marito, i, to marry, give in marriage. 

maritus, a, um, matrimonicU, wed- 
ded ;m., husband, lover. 

Marius, C, B.C. 157-86, conqueror 
of Jugurtha, and chief of the 
popular party in Rome. 

Marmaricus, a, um, ofMarmarica, 
a dist. of N. Africa. 

marmor, Sris, n., marble. 

marmoreus, a, um, of marble. 

marmoro, i, cover tvith marble. 

Maro, onis, cognomen of Virgil, 

marra, ae, P., hoe, hook. 

Mars, tis, the god of War. 

Martialis, e, of Mars. 

Martius, a, um, of Mars, warlike; 
the month of March. 

f marsupiiun, i, n., pouch, purse. 

MarsuB, a, um, of the Marsi, a 
people of interior Latium. 

Marsyas, ae, a Satyr, skilled on 
the pipe, flayed bj^ Apollo. 

t martyr, fx\B, c, witness, martyr. 

mas, m&ris, g. pi. ium, male, manly. 

masculus (-inus), a, um, male, 
masculine, manly. 

massa, as, P., lump, mass. 


MassicuB — mediuB. 

MasaicaB, 1, M., a mt. of Campania. 

Massilia, 8e, F., a coast town in 
the S. E. of Gaul, Marseilles, 

Masa^li, onim, a people of Africa. 

mastiche, es, f., gum-mastic. 

fmastigia, ae, m., scamp, rogue. 

mastrfica, as, F., sheepskin. 

nxatara, se, F., pike, javelin. 

matella, se ; -io, onis, F., pot. 

mateola, se, f., mallet, beetle. 

miter, tria, f., mother, nurse. 

nlateri£^ se; -es, eij f., material, 
timber, source, occasion, quality. 

materiarius, a, nm, pf timber ; M., 
lumber-merchant, I 

xnaterio, i, build of wood. 

nxaterior, i, get timber. 

materia, ia, f., pUce, 

maternua, a, um, motherly. 

materter£^ se, F., mother's sister. 

fmathematicua, a,um, mathemat- 
ical; M., mathematician, astrologer. 

matrllia, e, of a mother. 

matricida, se, c, matricide. 

matrimonium, i, n., marriage. 

matrimua, a, um, that has a mother, 

matrix, icia, F., dam, source, womb. 

matrSna, se, F., a married woman, 

matronalia, e, of a matron, 

matruelia, ia, M., cousin, 

matta, ae, f., rush-mat, 

mattea (-ya), ae, f., dainty. 

matula, ae, F., pot, blockhead, 

mature (-ate), early, speedily, 

m.aturesco, mi, 3, grow ripe. 

matiiritaa, atia, F., ripeness, prompt- 
ness, maturity. 

mature, i, ripen, hasten, 

maturua, a, imi, ripe, ready, early. 

matulinua, a, um, of the morning. 

Mauri, 5rum, the Moors, a people 
of N. Africa, near Spain. 

Mauritania, ae, the dist. of N. W. 
Africa, Morocco. 

MauaSleum, i, N., the tomb of 
Mausolus, k. of Caria, built by 
his wife, Artemisia, B.C. 365. 

Mavora, tia, a name of Mars. 

Mavortiua, a, um, of Mars. 

maxilla, ae, F., jawbone. 

maxime, especially, very greatly. 

maximua, a, um, [magnua,] greats 
est ; maximua natu, eldest. 

fmazonomua, i, m., a dish, 

me (memet), ace. or abl. of ego, /. 

meabilia, e, passable. 

meator, oria, m., passer-by. 
L^eatua, iia, m., passage, course. 

fmechanicua, £^ um, mechanical. 

mecum, with me. 


Medea, ae, myth, princess of Col- 
chis, daughter of ^Eetes, wife of 
Jason, an enchantress. 

medelE^ ae, f., remedy. 

medena, tia, c, physician, 

medeor, 2, heal, relieve, 

Medi, orum, the people of Media. 

mediaatinua, i, m., helper, drudge. 

mediatenua, half-way, 

mediator, 5ria, m., mediator, 

medica, ae, f., a kind of clover. 

medicabilia, e, curable. 

medioamen, iuia; -mentum, i, N., 
remedy, drug, dye, 

medioatua, a, um, drugged. 

medicinua, a, um, of healing ; p., 
medicine, surgeon's office. 

medico (-cor), i, heal, cure. 

Medicua, a, um, of Media, a dist. 
of Asia, beyond the Tigris. 

medicua, a, um, healing ; M., phy- 
sician, surgeon. 

medie, moderately, tolerably. 

medietaa, atia, f., midst, half 

t medimnum (ua), i, N., six pecks. 

medio, i, to halve, divide. 

mediocria, e, ordinary, middling. 

mediocritaa, atia, f., half-way, 
medium, meanness, mediocrity. 

Mediolanum, i, N., a city of N. 
Italy, Milan. 

medioximua, a, um, midmost. 

meditamentum, i, N., planning. 

meditatdo, onia, f., thinking, plan- 
ning, preparation. 

meditatua, a, um, well-weighed. 

mediterraneua, a, um, midland; 
N., mare, the Mediterranean. 

meditor, i. think, meditate, practise. 

mediua, a, um, middle, midst ofy 
haly-way, mean ; N., the middle. 


meditLB fldins — mentior. 


mediae fidius, hy my faithy (me 

deus FidiuB juvet). 
medulla, ee, f.. pith, marrow. 
medullitUB, to the mairow. 
Medusa, ee, F., the' Gorgon with 

snaky hair, d. of Phorcus. 
Megasra, ee, one of the Furies. 
Megalenaia, um, eames in honor 

of the Magna Mater (Cybele). 
Megara, as (orum), city or dist 

between Athens and Corinth. 
mehercule, hy Hercules ! 
mel, mellis, n., honey, 
melculum, i, n., sweetheart. 
f mele, pi. of melos, song, 
Meleager, gri, son of CEneus and 

Althsea, who perished by the 

burning of a brand on which 

his life depended. 
meles, is, f., badger ^ marten, 
Melicerta (as), ee, myth, son of 

Athanias and Ino, who with his 

mother became a sea-divinity. 
melicus, a, um, tuneful, 
•fmelimela, orum, N., honey-apples, 
meUnus, a, um, of the badger, 
melinus, a, um, of quinces, 
melinus, a, um, of honey ; f., mead, 
melior, us, (comp. of bonus,) 

better; adv. melius. 
Melita, as ; -te, es, MaUa^ an island 

south of Sicily. 
Melitensis, e, Maltese, 
fmelitinus, a, um, of honey. 
meliusculus, a, um, rather better, 
melleus (-arius), a, um, of honey, 
mellifer, era, um, honey-bearing. 
meUlfico, I, make honey. 
melligo, inis, f., bee-glue, sap, 
mellilla, 8B, sweetness, delight, 
mellitus (-ulus), a, um, honey-sweet, 
fmelodia, se, F., melody, 
-fmelos, i, n. (pi. mele), song. 
Melpomene, es, f., the muse of 

tragic and lyric Poetry. 
membrana, ae, F., rnembrane, 
membratim, limb by limb. 
membrum, i, n., limb, part, portion, 
memet, myself (2lcc). 
memini, imp. memento (§ 38, i.), 

remember, mention, bear in mind. 

Memnon, Snis, myth, king of 

Ethiopia, son of Aurora and 

Tithonus ; adj., -ius, of Thebes. 
memor, 5riB, mindful, reminding. 
memorabilis, e, memorable. 
memorandus, a, um, memorable, 
memoratus, us, M., mention, 
memoria, ee, F., me'mory, remewr 

brance, record, 
memotiter, by heart, from, memory 
memoro, i, to mention, recount, 
Memphis, is (idos), old capital of 

Egypt, 14 miles S. of Cairo. 
mena=m8Bna, heiring ( f). 
Menander, dri, a Greek comic 

poet, B.C. 342-292. 
menda, ae, f., fauU, defect, 
mendaciloquus, a, um, false. 
mendacium, i, Ji^., falsehood. 
mendaz, acis, lying, false. 
mendicabulum, i, n., beggar. 
men^catio, onis, f., begging, 
mendice, meanly, beggarly. 
mendicitas, atis, f., beggary. 
mendico (-cor), i, to beg alms. 
mendicula, ae, F., beggar's rags, 
mendicus, a, um, beggarly; m., 

a beggar, 
mend5se, faultily, falsely, 
menddsus, a, um, faulty, false, 
mendum, i, N., fault, blemish, 
Menelaus, i, myth. k. of Sparta, 

brother of Agamemnon, and 

husband of Helen. 
-fmenis, idis, F. crescent (ornament). 
mens, mentis, F., mind, heart, 
mensa, ae, F., table, 
mensarius, i, m., banker, broker. 
mensio, 5nis, F., measure, 
mensis, is, m., month. 
mensor, oris, m., measurer, 
menstrualis, e, every month. 
menstruus, a, lun, monthly, 
mensula, ae, f., little table. 
mensura, as, F., measure, 
mensus, [metior,] measured. 
menta (-tha), ae, f., mint. 
mentiens, tis, lying, false, 
mentigo, inis, f., scab, scurf, 
mentio, onis, F., a calling to mind. 
mentior, itus, 4, to speak falsely. 


mentitus — migratio. 

mentitns, a, tun, counterfeit. 

mento, onis, m., long-chin, 

mentum, i, n., chin, beard, cornice. 

meo, I, go, pass, frequent. 

meopte, my ovm (abl). 

mephitis, is, f., evil vapor. 

mepte, myself (ace). 

meracus, a, um, pure, unmixed. 

xuercabilis, e, purchasable. 

mercator, oris, M., a dealer, mer- 
chant, purchaser. 

mercatura, se, f.; -catus, us, m., 
trade, commerce, wa,res. 

xuercedonius, a, iiin, of wages. 

xuercedula, ae, F., small pay. 

mercenariiis, a, iim, hired, hireling. 

merces, edis, f., pay, wages, bribe, 
price, cost, revenue. 

merces, pi. of merx, goods. 

mercimomiim, i, n., ^/oc/c of goods. 

mercor, i, to trade, buy, purchase. 

Mercurius, s. of Jupiter and Maia, 
god of Trade, Eloquence, &c. 

merda, as, f., dung. 

mere, purely, truly. 

merenda, 89, F., lunch. 

merens, tis, deserving. 

mereo, ui; -eor, itus, 2, deserve, 
loin, earn, purchase, serve, 

meretsicius, a, um, of harlots. 

meretriz, icis, f., harlot. 

mergaB, arum, f., pitchfork. 

merges, itis, F., sheaf 

mergo, si, sum, 3, dip, plunge, sink. 

mergus, i, m., diver (sea-bird). 

meridiauus, a, um, of noon, south- 
ern; N., the South, 

meridies, ei, M., noon, south. 

meridio (-or), i, take a noon nap. 

merit5, deservedly. 

merito, i, to earn, gain. 

merula, ee, f., blackbird. 
meruxn, i, n., unmixed toine. 
Aterus, a, um, pure, unmixed, bare* 
merx, cis, f., merchandise. 
[fmeso-, in the middle. 
Mesopotamia {between the rivers), 

a district between the Tigris 

and Euphrates. 
Messana, ae, F., Messina, in Sicily. 
Messene, es, capital city of Mess- 

enia, the S.-W. dist. of Greece, 
messis, is, f., reaping, harvest, crop. 
messor, oris, m., reaper. 
messorius, a, um, of a reaper. 
messus, [meto,] reaped, harvested. 
[-met, seljf {intens.y 
meta, ae, f., goal, Itiriit^ tuming-posL 
metalis, e, conical. 
metallicus, a, um, of metal or 

mines: M., miner. 
metallum, i, n., metal, mine. 
f metamorphosis, is (gen. plur., 

-eon), F., transfoi'maiion. 
metator, Sris, m., fixer of bounds. 
Metaurus, i, m., a river in Um- 

bria, famous for the defeat of 

Hasdrubal, B.C. 207. 
metaza, ae, F., raw silk. 
f methodium, i, n., a jest. 
f'm ethodus, i, f., way, method. 
meticulosus, a, um, timid, fearfuL 
metior, memius, 4, to measure, 

mi^o, messui, mess-, 3, to reap, 
\ pluck, gather, cut down. 
n^eto (-or), i, measure, lay out, 

traverse, erect, set up. 
f metreta, ae, F., measure (9 gall), 
fmetricus, a, um, ofm^tre. 
t metropolis, is, f., mother-city. 
f metrum, i, n., measure, metre. 

meritorius, a, um, of earning, for ^'^metaOf i, ut-, 3, to fear, dread. 

hire; s,, p\., hired rooms^ -"-metus, us, M., year, rfrearf. 

meritum, i, n., desert, reward, merit. 

value, importance.. 
meritus, a, um, deserving, due. 
Mero, onis, m., wine-bibber (Nero). 
merobibus, a, um, intemperate. 
merops, 5pis, F., bee-eater. 
merso (-ito), i, dip, plunge, drown, 
mersus, [in.eTQO,]plwiged, drowned. 

mens, a, um (voc. M., mi), my. 
mi, for mihi, to me, [ego,] ; my, 
mica, ae, f., crumb, grain, 
micans, tis, sparkling, 
mico, ui, I, ^0 beat, quiver, ttcinkle. 
Midas, ae, myth. k. of Phrygia, who 

turned all he touched to gold, 
migratio, onis, f., removal, transfer. 

migro — miseriter. 


migro, I, remove, migrate, depart. 

nule=siiiille, a thousand. 

nules, itis, m., soldier (infantry). 

Milesiiis, a, um, of M'detus, a port 
in Caria, S. W. Asia Minor. 

milia (pi. of mille), thousands. 

miliaxiuni,itN., mill-post^ bath-tank. 

militariB, e, of soldiers, soldierly. 

militariiia, a, tun, military. 

militia,' ae, F., military service, umr. 

milito, I, serve as soldier. 

milium, i, n., millet. 

mille (mile), thousand; mille pas- 
suum (looo paces), a mile. 

milleni, se, a (distrib.), by thousands. 

milleaimiiB, a, imi, thousandth. 

milliarins, a, um, containing a 
thousand; N., milestone. 

miUies (ndlies), a thousand times. 

Miltdades, is, Athenian com- 
mander at Marathon, B.C. 490. 

miltos, i, F., red-lead, cinnabar. 

milvinns, a, um, of a kite, ravenous. 

milvus, i, M., kite, hawk. 

mimicos, a, um, of mimes or farces. 

mimus, i, m ; -a, as, F., mimic actor. 

min (mi]iine),/or me f 

f mina, as, f., a Greek weight (100 
drachmas), or coin ($18). 

mina, 8B, f., smooth. 
LinaB, arum, f., threats. 

minanter, threateningly. 

minatio, onis, f., threateniny. 

minaz, acis, threatening, projecting. 

Mincius, i, a river in N. Italy. 

Minerva, ee, goddess of Arms and 
Skill, also called Pallas. 

minime, by no means. 

minimus, a, um, [parvus,] least. 

minio, i, to paint red. 

minister, tra, um, serving, helping. 

minister, tri, m., accomplice, helper. 
_ >«riiTiia»oriiiiin i^ ^,^ service, attend- 
ance, administration. 

minislra, se, F., female attendant. 

ministrator, oris, m., attendant. 
"''^•■•linistro, i, attend, serve, furnish. 

minitor (-to), i, threaten, menace. 

miniTim, i, ^,^ cinnabar, red lead. 

minor, us, [parvus,] less. 

minor, i, threaten, jut out. 

IMQnos, oia, myth. k. of Crete, son 
of Jupiter and Europa ; hjsggr.-' 
son, builder of the labyrinth. 

Minotaurus, Minotaur, a monster 
of Crete, half pa&n, half bull. 

IMQnous (-oius), iat^ ^um, oj Minos, 
Cretan. ^v 

MintumaB, arum, F.^a city of 
southern Latium. 

m1numus=minimu8, least. 

minuo, i, fit, 3, lessen, diminish. 

minus, [parum,] less ; si m., ifnoti^ 

minuBCulus, a, um, quite small. 

minutal, alls, n., mince-meat. 

minutatim, bit by bit. 

minute, minutely. 

minutim, in bits. 

minutus (-ulus), a, um, small, petty. 

MiayeB, arum, a people of Thes- 
saly ; the companions of Jason. 

mirabUis, e, marvellous, wonderful. 

nurabundus, a, um, astonished. 

miraculum, i, N., marvel, miracle, 

nurandus, a, um, admirable. 

mirator, oris, M., admirer. 

mire (nurifice), wonderfully. 

nurificus, a, um, admirable. 

mirmillo, 5nis, m., kind of gladiator, 

nuror, (-6), i, to wonder, admire. 

minis, a, um, wonderful, strange. 

misoellus (-aneus), a, um, mixed, 

misceo, cui, mist- (mixt-), 2, mixy 
mingle, blend, compound, confuse. 

misellus, a, um, wretched, unhappy, 

SGsenum, apromont. near Naples. 

miser, era, um, wretched. 

miserabiliter, pitiably. 

miseraudus, deplorable. 

miseranter, pitiably. 

misere (-iter), wretchedly, desper- 
ately, lamentably. 

miserabilis, e, pitiable, sad, pitiful. 

miseratio, 5nia, f., compassion. 

misereo, ui, it-; misereor, erit- 
(ert-), 2, to pity, have mercy. 

miseresco, 3, feel pity. 

miseret (miseretur), it stirs pity. 

miseria, as, f., misery, distress. 

misericordia, ae, f., mercy, misery, 

misericors, dis, mercfal, 

miseriter, lamentably. 



mifleror — molitiu. 

miseror, i, lament, deplore, pity. 

miA^ZXiluB, a, um, unhappy, 

mis8iciill|^ iiin, discharged. 

iniB«iciilo|7>^[iitto,] keep sending. 

miMilis, e, thoNjaay be thrown ; N., 
a missile weo^.i ; pi. gifts. 

missio, 5n|6, f., letting-go, dis- 
charge, mrowing, hurling. 

mlssito, 4, freq. of mitto, send. 

miBSor/j5iiB, m., sender, shooter. 

miMus, [mitto,] sent, 

misBUS, us, M., sending, course. 

miaticiuB, a, tun, mongrel. 

mifitim (mlxtim), mixedly. 

mlBtio, onis ; -ura, ee, F., mingling. 

mlBtos, a, um, [misceo,] mixed. 

•f misy, yoB, f., truffle, copperas, 

mitS, gently, [mitis]. 

mitella, ee, f., [mitra,] turban. 

mitesoo, 3, grow mellow, gentle. 

Mithras, ae, the Persian Sun-god. 

MithridStes, king of Pontus, con- 
quered by Pompey, b.c. 63. 

mitifico, I, make mild or mellow. 

mitigatio, onis, f., soothing. 

mitigo, I, soothe, appease, fertilize, 

mitis, e, mild, gentle, fruitful. 

f mitra, 89, head-band, turban. 

mitto, misi, miss-, 3, send, let go, 
yield, launch, throw, hurl. 

Mitylene, es, f., a city of Lesbos. 

miztus, [misceo,] mixed. 

f mna=mina, an Attic coin. 

Mnemosyne, es, F., Memory, the 
mother of the Muses. 

mdbilis, e, movable, nimble, rapid, 
pliant, inconstant. 

mobilitas, §tis, f., movableness, 
quickness, inconstancy. 

mobiliter, tmth swift motion. 

mobilito, i, to make quick. 

moderamen, inis, n., management, 
government, helm. 

modersuiter, unth moderation. 

moderatio, 5nis, f., moderation, 
regularity, guidance^ government. 

moderator, oris, m. ; -triz, tricis, 
F., director, controller. 

moderatns, a, um, within bounds. 

moderor (-0), i, regulate, control. 

modeste, moderately, modestly. 

modestia, se, P., moderation, mod- 
esty, sobriety, discretion. 

modestus, a, um, calm, moderate, 
kind, friendly, modest. 

modiSlis, e, holding a peck. 

modice, moderately, meanly. 

modicus, a, um, moderate, scanty. 

modificor, i, set bounds, measure. 

modiolus, i, M., bucket, axle-box. 

modius, i, M., a peck (16 sextarii). 

modo, only, just now; modo . . . 
modo, now , . . again. 

modulamen, inis, n., melody. 

modulSte, rhythmically. 

modulatio, 5nis, F., measure, mel- 
ody, rhythm. 

modulator, 5ris, M., director. 

modulatus, a, um. regulated, sung. 

modulor, i, to measure, regulate or 
beat time (in music or dance). 

modulus, i, m., rneasure, melody. 

modus, i, M., measure, limit, man- 
ner; ejus modi, of that sort. 

f mcechus, i, m. ; -a, ee, F., adulterer, 

mcenera, um, N. ; [munus,] offices. 

mcenia, ium, n., walls, buildings, 

mcenio, 4=anunio, ybr^t^. 

mcereo^smsereo, grieve. 

Mcssi, orum, people of Moesia, 
the dist. of the lower Danube. 

mcestussBmsestus, sad. 

mola, ae, F., mill; grain or meal, 
coarsely ground, salted, and 
cast on the victim in sacrij&ce. 

molaris, e, of a mill ; m., a mill- 
stone, jaw-tooth. 

molarius, a, um, of a mill. 
1~'^61es,is, F., mass, pier, burden, toil 

moleste, with difficulty or vexation* 

molestia, ae, F., vexation, trouble. 

molesto, I, to trouble, annoy, 

molestus, a, um, irksome, vexatious. 

molimen, inis ; -mentum, i, n., an 
effort, exertion, undertaking. 
^ qiolior, 4, toil upon, struggle, toield, 
do by effort, endeavor. 

mSlitio, onis, F., laborious doing. 

molitor, 5ris, m., author, contriver. 

molitus, a, um, fmolo,] ground. 

molitus, a, um, [molior,] toiling. 

moUesoo — mortalis. 


moUesco, 3, grow soft, effemimate, 
molliculuB (-cellua), a, nm, soft, 

voluptuous, delicate, 
moUio, 4, ntake soft or supple, lighten, 
mollis, e, soft, mUd, gentle, delicate. 
molliter, softly, calmly. 
mollitia, ae ; -tudo, InlB, f., soft- 

nesSf flexibility f suppleness, pliancy. 
mollitus, [molliOiJ soft. 
mollusGus, a, tun, sofl-sheUed. 
molo, ui, it-, 3, grind, 
t moloche, es, F., mallows. 

molochinarius,!, M., (/^eringreen. «»2nora,8e, f., delay, hindrance. 

MoloBsi, drum, people of eastern 

molosBUS, i, M., hound, mastiff, 
f molybdus, i, M. ; -dis, idis, p., 


momen, inia, N., movement, weight, ^,jnoratii8, [moror,] delayed. 

mdmentum, i, n., balance, particle, 
moment, weight. 

Mona, 86, F., the Isle of Man, also, 
Anglesea, in the Irish Sea. 

t monachus, 1, m., monk. 

fmonas, idis, F., unity, 

monedula, ee, F., jackdaw, 

moneo, ui; -itum, 2, to warn, in- 
struct, remind, admonish. 

Moneta, ae, a name of Juno. 

moneta, ee, f., coin, mint, die, 

momle, is, n., necklace. 


monitio, onis, f., admonition, 

monitor, oris, m., remembrancer, 
admonisher, overseer, 
^jnonitmu, i, n. ; -tus, us, m., cul- 
^ monition, yfaming, prophecy. 

monituB, [moneo,] advised, warned, 

[t mono-, only, one, 

t monoceros, otiB, m., unicorn, 

t monochrdmos, on, of one color, 

MoncBCUB, i, a name of Her- 
cules ; arz Monceci, a prom- 
ontory of Liguria. 

fmonogrammus, i, m., outline. 

t monopodium, stand (table). 

mons, montiB, m., mountain. 

monBtratio, 5nis, F., showing, 

monBtrator, 5riB, m., he that shows. 

monBtratoB, a, um, conspicuous. 

monBtro, i, show, inform, appoint. 

monstrum, i, N., an evil omen, prod- 
igy, monster, 

monBtruoBUB (-obub), a, um, of or 
like a monster, strange, 

moiitSnuB, a, um, mountainous. 

monticola, se, c, mountaineer, 

montivaguB, a, um, roaming the 

montosuB (-uosub), a, imi, moun- 
tainous, full of mountains, 

monimientum, i, n., memorial. 

MopsopiuB, a, um, of Attica, 

fmora, ae, F., division, battalion. 
moraliB, e, of character, moral. 
moraliter, characteristically, 
morate, lingeringly. 
morator, 5ris, M., delayer. 

morStus, a, um, of character. 
morbiduB (-5bub), a, um, diseased. 
morbuB, i, m., disease, malady. 
mordacitaB, atlB, f., sharpness. 
mordaciter, bitingly, 
mordaz, acis, biting, stinging, 
mordeo, momordi, moiB-, 2, bite^ 

sting, eat, devour. 
mordicuB (-citus), with bites. 
mordicuB, a, um, snappish. 
f m5re, foolishly. 
^|.jnores,um, pL, m., [iaoB,'\character, 

moretum, i, n., salad of garlic. 
^^moribunduB, a, um, dying. 

m5rigeratio, oniB, F., compliance, 
morigeror (-0), i, gratify, comply, 
morigeruB, a, um, obsequious, 
f m5rio, 5niB, m., a blockhecul. 
f morion, i, n., nightshade. 
morior, mortuuB, morituruB, 3, 

to die, wither, vanish, 
moror, i, delay, care for, 
morose, peevishly, anxiously, 
morositas, atis, ¥., fret fulness, 
morSsuB, a, um, peevish, morose. 
Morpheus, ei (eos), god of Dreams. 
mors, mortis, f., death, a corpse. 
morsico, i, bite with the lips. 
morsum, i, N., a bit, piece, 
morsus, [mordeo,] bitten. 
morsuB, us, M., biting, catch, bite. 
mortalis, e^ mortal, perishable. 


mortalitas — mnnicipinnL 

mortalitas, Stda, F*, mortaUty, 

mortarium, i, N., mortar, trough, 

morticinua, a, um, dead (carrion). 

mortifer, era, um, deadly, 

mortullia, N. pi., dirges, 

mortuariuSf a, um, of the dead, 

mortuus, [morior,] dead; M., corpse. 

morulus, a, um, dark-colored, 

t morum, i, n., mulberry, 

\ morus, i, f., mulberry-tree, 

f morus, a, unif foolish, 

^mos, morls, m., manner^ custom; 
pi., character, quality, conduct, 

motio, onis, f.^ motion, emotion, 

moto, I, [moveo,] keep in motion. 

motor, oris, m., mover. 

motus, [moveo,] moved, excited. 

motus, us, M., movement, emotion, 

■ departure, tumuU, change. 

movena, tia, movable, 

moveo, mdvi, mot-, 2, move, dis- 
turb, set in Tnotion, excite, begin ; 
p. (neut), to mjove, 

mox, presently, soon after. 

muceo, 2 ; -cesco, 3, get musty. 

mucidus, a, um, mouldy, musty, 

mucSsuB, a, um, slimy. 

miicor, 5ris, m., mould, 

mucro, onis, m., edge, point, blade, 

mucus, i, M., [mungo,] mucus, 

mugil, ills, M., mullet. 

muginor, i, dally, trifle, delay, 

mugio, 4, bellow, bray, 

mugitus, us, M., bellowing, roaring, 

miilE^ ee, dat. pi., -abus, f., mule. 

mulceo, si, sum, 2, stroke, soothe. 

Mulciber, eris (eri), Vulcan, 

mulco, I, to maul, handle rougldy, 

mulcta=:multa, penalty. 

mulctra, ee, f. ; -trum (-trarium,) i, 
N., mUk-pail. 

malgeo, si sum (ct-), 2, to milk, 

muliebris, e, of a woman, woman- 
ish, womanly, effeminate. 

muliebriter, effeminately, 

znulier, eris f., woman, wife. 

muliercula, se, F., little woman. 

mulierSsus (-brdsus), a, Tim,fond 
of women, 

mulimus, a, um, of a mule. 

mulio, onis, m., mule-driver. 

mulleus (calceus), i, M., red shoe. 

mullus (-ulus), i, M., mullet, 

mulsus, [mulceo,] sweet as honey; 
F., sweetheart; n., m£ad. 

mulsus, [mulgeo,] mWced, 

multa, 8B, F., penalty, fine. 

multaticus (-cius), a, um, of fines, 

multatio, 5nis, f., fining, 

multicius, a, imi, delicate, splendid. 

multifarlam (-rie), on many sides, 

multdfarius, a, um, manifold. 

multifidus, a, um, tvith many clefts. 

multifonnis, e, many-shaped. 

multijugus, a, um, many, manifold. 

multiloquaz, acis, loquacious. 

multimodis, in many ways. 

multiplex, icis, of many folds or 
partSf various, changeable. 

multipliciter, in many ways. 

multiplico, I, multiply, 

multipotens, tis, very powerful, 

multitudo, inis, F., multitude, crowd. 

multo (mule to), i, punish. 

multo, by much (w. comparative). 

multum, much. 

multus, a, um (plus, plurimus)^ 
much,frequent, diffuse ; pi., many. 

mulus, i, M., miUe. 

Mummius, i, L. (Aohaicus), the 
captor of Corinth, B.C., 146. 

Munda, ee, F., a city of S. Spain, 
taken by Caesar, B.C. 45. 

mundanus, a, um, of the toorld, 

munde, (-iter), neatly. 

munditia, ee ; es, eC p., cleannessy 
elegance, terseness. 

mundo, i, cleanse, 

mundus, (-ulus), a, um, clean, neat. 

mundus, i, M., decoration, imple- 
ment, the world, or universe. 

munerarius, a, um, of public shotos 
of gladiators. 

munero, i, bestow, present. 

mungo, 3, blow the nose, 

jaunia, ium, N., offices, duties. 

municeps, cipis, c, citizen of a 
free town, fellow-townsman. 

municipalis, e, of a free toum. 

muuicipium, i, N., a free city hav- 
ing a Roman citizenship. 

mimifex — Mysus. 


munifez, iois, on duty, 

munifice, liberaUy. 

munificentia, ee, F., munificence. 

munificiiBy a, um, munificent; 
bountiful, on duty, 

xnunimen, inis; -mentuxn, i, n., 
defence, fortification, 

jmnnin^ ^ foTtify, defend, build, 

mania, e, of service, obliging, 

munitio, onia, f., fortification, 

munito, i, fortify, build, 

xnunitor, oria, M., engineer, 

xuunitura, se, F., protection. 

manitua, a, wait fortified, safe, 
Lunua, eria, N., office, gift, exhibi- 
tion, service, favor, 

muraena, ee, F., lamprey (sea-eel). 

muralia, e, of city-walls. 

xnurciia, i, M., poltroon. 

murez, icia, f., purple-fish, purple 
dye, crowds-foot (iron points), jag, 

mnria, eo, F., brine, pickle, 

mnricidua, i, m., coward, 

murmua, a, nm, of mice. 

murxnor, xiria, N., murmur, roar, 

nmrmuro, i, to murmur, grumble, 

murrheua (-inua), a, uin, of mur- 
rha, a costly stone. 

murriua, a, tun, of myrrh. 

ninrta=myrtua, myrtle, 

^urua, 1, M., wall, embankment. 

^ mua, muria, c, mx>use. 

f miiaa, ee, F., muse (goddess of 
art and song), song, wit, science. 

Miiaasaa, i, a Greek bard of the 
mythic time. 

-fmyatlGua, a, um, of mysteries. 

muaca (-nla), se, F., fly. 

nxiiacariua, a, um, of flies; 1:^., fly- 
brush, closet. 

muacipola, ae, f., mouse-trap. 

muacoaua (-cidus), a, um« mossy. 

moaculiia, i, m., little mouse, muscle. 

muacua, i, m., moss. 

f muaena, a, am, of the Muses, poet- 
ic; N., museum, seat of the Muses. 

t muaica, ee (-e, ea), F., music. 

f muaice, splendidly. 

-fmuaicua, a, um, musical, poetic 
or scientific ; M., musician. 

muaivaa, a, am, mosaic. 

muaaito, i, be silent, murmur. 
muaao, i, murmur, ponder. 
muataceaa, i, M. ; -um, i, N., a 

cake sweetened with must 
muatela (-tella), se, f., weasel. 
maateoa, a, um, of new wine. 
muatuB, a, am, young, new fresh ; N., 

must (fresh grape-juice). 
mutabilia, e, changeable, mutable. 
mutatio, 5ma, f., change, altering, 
mutator, oria, m., exchanger, 
mutilo, I, to dock, lop, mutilate. 
mutilua (-cua), a, um, mutilated, 

Mutina, ae, F., Modena, in N. Italy. 
mutio (muttio), 4, mutter, murmur, 
mutitio, onia, f., muttering, 
mutito, I, interchange, 
mute, I, [moveo,] alter, change, 

exchange, interchange, damage. 
mutuatio, 5nia, f., borrowing, 
mutue (-0, -iter), mutually. 
mutuito (-or), i, seek to borrow, 
mutuor, I, to borrow. 
mutua, a, am, dumb, mute, silent. 
mutuua, a, um, borrowed, mutual. 
Mycale, ea, F., a city of Ionia. 
MycenaBua, a, um, of Mycence, 

the ancient capital of Argolis. 
Mydoniua, a, um, Phrygian. 
f myoparo, onia, M., a piratical 

myrica (ce), sb, f., tamarisk, shrub. 
MyrmiddnSa, um, a people of 

Thessaly, subjects of Achilles. 
f myron (-um), i, N., ointment. 
f myropola, 8B, m., perfumer. 
•f myrrha, 8B, f., myrrh. 
f myrrheua (-atua, -inua,) a, um, 

of myrrh, spiced, perfumed. 
myrtatua, a, am, seasoned with 

myrtle-berries; N., a kind of pud- 
myrtetum, i, n., myrtle-grove. 
myrteua (-inua), a, um, of myrtles, 
Myrtoua, a, um, Myrtoan, of the 

western yCeean. 
tmyrtum, i. n, myrtle-berry. 
-fmyrtua, i (ua), F., myrtle. 
Myaua (-iua), a, um, of Mysia, 

the N. W. dist. of Asia Minor. 


mytsa — naumachia. 

|m7Sta(-tes), ee, m., priest of mys- 
teries or secret rites. 

I mystagdgus, i, m., mystagogue, a. 
guide to sacred places. 

Imysteriiun, N., secret rite, mystery. 

f mythicns, a, tun, of fables, 

f mfrthoB, i, m., a fable, myth. 

fmyzus (ob), i, M., wick-tube. 


N, the praenomen Numerius. 
Nabatheeus, a, um, of Nabathcea, 

a district of N. Arabia, 
-fnacca, ee, M., afaUer. 
nactus, [nsuiciscor,] having got. 
n89 (ne,) surely, really, indeed. 
naBnia^aiema, dirge. 
NaBniuB, an old Roman poet, B.C. 

273-203, who served in the first 

Punic War, and wrote its epic. 
nsevns, i, m., mole (birth-mark). 
naiaa (nais), &diB, f., river-nymph. 
nam, namque,/or (§ 43, 4). 
nana, ae, F., dwarf. 
nanciBOor, nactUB, 3, get, find, meet. 
nanB, nsuitiB, [no,] swimming, 
nanus, i, m., dwarf, nag, pan. 
tnapseuB, a, nm, of the dell. 
t naphtha, se, F., naphtha. 
napuB, i, M., turnip. 
t napy, yoB, n., mustard. 
Nar, Naria, m., a river of Umbria. 
Narbo, onis, m., Narbonne, a city 

of S. W. Gaul (Narbonensis). 
NarcisBUB, i, a beautiful youth, 

changed to a flower. 
naxdinuB, a, um, of nard; N., 

spiced wine. 
f narduB, i, m., nard, unguent 
narinosuB, a, nm, flat-nosed. 
naris, ia, f., nostril; pL, nose. 
narratio, onia, F., narrative, 
narrator, dris, m., relator. 
narratuB, us, M., tale, narration. 
narro, i, to tell, relate, report. 
narthex, ecia, F., the shrub /cnne/. 
narus, gnaruB, skilled. 
Narycius, a, um, of Naryx, a 

Locrian city. 

Nasamonea, um, a people of N. 
Africa, eastward of Carthage. 

naBcena, tis, arising, beginning; 
N. pi., growing things. 

nascor, natua, 3, be bom, ascend, 
arise, begin, grow, spring forth. 

NaBica, 86 (high-nose), P. Scipio, 
consul, B.C. 191 ; his gr.-son 
(slayer of Gracchus), B.C. 138. 

naaitema, ee, F., watering-pot. 

Naao, 5niB (big-nose), the family 
name of Ovid. 

nasaa (-za), ee, F., flsh-basket, net. 

naaturtium, i, N., a kind of cress. 

naaua, i, m., nose, handle, sarcasm. 

naautuB, a, um, large-nosed, iaga- 
cious, sarcastic. 

nata, 89,. f., [naacor,] daughter. 

nataliciuB, a, um, of one's birth- 
day ; M., birthday ; N., gift ; pL, 
birthday feast. 

natalis, e, of one's birth ; M., birth- 
day ; pi. lineage, origin ; N., birth- 
hour ; pi., birth-right. 

natantea, ia, [nato,] flshes. 

natatio, onia, f. ; -tus, us, m., 

natator, oris, M., sunmmer. 

natinor, i, to be busy. 

natio, 5nis, F., birthy race, nation. 

natia, is, F., rump. 

nativus, a, um, by birth, native, 
innate, naturaL 

nato, I, to swim, float, overflow. 

natris, icis, F., water-snake, scourge. 

natura, ae, f., birth, nature, 

naturalis, e, by birth, natural. 

naturaliter, according to nature, 

natua, a, um« bom, constituted, (w. 
ace. of time), old; m., .son. 

natua, ua, m., birth, growth, 

f naucleruB, i, M., shipmaster. 

nauoum (ua), i, N., a trifle. 

naufragium, i, N., shipwreck, wreck, 
storm, ruin, destruction. 

naufrago, i, sufler wreck. 

naufraguB, a, um, wrecked, ruined, 
dangerous, causing wreck. 

-fnauiia, orum, N., lute. 

-f naulum, i, N., passage-money. 

f naumachia, ae, f., sea-flght. 

Naupaotus — negotior. 


NanpactuB, i, p., a coast-town of 

Naupliades, is, Palamedes, son 
of Nauplias, myth. k. of Euboea. 
t nausea, ae, f., sea-sicknesit. 
nanseo, i, be sea-sick, qualmish, 
nauseola, as, F., qualm, 
nanseoBiis, a, nm, sickening, 
nautas^navita, sailor, 
fnintea, se, f., nausea, hilgeivater. 
fnauticuB, a, nm, of ships; pL, 

sailors, seamen, 
navalis, e, of ships; n., port, dock- 
yard; pi., harbor, rigging. 
fnavarchns, i, M., ship^8 captain. 
nave, diligently, 
navia, aB, F., ship, trough, 
navicula (-cella), ae, f., boat, skiff, 
navicularius, a, um, of boats; u., 
skipper ; F., boat-hiring or agency, 
navllragas, a, um, causing wreck, 
navigabilis, e, navigable, 
navigatio, 5nis, F., sailing, 
navlger, a, um, ship-bearing, 
navigium; i, n., vessel, ship, raft. 
navigo, I, to sail, naoigate, 
navls, is, F., ship ; n. longa, galley, 
navita, (nauta^ ae, sailor, boatman. 
navitas, atis, F., promptness, 
naviter, diligently, promptly, fully, 
navo, I, do zealously, accomplish, 
navus, a, um, prompt, diligent, 
Nazos, i, F., an island in the 

i^gean Sea. 
ne, lest ; (w. imperat.) not ; no . . . 

quidem, not even, 
ne for nae, surely, 
-ne, interrog. part. (§ 71), whether, 
Neapolis, is, F., Naples, in Cam- 
pania, 1 20 miles S. E. of Rome. 
f nebiis, idis, ¥., fawn-skin, 
nebula, as, f., mist, vapor, cloud. 
nebulo, onis, M., worthless fellow, 
nebulosus, a, um, cloudy, misty. 
nec==neque, nor, and not, 
necatus, [neco,] slain, 
necdum, and not yet, 
necessSrlo (e), necessarily, 
necessarius, a, um, necessdry, kin- 
dred; M., friend, relative. 
necesse (neut.), necessary. 

necessitas, atis, f., necessity, need, 
friendship, relationship, 

necessitudo, inis, f., intimacy, 
need; p\., friends, relatives. 

necesBum, inevitable, 

necne, or not. 

necnon, also. 
- neco,avi(ui),at- (cf>), i, to kill. 

necopinans, tis, unaware. 

necopinato, unexpectedly. 

necopinatus, a, um, unexpected, 

necopinua, a, um, unsuspecting, 

fnecromantia, as, f., evoking the 
dead, necromancy, 

t nectar, &ris, n., nectar, drink of 
the gods. 

nectareus, a, um, of nectar, deli- 
cious ; F., a fragrant plant. 

necto, zi (zui), zum, 3, to bind, 
clasp, fasten, weave, devise. 

nectus^snecatus, [neco,] slain. 

necubi, lest anywhere. 

necunde, lest from any place. 

nedum, much less, not to say. 

nefandus, a, um, [for,] impious, 

nefarie, impiously, toickedly. 

nefariuB, a, um, execrable, abomin- 
able ; N., a heinous crime. 
j^efas, N. wrong, crime, harm, toretch, 

nefastus, a, um, impious, inauspici- 
ous; dies, a day when no court 
business could be done. 

nefrens, dis, toothless, 

negatio, onis, f., denied, refusal. 

negito, I, persist in denying, 

neglecte, (-tim), negligently, 

neglectus, [negligo,] slighted. 

neglectus, us, m., neglect, 

negligens, tis, negligent, heedless. 

negligenter, heedlessly, 

negligentia, ae, F., neglect, 

negligo, ezi, ect-, 3, to neglect, 
slight, despise, disregard, 

nego, I, to deny, refuse, say no, 

negotisQis, e, ojf business. 

negotians, tis, m., a dealer. 

negotiatio, dnis, f., wholesale trade. 

negotiator, oris, M., agent, trader, 

negotior, i, to deal, traffic. 


negotiosTUB — nigrans. 

negotioflUB, a, van, fall of business, 
negotiuxn, [otiiiin,] i, N., business, 

trouble, difficulty, a thing, 
Neleus, ei, myth. k. of Pylos, son 

of Neptune, father of Nestor. 
Nemea, ae, F., a town of Argolis. 
nemen, inis ; -ma, &tiB, N., thread, 
NemesiBy is (ios), the goddess of 

Justice, or Retribution. 
nemo (T. 6), c, [ne homo,] no one, 
nemoraliB (ensia), e, of the grove, 
nemorosus, a, um, woody, leafy, 
uempe, surely, why ! 
fnemus, 6ris, N., wood, grove, tree, 
nenia, ee, f., wail, dirge, song, 
neo, nevi, net-, 2, to spin, weave, 
Neoptolemua, i, son of Achilles. 
f neotericuB, a, am, new, 
nepa, 89, f., scorpion, crab. 
Nephele, es, wife of Athamas, 

mother of Phrixus and Helle. 
nepos, Otis, m., grandson, nephew; 

prodigal, spendthrift, 
nepotiniiB, a, nm (-alia, e), profuse. 
nep5tor, i, squander, lavish. 
neptis, 13, F., granddaughter, 
Neptunius, a, um, of or built by 

Neptunus, i, god of the Waters, 

brother of Jupiter ; the sea, 
neqnam, worthless, wretched, vile. 
neqiiaquam, by no means, 
neqne (nee), neither, nor, and not, 
nequedum, and not yet, 
^jxequeo (§ 37, viii.), cannot, 
neqiiicquam (-quiqnam), in vain. 
nequior, nequissimus, [nequam,] 

more and most worthless. 
— nequia, qua, quod (quid), lest any, 
nequiter, worthlessly, badly, 
nequitia, ee (-es, ei), p., badness, 

vileness, negligence, levity, 
nequo, no-whither, 
nereis, idis, F., sea-nymph, 
Nereus, i, a seardeity, son of 

Oceanus and Tethys. 
Neritos (us), i, m., a mountain of 

Ithaca ; -ios, a, um, Ithacan, 
Nero, onis, family name of L. Do- 

mitius Aenobarbus, the sixth 

emperor, a.d. 54-68. 

Nerva, successor of Domitian, 

A.D. 96-98. 
nerviee, arum, p., strings, chords. 
Nervii, orum, a Belgian tribe. 
nervSse, energetically, 
nervosus, a, um, sinewy, vigorous. 
nervus, i, M., sinew, string, thong, 

bow-string, vigor, force, a prison, 
nesciens, tis, ignorant, unskilled. 
nescienter, ignorantly, 
nescio, 4, be ignorant or unskilled. 
nescius, a, um, ignorant, unable, 

unskilled, unknown, 
Nessus, i, a Centaur, slain by 

Hercules ; adj., Nesseus. 
Nestor, 6ris, myth, king of Pylos, 

son of Neleus. 
netus, us, m., [neo,] spinning, thread. 
neu=neve, nor, and not, 
neuter, tra, um, neither of two. 
neutiquam, by no means. 
neutralis, e, neuter. 
neutro, to neither side, 
neutrubi, in neither place. 
neve, and not, and lest, 
nex, necis, f., death (by violence). 
nezilis, e, bound together, 
nezio, 5nis, f,, fastening, 
nezo, zui (ari), 3, bind, join, fasten, 
nezum, i, N., slavery for debt, 
nezuosus, a, um, full of knots, 
nejmB,[neoto,] fastened; m,, pris- 
oner, one bound to service, 
nexus, us, m., binding, obligation, 
ni, not, that not, unless. 
Nicaea, se, f., a town of Bithynia. 
Nicias, se, Athenian commander of 

the Sicilian expedition B.c. 415. 
nice, ci, 3, beckon, 
Nicome^a, as, F., the capital of 

nicto, I, wink, blink, sign, strive. 
nictua, us, m., winking, 
nidamentum, i, n., stuff for nest, 
nidifico, I, to build nests, 
nidor, oris, M., vapor, steam, odor, 
nidulor, i, to build nests, 
nidus 6.ulus), i, m., nest, retreat. 
i^elliu, a, um, dark, swarthy. 
i^ger, gra, um, black, dark. 
nigrans, tis, Uack, dusky. 

nigredo — nominatiis. 


nigredo, inis, F., blackness. 

nigresco, 3, grow black or dark. 

nigricans, tis, blackish. 

nigritia, ee, f., blackness. 

nigro, I, blacken, be black. 

nigror, 5ria, M., blackness. 

nihil, nothing^ not at all. 

nihildum, nothing yet. 

nihilominus, none the less. 

nihilnm, i, N.»4iihi], nothing. 

m\ — nihil, nothing. 

Niliis, i, M., the NUe, the great 
river of Egypt. 

nimbatas, a, nin, light, vapory. 

nimbifer, era, um, stormy. 

nimboBUB, a, um, stormy, rainy. 

nimbus, i, M., rain-cloud, storm. 

nimie (-6), by far, too much. 

nimietas, atis, p., excess. 

mmirum, doubtless. 

nimis, too much, excessively. 

nimius, a, um, excessive, too great. 

ningit, ninxit, 3, it snows. 

ninguidus, a, tmi, snowy. 

ninguis, is, p., snow. 

ningulus, a, um, nobody. 

Ninive, es, p., Nineveh, the capi- 
tal of Assyria, on the Tigris. 

Ninus, myth, founder of Niniveh. 

Niobe, es (-ba, 8b), daughter of 
Tantalus, changed to stone after 
the loss of all her children. 

NisaBus (-eius), ofNisus. 

Niseis, idis, Scylla, d. of Nisus, 
k. of Megara, who betrayed his 
kingdom to Minos. 

nisi (ni), unless, if not. 

nisus, [nitor,] relying. 

nisus (-xus), us, M., effort, pressure. 

Nisus, i, myth, king of Megara, 
changed to a hawk. 

nitela (-dula), ae. P., dormouse. 

nitens, tis, shining, brilliant, bloom^ 
ing, famous. 

nitens, tis, [nitor,] striving. 

niteo, ui, 2, to shine, glitter, thrive, 

nitesco, tui, 3, to shine forth. 

nitibundus, a, um, straining. 

nitide, brightly. 

nitido, i, make bright, bathe. 

nitidus. a, um, bright, sleek, elegant. 

tor, msus (nixus), 3, to strain, 

mount, strive, rely. 
nitor, 5ris, m., brightness, neatness. 
-fnitrum, i, n., soda, alkali 
nivalis, e, snowy. 
nivarius, a, um, of snow. 
nivatus, a, um, cooled with snow. 
nivens. Us, closing (winking). 
niveus, a, um, snowy, white. 
nivosuS) a, um,yu/^ of snow. 
nix, nXvis, p., snow. 
nizor, i, lean, strive. 
nixus, [nitor,] relying. 
. ■ Jiixus, lis, M., effort, presssure. 
no, I, to swim, sail. 
nobilis, e, famous, noble. 
nobilitas, atis, p., nobility (of rank, 

fame or quality), the noUes. 
nobiliter, nobly. 
nobilito, i, make famous. 
nobiscimi, [ego,] mlh us. 
nocens, tis, gutUy, harmful; M., 

a criminal. 
nocenter, guiltily. 

, cui, cit-, 2, to harm, hurt. 
nocivus, a, um, noxious. 
noctlliica, se, P., night-shining. 
noctivagus, a, um, night-wandering. 
noctu (-te), by night. 
noctua, aB, p., owl. 
noctuabundus, a, um, m (he night. 
noctuinus, a, um, of owls. 
nocturnus, a, um, nightly, dark. 
nocuus, a, um, harmful. 
nodatus, a, um, knotted. 
nodo, I, to fill with knots, fasten. 
nod5sus, a, um, knotty, swollen, 

intricate, difficult. 
nodus (-ulus), i, m., knot, knob, band, 

coil, difficulty. 
nolens, tis, unwilling. 

, nolle, nolui (§ 37, ii), be un- 

vjUlingt wish HI. 
nomades, um, c, wanderers. 
nomen, inis, N., name (§ 15), race, 

debt, thing, fame, reason, pretext. 
nomenclator, 5ris, M., namer. 
nominatim, by name. 
nominatio, 5nis, p., naming. 
nominatus, a, um, celebrated. 

^ — Qoceo, 




nomino — nulM>. 

nomino, i, call by name, make fa- 
mous, nominate, accuse. 

tnomiama^ Stis, N., coin, m^doL 

t nomos, i, m., district, tune, 

noa, not, no, 

nonse, arum, f. pi., Nones (§ 83), 
the 7th of March, May, July, 
Oct. ; sth of the other months. 

n5nageiii, ninety (each). 

u5iiagies, ninety times, 

nonaginta, ninety, 

uonanuB, a, um, of the gth legion, 

ndnariuB, a, um, of the ^h hour, 

nondam, not yet, 

nongenti (noningeati), ae, a, 900. 

nonies (-ens), nine times, 

nonna, 8B, f., a nun, 

nonne (interrog.), not f 

nonnemo, inis, m., some one. 

nonnihil, something, 

nonnullus, a, um, some, 

nonnumquam, sometimes, 

nonnuaquam, somewhere, 

uonus, a, um, ninth, 

nonu3 decimuB, nineteenth, 

Noreia, ae, f., a town of Noricum, 
the dist. north of the Adriatic. 

norma, ae, f., square, rule, 

normalis, e, by the square, 

n53, nostrum, nobis, we, 

noscito, I, recognize, 

nosco, novi, not-, 3, learn, be ac- 
quainted, to know ; perf know, 

noBter, tra, trum, our ; pi., m., our 
men, N., our possessions, 

nostras, atis, of our country, 

nostratim, in our fashion, 

nota, 86, F., mark, sign, note, stain, 

notabilis, e, noteworthy, 

notariuB, a, um, of writing; m., 
short-hand writer, clerk, 

notatio, onis, F., marking, choice, 

notesco, tui, 3, become known, 

nothus, a, um, illegitimate, false, 

notio, oniB, F., a getting knowledge, 
investigation, notion, idea, 

notitia, ae (-es, ei), f., knowing, ac- 
quaintance, note, 

notiuB, a, um, southern, 

noto, I, designate, mark, signify, 
brand, remark, write in cypher. 

notor, 5riB, M., voucher, witness, 
notOB, [nosco,] known, 
notus (os), i, M., the South wind, 
novacula, ae, F., razor, knife, 
novalis, e, fallow, fresh-plouglied. 
novatio, onis, F.^ renewing, 
nove, in new fashion, unusually, 
novellus, a, um, young, new, fresh. 
novem, nine, 

november, bris (9th month), No- 
novemdecim, nineteen, 
novemdialis, e, of nine days. 
novenarius, a, um, oj nine, 
noveni, ae, a, nine (each). 
noverca, se, f., stepmother, 
novercalis, e, of a stepmother, hos- 
tile, malevolent, 
novi, [nosco,] / know, 
novies (-ens), nine times, 
novissime, quite lately, lastly, 
novissimus, a, um, latest, last, loto- 

est, furthest ; agmen, the rear, 
novitas, atis, f., newness, strange- 
ness, novelty, 
noviter, newly, afresh, 
novitius, a, um, new, fresh, 
novo, I, to renew, alter, invent, re- 
fresh, change by revolution. 
novus, a, um, new, fresh, strange, 
unwonted; N., novelty; res novae,^ 
^levolu tiony novelties, 
nox, noctis, F., night, darkness, the 

world below, gloom, storm, death, 
noza (-ia), ae, F., harm, crime, pun- 
nozius (-08us)i a, um, harmful, 

injurious, guilty, 
nubecula, aa, small cloud, dark spot. 
nubes, is, f. ; (-is, M.), cloud, smoke, 

vapor, gloom, obscurity. 
nubifer, a, um, cloud-bearing, 
nubigena, aa, c, cloud-bom; pi. 

the Centaurs, 
nubilarium, i, N., shed, bam. 
nubilis, e, marriageable. 
nubile, I, to be or make cloudy, 
nilbilus (-osus), a, um, cloudy, dark, 

overcast, gloomy, 
nubo, psi, pt-, 3, cover, veil, marry 
(put on the veil, with dat.). 

nuoetum — nusquam. 


nucetum, i, n., wood of nut trees, 

nuceuB, a, um ; -alia, e, of a nut, 

uncleua, i, M., kernel, nut. 

nucula, aB, f., little nut, 

niidatio, onis, F., stripping hare, 

nude, nakedly, simply, 

niidiuB (tertius), now the (third) 
day since. 

nudo, I, to strip, make hare, despoil, 

nndns, a, um, naked, hare, stripped, 
unadorned, alone, destitute, 

nugse, arum, f., nonsense, finery, 

nugalis, Bt frivolous; N. pi., trifles. 

nugator, oris, M., trifler, jester, 

nugatdrius, a, um; nugaz, acis, 
trifling, futile, useless. 

nugivendua, i, m., dealer in finery. 

niigor, I, jest, trifle, cheat. 

nullatenuB, hy no means. 

nullus, a, um (gen. iua), no, none, 
of no account. 

num, whether (§71). 

Numia, 86, Pompilius, second k. 
of Rome, B.C. 713-679. 

Numantia, 89, f., a city of South 
Spain, capt. by Scipio, B.C. 133. 

niunaTiua, a, um, of money, hribed. 

numatus, a, imi, moneyed, rich. 

numeila, ae, f., shackle, fetter. 

uiimen, inis, n., [nuo,1 nod, com- 
mand, divine will, divinity. 

numerabilic^ e, that can he counted. 

uumerariuB, a, mn, of accounts. 

numeratio, 5nis, f., payment. 

uumeratus, a, um, in ready money, 
N., cash ; in numerate, at hand, 

numero, i, count, reckon, pay out. 

uumer5, precisely, quickly. 

numerdse (-iter), numerously, har- 
moniously, in poetic numhers, 

numerosus, a, um, numerous, pro- 
lific, populous, melodious, 

numeruB, i, m., number, quantity, 
troop, rank, part, order, measure 
or number (in verse). 

Numicius, i, m., a stream in La- 
tium ; name of a Roman Gens. 

Numida, se, Numidian, 

Numidia, ae, F., a dist. of N. 
Africa, W. of Carthage ; Algiers, 

Numidious, a, um, Numidian; a 
name given to Metellus, con- 
queror of Jugurtha. 

numisma^nomisma, coin. 

Numitor, oris, grandfather of 

nummusssnumus, coin, money. 

numnon, numne=num, whether, 

numSsus, a, um, wealthy. 

numquam, never. 

numquid, whether (emphatic). 

numquis, whether any. 

numularius, a,um, of money; M., 

numuB (-ulus), i, m., money (as 
coin=4 cents, § 84) ; farthing, 

nunc, now (§ 41, ii. 2), hut noio.^ 

nunccine ? now f 

nunciatio, onia, f., declaration. 

nuncio=nuntio, announce. 

nuncubi ? anywhere f ever f 

nuncupatio, onis, f., naming, ap- 
pointing, dedication. 

nuncupo, i, to name or appoint (as 
heir), vow publicly. 

nuncusque, tUl now. 

nundinae, arum, f., market-day. 

nundinalis, e, of the market. 

nundinatio, onis, f., trafficking. 

nimdinor, i, to attend market, buy, 
trade, troop together. 

nundinus, a, um, of the <)th or 
market-day ; N., market-time. 

nunquam=numquam, never. 

nuntia, as, f., messenger. 

nuntiatio, onis, f., announcem£nt. 
•«auntio, i, to announce, declare. 

nuntius, i, M., messengei^, message, 
order, tidings. 

[nuo, nut-, 3, to nod (only in com- 

nuper, lately^ just now. 

nuperuB, a, imi, recent, fresh, 

nupta, ae, f., [niibo,] bride. 

nuptiae, arum, f., marnage. 

nuptialis, e^ of a wedding. 

nuptus, a, um, [nubo,] manned; 
F., bride, wife. 

nuptus, us, M., marriage. 

nurus, us, f., daughter-in-law. 

nusquam, noiohere, in or to nothing. 


nutabimdiift — oUatio. 

ziiitabiindus, a, tun, staggering, 
nutatio, onis, f., nodding, tottering, 
nutiquain=neutiquam, no-way* 
nuto, I, to nod, sway, waver, 
nutricatus, us, m., nursing, nurture, 
niitaiciua, a, um, suckling, cherish- 
ing; M., tutor; N., nourishment* 
nutrico (-or), i, to nourish, rear, 
nutsicula, 89, F., nurse. 
nutrixnen, inis; -mentttm, i^ N., 

nourishment, support, 
nutrio (-or), 4, nourish, rear, cher- 
ish, presej've (as fruit). 
nutriz, ids, f., nurse, rearer, 
breeder, nursery (of plants). 
«^4}utU8, us, M., a nod, command, 
beckoning, dotvnward motion, 
nuz, nuciB, f., nut, 
tnympha, ae, f., bride, nymph (of 

fountains, &c.). 
fDymphsea, ae, F., water-lily. 
t nympheeum (-earn), i, N., fount 
of the nymphs ; an lUyrian port, 
nymphalis, e, of the fountain, 
nymphigena, ae, the nymph-bom 

Nysaeua, a, um, of Nysa, a city in 
Caria; ^accAic, of Nysa in India, 
the birthplace of Bacchus. 


O, a common exclamation, or form 

of address, with voc. or ace. 
f Oasis, is, f., a dist. in the Libyan 

desert, an exile for criminals. 
OsLses, is, M., a river of Crete ? 
ob, towards, at, about, on account of, 
[-ob, towards, on, in the way of, 
obeeratus (-rius), a, um, indebted ; 

M., debtor, one bound for debt, 
obambulo, i. to walk by, 
obarmo, i, to arm, 
obaro, i, to plough up, 
obaudio, 4, to obey, 
obauratus, a, um, gUded, gilt, 
obba, ae, f., goblet, mug or bowl, 
obdo, didi, dit-, 3, put in the way, 

envelop, close, wrap. 

obdormio, 4 ; -isoo, 3, to fall asleep, 
obduco, ad, ct-, 3, lead towards, 

draw over, cover, fasten, shut up, 
obductio, onis, f., veiling, covering. 
obduresGO, durui, 3, to grow hard 

or stubborn, 
obdiiro, i, to harden, make hard, 

endure, persist, 
obediens, tis, obedient, 
ob§dienter, readily, wiUingly. 
obedientia, ee, f., obedience, 
obedio, 4, obey, yield, hearken, 
obedo, edi, es-, 3, eat, devour, 
t obeliscus, i, m., obelisk, rosebud, 
obeo, ii, it-, 4, go towards, go down, 

perish, survey, traverse, undertake, 

enter on, meet (death), die. 
obequito, i, ride up to or along. 
obero, [obsum,] will be present, 
oberro, i, move about, blunder, 
obesitas, atis, f., grossness, 
obesus, [edo,] lean or eaten away; 

fat, coarse, swollen, 
obex, icis, d., bar, bdt, barrier. 
[obf-=oflf-; obg-=ogg-. 
obhaereo, 2 ; hseresco, haesi, 3, to 

stick fast, 
obiens, euntis, [obeo,] meeting, 
obirascor, iratus, i, get angry at, 
obiter, on or by the way, at once. 
obitus, us, M., an approach, going 

down, setting, downfall, death. 
objaoeo, ui, 2, to lie over against, 
objectatio (-ctio), onis, F., a cast- 

ing-against, accusation, reproach. 
objecto, I, to throw against, oppose, 

expose, reproach, 
objeotua, [objicio,] lying opposite, 

exposed; N. pi., accusations. 
objectus, us, M., casting in the tcay, 

exposure, interposition, projection, 
objez=obex, barrier. 
objicio, jeoi, ject-, 3, to cast in the 

way, resent, hold forth, upbraid. 
objur^tio, onis, f;, reproach. 
objurgator, oris, m., a rebuker. 
objurgatorius, a, uzn, reproachful, 
objurgo (-ito), i, to chide, dissuade, 

rebuke, chastise. 
oblaqueo, i, to trench about. 
oblatio, 5ms, f., offering, bestowal. 

oUstro — obaervate. 


oblatro, i, raU or bark at. 

oblatos, [oflFero,] offered, 

oblectamen, inis ; -mentum, i, n^ 
delight, joy, solace, amusemenL 

oblecto, I, to delight, gratify, 

Dblido, si, Bum, 3, crush together. 

obligatio, 5iiis, F., binding, bond, 

obligo, I, to bind, tie close, pledge. 

obliguzio, 4, to squander, devour. 

oblimo, I, beslime, squander, 

oblino, levi, lit-, 3, besmear, bedaub. 

oblique, sidewise, indirectly. 

obliquo, I, to twist, turn, warp. 

obliquuB, a, um, sidelong, awry, 

obliBus, [-lido,] crushed. 

oblitescp, litui, 3, [lateo,] hide. 

oblitero, i, to blot out, 

oblitus, [lino,] besmeared. 

oblitUB, a, um, forgetful, forgotten. 

oblivio, onis, F., forgeifidness, ob- 

obliviSsua, a, um, forgetful, 

oblivisoor, oblitua, 3, forget. 

oblivium, i, m,, forgetfulness. 

obloco, I, give out on contract. 

oblocutor, oris, m., contradieter. 

oblongus, a, um, rather long. 

obloquor, locutuSk 3, interrupt, 
contradict, accompany music. 

obluctor, I, struggle against, 

obliido, si, sum, 3, play off jckes. 

obmdUor, 4, throw up in front, 

obmoveo, movi, mot-, 2, bring 

obmunauro, i, murmur against. 

obmutesco, tui, 3. be speechless. 

obnatus, a, um, growing on or near. 

obuitor, sus (jcus), 3, push against. 

obnisuB (-zusX a, um, resolute. 

obnize, wi^h might and main. 

obnozie, guiltily, submissively. 

obnozius, a, um, frail, exposed, 
liable, submissive, beholden, guilty. 

obnubiluB, a, um, beclouded. 

obnubo, psi, pt-, 3, to veil, cover. 

obnuntiatio, oms, f., announce- 

' ment of evil omen. 

obnuntio, (-oio), i, announce (evil). 

oboleo, ui, 2, to emit odor. 

t obolus, i, M., a smaU coin (3 cts.). 

oboxior, ortua, 4, to rise, appear. 

obortuB, us, M., origin. 


obrepo, psi, pt-, 3, creep up to, 
stealupon, surprise, cheat, [prise. 

obreptio, 5nis, f., a stealing, sur- 

obrepto, i, to creep on unatoares. 

obretio, 4, entangle. 

obrigesco, gua, 3, grow hard or stiff. 

obr5do, 3, to gnaw. 

obrogo, I, to repeal (by a later 
law), invaUdcUe. 

obruo, rui, rut-, 3, to cover, bury, 
overwhelm^ overpower. 

I obrussa (-ryza), 8B, f., test, assay. 

obsaturo, i, to sate, clog. 

obscenS, indecently, foully. 

obBcenitas, atis, f., foulness, im- 
purity, inauspiciousness, 

obscenus, a, um, of ill omen,foid, 
impure, evil, indecent, 

obscuratio, Snis, f., darkening. 

obscure, darkly, secretly. 

obscurltas, 3tis, f., darkness, ob- 
scurity, meanness. 

obscuro, I; to darken, hide, blind. 

obscuruB, a, um, dark, unknown, 
obscure, secret, 

obsecratio, onis, f., supplication, 
beseeching, protestation. 

obsecro, i, to beseech, implore. 

obsecundo, i, comply, obey, follow. 

obsepio, psi, pt-, 4, to fence in, 
bar, close up. 

obsequela (-quentia), ae, f., com- 
plaisance, compliance. 

obsequens, tis, yielding, indulgent. 

obsequenter, obediently. 

obsequiao, arum, F., funeral rites. 

obsequiosus, a, um, compliant 

obsequium, i, N., yielding, compli- 
ance, indulgence, obedience. 

obsequc^, cutus, 3, yield, gratify, 
indulge, obey, submit. 

obsero, i, to boU, fasten. 

obsero, seiri, sit-, 3, to sow, plant, 
cover, Jill. 

observans, tis, ujatchful, attentive* 

observanter, carefully. 

observantia, as, F., respect, regard. 

observate, circumspectly. 


obsery atio — obtmdo. 

obsenratio, Snis, f., care^ observ- 
ance^ rule, respect. 

observator, oris, M. ; -trijc, triois, 
F., observer, 

obsenritOp i, wcUch carefully. 

observo. i, note, regard, watch. 

obsSs, idis, c, hostage, pledge. 

obsessio, onis, f., blockade. 

obsessor, oris, m., a besieger, fre- 

obseasuB, [obsideo,] beset. 

obsidatus, us, M., condition of 

obsideo, sedi, sess-, 2, to besiege, 
beset, occupy, frequent. 

obsidio, onis, f., siege, blockade. 

obsidior, i, lie in wait for. 

obsldiom, i, n., siege, blockade. 

obsido, 3, beset, besiege, occupy. 

obsignator, oris, n., sealer, witness. 

obsigno, I, to seal, attest, pledge. 

obsipo, I, sprinkle. 

obsisto, Btiti, stit-, 3, withstand, 
resist, oppose, disapprove. 

obsitus, [sero,] planted^ covered. 

obsole-facio, 3, to wear out, spoil. 

obsolesco, evi, et-,fall into decay. 

obsolete, shabbily, meanly. 

obsoletus, a, um, worn out, poor, 
shabby, ruinous. 

obsonator, oris, m., caterer. 

obsonatus, us, m., marketing. 

t obsoninm, i, n., viands. 

obsono (-or), i, purvey, furnish. 

obsono, ui, it-, i, interrupt noisily. 

obsopio, 4, to put to sleep. 

obsorbeo, bui, 2, swallow up. 

ob.«»ordesco, sordui, 3, get soiled, 
wear out, diminish. 

obstantia, as, F., hindrance. 

obstetriz, Icis, f., midwife. 

obstinate, inflexibly. 

obstinatio, onis, f., stubbornness, 

obstinatus. a, um, resolute. 

obstino, I, standfast or against. 

obstipescossobstupesco, 3, to be 

obstipo, I, to lean. 

obstipus, a, um, bent, inclinecL 

obstitus, [-sisto,] set in the way, 
opposed, struck by lightning. 

obsto, Btiti, BtSt-, I, stand against^ 
oppose, check, be hateful to, 

obstrepo, ul, it-, 3, to clamor at or 
against, drown with noise. 

obstriotus, [stringo,] bound. 

obstrigUlo, i, hinder, impede. 

obstringo, strinzi, strict-, 3, bind 
close, fasten, pledge. 

obstructio, Snis, F., barrier, hin- 

obstruo, ad, ctum, 3, build against, 
barricade, obstruct. 

obstrudo=obtrudo, gulp, hide. 

obstupefacio, feoi, fact-, 3, amaze. 

obstupesco, Btupui, 3, be amazed. 

obstupidus, a, um, stupefied. 

obsum, esse, foi, be harmful. 

obsuo, ui, ut-, 3, sew up, stop close. 

obsurdesco, dui, 3, grow deaf. 

obtego, ad, ct-, 3, to cover, hide, 
veil, keep secret. 

obtemperatio, 5nis,F., compiiance. 

obtempero, i, comply, conform. 

obtendo, di, tum, 3, draw or spread 
over, hide, pretend, allege. 

obtentus, a, um,[-tendo,] drawn, 
[tineo,] held. 

obtentus, us, m., drawing-over. 

obtero, trivi, trit-, 3, bruise, wear, 
crush, degrade, destroy. 

obtestatio, onis, f., adjuring, en- 
treaty, adjuration. 

obtestor, i, call as witness, adjure. 

obteaco, zui, zt-, 3, weave or 
spread over. 

obticeo, 2 ; (-cesco, 3), cui, to be 
or grow silent. 

obti^o=obtego, cover. 

obtineo, tinui, tent-, 2, hold, get, 
maintain, prove, continue. 

obtingo, tigi, 3, touch, strike, hap- 
pen to, befall. 

obtorpesco, torpiii, 3, grow numb. 

obtorqueo, si, turn, 2, to turn, 
twist, wrench. 

obtrectatio, onis, f., disparaging. 

obtrectator, oris, m., traducer. 

obtrecto, i, detract, oppose, injure. 

obtritus, [tero,] bruised. 

obtriido, si, sum, 3, to thrust upon, 
gulp, slop close. 

obtnmco — octmgenti. 


obtnmco, i, to cut away, mangle, 
kill, trim, prune, 

obtueor, 2, gaze up on, perceive. 

obtundo, tudi, tus- (tons-), 3, to 
thump, blunt, din, molest, 

obturamentuin, i, N., stopper, bung, 

obturbo, I, disturb, confuse. 

obturgesco, torsi, 3, to swell, 

obturo, I, stop up, allay, 

obtiise, dully, dimly, 

obtusio, onia, f., blunting, bruise, 

obtuBus, [tundo,] blunted, dull, 

obtutos, ns, M., a gazing. 

obumbro, i, overshadow, obscure, 

obnncus, a, mn, bent, hooked. 

obustUB, [uro,] charred, scorched, 

obvagulo, I, demand loudly. 

obvallo, I, to fortify, surround. 

obvenio, veni, vent-, 4, come in 
the way, befalL 

obventio, onis, p., income, revenue. 

obversor, i, to go or Jiover about, 
appear, oppose. 

obverto, ti, sum, 3, turn towards. 

obviam (w. dat .), in the way, at hand. 

obvigilo, I, to be watchful. 

obvio, I, to meet, prevent. 

obviiis, a, um, meeting, in the way, 
at hand, opposed, adverse, exposed. 

obvolvo, vi, ut-, 3, to wrap, cover. 

occa, 89, F., harrow. 

OCC8BCO, I, make blind, darken. 

occaedes, is, p., slaughter. 

occallesco, Ini, 3, get hardened. 

occano, ui, 3, to sound, blow. 

ocoasio, onis, p., occasion, means, 
opportunity, supply. 

occasitmciila, as, ¥., occasion. 

occasus, us, M., [cado,]/a^, doum- 
fall, destruction, setting, the west. 

occatio, onis, p., harrowing. 

occedo, cessi, cess-, 3, go toumrds. 

occento, i, sing in presence of. 

occepso=:occepero [occipio]. 

occepto, I, begin. 

occidens, tis, m., the west. 

occidio, onis. P., [casdo,] mas- 
sacre, destruction. 

occido, cidi, cis, 3, kUl, cut down. 

occXdo, cidi, cas, 3, fcUl, set, per- 
ish, be ruined. 

occiduus, a, um, setting, failing, 

perishing, western. , 

occillo, I, to smash. 
occino, ui, cent-, 3, chirp, croak, 

sing (inauspiciously). 
occipio, cepi, cept-, 3, begin, enter. 
occiput, itis; -itium, i, n., back 

of the head, 
occisio, onis, p., slaughter, murder. 
occisor, oris, m., slayer, murderer. 
occisus, [casdo,] slain. 
occlude, si, sum, 3, to shut, stop. 
occo, I, to harrow, cut. 
occubo, ni, I, to rest, repose. 
occulco, I, trample upon. 
occulo, ui, cult-, 3, cover, hide, 
occultatio, 5nis, p., hiding. 
occultator, oris, m., hider. 
occulte (-tim, -to), secretly. 
occulto, I, to hide, secrete. 
occultus, a, um, hidden, secret. 
occumbo, cubui, cubit-, 3, to fall, 

sink, lie, yield, perish. 
occupatio, onis, p., seizing, hold- 

ing, employment. 
occupatus, a, um, busy, employed. 
occupo, I, seize, occupy, anticipate, 

attack, surprise, outstrip. 
occurro, 3, run to meet, oppose, 

attack, happen, appear, reply. 
occursatio, onis, p., officiousness. 
occurso, I, meet, attack, appear. 
occursus, us, m., meeting, opposing. 
Oceanus, i, M. (ocean), Father of 

Seas and Rivers. 
oceanitis, idis, p., d. of Oceanus ; 

ocellatus, a, um, spotted. 
ocellus, i, M., little eye, eyelet. 
ocior, us, occissimus, swifter. 
ociter, ocius, ocissime, swiftly. 
ocrea, ee, P., greave (leg-armor). 
ocreatus, a, um, greaved. 
Octavius (-anus), i, family name 

of Augustus. 
octavus, a, um, eighth; P., the 

eighth hour (4 p.m.) ; one-eighth. 
octies (ens), eight times. 
octingentesimus, a, um. Sooth. 
octingeni (-gentSni), 800 each. 
octdngenti, as, a, eight hundred. 


ootipes — ogganio. 

ootlpea, edift, eight-footed, 

oot5, eight, 

Octdbar, bris, m., October (8th 

ootodecim, eighteen, 
octogenarlus, a, um, of 80 years, 
ootogSni, a, um, eighty each, 
ootogeaimus, a, um, eightieth, 
octogies, eighty times, 
ootdgintS, eighty, 
octojugis, e, eight together, 
ootSni, 86, a, eight each, 
octaplaSi a, lun, eight-fold, 
octuBsis, eight asses. 
oculariuSp a, um, of the eyes, 
ocul&tus, a, um, furnished with 

eyes, visible, conspicuous. 
oculeuB, a, um, sharp^sighted, 
ocaliaaimuB, a, urn, dearest. 
oculitus, most dearly, 
ooulOi I, furnish with eyes, 
ooulus, i, M.y eye, vision, darling, 

bud (of plants). 
ocyor^ocior, swifter, 
t oda, se ; ode, es, f., song, 
t odeum, i, m, music-hall, 
odi, 09U8 (§ 38, i.); hate, dislike, 
odiose, hatefully. 
odioaus, a, um, vexatious, hateful, 
odium, i, n., hatred, offence, aver- 
sion, disgust, insolence, 
odor, oris, M., odor, fragrance, 
odoratio, onis, f. ; -tus, us, M., 

sense of smell, odor. 
odoratus, a, um, fragrant, 
odorifer, era, van, fragrant, spicy, 
odoro, I, to emit perfume. 
odoror, i, examine by scenty snuff, 

search, smell at, 
odorus, a, um, fragrant, 
odo3»ssodor, smeU. 
Odrysius, a, um, of the OdrysoB, 2l 

Thracian people. 
Odyss§a, ae, the story of Ulysses. 
CXXa, 8B, F., a town of N. Africa, 

in the territory of Tripoli. 
CBagrus, i, myth. k. of Thrace, 

father of Orpheus ; (adj., -grlus). 
CSbalus, i, mjrth. k. of Sparta, 

founder of Tarentum. 
fceconomia, se, f., economy. 

f (Bcus, i, M., hall, saloon, 
CSdipus, podis, myth, king of 
Thebes, son and slayer of Laius. 
CBneus, ei (eos), k. of i^olia, 
father of Meleager and Tydeus. 
(ZfaiStrla, 0B, F., an ancient name 

of S. E. Italy, 
t GBStrus, i, M., gadfly, frenzy, 
CSta, ee (-e, es), a mt. of Thessaly. 
offa (ofella), ee, F., bU, morsel, 
ofifStim, in bits, 
offeotus, [offioio,] hindered, 
oflEendo, di, sum, 3, strike, offend, 

hit, faU, stumble, blunder. 
offensa, es, F., collision, affront, 
offBDsatio, onis, f., hitting, stum- 
bling, blunder, 
oBensio, onis, F., stumbling, vexa- 
tion, offence, aversion, mishap, 
offensiimcula, ee, F., sligJU offence, 
ofifenso, I, dash against, stumble, 
oflfensus, [-fendo} offensive, 
offero, obtuli, oblat-, offer, show, 

adduce, occasion, inflict, 
offerumenta, orum, n., gift, 
officialis, e, of duties or service, 
officina, ae, F., workshop, factory, 
offioinStor, Mb, m., a master-work- 
man, artist, 
ofiBcio, feci, feot-, 3, hinder, ob- 
struct, injure, hurt. 
officios^, courteously, 
offioiosus, a, um, obliging, dutiful. 
«4-^ffioium, i, N., service, duty, favor. 
offigo, ai, 3L-, 2, fx, fasten. 
o£Brmatus, a, um, resolute^ stub- 
born, obstinate, 
offirmo, I, make fast, persevere, 
offla=BOfihila, little bit, 
ofEooo, I, chi^e with water, 
ofirenatus, a, um, curbed, 
offiingo, egi, aot-, 3, to cross-plough. 
ofEucia, ae, F., cosmetic, trick. 
offiila, 8B, F., bit fragment, 
oflfalcio, (si), tum, 3, stop vp, 
ofiEtilgeo, si, 2, shine upon, 
offiindo, fidi, lis-, 3, pour upon ox 

forth ; p., spread, extend, 
ofiusco, I, obscure, vilify, 
ofFiisus^ [offundo,] poured, 
ogganio, 4, snaH, yelp, growL 

og;gero — operose. 


oggero, 3, bring, carry, offer. 
Ogyges, is, (-vm, U) myth, founder 

of Thebes. 
Ogygitta, a, um, Thehan (Bacchus). 
Oileus, i, myth, king of Locris, 

father of Ajax (Oileus). 
olaz, SiGiBf fragrant, 
Olbia, sBp F., a city of Sardinia, 
olea, 89, F., olioe, 
oleaoeas (-aginous, -azius), a, 

-aria, e, of oily or the olive, 
oleaster, til, m., wild olive. 
oleatus, a, um, cured in oU. 
oleitas, atis, F., olioe-harvest. 
olens, tiMf fragrant, odorous. 
olentia, ae, f., odor, scent. 
olentlcetam, i, n., a noisome pooL 
oleo, olui, 2, to emit odor, betray 

one's self by the smeU. 
oleoBus, a, iixn, oily, full of oil. 
olerator, oris, m., kitchen-gardener, 
oletuin, i, N., olive-orchard; dung. 
oleum, i, N., <dive-oU; the wrestling^ 

ol£acio, feci, foot-, 3, smell, scent. 
olfacto, I, sm^U at, detect. 
olf actus, liB, M., the sense of smell, 
olidus, a. um, strong-scented. 
olixn, once, ever, some day, of old. 
olitor, oris, m., mcarket gardener. 
oliva, se, F., olive, olive-branch. 
olivetum, i, n., olive-orchard. 
olivifer, era, um, olive-bearing. 
olivitas, atis; -eta, ae; F., olive- 
olivum, i, N., oU, ointment. 
olla, ae, f., pot, jar. 
oUaris, e ; (-arius), of pots, potted, 
olle, ollus, for ille, that. 
olor, oris, m., swan; odor. 
olorifer, era, um, sioan-bearing. 
olorinus, a, um, of swans. 
olus, eris, n., pot-herbs, vegetables. 
Olympia, ae, a city of Elis (S.W. 

Greece), where games were 

held in honor of Jupiter. 
olympias, adis, f., period of 4 

years ; pL, the Muses. 
Olympias, adis, m. of Alexander. 
OlympiuB, a, um, of Olympia ; N. 

pL, Olympic games. 

Olympus, i, m., a mt in Thessaly, 

seat of the gods ; heaven. 
Olynthius, a, um, of Olynthus, a 

border-town of Macedonia. 
omasum, i, n., tripe, paunch. 
omen, inis, n., omen, portent, rit^ 

ucU, or solemn usage. 
omentum, i, n., fat, membrane. 

>minor, i, prognosticate, predict, 
Sminosus, a, um, forboding, 
omissus, a, um, negligent. 
omitto, misi, miss-, 3, neglect, letgo, 
omnifariam, on all sides. 
omnigenus, a, um, of all sorts, 
omnimodo, by all means. 
omnino, altogether, at aU, by all 

means, in general, universally. 
omniparens, tis, ail-producing. 
omnipotens, tis, all-powerful. 
omnis, e, all, every, any (w. negat). 
onmituens, tis, all-seeing. 
Omphede, es, myth. q. of Lydia. 
onager (-grus), gri, M., wild ass. 
onco, I, to bray. 

onerarius, a, um, of burden,freigJU, 
onero, i, to load, stow, burden. 
onerosus, a, um, burdensome. 
onus, eris, n., a load, burden, cargo, 
onustus, a, um, loaded, freighted. 
f onyx, ychis, M., onyx (yellowish 

marble or gem), ointment box, 
opacitas, at&, f., shade. 
opaco, I, overshadow. 
opacus, a, um, shady, obscure. 
opella, 8B, F., light task or service. 
opera, ae, f., pains, task, service, 

care ; (abl.), by means ; day's work ; 

pL, day-laborers, ** hands" 
operans, tis, effectual. 
operarius, a, um, of work ; m., a 

operatio, onis, f., work, perform- 
ance, solemnity. 
operculo, i, to cover. 
operculum (-imentum), i, N., lid^ 

cover, panel-work. 
■f-^perio, ui, opert-, 4, cover, shul, 

hide, conceal, dissemble. 
operior=opperlor, wait. 
operor, i, work, toil, perform, 
operose, with pains. 


operositas — oposcnlum. 

operoBitaSy atis, p., nice work, 
operdaus, a, um, toihome, busy, 
opertaneus, a, um, secret, hidden. 
operte, covertly. 
operto, I, to cover, hide, 
opertuB, a, nm, hidden, secret ; N., 

secret shrine ; pi. oracles, 
opee, [ops,] F., resources, wealth, 
Ophiuaius, a, um, of Cyprus, 
opicus, a, um, clownish (Oscan). 
opifer, era, um, help-bringing, 
opifex, icis, m., craftsman, 
opificium, i, n., work, 
5pilio, onia, m., shepherd, 
opime, sumptuously, 
opimitas, atta, f., abundance, 
opimo, I, to fatten, enrich, 
opimua, a, van, fat, rich, sumptuous, 
noble; apolia opima, spoils 
taken by a general from the 
general of the defeated enemy, 
opinabilia, e, conjectural, 
opinatio, onia, F., conjecture. 
opinatua, a, uxa, imagined, famous, 
opinio, onia, f., opinion, fancy, 

rumor, report, reputation, 
opinor (-o), i, to suppose, think. 
opipare, sumptuously, 
opiparua, a, um ; -ia, e, sumptuous, 
opitulor. I, bring aid, help, 
t opion (-um), i, n., opium, poppy- 

opportune, seasonably. 

oppdrtunitaa, atia, f., fitness, op* 
portunity, advantage, 

opportunua, a, um,//, seasonable, 
exposed, liable, 

oppoaitio, onia, f., opposition. 

oppoaitua, [pono,] set against 

oppoaitua, ua, m., setting-against, 

oppreaaio, onia, f., force, pressure, 

opreaaua, a, um, crushed. 

opprimo, preaai, preaa-, [premo,] 
3, crush, overcome, seize, suppress, 

opprobrium (-bramentum), i, n., 
reproach, disgrace, taunt. 

opprobro, i, to reproach, upbraid, 

oppugnatio, onia, f., attack. 

oppugnator, 5ria, M., assailant. 

oppugno, I, to attack, storm, as- 
sault, resist, beat with fists. 

opputo, I, to prune, 

oprimentum^B operimentum, lid, 
ippa, 5pia, F., Jielp, might; pi., re- 
sources, wealth, 

Opa, OpiBy wife of Saturn, goddess 
of Husbandry and Plenty. 

opaonium»BOb«onium, viands. 

optabilia, e, desirable, 

optatio, onia, f., choice, wish. 

optato, according to desire, 

optatua, a, um, wished-for, desir- 
able, pleasant, dear. 

portet, uit, 2, it must be (§ 39, iV^..joptimatea, um, c, aristocracy, 

oppango, pegi, pact-, 3, fasten, 

oppecto, 3, co7nb away,pluck, 

oppedo, 3, to insult, 

opperior, 4, wait for, 

oppeaaulatua, a, um, bolted fast, 

oppeto, ivi, it-, 3, go to meet (death). 

oppico, I, seal toith pitch. 

oppidanua, a, um, of a town, pro- 
vincial; IS.., toumsman, 

oppidatim, in every town, 

oppido, exceedingly, utterly, surely. 

oppidulum, dim. of 

oppidum, i, N., toion (fortified). 

oppignero, i, to pawn, pledge, 

oppilo, I, stop, shut up. 

oppleo, evi, et-, 2, to fill up, 

oppono, poaui, poait-, 3, to set 
against, hold forth, allege, oppose. 

optime, excellently, 
optimua, a, um, [bonua,] best. 
optio, onia, f., a choice, 
optio, onia, m., helper, aid, 
optivua, a, um, chosen, 
opto, I, to. desire, wish, choose. 
optumuassoptimua, best. 
opulena, tia ; -lentua, a, um, rich. 
opulente (-ter), sumptuously, 
opulentia, se, f., wealth, resources. 
opulento, I, to enrich, 
opulua, i, F., a maple as support 

for vines. 
Opuntii, people of Opus, a town 

of Lotris. 
opua, eria, n., work, task, business, 
opua, need, needful, serviceable. 
opuaculum, i, n., little work. 

ora — osccn. 


era, BBj v., shore, margin, cabie. 

oraculum, i, n., oracle, prophecy, 

orarium, i, N., napkin, handkerchief. 

oratiin, coastwise. 

oratio, onis, F., speech, language, 
harangue, plea, eloquence. 

oratimioula, ae, F., letter, speech. 

orator, oris, M. ; -triz, tricis, F., 
orator, pleader, enooy. 

oratorie, eloquently. 

oratorina, a, am, oratorical. 

oratuB, us, M., beseeching. 

orbator, oris, m., bereaoer. 

orbiculatus, a, um, rounded. 

orbictduB, i, M., slice, puUey-wheel. 

orbQis, e, of a wheel ; N., rim. 

orbis, is, m., circle, ring. 

orbita, ae, f., track, course. 

orbitaSy atis, f., bereavement. 

orbitosus, a, um, Jull of ruts. 

orbo, I, bereave, deprive. 

orbus, a, um, bereft, orphaned. 

orca, 8B, F., narwhal (whale), pot, 

Orcades, um, the Orkney Islands. 

f orchas, adis, F,, a kind of olive. 

orchestra, ae, f., the Senate's seat 
in the theatre ; orchestra. 

Orchomenus, i, myth, son of 
Athamas ; a town of Boeotia. 

orcinus, a, um, of the dead. 

orcula, ae, f., keg. 

Orcus, i, M., the world below ; a 
name of Pluto ; death. 

ordeu2n==3hordeum, barley. 

ordinarius, a, um, customary, reg- 
ular, in even rows ; M., overseer. 

ordinate, -tim, in good order. 

ordinatio, ouis, f., arrangement, 
regulation, government. 

ordUiatus, a, um, well-ordered. 

ordino, i, set in order, govern. 

ordiorrorsus^ 4, begin, undertake. 

ordo, inis, m., order, rank, band. 

f oreas, adis, f., mountain nymph. 

Orestes, is (ae), son of Agamem- 
non, slayer of his mother. 

f orezis, is, f., longing. 

t orgamicus, a, um., of instruments. 

f organum, i, n., instrument, organ. 

forgia, orum, n., night-revels (of 

oriaaslioria, fshing-boat. 
f orichaloum, i, n., copper ore, bi'ass. 
orcilla (-cula)=auricula, ear-lap. 
oriens, tis, rising, the east. 
orientilis, e, eastern. 
origa==auriga, waggoner, driver. 
origiualis, e ; -arius, a, um, original 
origo, inis, f., birth, source, origin. 
oriola=:=4ioriola, skiff. 
Orion, onis (5nis), a famous hun- 
ter, changed to a constellation. 
or, ortus, oriturus, 4, to arise. 

appear, originate, be born. 
Orithyia, ae, myth. d. of Erectheus. 
oriundua, a, um, sprung^ descended. 
omamentum, i, n. ; equipment, 

decoration, embellishment, 
ornate, elegantly. 
omator, oris, M. ; -trijc, triois, F., 

decorator, body-servant. 
ornatulus, a, \aa,fine, smart. 
omatus, a, um, equipped, adorned. 
ornatus, us, M., decoration, equip- 

ment, embellishment, apparel. 
orneus, a, um, of the wild ash. 
t ormthias, as, f., spring wind. 
f ornithon, onis, m., bird-house. 
omo, I, ft out, equip, embellish, honor. 
omuB, i, F., mountain-ash. 
oro, I, speak, plead, pray. 
t ordbos, i, m., wild pea. 
Orontes, is (ae), a river of Syria. 
Orpheus, ei, ea, son of Onagrus 

and Calliope, a bard of Thrace. 
Orpheus (-icus, -aious), a, um, 

Orphean or Orphic. 
orsus, [ordior,] begun; n. pi., a 

beginning, undertaking. 
'orsus, us, M , beginning, attempt. 
f orthius, a, um, high-pitched. 
ortivus, a, lun, rising, eastern. 
ortus, [orior,] descended, born. 
'^*t)rtus, us, M., rising, origin, birth. 
Ortygia, ae, f., a name of Delos ; 

also the island-dist. of Syracuse, 
t oryx, ygis, m., wild goat, gazelle. 
foryza, ae, F., rice. 
(Cs, oris, N., mouth, face, entrance, 
>os, ossis, N., bone, heart-wood. 
oscedo, inis, f., yawning. 
oscen, inis, m., divining-bird. 


Osci — paciscor. 

Osci (Opici), orum, the primi- 
tive people of Campania. 
oscillatio, onia, f., stoinging. 
OBcillo, I, to smng, 
oscillum, i, n., (ob), a little mask. 
oscitans, tis, sluggish, 
oscitanter, carelessly. 
oscitatdOi dnis, f., gaping, yawning, 
oscito, I, to gape, yawn, open, 
osculatio, 5ni8, f., kissing, 
OBCulor (-o), I, kiss, prize, cherish, 
osculiixn, i, M., mouth, lip, kiss, 
Osiris, is (idis), an Egyptian 

deity, husband of I sis. 
osor, oris, m., a hater, 
Ossa, 8B, F., a mt. in Thessaly. 
osseos, a, um, of bone, bony, 
ossiculum, i, n., little bone. 
ossifiragus, i, M., osprey, sea-eagle, 
ossuarius, a, um, for receiving 

bones; N., vault, sepulchre, 
ostendo, di, sum (tum), 3, to 

show, expose, disclose, declare, 
ostensio, onis, f., exhibiting. 
ostentariuB, a, um, of prognostics, 
ostentatio, onis, f., display, parade 
ostentator, oris, m., vain boaster, 
ostento, I, exhibit, display, threaten, 

reveal, indicate. 
ostentum, i, n., prodigy, portent, 
ostentas, [ostendo,] exposed, 
ostentus, us, m., exhibiting, 
Ostia, 86, F., a port at the mouth 

of Tiber, founded by Ancus. 
ostiarius, a, um., of the door ; m., 

porter ; N., door-tax, 
ostiiitim, from door to door, 
^o tium, i, N., door, mouth, entrance, 
f ostrea, ae, F., oyster. 
ostrearius, a, um, of oysters, 
ostreatus, a, um, rough, scabby, 
ostrifer, era, naif producing oysters, 
ostrinus a, um, purple, 
t ostarum, i, N., sea-purple. 
5sus, a, um (odi), hating, hated. 
Otho, onis, 8th emperor, a.d. 69. 
Othrys, yos, M., a mt. in Thessaly. 
otior, I, to be at leisure, 
otiose, leisurely, quietly, calmly. 
otiosus, a, um, at leisure, tranquil, 
idle, neutral, unprofitable. 

5tium (-oloin), i, N., ease, idleness, 

quiet, peace; abl., at ease, leisurely. 
ovanter, exuUingly, ^ 

ovatio, onis, F., an ovation (lesser 

triumph, with myrtle wreath). 
ovatus, a, um, egg-shaped. 
oviarius (-illus, -inus, -illinus), a, 

um, of sheep, 
ovicula, ae, F., a little sheep. 
ovilis, e, of sheep ; n., sheepfold. 
oviparuB, a, um, laying eggs, 
ovis, is, F,. sheep, simpleton. 
ovo, I, to exult, triumph, celebrate, 
ovum, i, N., egg; ab ovo usque 

ad mila, from egg to fruit, i.e. 

from first to last (of the feast), 
fozalis, idis, f., sorrel, 
Ozus, i, M., a river flowing into 

the Caspian. 
f ozymeli, itis, N., vinegar mixed 

unth honey, oxymel. 
f oscys, yos, f., wUd sorrel, 
f ozyzomus, a, um, with sour sauce. 
fozymiuxL=sOcinum, clover. 


P, the praenomen Publius. 
pabo, Snis, m., wheelbarrow, 
pabularis, e ; -ius, a, um, of fodder. 
pabulatio, onis, F., pasture, forage, 
pabulator, oris, m., forager, herds- 
pabulor, i, to graze, forage, seek or 

give nourishment. 
pabulum, i, m., food, fodder. 
pacalis, e, of peace, peaceful. 
pacate, peaceably, 
pacator, oris, m., peacemaker, 
pacatus, a, um, at peace, friendly, 

reduced to submission, 
Paohynum, i, n. ; -us, i, d., S. £. 

promont. of Sicily, 
pacifer, era, um, peace-bringing, 
paoificatio, onis, f., peace-making, 
pacificator, oris, M., peace-maker, 
pacifico, I, pacify, appease, 
pacificus, a, um, peace-making. 
paciscor, pactus, 3, agree, con- 
tract, bargain, barter. 



paoo — palmeos. 


paco, I, to pacify, subdue. 
pacta, 8B, betrothed bride, 
pactilis, e, plaited; wreathed, 
pactio, onis, F., bargain, compact, 
Pactolusi i, M., a river of Lydia, 

having golden sands. 
pactor, oris, m., contractor, 
pactus, [paciscor,] agreed; M., 

betrothed; N., agreement, 3b\,,ioay, 
pactos, [panQoilJixed, composed, 
PacuviuBi i, an old Roman poet, 

A.p., 221-132. 
Padanua, a, am, of the river Po 

(Padufl), in N. Italy. 
Padiisa, as, f., a channel of the Po. 
Paean, ania, m. a name of Apollo ; 

a religious or festive hymn, 
fpaedagogium, i, N., the boy's hall, 
fpaedagoguB, i, m,, preceptor, boy^s 

attendant, leader, guide, pedant, 
paediduB, a, xaa, filthy, 
paedor, 5ri8, m., fiUh, stench, 
paegniariuB, a, um, in play, 
paeminosns, a, um, chinky, uneven, 
paene (pene), almost, 
paeninsula, as, f., peninsula, 
paenula, ae, f., cloak, mantle, 
paennlatus, a, um, cloaked, 
pasniiria^penuria, poverty, 
paeonius, a, am, medicinal, healing, 
Paestam, i, N., a town of Lucania, 

40 miles S. E. of Naples. 
paetUB (-uIob), a, urn, blinking, leer- 
ing, cross-eyed, 
paganos (-icus), a, am, rustic, civic. 
PagasaauB, a, um, of Pagasa, in 

Thessaly ; puppia, the Argo, 
pagatim, by districts, 
paglna (-ella), se, f., page, leaf, 

slab, book, garden-bed, 
paginatUB, a, um, planked, 
pagU8,i, M., country-district, canton, 
pala, aa, f., spade, shovel, 
Palaamon, onis, a sea-god, son 

of I no (Melicerta). 
Palaestina, aa, f., Palestine, 
PalaastinuB, a, um, of Palestine; 

also, of PcUcBste, a port of Epi- 

rus, entrance to the world 

below ; deaa, the Furies, 
f palaBBtra, aa, f., wrestling-place. 

f palaastricus, a, um, of the pal* 
cestra; M., wrestling-master, 

palauxi, openly, publicly. 

Palamedes, is, myth. k. of Euboe% 
who perished at Troy. 

palans, tis, wandering. 

palaris, e, of pales or stakes, 

palatinuB, a, um, of the Palaiium, 
a hill of Rome ; imperial, 

palatium, i, N ., palace, 

palatuB, M. ; (-um, N.), palate, vault, 

f pale, ea, f., wrestling. 

palea, aa, f., chaff; cock^s wattles, 

palear, aris, n., dewlap, throat. 

Pales, is, f., the deity of Cattle. 

Palici, orum, sons of Jupiter and 
Thalia (iCtna), honored in Sicily. 

painiB, e, of Pales; N. pi., festival 
of Pales, the shepherd's feast. 

f palimpsestus, i, m., palimpsest (a 
parchment twice written). 

PalinuruB. i, the pilot of ^Eneas. 

palitans, tis, wandering, 

paliurus, i, M., Christ-thorn, 

palla, aa, f., woman^s mantle, robe, 

PalladiuB, a, um, of Pallas (Min- 
erva) ; N., her image at Troy. 

PallanteuB, a, um, 0/ Pallas, son 
of Evander.. 

pallens, tis, wan, pale, evil, 

palleo, ui, 2 ; -esco, 3, to be pale, 
sicken (with fear or desire). 

palliatus, a, um, cloaked, clad, 

palliduB (-ulus), a, iim,pale, pallid, 

palliolatim, in a mantle, 

pallium (-olum), i, N., cover, cloak, 
mantle (a Grecian garment). 

pallor, oris, m., paleness, unsightli- 
ness, terror, 

pallula, ae, F., liltle cloak, 

palma, aa, F.,palm, hand, oar-blade, 
palm-wreath, date, 

palmaris, e, hand's-breadth, merit- 
ing the palm. 

palmariuB, a, um, of the palm ; n., 
prize, fee, masterpiece. 

palmatus, a, um, marked with the 
figure of the palm, 

palmes, itis, M., vine-branch. 

palmetum, i, N.,pahn-f/)-nre. 

palmeus, a, um, hamPs breadth. 


palmifer — papilio. 

palxnifer (ger), era, um, palm-bear^ 

ing, abounding in palins, 
palmipea, pedis, flat-footed. 
palmo, I, to mark with tJie palm, 
palmosus, a, um, abounding in 

palmula, ee, palm, date, oar-blade, 
palmuB, i, M., palm, span. 
Palmyra, as, a city of E. Syria, 
palo, I, to support with stakes, 
palor, I, to wander, stray, 
palpatio, oniB, f., flattery, coaxing. 
palpator, oris, M., flatterer, 
palpebra, as, p., eyelifl, eyelash, 
palpebro, i, to wink, blink, 
palpltatio, onis, F., throbbing, 
palpi to, I, to throb, pant, tremble, 
palpo (or), I, to stroke, caress, coax, 
palpus, i, M. ; (um, n.), stroking, 

caressing, flattering. 
paludamentum, i, N.^ a military 

cloak, a generates cloak. 
paludatos, a, um, cloaked, 
paludester, tris, marshy, 
paludosus, a, uxa, marshy, boggy, 
palumbes, is, c. ; -us (-ulus), i, m. ; 

-a, SB, F., wood-pigeon, 
palumbinus, a, um, of pigeons. 
palus, i, M. ; -um, n., stake, prop. 
palus, udis, f., marsh, swamp. 
paluster, tris, e, marshy. 
tpammaohum, i, n., boxing-match. 
iPamphylia, se, P., a southern 

coast-dist of Asia Minor, 
pampineus (-aoeus, -arius, -atus), 

a, um, full of leaves or tendrils. 
pampino, i, to trim, clip (vines). 
pampinosus, a, um, leafy, branchy. 
pampinus, i, m., tendril, vine-leaf 
[tpau-, all-. 

Pan, Panoa, god of Shepherds. 
t panacea, ae, f. ; -oes, is, n. ; 

panaz, &cis, m., cure-all. 
panarium (-olum), i, n., bread- 
Panathenaious, a, um, of the 

Athenian festival of Pallas. 
fpsuioarpus (-ius), a, um, of aU 

Panchaia, ae, p., a dist. of Arabia, 
t pancratium, i, n., box §• wresde. 

f pandectes, as, m., repertory. 
pandiculor, i, to stretch one's self, 
Pandion, 6ni8, myth. k. of Athens, 

f. of Progne and Philomena. 
psuido, I, to bend, curve. 
pando, di, sum (passum), 3, to 

spread, open, expand, relate. 
Pandora, as, the first woman, 

made by Vulcan. 
psuidura, ae, f., rebec or banjo, 
pandus, a, um, bent, crooked, 
f panegyricus, a, um, laudatory. 
Pangaeus, i, m. ; a, orum, n., a 

mountain of Thrace. 
pango, lud (pegi, pepigi), nct- 

(pact-), 3, fasten, flx, contract. 
paniceus, a, um, of bread; N., loaf 
panicula, as, f., tufl, swelling, 
panicum, i, N., panic, mUlet, 
Panionius, a, um, of all Ionia, 
panis, is, m., bread, loaf, lump. 
pannarius, a, um, of cloth. 
panniculus, i, m., rag. 
Pamionia, as, p., North Turkey. 
pannosus (-uceus), a, um, ragged, 

pamius (-ulus), i, m., cloth, rag, bag. 
fpamiychiuB, a, um, lasting all 

Panormus, i. P., Palermo (in 

northern Sicily). 
pansa, as, splay-foot. 
pansus, [pando,] outspread. 
Pantheon, i, N., temple of all the 

gods, built by Agrippa, B.C. 27. 
t panthera, as, f., panther. 
pantherinus, a, um, spotted, crafiy. 
pantices, p., bowels, sausages. 
Panthiis (ous), i, voc, u, nephew 

of Hecuba, priest of Apollo. 
pantomimus, i, m. ; -a, as. P., bal- 
let-dancer, pantomime. 
panncla^^panicula, tuft. 
panus, i, m., bobbin, tumor. 
t papas ! strange I indeed ! 
papaver, eris, n., poppy. 
Paphlago, onis, a native of Paph- 

lagonia, in N. Asia Minor. 
Paphos (-us), i, f., a city of 

Venus, in Cyprus. 
papilio, onis, m., butterfly, pavilion. 

papilla — Parthns. 


papula, SB, P., breast, teat, pimple, 

Papirifis Cursor, dictator, B.C. 338. 

pappas, SB, M., governor, tutor, 

pappo, I, eat (pap). 

t pappus, i, M., old man, grandfather, 

papula.. 8B, F., pimple. 

papyrius (-aceus), a, um, ofpapy^ 

t papyrus, i, D., paper-reed, paper, 
par, p&ris, equal, just, fit, comrade, 

match, mate; N., a pair, 
parabnis, e, easy to get or prepare, 
t parabola, se, F., comparison, 
fpara^sus, i, m., park, paradise, 
t paradoxus, a, um, strange, con- 

fparautus, i, m., guest, parasite. 
fparastas, adis; -stata, ee, f., 

parate, with preparation, vigilantly, 

paratio, onls, F., getting, procuring. 
paratus, [paro,] ready, equipped. 
paratus, us, m. ; -tura, as, f., 

preparation, equipment. 
Parcse, arum, F.,tke Fates, Clotho, 

LachSsis, and Atropos. 
parce, sparingly. 

parci-(parsi-)m5nia, ee, f., thrift. 
paroipromus, i, m., niggard. 
parcitas, atis, F., sparingness, 
pardter, sparingly. 
^^.paroo, petrol (parsi), paroit-, 3, 

to spare, refrain, fi>rbear, 
parous, a, um, frugal, sparing, 

chary, scanty, petty, parsimonious. 
fpardSUis, is,F. ;-dus,i, M ,panther, 
fparegoria, ee, f., relief, ease, 
fparelion, i, N., mock-sun, 
parens, [pareo,] tis, obedient ; pL, 

parens, tis, c, [pario,] parent, 

ancestor, kindred, author, inventor, 
parentalis, e, of parents; N. pL, 

festival in their honor. 
parento, i, to sacrifice for the dead, 

avenge (by blood), atone. 
__j>areo, ui, parit-, 2, appear, obey, 

submit ji^paret, it is clear, 
parientia, as, F., obedience, 
paries, etis, m., house-wall. 

parietalis, e; -tSrius, a, um, of 

walls ; F., peUiiory (an herb). 
parietinaB, arum, F., ruins, 
parilis, e, equal, idee. 
pario, I, equalize, balance accounts, 
pario, pepexi, parit- (part-), 3, to 

produce, effect, bring forth. 
Paris, idis, a son of Priam, the 

abductor of Helen. 
Parisii, orum, a people on the 

Seine (northern Gaul). 
pariter, equally, alike, together, 
parito, I, to get ready, 
Parius, a, um, of Paros, an I. in 

the -/Egean, famous for marble. 
parma, as, F., round shield, target, 
Parma, aa, F., a city of N. Italy, 
parmatus, a, um, armed with targets, 
parmula, ae, F., little shield. 
Pamasus (-asus), i, m., a mt. in 

Phocis, above Delphi, sacred 

to Apollo and the Muses. 
paro, I, prepare, get ready, pro- 
cure; make equal, determihe. 
fparo, onis, m., a light ship, cutter, 
f parocha, as, F., supply. 
-fparoohus, i, m., purveyor, host. 
f parcBcia, aa, f, district, parish. 
f paropsis, idis, f., dessert-dish, 
parra, aa, f., owl or woodpecker (f), 
Parrhasius, a, um (of Parrhasia), 

Arcadian; dea, Carmenta, the 

mother of Evander. 
parricida, aa, c, parricide, traitor, 

murderer, assassin. 
parricidium, i, N., murder, treason, 
pars, partis, F.,part, share, portion, 

party, office, duty, region^ direction, 
parsimSnia, as, F., thrift. 
Parthaon, 5nis, myth. k. of Gal- 

ydon, father of GEneus. 
Parthenius, a, um, of Parthenius, 

a mountain of Arcadia. 
Parthenon, onis, M., the temple 

of Pallas, in Athens. 
Parthenope, es, a Syren ; Naples, 
Parthi, orum, people of Parthia, 

the dist. near the Caspian Sea. 
Parthinus, a, um, of Parthus, a 

city in Illyria. 
Parthus (-icus), a, um, Parthian, 

partiariiis — patratio. 

portiaritum a, om, partaking in 
shar&f or partntrsldp* 

particeps, cipiB, partaking; m., 
sharer, partner. 

participatas, ub, M. ; -tlo, omm, ¥,, 
-cipinm, i, n., sharing, partaking, 

partioipo, i, to share, partake, im- 
part, participate. 

particnla, ee, f., bit, particle. 

partlcnlaris, e, partial. 

particulatim, piecemeal. 

partilia, e, divisible. 

partim, partly, prindpaUy. 

partio, onis, F., bringing forth. 

partio (-ior), 4, divide, distribute. 

partite, methodically. 

partitio, 5nis, f., distribution. 

partitd, distrtbutively. 

partitor, oris, m., divider. 

partitudo, inia, f., bringing fortJi. 

partitiis, a, um, divided. 

parturio, 4, to be in labor, yield. 

parturitio, onls, f., brinying-forth. 

partus; [pario,] that has borne. 

partus, lis, m., birth, young. 

parum, hot enough, little, too little. 

parumper, for or in a little while. 

parve, slightly. 

peurvi, of small value. 

parvitas, atis, f., smaUness. 

parvulum, not much. 

parvus (-ulus), a, um; (minor, 
minimus), small, little, petty. 

Farsargadas, arum, the old Per- 
sian capital. 

pascalis, e, grazing 

pasceolus, i, m., wallet. 

pascito, I, to pasture, feed. 

pasco, pavi, past-, 3, to feed, feast, 
cherish ; P., pasture, graze. 

pascuus, a, um, of grazing, pajsture. 

Fasiphae, es, {aU-shining,) myth. d. 
of Helios, wife of Minos. 

passarius, a, um, [pando,] sun- 

passer, eris, M-, sparrow ; marinus, 
ostrich, turbot. 

passerculus, i, M. ; -a, ce, f., pet bird. 

passibilis, e, capable of suffering. 

passim, here and there, at random. 

passio, onis, f., suffering, affection. 

paasiTiu^ a. um, [pando,] 9prea6 

about, promiscuous ; [patior,] suf- 
fering, passive ; -ve, passively. 

passus, [patior,] having suffered; 
[pando^] spread (to dry); n., 

passus, us, M., step, pace (five feet) ; 
mille passuum, a mile. 

pastillus, i, M. ; um, N., little loaf. 

pastinaca, 89, f., parsnep, carrot 

pastinatum, i, n., trenched ground. 

pasting, i, to dig and trench. 

pastinum, i, N., a garden-fork, 
trenched bed. 

pastlo, onis, F., pasturing, feeding. 

pastor, oris, m., herdsman, shep- 
herd, keeper of animals. 

pastoralis, e ; -ius- (-icius^ a, um, 
of shepherds, or herdsmen. 

pastns, [paBOOt^fed, having eaten. 

pastus, us, N., food, pasture. 

tpatagium, i, n., edge, border. 

Patara, ee, f., a port of Lycia. 

Patavium, i, N., Padua, N. Italy. 

pate-facio, 3, lay open, expose. 

patefoctus, a, um, cotivicted. 

patella, se, F., dish, plate, plaUer. 

patens, tis, open, wide. 

patenter, manifestly. 

pateo, ui, 2 ; -esco, 3, to lie open, 
extend, be manifest, or accessible. 

pater, tris, M., father, ancestor. 

patera, as, f., botol, saucer. 

pater-familias, head of a house. 

patemus, a, um, fatherly, native. 

t patetae, arum, a kind of date. 

patibilis, e, endurable, sensitive. 

patibulatus, s^ um, pilloried. 

patibulum, i, N., gilbet, pillory. 

patiens, tis, patient, enduring. 

patienter, patiently. 

patientia, ce, f., patience, forbear^ 
ance, subjection, submissiveness. 

patina, ae, f., dish, pan. 

patinarius, a, um, stewed. 

patior, passus, 3, suffer, endure, 
permit, receive (good or ill). 

pator, 5ris, M., opening. 

Patrensis, e, ofPatrce, an ancient 
town of Achaia. 

patratio, onis, p., accomplishing* 

patrator — peeus. 


patrator, oris, m., effecter. 

patratii8,a, um, effective^ appointed. 

patria, ae, F., native landy home. 

f patriarclia (es), 88, m., patriarch, 

patrice, paternally y fatherly. 

patriciatos, us, M., patrician rank. 

patrioida=parricida, parricide. 

patricioa, a, um, of noble rank; 
M. pL, patricians. 

patricus, a^VLOi, fatherly. 

patrimdnium, i, n., inheritance. 

patrimuB, a, um, with a father 

patrisso, i, he like the father. 

patritus, a, um, of one^s fathers. 

patrius, a, um, of father or fathers, 
or native land, hereditary. 

patro, I, to appoint, effect, perform. 

patrocinium, i, N., defence, patron- 
aye, pleading in court. 

patrocinor, i, defend, patronize. 

Patroclus, i, friend of Achilles, 
slain by Hector. 

patrSna, 8b, f., mistress, protectress. 

patronatus, us, m., patronship. 

patr5nus, i, M., patron, protector, 
advocate, defender. 

patruelis, e, kindred, cousin. 

patruus, i, M., uncle (father's side) ; 
an austere adviser. 

patulus, a, izm, open, spreading. 

pauci, 89, SLffeio; N., a few words. 

paucies, rarely. 

paucitas, atis, f., feloness. 

pancus (-ulus), a, um, little, few. 

paulatixn, little by little. 

pauliaper,,/or a short time. 

paulo (paullo), by a little. 

paululus, a, um, very little. 

paulua (paullus), a, um, little. 

pauper, eris, poor, scanty. 

pauperculus, a, um, pooi\ 

pauperies, ei, f., poverty, injury. 

paupero, i, impoverish, rob. 

paupertas, atis, f., poverty, need, 

f pausa, 89, F., pause, check. 

Paasanias, a Spartan king vic- 
tor at Plataea, B.C. 479. 

pausarius, i, M., roxoing-master. 

pausatus. a, um, at rest. 

pausea, as, f., a kind of olive. 

pauso, I, cease, pause. 
paujdllatim, by degrees. 
paujdllus (-ulus)=:rpaucus, smcdL 
pavefacio, fact-, 3, teiTify. 
paveo, pavi, 2 ; -vesco, 3. -vitQ 

I, to fear, dread, be afraid. 
pavibunduSy a, um, anxious, 
pavicula, 89, f., a rammer. 
pavide, timorously. 
pavidus, a, xan, fearful, timid, 
pavunento, i, to pave. 
pavimentum, i, n., pavement. 
pavio, 4, to beat, ram, trample, 
pavo, onis ; -us, i, M., peacock. 
pav5naceus (-ninus), a, um, of a 

pavor, oris, M., fear, dread. 
paz, paois, f., peace, quiet, favor, 
pajdllus, i, M., a little peg, 
peccans, tis, c, offender. 
peccatum, i, n. ; -tus, us, m., 

fatdt, offence. 
pecco, I, to sin, offend, fail. 
pecorosus, a, um, rich in cattle. 
peoten, iuis, m., comb, card, reed, 

quill (of lyre), scallop. 
pectinatdm, comh-like. 
pecto, pezi, pex- (pectit-), 3 ; -tino 

I, to comb, card, heckle. 
peotoralis, e, of the breast. 
pectorosus, a, um, broad-breasted, 
pectus, 6ris, n., breast, heart, 
pecu. cua, cui, pL, cuda, n., ccUtle, 
pecuaxius, a, um, of cattle; f., 

cattle-breeding ; N., pL herds. 
pecuinus, a, um, brutish. 
peculator, oris, m., peculator. 
peculatus, us, m., embezdemenL 
peculiaris, e, one's own, peculiar, 
peculiariter, as private property, 
peculiatus, a, um, provided, 
peculio, I, give for one's own, 
peculiosus, a, um, wealthy. 
peculium, i, n., property, savings, 
peculor, I, to peculate, embezzle, 
pecunia, 89, F., wealth, money, 
pecuniarius, a, um, of money, 
pecuniosus, a, um, i^ich. 
peous, 5ris, N., cattle, flock, 
pecus, tidis, f., one of the herd or 

flock, a sheep. 


pedalis — penitiu. 

pedalis, e; -aritiB, a, am, of a foot 
pedamen, inia (-mentum, i);N., 

slake^ prop. 
pedaneus, a, um, foot-long, 
pedarius, a, um, of the foot ; M., pL, 

unregistered senators without vote, 
pedatim, ybo^ by foot, 
pedatus, ub, m., attack on foot. 
pedSs, itdfl, m., one on foot, foot- 
soldier; pL, infantry, land-force, 
pedester, tria, tre, on foot, on land, 

level, plain, 
pedetentim, step by step, 
pedica, as, f., shacJde, snare, 
pedis, is ; -iculus, i, m., loiise, 
pedioiilus, i, m., footstalk. 
pedisequuB, i, m., -a, sb, f,, fol- 
lower, attendant, footman, 
peditatUB, us, m., infantry, 
pedo, I, to set on foot, prop. 
pedulis, e, of the feet; N., sole, 
pedum, i, n., shepherd's crook, 
Pegasus, i, the winged horse of 

the Muses, 
f pegma, atis, ti., fixture, book-case, 

pejero, i, to swear falsely, 
pejor, us, [malus,] loorse, 
pelagiua (-icus), a, um, of the sea. 
tpelagus, i, n., sea^ flood. 
Pelaagi, 5rum, a primitive people 

of southern Europe. 
Pelasgus, a, um, Grecian. 
Peleus, ei (eos), myth. k. of Thes- 

saly, father ojf Achilles. 
Pelias, 8B, myth. k. of Thessaly, 

son of Neptune and Tyro, slam 

by Medea. 
Pelides, ee, [Peleus], AdhUles. 
Pelion, i, n., a mt. of Thessaly. 
Pelius (-aous), a, um, of Pelion, 
Pella, 8B, a town of Macedonia, 

birthplace of Alexander. 
pellacia, se, f., blandishment. 
pellaz, acis, seductive, 
pellego=:perlego, read through, 
pelleotus, [pellicio,] enticed, 
Pellene, es, f., a coast-town of 

Achaia, on the Gulf of Corinth. 
pellez, icis, f., concubine. 

pellicatns, i!s, M., concubinage. 
pellicio, lead, leot-, 3, entice, win 

away, decoy. 
pelliolus, a, um, of skins. 
pellio, onls, m., furrier. 
pellis, is ; -icula, ee, f., skin, tent. 
pellituB, a, um, clad in skins. 
pello, pepuli, puis-, 3, beat, drive, 

strike, conquer, expel, touch, affect. 
pelluceo, 3d, 2, shine through. 
pellucidus, a, um, transparent, 

pelluo=perluo, wash off. 
PelopSus (-eius), a, um, ofPelops. 
Pelopidse, arum, descendants of 

PeloponnSsus, i, f., the peninsula 

of southern Greece. 
Pelops, 6pis, son of Tantalus, 

father of Atreus and Thyestes. 
fpeloris, idis, f., giant-mussel. 
Pelorus, i, m., promont. of N. E. 

fpelta, 8S, F., light shield. 
peltatus, a, um, armed tcitHpelta. 
Pelusium, i, n., a town at the E. 

mouth of the Nile. 
pelvis, is, im, i, f., basin. 
penarius, a, um, for provisions; 

F., closet, larder. 
penates, ium, household gods, home. 
pendens, tis, hanging, pending. 
pendeo, pependi, 2, hang, be in 

suspense, depend, float, overhang. 
pendo, pependi, pens-, 3, we^'gh, 

pay, ponder, esteem, atone. 
pendulus, a, um, hanging, lofty, 
pene=p89ne, almost. 
Penelope, es, wife of Ulysses. 
penSs, tmth, in the power of. 
penetrabilis, e, penetrable, piercing. 
penetrSlis, e, inward, penetrating ; 

N. pL, inmost, sanctuary. 
penetro, i, enter, pierce. 
Peneus, a, um, a river of Thes- 
saly flowing through Tempe. 
penioillum (-cuius), i, n., brush, 

painter's pencil, lint. 
peniculamenttmi, i, N., train. 
penitus, a, um, inward ; remote. 
penitus, inwardly, utterly. 


penna — peremptoriiu. 


penna, ee, f., feathery wing, pinnacle, 
pennatuB (-ifer, -iger), a, urn, 

featheredj winged. 
FenmnizB, a, urn, of the W. Alps. 
pennula, se, F., little vying, 
penniis, a, am, pointed^ sharp, 
pensatiOy onia, F., weighing, 
penailis, e, hanging, pendent, 
penBio,ooiBtF,, payment, tax, rent, 
penso (-sito), i, weigh, pay, ponder, 
penauin, i, N., task, duty, stress, 
pensuSy [pendo,] weighed, esteemed, 
Penteliciia,i, al, a mt near Athens, 

celebrated for its marble, 
f penteria, ia, f., Jive-banked galley. 
Pentheailea, 8b, queen of Amazons. 
Pentheua, ei, myth. k. of Thebes, 

gr.-son of Cadmus, torn to 

pieces by his mother and sisters 

in a Bacchic frenzy. 
penala^spaenula, cloak, 
penuria, se, f., want, need, 
peniia, ua (i), m., provision, stores. 
fpepluxn, i, n., robe (of Pallas). 
fpepo, onia, m., pumpkin, 
per, through, througfiout, during, by. 
[per-, thoroughly, very. 
fpera, ee, f., bag, wallet, 
peracer, cria, e, very sharp, 
peraceaco, cni, 3, get very sour, 
peracuttia, a, urn, very keen. 
Peraea, as, f., a dist. of Caria. 
pereeque, equally, on an average. 
peraeqno, i, mcdce equal, Jill. 
peragito, i, dril^e, harass. 
perago, egi, act-, 3, drive on, cairy 

through, Jinish, complete, relate. 
peragro, i, traverse, wander. 
perambolo, i, ramble through. 
peranguatna, a, um, very narrow. 
peraro, i, plough through, fun'ow, 
peratixn, by bags; duoto, cheaL 
perbene, very toell. 
perbibo, bibi, bibit-, 3, drink in, 
perbito, ti, 3, go through, perish. 
percalleaco, lui, 3, grow very hard. 
percelebro, i, to practise or utter 

peroello, cull, cola-, 3, strike, cast 

doum, overthrow, destroy. 
percenaeo, ui, 2, reckon up, survey. 

perceptio, onla, f., gathering in, 
perceptua, [-cipio,] received. 
percido, cidi, cia-, 3, beat, crush. 
percio, 4 ; -cieo, 2, stir up, excite, 
percipio, cepi, cept-, 3, take up, 

get, perceive, understand, 
percnaua, [ddo,] broken, 
percitua, [deo,] stirred, excited, 
percolo, I, strain, filter, 
percolo, colni, cult-, 3, complete, 

adorn, revere. 
percontatio, onla, f., inquiry. 
percontor i, inquire, investigate, 
percrebreaco, crebui, 3, spread^ 

prevail, grow frequent, 
perculaua, [-cello,] struck down, 
per-curro, 3, run through, traverse, 
percnraio, onla, f., hasty view. 
percuaaio, 5nia, F., beating, striking. 
percuaaor, orla, M., striker, slayer, 
percutlo, cuaai, cuaa-, 3, to strike, 

pierce, kill, deceive. 
perdite, desperately, incoiTigibly, 
perditua, [perdo,] ruined^ desperate, 
perdiu,/or a long time, 
perdiua, a, urn, all day long. 
perdiz, icia, c, partridge, 
perdo, didl, dit-, 3, destroy, lose, 

ruin, squander. 
perdoceo, ui, ct-, 2, teach thor- 
perdoleaco, ui, 3, grieve greatly, 
perdomo, ui, it-, i, conquer, crush, 
perdnco, zi, ct-, 3, bring through, 
cover, persuade, conduct, protract, 
perdudum, very long ago. 
perduellio, onia, F., treason. 
perduellia, ia, m., public enemy, 
perduim. pr. sub. of perdo, destroy, 
peredo, edi, ea-, 3, consume, de- 
peregre (-gri), abroad, from abroad. 
peregrinatio, onia, f., travel. 
peregrinitaa, atia, F., alienage. 
peregrinor, i, travel, be abroad. 
peregrinua, a, um, foreign, alien, 

peremnia, e, of river-crossing, 
peremo (perimo)b 3, destroy, 
peremptoriua, a, um, decisive, 
final, fatal. 


peremptns — permultiu 

peremptUB, [perimo,] destroyed, 

perendie, day after to-morrow, 

perendinua, a, um, after io-tnorrouj, 

perannia, e, [annus,] constant, last- 
lasting, perenniaL 

perennitas, atis, F., duration. 

perenno, i, preserve or last long, 

perenticida, ae, M., cutpurse. 

pereo, ii (ivi), it-, 4, pass, perish^ 
pine, he ruined, spent, 

perequito, i, ride through, 

pererro, i, wander through, survey, 

peresus, [edo,] consumed. 

pereziguus, a, urn, very little, 

perfabrico, i, use up, overreach, 

perfacilis, e, very easy, or courteotis, 

perfeote, completely, 

perfectio, onis, f., finish, 

perfectus, a, xxm^finished, complete. 

perfero, tuU, lat-, carry through, 
convey, complete, endure, 

perficio, feci, feet-, 3, to finish, 

perfidia, se, f., treachery. 

perfidiosuB, a, iinLf false, faithless. 

perfidus, a, um, treacherous, dan- 
gerous, perfidious. 

perfidixa, a, um, thoroughly trusty, 

perfigo, xi, sum, 3, pierce. 

perflo, I, blow through. 

perfodio, fodi, foss-, 3, dig through, 
pierce, stab, 

perforo, i, pierce, perforate, 

perfractUB, [-fringe,] shattered, 

perfrico, cui, oat- (ct-), i, to rub. 

petfringo, fregi, fract-, 3, shatter, 
burst through, infringe, 

perfuga, ae, m., deserter, 

parfugio, fugi, fugit-, 3, to desert, 
flee to, take refuge. 

perfugium, i, n., shelter, refuge, 

perfunctio. oniB, f., performing, 

perfunctorius, a, um, negligent. 

perfundo, fudi, fua-, 3, pour over, 
bathe, steep, bestrew, imbue. 

perfungor, funct-, 3, perform, get 
through with, 

perfuro, ui, 3, to rage on. 

perfusuB, [fundo,] drenched. 

PergamenuB, a, um, of Pergamum, 
2L city of Mysia ; F., parchment. 

Pergamum, i; -a, omm, N., the 

citadel of Troy, Ti'oy. 
pergo, perrexi, rect-, 3, proceed. 
pergula, ae, f., stall, projection. 
perhibeo ui, it-, 2, hold forth, say, 
perhorreBCO, ui, 3, shudder at. 
PericleB, is, the leading statesman 

of Athens, from B.C. 469-429. 
pericUtor, i, try, risk, be inperU, 
periculoBe, with periL 
periculoBus, a, um, perilous. 
periculum, i, n., danger, hazard, 
peridoneuB, a, um, well-fiUed, 
perimo, end, empt-, 3, to destroy, 

ruin, hinder, 
perinde, just so, so much. 
t perioduB, i, F., period, circuit, 
fperistroma, atis, n., carpet, vur- 

perite, skilfuUy. 
peritia, ae, f., experience, skilL 
perituB, a, um, experienced, skilled, 
perjurium, i, n., perjury. 
peijuro (pejero), i, swear falsely, 
perjuruB, a, um, perjured, false. 
perlabor, ps-, 3, glide through. 
perlatus, [fero,] borne, 
perlego, legi, lect-, to read through. 
perlevis, e, very light, slight, 
perluciduB, a, um, transparent. 
perluo, ui, utum, 3, wash off. 
perluBtro, i, traverse, survey. 
permagnus, a, um, very great. 
permaneo, nsi, ns-, 2, endure, stay. 
permano, i, flow through, penetrate, 
permeo, i,pass through, traverse. 
permetior, mensus, 4, to measure, 

permetuens, tis, greatly fearing. 
permisceo, scui, zt (st-), 2, mix, 

confuse, confound. 
permiSBio, onis, f., permission, 
permitto, nusi, miss-, 3, hurl, let 

go, let loose, permit, 
permiztus, a, um, mingled, con- 
fused, disturbed. 
permodestus, a, um, very modest 
per-moveo, 2, to stir greatly, excite, 
permuloeo, si, sum, 2, to stroke, 

soothe, soften, appease, 
permultus, a, um, very many. 

permimio — perstringo. 


permunio, 4, fortify throughout. 

permutatio, onift, f., exchange, 

permuto, j , to change, exchange. 

perna, ae, F„ haunch, ham, butt, leg. 

pernego, i, deny steadily. 

pemicies, ei, p., ruin, damage. 

pemioioftUB, a, um, ruinousy de- 

penucitas, atis, p., agility, swift- 
ness, fleetness. 

penuciter, ninibly. 

pemixnitis, a, um, quiie too much. 

pemiXp icia, svoifiy active, fleet. 

pernoctOi i, stay all night. 

pemoaco, novi, not-, s, to study 
or examine thoroughly. 

pernoteaco, notui, 3, get known. 

pernoz, noctia, laating all night. 

pero, onia, m.. hoot, buskin. 

Pero, onia, sister of Nestor. 

perSdi, osua, hate utterly. 

peroratio, Snia, p., the close (of 
a speech), peroration. 

peroro, i, plead throughout, finish. 

peroaua, a, unii utterly hateful. 

perpaatua, a, um, well-fed. 

perpello, puli, puis-, 3, to drive, 
urgCy constrain^ push violenUy. 

pdrpendiculum, i, n.,. a plummet, 
plumb, perpendicular. 

perpendo, di, aum, 3, weigh, con- 
sider, poise, deliberate. 

perperam, wrongly, falsely. 

perpSa, etia, perpetual, entire. 

perpesaio, onia, p., enduring. 

perpetior, peaaua, 3, to endure. 

perpetro, i, effect, accomplish. 

perpetuitaa, atia, p., continuity. 

perpetuo, i, to make perpetual. 

perpetuo (-um), constantly. 

perpetuua, a, lun, unbroken, con- 
stant, general, whole, perpetual. 

perpleze, confusedly, obscurely. 

perplexua, a, um, intricate, con- 
fused, obscure, perplexed. 

perpluo, 3, to rain through. 

perpuaillua, a, um, very litde. 

perquiro, aivi, sit-, 3, to seek dili- 
gently, examine. 

perquiaite, accurately. 

perrarua, a, um, very rare. 

perrepto, i, crawl through. 

perrumpo, rupi, nipt-, 3, break 
or force through, overcome. 

Persa, », mother of Circe and 

PeraaB, ariun, Persians. 

peraaBpe, very often. 

peracribo, pai, ptum, 3, write in 
full, note down, describe. 

perscrutor, i, search through. 

peraeco, cui, ct., i, cut out, dissect. 

t Persephone, ea^OProaerpina. 

persequor, cutua, 3, chase, pursue, 
effect, take vengeance on. 

Peraea, se, k. of Macedonia, de- 
feated, B.C. 146. 

Peraeua, ei (eoa), son of Jupiter 
and Danae, who slew the Gor- 
gon, and rescued Andromeda. 

persevSrantia, se, p., constancy. 

persevere, very strictly. 

persevero, i, persist, persevere. 

Persia, se ; Persia, idia, the coun- 
try eastward of Syria, Persia. 

peraicua, a, um, (Persian), luxu- 
rious; u., peach. 

peraido, aedi, seas-, 3, settle. 

persolla, dim. of persona, mask, 

peraolvo, aolvl, aolut-, 3, to release 
or pay in full. 

peraona, se, p., mask, character (m 
a play), person, party (in court), 

personatua, a, um, masked, as- 
sumed, fictitious. 

peraono, ui, it-, i, to resound, make 
sound, cry aloud. 

perapecte, intelligently^ 

perspecto, i, to look at or through. 

perspectus, a, um, evident. 

perapergo, si, sum, 3, sprinkle, wet. 

perspicax, acia, sharp-sighted, keen . 

perspicio, ezi, ect-, 3, look or see 
through, examine, ascertain. 

perspicue, clearly. 

perspicuus, a, um, transparent, 
clear, manifest. 

perspiro, i, breathe everywhere. 

persto, stitl, stat-, i, standfast. 

peratrepo, ui, it-, 3, resound. 

perstringo, nxi, ct-, 3, hind, graze 
against, blunt, reprove, touch on. 


pert uadeo — phala. 

persuadeo, si, sum, 2, persuade, 

convince, prevail on. 
persuasio, onis, f. ; -bus, ub, m., 

persuasion, conviction, 
persulto, I, leap or skip about, 
pertaedet, it lUteiiy wearies. 
pextego, xi, ct, 3, cover thoroughly. 
pertendo, di, Bum, 3, carry on, go 

pertentOi i, try, test, seize. 
pertenuiB, e, very thin or tcecdc. 
pertergeo, bI, Bum, 2, wipe, rtd>. 
perterreo, ui, it-, 2, terrtfy. 
pertezo, zui, zt, 3, finish. 
pertica, se, F., pole, staffs perch. 
pertimesco, mui, 3, dread greatly. 
pertinacia, ee, f., obstinacy, firm-' 

ness, pertinacity. 
pertinaciter, stubbornly. 
pertinaz, siciB,firm, unyielding. 
pertineo, ui, 2, reach, belong, apply. 
pertingo, 3, extend. 
pertractate, elaborately. 
pertracto, i, touch, handle. 
pertraho, zi, ct-, 3, drag, draw. 
pertundo, tudi, tUB, 3, beat, thirst 

through, perforate. 
perturbatio, oniB, f., disturbance. 
perturbo, i, disturb, confuse. 
pertUBUB, [tundo,] pierced. 
perungo, unxi, unct-, 3, besmear. 
peruro, usbI, uat-, burn, consume, 

inflame, parch with cold, 
pervado, bI, Bum, 3, pass through, 

pervade, arrive. 
pervagatuB, a, lun, wide-spread. 
pervagor, ^ roam through, pervade. 
perveho, ad, ct-, 3, carry through. 
pervello, i, 3, twitch, rouse, revile. 
pervenio, veni, vent-, 4, arrive. 
perverse, wrongly. 
perverBUB, a, um, awry, wrong. 
perverto, ti, sum, 3, turn awry, 

overthrow, ruin, coirupt. 
pervestigo, i, track, examine. 
perviam, accessible. 
pervicacia, ae, F., obstinacy. 
pervicaz, acis,^rm, stubborn. 
pervideo, vidi, via-, 2, examine, 

view, discern. 
pervigilium, i, n., night-watch. 

pervigilo, i, to watch all night. 

pervinco, vici, vict-, 3, thoroughly 
conquer, prevail, maintain. 

perviuB, a, passable, pervious. 

pervolito, i,flit through. 

pervolo, I, fly about, dart through. 

pervolo, velle, volui, wish greatly. 

pervorto=perverto^ 3, twm awry. 

pervulgatuB, a, um, very common^ 

pervulgo, I; spread ah'oad, make 
common, haunt, frequent. 

pea, pedis, m., foot ; sheet (of sail). 

pessimus, a, um, [msdus,] worst. 

pesBulus, i, M. ; -um, i, n., bolt. 

pesBum, to the bottom ; ire, to per- 
ish ; dare, to ruin, undo. 

pestifer, era, um, pestilential. 

pestilens, tis, noxious, unwholesome. 

pestilentia, as, F., plague, pesti- 
lence, ruin, 

pestis, is, F., plague, pest, destruc- 
tion, ruin, bane. 

petaso (io), onis, m., shoulder (of 

petasus, i, M., broad-brimmed cap. 

petaurum,i,N.y stage, spring-board. 

petigb, inis, F., scab, eruption. 

petitio, onis, f., attack, request, 
soliciting of office. 

petitor, 5riB, M., seeker, plaintiff. 

peto, ivi, it-, 3, seek, aim at, attack, 
ask, demand, sue for, solicit, fetch. 

-fpetra, se, ¥., rock, cliff, crag. 

petrosuB, a, um, rocky. 

petulans, tis, pert, saucy, loanton, 

petulanter, wantonly. 

petulantia, as, f., impudenccj pert- 
ness, wantonness. 

petulcus, a, um, apt to butt. 

f peuce, es, f., pitch-pine. 

pezus, a, um, woolly, sleek. 

Phaeacia=Corcyra ( ?). 

t phaanomenon, i, N.^ appearance. 

Phaethon, ontis, son of Helios 
(the Sun), and Clymene. 

Phasthonteus (-tiuB), a, um, of 

Phaethontias (-tis), dis, sister of 

phala=fala, scaffold. 

phalanga — Ficti. 


-f phalanga, SB, F., pole, roller. 

\ -phalanx, gis, f., solid square (of 

troops), phalanx. 
Phalaris, tyrant of Agrigentum, 

about B.C. 550. 
f phsderae, arum, f., medal, decora- 
tion, ornament. 
t phallus,!, M., a symbol of fertility. 
I phantaama, tis, m., apparition. 
fpharetra, as, f., quiver. 
pharetratus, a, um, bearing the 

f pharmaceutria, aa, f., sorceress. 
Fharnaces, k. of Poutus, defeated 

by Caesar, B.C. 46. 
Pharsalus, 1, f., a town in Thes- 

saly, famous for the defeat of 

Pompey, B.C. 48. 
Pharos, i, f., an island near 

Alexandria ; light-house. 
f phaselus, i, m., kidney-bean, boat, 
Fhasianus (-acus), a, um; as, adds, 

of the Phasic ; m., a pheasant. 
Fhasis, idis (idos), m., a city and 

river in Colchis. 
Pheneos, i, f., a town of Arcadia. 
Pheras, arum, a city of Thessaly. 
Phidias, an Athenian sculptor, 

B.C. 488-432. 
Philaeni, orum, two Carthaginian 

brothers, buried aUve on the 

Cyrenian frontier. 
Philippi, orum, m., a city of 

Macedonia, where Brutus and 

Cassius were defeated, B.C. 42. 
Philippus, i, k. of Macedonia, f. 

of Alexander ; B.C. 382-336. 
[f philo-, fond of. 
Philoctetes, as, a companion of 

Hercules, who received his 

poisoned arrows, 
t philologus, a, um, of learning or 

Philomela, as, f., sister of Progne, 

changed to a nightingale, 
f philosophia, as, f., philosophy. 
f philosophor, i, philosophize. 
f philosophuB, a, um, philosophic ; 

M., philosopher. 
tphilyra, as, f., linden. 
f phimus, i, m., dice-box. 

PMneus, ei (eos), myth, king of 

Thrace, struck with bhndness 

and tormented by the Harpies. 
fPhlegethon, ontis, the fiery 

river of Hades. 
Phlegrasus, a, um, of Phlegra, in 

Macedonia, where the giants 

were struck with lightning, 
t phoca, as (-e, es), f., seal, sea-dog. 
Fhocasa, as, a town of Ionia, 

mother-city of Massalia. 
Phocis, idis, F., a dist. of nordiern 

Phcebe, es, = Diana, sister of 

Phoebus (the Mopn). 
Phcsbus, i, M., Apollo, the Sun. 
Phcsnice, es, f., Phoenicia, Syria. 
Phcenissa, as, f., a Phoenician 

Phceniz, pi., ices, Phoenician. 
t phoenix, icis, m., phoenix, a fabu- 
lous bird, living 500 years. 
Phorcus, i, son of Neptune, a 

sea-god, father of Medusa. 
t Phosphorus, i, m. (light-bringer), 

the Morning Star. 
Phrizus, son of Athamas, borne 

to Colchis by the ram of the 

golden fleece. 
PhrygSs, um, the Phrygians. 
Phrygia, as, f., the central dist of 

Asia Minor. 
Phrygius, a, um, Phrygian, Trojan. 
PhtMa, as, a town of Thessaly, 

birthplace of Achilles. 
fphylacista as, m., jailer, dun. 
f physicus, a, um, of science. 
t physis, is, f., nature. 
piabilis, e, expiable. 
piacularis, e, expiatory. 
piaculum, i, n., victim, sin-offering, 

punishment, guilt, remedy. 
piamen, iuis ; -mentum, i, N., an 

atonement^ expiatory rile. 
pica, as, F., magpie. 
picatus, a, um, pitchy, 
picea, as, f., pitch-pine. 
Picenum, i, n., dist. of E. Italy. 
piceus, a, um, pitch-black. 
pico. I, daub with pitch or tar. 
Picti, onun, people of N. Britain. 



piotor — put* 

pictor^ 5riB, m., painter, 

pictura, ae, f., painting^ picture, 

pictUB, [pingo,] painted, colored. 

picus, i, M., woodpecker, 

FicuB, t myth, son of Saturn, gr.- 
father of Latinus. 

pie, piously, kindly, 

FieridSs, um, f., the Muses, daugh- 
ters of Pieros, k. of Thessaly. 

pietas, atis, F., sense of duty, piety, 
affection, tenderness, 

piger, gra, um, grudging, dull, sad, 

piget, uit, 2, it vexes, annoys, 

pigmentum, i, f., a color, dye, 

pignero, i, give in pledge, pawn. 

pigneror, i, lake as pledge. 

pignus, 5riB, N., pledge, stake, token^ 

pigre, hackwardly, sluggishly, 

pigritda, ae ; -eB, ei, f., indolence, 

pila, 88, F., pillar, mortar^ pier, 

pila (-Ilia), 8B, F,, baU, effigy, 

pilanuB, a, um, of the third rank. 

pilatuB, a, nm, close, dense; armed 
with javelins, 

pileatus, a, um, capped, bonneted, 

pilentum, i, n., carriage, 

pileus (-olus), i, m. ; -um,i, n., cap, 

pQo, I, ram down, thrust, 

pilo, I, make bare, pillage, 

piluxn, i, N., pounder ; heavy javelin, 

piluB, i, M., hair, 

piluB, i, M., rank of infantry. • 

FimpleuB, a, um, ofPimpla, a fount 
of Pieria ; F, (-els, idos), Muse. 

fpinacotheca, ae, f., picture-gallery 

fpincema, ae, m., cup-bearer. 

Pindarus, i, a Theban lyric poet, 
B.C. 522-442. 

Findus, i, m., a mt. of Thessaly. 

pinetum, i, n., pine-wood or grove. 

pineuB, a, um, of pine; ¥., pine- 
cone ; pinea moles, ship. 

pingo, nxi, ct-, 3, paint, stain, em- 

pinguesco, 3, grow fat. 

pinguis, Bffat, rich, dull, dense, 

pinguiter, fatly, stupidly. 

pinguitudo, inis, f., fatness. 

pinifer (-ger), era, vlol^ pine-bearing, 

pinna (-ula), as, f., feather. 

pinnatuB, a, am, feathered, plumed. 

pinniger, era, um, winged, 
pinBO, Bi (sui), Biun (turn, situm)^ 

3, to poundt bruise, 
pinus, UB (i)» F., pine ; ship, torch, 
pio, I, propitiate, expiate, 
piper, eriB, n., pepper, 
pipilo, I ; pipio, 4, chirp, whimper, 
pipio, 5niB, F., a nestling, 
pipuliun, i, N., chirping, outcry, 
PiraeeuB, i, M., the port of Athens. 
fpirSta, ae, M., pirate. 
f piraticus, a, um, of pirates; f., 

Pirene, es, F., a fount at Corinth. 
FirithouB, i, son of IxTon, king 

of Lapithae ; friend of Theseus. 
pirum, i, N., pear, 
piruB, i, F., pear tree, 
Piaa, SB, a city of £lis, made i^m- 

ous by the Olympic games. 
PiBae, arum, a city of Etruria, Pisa. 
Pisaurum, i, N., a town of Umbria. 
piBcariuB, a, lun, of fish ; M., fish- 
monger ; F., fish-market. 
piBcator, oriB, m., fisherman, 
piscatorius, a, um, of fishermen, 
piBcatuB, UB, M., fishing. 
piscina, as, f., fish-pond, pool, 
piscis, is (-cuius, i), m., fish. 
piscor, I, catch fish. 
piscoBUB, a, nm, fishy, 
Pisidia, ae, f., a southern district 

of Asia Minor. 
PisistrStUB, i, tyrant of Athens, 

from B.C. 560-527. 
t pissinuB, a, um, of pitch, 
pistdllum, i, n. ; us, i, M., pestle, 
pistor, oris, M., miller, baker, 
pistrina, ae, F., bake-house, 
pistrinum, i, n., mill, bakery, 
pistris, is ; -iz, icis, F., shark, 
pistus, [pinso,] pounded, ground. 
pisimi, i, N., pease. 
t pithecus, i, m. ; -ium, i, N., ape. 
t pittacium, i, n., label. 
Pittheus, i, myth, king of Troezen, 

gr.-father of Theseus. 
pituita, ae, F., slime, phlegm, 
piuB, a, um (compar. magia pixm), 

pious, tender, reverential, 
piz, picis, F., pUch, 

placabilis — poenalis. 


placabilis, e, mild, placable, [ation. 
placamen, inis ; -mentum, propiti- 
placatio, onis, F., pacifying. 
placatus, a, um, soothed, calm, 
placenta, se, p., cake. 
Flacentia, », p., Piacenza, a city 

of N. Italy, on the Po. 
placeo, ui, it-, 2, please, satisfy, 
placide, gently, 
placidus, a, uxn, miUl, gentle, 
placitum, i, n., opinion, decree, 
placitas,a,iiin, pleasing, acceptable, 
placo, I, soothe, appease, reconcile, 
tplaga^ 86, P., Uow, stroke, 
plaga, 8B, P., region ; pL, snare, trap, 
plagium, i, n., kidnapping, 
plagdsoB, a, waL,fond of flogging, 
plagula, 88, p., curtain, sheet, 
planca, ee, p., hoard, plank, 
planctUB, a, uxn, [plango,] beaten, 
planctoB, U8, M., beating, wailing, 
plane, clearly, wholly, by all means, 
fplaneta, ee, m., planet. 
plango, nxi, net-, 3, beat, bewail. 
plangor, Sris, m., beating, wailing, 
planities, ei, p., level surface, plain, 
planta, ee, p., sprout, twig ; sole. 
plantaris, e, of setting, for the foot ; 

N., pi., young trees, 
plSnos, a, um, even, level, clear, 
t planus, i, M., vagabond, impostor, 
t plasma, atis, n., mould, image, 
plastLcus, a, um, of moulding, 
Plataeee, arum, a city in Boeotia, 
famous for the defeat of the 
Persians, B.C. 479. 
platalea, aa, p: spoonbill, 
fplatanus, i, p., plane-tree, 
t platea, as, P., broad way, area, 
Pllto, onis, an Athenian philo- 
sopher, B.C. 430-348. 
plaudo, si, simi, 3, clap, applaud, 
plausibills, a, praiseworthy. 
plausor, 5ris, M., applauder, 
plaustrum, i, N., cart, waggon, 
plausus, [plaudo,] applauded, 
plausus (plosus), us, M., applause, 

clapping, flapping, 
Plautus, a comic poet, B.C. 228. 
plautus, a, van, flat, broad, 
plebeius, a, um, plebeian, vulgar. 

plebes^^plebs, common people, 
plebicola, ae, P., flatterer of the 

plebiscitum, i, n., popular decree, 
plebs, plebis, p., the commonalty. 
plecto, zi (zui), xum, 3, to weave, 

braid, interweave, 
plecto, 3, punish (generally in P.). 
t plectrum, i, n., quiU (for playing 

the lute). 
Pleiades, daughters of Atlas (the 

Seven Stars). 
plene, largely, thoroughly, 
plenus, a, um, full, laden, complete, 
plerus, a, um, plerusque (gene- 
rally, plur.), very many, most, 
plexus, us, M., twisting, weaving, 
plexus, [plecto,] woven, 
plico, ui (avi), it- (at-), i,fold, 
plodo=plaudo, applaud, 
ploro, I, to wail, lament, 
plostrum=plaustrum, cart, 
pluit, pluvit, it rains, 
pliima (-ula), as, p., feather, down, 

scale (of armor). 
plumarius, a, um, of soft feathers. 
pllimatus, a, vim, feathered, 
plimibeus (arius), a, um, oflead^ 

leaden, diJl, 
plumbo, I, solder with lead, 
plumbum, i, n., lead, slug, bullet. 
plumeus (-osus), a, um, feathered, 
pluo, plui (pluvi), 3, to rain, 
pluries, often, several times, 
plurimus, a, um, [multus,] most. 
plus, pluris (gen. pL, ium), more, 
plusculus, a, um, rather more. 
pluteus, i, M., pent-house, parapet, 
Pluto, onis, god of the Lower 

Plutus, i, god of Riches, 
pluvia, 8B, p., rain, 
pluvialis, e ; -vius, a, um, of rain, 
pluviSsus, a, um, rainy, 
poculiun, i, N., cup, bowl, 
t podagra, ae. P., gout, 
t podium, i, N., balcony, height, 
fpoSma, atis, n., poem, (d. pi. -tls). 
pcena, as, p., indemnity, penalty^ 

pcenalis, e, of penalty. 


pcDmo — porciniift 

»=sp3iiio, puniah. 
pCBDitendiia, a, nm, blamable. 
pCBnitens, tiB, regretful, penitent, 
poenitenter, tmth regret. 
pCBDiteiitia, as, p., repentance. 
paenitetyiiit, 2, it displeases, repents* 
PcBnus^^Paniciia, Carthaginian. 
fpoeaia, is. P., poetry, poem. 
t poeta, 80, M., poet. 
fpoeticus, a, nm, poetic, p., 

poetry, the poetic art. . 
polenta, se, p., pearl-barley. 
polio, 4, polish, adorn, refine. 
polite, elegantly. 

f politlcus, a, um, of civil polity. 
politio, 01^ P., polishing. 
politus, a, um, accomplished^ polite, 
pollen,, IniB, n., fine flour, 
pollens, tis, powerfui. 
pollenter, powerfuUy. 
polleo, ni, 2, he strong, prevail. 
pollez, icis, m., thumb. 
pollicaria, e, of a thumb. 

^lliceor, itus, 2, promise. 
pollicitatio, onis, p., promise, 
pollioitor, I, promise (freq.). 
poUinctor, oris, m , undertaker. 
pollingo, nzi, net-, 3, to prepare 

(a corpse) for burial. 
pollis, ini»=^ollen, ^/i^^ur. 
poUubram, i, N., wash-basin. 
polluceo, zi, ctom, 2, offer (as 

sacrifice), serve, 
pollucte, sumptuously. 
polluctum, i, N., offering, banquet, 
polluo, ui, ut-, 3, defile, dishonor. 
pollutos, a, um, defiled, vile. 
Pollux, ucis, myth, son of Leda, 

twin-brother of Castor. 
fpoluB, i, M., pole, sky, 
[fpoly-, many. 
Folydorus, i, youngest son of 

Polyphemus,!, a Cyclops, blinded 

by Ulysses of his only eye. 
Folyzena, », d. of Priam, married 

to Achilles. 
pomarius, a, um, of fruit-trees. 
pomeridianus, a, um, afernooh's. 
pomerium (pomcerium), i, n., 

open space about a city. 

pomifer, a, xan,fruii-bearing. 
Pomona, se, goddess of Fruits. 
pomosua, a, um, abounding in 

pompa, 86, P., procession, parade. 
Pompous, i, a Roman general, 

rival of Caesar, defeated at 

Pharsalus, B.c. 48. 
Pompiliua, Numa, second king of 

Rome, B.C. 715-672. 
pompo, I, to perform with pomp. 
pom,poBua, a, um, stately, pompous. 
Pomptinus, a, um, of S. Laiium. 
pomum, i, N., fruit. 
ponderatus, a, um, well-weighed. 
pondero, i, weigh, ponder. 
ponderosus, a, um, weighty, heavy. 
pondo, in weight; a pound. 
pondus, eris, N., weight, mass, locuL 
pone, behind. 
p5no, poBui, posit-, 3, put, place, a- 

bate, allay, assert, offer, surrender, 
pons, pontis, m., bridge, gangway. 
pontifez, ficis, m., priest, pontiff. 
ponto, onis, m., punt, pontoon. 
f pontus, i, M., the deep sea. 
Fontus, i, M., the Black Sea ; also, 

a dist on its southern shore. 
popa, 86, M., priesCs attendant, who 

butchered the victim of sacrifice. 
popina, se. P., cook-shop. 
popino, onis, m., glutton. 
poples, itis, M., knee (beneath). 
poplicus=a=publicus, public. 
poplus, popolus=^populu8. 
Poppsea, 86, the wife of Nero, 
popularis, e^ of or jagreeable to the 

people; u., fellouycitizen, 
populariter, vulgarly. 
popularitas, atiB,F.,felloio-citizen- 

ship, popularUy. 
populatLo, onis, p., ravage, plunder. 
populator, oris, M., plunderer. 
pSpuleus (-nus), si, um, of poplar. 
populor, I, devastate, pillage. 
populosus, a, lun, populous. 
populus, i, M., people, multitude, 
populus, i, p., poplar, 
porca, 86, P., sow. 
porcellus, i, m., pig. 
porcinus, a, um, of swine. 

porous — prsBoaveo. 


porcna (-nluB), i, m., "hog, 
porgo»:porrigo, reach, 
poxreotet far, extensively, 
porrectio, onis, p., extension, 
porrectua, a, um, outstretched, 
porricio, eci, ect-, 3, to offer (sac- 
porrigo, rezl, ct-, 3, reach, stretch, 
porrigo, inis, P., dandruff, 
poTTO, forward, far, of old, again, 
pormm, i, n., leek, 
Porsena (-nna), Sd, k. of Etruria, 
who fought to restore Tarquin. 
porta, 80, p., gate, door, entrance, 
portendo, di, tuxn, 3, to indicate, 

portentofiU8,a,um, monstrous, hor- 
rid, ominous, 
portentum, i, N., omen, prodigy, 
porticuB, UB, p., porch, gallery, 
portio, dnis, p., share, portion, 
port&tor, oris, m., tax-gatherer; 

carrier, ferryman, 
porto, I, carry, convey, 
portorimn, i, n., tax, transit-duty, 
portu58U8, a, um, abounding in 

portus, us, M., harbor, port, refuge, 
poBca, as, p., mnegar-and'toater, 
jpOBQO, poposci, poscit-, 3y de- 
mand, ask, need, require, 
poaitio, Snis, p., putting, setting, 
poBitor, oriB, m., founder, 
poBituB, [pono,] situated, placed, 
poBitUB, UB, M., situation. 
poBBeBBio, oniB, p., possession, 
posBeBBor, 5riB, m., occupant, 
poBBideo, (2), and poBBido, (3), 

edi, eBBtun, possess, hold, 
poBBiun, poBBe, potui, can, have 

power (§ 29, iii). 
poBt, after, behind, since, 
poBtea, afterwards, 
posteaquam =: poBtquam, after 

(that), when, 
poBtexi, pL, posterity, descendants, 
posterior, ub (compar.), after, 

later, hinder, 
poBteritaB, atia, p., future time, 
poBtema, a, um (-terior, -tremuB, 
-tumiiB), coming ajter. 

poBt-fero, esteem inferior, 
poBt-habeo, 2, esteem less, neglect, 
poBthao, hereafter, 
poBtliamtiB=poBtu]nufl; last, 
pOBtibi, hereupon, 
poBticuB, a, um, rear, hinder; N., 

poBtLdea, -Ula, afterward, 
poBtiB, iB, M., door-post ; pi., door, 
poBtlTmlniiim, i, N., return home, 
poBtmodo (um), afterward, shortly, 
pOBt-pono, 3, esteem less, postpone, 
poBtquam, after (that), when, since, 
poBtremo, finally, 
poBtremuB, [poBterus;] last, latest, 
postiidie, next day, 
poBt-Bum, be after, retreat, 
poBtulatio, 5iiXb, p., demand, claim, 

poBtulo, I, ask, demand, impeach, 
poBtuB=poBltuB, placed, 
potatLo, oniB, P., drinking, 
pStator, oriB, m., drinker, 
pote (potia), possible, 
potenB, tiB, powerful, 
potentatuB, ub, m., power, dominion, 
/fTotentia, as, p., power, anthority, 
VpoteataB, atis, p., power, abUityy 

sovereignty, effect, quality, 
potin? canst f 

potio, SniB, p., drink, draught, 
potior, 4, get possession of, 
potiB, e, able; -ior, vu^ preferable : 

-iBBimuB, chief 
potLsBime, especially, 
potiUB, rather, 
poto, (pot-), I, drink. 
potor, oriB, M., drinker, sot, 
pdtulentuB» a, um, drinkable, 
potuB, a, um, having drunk, tipsy, 
potus, UB, M., drinking, 
prae, in comparison with, in fronts 

by reason of, 
[prae -, before, in advance, very, 
prasacuo, 3, sharpen, point, 
praealtuB, a, um, very high or deep. 
praebeo, ui, itum, 2, furnish, hold 

out, offer, afford, design, bestow. 
praac88do=spraecido, cut off. 
praacanuB, a, unit prematurely gray, 
praecaveo, cavi, caut-, beware. 


prfiBoedo — prsBnomen. 

pree-cedo, 3, go before, surpass. 

praecello, 3, rise above, excel, 

preecelsus, a, uzii, very lofty, 

prseceps, cipitis, headlong, steep, 

praeceptor, Sris, m., anticipator, 

\ commander, teacher, 

prsBceptum, i, N., rule, precept. 

prascerpo, pai, pt- 3, to gather 
. before the time, 

preecido, cidi, cia-, 3, cut sheer off. 

praBClnctuB, a, um, girt, 

praecingo, lud, net-, 3, to encircle. 

prsecino, ui, 3, sing before, predict. 

praecipio, cepi, cept-, 3, take in 
advance, anticipate, give rules, 

praecipitiuxn, i, n., precipice, 

praecipito, i, hurl down, hasten, 

praecipue, especially. 

prascipuus, a, um, special, prin- 
cipal, distinguished. 

praecise, briefly, concisely. 

praecisuB, a, um, cut off abridged, 

prasclare, clearly, admirably. 

praBclarus, a, um, clear, bright, 
splendid, glorious, 

praecludo, si, sum, 3, to shut close. 

prasco, onis, m., crier, herald. 

praeconium, i, N., crier's office, 

praecoque, prematurely. 

praecordia, Sruin, N., diaphragm, 
entrails, breast. 

pras-curro, 3, run before, surpass. 

praecursor, oris, M., forerunner, 
scout, advance-guard, 

prasda, ae, f., pillage, prey, spoil. 

praedatio, oniB, f., plundering, 

prasdator, oris, M., pillager, hunter. 

praediator, 5ris, m., real-estate 

praedicatio, onis, p., proclaiming, 

prasdico, i, proclaim, praise, boast, 

prasdico, xi, ct-, 3, predict, ad- 
monish, give notice, 

praediotum, i, N., prediction, order. 

praedisco, 3, learn beforehand, 

praeditus, a, mn, endowed, ap- 
pointed, (in charge). 

praedium, I, N., landed estate, 

prae^ves, itis, very rich. 

praedo, 5nis, M., robber, plunderer, 
praedor, i, plunder, rob, catch. 
prasduco, zi, ct-, 3, draw in front, 
praedulcis, e, vei-y sweet, 
prasdurus, a,um, very hard, h<rrdy. 
praseo, ivi. It-, 4, go before, precede. 
prasfatio, onis, ¥,, preface, fmimula. 
praefectura, ae, f., governorship. 
praefectus, i, m., superintendent^ 

commander, governor, 
prasfero, tuli, lat-, to bear before^ 

prefer, display, anticipate. 
praeferoz, Scis, very fiance. 
prasficio, feci, feet-, 3^ set ovevj 

appoint, assign to command, 
prasflgo, zi, zum, 3, set up, fasieriy 

fix on the end. ^ 

praefinio, 4,fx beforehand. 
prasfloro, i, pluck, tarnish, 
praefluo, 3, flow in front. 
prasfodio, fodi, 3, dig before. 
prasfor, i, say beforehand, 
prasfracte, resolutely, sternly. 
prasfractus, a, um, abrupt, stem, 
praefringo fregi, fract-, 3, break 

off, or to pieces. 
praefolcio, si, turn, prop. 
praefulgeo, si, 2, shine forth. 
prasgnans, tis, full, pregnant. 
prasgrandis, e, huge, mighty. 
praegravis, e, very heavy. 
prasgredior, greas-, 3, go before. 

prascoz, ocis, untimely ripe. ^ "^raBJudicium, 1, N., a previous de- 

cision, precedent. 
praelabor, ps-, 3, glide or sweep by. 
praelatus, [fero,] hurrying past, 
praBliuni=:prGelium, battle, 
praeludo, si, sum, 3, rehearse. 
praeliims=prelum, wine-press. 
praematunis, a, um, untimely. 
pras-metuo, 3, fear beforehand. 
praemitto, nusi, miss-, 3, send in 

prasmium, i, N., reward, profit. 
pras-moneo, 2, admonish, predict, 
prasmunio, 4, fortify in front. 
prasnato, i, stoim or flow before, 
Frasneste, is, N., a town in La- 

praenomen, inis, N., the first or 

personal name (§ 15). 

prflBoocnpo — prsBtor. 


prasoconpo, i, seize he/orehand. 

prasopto, I, choose rather, 

praeparo, i, prepare beforehand. 

praspedio, 4, shackle, hinder, 

praepes, etis, stmft of flight, winged; 
c, bird (of omen). 

praepilatuB, a, um, knobbed, 

praspinguis, e, very fat, 

praepondero, i, ovUweigh, 

praepono, sul, sit-, 3, to set over, 
appoint, depute, prefer, 

praapositus, i, m., prefect, com- 

praBpoBtems, a, tun, reversed, con- 
fused, absurd, 

praepotens, tis, very powerfuL 

prasquam, in comparison, 

praa-xipio, 3, snatch away. , 

prasrogStiLvus, a, um, having the 
first vote ; F., omen, privilege, 

praarogOi i, ask first. 

praemmpo, rupi, rupt-, 3, break 
off in front, 

praerupttiB, a, unit steep, hasty. 

praes, praadia, m., surety. 

prsea, at hand, 

prsesagio (-or), /^forebode, presage. 

praesagiuxii, i, n., presentiment. 

praBsaguB, a, tun, foreboding. 

praescisco, 3, learn beforehand. 

praBBCiuB, a, iini, prophetic. 

praescribo, pai, pt-, 3, write before, 
prefix, appoint, 

praBBcriptio, onia, f., inscription, 
pretence, precept. 

praescriptnm, i, N., copy, precept. 

praeseco, cui, ot-, i, cut off. 

praBsegmen, inia, N., a paring. 

praBsena, tia, present, prompt. 

praesenaio, onia, f., fore-feeling, 

prasaentia, as, p., presence; in 
prasaentia, at present. 

praeaentio, ai, aum, 4, to feel or per- 
ceive beforehand, forbade, divine. 

prasaepe, ia, n. ; -ea, ia ; -ia, sb, 
F. ; -ium, i, n., stall, hut. 

praaaepio, pai, pt-, 4, barricade. 

praeaertim, especially. 

praeaea, idia, m., guardian, chief. 

praaaideo, aedi, aeaa-, 2, to guard, 
preside, superintend. 

praeaidiariua, a, iim,ybr defence. 

prasaidium, i, n., defence, guard, 
garrison, aid. 

praeaignia, e, distinguished. 

praaatana, tda, excellent. 

^raaatat, it is better. 

prasatabilia, e, eminent. 

praaatatio, Snia, f.^ guaranty. 

praeatea, itia, c, guardian. 

prasatigiaa, anim, f., tricks. 

prasatino, i, to buy. 

praeato, at hand. 

praeato, iti, it-, i, stand forth, sur- 
pass, excel, fumish,exh\bii, render, 

praaatolor, i^toait for, 

praBBtringo, njd, ct-, 3, bind fast. 

praaatruo, zi, ct-, 3, build in front, 
prepare in advance. 

prsaaul, -ulia, m., dance-leader. 

praB-anm, be before, have charge of. 

praa-aumo, 3, take or spend before. 

prasBumptio, onis, f., anticipation, 

praBBUO, ui, ut-, 3, sew upon, cover. 

praBtego, 3d, ct^ shelter, protect. 

praBtendo, di, turn, 3, stretch or 
hold forth, spread, assert. 

praatento, i, search, test. 

praater, beyond, along, contrary^ 
besides, except. 

prasterea, besides, moreover, beyond. 

praBterbito, i, go past. 

praater-eo, 4, pass by or beyondj 
escape notice, neglect. 

praBteritua, a, lun, past, gone by; 
N. pL, the past, 

praaterlabor, paua, 3, glide by, 

praater-mitto, 3, let go, omit. 

praster-propter, about, nearly. 

praBterquam, beyond, besides, 

praBter-vehor, 3, be borne past. 

praBtezo,.ui, zt-, ^,put or weave 
in front, provide, pretend, cover, 

praBtexta (toga), as, f., mantle with 
purple border, worn by magis- 
trates and children ; tragedy, 

prsatextatua, wearing the mantle, 

prasteztam, i, n., ornament ; pre- 
text, pretence, 
^4u:aBteztaB, ua, m., authority, 

praetor, oria, m., prceior (officer of 
justice), chief, commander. 



praetSrianno, a, tun, of the hody^ 

praetdriuxn, i, N., generoTs tent, 
palace^ body-guard. 

praatoriuBf a, iim» of the prceior; 
portsL, front-gate of the camp. 

praetura, 9d, F., prcetorskip, 

pras-ustoB, a, mn, burnt at the end, 

preeut, in comparison with. 

prsevalens, tds, very strong, 

praevsdeo, ul, 2, have chief power. 

prasvalidiis, a, mn, very or too 
strong, prevalent, grand. 

prsBvaricor, i, wcdk crooked, balk, 

preevehor, vectus, 3, ride before. 

prasvenio, veni, vent-, 4, antici- 
pate, outstrip, prevent. 

prseverto (-tor), 3, precede, out- 
strip, exceed, occupy or do first. 

preevideo, vidi, vis-, 2, foresee, 

prseviuB, a, um, leading the way. 

tpragmaticos, a, um, skilled in 
affairs, relating to business. 

prandeo, di, sum, 2, to breakfast, 

prandium, i, n., breakfast, lunch. 

pranauB, a, um, having breakfasted, 

f prasinus, a, um, leek-green. 

pratum (-ulum), i, N., meadow,plain. 

prave, crookedly, wrongly, 

pravitas, atis, F., depravity, per- 
verseness, irregularity. 

pravus, a, um, misshapeny bad, 

precario, by entreaty, 

precarius, a, um, got by entreaty or 
favor; uncertain. 

precatio, Snis, f., prayer. 

preci, cem, ce ; pi., -ces, p., prayer, 
entreaty (nom. sing, not used). 

precisB (-tiae), a kind of grape. 

precor, i, beg, pray, invoke. 

prehendo, di, sum, 3, seize, grasp. 

prehensio, 5niB, p., seizing, right 
of arrest; a jack-screw. 

prehenso (prenao), i, grasp, detain. 

prelum, i, n., vnne or oil-press. 

premo, easi, ess,- 3, press, grasp^ 
cover, burden, oppress, disparage, 

prendossprehendo, take, 

presse, closely, concisely, 

presBO, I, to press violently, 

presBoriuB, a, um, for pressing. 

preasQra, as, p., pressure, throng, 
preasuB, a, um, close, concise. 
preasua, us, m., pressure.[pTeuio.'] 
t preat&r, eriB, M., whirlunnd, water^ 

spout; a venomous serpent 
pretiose, ius, splendidly. 
pretioBUB, a, um, precious, costly, 
pretium, i, N., value, price, pay, 
[prez, see preci, prayer. 
PriameiuB, a, um, of Priam. 
Friamidea, as, son of Priam. 
PriamuB, myth, king of Troy. 
PriapuB, god of Gardens. 
pridem, long ago, formerly. 
pridianuB, a, um, of the day before. 
pridie, on the day before. 
primasvuB, a, vasi, young, 
primanuB, a, um, of the ist legion. 
primariuB, a, um, of the 1st rank. 
primaa, atia, chief, noble. 
primatus, ua, m., preeminence, 
prime, especially. 
primitias, arum, f. Jirst-fruits. 
"pnxDitQBf for the first time. 
-pnxnJo, firstly, at first. 
primordia, 5rum, N. pi., origin, 
pximoria, e, foremost, extreme. 
primum, at first, in the first place. 
primuB, a, unx, Jirst,foremosL 
princeps, cipis, c, Jirst, chiefs 

prince, 2d rank (of infantry). 
principSliB, e, chief, princely. 
principaliter, chiefly. 
principatuB» ua, m., chief rank. 
cipiimi, i, N., a beginning ; pL, 

principles, front rank, open space 

(in camp), head-quarters. 
prior, ua, former, previous^ better . 

pi., the ancients. 
priBce, old-fashioned. 
priacuB, a, lun, antique, severe. 
pristinua, a, um, former, early, 

priatlB — ^pJHtrix, shark. 
priuB . . . quam, before, sooner, until. 
privatim, privately, apart. 
privatuB, a, lun, private, one^s own. 
privigna, as, F., step-daughter. 
privignua, i, m., step-son. 
privilegium, i, n., a private jatc^ 


privo — profloiscor. 


privo, I, deprive, deliver. 

piivxiB, a, unii each, single, oicn. 

pro, in front of, instead of, in behalf 
of, according to, for, considering ; 
pro qaam, in proportion as, 

pro, proh (w. ace), ! ah / 

proavus, i, m., ^.-grandfather, 

probabilis, e, hkely, pleasing. 

probabiliter, probably. 

probatio, 5niB, p., trial, approval, 

probator, oris, m., approver. 

probatuB, a, um, proved, excellent* 

probe, well, fitly, rightly, nobly. 

probitas, atia, p., honesty, worth. 

probo, I, try, prove, approve. 

probrose, disgraceJuUy. 

probrosuB, a, um, shameful, in- 

probnun, i, N., disgraceful deed, 
dishonor, instUL 

probius, a, um, good, excellent. 

procacitas, atia, p., impudence. 

procaciter, shamelessly. 

procaz, acis, bold, impudent. 

procedo, cess-, 3, advance, extend, 
continue, resuU. 

procella, ee. P., tempest, storm. 

procello, 3, cast down. 

procellosus, a, um, tempestuous. 
rocer, eris, chief foremost. 

procere, to great length. 

proceritas, atds, p., height, length. 

procerus, a, um, high, tall, long. 

processio, onis, p. ; -us, Ss, m., 
advance, progress. 

procido, idi, 3, fallfku. 

procinctus, Qs, m., girding, pre- 

procingo, nctus, 3, to gird, equip. 

proclamo, i, cry out. 

pr5clino, i, lean fortoard. 

procUve, downward. 

prSclivis, e, sloping downward, in- 
clined, easy; n., declivity. 

proclivitas, atds, P., propensity. 

pr5cliviter, doumward, easily. 

Frocne^'Progne, d. of Pandion. 

proconsul, ulis, N., proconsul (in 
office after term of consulship). 

procreo, i, generate, produce. 

Procrustes, a bandit of Attica, 
slain by Theseus. 

prScubo, I, lie along. 

prScudo, di, siun, 3, beat, forge. 

procul, afar, remote. 

prSculco, I, trample down. 

pro-cumbo, 3, fall forward, sink. 

procuratio, onis, p., care, charge. 

procurator, oris, m., deputy, stew- 
ard, administrator, governor. 

procure, i, take charge of, atone. 

pro-curro, 3, run forward, project. 

prScurvus, a, um, crooked. 

prccua, i, M., wooer, suitor; chief 

prod-eo, 4, go forth, advance. 

prodesse (prosum), help. 

pro^co, zl, ct-, 3, predict. 

prodigS, lavishly. 

prodigialis, e, of omens. 

prodigiSsus, a, imi, strange, mar- 
"^^rodigium, i, n., omen, prodigy. 

prodigo, egi, act-, 3, consume. 

pr5digus, a, um, lavish, wasteful. 

proditio, onis, p., treachery. 
-Hproditor, oris, m., traitor, [appoint. 
* 'T>rodo, 3, give forth, deliver, betray. 

produce, zl, ct- 3, to lead forth^ 
produce, extend, promote, protract. 

producte, lengthily. 

productio, onis, p., lengthening. 

productus, a, lun, protracted. 

prceliaris, e, of battle, 
"TWOBlior, I, fight (in battle). 
""^prcelium, i, n., battle, strife. 

Frcetides, um, daughters of Proe- 
tus, king of Tiryns. 

profano, i, consecrate. 

profane, i, desecrate, violate. 

profanus, a, um, unholy, impious. 

profectio, onis, p., departure. 

profecto, surely. 

profectus^ [proficiscor,] gone. 
*f-profectus, us, M. advance. 

pro-fero, bring forward, produce. 

professio, onis, p., declaration. 

professus, a, um, [profiteer,] man- 
ifest ; ez professo, avowedly. 

profestus, a, um, not-festival. 
-4^roficio, 3, go forward, effect. 

Procris, wue of Cephalus. .<f-p>^oficiscor, fectus, 3, go, set forth. 


profiteer — propatnliu. 

profiteer, fesstis, 2, to promise, 
profess, declare, 

profiigatoB, a, um, downcast, cor- 
rupt, wretched, 

profligo, I, despatch, ruin, conquer, 

profio, I, breathe forth, melt, 

profluenB, tis, flowing, Jiuent, 

profluOi xi, zum, ^ flow forth, 

profiuvium, i, N., flow. 

profor, I, speak out, predict, 

pro-fiigiO| 3, escape, flee, 

profugus, a, unii fugitive ; M., exile, 

profundo, fudi, flis-, 3, shed, pour 
forth, spend, 

profundus, a, um, deep ; N., depth, 

profuse, lavishly, exceesively. 

profusuB, a, um, extravagant, 

progenies, ei, F., descent, progeny, 

progigno,genui, genit-, 3, produce, 

prognatUB, a, lun, descended; pL, 

Progne (Procne), es, myth. d. of 
Pandion, k. of Athens ; wife of 
Tereus, changed to a swallow. 

progredior, gressus, 3, proceed, 

progressio, onis, f. ; -us, us, m., 
advance, progress, 

prohibeo, ui, it-,2, hold in front, re- 
strain, forbid, 

proin, •gxoinAe,just so, accordingly, 

projecte, carelessly, 

projectus, a, um, extended, promi- 
nent, inclined, downcast, abject, 

projicio, jeci, ject-, 3, throw forth, 
oppose, expel, reject, 

pr5lkbor, psus, 3, slide forward, 
escape, sink, fail, 

prolatio, onis, f., bringing forward, 
delay, prolonging, 

prolato, I, extend, defer, 

prdlatus, [fero,] brought forward, 

prolecto, I, allure, entice, 

proles, is, um, f., offspring. 

prolize, copiously, 

prolixus, a, um, extended, favor- 
able, courteous, 

fprologus, i, M., prologue, intro- 

proloquor, cutus, 3, speak forth, 

proludo, si, sum, 3, practice in 
advance, prelude. 

proluo, 3, wash or cast forth. 

proluvies, ei, F., overflow, flUh. 

promereo (-or), 2 deserve, 

Prometheus, myth. s. of lapetos. 

promineo, ui, 2, overhang, project* 

promiscue, all together, 

promiscuus, a, um, promiscuous, 

promitto, misi, miss-, 3, /)ti^/or- 
ward, predict, promise, 

prdmissus, a, um, hanging down; 
N., promise, 

promo, mpsi, mpt- 3, to bring 
forth, produce, utter, 

promontoriiun, i, N., mountain- 
range, headland, promontory, 

promotus, a, um. advanced; n. pL, 
preferMe things, 

promoveo, 2, m^ve forward, ex- 
tend, promote, reveal, postpone, 

prompte, promptly, 

promptuarius, a, um, of the stores; 
N., storeroom. 

promptus, a, lun, manifest; at 
hand, prompt, ready, 

promptus, us, M., a manifesting, 

promulgo, I , publish, proclaim, 

prdmulsis, idis» F., a relish, 

pr5mus, a, um, of the larder; N., 
steward, distributor. 

prSmutuuB, a, um, prepaid, lenL 

prone, downward, 

pronuba, Bd^v., presiding over mar- 
riage (Juno) ; bride's attendant. 

pr5nuntiatio, onis, f., proclama- 
tion, utterance. 

prdnuntio, i, proclaim, announce, 
recite, relate, 

pronuper, quite lately, 

pronurus, us, F., grandson's wife. 

pronus, a, um, bending or foUlen 
forward, sinking, inclined, 

fprocemiiun, i, N., introduction, 

\pxoBoenivan,i,N. ,preface,prelude. 

propagatio, onis, F., propagating. 

propages, is; -go, inis, f., layer^ 
setting (of plants), offspring. 

propago, I, propagate, continue. 

propalam, publicly, openly, 

propansus (-psuisus), a, um, spreads 

propatulus, a, uncovered. 


prope — profltemo. 


prope, plus, adme, near, almost 
propediem, very soon. 
propello, puli, puis-, 3, to push on. 
propemodo (-doxn), almost. 
prdpendeo, diiSmn, 2, hang downy 

preponderate, incline. 
prSpense, willingly, readily.. 
propensusi a, iim, weighty, prone. 
properana, tis, hasty, speedy, 
properanter, -at5, speedily. 
properantia, ae, f., haste. 
properatus, a, um, rapid^ hasty, 
proper o, i, hasten. 
propexe, properiter, in haste. 
properuB, a, um, quick, rapid. 
propexus, a, iim, combed forward. 
tpropheta (-testae, m., prophet. 
fpropino, i, drinh one's health; 

give to drink or eat. 
propinque, near at hand. 
propinquitas, atds, F., nearness, 

propinquo, i, bring or draw near. 
propinquus, a, um, near, akin. 
propior, us, nearer, more like. 
propitdo, I, appease. 
propitius, a, um, kind, favorable. 
t propola, 8B, M., forestaller. 
f propolis, is, f., bee-glue. 
propono, sui, sit-, 3, set before, 

put forth, offer, expose. 
Fropontis, the Sea of Marmora. 
proporro, furthermore. 
proportio, onis, f., proportion. 
propositio, onis, f., setting-forth, 

design, purpose. 
pr5posituin, i, N., way, purpose. 
propraetor, 5ris, m., a magistrate, 

proprcetor (ex-praetor). 
proprie, specially, filly. 
proprietas, atia, f., property. 
proprius, a, uin, one's own, proper, 

propter, near, by'reason of. 
propterea,ybr that reason. 
propudiuzn, i, n., a shameful thing. 
propugnaculum, i "s.fiulwark, 
propugnatio, onis, f., defence. 
propugnator, oris, m. champion. 
prSpugno, I, defend, go out to fight, 
propulso, I, defend, ward off. 

propulsus, \jpelloi]pushedfonoard, 
f propylaBuxn, i, n., gateway. 
proquaxn, according as. 
fprdra, as, F., prow (of a ship). 
prorepo, psi, pt-, 3, crawl forth. 
f proreta, as ; -reus, i, m., steersman, 
proripio, ui, rept-, 3, snatch forth. 
prorito, i, provoke, allure. 
prorogatiLo, onis, F., extending. 
prorogOy I , prolong, preserve, defer. 
prorsum, straightforward. 
prorsus, a, um, direct, prose. 
prorsus, onward, precisely, utterhu "^"^^ 
pro-rumpo, 3, thrvist or rush forth, 
pro-ruo, 3, demolish, rush forth. 
proruptus, a, um, unrestrained. 
pr5Ba, as, F., prose. 
prosapia, as, f., stock, race. 
prosatuB, [sero,] produced. 
t proscenium, i, N.^ stage, theatre. 
pro-scindo, 3, cut, furrow. 
proscissoa, [scindo,] cut. 
proscribo, 3, write on, publish, pro- 

scribe (for assassination). 
proscriptio, onis, F., publishingj 

proseco, ui, ct-, i, cut off. 
prdsectus, a, um, cut (for sacrifice). 
prosecutus, [sequor,] following. 
proseda, as, f., harlot. 
prosequor, secut-, 3, follow forth, 

pursue, attend, proceed. 
prosero, sevl, sat-, 3, produce (by 

Proserpina, as, d. of Ceres, stolen 

by Pluto, god of Hades. 
proserpo, 3, creep forward. 
prosilio, ui, 4, spring forth, 
prospects, prudently. 
prospecto, i, look forth ox towards, 

expect, await. 
prospectus, us, m., view, prospect. 
prospeculor, i, look forth, explore, 
prosper (-ems), era, VLm,favorable, 

proBperitas, atis, p., good fortune, 
prospero, i, make happy or prosper. 
prospicio, ezi, ect-, 3, look forth, 

watch, discern, foresee, provide. 
prostemo, stravi, strat-, 3, streWf 

overthrow, destroy. 


prostitao — publioo. 

proBtitao, ni, ut-, 3, expose, suUy. 
proBto, stLti, Stat-, i, stand forth, 

be exposed. 
prSsubigo, 3, dig up, fashion, 
prosum (§ 29, iv.), be helpful, profit. 
protectio, onis, f., shelter. 
protector, oris, m., coverer, guard. 
protectum, i, n., eaves. 
protego, zi, ct-, 3, cover, shelter. 
protelo, I, repulse, prolong. 
prdtelum, i, N., row, team. 
protendo, di, sum (turn), stretch 

forth, extend. 
protenus^protinus, ontoard, 
pro-tero, 3, trample, drive, crush. 
proterreo, ui, it-, 2, scare away. 
proterve (-iter), boldly, wantonly, 
protervitas, atia, p., impudence. 
protervus, a, mn, vehement, bold. 
protestor, i, bear witness, protest. 
Proteus, ei, a sea-divinity, of 

changing form. 
protinam, protinis, forthwith. 
protinus, right onward, at once, 
^-pxoto-t first. 
pr5tollo, 3, stretch forth. 
protraho, zl, ct-, 3, to draw forth, 

expose, protract, 
pr5trituB, [-tero,] worn out. 
protrude, di, sum, 3, push, defer, 
proturbo, i, drive forth, repel. 
prout, according as. 
provectus, a, um, advanced. 
proveho, ari, ct-, 3, carry forth, 

promote ; p., go, move. 
provenio, veni, vent-, 4> come 

forth, arisCy grow, happen, prosper. 
proventus, us, m., growth, result, 
proverbium, i, N., proverb, adage. 
proverto, sum, 3, turn forward. 
provide, carefully, 
providens, tis, prudent, foreseeing. 
prSvidenter, prudently. 
providentia, ee, p., foresight, 
provideo, vidi, vis-, 2, foresee, 

care for, provide, 
providus, a, um, foreseeing, pru- 
dent, provident, 
pr5vincia, ae, p., province, charge, 
pr5vinc;alis, e, of a province, 
provisio, onis, p., foresight. 

proviso, with foresight, 

proviso, 3, go out to see, 

pro visor, oris, m., foreseer, 

provisus, {yideOtl provided. 

provisus, us, 'M.., foreseeing, 

provocatio, 5nis, p., challenge. 

prSvoco, I, call forth, challenge^ 
summon, rouse, appeal, 

provolo, I, fly forth, rush out. 

pro-volvo, 3, roll forth, faU down.. 

proadme (-im5), next. 

prozimitas, atis, p., nearness. 

prozimus, a, um, nearest, next. 

prudens, tis, foreseeing, foreknow- 
ing, skilled, 

priidenter, discreetly, 

priidentia, ee, p., foresight, knowl- 
edge, prudence, 

pruina, ee. P., hoar-frost, winter, 

pruin5sus, a, um, frosty, 

pnina, ee, p., live coal. 

priinum, i, n., plum, 

prunus, i, p., plum-tree, black-thorn. 

prurigo, inis, P., itching. 

prurio, 4, to itch. 

Friisias, ee, king of Bithynia, who 
betrayed Hannibal. 

tprytaneum, i, n., town-hall. 

t psallo, 3, play the lyre, 

^'psevL^o-, false or sham, 

jpsittacus, i, M., parrot. 

Psyche, es (soul), a nymph loved 
by Cupid, and made immortal. 

[-pte, self, own, 

fptisana, ee, p., barley-water, 

Ftolemasus, i, a general of Alex- 
ander, afterwards k. of Egypt, 
till B.C. 283. 

pubens, tis, at puberty, vigorous, 

pubertas, atis, p., puberty, youth. 

pubes (-er, -is), eris, of ripe age; 

pubes, is, p., signs of manhood; 
youth, or vigorous population, 

pubesdo, 3, ripen, attain puberty, 

publicanus, a, um, of the revenue; 
M., farmer of the revenue, 

publicatio, onis, p., confiscation, 

publico (-citus), publicly, at state- 

publico, I, confiscate, make public. 


pnblious — pnteal 


publictia, a, am, of (he public ; N., 
public revenue; M., magistrate. 

pudendus, to be ashamed of, 

pudens, tis, modest, shamefaced. 

pudenter, bashfully, 

pudeo, 2, be ashamed; -et, it shames, 

pudibnndua, a, um, bashful. 

pudxce, modestly, chastely, 

pu^citia, SB, F., modesty, 

pudicus, a, um, modest, chaste. 

pudor, 5ris, M., sense of honor or 
shame, modesty, self-respect. 

pueUa, ee, f,, girl, maiden, 

puellariB, e, girlish, 

puer, eri, m., boy, child (till 17). 

pueriliB, e, boyish, childish, 

pueriliter, like a child, 

pueritia, », p., childhood. 

puerperium, i, n., child-birth, 

puemluB, i, m., little boy. 

pugil. His, M., pugilist, boxer. 

pugillariB, e, of the fist. 

pugilliis, i, M., handful, 

pugilor, I, to box. 

pugio, onia, m., dagger, 

pugna, 86, ¥., a fight, combat, 

pugnaciter, contentiously, 

pugnaz, acis, combative, obstinate, 

pugno, I, to fight, struggle, contend. 

pugnus, i, M., fist, handful, 

polcher, chra, uxn, beautiful, noble. 

pulchre, beautifully, nobly, 

polchritudo, inis, f., beauty, 

puleiuxu (-gioin), i, n., pennyroyal, 

pulez, icis, m., jflea. 

pullarius, a, mn, of the young; m., 
keeper of the sacred chickens, 

pullatuB, a, urn, in black garments, 

pullitiea, ei, f., brood, 

pullulo, I, to sprout, produce. 

pullns, i, M., young, coU, chick, twig, 

pullus, a, uxn, dark, mournful, 

palmentuin (-arium), i, N., relish, 

pulxno, onia, m., lung, 

pulpa, se, F., soft flesh. 

pulpamentttm, i, n., flesh, dainty. 

pulpitom, i, N., stage, platform, 

puis, pultia, F., pottage. 

polaatio, oxiiB, F., beating, 

pulso, I, beat, push, attack, 

pulsus [pello,] driven, routed. 

pulsus, us, M., pushing, trampling, 
pultarius, i, M., pot, jar, 
pulto, I, becU, strike, 
pulver=pulvis, dust. 
pulvereus, a, um, of dusL 
pulvero, I, to bedust, 
pulverulentus, a, um, dusty. 
pulvillus, i, M,, a Iktle cushion. 
pulvinar, aris, n., couch. 
pulvinus, i, M., citshion, pillow. 
pulvis, oris, M., dust, arena. 
pumez, icis, m., pumice-stone. 
pumiceus, a, um, of pumice, dry. 
pumico, I, polish (with pumice). 
pumilio, onis, N., dwarf pigmy, 
pumilus, a, um, dioarflsh. 
punctatim, concisely, to the point. 
punctim, vsith the point. 
pimctum, i, n., point, dot, ballot. 
punctus, us, M., a prick, sting, 
pungo, pupugi, punct-, 3, pierce, 

sting, afflict, distress, 
puniceus, a, um, purple, 
Punicus, a, um, Carthaginian, 
punio (-or), 4, punish, avenge, 
punitor, oris, m., avenger, 
pflpa (-ula), 86, F., girl, doll, 
pupillus, i, M. ; -a, se, f., orphan^ 

ward; F., pupil (of the eye). 
puppis, is, im, i, f., stem, ship. 
pure, purely, clearly. 
purgamen, inis ; -mentum, i, n., 

scouring filth, purgation. 
purgatiLo, onis, F., cleansing. 
purgo, I, cleanse, clear, purify, 
purifico, I, cleanse, expiate, 
purpura, ae, f., purple-fish, purple. 
purpuratus, a, um, clad in purple; 

M., court-officer, 
purpureus, a, um, purple, brUlianU 
purpuro, I, to dye purple. 
purulentus, a, ura, festering, 
purus, a, um, clear, clean, pure. 
pus, puxis, N., festering matter. 
pusillanixnis, e, timid. 
pusillus, a, um, small, petty. 
pusio, onis, M., a little boy. 
pustula (puBula), ae, F., blister, 
putamen, inis, N., trimmings* 
putatio, 5nis, F., pruning, 
puteal, alis, N., well-curb. 


puteo — qualis. 

puteo, 2, have an ill smell. 
Futeoli, omm, a coast-town near 

puter, trie, tre, rotten, crumbling. 
putesco, -isco, 3, to rot, putrify. 
puteus, i, M., a well, pit, cistern. 
putidtui, a, nm, rotten, offensive. 
putillua, i, M. ; -a, m, f., child, 
putOi I, to cleanse, trim, prune; 

reckon, suppose, think, consider, 
putor, oris, m., rottenness. 
putre-facio ; p., -fio, putrify. 
putresco, 3, to decay, 
putridus, a, um, rotten, mellow, 
putuB, a, um, clear, fine ; M., o hoy, 
tpycta (ea), ae, m., boxer. 
Fydna, a town of Macedon, where 

Perseus was defeated, b.c. 146. 
t PyS^ 86, F., the rump, 
pygmaeoB, a, um, pigmy, dwarf. 
Pylae, arum, F. legates), Thermo- 

pylcB ; also a pass in Cilicia. 
Pyioa, i, F., the city of Nestor 

(Pylius), in S.W. Peloponesus. 
tpyra, ae, f., funeral pile. 
-^pyramis idis, F., pjframld. 
FyrenaeuB, a, um, of the Pyrenees. 
"t- pyrites, se, 'M.,, flint, millstone. 
fpyropus, i, m., bronze, 
Pyrrhus, i, i, myth, son of Achilles; 

2, a king of Epirus, who fought 

with the Romans B.C. 280-274. 
pyrum,=:pirum, pear. 
Pythagoras, ae, a philosopher of 

Samos, about B.C. 550. 
Pythius, a, um, Pythian, a title of 

Apollo, from Pytho, a name of 
, Delphi ; F., Delphic priestess. 
Python, onis, M„ a serpent slain 

by Apollo near Delphi, 
t pyxis, idis, f., box for ointments. 


Q, the praenomen Quintus. 

qua, ichere, by what way, how; qua 

. . . qua, as well ... as. 
quacumque, wherever. 
quadamtenus, to such a point, 
quadra, as, F., square. 

quadragini, se, a, forty each. 

quadragesimuB, a, um, fortieth, 

quadragies, forty times. 

quadraginta, forty. 

quadraus, tis, a quarter, farthing, 

quadrate, four-fold. 

quadratns, a, um, square, stout. 

quadriennium, i, n., four years. 

quadrifariam, four-fold. 

quadrifidus, a, um, four-cleft. 

quadrifrons, tis, four-fronted. 

quadrigae, arum, f., team of four. 

quadrigeni, ae, a, 400 each. 

quadrijugis, e ; -gus, a, um, of a 
team of four. 

quadrimus, a, um, four years old. 

quadringeni, ae, a, 400 each. 

quadringenti, ae, a, four hundred, 

quadrigenties, 400 times. 

quadrini, ae, a, jfour each, 

quadripardtus, a, um, in four parts, 

quadrivium, i, N., cross-roads, 

quadro, i, to be or moke square. 

quadrum, i, n., a square. 

quadrupedaus, tis, galloping. 

quadrupes, pedis; -pedus, a, 
um, four-footed. 

quadruplex, icis, four-fold. 

quadruplico(-plo), i, multiply by 4. 

quadruplus, a, um, four-fold. 

quaerito, i, seek earnestly. 

quaere, sivi, sit-, 3, seek, ask, ex- 
amine (by torture). 

quaesitor, oris, m., searcher. 

quaesitus, us, M., search. 

quaeso, ivi, itum, 3, seek, beseech, 

quaestio^ 5nis, f., inquiry, examina- 
tion, case in hand, inquest, 

quaestor, oris, M., qucestor (treas- 
urer, judge, or quartermaster). 

quaestorius, a, um, of the qucestor, 
M., ex-quoestor. 

quaestuose, gainfully. 

quaestuosus, a, um, gainful, eager 
for gain, rich. 

quaestura, ae, f., qucestorship. 

quaestus, us, M., gain, profit, busi- 
ness, employment. 

qualibet, where or as you please, 

qualis, e, of what sort; tSlis, . . . 
qualis, such . . . as. 

qnalitas — qninqiieTlrL 


qaalitas, atia, p., quality, condition, 
qualiter, in what way, as. 
qualum (ua), i, n.,, basket, hamper. 
quad, hate, as, than, very (§ 17, v. 5) 
quamdiu, how long, as long as. 
quamobrem, why, wherefore. 
quaxnprimum, as soon as possible^ 
[uamquaxn, quamvis, although. 
qoanam, where f how f 
qnando, when (§ 43, 7), since. 
quaudoque (-oomque), whenever^ 

at some time or other. 
qnaudoquidem, since. 
quantillus, a, um, how little ! 
quantitas atis, F., extent, quantity. 
qiianto, by how much. 
quautopere, how greatly. 
quantolus, a, um, how little. 
quantum, as or how much. 
quantuB, a, um, as or how great. 
quantusvia (-libet), however great. 
quapropter, wherefore. 
quaqua, wherever, whatever way. 
quare, whereby, why, wherefore. 
quartana, se, F., quartan ague. 
quartani, orum, of the /\ih legion. 
qusui;o (-tum), the fourth time. 
qu£LTtus, a, xnxi, fourth. 
quartus diecvacLMB, fourteenth. 
quasi, as if, as it were. 
quasillum, i, n. (-us, m.), wool-basket. 
quasBO, I, shake, shatter. 
quaBsua, [quatio,] shaken. 
quatenuB, how far, how long, where. 
quater,ybi«r times. 
quatemi (pL), four each, by fours. 
quatio, quassum, 3, shake, rack, 

beat, harass, shatter. 
quattuor (quatuor), four. 
quattuordecim, fourteen. 
-que, and, also. 

queiB==quibua, (dat pi. of qui), 
quemadmodum, how, as, 
queo, 4 (def. § 37 viii.), can. 
quercetum, i, n., oak-wood. 
quercua, us, f., oc^. 
querela, ee, p., complaint, plaint. 
querimonia, as, P., complaint. 
quernus (-neus), a, tun. oaken. 
queror, questus, 3, complain. 
querquedula, se, p., duck, teal. 

querquenis (quercems), a, um, 

shivering with cold or ague. 
querquetulanua, of an o3c-wood. 
querulus, a, um, complaining. 
questus, us, M., complaint. 
qui, quae, quod, who, which (§ 21). 
qm, why, how, that 1 
quia, because , quianam, why f 
quio-Bsquid-, what. 
quioiun, quibuscum, with whom. 
qui-cumque, whoever. 
quid, [quis,] what f why f 
quidam, a certain one (T. 6). 
quidem, indeed, at least; ne . • . 

quidem, not even. 
quidni ? why not f 
quidquid (quicquid), whatever. 
quies etis, p., rest, quiet, repose. 
quiesco, evi, etum, 3, to rest, sleep^ 

be quiet, or neutral. 
quiete, calmly. 
quietus, a, um, calm, still. 
qui-libet, any one you will. 
quin, that not, but that, nay, why not t 
quinarius, a, um, containing five. 
quincunx, cis, p., five-twelfths; a 

pattern of fives, thus : - — '.*!•!•! 
quincuplez, icis, five-fold. 
quindecim, fifteen. 
quindecimv£ri,£oarc/ of 1 5, having 

in charge the Sibylline books. 
quingenarius, a, um, of 500 each. 
quingeni, ae, a, 500 each. 
quingentesimus, a, um, 500^^. 
quingenti, ae, 2L,five hundred. 
quingenties, five hundred times. 
quini, ae, a, five each, by fives, five. 
quinideni (quindeni), 15 each. 
quinquageni, fifty each. 
quinquagesimus, a, um, fiftieth. 
quinquagies, fifty times. 
quinquaginta, fifty* 
quinquatrus, uum, P. ; -tria, N., 

a feast of Minerva. 

quinquennia, e, of five years. 
quinquennium, i, ^.,five years. 
quinqueremis, is. P., quinquereme, 

a ship of 5 banks 01 oars, 
quinqueviri, pi. Board of five for 

allotting lands, &c. 


qninqnies — rancidiu. 

quinqnies (ens), Jive times. 

quintSnuB, a, um, of the ^th legion. 

Qaintnis, is, m., JtUy, 

quinto (-turn), /or theffih time. 

quintus, a, -om^Jifth. 

quippe, indeed, surety^ since. 

quippiam=quidplaxn, any thing. 

quippi-nam, why not f to be sure. 

Quirinalis, e, ojf Romulus; u., a 
hill of Rome ; N. pL, a festival of 
Quirinus, the deified Romulus. 

quiris (ouris), a spear. 

Quirites, ium, the name by which 
the Roman people were ad- 
dressed in political assemblies. 

quirito, i, shriek, scream. 

quis, quae, quid, whof whatf any. 

quis=quibu8, abl. pi. of quL 

quis-nam, who pray f who then t 

quia-piam any one or thing. 

quib-quam (with neg.). any. 

qui3-que, each, every, whoever. 

quisquiliae, anim, trash, refuse. 

quis-quis (§ 21, I., i), whoever. 

quivls, who or what you will. 

quo, where, whither, wherefore, in 
order that (§ 64, ii.). 

quoad, how long f as long or far as^ 

quociroa, wherefore. [untU. 

quocumque, whithersoever. 

quod, that, in that, because ; -si, but 

quodammodo, somehow. [if. 

quoiUB, qaoi:=BOUjus, cui [qui]! 

quolibet, whither you wiU. 

quom^cum, when. 

quoxninus, that not (§ 65, iii.). 

quomodo, how^ 

quonam, whither pray f 

quondam, once, formerly, sometimes 

quoniaxn, since, whereas. 

quopiam, quoquam, any-whither. 

quoque, also, even. 

quoquo, whithersoever, 

quoquomodo, howsoever. 

quorsum, whitherward, to what end, 

quot, how many, as many; with 
words of time, every: as, 

quotannis, yearly. 

quot cumque, however many. 

quoteni, pL, how many each, 

quotidianus, a, um, daily. 

quotidie, every day. 
quoties, (ens), how often. 
quotiescumque, however often. 
quotquot, however many. 
quotus, a, um, one of how many. 
quotus-cumqne, of however many, 
quotus-quisque, how many or few, 
q}io\iBq}ie, how long f how far f 
qnovis, whither you wHl. 
quum=cum, when, since. 
quum majdme, very especially. 

rabide, madly, furiously. 

rabidus, a, um, mad, fierce. 

rabies, ei, f., madness, rage. 

rabiosus, a, um, raving, fierce. 

rabo, 3, to be mad. 

rabo, onis (arrhabo), pledge. 

rabula, ee, m., brawler, pettifogger. 

racemifer, era, um, cluster-bearing. 

racemor, i, to glean. 

racemus, i, m., cluster of grapes. 

radiatus, a, um, bright wiA rays. 

radicatus, a, um, rooted. 

radicitus, by the root. 

radicor, i, to strike root. 

radio, i, to furnish with spokes or 

rays, to beam, shine. 
radius, i, M., staff, rod, spoke, ray 

or beam, shuttle. 
radix, icis, F., root, foot (of hill), 

source, foundation. 
rado, si, sum, 3, scrape, shave, graze. 
Rseticus, a, um, Rhoetian, of the 

rallum, i, N., [rado,] scraper. 
rallus, a, um, thin. 
ramalia, um, N. pi., brushwood. 
ramelita, orum, N. pL, parings, 

rameus, a, um, of boughs. 
ramices, um, M., blood-vessels. 
Ramnes, the Latin stock in Rome, 
ramosus, a, um, branching. 
ramus (-ulus), i, m., branch, bough* 
rana (-ula), se, F., frog. 
rancens, tis, putrid. 
rancidua, a, um, rank, offensive. 

raneor — redamo. 


rancor, 1Mb, M., rankness, grudge. 

ranimculuB, i,M., tadpole, crow/ooL 

rapa (-ena), ee, F., turnip. 

rapacitas, atis, F., greediness. 

rapaz, acis, grasping, greedy. 

raphanuB, i, m., radish. 

rapiciuB, a, um, of turnip or rape. 

rapide, hurriedly. 

rapiditas, atis, F., swiftness. ' 

rapidua, a, um, swift, hurried. 

rapina, ee, f., robbery, plunder. 

rapio, ui, pt-, 3, seize, drag away. 

raptim, violently, hurriedly. 

rapto, I, snatch aioay, lay waste. 

raptor, oris, m., robber, plunderer. 

raptus, [rapio,] snatched, stolen. 

raptuB, UB, M., ravishing by force. 

rapain=rapa, turnip. 

rare (rarenter), seldom, rarely. 

rarefaciOffeci, fact-, 3, make rare. 

raresco, 3, grow thin or rare. 

raritas, atis, p., sparseness, fewness. 

raritQdo, inis, f., looseness. 

rarS, seldom, sparsely. 

rams, a, nm, rare, sparse, thin, few. 

rasilis, e, smoothed, scraped. 

raster, tri, m. ; (-tnzm, n.), a rake, 
hoe, mattock. 

rasiira, se, F., scraping, shaving. 

raaua, [rado,] scraped, shaven. 

rate, surely. 

ratio, onia, f., [recr,] reason, reck- 
oning, matter, regard, motive, view. 

ratiocinStio, onia, F., reasoning. 

ratiocinor, i, reckon, reason. 

rationalis, e, of reason or accounts. 

ratis, is, f., raft, float, vessel. 

ratiuncula, ee, F., petty reckoning. 

rat5, surely. 

ratus, [reor,] a, am, supposing; 
reckoned, fixed, proportional. 

raucua, a, um, hoarse, harsh. 

randus, eris, n., lump (of brass). 

Ravenna, ee, F., a port of N. £. 

ravio, 4, taUc one's self hoarse. 

ravis, im, F., hoarseness. 

ravus, a, run, tawny; hoarse. 

[re-, red-, back or again. 

rea, se, f., [reus,] defendant, 

reapse, in very fact. 

Reate, is, N., a Sabine town. 
rebellio, onis, f. ; -um, i, n., a 

renewal of war, revoU. 
rebellis, is, insurgent. 
rebello, i, to revolt, renew hostilities. 
rebito, i, turn back, return. 
reboo, i, re-echo. 
recaleo, 2. to keep warm, 
recalesco, ui, 3, recover warmth. 
recanto, i, charm away, revoke. 
recede, cessi, cess-, 3, withdraw^ 

retreat, part, abandon, 
recello, 3, spring back. 
recens, tis, fresh, new, recent. 
recenseo, ui, sum (sit-), 2, reckon 

over, review. 

recensio. cms, f. ; -sus, us, m., 

reviewing, register. 

recenter, recently. 

receptaculum, i, N., a receptacle 
place of refuge. 

receptio, onis, f., receiving. 

recepto, i, take back, recover, har^ 
bor, admit, puU back, withdraw. 

receptor (-ator), 5ris, m., receiver, 
concealer, harborer. 

receptus, [recipio,]recovcr6c?; n., 
an engagement. 

receptus, us, m., retreat, refuge. 

recessim, 'backward. 

recessus, [recede,] withdraum. 

recessus, us, m., act or place of 
retreat, recess, departure. 

recidivus, a, um, [cado,] return- 
ing, restored. 

recido, 3, fall back, relapse, occur. 

recido, si, sum, 3, cut off, abridge. 

recingo, net-, 3, ungird, loosen. 

recino, [cano,] 3, resound, sing. 

recipero=recupero, recover. 

recipio, cepi, cept-, 3, retake, with- 
draw, recover, receive, undertake. 

reoiprocatio, onis, f., alternation. 

reciproco, i, come and go, exchange. 

reciprocus, a, um, returning, re- 
ceding, reciprocal. 

recisus, a, tun, cut off, abridged. 

recitatio, onis, f., reading aloud. 

recito, i, read out, recite. 

reclame (-ite), i, cry out against, 
demand, resound. 


reolinis — refbcillo. 

recHnis, e, leaning backward, 
reclino, i, bend back, lean back, 
reclivis, e ; -us, a, uin, sloping back, 
recludo, si, sum, 3, uncover, dis- 
close; shut fast. 
recoctus, [ooqviOt] forged. 
recogito, i, reflect, 
recognitio, onis, F., recollection, 

examination, review. 
recognoBco, ovi, it-, 3, recognize. 

review, examme. 

recolligo, legi^lect-, 3- gather back. 
recolo, ui, cult-, 3, till again, con- 
sider, survey. 
reconciliatio, onia, F., reconcUia- 

tion, restonng, renewal. 
reconcilio, i, reconcile^ restore, 
recondituB, a, um, hidden, abstruse. 
recondo, didi, dit>, 3, conceal, 

store away. 
recoquOi zi, ct-, 3, cook or forge 

again, remould. 
recordatio, onis, f., remembrance. 
recorder, i, think over, call to mind. 
recrementum, i, n., dross, chaff. 
recreo, i, restore, refresh. 
recrepo, ui, i, resound. 
re-cresco, 3, grow again. 
recrudesco, dui, 3, grow raw again. 
recta, straightway, right on, 
recte (-t5), uprightly, directly. 
rector, oris, m., guide, commander. 
rectas, [rego,] 3, upright, correct, 

recubo, i, recline, lie backward. 
recumbo, cubui, 3, lie down, sink, 

recline, fall. 
recuperatio, onis, F., recovery. 
recuperator, 5ris, M., recoverer; 

pL, a Board of Claims. 
recupero, i, recover, get back. 
reciiro, i, care for, restore. 
recurro, curri, curs-, 3, run back, 

return, recur, 
recurso, i, hapten or come back. 
recursus, iis, m., a return, retreat. 
recurvo, i, to bend backward. 
recurvuB, a, um, bent back, 
recusatio, 5nis, F.. refusal, protest. 
recuse, i, to refuse, reject, 
recussus [-cutio,] struck back. 

redactus, [-igo,] reduced, svMue^, 
red£Lrguo, ui, ut-, 3, refute, confute, 
reddo, didi, dit-, 3, restore, yieldy 

deliver, bestow, render, copy. 
redemptio, onis, f., buying-off, 
redemptor, oris, m., contractor. 
redemptus, [-imo,] redeemed. 
redeo, ii, it-, 4, return, be reduced, 

go back, proceed. 
redhibeo, it-, 2, give or take back, 
Rediciilus, i, the divinity causing 

retreat of the enemy. 
redigo, egi, act-, 3, diHve or bring 

back, reduce, compel. 
redimiculum, i, n., fillet, girdle. 
redimib, 4, bind, wreathe, gird. 
redimo, exni, empt-, 3, buy bach, 

buy up, redeem, obtain, atone, 
redintegro, i, restore, renew. 
reditio, onis, f. ; -tus, fis, h., 

return, revenue. 
redivivus, a,um, restored, renetoed. 
redoleo, ui, 2, yield an odor. 
redone, i, give back, restore. 
reduce, zi, ct-, 3, bring back, con* 

duct, withdraw, reduce. 
reductus, a, um, retired, remote. 
reduncus, a, um, bent back, 
redundans, tis, excessive. 
redundo, i, overflow. 
reduvia, ee, F., hangnail, fragment. 
reduz, ticis, brought back, restored. 
refectie, onis, F., refreshment, 
refectus, [reficio,] refreshed, 
refello, felli, refute, repel, disprove. 
refercio, si, turn, stuff, cram, 
refero, tuli, lat, bring back, restore^ 

withdraw, repay, report, reply, con- 

vey, refer ; pedem, retreat, 
refert, (§ 50, iv. 4), it concerns. 
refertus, [refercio,] /wtf, a-ammed. 
refervesco, vi, 3, to boil up, 
reficio, feci, feet-, 3, restore, refit. 
refigo, 3d, zum, unfasten, take down. 
refinge, 3, moke anew. 
reflatus, us, m., adverse wind, 
reflecte, ad, zum, 3, bend or twm 

back; animnm, reflect, 
refle, i, blow contrary. 
refluo, 3, ^flow bach overflow. 
refocille, i, tcarm back to life. 

reformido — remollio. 


reformido, i, dread greatly. 
reformo, i, transform, alter, 
refoveo,fovi,fot-, 2, cherish, restore, 
refractuB, [refringo,] broken, 
refragor, i, oppose, resist. 
refreno, i, curb, check. 
refrico, cui, oat-, i, to gaU or fret. 
refrigero, i, to cool off ox dotvn. 
refrigescOfUd, 3, gj^ow cool, or stale. 
refringo, fregi, fract-, 3, break off 

or to pieces, destroy. 
refugio, fugi, 3, flee back, escape. 
refagium, i, n., a refuge, escape. 
refugus, a, uxn, receding, fleeing. 
refulgeo, si, 2, flash back, gleam. 
refando, fadi, fua-, 3, pour back. 
refiisuB, a, um, overflowing, spread. 
refuto, I, check, drive back, refute. 
regalia, e, kingly; M., pi. princes, 
regaliter, royally, lordly. 
regelo, i, to thaw. 
regenero, i, reproduce. 
regero, geaai, gest-, 3, carry or 

throw back, transa'ibe. 
regia, as, F., royal residence, 
regie, royally, despotically. 
regificus, a, um, regal, sumptuous. 
Regilliis; m., a lake in Latium, 

where the Latins were defeated 

by Postumius, b.c. 498. 
regimen, inis, n., guidance, rule, 

government, command, helm. 
reg^a, se, F., queen, princess. 
regio, onis, F., [rego,] direction, 

bound, region, province. 
regiuB, a, um, kingly, magnijicent. 
regnator, oris, M., ruler, sovereign. 
regno, i, to reign, rule, govern. 
regnum, i, N., royalty, reign, king- 
dom, despotic authority. 
rego, xi, ct-, 3, rule, guide, direct. 
regredior, gress-, 3, return, retire. 
regreasuB, us, M., a return, retreat. 
regula, ae, F., bar, rule, model. 
regulua, i, M., prince or petty ruler. 
Regnlua, M. Atiliua, a commander 

in the ist Punic War, b.c. 356. 
reioio=rejicio, cast back. 
rejectio, onia, f., throwing out. 
rejioio, jeoi, jeot-, 3, cast away, 
force back, reject, drive back. 

rejicidua, a, nm. worthless. 
relabor, laps-, 3, fall or flow back. 
relangueaco, giii, 3, slacken, relax, 
relatio, onia, f. ; -tua, ua, m., 

bringing back, return, report. 
relatua, [fero,] brought back. 
relazo, i, loosen, widen, relieve. 
relegatio, onia, f., banishment. 
relego, i, despatch, remove, banish. 
re-lego, 3, gather or traverse again. 
relevo, i, lift, lighten, refresh. 
reliotio, onia, f., abandonment. 
relictua, [-linquo,] left ; f., widow. 
religio, onia, F., religion, pious 

scruple, sacredness, oath, guiU. 
religioaua, a, vuaif pious, scrupulousy 

sacred, religious. 
religo, I, bind, fasten (to shore). 
relino, levi, 3, unseal, open. 
relinquo, Hqni, lict-, 3, leave be- 
hind, abandon, for saJce, neglect. 
reliquiae, arum, f., remnant, relics, 
reliquor, i, be in arrears. 
reliquua, a, um remaining, rest of, 

future; N., arrears of debt. 
relligio=religio, religion. 
reluceo, zi, 2 ; -ceaco, 3, shine out, 
reluctor, i, to struggle against. 
re-maneo, 2, stay, remain, endure. 
remanaio, onia, F., abiding, stay. 
remedium, i, n., remedy, relief 
remeligo, inia, F., hinderer, 
remeo, i, to return. 
remetior, menaua, 4, to measure 

back, traverse, repass. 
remez, igia, m., oarsman. 
remigium, i, N., rowing, oars, crew. 
remigo, i, to row. 
remigro, i, to journey back. 
reminiacor, 3, recall to mind. 
remiaae, gently, slackly. 
remiaaio, onia, F., remitting, slack" 

ening, flagging, laxity. 
remiaaua, a, um, loose, lax, gentle. 
remitto, nuai, miaa-, 3, send back, 

relax, restore, yield, lull. 
remolior, 4, move back. 
remolleaco, 3, groto soft, relax. 
remollio, it-, 4, to soften. 
remora, ae, f., delay, hindrance. 
remordeo, mora-, 2, vex, torment. 


remoror — reqTiieta& 

remoror, i, to delay, tarry, defer, 

rem5te, at a distance, 

remotuB, [moveo,] distant^ sepa- 
rate, remote. 

removeo, movi, m5t-, 2, withdraw^ 
remove, set aside, put away, 

remugio, 4, heUow hack. 

remulceoy si, sum, 2, droop, soothe. 

remulcum, i, N., a voarp, tow- 

remiineratio, Snls, f., reward. 

remuneror, i, to recompense. 

remurmuro, i, murmur back. 

remiis, i, m., an oar. 

Remus, i, twin br. of Romulus. 

reliarro, i, tell over, relate. 

renascor, natus, 3, grow up again. 

reneo, 2, unravel, undo. 

renes, am (ium), m., kidneys. 

renideo, 3, to shine, glimmer, smile. 

remtor. 3, strive against. 

reno, i, sujim back. 

reno, 5nis m., reindeer (T). 

renodo, i, loosen. 

renovatio, onis, F., renewal. 

renovo, i, renew, restore, revive. 

renumero, i, count over. 

renuntiatio, Snis, f., report. 

renuntio (cio), i, bring back word, 
report, retract, renounce, proclaim. 

renuo, nui, 3, deny, refuse. 

reor, rStus, 2, believe, suppose, 

repagola, orom, N., bars, restraints. 

repandus, a, um, bent back, up- 

reparabilis, e, recoverable. 

reparco, 3, to spare, refrain. 

xepaio, I, recover, restore^ win. 

repastino, i, to dig again, travel. 

repedo, i, retreat. 

repello, puli, puis-, 3, push back, 
drive away, reject, repel. 

rependo, di, n8.,3, weigh or pay 
back, recompense, requite. 

repens, tis, sudden, recent. 

repenso, i, counterbalance. 

repente, suddenly. 

repentinus, a, sudden, unexpected. 

repercussus, us, m., reverberation. 

repercutio, cussi, cuss-, 3, to strike 
back, resound, re-echo. 

reperio, peri, pert-, 4^ find, discover, 
repertor, dris, m., discoverer. 
repertuB, us, m., discovery. 
repetitjo, onis, F., claim, repetition. 
repeto, ivi (ii) it,, 3, attack again, 

fetch or call back, resume, claim. 
repetundae, arum, F., (res), things 

claimed on charge of extortion. 
repleo, evi, et-, 2, fill up, satisfy. 
repletus, a, van, full. 
replicatio, onis, f., a folding back, 

replico, i, fold back, revolve, reflect. 
repo, psi, pt-, 3, to creep, crawl. 
repono, posui, sit-, 3, put or bend 

back, restore, lay by, substitute. 
reporto, i, bring back, bear away. 
reposoo, 3, demand or claim back. 
repositSrium, i, N., tray, deposit. 
repositus (postus), distant. 
repotia, orum, n., carouse. 
repraesentatio, onis, f., exhibiting, 

pay in cash. 
repreesento, i, exhibit, represent, 

pay down, do promptly. 
reprehendo, di, sum, 3, to seize, 

check, Name. 
repre]ien8io,5ms, F., check, blame. 
represse, with restraint. 
reprimo, preasi, press-, 3, check, 

restrain, confine, repress, baffle, 
reprobo, i, disapprove, condemn, 
re-promitto, 3, bind, pledge, in 

repto, I, to creep, cratd. 
repudiatio, onis, F., refusal 
repudio, i, [pudet,] divorce, reject. 
repudium, i, n., act of divorce, 
repuerasco, 2, be a boy again. 
repugnans, tis, opposed, contrary. 
repugn antia, ae, f., repugnance. 
repugno, i, oppose, resist, disagree. 
repulsa, 8B, f., refused, rejection. 
repulsus, [pello,j remote. 
repulsus, us, m., rebounding, echo, 
repurgo, i, purify, purge. 
reputatio, 5nis, f., reckoning, 
reputo, I, count over, reckon, think. 
requies, etis, F., rest, repose. 
requiesco, evi, et-, 3, find rest, 
requietus, a, rested, refreshed. 


reqniro — retmaculnm. 


requiro, sivi (aii), sit-, 3, to seek 

again, ask, demand, require, 
requisitom, i, n., a need, 
tea, rSi, f., a thing, fact, property, 

advantage, cause, affair, case. 
resarcio, sart-, 3, restore, patch up* 
rescindo, scidl, sciaa-, 3, cut 

doum or away, lay open, abolish, 
rescio, 4 ; -aciBCO, 3, asc&riain, 
rescribo, psi, pt-, 3, reply in writ- 
ing, give a decision or rescript, 
reseco, ui, ct-, i,c%Uqff, check, 
resecro, i, implore repeatedly, 
reseda, as, p., mignonette, 
resero, i, unlock, disclose, 
resero, sevi, 3, plant again, 
reservo, i, keep hack, save up, 
reses, idis, remaining idle, stagnant, 
xesez, ecis, n., a branch, cut in. 
resideo, sedi, 2, remain, stay be- 
hind, abide, be idle, 
resido, sedi, 3, settle, subside, 
residuus, a, um, remaining, out- 
standing ; N. pi., arrears, 
resigno, i, unseal, open, cancel, 
resilio, ui, 4, spnng back, recoil, 
xesiaiuB, a, van, flattened back, 
resina, ee, F., resin, rosin, 
resinoBus, a, uizi, gummy, resinous, 
resipio, 3, savor, smack, taste, 
resipisco, ivi (ii), 3, recover senses, 
reslsto, stiti, 3, stand, stay, oppose, 
resolutio, onis, p., slackening, 
resolutus, a, uizi, relaxed, 
resolvo, vi, utum, 3, loosen, lay 

open, unbind, relax, annul, 
resono, avi, i, resound, re-echo, 
resonus, a, nm, resounding, 
xesorbeo, 2, suck or swallow back, 
respecto, i, to look back, wail, 

have regard to, 
respectus, us, m., a looking back, 

regard, consideration, 
respergo, si, sum, 3, besprinkle. 
respersio, onis, p., sprinkling, 
respiciens, tis, regardful, provident, 
respicio, ezi, ect-, 3, look back on, 

regard, respect, consider, 
respiratio, onis, F., breathing, 
respiro, i, breathe back, take breath, 
resplendeo, 2, to glitter. 

respondeo, di, nm, 2, to cmstoer, 

promise, give response, Ojccord, 
responsio, oois, F., reply, refuta- 
tion, response, 
responso (-itoX i, reply, respond, 
responsum, i, n., a reply, opinion, ^ 
res-publica (§ 14^ ii, 2), common* 


respuo, id, 3, spit back, reject, 
restagno, i, omerfiofw, lie under water, 
restauro, i, restore, renew, 
restibilis, e, restored, resown, 
restinguo, nxi, not-, 3, extinguish, 
restipulor, i, to engage in return, 
restis, is, im (em), e, p., rope, cord, 
restito, i, loker, 
rSstituo, Hi, ut-, 3, set up again^ 

deliver back, restore, reccUl, 
restitutio, onis, F., restoring, re^ 

placing, reinstating, 
resto, stLti, i, stay, remain, resist, 
restricte, sparingly, 
restrictus, a, run, strict, stingy, 
restringo, nzi, ct-, 3, draw back, 

bind fast; unfasten, disclose, 
resulto, I, leap back, re-echo, 
re-sum, esse, fui, remain, abide, 
resumo, mpsi, mpt-, 3, take back, 

resume, restore. 
resuinno, i, bend back, break doum, 
resupinus, a, um, bent backward^ 

on the back, negligent, slothful, 
resurgo, rezi, rect-, 3, rise again* 
resuscito, i, revive. 
resutus, a, lun, ripped open, 
retardatio, onis, f., delay, 
retardo, i, to hinder, delay, 
rete, is, n., net, snare, 
retego, id, ct-, 3, uncover, lay bare, 
retendo, di, (sum), tum, 3, unbend, 
retentio, onis, p., holding back, 
retento, i, hold back; try again, 
retentns, [tendo,] relaxed ; [tineo] 

kept, retained. 
retezo, acui, art-, 3, unweave, annxd; 

weave over, repeat. 
retiarius, i, m., a net-fighter, 
reticentia, se, p., silence. 
reticeo, id, 2, keep silent, conceal. 
reticulum, i, n., a little net, bag. 
retinaculum, i, n., band, hawser. 


retinens — rigor. 

retinens, tia, tenacious. 

retmeo, ui, tent-, 2, hold back, 

check, preserve, maintain, 
retorqueo, si, turn, 2, hurl backy 

twist, wrap about. 
retractatio, onis, f., hesitation. 
retractio, 5iiis, f., withdrawal. 
retracto, i, handle again; with- 

draw, refuse, retract. 
retractus, a, tun, remote. 
retraho, 3d, ct-, 3, withdraw, keep 

or drag back. 
retribuo, ui, ut-, 3, restore, repay. 
retrimentum, i, n., dregs, sedi- 
' ment. 

retro, backward, back, formerly. 
retrorsam (-bub), retroversos, 

backward, [retuli, v. refero. 
retrudo, sum, 3, thrust back. 
retundo, tudi, tus, 3, to beat back, 

blunt, check, restrain. 
retUBUB (-tunsuB), a, um, blunted. 
reuB, i, M., rea, ee, f., one arraigned, 

on trial ; defendant or debtor. 
reveho, xi, ct^, 3, carry back. 
revello, velli, vuIb-, 3, tear away. 
revelo, i, unveil, disclose. 
revenio, veni, vent-, 4, to return. 
revera, in fact. 

reverenduB, a, um, venerable. 
reverens, tis, respectful, 
reverentia, ae, F., respect, reverence. 
revereor, itus, 2, to stand in awe, 

revere, regard, respect. 
reversio, oniB, f., a turning back. 
reverter (-to), bub, 3, to turn back, 

revert, return. 
revimentum, i, n., fringe. 
revincio, nzi, not-, 4, bind fast. 
revinco, ci, ct-, 3, conquer, convict. 
revireBCO, rui, 3, to grow green or 

strong again. 
reviso, 3, look back on, return. 
revivisco, vixi, 3, to revive. 
revocatio, 5niB, F., recalling. 
revoco, i, call back, fetch back, 

recall, revoke, regain, withhold. 
revolo, I, fly back, 
revolvo, vi, ut-, 3, roll back, unfold, 

repeat; p., return. 
revomo, ui, 3, disgorge. 

revorto=reverto, return. 
revulBUB, [revello,] torn away. 
rex, regiB, m., king, chief, tyrant 
RhadamanthuB, i, myth, brother 

of Minos, a judge in Hades. 
Rh8etia=:Radtia, Tyrol. 
RhamnuBiuB, a, um, F., ofRham- 

nus, a town of Attica. 
Rhea Sylvia, mother of Romulus, 
rheda, ee, F., carriage, chariot. 
rhedariuB, i, m., coachman. 
RheginuB, a, um, of Rhegium, at 

the southern point of Italy. 
RhenuB, i, m., the Rhine, eastern 

boundary of Gaul. 
RheBUB, i, myth, prince of Thrace, 

killed by Diomed and Ulysses. 
f rhetor, 6ris, m., rhetorician, orator. 
f rhetoricuB, a, um, of a rhetori- 
cian ; F., rhetoric, oratory. 
rhinoceroB, otia, m., rhinoceros. 
RlupseuB, a, um, Scythian ; m. pi., 

mts. of northern Scythia. 
RhodanuB, i, m., the Rfione, a river 

of S. E. Gaul. 
Rhodope, ea, f., a mt. range of 

Thrace ; -eiuB, a, um, Thracian. 
Rhodoa, i, F., the island Rhodes^ 

S. W. from Asia Minor. 
Rhoeteum, i, prom, at the mouth 

of Hellespont, near Troy. 
rhombuB, i, m., magic circle, turbot. 
rhomphsea, ae, F., a barbaric jave- 
frhoncuB, i, M., snore, sneer. 
f rhus, rhoiB, M., sumach. 
frhythmoB, i, M., harmony, rhythm, 
rica, se, F. ; -cinium, i, N., head-veil, 
ricinus, i, m., sheep-tick. 
rictus, us, M., the open mouth. 
ndeo, si, sum, 2, laugh (at), smUe. 
ridiculose, laughably. 
ridiculoBUB, a, um, laughable. 
ridiculuB, a, um, /unn^, ridiculous^ 

absurd; u., jester ; a., jest. 
rigens, tis, stiff, rigid, frozen. 
rigeo, ui, 2, to be stiff, numb. 
rigesco, gui, 3, to stiffen, harden, 
rigidus, a, um, stiff, hard, stem, 
rigo, I, to water, moisten. 
rigor, 5riB, M., stiffness, numbness. 

ngnxm — mmez. 


rigaus, a, um, irrigating, watered, 

Tima, se, f., crack, chink, crevice. 

Timor, I, turn up, rummage, explore. 

rimoaiis, a, unii fall of cracks. 

ringor, rict-, 3, snarl, show the teeth, 

ripa, 8Br F., river-bank. 

ripariua, a, nm, on the bank. 

f riscuB, i, M., trunk, chest, 

riaus, ua, m., laughter, 

rite, in due order. 

ritua, ua, m., rite, custom, ceremony. 

rivalia, e,ofa bank; m., rival; pL, 
neighbors (on the same brook). 

rivulua, i, M., rill. 

rivua, i, M., stream, brook, channel. 

riza, se, F., quarrel, contest, 

rizor, i, wrangle, quarrel, conflict, 

rdbiginoauB, a, um, rusty. 

robigo, inia, F., rust, mildew, 

roboreua, a, um, oaken, 

r5boro, I, to strengthen. 

robiir, 6ria, n., knotty oak (trunk 
or timber), bulk, strength, vigor, 

robuatua, a, nm, oaken, firm. 

r5do, .ai, aum, 3, to gnaw, corrode, 

rodu8=s=raadtia, lump, 

rogatio, onia, f., inquiring, pro- 
posal (of a bill), request, 

rogator, oria, M.,proposer (of a law). 

rogatua, ua, m., request, 

rogito, I, ask eagerly, entreat, 

rogo, I, ask, solicit (votes), pro" 
pose (a law), request, 

rogua, i, m., funeral pile. 

R5ma, ae, Rome, founded B.C. 753. 

Romauua, a, uxn, Roman. 

Romulua, i, the founder and first 
k. of Rome, B.C. 753-717. 

rorarii, orum, m., [iob^ skirmishers. 

roro, I, to drop, trickle, bedew. 

r5a, roria, M., dew, moisture; ma- 
rinua, rosemary, 

roaa, ae, F., a rose. 

roaariua, a, am, of roses ; N., rose- 
bed or garden, 

roacidua, a, tun, dewy, wet, 

roaetum, i, n., rose-bed, 

foaeoa, a, um, of roses, full of 
roses, rosy, 

Roaea, », a town of N. £. Italy. 

roamarinua, i, m. (-um, n.), rose" 

roatsra, orum, the orator's platform 
in the Forum. 

roatratua, a, um, armed or adorned 
with points, beaked. 

roatrum, i, N., beak, bill, ship's beak, 

roauB, [r5do,] gnawn. 

rota (-Ilia), ee, F., wheel, disk, chariot, 

roto, 1,^0 turn, whirl, revolve, 

rotundo, i, to make round. 

rotundua, a, um, round, well-turned, 

rube-faoio, 3, to redden, 

rubena, tia, red, blushing. 

rubeo, bui, 2, to be red, blush. 

ruber, bra, um, red : mare, the Red 
5ea (Arabian and Persian Gulfs). 

rubeaco, bui, 3, to grow red, blush, 

rubeta, drum, n., brambles. 

rubeua, a, um, red; of brambles, 

Rubico, onia, M., a river of N. Ita- 
ly, bounding Caesar's province. 

rubidua (-cundua), a, um, ruddy, 

rubigo=robigo, rust, blight, 

rubor, oria, m., redness, Mush, 

rubrica, ee, F., red earth or chalk. 

rubruas=ruber, red, 

rubua, i, m., bramble, blackberry, 

ruoto, I, to belch. 

ruotua, ua, M., belching. 

rudectua, a, um, rubbishy, poor. 

rudena, tia, m., rope, cord, cordage. 

rudiariua, i, m., [rudia,] discharged 
gladiator, presented with a rod. 

rudimentum, i, n., attempt, rudi- 
ment, rude beginning. 

rudia, e, raw, rude ; (as noun) brute, 

rudia, ia, F., a rod, fencing-foil. 

rudo, ivi, it-, 3, to roar, bray. 

rudua, eria, N., rubble, soil, rubbish, 

riifo, I, to dye or stain red. 

rufua (-ulua), a, um, red, red-haired. 

ruga, 8e, F.,wrinkle, crease. 

rugitua, ua, m., roaring, rumbling, 

rugo, I, to crease, wrinkle. 

rugoaua, a, um, wrinkled, furrowed. 

ruina, ae, ruin, downfall. 

ruinoaua, a, um, going to ruin, 

ruma, ae, f., «=rumia, breast. 

rumen, inia, N., throat. 

rumex, icia, sorrel, a kind of darL 


nunifloo — sagitto. 

nimifico, i, to make report. 
Ruminalia ficus, a fig-tree, where 

Romulus was nursed by a wolf. 
ruminor, i, chew the cvd, rumincUe. 
mmis, is, p., breast. 
rumor, oris, m., talk, rumor, repute. 
mmpo, rnpi, rupt-, 3, break, burst, 

interrupt, destroy* 
rumpus, i, M., vine-branch, runner. 
ruxnusculus, i, m., gossip. 
runa, ee, P., d^rt, 
runco, I, to weed out, pluck, 
runco, 5nis, M., a grub-hoe. 
ruo, rui, rut- (ruit-;, 3, to rush, fall, 

hasten, cast down or forth. 
rupes, is, p., a rock, cliff. 
rupex, icis, m., a boor, cloum. 
rupina, ee, P., cleft, chasm. 
ruptor, 5ris, breaker, violator, 
ruptus, [rumpo,] broken. 
ruralis, e, of the country. 
ruricola, ee, c, rustic, tUling the soil. 
ruro, I, to live in the country. 
rursus, backtoard, again. 
rus, ruris, n., the country; rOri, 

in, and rure, from the country. 
ruscum, i, N., butcher^s broom. 
russus (-eus), a, um, red. 
rusticanus, a, um, of rustics. 
rusticatio, 5nis, P., country lifb. 
rustice, chumishly. 
rusticitas, atis, P., tillage, rusticity, 

the countryfolk. 
rusticor, i, to live in the country. 
rustious, a, um, rural; M., a rustic. 
ruta, SB, P., rue, bitterness. 
rutabulum, i, N., fire-shovel. 
rutilo, I, m^e reddish, glow with red. 
rutilus, a, um, golden-red. 
rutrum, i, n., spade, shovel. 
Rutuli, orum, a people of Latium. 


Sabseus, a, um, of Saba (Sheba), 

in Arabia Felix. 
sabl^ata, orum, N., Sabbath. 
Sabellus = Sabinus, Sabine, of 

the highlands east of Rome. 
sabulo, onis, m., gravel. 

sabulosus, a, um, gravelly. 

saburra, ee, P., sand, ballast. 

saburro, i, to load with ballast. 

saccarius, a, um, laden with sacks. 

f saccliaron, i,N., cane-juice, sugar. 

sacco, I, to strain, filter. 

sacculus, i, M., filtering-bag, purse. 

saccus, i, M., sack, bag, wallet. 

sacellum, i, n., shrine. 

sacer, era, orum, sacred, holy; 
accursed; N., a sacred thing or 
act ; pi., sacred vessels or riles. 

sacerdos, otis, c, priest, priestess. 

sacerd5tium, i, n., priesthood. 

sacramentum, i, n., pledge or de- 
posit ; suit at law ; military oath. 

sacrarium, i, n., shrine, chapel. 

sacrltus, a, um, hallowed, sacred. 

sacricola, se, c, officiating priest. 

sacrificium, i, n., sacrifice. 

sacrifico, i, to offer sacrifice. 

saorificuB, a, um, sacrificial. 

sacrilegium, i, n., profanation, 
sacrilege, violation of sacred things. 

sacrilegus, a, um, sacrilegious, pro- 
fane, impious. 

sacro, I, to consecrate, devote. 

sacrdsanctus, a, um, inviolable, 

sacrum, i, n., a sacred thing. 

sapclum ■ neculum, age. 

ssepe, often. 

ssepenumero, again and again. 

ssepeB:==sepes, hedge. 

S8eta=8eta, bristle. 

sasve, sesyriter, fiercely. 

seevio, 4, to rage, be fierce or violent, 

saevitia, se. P., rage, ferocity. 

saevus, a, um, enraged, fierce, cruel. 

sSga, 8B, P., fortune-teller. 

sagacitas, atis. P., keenness, saga^ 
city, shrewdness. 

seigaciter, shrewdly, keenly. 

sagatus, a, um, clad in a mantle. 

sagaz, acis, keen-scented, shrewd. 

sag^a, SB, F., feeding, cramming. 

saglno, I, to fatten, pamper, enrich* 

sagitta, ae, P., arrow. 

Sagittarius, a, um, of arrows ; ic, 

sagittifer, fera, arrow-bearing. 

sagitto, at-, i, to shoot arrows. 

sagma — sanitas. 


sagma, se, F., pack-saddle. 

sagum (--alum), i, n., woollen man- 
tle ; a military clocdc, 

Saguntum, i, a town in Spain. 

sagas, a, um, prophetic. 

sal, sails, M., salt; the sea; pi. wit, 

Salacia, as, goddess of the Sea, 
wife of Neptune. 

Salamis, is, F., an I. near Athens, 
where Xerxes was def. B.C. 480. 

salarius, a, um, of salt ; n., saU- 
money (soldier's pay). 

salaz, aois, [salio,] lustful, 

salebra, se, f., a rugged way. 

salebrosus, a, um, rugged, rough, 

Salentinus, a, S. £. of Italy. 

Salernum, i, n., a coast-town of 

Saliaris, e, of the Salii. 

saliotum, i, n., willotv-grove. 

salientes, ium, pi., water-springs. 

salignus, a, um, of willow. 

Salii, orum, priests of Mars. 

salinae, arum, F., salt-works. 

salinum (-llum), 1, n., salt-cellar. 

salio, it-, 4, to salt. 

salio, ui, salt-, 4, leap, jump. 

saliunoa, se, f., wild nard. 

saliva, as, F., spit, slime, savor. 

saliz, icis, f., willow. 

salmacidus, a, um, salt and sour. 

Salmaois, idis, a clear fountain in 
Caria ; the fountain-nymph. 

Salmoneus, son of Sisyphus, who 
vied with the thunderbolt of 

SalmSnis, idis, Tyi'6, daughter of 

salsamentum, i, N., brine. 

salse, wittUy, keenly. 

salsura, ss, f., pickle, brine. 

salsus, a, um, keen, witty, salt. 

saltatlo, onia, F., dancing. 

saltator, oris, m. ; -tris, icis, F., 

saltem, at least, anyhow. 

salto, I, to dance, exhibit or accom- 
pany with dance. 

saltuarius, i, m., forester. 

saltuatim, by leaps, skippingly. 

saltuosus, a, um, well-ioooded. 

saltus, us, M., a leap, spring ; for- 
est (with open spaces), glade. 

saluber, bris, bre, heatthful^ sound, 
well, serviceable. 

salubritas, atis, f., healthfulness. 

salubriter, wholesomely. 

salum, i, N., open sea, the deep. 

salus, utis, P., health, safety, greet- 
ing, salutation. 

saliltaris, e, healthful, saving (as 
the letter A, for acquittal). 

salutatio, onis, f., greeting. 

salutator, oris, m., greeter, visitor. 

salutifer (-ger), era, um, health- 
bringing, salubrious. 

saluto, I, keep safe, salute, wait on, 

salve, well, in good case. 

salve, haUI or farewell! 

salveo, 2, be well (§ 38, v.). 

salvus, a, um, safe, sound. 

sambuoa, se, f., a shrill instrument, 

sambucuSf i, F., elder-bush. 

Same, es==Cephaleuia. 

Samnites, ium, people of Sam- 
nium, an inland dist. of S. £. 
Italy, conquered, B.C. 290. 

Samoa, i, F., an I. near Ephesus. 

sanabilis, e, curable. 

sanatio, onis, f., healing. 

sancio, nxl, not-, 4, ratify, sanction. 

sancte, sacredly, scrupulously. 

sanctimonia, 3d, F., sanctity, purity. 

sanctio, onis, F., ordaining. 

sanctitas, atis, f., sacredness. 

sanctus, a, um, sacred, venerable, 
pious, just, pure, righteous, 

sandalium, i, n., sandal, slipper. 

sandapila, ae, F., a bier. 

sandaraoa, ae, f., a red dye-stuif. 

sandiz, icis, F., vermilion, scarlet. 

sSne, sensibly, soundly, truly, to be 
sure, no doubt^ altogether, 

sanguinalis, e ; -arius, a, um, of 
bloody bloody. 

sanguineus (-olentus), a, um, of ^ 
blood, bloody, blood-red. 

sanguino, i, to bleed, run with blood. 

sanguis, inis, m., blood, race, vigor, 

sanies, em, e, f., bloody matter, 

sanitas, atis, f., health, soundness. 


sanna — ScsBvola 

t sanna, 8B, f., a mocking grimace, 

sano, I, make sound, heal, allay, 

santana, ae, f., borax. 

sanua, a, um, sound, sane, discreet. 

sapa, SB, F., thickened must, 

fsSperda, 8B, f., herring. 

sapiduB, a, um, savory. 

sapiens, tis, imse, discreet, skilled. 

sapienter, prudently, sensibly, 

sapientia, 8b, f., icisdom, good sense. 

sapinus, i, F., fir-tree, 

sapio, ivi (il), 3, taste or savor of, 
have sense, understand, 

sapo, onis, m., soap, 

sapor, Sris, m., taste, savor; dainty, 

Sappho, us, a poetess of Lesbos, 

sarcina, ee, f., package, burden, 

sarcinarius, a, um, of baggage, 

sarcio, si, turn, 4, to patch, repair, 

t sarcophagus, a, um, flesh-con- 
suming; M., sepulchre. 

sarculum, i, N., a light hoe. 

sarda (-ina), se, F., sardine. 

Sardanapilus, an effeminate king 
of Assyria, d. B.C. 820. 

Sardes (is), ium, capital of Lydia. 

Sardus (onius), Sardinian, 

fsarissa, 8b, f., a long Macedo- 
nian lance, 

Sarmatia, ee, south-western Rus- 
sia; (the people Sarmatae). 

sarmen, inis, N., brushwood. 

sarmentum, i, N., faggot, fascine, 

Sarpedon, 5nia, son ot Jupiter 
and Europa, slain at Troy. 

sarpo, ptum, 3, prune^ trim, 

Sarra, ee, F., Tyre; -anus, a um, 
Tyrian, purple, 

sarracum, i, x., cart, ioaggon. 

sarrio, ui (ivi), itum, 4, to hoe. 

sarritor, oris, m., weeder. 

sartago, inis, f., frying-pan. 

sartor, 5ris, m., botcher, mender. 

sartus, [sarcio,] repaired. 

sat=3atis, enough, sufficient. 

sata, orum, N., [sero,] crops. 

satago, 3, have one^s hands full, pay. 

satelles, itis, c, attendant, accom- 
plice; pi., escort, 

satias (-etas), atis, f., a sufficiency, 
satiety, disgust. 

satin, enoughs 

satio, I, fill, satiate, satisfy. 

satio, 5nis, f., [sero,] sowing, 

satira=aatura, medley. 

satiricus, a, satirical. 

satis, enough. 

satis-facio, 3, give satisfaction. 

satisfactio, onis, f., satisfaction^ 
justification, repai^ation. 

satius, [satis,] better, rather. 

sativus, a, um, [sero,] planted. 

sator, oris, M., sower, author, father . 

satrapes, 8b (-ps, is), M., a satrap 
(royal governor), viceroy. 

satrapea (-ia), ae, f., satrapy, pro- 

satullus, a, um, satisfied, filled. 

satur, ura, imi, sated, full, abundant. 

satura, ee, F., medley, satire. 

satureia, ae, F., savory. 

saturitas, atis, F., fulness, satiety. 

Saturnalia, orum, ibus, n., festi- 
val of Saturn (Dec. 17). 

Saturnius, a, um, of Saturn ; m., 
Jupiter; ¥., Juno. 

Satumus, i, m., god of Husbandry. 

saturo, I, fill, cloy, satiate. 

satus, [sero,] .<K)M?7i, planted; m., son, 

satus, us, M., sowing, planting, stock. 

satyrus, i, M., an ape ; satyr (goat- 
footed wood-deities). 

saucio, I, to wound, hurt, stab, 

saucius, a, um, wounded, hurt, sick. 

savillum, i, n., cheese-cake. 

savior=suavior, kiss. 

saxatilJH, e, among rocks, 

sazetum, i, n., rocky place, 

sazeus (osus), a, um, stony, rocky, 

sazum, i, N., stone, rock, boulder. 

scabellum, i, N., footstool, 

scaber, bra, um, rough, scurfy. 

scabies, ei, f., scurf, eruption. 

scabiosus, a, um, scurfy. 

scabo, bi, 3, to scratch. 

scabratus, a, um, jagged, 

scabritia, as ; -es, ei, F., roughness. 

Scaea porta, west gate of Troy. 

scaena^scena, stage. 

scaevitas, atis, F., awkwardness. 

Scaevola, ae, C Mucins, who at- 
tempted to kill Porsenna. 


8C8BVUS — scona. 


scaevos, a, um, on the left, awkward, 
unlucky; F., omen. 

scalse, arum, F., a fliglU of stairs, 
ladder, scaling ladders in a siege. 

BcalmuB, i, M., thole-pin. 

Bcalpo, psi, pt-, 3, to cut, scrape. 

Bcalprum (-pelluxn), i, n., knife. 

Bcalptara, ae, p., cuUing, engraving. 

scalpturio, 4, scratch (like a hen). 

scambuB, a, um, handy-legged. 

BcamilluB, i, M., little bench. 

fBcamina, atia, N., tcrestling- 

Bcamnum, i, n., stool, bench, ridge. 

tscan^alum, i^ n., stumbling-block. 

Bcando, di, Bum, 3, climb, mount. 

Bcandula, sb, f., a shingle. 

Bcanailis, e, that may be climbed. 

fscapha, 8B, f., boat, skiff. 

f Bcaphium, i, n., basin, bowl. 

Bcapulse, arum, F., shoulder-blades, 

t Bcapus, i, M., shaft, stem. 

Bcarifico, i, scratch open. 

t Bcarus, i, m., a sea-fish (wrasse ?). 

Bcatebra, 8B, f., gushing-up. 

Bcateo, 2 ; Bcaturio, 4, to bubble, 
gush, abound. 

f BcauruB, a, um, with swollen an- 
kles, club footed. 

Bcelerate, wickedly. 

sceleratUB, a, um, criminal, wicked, 
pernicious; M., scoundrel. 

scelero, i, pollute, desecrate. 

BceleroBus (BcelestuB), a, um, 
wicked, abominable. 

Bceleste, wickedly. 

BceluB, eris, N., crime, fault, mis- 
fortune; rascal. 

t scena, ae, stage (of theatre). 

f BcenicuB, a, um, of the stage, the- 
atrical, fictitious ; M., actor. 

t sceptrum, i, n., sceptre, dominion. 

t Bcheda, ee, f,, strip of papyrus. 

t Bchedlus, a, um, off-hand: 

-f-Bchema, StiLs, n., shape, fashion. 

tBchiBtoB, a, on, clefl. 

tBchcenuB, i, m. ; -um, N., a rush. 

fBchola, 8B, F., leisure, school, sect. 

f BcholaBticus, a, um, of the schools ; 
M., pedant, rhetorician. 

scibilis, e, knowable. 

Bciens, tiB, knowing, skilled. 

BCienter, knowingly. 

Bcientia, sb, f., knowledge, skill. 

BcQioet, plainly, no doubt, to be sure. 

BCilla, 86, F., sea-onion, squill. 

Bcin=BclBne, know^st? 

BCindo, Bcidi, BcisB-, 3, to cut, 

break, part, rend, split. 
scintilla, 8B, f., a spark, glimmer. 
Bcintillo, I, sparkle. 
Bcio, 4, know, understand; ordain. 
Bcipio, onlB, M., staff. 
Scipio, oniB, a noble family-name, 

including the two conquerors 01 

Carthage, B.C. 234-183, 185-128. 
Sciron, onis, a robber of Attica, 

slain by Theseus. 
BcirpeuB (-iculus), a, um, of 

rushes; F., basket-work. 
Bcirpo, I, to plait of rushes. 
BcirpuB, i, M., rush, riddle. 
Bciscitor, i, inquire, examine. 
sciBco, scivi, scit-, 3, to search, 

enact, assent, ascertain. 
BciBBiliB, e, cleavable, rent. 
BCiBBura, SB, F., a rent, cleft. 
sciBBUB, [Bcindo,] split, cloven. 
scitamenta, orum, n., delicacies, 
Bcite, skilfully, elegantly. 
Bcitor, I, o^k, inquire. 
BcituluB, a, um, pretty, elegant. 
scituB, [BciBCO,] shrewd, skilful, 

sensible, eloquent. 
f BciuruB, i, M., a squirrel. 
scitum, i, N. ; -tus, ub, m., decree, 

BciuB, a, um, knowing. 
Bcobina, ae, f., a rasp. 
BCobiB (bB), F., sawdust, filings. 
f Bcolopaz, &ciB, M., woodcock. 
t Bcomber, bri, M., mackerel (f). 
f Bcomma, atda, n., scoff, taunt. 
Bcopas, artun, F., tungs, brooms, 
Bcopio, oniB, m., grape-stalk. 
fBCopoB, 1, M., mark, aim. 
BCopuloBUB, a, um, rocky, craggy. 
f BCopuluB, i, N., a rock, crag, cliff, 
BcopuB, i, M., stem, stalk. 
BCordaluB, i, m., torangler, brawler, 
Bcozia, SB, F., dross, slag. 


Scorpio — secimdo. 

Scorpio, onia; -us i, m., scorpion. 

BCorteuB, a, tun, of leather. 

scortiun, i, n., skin ; a harlot, aban- 
doned woman. 

Scold, drum, people of Scotland. 

Bcreo, I, to hawk, hem. 

Bcrlba, ae, M., clerk, scribe. 

Bcribo, psi, pt-, 3, to write, enroll, 

scrmium, i, N., desk, hook, cheat. 

Bcriptio, onis, F., writing, compo- 

Boriptito, I, write frequentl?/. 

Bcriptor, oris, m., writer, author. 

Bcriptam, i, N., a loriting, edict. 

Bcrlptura, ae, f., writing, compo- 
sition ; land-tax^ levy, 

BcriptuB, [soribo,] written. 

BorobiB (bs), D., ditch, trench, dike. 

scrofa, se, f., a sow. 

scrupeuB (-osus), a, urn, sharp, 
rough, steep. 

BcrupuloauB, a, um, jagged, anx- 
ious, exact. 

Bcrupulas, i, M. (^ of oz, &c.), 
anxiety, scruple. 

Borapus, i, M., a rough stone, anxi- 
ety, solicitude. 

Bcruta, orum, N., trash. 

Borutator, oiis, M., investigator, 

scrubor, i, to search, examine. 

Bculpo, psi, pt-, 3, carve, engrave. 

Boulponese, arum, f., wooden clog:^ *««ecta. se, f., a beaten path, sect. 

sculptilis, e, carved, 

sculptor, oris, M., carver. 

sculptura, ae, f., engraving, 

scurra, ae, m., a dandy, buffoon, 

scurrilis, e, scurrilous^ jesting, 

scurror, i, play the buffoon, 

Bcutale, is, n., thong (of sling). 

scutarius, i, m., shield-maker. 

scutatus, a, um, armed with shield. 

scutella, ae, f., tray, waiter, 

scutica, ae, f., lash^ lohip. 

scutra (-tula), ae, f., dish, tray. 

fscutula, ae, F., rod, roller. 

scutum (-uluxn), i, n, a long shield 
(of boards and leather). 

Scylla, ae, a rock near Sicily; 
myth. d. of Phorcys, changed 
to a sea-monster ; also, d. of 
Nisus, k. of Megara (ciris). 

tscjTphus, i, M., cup, goblet. 

Scyros, i, an island near Euboea. 

Scythae, arum, Scythians, people 
of Russia and Tartary. (a or es) 

se (sui), himself, S;c. (§ 19, ii.). 

[B6-(sed-), without, aside; also, half, 

Sebethis, f., of Sebelhos (a stream 
near Naples). 

seboBus, a, um, greasy, 

sebum, i, n., tallow, grease, 

secedo, cessi, cess-, 3, withdraw, 
secede, revolt, dissent, 

secerno, crevi, cret-, 3, put apart, 
separate, distinguish. 

secessio, onis, f.,- withdrawal, in- 
surrection, secession. 

seceasus, us, m., withdrawal, retire- 
7nent, solitude. 

secius, [secus,] less, toorse. 

secludo, si, sum, 3, shut off, seclude, 
separate, confine, exclude, 

Beclum=8eculum, age. 

seclusus, a, um, remote, apart. 

seco, ui, sect-, i, cut, wound, divide, 

secordia=socordia, sloth, 

secretarium, i, n., a secret place, 

secretio, Suis, F., separation, 

secreto (-te), apart, secretly. 

secretus, [secerno,] retired, hid- 
den, secret; N., secret place. 

sectarius, a, um, [seco,] mutilated. 

sectator, oris, m., follower, parti- 
san; pi., retinue, escort, 

sectilis, e, cut, divided, 

sectio, onis, f., cutting, dividing. 

sector, oris, M., cutter, divider, 
purchaser at public sale. 

sector, I, follow eagerly, 

sectura, ae, f., cutting; pi., mines, 

sectus, [seco,] cut. 

secubo, ui, I, ^o lie alone, 

secularis, e, of the seculum, secular, 

seculum, i, n., race, breed, genera- 
tion, age, century, 

secum, [sui,] with himself, 

secundani, of the 2d legion. 

secundSrius, a, um, second-rate, 

secunde, favorably. 

secundo, secondly, a second iimem 



seetmdo— 86Bii8. 


Becnndo, i, direct favorably, adJusL 

secimdum, a/ier, next, according to* 

sectuidus, a« um, [seqnor,] jTo/totc- 

~ ingy next, favorable, propitious ; ae- 
cnndo flumine, down stream, 

secure, heedlessly, fearlessli/. 

securicula, 8B, F., hatchet. 

securia, is, F., axe, hatchet, death- 
blow, dominion. 

securitas, tatis, F., safety, uncon- 
cern, negligence* 

secunis, a, um, [cHra,] free of 
care, easy, careless, safe, 

sectiB, othertvise, ilL, beside, worse* 

secutor, oris, m., follower* 

sed (set), hni. [secutus, v. sequor. 

sedate, calmly, 

sedatio, onis, f., calming, 

sedatns, [sedo,] calm, sedate. 

sedecies, i6 times, 

sedecim, sixteen, 

sedecola, ae, f., a low stool, 

sedentarius, a, um, sitting. 

sedeo, sedi, sess-, 2, sit, continue, 
settle, subside, stay fast. 

sedes, is, F., a seat, foundation. 

sedile, is, n., a seat, chair. 

seditio, onis, f., sedition, discord. 

seditiose, seditiously. 

seditiosus, a, um, factious, sedi- 
tious, quarrelsome. 

sedo, I, to settle, allay, calm. 

seduco, ad, ct-, 3, lead apart, with- 
draw, avert, mislead. 

seductio, 5iiis, F., taking aside. 

sedaotor, 5ris, M., misleader, 

seductus, a, um, remote, lofty, 

sedulitas, atis, -F., zeal, diligence, 

sedulo, diligently, on purpose, 

sedulus, a, um, busy, diligent. 

sedum, i, N., houseleek, 

seges, etis, f., cornfield, standing 
corn, soil, crop, produce, 

Segesta, ae, f., a city of N. Sicily. 

segestra (-tria), ae, F. ; -tre, is, n., 
wrapper (of straw). 

segmen, inis ; -turn, i, N., [seoo,] 
strip, slice. 

segmentatus, a, um, trimmed. 

segnis, e, slow, slothful^ cowardly. 

segniter, slowly, lazily. 

Bdgnitia, ee, F. ; -es, em, e, sloth, 

segrego, i, [grex,] set apart. 

sejugatus, a, um, apart. 

sejugis, is, m., a six-horse team. 

sejungo, lud, not-, 3, part, disjoin, 

Sejanns, an officer of Tiberius. 

selectio, onis, f., choosing. 

selectus, [seligo,] chosen. 

Seleuous, i, a general of Alexan- 
der, king of Syria, B.C. 280. 

selibra, ee, F., half-pound. 

seligo, legi, lect-, 3, to separate, 
call out, select. 

sella (-ula), ee, f., seat, chair, saddle. 

sellaria, ae, F., sitting-room. 

sellistemia, orum, N., banquets 
to female deities. 

semanimis, e, half-alive. 

semel, once, once for all, the first 
time, at any time. 

Semele, es, daughter of Cadmus, 
mother of Bacchus. 

semen, inis, N., [sero,] seed, scion, 
posterity, origin or element. 

sementifer, era, um, seed-bearing. 

sementis, is, f., sowing, seed-time. 

sementivus, a, um, of seed-time. 

semestris, 3, half-yearly. 

semesuB, [edo,] half-eaten. 

semet, himself. 

semi-, half. 

semianimis, e; -us, a, um, half- 
alive, swooning, 

semideus, a, um, half-divine. 

semiermis, e, half-armed. 

s6mifer, era, um, half-beast, savage, 

semihomo, inis, c, half-man. 

semin^rius, a, um, [sSmen,] of 
seed ; N., nursery, seminary, 

seminator, oris, m., author. 

seminecis (gen.), half dead. 

seminium, i, n., stock, breed. 

semino, i, sow, beget, produce. 

semipes, pedis, m., half-foot^ 

semiputatus, a, um, half pruned. 

Semiramis, is (idis), queen of 
Assyria, B.C. 1225 ? 

semirutus, a, um, half-demolished, 

semis, issi^., half^ 6 per cent. 


semisomnns — sequestro. 

semisomnus, a, um, half asleep. 

sexoita, ae, F., footpath, by-way. 

semitalis, e ; -arius, a, um, ofjyaths. 

semiustulattiB, a, um, half burnt. 

semiustus, [uro,] blasted, scorched, 

semivir, i, m., half-man, effeminate, 

semivivus, a, um, half-alive. 

semivocalis, e, half vocal (as cat- 
tle), not quite dumb. 

semotus, a, um, distant. 

ae-moveo, 2, to put aside. 

semper, always. 

sempiternus, a, um, everlasting. 

semuncia, ae, f., half ounce, trifle, 

senaculum, i, N., council-hall. 

senarius, a, um, of six each, 

senator, oris, m., senator. 

senatorius, a, um, of the senate. 

senatus, us (i), m., Senate (coun- 
cil of elders), or heads of the 
patrician order. 

senatusconsultum, i, n., decree 
of the Senate. 

Seneca, ae, M., a Stoic writer in 
the time of Nero, a.d. 3-65. 

senecta, ee ; -tus, utis, f., old age, 

senectuB, a, um, old, 

senesco, senui, 3, grow old, decay, 

senez, senis, old; u., old man. 

seni, as, a, six each, six, 

senidem, sixteen each, 

sexulis, e, aged, 

senior, us, older, elder, 

senium, i, N., old age, decay, grief 

sensibilis, e, perceptible. 

sensilis, e, endowed with sensation, 

sensim, gradually, slowly, 

sensus, us, m., [sentio,] feeling, 
perception, sense, meaning, 

sententia, as, f., opinion, purpose, 
sentence, sense. 

sententiosus, a« um, full of sense 
or pith. 

sentdcetum, i, n., brier-thicket. 

senticosus, a, um, thorny, briery, 

sentina, ae, F., bilgewater, dregs. 

sentino, i, to bale out a ship. 

sentio, sensi, sens-, 4, perceive, 
feel, think, suppose, decide, 

sentis, is, m., thorn, brier. 

sentus (-osus), a, um, rough. 

seorsum, separately, by itself, 
seorsus, a, um, separate, 
separ, p&xis, separate. 
separatim, apart, separately, 
separatio, 5nis, f., separation. 
separatus, a, um, separate, distinct 
separo, i, to part, separate. 
sepelio, ivi (ii), pult-, 4, to bury, 
sepes, is, f., hedge, fence, 
f sepia, ae, F., cuttle-fish, 
sepimen, inis, n., fence, enclosure, 
sepio, psi, pt-, 4, to hedge, fence, 
sepono, posui, posit-, 3, to put 

aside, cull out, withdraw, banish. 
sepositus, a, um, distant, choice, 
seps, sepis, a venomous serpent. 
sepse, one's self, 
septem, seven. 

September, bris, m., Septeniber, 
septemdecim, seventeen. 
septemgeminus, a, um; -plez, 

plicis, seven-fold. 
septemtrio, onis, m., the Polar 

Bear, north. 
septemvXri, orum, n., Board of 

Seven (for dividing lands, &c.). 
septendecim, seventeen. 
septeni, as, a, seven each. 
septies (ens), seven times. 
septimanus, a, um, of the seventh. 
Septdmontium, i, N., circuit of the 

seven hills of Rome. 
Septimus, a, um, seventh; N., for 

the seventh time, 
septingeni, ae, a, 700 each. 
septingenti, as, a, seven hundred, 
septuageni, seventy each, 
septuagesimus, a, um, seventieth, 
septuaginta, seventy, 
septuennis, e, of seven years, 
septum, i, N., [sepio,] an enclosure, 
septunz, uncis, M., seven-twelfdis, 
sepulcrum, i, N., tomb, grave, 
sepultura, ae, F., burial, 
sepultus, [sepelio,] buried, 
Sequana, eb, m., the Seine, 
sequaz, acis, close-follotmng, duciie. 
sequela, as, F., consequence, 
sequester, tris, m., trustee, agent. 
sequestro, i, give for safe-keeping, 

remove, put aside. 


seqiuor — sezagesimns. 


sequior, us, inferior, 
sequor, outos, 3, follow, pursue. 
8er^ the praenomen Servius. 
8era« se, F., bar (for fastening). 
Serapia, is (idis), an Egyptian 

serenitas, atlB, F., clear weather, 

fairness, serenity, 
aereno, i, to make clear or calm, 
serenus, a, um, clear, bright, calm, 

cheerful; N., clear sky, 
S&es, um, the Chinese, 
seria, se, F., a large jar, 
sericiiB, a, tun, Chinese, silken ; N. 

pL, sUk dresses, 
series, em, e, F., succession, lineage, 
seri5, in earnest, 
serins, a, um, grave, earnest, 
Seriphua, i, a small I . of the ^gean. 
seritas, Stis, f., lateness, 
sermo, 5nis, m., talk, discourse, re- 
port, style (of language). 
sermocinor, i, to tcUk, discuss, 
sermunculiis, i, m., talk, tattle, 
Mexo, sevi, sat-, 3, sow, plant, beget, 
V^ero, ui, sert*, 3, bind, weave. 
ser5, late, too late, 
serotinus, a, um, late, backujard, 
serpens, tis, F., a serpent, 
serpentinus, a, um, snaky. 
serperastra, onim, n., splints, 
serpo, psi, pt*, 3, to creep, crawl. 
serpyllum, i, n., wild thyme, 
serra, se, f., a saw, saw-fish, 
serrago, inis, F., sawdust, 
serratus, a« um, saw-shaped, 
serro, i, to saw in pieces, 
serta. ee, F., garland, 
Sertorius, i, an officer of Marius, 

who held Spain against Sulla 

till B.C. 73. 
sertum, i, N., garland, wreath, 
serum, i, n., whey, 
serus, a, um, late, too late, 
serva, se, f., female slave, 
servabilis, e, that can be saved, 
servans, tis, careful, 
serrator, oris, m. ; -triz, icis, P., 

observer, preserver, 
servilis, e, slavish, servile, 
senriliter, slavishly. ^ 

servio, /^ to be a slave, serve, be 

devoted to, care for, 
servitium, i, n., slavery, servitude, 

subjection, the slave-class, 
servitritius, galled by service, 
servitudo, inis; -tus, tutis, F., 

slavery, servitude, 
Servius TuUius, the sixth king 

of Rome, B.C. 578-534. 
servo, I, to preserve, save, protect, 

heed, observe, 
servula, as, F., servant-girl, 
servos (os), i, m., slave, servant, 
servus, a, um, servile, subject, liable 

to burdens, 
f sesamum, i, n., sesame, 
sescunoia,8B,F. (i^ oz.), one-eighth, 
sescuplus=sesquiplus, a, um ; 

-plez, plicis, half as much again, 
sesqui-, once and a half, 
sesquipedalis, e ; -pes, pedis, of 

afoot and a half 
sessilis, e, for sitting; spreading, 

sessio, onis, f., seat, sitting, 
sessor, oris, m., sitter, dweller, 
sestertium, i, N., as 1,000 sesterces, 

(about $40); deoies sestertium, 

1,000,000 ($40,000) ; 2i feet deep, 
sestertius, i, m. (2^), a sesterce, 

=4 cts. (see § 84)." 
Sestos, i, F., a Thracian town on 

the Hellespont. 
setsssed, but, 

seta, ae, f., stiff hair, bristle, 
setania, ae, F. ; -um, i, n., medlar 

(a fruit). 
setdger, gera, um ; -osus, bristly, 
seussBive, or, whether. 
severe, austerely, 
severitas, atis, f., gravity, stern- 
ness, austerity, 
severus, a, um, grave, serious, aus- 
tere, stem, severe, 
sevir, viri, m., of a Board of six. 
sevoco, I, call aside, withdraw, 
8evum=sebum, tallow. 
Sez., the praenomen Sextus. 

BwJC, Six, 

sezageni, as, a, sixty each, 
sezagesimus, a, um, sixtieth. 


80XSgl68 -— Aunift. 

■exfigiea (-gesieB), sixty times. 
sezaginta, sixty, 
sexoenaxias, a, nm, 0/600. 
sezceni, as, a, 600 each, 
Bezcenti, 8b, a, 600, a vast number. 
sezcenties, 600 times, 
sezdecim, sixteen, 
sezennJB, e, of six years, 
aezennium, i, n., sir years. 
sezieBi six times. 

Beztans, tia, m. (^ of aa), farthing. 
BeztariuB, i, M. (^ of oongliiB), pint. 
SeztiliB, ia, m., August. 
Beztua, a, vun, sixth; n., the sixth 

sezuB, UB, M., sex. 
si, if whether; quod ai, hut if 
aibi, [suit] for one^s self. 
Bibilo, I, to hiss, whistle. 
nbiloB, i, M. ; pi., a, n., a hiss. 
iabilua, a, um, hissing, whistling. 
Sibylla, ae, F., sibyl, prophetess. 
aiCi so, thus, so much. 
BiosL, ae, F., dagger. 
SioanuB, a, um, Sicilian; Sicanian 

(ancient Italian). 
aicariua, i, m., stahber, assassin. 
BiccanuB (-eua), a, um, dry. 
aiccariuB, a« nniffor drying. 
fiicce (sic), so, thus, 
aiooine, so f thus f 
aiccitaa, atia, F., dryness, drought, 
Bioco, I, to dry, dry up, drain. 
aiocuB, a, um, dry, thirsty, firm; N., 

dry ground. 
Sicelia, idia, f., Sicilian, pastoral. 
SichaeuB, i, the husband of Dido. 
Sicilian eo, Sicily. 
Bicilicala, ae, F., small sickle. 
Bicilicus, i, m., i of aa, foot, &c. 
SicilienaiB, e, Sicilian. 
Bicilimenta, orum, n., aftermath. 
Bicilio, 4, cut with sickle, 
aicilis, ia, f., sickle. 
aicabi, if anywhere. 
Siculus, a, um, Sicilian; pL, an 

ancient people of Italy. 
i&ctmde, if from anywhere. 
alo-ut (uti), so as, just as, as if 
Sicyon, Snia, f., a town of N. 


aidereuB, a, urn; -alis, e, of the 

stars, starry, divine. 

atderor, i, to be sun-struck. 

aido, aidi, 3, sit, settle, sit fast. 

SidoniuB, a, um, of Sidon (Phoe- 
nicia or Carthage). 

aiduB, erla, n., star, group, of stars, 
sky, climate. 

aiemssaim, may be. 

8ig;euB, a« um, of Sigeum (a pro- 
montory near Troy). 

aigilla, orum, n., small figures, seal. 

Sigillaria, onim, feast of images 
(in the Saturnalia). 

Bigillatus, a, um, figured. 

Bignator, oriB, m., witness to a wilL 

aignatua, a, um, sealed, guarded. 

Bignifer, era, um, image-bearing, 
starry; M., standard-bearer. 

aignificStio, oniB, f., mark, token," 
applause, sign, meaning. 

aignificatUB, ua, m., sign, token. 

aignifico, i, betoken, portend, mean. 

Bigno, I, mark, designate, stamp, seal. 

aignum, i, n., mark, sign, standard, 
statue, signed, image, constellation. 

ail. Bills, N., yellow ochre. 

SQa, ae, F., a pitch-forest in the 
south of Italy. 

ailens, Ida, still, silent. 

ailenter, silently. 

ailentioBua, a, um, perfectly still. 

ailentium, i, N., silence, quiet, repose. 

SilenuB, i, attendant of Bacchus. 

aileo, ui, 2, to be still, silent. 

ailer, eria, N., wcUer-toiUow. 

Bileaco, 3, to grow still. 

ailez, icia, d., fiint, crag. 

Bilicemiiun, i, n., funeral-feast* 

ailiceuB, a, um, flinty. 

ailigineuB, a, um, wheaten. 

siligo, inia, f., white unnter wheat, 

Biliqua, ae, f., pod, husk. 

ailuB, a, um, pug-nosed. 

ailva, ae, f., a wood, forest, grove. 

Silvanua, i, the god of Forests. 

silvaticus, a, um, of the forest. 

ailvester, trla, a, of forest or tvood. 

Bilvicola, ae, c, dwelling in woods. 

silvoBUB, a, um, /tiZ/ of trees, 

Bimia, ae, f., ape. 



sunila — sioilaz. 


Bimila, ee, ¥,, fine flour, 

slmilis, e, lUcej similar. 

sixnilitiido, ixiia, f., likenesSy simile,, 

Bimilo=:=8ixnulo, liken. 

Bixnitu, together, at once. 

Bimiua (-olus), i, m., ape. 

siino, I , flatten, press flat. 

Siniois, entis, m., a river of Troy. 

Bimplez, icis, simple, plain, frank. 

Blmplicitas, atiB, f., simplicity, art- 
lessness, frankness, honesty. 

Bimplioiter, simply, directly. 

BimploB, a, um, simple. 

Bimpulum, i, N., a small ladle. 

Bixnul, at the same time; Bimul at- 
que or ac, as soon as. 

Bimulaorum, i, n., likeness, image. 

BimalanB, tiB, imitating. 

simulanter (-ate), pretendedly. 

Bimulatio, oniB, F., feigning, pre- 
tence, deceit. 

Bimulator, oris, M., deceiver. 

sixnulatqae, as soon as. 

BixnulOi I, feign, pretend, copy. 

Bixntdtas, atiB, f., strife, quaireL 

Bimus (-oIub), a, um, flat-nosed. 

Bin, but if 

fBinapi, ia, N., mustard. 

Bincere, uprightly, frankly. 

BinceritaB, atiB, F., soundness, in- 
tegrity, sincerity. 

Bincerua, a, um, sound, genuine. 

Binciput, itiB, n., half-head, cheek 
(of pork), head. 

f sindon, 5niB, F., muslin. 

Bine, ivlthout. 

Bingillatim, one by one. 

BingulariB, e, singular, unique. 

Bingularitas, atiB, F., singleness. 

singulariter, singly, exceedingly. 

BingulariuB, a, um, single. 

Bingulatim (-gultim), one by one, 

singuli, 8B, a, single, one to each. 

Bingultio, 4, to hiccup, cluck. 

Bingulto, I, to gasp, hiccup. 

BingultuB, UB, M., sobbing, gasping. 

SiniB, iB, a robber of Corinth, slain 
by Theseus. 

siniBter, tra, um, left, on the left, 
awhoard, unlucky ; (in auspices, 
sometimes), auspicious. 

sinistra, ae, f., the left hand. 
sinistrorBUB, towards the left. 
aino, Bivi, sit-, 3, permit. 
Sinope, es, f., a town on the south 

shore of the Black Sea. 
sinuamen, inis, n. ; -atio, onis, F., 

turning, winding. 
SinuesBa, ae, F., a Latin colony in 

sinum, i, N., bowl. 
sinuo, I, to bend, swell, bulge. 
BinuoBUB, a, um, winding, bending. 
,#inuB, fis, M., bending, curve, fold, 

bosom, gulf. 
Biparium, i, N., stage curtain. 
t sipho, oniB, m., siphon, tube. 
Sipontum, i, a port of Apulia. 
SipyluB, i, M., a mountain of Lydia. 
siqua, if by any way. 
siquando, if ever, 
Biquidem, since. 
siquis, Biqua (§ 22, iii.), if any. 
siremps (similis reipsa), very like, 
Sirenes, lun, f., the Sirens, myth. 

monsters, half-bird, half-maiden. 
siriB, Birit, sirint, [sino,] may let. 
SiriuB, i, M., the dog-star. 
BirpuB=BcirpuB, bulrush. 
f BiruB, i, M., cmm-pit. 
sis, [sum,] may be; [si vis,] if thou 

wUt (§ 37, i.). 
Bisara, ae, F., heath, sweet broom. 
sisto, Btiti, Btat-, 3, to set, place, 

arrest, set fast, stay, endure. 
f Bistrum, i, N., gong (f). 
Sisyphus, i, myth. k. of Corinth. 
f sitanius, a, um, this yearns. 
sitella, 80, f., urn, for drawing lots. 
Sithonius, a, um, Thracian. 
siticulSsus, a, um, thirsiy,parched. 
sitiens, tis, thirsty, parched, greedy, 
sitio, 4, to thirst, thirst for. 
sitis, is, im, i, f., thirst, drought, 
f sittace, es, f., parrot, 
situla, ae, F., bucket. 
situs, [sino,] set, situated, 
situs, us, M., situation, position; 

dust, rust, 
sive (seu), or if, whether, or. 
f smaragdus, i, c, emerald, jasper* 
\ smilas:, acis, F., bindiveed. 


Smyrna — sononu. 

t Smyrna, ae, F., myrrh, 
Smyrna, as, F., a city on the west- 
ern coast of Asia Minor. 
sobolesssuboles, offspring, 
sobrie, soberly, prudently, 
sobrietaa, atis, f., moderation, 
BobrinuB, i, m. ; -a, ae, F., cousin, 
BobriuB, a, um, sober, temperate, 

socoua (-ulus), it M., sock, slipper, 
socer, eri, M., father-in-law, 
Bocia, ee, F., partner, com^tanion, 
Bocialis, e, of companions or allies, 
BOciemiuB, i, M., comrade, 
societaB, atia, F., companionship, 

partnership, alliance, 
Bocio, I, to league, share, unite, 
Bocius, i, M., companion, partner, 

ally, confederate, 
Bocordia, es, F., dulness, sloth. 
BOCorBi difl^ foolish, stupid, slothful, 

Socratea, ia, a philosopher of 

Athens, B.C. 470-400. 
BOcruB, us, F., mother-in-law, 
sodaliciumi, i, N., association, fel- 
lowship, club, 
sodalis, is, m., comrade, companion, 
sodalitas, atis, F., fellowship, club, 
sodsa (si audes), an thou wilt. 
""sol, solis, M., the sun, day, daylight, 
solamen, inis, N., com,forl, solace, 
Bolanumi, i, N., nightshade, 
Solaris, e, of the suji, 
Bolariumi, i, N., sundial, balcony, 
solatium, i, N., relief, consolation, 

comfort, solace, 
solator, oris, M., comforter, 
Bolatus, a, um, sunburnt, 
soldurii, orum, M., retainers, 
Boldu3=3olidus, jfii'm. 
solea, 80, ¥., sole, sandal, 
solearius, i, M., sandal-mxilcer. 
soleatus, a, um, wearing sandals, 
Bolemaia,=solleniiis, accustomed, 

solemn, established, 
-tioleo, itU3, 2, be wont, 
Bolers=3ollerB, skilled. 
Bolide, densely, closely, fully, 
soliditas, ^tis, F., firmness, solidity, 
solido, I, to fasten, make firm. 

Bolidus, a, um, dense, firm, solid, 
complete, genuine ; a., firm ground, 

solipuga, as, f., a venomous insect, 

sdlitariuB, a, um, lonely, 

sSlitaB, atia ; -tudo, iuis, f., soli- 
tude, vyilderness, destitution, 

Bolitus, [soleo,] wonted, 

solium, i, N., seat, throne, dominion, 

solivagus, a, imi, roving alone, 

sollenms^ e, stated, festive, solemn, 
customary; N^ a sacred festival, 

Bollenniter, solemnly, fotmally. 

Boilers, tis, skilled, intelligent, 

Bollertia, ae, f., skill, expertness. 

sollicitatio, onis, F., instigation, 

BOllioite, anxiously. 

Bollicito, I, move, stir, excite, 

BoUicitudo, inis, f., anxiety. 

Bollicitus, a, um, disturbed, anxious. 

solo, I, to lay waste, make desolate, 

tsolGecismus, i, m., fault (pi 

Solon, onis, the legislator of 
Athens, Archon, B.C. 594. 

sdlor, I, to comfort, console. 

soloz, 5ois, harsh, coarse, bristly^ 

Bolpuga=4olipuga, an insect. 

Bolstitialis, e, of midsummer, 

Bolstitium, i, n., solstice, 

solimi, i, N., ground, foundation, 

sSlimi, only, merely. 

solus, a, um, ius, alone, only, lonely, 

solute, easily, carelessly, 

solutio, onis, F., loosening, pay- 
mbnt, dissolving, solution. 

solutus, [solvo^ loose, light-, pcnd. 

BOlvo, vi, ut-, 3, loosen, dissolve, 
cast off{frora shore), pay, explam, 
dispel, release, 

somniculosus, a, um, drowsy, 

somnifer, era, um, soporific, 

somnio, i, to dream, 

sonuiium, i, N., a dream, 

Bomnulentus, a, um, drotesy, 

somnus, i, M., sleep, night, slofh, 

sonans, tis, noiv/, resounding, 

sonipes, pedis, loud-footed (steed). 

sonitus, us, M., sound, noise. 

Bono, ui, it-, I, to sound, speak, boasL 

sonor, oris, M., noise, din. 

sonorus, a, um, noisy. 


sons — speculum. 


sons, tis, guUty, hurtful, 

Bonticus, a, um, dangerous. 

Bonus, i, M., noise, sound, 

t sophiBteB, 80, M., a sophist, 

Sophocles, is, an Attic tragedian, 
B.C. 495-405. 

f sophOB (us), i, sage, shrewd, 

sopio, 4, to soothe, lull, put to sleep. 

sopor, 5ris, m., opium, opiate, stu- 
por, lethargy. 

Bop5rifer, era, um, sleep-bringing. 

soporo, I, put to sleep. 

Boporus, a, um, causing sleep. 

Soracte, is, N., a mt. in Etruria. 

f soracum, i, n., pannier. 

sorbeo, ui, 2, suck in, swallow, 

sorbillo, I, to sip. 
' sorbilo, sippingly. 

sorbitio, oniB, f., draught, potion, 

Borbxun, i, n. service-berry. 

sordeo, 2, to befoul, sordid, stale. 

sordes, is, f., dirt, squalor, mourn- 
ing, meanness, rabble. 

sordesco, dui, 3, to grow dirty. 

BordidatuB, a, um, in shabby clothes. 

Bordide, foully, meanly. 

Bordido, i, pollute. 

sordidus, a, um, foul, sordid, squa- 
lid, base. 

sorez, icis, c, shrew-mouse. 

soror, oris, f., sister. 

sororius, a, um, of sisters. 
^X^or*» ti*» F-> ^o^j chance, destiny, cap- 
^ ital (at interest) ; pi. prophecy. 

sorsum^^seorBum, apart. 

Bortilegus, a, um, prophetic, 

Bortdor, 4, cast lots, aUot, distribute, 
obtain, select, possess, 

Bortitio, onis, F., allotment. 

Bortit5, by fate. 

sortitus, ua, m., allotment. 

BOBpes itis, saving, safe, fortunate. 

sospitalis, e, giving safety, 

Bospito, I, protect, 

Sp. the praenomen Spurius. 

fapadiz, icis, c, a palm-branch 
(with fruit) ; adj., chestnut-color, 

f spado, onis, M., eunuch, 
-—•pargo, si, siun, 3, strew, scatter, 
spread, extend. 

sparsim, scattered. 

sparsio, onis, F.. sprinkling. 

sparsus, [spargo,] scattered. 

Sp€ui:a, ae, f., a city of S. Greece. 

Spart&cus, i, leader of a revolt of 
gladiators, defeated B.C. 71. 

Spartanus (-iacuB, -icus), a, um, 

Bp£ui:eu8, a, um, of broom. 

f Spartiates, ae, a Spartan. 

spartimi, i, N., Spanish broom. 

sparus, i, m., a hunting-spear. 

fspatha, aa, F., spatula (paddle- 
shape), a broad sword. 

spatior, i, to toalk about. 

spatiSsuB, a, um, ample, spacious, 

spatium, i, N., space, open space, 
period, opportunity. 

Bpecialis, e, particular, specicd. 

specialiter, specifically, 

species, ei, F., view, appearance^ 
display, idea, vision, species, 

specimen, inis, N., token, model. 

specio, spezi, 3, to look, view. 

speci5Be, showily, 

speciosus, a, um, handsome, showy, 

spectabilis, e, visible, worth seeing. 

spectaculimi, i, N., a sight, public 
show, theatre, 

spectamen, inis, n., mask, scene. 

spectate, splendidly. 

spectatio, onis, f., view, beholding. 

spectator, oris, M., observer, spec- 
tator, critic. 

spectatus, a, um, proved, esteemed. 

spectio, onis, f., observing (of aus- 

specto, I, to behold, observe, test, 
drive at. 

Bpectrum, i, N., image, apparition. 

specula, aa, f., a look-out, eminence. 

specula, ae, f., [spes,] slight hope, 

speculabunduB, a, um, on the 

specularis, e, of a mirror; m., sheet 
of mica; n., pi. windoto-panes. 

speculator, 5riB, M., a scout, ex- 
plorer, examiner. 

speculatoriuB, a, van, for scouting- 

speculor, i, to spy, watch, examine* 
^gpeculum, i, N., mirror, look-out. 


specnt — stabnlarins. 

BpecuB, lis, M., cavey den. 

f spelaeum, i, n., cavern, 

f spelunca, ae, f., cavern, den. 

Spercheoa (-ius), i, a river of 

spernaz, aois, contemptuous. 
--— Aperno, aprevi, spret-, 3 ; -nor, i, 
sever, despise, reject. 

spero, I, to hope, expect. 

spes, spei, F., hope, anticipation. 

spheera, as, ball, globe, sphere. 

Sphinx, ngis, f., a myth, being, 
half-woman, half-lion. 

spica, se, F., point, spike, tuft, dart. 

Bpiceus, a, um, of wheat-ears. 

spico, I, put forth ears. 

spicilegiuni, i, N., gleaning. 

spiculum, i, n., point, sting, dart. 

spina, se, F., thorn, spine. 

spinetum, i, n., hedge of thorns. 

spinifer (ger), a, lun, thorn-bearing. 

apinoaus, a, um, thorny, confused. 

spinther, eria, n., bracelet. 

apinua, i, f., black-thorn. 

apira, ee, f., a coU, fold. 

apirabilia, e,for breathing, vital. 

apiraculum (-mentum), i ; -men, 
inia, n., vent-hole, pore. 

apiritaiia (-uSlia), e, of breath or 

apiritua, ua, m., breath, spirit, pride. 

apiro, I, breathe, blow, live, aspire. 

apiaaamentum, i, N., stopper. 

apiaae, densely, slowly. 

apiaao, i, to thicken. 

apiaaua, a, um, dense, close, com- 
pact, slow, difficult. 

f aplen, aplenia, m., milt, spleen. 

aplendeo, 2, to be bright, shine, gleam. 

aplendeaco, dui, 3, grow bright. 

aplendide, brilliantly, 

aplendidua, a, um, bright, brUliant, 
sumptuous, illustrious, noble. 

aplendor, oria, M., lustre, splendor. 

t aplenicua, a, uni; splenetic. 

t apodoa, i, f. ; -iimi, n., slag, dross. 

apoliatio, onia, F., pillage, plunder. 

apoHator, oria, M., plunderer. 

apolio, I, to strip, spoil, plunder. 

apolium, i, n., the spoil, plunder. 

aponda, ae, f., couch, bedstead. 

apondalium, i, n., sacrificial hymn. 
"^pondeo, apopondi, apona-, 2, to 
pledge, vow, betroth. 

f apondylua, i, m., spine-joint. 

f apongia, ae, f., sponge, slag, chain- 
armor, pumice. 

aponaa, ae, F., betrothed, bride. 

aponaalia, e, of betrothal. 

onaio, onia, F., pledge, security. 

aponaor, oria, m., surety, bondsman. 
')*'«ponaum, i, N., a covenant. 

aponauB, [apondeo,] pledged, be- 

aponaua, ua, M., betrothal. 

apontalia, e ; apontaneua, a, um, 

aponte, ab. tia, gen. of one's oion 
accord, voluntarily, freely. 

aporta, ae, F., a hamper. 

aportula (-tella), ae, F., small basket 

apretor, oria, M., scomer. [ (gift). 

apretua, [aperno,] despised. 

apuma, ae, f., foam, scum. 

apumeaco, 3, to froth, surge. 

apumeua, a, um, foamy, frothy. 

apumo, I, to foam, froth. 

apumoaua, a, um,/ti/^ of foam. 

apuo, apui, aput-, 3, to spit. 

apurce, vilely. 

apurcidicua, a, uxn, foul-mouthed. 

apurcitia, ae, F., dirt, smut. 

apurco, I, to befoul. 

apurcua, a, uxa, filthy, unclean, hose. 

apuriua, a, um, illegitimate. 

aputo, I, to spit, spit out. 

aputum, i, N., [apuo,] spit. 

aqualeo, ui, 2, to be stiff, rough, 
squalid, or in mourning-garments. 

aqualidua, a, um, 7'ough, stiff, foul. 

aqualor, oria, M., foulness, squalor. 

aquama, ae, F., a scale. 

aquameua (-oaua), a, tun, scaly. 

aquarroaua, a, um, scabby. 

aquilla^«cilla, sea-onion, 

-at, for eat, is. 

atabilimentum, i, N., support. 

atabilio, 4, to make firm. 

atabilia, e,firm, stable. 

atabilitaa, atia, f., steadiness. 

atabulariua, a, um, of a stopping- 
place or stable. 

stabnlor — stolide. 


gtabulor, i, to abide, find shelter. 
etabulum, 1, N., a standing-place, 

abode, stall. 
f stacta, » (-5, es), F,, mj/rrh-oU, 
stadium, i, N., furlong (125 paces 

=606 ft), race-course, 
stagno, I, to stagnate, lie under 

loater, be overflowed. 
Btagnosus, a, naiffull of pools. 
atagnum, i, n., pool, pond, marsh. 
stamen, inis, n., warp, thread. 
atanneuB, a, um, of tin. 
Btannum, i, n., tin; an alloy of 

silver and lead. 
statarius, a, uin,^n7i, standing. 
atatera, ae, f., steel-yard, balance. 
atatioulum, i, N., smaU image. 
atatim, immediatelg, as soon as. 
atatio, onia, p., standing, abode, 

postf anchorage^ picket. 
stativua, a, um, stationary; of a 

post or station ; N., head-quarters. 
atator, oria, m., waiter, attendant; 

the Sustainer (a title of Jupiter.) 
atatua, ae, f., statue, image. 
atatuarius, a, um, of statues. 
atatumen, inia, N., prop, stag, rib 

(of ship). 
statue, ui, ut, 3, to set, establish, 

resolve, believe, hold sure, fix. 
atatura, ae, f., height, stature. 
atatua [aiato,] set, placed. 
atatua, us, m., position, posture, stat" 

ure, condition, 
fatega, ae, f., deck. 
jatela, as, a column. 
atella, as, f., star. [starry. 

atellatus, a, um ; atelliger, era, um,* 
atellio, onia, m., a newt, lizard. 
atellionatus, ua, m., trickery. 
atello, I, glitter (or cover) with stars. 
tstemma,atia, n., wreath, pedigree. 
fatephanoa, i, m. (icreath), a plant. 
atercoro, i, to apply manure. 
atercua, 5riB, n., dung, filth, manure. 
aterileaco, 3, to gi'ow barren. 
aterilia, e, sterile, barren. 
aterilitaa, atis, f., barrenness. 
Btemaz, acis throwing his rider, 
aterno, atravi, strat-, 3, sprea^I, 

strew, lay smooth, cover, cast down. 

aternumentum (-tSmentum), 1, 

N., a sneeze. 
atemuo, ui, 3^ sneeze, sputter, 
aterquilinium, i, n., dungpit. 
aterto, ui, 3, s lore. 
Stheneleiua, a, um, ofSthenelus, 

son of Perseus, 
f atibium, i, N., antimony. 
f atigmia, atia, n., brand, scar. 
Stilbon, 5nia, m., the planet Mer- 
atilla, ae, F., a drop (of gum). 
atillStim, drop by drop. 
atillicidium, i, n., [GeLdo,]dripping, 
atillo, I, to drip, trickle, distil. 
atilua, i, M., stake, point, style for 

writing, style in writing. 
atimmis^tibium, antimony. 
atimulo, i, to prick, goad, rouse. 
atimulua, i, M., a goad, spur, stroke, 
atinguo, 3, to quench. 
atipatio, onia, f., throng, retinue. 
atipator, 5ria, M., attendant. 
atapendiariua, a, um, tributary. 
atipendior, i, serve for pay. 
atipendium, i, N., tax, tribute, pay, 

military service, duty. 
atipea, itia, m., stock, post, tree, 
atipo, I, crowd, throng, press, attend, 
atipa, atipia, f., gifl, alms, profit, 
atipula, ae, F , stalk, stem, stubble. 
atipulatio, 5ni8, f. ; -tua, ua, m., 

a stipulation, bargain, 
atipulor, i, to bargain, stipulate, 
atiria, ae, f., icicle. 
Blaricidium,i, N., [cado,] snow-faU, 
atirpitua, by the roots. 
'Btirpa (-pea, -pia), pia, f., a stock, 

stem, sprout, race, source, 
ativa, ae, f., plough-handle. 
atlata, ae, F., a kind of ship. 
atlia=liB, lawsuit. 
ato, ateti, atat-, i, to stand, stand 

fast, remain, cost (w. abl. of price); 
^Btat, it is a fixed purpose. 
Stoicua, a, um. Stoic (austere). 
atola, aB, F,, a long robe, womxm^s 

atolide, stupidly, 
atolidus, a, um, dull, stupid, 
atolo, onia, m., shoot, sucker. 


stomachor — styrax. 

Btomachor, i, toh'i vexed, quarrel. 
BtomachOBUS, a, i\m, irrilable, 
stomachuB, i, m., stomach; taste, 

dislike. v 

8torax=styrax, a gum. 
Btorea, ee, f., mat of rope or straw. 
fBtrabo, SniB, m., squinting, 
BtrageSi is, F., an overthrow, mas- 
BtragoluB, a, um, for covering or 

spreading; N., rug, mattress, 
Btramen, IdIb ; mentum, i, N., rug, 

straw, litter, 
BtramineuB, a, um, of straw, 
Btrangulo, i, to strangle, choke, 
t strategema, atis, n., generalship, 
t strategUB, i, m., a general, 
t BtratioticuB, a, um, military, 
strator, oria, m., groom. 
stratura, as, F., pavement, 
stratus, [sterno,] strown ; N., cov- 
erlet, couch, horse-cloth. 
Btrena, ae, f., sign, omen, gift. 
strenue, vigorously^ bravely, 
strenuuB, a, um, prompt, energetic, 

vigorous, brave, 
strepito, i, to rustle, make a noise, 
strepitUB, us, m., a clashing, rustle, 

Btrepo, ui, 3, to make a noise, re- 
sound, 7nurmur, roar, 
stria, 8B, f., furrow, fluting, 
Btricte (-tiinX closely, briefly, 
strictivuB, a, um, plucked, 
Btrictura, ae, F., contraction, 
Btrictus, [stringo,] close, brief, strict, 
Btiideo (-do, 3), di, 2, to hiss, creak, 

buzz, whiz, whistle, 
stridor, Sris, M., a hissing, buzzing, 
stridulus, a, um, whizzing, 
striga, 86, F., stvath of grass. 
Btriga, 86, F., hag, witch, 
strigilis, is, F., a flesh- scraper, 
strigmentum, i, n., scrapings, 
Btrigo, I, stop, give way, 
strigosus, a, um, lank, meagre, 
stringo, nari, lot-, 3, draw, press, 

graze, strip, prune, constrain, 
strio, I, to groove, furrow, 
striz, igis, f., screech-owl ; channel, 
fstropha, ae, f., strophe, trick. 

Strophadeg, um, islands S. W. 
of Greece. 

-f-strophiimi, i, N., band, belt, wreath, 

f Btrophus, i, M., colic, 

Btmcte, orderly, 

structiliB, e, of building, 

structor, 5riB, M., builder, 

Btructura, as, F., construction, build- 
ing ; pL, engineering works, 

BtructUB, [struo,] ordered, com- 

strues, is (-iz, icis), f., a heap, pile, 

struma, ae, F., tumor, 

struo, zi, ct-, 3, to pile, build, ar- 
range, contrive. 

struppus, i, M., band, thong. 

f strutheus, a, um, of sparrows, 

I strnthio, onis ; struthiocamelus, 
i, M., ostrich. 

Strymon, 5ms, a river of Thrace. 

studeo, ui, 2, to be eager or zealous 
for, to study, observe, attend to, 

studiose, earnestly. 

studidsus, a, um, zealous, studious, 
attached, devoted. 

studium, i, N., zeal, desire, study, 

stulte, foolishly. 

stultitia, SB, F., folly. 

stultus, a, um, foolish, silly, 

stupa=stuppa, tow, 

stupe-facio, 3, ; P., -fio, stupify, 

Btupendus, a, um, amazing. 

stupeo, ui, 2, to be amazed, gaze 
with wonder, 

stupeus, a, um, of tow, 

stupidus, a, vaa, confounded, stu- 
pid, amazed, 

stupor, oris, M., numbness, aston- 
ishment, amazement, 

f Btuppa, ae, F., tow, 

stuppeus, a, um, of tow, hempen, 

stupro, I, deflle, debauch, 

stuprum, i, N., dishonor, debauchery, 

sturnuB, i, M., starling, 

Stygius, a, um, of the Styx, 

stylus^sstUus, style. 

StymphSUicus, a, um, of Stifm-' 
phalus, a district in Arcadia, 
haunted by birds of prey. 

fstypticuB, a, um, astringent. 

t styraz, acis, F., a fragrant resia 

Styx — subscns. 


Styz, gis, F., the Styx {gloom\ a 

river of Hades. 
Buadela, se, f., persuasion, 
ouadeo, si, sum, 2, advise, urge, 

ptead, advocate, recommend, 
suadiis, a, um, persuasive, 
suamet, [suus,] one^s very own, 
suarius, a, um, of swine, 
suasio, Snis, f., persuasion, 
suasor, 5ris, M., persuader, advo- 
cate, counsellor. 
8uas5riuB, a, um, persuasive, 
suasus, us, M., persuasion. 
suave, sweetly. 
suavior, i, to kiss, 
suavis, e, sweet, pleasant, 
suavitas, atis; -tudo, inis, f., 

sweetness, pleasantness. 
suaviter, sweetly. 
suavium, i, N., lips, kiss, 
sub (§ 42, iii.), under, at the foot of, 

during, towards, just after. 
[sub-, under or in low degree {-ish). 
subaotio, onis, F., working-up, pre- 
paring, discipline, 
subaotus, [subigo,] subdued, 
subausculto, i, listen secretly, 
subblandior, 4, to fondle, 

subditivus, a, um, [-do,] spurious, 
^^4,^ubdo, didi, dit-, 3, to put under, 

subdue, yield,' substitute, forge. 
subdolus, a, lun, crafty, sly, 
subduco,zi, ct-, 3, withdraw, uplift, 

haul up, furl, secrete, calculate, 
subductio, onis, f., hauling a- 

ground, reckoning. 
subeo, ii, it-, 4, advance, go under, 

approach, undergo, submit, carry, 
suber, eris, n., cork-tree. 
[8ubf-==suff- ; 8ubg-=sugg-. 
subices, supports, 
subigito, I (agito), intens. of 
subigo, egi, act-, 3, bring under, 

subdue, constrain, rub down, 
subinde, directly after, from time 

to time, 
subitarius, a, um, prepared in 

subito, suddenly, 
subitus, [subeo], sudden, hasty. 

subjaceo, ui, 2, lie under or near. 

subjecte, submissively, 

subjectio, 5nis, f., putting under^ 
substituting, forging, subjoining. 

subjecto, I, toss up from below. 

subjectus, a, um, subject, near, 

subjicio, jeci, ject-, 3, bring under, 
throw up, substitute, subdue, add, 

subjugo, I, bring under the yoke, 

subjungo, lud, not-, 3, [jugum,] 
to yoke, annex, subdue. 

sublabor, psus, 3, to sink, glide. 

sublate, loftily, 

sublatio, onis, f., uplifling, 

sublatus, [tollo,] elated, 

sublego, ISgi, lect^, 3, gather^ 
snatch stealthily, read (softly). 

sublestus, a, um, slight, trifling. 

sublevo, I, uplift, lighten, relieve. 

sublica, se, F., stake, pile. 

sublicius, a, um, built on piles. 

subligo, I, to bind, fasten beneath. 

sublime, loftily. 

sublimis, e, lofty, exalted, on high. 

sublimitas, atis, f., loftiness. 

sublimiter, loftily. 

sublimo, I, to elevate, 

sublino, levi, lit-, 3, besmear, cheaL 

subluceo, 2, to glimmer, 

subluo, 3, to wash beneath. 

sublustris, e, glimmering. 

Bubluvies, em, e, f., dirt. 


sub-nascor, 3, grow after. 

subnecto, xum, 3, bind beneath. 

subnizus, a, um, supported, lean- 
ing on, defended by. 

subo, I, to be full, in heat. 

suboleo, 2, to smell, scent, 
^uboles, is, F., sprout, offspring. 

subolesco, 3, to grow up. 

Bubomo, I, adorn, incite secretly. 

[subp-==supp- ; subr-=surr-. 

subscribo, psi, pt-, 3, write below, 
subscribe, note down, agree to, 

subsoriptio, onis, F., subscription^ 
noting down, signature, 

subscriptor, oris, m., signer, ap- 

subscus, lidis, f., dove-tail, tenon. 


subseciyns — suecnmbo. 

Bubsecivus, a, um, the remaining, 

over and above, leisure, 
Bub-seco, I, to clip away. 
Bubaellium, i, n., a low bench, seat, 

Bubsequor, outus, 3, follow close, 
Bubaervio, 4, to be subject. 
subaessa, ae, f., ambuscade. 
Bubaeaaor, oris, m., waylay er. 
Bubaidiariua, a, tun, of the reserve, 
subaidium, i, n., reserves, help. 
Bubsido, sedi, aesa-, 3^ sink, settle, 

abide, lie in wait, squat. 
subaignanua, a, um, serving near 

the standard. 
Bubaigno, i, subscribe, register. 
Bubsilio, ui (ii), 4^ spring upward. 
Bubaiato, atiti, 3, take a stand, halt, 

remain, tvithstand. 
aubaolaaua, a, um, eastward. 
Bubaortior, 4, to choose a substitute. 
aubatantia, so, F., substance. 
Bub-aterno, 3, slrew beneath, bestrew. 
aubatilluB, a, um, dribbling. 
aub-atituo, [atatuo,] 3, to put next, 

suggest, substitute. 
Bubato, I, to be near, stay firm. 
Bubatramen, inis, n., litter. 
Bub-atringo, 3, bind close, check. 
Bubatrictas, a, um, close. 
Bubatructio, onia, F., foundation, 

Bub-atruo, 3, build h^nealh. 
Bubaulto, I, to jump, spring. 
Bub-aum, to be near, or among. 
Bubtemen, inia, N., yarn, woof. 
aubter (§ 56, i. 3), beneath, close. 
Bubter-duco, 3, withdraw secredy. 
Bubter-fiigio, 3, fly by stealth. 
Bubter- labor, 3, glide beneath. 
Bubtero, trivi, trit-, 3, wear away. 
Bubterraaeua, a, um, underground. 
BubtertiUB, a, um, less by a third. 
BUbtezo, zui, zt-, 3, weave below, 

spread, subjoin, annex, 
Bubtilia, e, slender, fine, delicate, 

simple, plain. 
Bubtilitaa, atia, F., fineness, keen- 
ness, plainness. 
Bxxbysiitex, finely, minutely. 
Bubtrsdio, zi, ct-, 3, withdraw. 

BubtuB, underneath. 

Bubucula, ee, F.y a shirt. 

Bubula, 8B, F., [suo,] an awl. 

BubulcuB, i, M.) [auB,] swineherd. 

Subiira, ee, P., a street in Rome. 

BuburbanuB, a, um, near the city^ 
N., a suburban estate. 

suburgeo, 2, drive close. 

Bubiiro, uat-, 3, to singe, scorch. 

subvectio, oniB, f., conveyance. 

Bubvecto, I, intens. of 

subveho, zi, ct-, 3, carry, convey, 
bring (up stream). 

Bubvenio, veni, vent-, 4, come to 
aid, relieve, come to hand. 

Bubverto, ti. Bum, 3, to overthrow, 
destroy, subvert. 

Bubvezus, a, um, sloping upward, 

Bubvolo, I, fly upward. 

Bubvolvo, 3, to roll up or along. 

BuccavuB, a, um, hollow below. 

BuccedaneuB, a, um, succeeding. 

Buccedo,. ceBsi, ceas-, 3, go below, 
mount, enter, advance, prosper. 

Buccendo, di, aum, 3, to set on fire. 

Buccenaeo, aui, aum, 2, to be angry. 

Buccenturio, at-, i, receive as re- 

suc-cemo, 3, shake, sift. 

BUCceBBio, onia, F., sequence, suc- 

Bucceaaor, oria, m., follower, suc- 
cessor, inheritor, 

BucceaauB, ua, m., advance, success. 

Buccidia, se, F. flitch of bacon. 

Bucoido, [cado,] 3, fall under, sink. 

Buccido, [casdo,] 3, cut down or 

BucciduB, a, um, sappy, juicy. 

Bucciduus, a, um, sinking. 

Buccincte (-tim), briefly. 

Buccinctus, [cingo,] girt, ready. 

Buc-cingo, 3, to gird, equip. 

Buocino, 3, accompany in song, 

Buccinum=aucinum, amber. 

BucciBivuB (aubaecivuB), a, mn, 

Bucclamo, i, shout (in reply). 

Buccollo, I, to shoulder. 

auccreaco, i, groto up. 

Buc-cumbo, 3, to lie, sink, yidd. 

suocnrr — snpellex. 


suo-cuzTO, 3, run under or to help; 
occur to one^s mind. 

6uccu8=suci28, sap,juicek 
cuccuaao, i, to jerky joU, 
Buccutdo, cussi, cuss-, 3, to toss up. 
sucidus, a, um, juici/, fresh. 
oucinnxn, i, N., amber. 
suco, dnis, M., sucker (usurer). 
suc5su8, a, um, juicy. 
suctus, [sugQ,] exhausted, 
sucula, ae, F., [sua,] windlass. 
8UCUS, i, M., juice^ sap, vigor. 
Qudarium, i, N., handkerchief. 
sudatoriuB, a« tun, /or sweating. 
Budes (ia), is, F., stake, pile, peak. 
Budo, I, to sweat, toil, exude. 
sudor, oris, m., sweaty moisture, toil. 
Budus, a, um, dry, bright, clear. 
Buesco, Buevi, Buet-, 3, get wonted. 
8ueBBa, 86, F., a town of Latium. 
BuffarcinatUB, a, um, stuffed. 
sufFectio, odIb, f., adding, supply. 
suffectuB, [Bufficio,] supplied. 
aufEero,BUBtuli, Bublat-, put under, 

offer, sustain, endure. 
BuffertuB, [fercio,] stuffed. 
suSea, etia, m., the Carthaginian 

chief magistrate. 
sufficio, feci, feet-, 3, put under, 

imbue, supply, suffice. 
BuHigo, zi, zum, 3, fasten^ affix, 
Buffio, 4, fumigate, perfume, 
Quffitio, onia, f., fimigation. 
suflELamen, inia, n., clog, drag. 
Bufflatua, a, um, bloated, 
BufflatuB, us, M., breath, 
Bufflo, I, breathe or blow forth. 
suffoco, I, suffocate. 
Bufibdio, fodi, foas-, 3, pierce, stab, 

Buffiragatio, onia, F., voting. 
Buffiragator, oria, M., supporter. 
Buffiragium, i, N., a vote, judgment. 
Bufirago, inia, f., ham, pastern, 
Bufiragor, i, support by voting. 
Buffiingo, 3, break, pelt with stones 
Buffugio, fugi, 3, t(M:e refuge. 
sufiugium, i, n., shelter. 
BufEiilcio, fulai, fult-, 4, to prop. 
BufFundo, fudi, fua-, 3, pour below, 

overspread, suffuse. 

Bufiuaus, bashful. 

BUggero, geaai, gest-, 3, carry 

under, raise, furnish, suggest. 
auggeatum, i, n., a height, platform. 
Buggredior, greaaua, 3, approach. 
Buggrunda, se, f., eaves. 
BUgillo, I, to bruise, insult. 
Bugo, zi, ct-, 3, to suck, exhaust. 
Bui, aibi, ae (aese), one^s self. 
auilluB, a, um, of swine; auDe.s/y. 
aulcator, oria, M., ploughman. 
aulco, I, to cut, furrow, plough. 
BulcuB, i, M., fuiTow, trench, wake. 
aulfur, uxia, n., brimstone, sulphur. 
aulfureua, a, -um, like sulphur. 
Sulla, L. Cornelius, the Roman 

Dictator, B.C. 138-78. 
Sulmo, onia, m., a Pelignian town. 
Bultia=8i vultia, if you will. 
Bum, eaae, fui (§§ 29, 45, 3), to be ; 

(w. dat.), belong. 
aumen, iniB, n., breast, udder. 
Bumma, ae, f., the chief point, sum, 

whole, main body {pi army). 
BUixmiaa, atia, ojf high place. 
aummatim, on the surface, gently. 
aumme, in the highest degree. 
Bummergo, ai, aum, 3, plunge, sub- 

merge, sink. 
Bummerua, a, um, rather clear, 
aumminiatro, i, aid, supply. 
aummiaae (-im), gently, calmly. 
BummiaauB, a, um, low, gentle, mean. 
Bummitto, miaai, miaa-, 3, send 

forth, rear, let down, send secretly. 
Bummopere, to tlie utmost. 
Bununoveo, movi, m5t-, 2, se^id 

or clear away, withdraw, withhold. 
Bummua, a, um, uttermost, utmost, 

top of, highest, chief, last. 
Bumo, aumpai, aumpt-, 3, fake, 

claim, spend, assume; aumere 

poenam, to inflict punishment. 
aumptuariuB, a, um, of expenses. 
aumptudauB, a, um, costly, lavish. 
aumptua, ua, m., expense, cost. 
BUG, Bui, aut-, 3, to sew, stitch. 
Buomet, Buopte, one\ own. 
auovetaurilia, sacrifice of swine, 

sheep and bull. 
aupellez, lectilia, f., furniture. 


super — snrrado. 

super (§ 56, l, 2), abovey concerning, 

besides, during, 
[super-i over and above, or upofi. 
BuperabiliB, e, conquerable, 
superbe, haughtily, 
superbia, 8d, F., pride, haughtiness, 
superbio, 4, to be haughty, splendid, 
Buperbus, a, um, haughty, arrogant, 

proud, superb, magnificent. 
supercillum, i, K., brow, ridge, 

summit, arrogance, sternness, 
superemineo, 2, overtop, excel, 
superficies, ei, F., surface, struc- 
ture, what is aboveground, 
superifio, to be remaining, 
superfluo, zi, 3, overflow, abound, 
superfluus, a, um, overflowing, 
superfundo, 3, pour over, extend, 
supergredior, gressus, 3, overstep. 
superi, Sruin, the upper divinities, 
superimpleo, 2, fill to overflowing, 
superinjicio, 3, fhrow on or over, 
superior, us, higher, upper, former, 

older, superior. 
super-jacio, 3, throw upon, overtop, 
supernas, nStis, of the upper 

country, northern, 
superne, upward, 
supemus, a, um, on high, celestial, 
supero, I, surmount, surpass, sur- 
vive, abound, subdue, go past, 
super-pono, 3, place on or over, 
supersedeo, sedi, sess-^ 2, sit upon 

surpass, desist, omit, 
cuperstes, stitis, c, a bystander, 

superstitio, 5nis, f., superstition, 

object of dread or scruple. 
superstitiosus, a,um, superstitious, 

jtrophetic, scrupulous. 
supersto, i, stand on or over. 
super-sum, remain, abound, sur- 

vive, be present, assist. 
superus, a, um (§ 17, iii.), upper, 

higher ; pi., the celestials. 
supervacaneus (-vacuus), a, um, 

superfluous, needless. 
super- venio, 4, come upon or over, 

follow, surpass, attack. 
supine,' negligently. 
supino, I, to lay backward. 

suplnus, a, um, fallen backward, 

outspread, heedless, haughty. 
suppar, paris, neai^ly equal. 
supparasitor, i, to fawn, flatter. 
suppanim, i, n., a woman^s linen 

garment, topsail. 
suppedito, I, [pes,|] to abound, 

have in abundance, furnish, 
suppetisB, arum, f., aid, succor. 
suppetior, i, to aid, succor. 
suppeto, ivi (ii), it-, 3, be at hand 

or equal, to agree, con-espond. 
suppilo, I, filch, purloin. 
suppingo, pact-, 3, fasten beneath, 
supplanto, I, trip up the heels, 

supplementum, i, n., fiUing-in, 

supply, recruiting. 
supplementum, i, n., filling up. 
suppleo, evi, et-, to fill up, supply, 
supplez, icis, kneeling, suppliant. 
supplicatio onis, f., public prayer 

or thanksgiving. 
suppliciter, suppliantly, humbly. 
supplicium, i, N., prayer, supplica- 
tion; also punishment, torture {\ht. 

criminal kneeling for the blow). 
supplico, I, kneel, implore, worship. 
supplodo, si, 3, stamp, applaud, 
supplosio, 5ni8, f., stamping, 
sup-pono, 3, put beneath, substitute, 

forge, counterfeit, subjoin, 
supporto, I, caiTy, convey, 
suppositicius, a, um, substituted, 
suppositio, onis, f., substituting, 
suppressio, 5nis, F., keeping back 

or doicn, embezzlement. 
supprimo, pressi, press-, 3, p-ess 

down, sink, check, detain, suppress, 
supprSmus, i, M., under-builer. 
suppuro, I, to gather matter, [pus} 
supputo, I, to prune, reckon, trim. 
supra, above, before, beyond, besides. 
supremus=sxunmus, highest. 
sura, ee, f., caff of the leg. 
surculaceus (-osus), a, um, woody. 
surculus, i, M., sprout, shoot, twig. 
surde, dimly, indistinctly. 
surdus, a, um, deaf, dull, mute. 
surge, surresd, ct-, 3, to rise, lifl. 
surrado, si, sum, 3, y crape. 

snrremigo — tabema. 


surremigo, i, to row beneath, 

Surrentuxn, i, n., Sorrento (near 

sur-rfipo, 3, creep softly, steed upon. 

surrepticiaB, a, nm, stolen, 

surreptus, [ripio,] snatched away. 

sunideo, si^ 2, to smile. 

8urrigo=surgo, rise. 

Burripio, pui, rept-, 3, snatch, steal. 

surrogo, i, substitute. 

sur-ruo, 3, to undermine, demolish. 

Bursum, upward, on high. 

Bnrus, i, m., branch, stake. 

BUB, Buis, c, hog, sow. 

SuBa, onixn, N., capital of Persia. 

Busceptor, 5ris, M., contractor, re- 

BUBcipio. cepi, cept*, 3, take up, 
sustain, acknowledge, undertake. 

BUBCito, I, lift, cast up, rouse,restore. 

Buapecto, I, to look up at, watch. 

BUBpectuB, a, vun, auspicious, dan- 

suspectUB, UB, M., looking-upward. 

Buspeudium, i, n., hanging. 

Buspendo, di, Bum, 3, hang, sus- 
pendt support, depend, check, stop, 

Buspicaz, aciB, suspicious. 

BUBpicio, pezi, ct-, 3, look up to, 
admire, suspect, distrust. 

BUBpicio, oniB, f., distrust, suspicion. 

BUBpiciOBUB, a, um, distrustful, sus- 
picious, causing distrust. 

BUBpicor, I, mistrust, suspect, think. 

Buspiratio, 5niB, f. ; -atuB (-itus), 
UB, M. ; -ium, i, n., sigh, deep 

BUBpiro, I, to sigh, sigh for. 

BUBque deque, up and down. 

Buateutatio, onis, f., delay, sus- 
pense, forbearance, maintenance. 

Buatento, i, sustain, support, main- 
tain, endure, delay. 

suBtineo, ui, tent-, 2, hold, sustain, 
restrain, maintain, endure, 

Bustollo, 3, lift, raise, 

BUBtuli, [tollo, or Buffero,] raised. 

BU3am=Bur8um, upward, 

Busurro, i, to whuper, murmur, 

BUBurrus, i, M., a whisper^ murmur. 

Butela, 86, F., [buo,] artifice. 

BStiliB, e, sewed, fastened. 

sutor, 5riB, cobbler. [bier, 

sutoriuB (-tnnuB), a, um, of a cob- 

Butura, ae, f., a seam. 

BUUB, a, um, onei's own, favorable; 

pi. M., one^s friends or soldiers ; 

N., one^s property. 
SybariB, is, f., a Greek town in 

S. E. Italy, noted for luxury. 
f BycaminuB, i, f., mulberry. 
f By ce, Sb, f., gum-resin. 
fsycophanta, ee, m., informer^ 

slanderer, cheat, flatterer. 
f Byllaba, ae, f., syllable. 
aylva^Bilva, forest. 
f Bymbola, ae, f., share, scot. 
f BymboluB (um), i, m., mark, token, 
f BymphSnia, as, f., harmony. 
BymphSniacua, a, um, for singing. 
SymplegadSs, um, f., clifl^ in 

the Euxine, which dashed 

against one another (myth). 
f BympoBium, i, N., banquet. 
t Byngrapha, ae, F. ; ub, i, m., note, 

bond, contract. 
Synnada, orum, a town of Phry- 

gia, famous for marble. 
Syphaz, acia, king of Numidia, 

ally of Carthage, died B.C. 201. 
SyracuBae, arum, f., a city of Si- 
cily, taken by Marcellus, b.c. 212. 
Syria, ae, f., the country E. of the 

S^riiuc, giB, F., a nymph, beloved 

by Pan, changed to a reed. 
f Byrma, ae, f., a trailing robe, 
ByrtlB, ia (idos),. F., quicksand; 

Syrtea, two great shoals on the 

North coast of Africa. 


T, the praenomen Titua. 
tabanuB, i, m., gadfly, 
tabella, ae, f., tablet, letter, ballot, 
picture, votive tablet. [carrier. 
tabellariuB, a, um, of tablets; m., a 
tabeo, 2, melt, waste, decay, 
taberna, ae, F., shop, booth, inn. 


tabernacoliun — Tarracina. 

tabernaoultim, i, n., tent, pavilion, 

tabernarius, a, uxn, of shops or 
booths; pL, shopkeepers. 

tabes, is, f., decay, pestilence. 

tabesco, bui, 3, consume, dissolve. 

tabidus, a, um, decaying, corrupt, 

tabificus, a, uxn, dissolving, corrod- 
ing, infectious. 

tabula, SB, f., board, plank, tablet, 
panel, picture. 

tabularis, e, of boards or tablets. 

tabularius, a, tun, of records; u., 
registrar; F., record-office; N., 

tabulatio, onia, f., flooring. 

tabulatus, a, um, boarded, floored ; 
N., floor, layer. 

tabulinum, i, n., balcony, terrace, a 
shelf for records, picture hall. 

tabum, i, n., corruption, pestilence. 

taceo, cui, cit-, 2, to be silent, still, 

taoite (to), silently. 

tacitumitas, atis, F., silence. 

taciturnus, a, um, inclined to silence 

tacitus, a, um, silent, secret, mute. 

tactio, onis, f., touch. 

tactus, [tango,] touched. 

tactus, us, M., handling, touch. 

taeda, ae, f., pitch-pine, torch ; mar- 
riage-torch, wedding, 

taddet, uit (taesiim est), ii wearies, 

taedium, i, N., weariness, disgust. 

Taenarus (os), i, c. ; (-on, N.), the 
southern point of Greece. 

Taenarius, a, um. Spartan, 

taenia, ae, F., flllet, hair-band. 

taesum est, [taedet,] it wearies. 

taeter=teter, offensive. 

tagaz, acis, light-fingered. 

talaris, e, of the ankle; N. pi., 
winged sandals. 

talarius, a, um, of dice, 

talea, ae, f., rod, bar, cutting. 

talentum, i, N., talent (^ cwt, or 
sum of a little over $1000). 

talio, onis, F., punishment in kind. 

talis, e, such, of such sort. 

talpa, ae, f., mole. 

tsQus, i, M., ankle, ankle-bone, die, 

tarn, so ; tarn . . . quam, as (well) as* 

tamariz, icis, f., tamarisk. 

tamdiu, so long , . , (quamdin, as). 

tamen, yet, still, nevertheless, 

tametsi (tamenetsi), although. 

tammodo, but just now. 

tamquam, as ^, as it were. 

Tanais, is, m., the river Don. 

Tanaquil, ilis, wife of Tarquin. 

tandem, at length, now then, 

tango, tetigi, tact-, 3, touch, reacTi, 
hit, affect, cheat, mention, 

tanquam=tamquam, as if, 

Tantalus, i, myth. k. of Phrygia, 
punished in Tartarus with 
eternal hunger and thirst. 

tanti (gen.), at such a price. 

tantillus, a, um, so little. 

tantisper, for so long, 

tanto, by so much (w. compar.). 

tantdpere, so much, so greatly. 

tantulus, a, um, ever so little. 

tantum, so much, so far, only. 

tantummodo, only. 

tantundem, just so much, 

tantus, a, um, so great, so much, 
so many, 

tantus-dem, a, um, just so great. 

tapete, is, n. (ace. -ta, pi., -tas, M.), 
carpet, rug, tapestry. 

tarandus, i, M., reindeer (T) 

tarde, slowly. 

tardipes, pedis, slow-foot. 

tarditas, atis, F.j slowness, dulness. 

tardities, ei ; -tudo, inis, f., slow- 

tardiusculus, a, um, rather slow. 

tardo, I, to delay, prevent, linger. 

tardus, a, um, slow, sluggish, linger- 
ing, dull, deliberate. 

Tarentanus, a, um, of Tarentum 
(Taranto), in S. E. Italy. 

tarmes, itis, m., woodworm. 

Tarpeia, ae, the maiden who be- 
trayed the citadel to the Sabines. 

Tarpeius mons, the steep north 
front of the Capitoline. 

Tarquinius, i, the 5th and 7th k. 
of Rome, B.C. 618-578, 534-509 
(from Tarquinii, in Etruria). 

Tarracina, ae, F., a coast-town 
half-way bet Rome and Naples. 

Tarraoonensifi — temporatim. 


TarracpnensiB, e, of Tarragona, in 

Tartarus (os), i, M. ; -a, orum, n., 

the place of eternal torture, 

lieU; adj., Tartareus or -inua. 
TartesBus, i, F., a port of Spain, 
tarum, i, n., aloe-wood, 
TatiuB, i, a Sabine king, reigning 

jointly with Romulus. 
taura, se, f., a barren cow. 
taureuB, a, am, of huUs or oxen, 
Tauri orum, a people of Thrace. 
tauriformis, e, bull-shaped, 
Taurii ludi, games in honor of 

the infernal deities. 
Taurini, orum, people of N. W. 

Italy (Tunn), 
taurinuB, a, uxn, of bulls, or oxen, 
TauroiB, entda, a fortress of Mas- 

Tauromenium, i, N., a town of 

eastern Sicily. 
tatmiB, i, M., blUl, ox, bullock. 
tsossL, ae, f., laurel, 
taxatio, dnia, f., reckoning. 
tazeuB, a, urn, of yews. 
ta2iin=tetigerim, [tango,] touch. 
tazixQ, gently, by degrees. 
tazo, I, touch sharply, charge a- 

gainst, appraise. 
tazuB, i, F., yew. 
Taj^getuB, i, M. ; -a, ortun, n., a 

mountain-ridge in Laconia. 
te (tu), thee. 

t techna, se, f., craft, trick. 
tecte, covertly. 
tectoriuB, a, urn, for covering ; n., 

thatch, plaster. 
tectum, i, N., roof, dwelling, shelter. 
tectuB, [tego,] sheltered. 
tecum (tu), with thee. 
ted=te, thee. 
teda=taeda, torch. 
Tegea, ae, f., a town in Arcadia. 
TegeeuB (-sbub), a, um. Arcadian, 
tegea, etis, f., covering, mat. 
tegillum, i, n., hood, 
tegimen (tegmen), iiuB, n., cover. 
tego, ad, ct-, 3, to cover, hide, shelter, 
tegula, 86, F., tUe. 
tegulum, i, N., roof. 

tegumen, inia; -mentum, i, n., 

TeiuB, a, um, of Teos (Anacreon). 
tela, 8B, F., web, tvarp, loom. 
Telamo (-on). 5niB, father of Ajax. 
Telebose, arum, a robber people 

of Acarnania. 
TelegonuB, i, son of Ulysses and 

Circe, slayer of his father, and 

founder of Tusculum. 
TelemachuB, i, son of Ulysses 

and Penelope. 
TelephuB, i, son of Hercules and 

Auge ; king of Mysia. 
telluB, uriB, f., the earth. 
TelmesBUB, i, f., a town of Caria. 
telum, i, N., spear, javelin, weapon. 
temerariuB, a, um, accidental, rash. 
temere, by chance, rashly, hastily. 
temeritas, atis, f., chance, rashness, 
temero, i, to profane, pollute. 
Temesa (Tempsa), se, a town of 

S. Italy, noted for copper mines. 
temetum, i, n., intoxicating drink, 
temno, 3, scorn, despise. 
temo, oniB, m., beam, pole, waggon. 
Tempe,pl., N., avalley of Thessaly. 
temperamentum, i, N., measure, 

moderation, tempei'ament. 
temperana, tia, moderate. 
temperanter, with moderation. 
temperantia, se, f., moderation* 
temperate, temperately. 
temperatio, onia, f., tempering. 
temperatuB, a, um, airanged, pre- 
pared, moderate. 
temperi, [tempua,] at the Jit time. 
temperiea, ei, f., tempering, temper. 
tempero, i, to temper, qualify, 

soften, regulate, goveim, forbear. 
tempeataa, atia, f., time, season, 

weather, tempest. 
tempeslive, seasonably. 
tempeativitaa, atia, F., timeliness. 
tempeativuB, a, um,^/, ripe, timely. 
templum, i, n., open circuit, sanc- 
tuary, temple. 
tempera, um, n., temples, head. 
temporalia, e; -arius, a,um,/ora 

time, temporary. 
temporatim, at times or seasons. 


tempori — tersns. 

tempori, in season. 

tempto=tento, try. 

tempus, oris, n., timey season, occa- 
sion, circumstance; temple. 

temulentia, as, f., intoxication. 

temulentus, a, um, drunk, 

tenacitas, atis, f., stubbornness, 

tenaciter, stubbornly, 

tenaz, acia, grasping, firm, tena- 
cious, stubborn, stingy. 

tendo, tetendi, tent- (tena-), 3, 
stretch, extend, spread out, go, 
tend, endeavor, encamp. 

tenebrse, amm, f., darkness, night, 
gloom, blindness, death. 

tenebricua (-coaua), a, um, gloomy, 
dark, obscure, 

tenebroaua, a, um, dark, gloomy. 

TenedoB (us), i, f., an I. near Troy. 

tenellus, a, um, tender, delicate. 

teneo, ui, tent-, 2, hold, keep, attain, 
comprehend, restrain, endure, 

tener, era, um, soft, tender. 

tenerasco (-esco), 3, to grow soft. 

teneiitaa, atis, f., softness. 

tenor, oris, m., caree", course. 

tensa, se, f., a car (for the images 
of the gods). 

tensio, onis, f., stretching out. 

tenaus, [tendo,] stretched, tight. 

tentabundus, trying here and there. 

tentamen, inis ; -mentum, i, n. ; 
-atio, 5ni8, f., attempt 

tento, I, try, tempt, attack, attempt, 

tent5rium, i, n., tent. 

tentus, [tendo,] stretched ; [teneo,] 

tenuis, e, thin, slender, narrow, 
shallow, meagre, slight, fine, poor, 

tenuitas, atis, f., thinness, scarcity. 

tenuiter, thinly, poorly, finely. 

tenuo, I, make thin, dilute, attenu- 
ate, reduce, enfeeble. 

tenuB, dris, N., cord, snare. 

tenu3, up to, asfrir as (§ 56, L, 5). 

tepe-facio, 3, to make warm, 

tepeo, 2, to be lukewarm. 

tepesco, pui, 3, grow lukewarm. 

tepidarium, 1, N., warm bath. 

tepidus, a, um, lukewarm, ftiint, 

tepor, oris, m , gentle xoarmth. 

ter, three times. 
tercentum, three hundred. 
terdecies, thirteen times. 
terebinthus, 1, f., turpentine-tree. 
terebra, ae, f., auger (for boring). 
terebro, i, to bore, pierce. 
teredo, inis, F., borer, 
terSs, etis, [tero,] worn smooth, 

rounded, polished. 
Tereus, i, myth, king of Thrace. 
tergeminus, a, um, three-ft)ld. 
tergeo, 2 ; -go, si, 3, to wipe, cleanse. 
Tergeste, is, n., a port of I stria, 

tergilla, 8b, f., pork-rind. 
terginum, i, N., raw hide. [sion 
tergiverBatio,onis, F., refusal, eva- 
tergiversor, i, turn the back, shuf- 
fle, evade. 
tergo=:tergeo, wipe. 
tergum, i ; -us, 5ris, n., back, body, 

hide; dare terga, to flee. 
termds, itis, m., olive-bough. 
terminalis, e, of boundaries. 
terminatio, onis, F., fixing bounds, 
termino, i, to bound, limit, define. 
terminus, i, m., boundary, 'limit, 
temidenl, ae, a, thirteen each. 
ternus, a, um, by threes, threefold; 

pi. three each, three, 
tero, trivi, trit-, 3, wear, wear away, 

bruise (for threshing), frequent. 
Terpsichore, es, the Muse of 

terra, ae, f., earth, ground, region. 
terrenus, a, um, earthen, earthy, 

terreo, ui, it-, 2, to frighten, alarm, 

scare away. 
terrestris, e, of the earth, or land. 
terreus, a, um, earthen. 
terribilis,e, frightful, dreadful. 
terricule^ ae, f., a bugbear. 
terrifico, i, terrify, 
terrificus, a, um, causing dread. 
terrigena, ae, c, earth-bom. 
territo, i, to terrify. 
territorium, i, n., territory. 
territus, [terreo,] frightened. 
terror, oris, m , dread, terror, 
tersus, [tergo,] clean, correct, neaU 

tertianus — Thraeos. 


tertianus, a, iim, of the third* 

tertio, at-, i^ to do thrice, 

tertio (um), for the yl timey thirdly. 

tertins, a um, third. 

temnciua (^ of as), penny, trifle. 

tesca, orum, N., wastes, wilds. 

tessera, se, F., square tablet, die, 
chequer, token. 

testa (-ula), ae, F., brick, file, shell. 

testaceus, a, tun, of brick or lUe. 

testamentarius, a, um, of wills. 

testamentmn, i, n., a will, testa- 

testatim, in fragments. 

testatio, onis, f., attestation, 

testato, before witnesses. 

testator, 5ris, m., witness, testator. 

testatus, a, um, proved, published. 

testeus, a, um, of earthen. 

testificatio, ouis, F., evidence. 

testificor, i, prove, give evidence. 

testimonium, i, N., evidence. 

testis, is, c, a witness. 

testor, I, bear witness, testify, prove, 
attest, publish a will, call to witness. 

testudineus, a, um, of a tortoise. 

testudo, inis, f., tortoise, tortoise- 
shell ; boards or shields, locked 
to cover a storming-party. 

testum, i (tu), n., earthen poty lid, 

tetanus, i, M., cramp. 

tete (te), thee (emphatic) . 

teter, tra, um, offensive, foul. 

Tethys, yos, f., wife of Oceanus. 

ftetra-, your. 

ftetrans, tis, m., a quarter. 

tetrao, onis, m., heath-cock. 

f tetrarches, ee, m., tetrarch gov- 
ernor of a quarter-province. 

tetre, shockingly. 

tetrious, a, um, crabbed, harsh. 

tetuli, tuli (fero), bear. 

Teucer, cri, myth. k. of Troy; 
also, a brother of 'Ajax. 

Teucrus (-crius), a, um, Trojan. 

Teutoni, orum (is, um). Teutons, 
2L German tribe. 

tezo, ui, turn, 3, to toeave, braid, 
build, cover. 

teztilis, 6, woven ; N., web, cloth. 

teztor, oris, m., weaver. 

textnnus, a, um, of weaving or 
construction; N., ship-yard. 

teztura, se, f. ; -tus, m., structure. 

textus, [texo,] woven; N., web. 

f thalamegus, i, f., barge. 

\ thalamus, i, m., bed-chamber, bed, 

f tbalassicus, a, um, sea-like. 

Thales (etis), is, an Ionian phil- 
osopher, B.C. 640-550. 

Thalia, se, f., the Muse of Comedy. 

t thallus, i, M., a gi-een bough. 

Thapsos, i, F., a town of Sicily. 

ThaumantiLas, adis ; -tis, idis, Irisy 
daughter of Thaumas. 

theatralis, e, of the theatre. 

f theatrum, i, N., theatre. 

Thebse, arum, F., a city of Egypt ; 
also, capital of Bceotia, Thebes, 

f theca, se, f., case, sheath. 

Themis, idis, f., goddess of Jus- 
tice and Prophecy. 

Themistocles, is, an Athenian 
statesman, B.C. 513-449. 

t theriaca, ae, F., antidote. 

f thermae, arum, f., warm springs 
or bcdhs. 

Thermodon, tis, m., a river of 

Thermopylse, arum, Thermopylae, 
the pass from Thessaly de- 
fended by Leonidas, B.C. 480. 

f thesaurus, i, M., treasure, treas- 

Theseus, ei (eos), myth, king of 
Athens, son of iEgeus and 

Theseus (-eius), a, um, of Theseus. 

Thessalia, se, f., northern Greece. 

Thetis, idis, a sea-nymph, mother 
of Achilles. 

ftheurgus, i, m., magician. 

fthiasus, i, m., dance in honor of 

t tholus, i, M., dome of temple. 

t thomix, icis, f., cord, thread. 

t thorax, acis, m., breast, breast- 

Thraoia, se, f., Thrace (Turkey). 

ThrSous (-cius, -cicus); Threi- 
ciuB, a, um, Thracian. 


Thrasybulus — tono. 

Thrasybulua, i, the liberator of 

Athens, B.C. 404. 
Thraz, acia (-eissa, F.), Thracian, 
Thule, es, f., Shetland or Iceland (?), 
f thunnuB, i, M., tunny-fish. 
ThurinuB, a, um, of Thurii, a 

city near Tarentum. 
thus, thuris=»tnB, incense, 
Thyas (iaa), adia, f., a bacchante, 
Thyeates, ae, brother of Atreus. 
fthymbra, sb, f., savory, 
t thymele, es, f., leader^ s stand, 
fthymum, i, N., thyme, 
\ thyrauB, i, m., stem, staff twined 

with vine-shoots. 
Ti. the praenomen Tiberiua. 
tiara, ae, F. (-aa, m.), turban, tiara. 
Tiberinua, of the Tiber, 
Tiberia, ia (idia), m., the Tiber, 
Tiberiua (Claudiua Nero), empe- 
ror from A.D. 14-31. 
tibia, SB, F., shin-bone ; pipe, flute, 
tibiale, is, n., stocking, leggin, 
tibicen, inis, m. ; -cina, se, F,, piper, 

flutist ; prop, column, 
T5bur, uris, n., a town of Latium 

(Tivolt); adj., !Kbura, tia. 
^cinua, i, m., the river Ticino in 

N. Italy. 
tigillum, i, N., a little beam. 
tignariua, a, um, of beams, 
tignum, i, n., a beam, log, lumber, 
Tigranea, ia, k. of Armenia, son- 
in-law of Mithridates. 
tigria, ia (idia), c, tiger, 
tilia, SB, F., linden-tree, 
timeo, ui, 2, fear, dread, be anxious. 
timide, timidly, 
timiditaa, 5tis, F., cowardice, 
timidus, a, um, timid, cowardly, 
timer, oris, m., fear, alarm, dread, 
tinctua, [tingo,] stained, dyed, 
tinea, as, f., bee-moth, book-rvorm, 
tingo, nxi, not-, 3, dye, stain, wet. 
tinnio, 4, to Jingle, scream, 
tinnitua, us,m., ringing, jangling, 
tinnulus, a, um, ringing, shrill, 
tintinnabulum, i, n., bell, 
tintinnaculua, a, um, clanking ; m., 

tintinno, i, to ring, clank, jingle. 

l&eaiaa, 8B, a blind soothsayer of 

too, onia, m., raw recruit, beginner, 
tirocinium, i, N., first semce, raw 

forces, recruits, 
!&yna, thoa (ia), f., a town of 

Argolis, the home of Hercules. 
^naiphone, ea, f. {avengei- of blooO), 

one of the Furies, 
^tan, ania, son of Caelus ; also, 

the Sun-god ; pi., Titans, who 

tried to scale Olympus, and 

were driven by thunderbolts 

into Tartarus, 
^thonus, i, son of Laomedon, 

wedded to Aurora. 
Titiea (-enaea), one of the tribes 

in early Rome (Sabine }) . 
titillo, I, to tickle, 
tdtio, onis, u.,frebrand, 
titivillitium, i, n., trifle, 
titubo, I, to stagger, red, waver, 
titulus, i, M., label, title, placard. 
Tityos, i, a giant slain by Apollo, 

his liver torn by a vulture in 

Tmolus (-ius), i, M., a mountain 

of Lydia famous for wines. 
tofus, i, M., tufa (a volcanic stone). 
toga, 8B, F., [tego,] toga, mantle, 

goum of peace. 
togatus, a, um, wearing the . toga ; 

a Roman in civil life, 
tolerabilis, e, endurable, enduring. 
tolerans, tis, enduring, tolerant. 
toleranter, patiently, tolerably, 
tolero, I, to bear, sustain, 
toUSno, 5niB, m., tvell-sioeep. 
toUo (sustuli, sublat-), 3, lift, ram, 

exalt, lift atcay, carry off, weigh 

(anchor), destroy, abolish, 
Toloaa, se, F., Toulouse in S. Gaul. 
tolutim, on a trot. 
tomentum, i, N., stuffing. 
ftomua, i, m., piece, part, volume. 
tonana, tia, the thunderer (Jupiter). 
tondeo, totondi, tona-, 2, clip, 

cut, shear, crop. 
tonitrua, ua, M. (-tru ; -trium, i, n)., 

tono, ui, I, to thunder.^ roar, crash. 

tonsa — Tralles. 


tonsa, 8B, F., an oar, 
tonsilis, e, shorn, clipped. 
tonsor, oris, m., shearei', hair-cutter. 
tonBtrina, ae, F., barber^s shop. 
tonsura, sb, f., clipping, pruning. 
tonaus, [tondeo,] shorn. 
t tonus, i| M., sound, tone. 
tophas=to^is, tufa. 
topi£^ drum, N., fancy gardening. 
topiarius, a, um, of gardening; 

M., gardener. 
topper, diligently, speedily. 
toral, aiis, n., valance (of couch). 
torcular, aris, n., oil or winepress. 
torculus (-arius), a, uxn, of a press. 
f toreuma, atis, n., embossed work. 
tormentum, i, x., [torqueo,] an 

engine, missile, cord, rack, torment. 
tormina, um, N., gripes. 
torno, I, to turn, fashion. 
t tornus, i, m., wheel, lathe. . 
torosua, a, um, muscular, brawny. 
torpedo, inis, F,, numbness. 
torpeo, ui, 2, to be stiff, numb, dull. 
torpesco, ui, 3, groto numb, 
torpidus, a, um benumbed. 
torpor, oris, m , numbness. 
torporo, I, to benumb. 
torquatus, a, um, having a neck-* 

torqueo, torsi, tort-, 2, twist, wind, 

hurl, wrench, torture. 
torquis (es), is, d., collar or twisted 

chain, wreath. 
torre-facio, 3, to parch. 
torrens, tis, rushing, boiling; m., 

a torrent, rushing stream. 
torreo, ui, tost-, 2, to parch, roast. 
torridus, a, um, parched, torrid. 
torria, is, m., fire-brand. 
torte, awry. 

tortilis, e, twisted, crooked. 
tortivus, a, um, made by pressure. 
tortor, oris, m., tormentor. 
tortuosus, a, um, winding, tortuous, 

complicated, tangled. 
tortura, as, f., wrenching. 
tortus, [torqueo,] twisted. 
tortus, us, M., tioisting, wreath. 
torulus, i, M., tufl of hair. 
torus, i, M., swelling, muscle, couch. 

torvitas, atis, F., sternness, 
torvus, a, um, wild, gloomy, savage. 
tostus, [torreo,] parched. 
tot, so many. 
totidem, just so many, 
toties (totiens), so often. 
totus, a, um, g., ius, all, the whole, 
tozicum, i, n., poison (for arrows), 
[tra-, =strans-. 
trabalis, e, of or like a beam. 
trabea, as, f., state-robe. 
trabeatua, a, um, wearing the 

trabea ; F., a kind of play. 
trabs, bis, f., beam, timber, ship. 
Trachinius, a, um, of Trachin, a 

town of Thessaly. 
tractabilis, e, tractable, pliant. 
tractatio, onis, f. ; -tus, us, M., 

touching, handling, treatment. 
traotim, drawlingly, strokingly 
traoto, I, drag, touch, handle, treat* 
tractus, [traho,] drawn-out. 
tractus, us, m., drawing, draught, 

tract, district, course, length. 
traditio, onis, F., giving over^ suT" 

render, instruction, tradition. 
traditor, oris, m., betrayer. 
Ljtrado, didi, dit-, 3, deliver, commit, 
^ confide, surrender, betray. 

traduco, ad, ct-, 3, lead across, 

transfer, bring over, expose. 
traductio, 5nis, f., leading across, 

conducting, removing, exposure. 
traduz, ucis, n., vine-layer. 
f tragemata, um, n., sioeetmeais. 
f tragicus, a, um, of tragedy, tragic, 

grand, tei'rible. 
f tragcedia, se, F., tragedy. 
f tragcedus, i, M., tragedian. 
tragula, ae, F.. dart, javelin, plot. 
tragum, 1, N., porridge. 
traha, se, f., a drag, sledge. 
traho, zi, ct-, 3, draw, drag, plun^ 

der, squander, protract, linger, 
Trajlnus, i, Roman emperor, a.d. 

trajectio, onis, f. ; -tus, Os, m., a 

crossing, passage, transportation. 
trajicio, jeci, ject-, 3, tJirow across^ 

transport, pierce, transfix^ cross. 
Tralles, ium, F., a town in Lydia. 


trama — tribimatns. 

traxna, as, F., woof^ wefi, 
tarames, itLs, m., foot-path, course, 
trano (tranano), i, swim across, 
tranquillitas, atis, F., stillness^ 

calmness, serenity, brightness. 
tranquillo, i, to calm, st'dl, 
tranquilltiB, a, um, calm, tranquil, 
trans, across, beyond. 
[trans-, across or chanye, 
transabeo, ii, 4, io pass through, 
transadigo, egi, act-, 3, transfix, 
transcendo, di, sum, 3, overstep, 

exceedy transcend, 
tran-scnbo, 3, to copy, transfer, 
trans-curro, 3, run across, traverse. 
transenna, se, F.^ noose, snare. 
transeo, u, ^ go across, pass over, 
tranaero, sert-, ^,put through, graft, 
trans-fero, carry over, transplant, 

transfer, copy, convey, 
transHgo, zi, zum, 3, transfix, 
transfigiiro, i, transform, 
trans-fodio, 3, pierce, thrust, stab, 
transformo, i, transfoi'm, alter, 
tranafoTO, I, pierce through, 
transfreto, i, cross a strait or ferry. 
transfuga, ee, C, deserter, 
transfugio, fQgi, 3, to desert, 
transfugium, i, N., desertion, 
transfundo, fudi, fas-, 3, transfuse, 
tranagredior, gressus, 3, cross 

over, go beyond, 
transgressio, onis, t., passing over, 
transigo, egi, act-, 3, drive or thrust 

through, complete, finish, settle, 
transilio,. ni (Ivi), 3, spring across, 

hasten over. 
transitio, onis, f. ; -tus, us, m., 

passage, desertion^ transition, 
transitorius, a, Mm^for transit, 
translatio, onis, f., transferring, 

translation, metaphor. 
translator, oris, m., transferrer, 
translatus, [fero,] transferred, 
transmarinus, a, um, from beyond 

sea, foreign, 
transmeo, i, go across. ^ 
transmigro, i, remove. 
trans-mitto, 3, send across of 

through, pass by, traverse. 
transmissus, us, m., passage. 

transpadanus, a, um, beyond Pa. 

trans-p5no, 3, transfer, remove. 

transporto, i, convey, transport. 

transtrum, i, N., bench, thwart (in 
ship), bank for rowers. 

transvectio, 5nis, f., transport. 

transveho, ad, ct-, 3, convey across. 

transverbero, i, strike through, 

transversus, a, um, crosswise. 

transverto, ti, sum, 3, turn across. 

trans volo, i, fly or pass over. 

trapetus, i, M. (um, n.)» oil-mill. 

f trapezita, se, m., money-changer. 

Trasimenus, i, a lake in Etruria. 

trebaz, acis, cunning, crafty. 

Trebia, se, F., Trebia in N. Italy. 

treceni, se, a, 300 each. 

trecenti, se, a, three hundred. 

trecenties, 300 times, 

tredecies, thirteen times. 

tredecim, thirteen. 

treis==tres, three. 

tremebundus, a, um, quivering. 

treme-facio, 3, cause to shaJce. 

tremendus, a, vltsi, formidable. 

tremisco, 3, quake, tj'emble. 

tremo, ui, 3, to shake, tremble (at). 

tremor, oris, M., trembling, dread. 

tremulus, a, um, quivering, trem- 

trepidatio, 5nis, F., agitation. 

trepide, in confusion or alarm. 

trepido, i, be confused, agitated, 
throb, tremble at. 

trepidanter, anxiously. 

trepidus, a, um, restless, anxious, 

tres, tria, three, 

tressis, is, M., three asses. 

tresviri, 5rum, m., Board of three 
(in charge of prisons, &c.). 

f triangulus, a, um, three-cornered. 

triarii, drum, infantry of yl rank, 

tribulis, e, of the same tnbe, 

tribulo, I, press, oppress, 

tribulum, i, n. ; -a, se, F., threshing- 

tribuius, i, m., thistle, caltrop (crow- 
foot, to impede cavalry). 

tribunal, alia, n., judgment-seat. 

tribfinatus, us, m., tribuneship. 

tribnnitiiis — tr oohns. 


tribunitiaB, a, tun, of a tribune. 

tribiinuB, i, m., tribune, paymaster, 
commander of a legion, or 
defender of the plebs. 

tribuOk Hi, fit-, 3, allot, impart, ren- 
der, yield, distribute. 

tribos, ua, f., tribe, a local division 
of the Roman people, 35 in all. 
The three patrician tribes, Ram- 
nes, Titles, Luceres, have been 
thought to represent the Latin, 
Sabine and Etruscan stock in 
the founding of Rome. 

tributarius, a, am, of tribute. 

tributim, by tribes. 

tribiitam, i, N., tribute, gift. 

tricse, amin, f., trtcks, trifles^ 

triceni, as, a, thirty each. 

tricenti, ae, a, tJiree hundred. 

tric9almii8, a, um, thirtieth. 

trichila, ee, f., bower, arbor, 

tricies, thirty times. 

triclinium, i, n., couch on three 
sides (at table), dining-room. 

trico, 5nis, M., trickster. 

trioor, i, to dally , shuffle. 

tridens, tie, three-pronged, ihree^ 
toothed; M., trident. 

tridunm, i, n., three days. 

triennium, i, n., three years. 

triens, tis, M., a third (of as). 

f trieris, is, F., trireme (a galley of 
three banks). 

t trietericus, a, tun, triennial. 

ftrieteria, idle, F., three years. 

trifariam, in three toays or places. 

trifer, era, nm, thrice-bearing. 

trifidns, a, um, three-clef. 

triformis, e, three-fold, triform. 

triga, ae, F., team of three horses. 

trigeminus, a, um, three-twin, three- 
fold, very great. 

tziginta, thirty. 

f trigonus, a, um, three-cornered. 

trilinguis, e, having three tongues. 

trill X, icis, three-twUled. 

trimestria, e, of three months. 

trimodium, i, n., ^-peck measure, 

trimus, a, um, three years old. 

Trinacria, as, F., Sicily (having 
three headlands). 

trini, as, a, three each. 
ttrioboluB, i, M. (3 oboli), sixpence. 
triones, um, m. (team of oxen) ; 

septem, the Polar Bear, north. 
triparcus, a, um, very stingy. 
tripartitus, in three divisions. 
triplex, icis, three-fold. 
Triptolemus, myth. k. of Eleusis, 

inventor of agriculture. 
tripudio, i, to dance, leap, 
tripudium, i, n., a religious dance ; 

a favorable omen (from the feed- 
ing of chickens). 
ftripus, odis, m., tripod (three- 
footed seat). 
triquetrus, a, um, three-cornered. 
tziremis, is, f., trireme (galley with 

three banks of oars). 
tris^tres (ace), three. 
triste, sadly. 

tristi^triiristi, [tero,] toore. 
tristis, e, sad, gloomy, harsh, stem. 
tristitia, ae, f., sadness, sternness. 
trisulcus, a, um, three-clef, triple. 
tritavus, i, M., ancestor (v. avus). 
triticeus, a, um, ofwhecU. 
triticum, i, N., wheat. 
Triton, onis (os), a sea-god, son 

of Neptune. 
Tritonia, ae (of Lake Triton, in 

Africa), Minerva. 
tritor, 5ris, M., grinder. 
tritura, as, F., grinding, rubbing 

tritus, [tero,] rubbed, worn. 
triumphalis, e,ofa triumph. 
triumphatus, a, um, vanquished, 

got by conquest. 
triumpho, i, to triumph, exult. 
triumphus, i, m., triumph (a solemn 

procession of victory). 
triumviri, oirum. Board of Three 

(for colonies, police, or mint). . 
Trivia, as, Diana or Hecate. 
triviSlis, e, of the street-corner. 
trivium, i, n., meeting of 3 roads, 

highway, crossi^oad. 
Troas, adis, f., a Trojan woman. 
^ trochilus, i, m., a wren. 
t trochlea, as, F., puUey-Uoch. 
ftrochus, i, m., hoop. 



Troes — tnrens. 

Tro^B, um, Trojans, 
Trcdzen, enia, f., a city of Argolis. 
Troglodj^tse, dwellers in caves. 
Troius, a, um, Trojan, 
Troja, se, F., Troy (in north- 
western Asia Minor). 
Trojugena, ae, c, Troy-horn. 
ftropseum, i, n., trophy (a post, 
decorated with captured arms), 
monument, victory, 
Trophdnius, i, a deit^ worshipped 

in a cave of Bceotia. 
t tropicus, a, um, of turning, tropic, 
Troa, ois, myth, king of Phrygia. 
Trous (-iuB, -icus, -janus), a, um; 

Tros, ois, Trojan, 
trua, 8B, F., ladle, gutter. 
truoidatio, onis, F., massacre, 
trucido, I, to butcher, massacre, 
truculentia, se, f., harshness, 
truculentus, a, um, harsh, fierce, 
trudis, is, f., pole, pike, 
trudo, si, sum, 3, to push, thrust, 
trulla, SB, F., ladle, trowel, 
truUeum, i, N., wash-basin. 
tmllisso, I, to plaster, 
trunoo, I, mutilate, cut off, 
truncus, i, m., trunk, stem, body, 
truncus,a, um, mangled, disfigured, 

maimed, broken, cut off, 
trusatilis, e, driven by hand, 
truaus, [trudo,] thrust, 
trutina, ae, f., balance, 
truz, truois, harsh, grim, stem, 
ftryblium, i, n., a plate, salver, 
tu, tui, tiW, te, pi. vos, ihou, 
tuatum, in your fashion, 
tuba, ae, f., trumpet, 
tuber, eris, n., hump, mushroom, 
tuber, eris, n., a kind of apple, 
tubiceu, inia, m., trumpeter. 
tubilustrium, feast of trumpets, 
tubulus, i, M., pipe, tube, 
tuburcinor, r, i, devour, 
tubus, i, M., pipe, tube, 
tuoetum, i, N., sausage. 
tudes, ia, m., hammer, 
tuditans,tia, striking, driving, 
^ueor, itus, 2, look at, gaze, guards 
Tugurium, i, n., cottage, hut, 
tuli, [fero,] bore. 

Tullianus, a, um, of Tullius ; n., a 
dungeon built by him. 

Tullius (Servius), sixth king of 
Rome, B.C., 578-534. 

Tullus Hostilius, third king of 
Rome, B.C., 679-640. 

tum, then; cum (turn) . . . tum,— -^ 
both , , and; not only . . but also. 

tume-facio, 3, cause to swell, 

tumeo, 2, to be swollen, turgid, 

tum.e8Co, mui, 3, to become swollen, 

tumide, haughtily, 

tumidus (-osus), a, um, swelling, 
haughty, turgid, violent, 

tumor, oris, M., swelling, commotion, 

tumulo, I, to bury, 

tumulosus, a, um, hilly, 

tumultuarius, a, um, hasty, con- 
fused, irregular, 

tumultuor (-0), i,to be tumtdtuous, 

tumultuose, in confusion, 

tumultuosus, a, um, confused, tu- 

tumultus, lis, AT., tumult, uproar, 

tumulus, i, M., mound, hill, 

tunc, then, 

tundo, tutudi, tuns- (tus-), 3, to 
strike, bruise, stun, importune, 

tunica, ae, f., tunic (a belted shirt), 
coating, integument, 

tunico, I, to clothe with tunic. 

tunsus, [tundo,] beaten, 

tuor, 3=tueor, gaze, guard, 

tiiralis, e ; -arius, a, um, of incense, 

turba, 8B, F., crowd, disorder, brawL 

turbate, in confusion, 

turbatio, onis, f., confusion. 

turbator, oris, M., disturber. 

turbellae, arum, F., bustle, row, 

turben=turbo, whirl, 

turbide, in disorder, 

turbido, i, to trouble, disturb, 

turbidus, a, um, confused, wUdfper- 
plexed, stormy, turbid, 

turbinatus, a, um, cone-shaped, 

turbo, I, disturb, trouble, confuse, 

turbo, inis, m., whirl, hurricane, top, 

turbulentus, a, um, agitated, stor- 
my, seditious, 

turdus, i, M., -a» a?i p-j thrush, 

tiireus, a, um, of incense. 

tnrgeo — ultrLn' 


turgeo, turai, 2, to he swollen. 

tnrgesco, 3^ to swell, 

turgidua, a, un^ swoUerij turgid. 

taribulum, i, n., censer. 

turicremua, a, uxn, incense-burning. 

turifer, era, nm, yielding incense. 

turma, 881 f., troapy squadron (of 
32), throng. 

tnrmalia, e,ofa squadron, cavalry. 

turmatixn, hy squadrons, or troops. 

Tumna, i, mvth. king of RutuliT 

tarpia, e, ugly, base, foul. 

tarpiter, basely. 

tarpitudo, inia, F., foulness, dis- 
grace, infamy, deformity. 

turpo, I, to soil, pollute, dishonor. 

turriger, era, um, bearing towers. 

torria, ia, im, i, f., tower, citadel. 

tnrritua, a, um, castled, towering. 

turtur, uria, m., turtle-dove, 

turunda, se, F., paste, ball. 

tua, tiSria, n., incense. 

Tuacua, a, um, Tuscan (of Etruria). 

Tuaculum, i, N., a town of Latium. 

tuaaio, 4, to cough. 

tuaaia, ia, im, i, f., cough. 

tuaua, [tundo,] bruised, 

tutamen, inia, n., defence. 

tute, thou (emphatic). 

tute, safely. 

tutela, ae, f,, guardianship, protector. 

tutelaria, e, of defence. 

tuto, safely. 

tutor, oria, m., protector, guardian. 

tutor, I, to guard, ward off. 

tiitua, [tueor,] safe. 

tuua, a, um. thy, your. 

Tybria=«Tiberia, Tiber. 

Tydeua, ei (eoa), myth, father of 
Diomed (Tydidea, ae). 

tympanum, i, n., drum, tambourine. 

Tyndareua, ei (ua, i), myth, king 
of Sparta, fether of Helen. 

TyphSiua, a, um, of Typhoeus, or 
Typhon, a giant buried under 

"f typhon, onia M., whirlwind, ty- 

ttypua, i, M., figure, type. 

ftyrannicida, ae, M., tyrant-killer. 

t tyrannicua, a, um, tyrannical. 

f tyrannia, idis, f., tyranny. 

f tyrannua, i, M., sovereign, tyrant. 

Tyriua, a um, of Tyre. 

Tyroa (ua), i, f., Tyre, a port of 

Tyrrhenua, a, um, Etrurian. 


fiber, eria, n., breast, udder, fertility, 
uber, eria, rich, fertile, abundant. 
uberiua, berrime, more fruitfully. 
ubero (-to), i, to fertilize. 
ubertaa, atia, F., richness, abun^ 

dance, fertility. 
ubertim, copiously. 
ubi, where, when, as soon as. 
ubicumque, wherever, everywhere, 
ubilibet, anywhere you will. 
ubinam, where f 
ubique, everywhere, wherever. 
ubiubi, wherever. 
ubivia, where you will. 
udo, I, to moisten. 
udo, onia, M., a fur or felt sock. 
udua, a, um, wet, moist, oozy, 
ulcero, I, to make sore. 
ulcerSaua, a, xixa,full of sores. 
•j—ulciacor, ultua, 3, to revenge, punish, 
ulcua, eria, n., sore, ulcer. 
uliginoaua, a, um, moist, oozy, 
GUgo, inia, F., moisture. 
niizea, ia (ei), Ulysses, myth, king 

of Ithaca, famous for craft and 

ullua, a, um, iua (w. neg.), any. 
ulmeua, a, um, of elm: ulmea 

▼irga, rod (for whipping). 
ulmitriba, aa, M., rod-wearer (slsLve). 
ulmua, i, F., elm. 
ulna, 86, F., elbow, ell. 
ulpicum, i, N., a kind of leek. 
ula, beyond. 

ulterior, ua, farther, beyond. 
ultimo (um), for the last time. 
ultimua, a, um, furthest, last. 
ultio, onia, f., vengeance, 
ultor, oria, M., avenger, 
ultr3, beyond, besides. 
ultriz, icia, F., avenging. 


ultro — nrbasns. 

nltro, beyond, afarf besides, volun- 
tarily, unconstrained, away I 

ultroneuB, a, um, voluntary. 

ultus, [ulciscor,] avenged,yunished. 

iilula, ae, F., screech-owL 

iilulatus, UB, M.y toaUing, howling, 

ululo, I, to wail, howl, resound, 

ulva, 86, F., sedge, meadow-grass. 


umber, bri, M., an Umbrian hound, 

umbilicus, i, m., navel, centre, 

umbo, 5nis, M., boss (of shield), 
shield, elbow. 

umbra, se, F., shade, shadow, ghost. 

umbraculum, i, N., shadey bower. 

umbraticus, a, um, loving shade. 

umbratilia, e, staying in shade, at 

umbratiliter, in outline. 

Umbri, 5rum, people of Umbria, 
a dist. of N. E. Italy. 

umbrifer, era, M., shade-giving. 

umbro, i, to shade, cover. 

umbroBus, a, nm, shady. 

umquam, ever. 

unS, together. 

unanimis, e ; -us, a, um, of one mind 
or will, unanimous, 

f\nar^imitsuk^ atis, F., Unanimity. 

uncatuB, a, um, hooked. 

uncia, ae, f., one-twelfth (as ounce, 
inch, &c.), a trifle. 

uncialis, e; -arius, a, lun, of an 

unciatim, by ounces or inches. 

uncinuB, i, m., hook, barb. 

unctio, onis, F., anointing. 

UACtor, oris, M., anointer, 

unctorium, i, N., anointing-room. 

unctuB, [ungo,] rich, sumptuous; 
N., banquet, ointment. 

UACUs, i, M., hook, barb. 

uncus, a, um, crooked, hooked. 

unda, ae, f., wave, water, tide. 

undatim, like waves, 

unde, whence. 

[unde-, one from ;{2S undevigmti)i 

undecentum, ninety-nine, 

undecies, eleven times. 

undecim, eleven, 

undecimufli, a, um, eleventh. 

undeciremia, is, p., ship of\ i banks. 
undecumque, whencesoever. 
undelibet, whence you wiU. 
undeni, 8e» a, eleven each. 
undeviceoimus^ a» um, nineteenth, 
undevigittti, nineteen. 
undique, everywhere^ from all sides. 
undo, I, to wave, overflow, abound. 
tmdSsua, a, um, full of toaves, bil- 
unedo, onis, m., arbute. 
unetviceaimua, a, um, twenty-first. 
ungella, ae, f., a liule claw. 
ungo, nzi, nct^, 3, smear, anoint. 
unguen, inis, n., fat^ ointment. 
unguentariua, a, um, of ointments ; 

c, perfume. 
unguentum, i, N., ointment, per- 
unguiculua, i, m,, finger-nail. 
unguinoauB, a, um, oily. 
unguis, is, m., nail, claw, talon; 

ad unguem, accurately. 
ungula, ae, F., hoof, claw, 
unguo^=:ungo, anoint. 
unice, alone, singularly. 
unicolor, oria, of one color. 
unicus, a, um, single, sole, singular, 

uniformia, e, of one shape. 
uuio, onia, f.^ oneness; m., a pearl. 
unio, 4, to unite. 

unitaa, atda, F., oneness, sameness. 
uniuamodi, of one sort. 
univerae (-imX in general. 
univeraitaa, atia, f., the whole, tht, 

univerauB, a, um, all together, a« 

a whole ; N., the universe. 
tinoculua, a, um, one-eyed., 
unquamasumquam, ever., 
unua, a, um, iua, one, some, only, a. 
upilio, 5nia, M., shepherd. 
upupa, as, F., a hoopoe, mattock. 
Urania, the muse of Astronomy. 
UrSinua, myth, father of Saturn, 
urbane, courteously, wittily. 
urbanitaa, atda, f., city-life, fashion, 

refinement, wit, elegance. 
urbanuB, a, um, of the city, in city 

style, refined, witty, impudent. 

nrfaieui — Taociniimi. 


nrbicus, a, urn, ofihe city^ 

Urbinas, atia, of (/rbinum, a town 
of Umbria. 

urbs, bia, f., city, town (esp. Rome). 

UTceiis, i, AL, pitcher J waterpoL 

oredo, inis, F., a blight, burning. 

urgeo (-gueo), nrai, 2, press, pushy 
crowd, urge, oppress. 

urica (eruoa)^ ae, p., caterpillar. 

urinor, i, to dive. 

f urinua, a, urn, windy. 

urna, as, f., water-jar, urn (for vot- 
ing), measure of 3 gallons. 

arc, nasi, uat-, 3, to burn, blast, con- 
sume, chafe, corrode. 

ursinos, a, am, of a bear* 

ursua} i, M. ; -a, 8B, p., a bear» 

nrt^ca, ae, f., nettle. 

uruB, t M., wUd ox. 

urvum, i, N., plough-taiL 

&io, onia, f., use. 

uflitatS, as usuaL 

Qaitatna, a, urn, cttstomary. 

uaitor, i, to use habitually. 

uspiam, nsqaam, anywhere, m any 
thing, in any direction. 

uaquei all the way, as far as, until, 
without stopping, incessantly. 

usquequ&qae, everywhere. 

uBtor, 5ris, m., a corpse-burner. 

UBtnlo, I, to scorch, crisp. 

ustus, [uro,] burnL 

usaarius (-rariua), a, VLXOffor use. 

usu-capio, 3) to acquire by use. 

usura, 88, f., use, enjoyment, in- 

flaurpStiQ, Siiis, P., making use. 

usurpo, I, employ, make use of, get, 
acquire wrongfuUy^ tisurp, call. 

iiins, [iitor,] having used, 

U3U3, us, M., use, service, custom, in- 
tercourse, practice, need, occasion. 

usufructus, ^, M., use and enjoy- 
ment, oi another's property, 

ut, that, as, when, how, granting thcU, 
would that, in order that, that not 
(with words of fearing). 

utcumque, however, whenever. 

utena, [utor,] possessing. 

utensilia, Bfjit for use, 

uter, tria, m., bag, skin. 

VLter, tra, om, triua, which (of two), 

either one, whichever. 
uter-cumque, whichever (of two), 
utennaa, a, um, of the same mother, 
uter-libet, which you wiU. 
uter-que, each, both. 
uterus, i, m., wom^, belly. 
uter-vis, which you wiU, 
uti (Qtor), use. 
uti=BUt, tliot, 
utibilis, e, serviceable, 
Utdca, as, p., a town of N. Africa, 
utilis, e, useful, profitable, fit; (as 

a law term), in equity, 
utilitas, atia, p., use, service, profit. 
utiliter, advantageously, 
utinam, toould that! 
utlque, surely, in any case. 
Stor, usus, 3, to use, employ, enjoy. 
utpote, as, namely, seeing that. 
utputa, as for instance, 
utralibet, on either side, 
utrarius, a, urn, water-carrier. 
utrasque, both times, 
utricularius, i, m., bag-piper. 
utriinque, on both sides. 
utzimqueseous, on either hand, 
utro, in which direction. 
otrSlibet, to either side. 
utroque, in both directions, 
utmbi, where f (of two places). 
utmbique (-dem), on both sides. 
utnun, whether (§ 71). 
utut, however. 

uva, ae, p., cluster of grapes, 
uvena, tia; -idus, a, um, moist, 

damp, juicy, well-watered. 
uvesoo, 3, to get moist, 
uvifer, era, um, cluster-bearing, 
uxor, 5ris, P., wife. 
uzorius, a, um, a wife^s; fond of 

one^s wife. 

V=quinqne, five. 
▼acans, tis, at leisure, idle. 
vacatio, onis, P., freedom, leisure, 

dispensation, exemption-money, 
ncaoca (-ula), as, P., cow. 
vaooinium, i, n., Uedberry. 



YacciniLs — Vatioanus. 

vaccinus, a, tun, ofhine. 
vacerra, ae, F., log, stock. 
vacerrosus, a, nm, crackhrainecL 
vacillatio, onis, f., wavering, 
vacillo, I, to stagger y waver, 
▼acive, at leisure. 
vacivus, a, um, empty. 
▼aco, I, to he void, at leisure. 
vacue-facio, 3, to make empty, 
vacuitaB, aids, F., exemption. 
vacuo, I, to make empty. 
vacuus, a, lun, empty, free, clear, 

vacant, open, unmanned. 
vadimonium, i, N., bail, security. 
vado, 3, to go, walk, stride. 
vador, i, bind by bail. 
vadosus, a, urn, shoal, shallow. 
vadum, i, N., a shoal, ford, stream, 

vaeueossveneo, be sold. 
vafer, fra, um, sly, crafty. 
vaframentum, i, n., trick. 
vagabundus, a, nm, vagrant, 
vage, here and there, vaguely, 
vagina, as, F., sheath, husk, 
vagio, 4, to cry, squaU. 
vagitus, UB, M., crying. 
vagor, I, wander, roam, range, 
vagus, a, um, roaming, inconstant, 
valde, very, very much. 
vale, -valete, farewell. 
valens, tis, vigorous, well, strong, 
valenter, stoutly, 
valentia, ee, f., vigor. 
valeo, ui, it-, 2, to be well, vigorous, 

powerful; to be worth or signify. 
vedesco, 3, to get strong. 
valetudinarius, a, um, sickly. 
valetudo, inis, f., state of health 

(well or ill), soundness, health, 
valgiter, awry. 
valgus, a, um, bow-legged. 
valide, stoutly, certainly. 
validus, a, um, strong, powerful, 

sound, well. 
vallaris, e, of the rampart. 
valles (-is), is, f., valley. 
vallo, I, fortify, entrench. 
vallum, i, N., rampart (earth-wall 

set with palisades), entrenchment. 
vallus, i, M., stake, palisade. 

valvee, arum, F., fdding-doar. 
valvolas, arum, F., pods. 
vane, idly. 

vanesco, 3, to vanish, disappear, 
vanidicua, a, jua, false speaking, 
vSniloquentia, se, F., idle talk. 
vSniloquua, a, vuai, false, boastfuL 
vanitas, aids, p., emptiness, vanity, 
vannus, i, P., vjinnowing-shovel. 
vanus, a, um, empty, void, vain, 

false; N., nothingness. 
vapidus, a, um, spoiled, vapid. 
vapor, oris, m., steam, exhalationy 

vap5ro, i, to steam, glow. 
vappa, 89, F., spoiled wine. 
vapuliris, e, (^flogging. ■ 
vapulo, I, to get flogged. 
vara, ae, f., trestle, forked pole, 
varia, as, F., panther. 
varico, i, to straddle, stride. 
varicosus, a, um, with swollen veins. 
various, a, um, straddling. 
varie, in divers colors. 
variego, i, to variegate. 
varietas, atis, F., diversity, change, 
vario, i, diversify, embroider, alter. 
varius, a, um, changing, various. 
variz, icis, c, a swollen vein. 
varus, a, um, bent, bow-legged. 
varus, i, m., blotch, pimple. 
vas, vadis, m., bail, security, 
vas, vasis, pi., -a, orum, N., vessel^ 

dish, tool; pi., baggage. 
vasarium, i, n., furnilure-outJU, 
vasoularius, i, m., white-smith. 
vasculum, i, N., a small vessel 
vastatio, onis, p., laying-waste, 
vastator, oris, M., ravager, de- 
vaste, rudely, widely. 
vastitas, atis, p., a waste, desert, 

desolation, vastness. 
vastities, ei ; -tudo, inis. P., ruin, 
vasto, I, make empty, lay waste^ 

destroy, forsake. 
vastus, a, um, empty, waste, deso^ 

late, rude, vast. 
vates, is, um, c, prophet, poet, 
Vatioanus, a hill in Rome, west 

of the Tiber. 

vatieinatio — Tenetus 


vatieinatio, onis, F., prophecy, 

vaticinor) i, to prophesy, sing, rant. 

vatius, a, nm, knock-kneed. 

-ve, or, 

ve-, of negative eflfect 

vecordia, se, f., folly, madness. 

vecors, dia, [cor,] senseless, mad. 

vectarius, a, \im,for draught. 

vectigal, alia, n., tcac, revenue, 

vectigaliB, e, of taxes, tributary. 

vectis, is, m., bar, lever. 

vecto, I, carry, convey. 

vector, oris, m., carrier, passenger. 

vectorius, a, uni,^r carrying. 

vectura, as, f., freight or parage. 

vectns, [veho,] borne. 

▼egeo, 2, excite, rouse. 

vegeto, I, to rouse, invigorate. 

vegetus, a, um, vigorous, active. 

vegrandis, e, diminutive. 

vehemena, tia, eager, violent, vig- 
orous, powerful. 

vehementer, eagerly, vigorously. 

vehementia, se, F., strength, vehe- 
mence, fervor. 

vehens, tis, riding. 

vehes, is, f., cart-load. 

vehiculum, 1, N., cart, vehicle. 

veho, 3d, ct-, 3, carry, bear, convey. 

Veiens, tis ; -tSnns, a, um, of Veii, 
a city of Etruria near Rome. 

vel, or, either, or indeed, even. 

velabrum, i, n., awning ; a street 
in Rome for small shops, &c. 

velamen, inis, n., cover, garment. 

velamentum, i, n., cover, veil, cur- 
tain ; pL, rods wound with fil- 
lets, borne by suppliants. 

velarium, i, N., awning. 

velati, orum, m., reserve-troops. 

veles, itis, m., skirmisher. 

Velia, », F., top of the Palatine 
Hill ; a coast-town of Lucania. 

velifer, era, um, sail-bearing. 

velificor, I, to make sail. 

Veliternus, a, um, of Velitrce, a 
Volscian town. 

velites, [vfles,] light troops. 

velitatio, ouia, F., skirmishing. 

velitor, i, to skirmish, wrangle. 

velivolus, a, um, winged with sails. 

vellStiira, ae, F., conveyance. 
vellico, I, to pinch, twitch. 
vello, vulai, vuls-, 3, pull, pluck. 
vellus, eris, N., Jieece ; pelt, wool. 
velo, I, to veil, cover, wrap. 
velooitas, atis, f., swiftness. 
velociter, swiftly. 
veloz, ocis, swift, fleet. 
velum, i, n., sail, curtain, veil. 
velumen, inis, Y^,, fleece. 
velut, "velvLtXJustas, as for instance^ 

as it were, just as if 
vena, ae, f., vein. 
venabulum, i, N., hunting-spear. 
VenSfranua (-fer), a, um, of Vena- 

frum, a Samnite town. 
vSnalicius, a, um,/or sale. 
vSnalis, e, for sale, venal. 
venaticus, a, um,/or hunting. 
venatio, onis, F., the chase, game. 
venator, oris, m., hunter. 
venatriz, icis, F., huntress. 
venStus, us, M. ; -tura, as, f., hunt- 

ing, the chase. 
vendibilis, e, salable, agreeable. 
vendico=vindico, claim. 
venditarius, a, um,/ar sale. 
venditatio, onis, f., display. 
venditio, onis, f., selling, sale. 
vendito, i, offer for sale, praise. 
venditor, oris, m., seller. 
vendo, ^di, dit-, 3, to sell, cry up 

(as if for sale), betray for money. 
veneficium, i, li,, poisoning, magic. 
veneficus, a, um, poisonous, magi- 
cal; M., sorcerer; F., sorceress. 
venSnatus, a, um, envenomed. 
veneno, i, to poison, dye. 
venenum, 1, n., poison, venom, 

magical, charm, potion, dye, 
veneo, ivi (ii), it-, 4, to be sold or 

on sale. 
venerabilis, e, worthy of veneration. 
venerabundus, a, um, reverential. 
venerandus^a, um, venerable. 
veneratio, 5ms, F., reverence. 
Venereus, a, um, of Venus, or love ; 

M., a lucky throw ; F., a shell. 
veneror, i, revere, supplicate, 
Venetus, a, um, of Venetia, the 

country near Venice. 

\ 'i 



venia — Tennra. 

venia, ae, F., favor, permission, for*- 
bearance, pardon. 

▼eniSlis, e, gracious, pardonable. 

veoio, veni, vent-, 4, to come. 

venor, i, to hunt, pursue, 

venoBua, a, uxn,yu// of veins. 

▼enter, tris, ium, m., heUy, pro- 

▼entilo, I, toss in the ttir,fanj win- 
now, disturb, disquiet. 

▼entio, onis, f., coming. 

ventito, i, keep coining. 

ventOBua, a, lun, windy, speedy. 

ventriosua, a, um, big-bellied. 

▼entus (-nlus), i, M., wind, breeze* 

venucula, 89, f., a raisin-grape. 

venum, ui, o, u., sale. 

venum-do, i, set to sale. 

Venus, eris, the goddess of Love ; 
love, charm. 

venustas, atis, F., charm, grace. 

venuste,. charmingly. 

venustus, a, nm, graceful, lovely. 

vepres, is, m., brier, bramble. 

vepretum, i, N., bramble-bush. 

ver, veris, n., spring. 

veraciter, truthfully. 

veratriz, icis, F., sorceress. 

veratrum, i, n., hellebore. 

veraz, acis, truthful. 

verbascum, i, N., mullein, 

verbenae, arum, f., sacred boughs 
(of olive, myrtle, laurel, &c ). 

verber, eris, n., lash, scourge, thong. 

verberatio, onis, F., flogging. 

verbereus, a, um, of stripes. 

verber o, i, to scourge, beat, lash. 

verbero, onis, m., scamp, rascal. 

verbose, wordily. 

verbosus, a, um, wordy. 

verbtim, i, N., loord pi. language^ 
discourse, phrase, saying, tallc; 
verbi causa, /or example^ 

veroulum, i, N., [ver,] darling. 

vere, trxdy, righdy. 

verecunde, modestly. 

verecundia, se, F., modesty, shyness. 

verecundor, i, be shy, or ashamed. 

verecundus, a, um, modesty bashful, 

veredus, i, m., post-horse. 

verendus, a, um, venerable, awful. 

verenter, reverently. 

vereor, itus, 2, be afraid, revere. 

VergUiae, arum, f., the Pleiades. 

vergo, si, 3, bend, turn, lie towards. 

veridicus, a, um, truth-tweaking. 

vezisimilis, e, likely, truth-like. 

Veritas, atis, f., truth, reality. 

veritus, [vereor,] afraid. 

veriverbium, i, n., veracity. 

vermiculatus, a, um, worm-tracked 
(a style of pattern). 

vermiculor, i, to be wormy or 

vermiculus, i, m., grv^. 

vermina, um, n., gripes. 

vermino, i, to have worms, or crawl- 
ing pains. 

vermis, is, m., [verto,] worm. 

verna, as, c, a home-bom slave, 

vemaculus, a, um, native, inmate. 

vemalis, e, [ver] of spring, 

vernilis, e, slavish, fawning, jesting. 

vemo» I, to bloom, Jlourish. 

vemula, ae, c, a young slave. 

vemus, a, um, ofspiing; n., spring- 
time ; verno, in the spring. 

vero, in truth, but, indeed. 

verres, is, m., a boar-pig. 

verrinuB, a, tmi, of hog or pork. 

verro, ri, sum, 3, scrape, sweep, 
drive, drag away, conceal. 

verruca, ae, F., a steep height, wart. 

verrucosus, a, um, warty, hilly. 

veminco, i, to turn, turn out well. 

versabilis, e, changeful. 

versatUis, e, revolving, movable. 

versicolor, 5ris, parti-colored, va- 

versiculus, i, m., a little verse. 

versifico, i, to write in verse, 

versipellis, e, that changes skin, 
dissembling, crafty. 

verso, I, turn, whirl, bend, disturb, 
revolve, transact. 

versor, i, dwell, abide, occupy one's 
self, engage in. 

versoria, ae, f., turning, return. 

versum, towards. 

versura, as, f., turn, turning-place^ 
borrowing to pay. 



v^rsnB — vibro. 


versus, [verto,] turned, 

versus (vorsus), towards, 

versus, us, m., furrow, line, verse* 

veXBUtus, a, um, shrewd, crafty* 

vertagus, i, M., greyhound, 

vertebra, as, f., joint, 

vertex, icis, m., whirly eddy, vortex; 

top, crown, peak, 
verticosus, a, um, whirlingy eddy- 
ing, full of whirls, 
vertigo, inis, F., whirling, giddiness, 
verto (vorto), ti, sum, 3, to turn, 

change, subvert, translate, 
Vertumnus, i, god of Seasons, 
veru, us, um, ubus, n., a spit, 
veruina, ae, f., javelin, 
verum, i, N., the truth, 
verum^ tridy, yes, but, yet, 
verumtamen, but yet, 
verua, a, um, true, real, 
verutum, i, n., dart, javelin, 
verutus, a, um, armed with darts, 
vervactum, i, N., a fallow field, 
vervago, 3, to break up land, 
verves, ecia, m., a wether, mutto, 

vesania, ae, f., madness, 
vesanus, a, um, mad, fierce, savage. 
vescor, 3, to feed, eat, enjoy, 
vescua, a, um, little, thin, fine- 
grained, wretched, 
vesica (-ula), ae, F., the bladder, 

purse, Sfc, (of bladder-skin). 
vespa, as, f., wasp, 
vesper, eri (eris), m., evening, 
vespera, as, f., evening, 
vesperasco, 3, get towards evening, 
vespertilio, onis, m., a bat, 
vespertinus, a, um, of evening, 
^vesperugo, inls, f., the evening- 
I star, a bat. 
'; Vesta, ae, d. of Saturn, goddess 

of the Household. 
Veatalis, e, of Vesta; pi. f., Ves- 
tal Virgins (priestesses of Vesta). 
^ vester, tra, um, your, 
f vestiarius, a, um, of clothes; n., 

I wardrobe. 

vestibulum, i, N., fore-court, en- 
, trance, vestibule, 
i vesticeps, cipis, bearded, corrupt. 


vestigium, i, n., fooMep, track 

moment ; ez vestigio, instanUy, 
vestigo, I, to trace back, 
vestimentum, i, N., clothing, 
vestio, 4, to clothe, cover, suiround, 
vestiplica, ae, f., laundress. 
vestitus, a, um, clad, 
vestis, is, F., clothing, garment, car^ 

pet, tapestry, covering. 
vestispica, ae, F., clothes-maid, 
vestitus, us, M., raiment, attire. 
vestras, atis, c, of your people, 
veteranus, a, um, [vetus,] veteran. 
veterasco, avi, 3, to grow old, 
veterator, oris, m., one grown old^ 

or cunning. 
veteratorius, a, um, crafty. 
vetexinus, a, um, of beasts of bur^ 

den, or draught-cattle. 
veternosus, a, iiai,drowsy, lethargic, 
vetexnus, i, m., old age, drowsiness, 
vetitum, i, n., [veto,] prohibitiony 

a forbidden thing, 
feto, ui, it-, I, forbid, hinder, 
vetulus, a, um, little old, 
retus, eris, old; pi. the ancients, 
vetustas, atis, F., antiquity, old age, 
vetuste, m the old way, 
vetustus, a, um, aged, ancient, out 

of dale, antiguated. 
vezatio, onis, f., shaking, distress. 
vezator, oris, m., troubler. 
vezillarius, i, M., standard-bearer, 
vezillatio, onis, f., battalion, squad- 
ron, under one flag. 
vezillum, i, n., standard, ensign, the 

red flag of the general. 
vexo, I, shake, harass, vex, distress. 
via, 8B, F., way, road, street, jour- 

ney, passage, manner, fashion. 
vialis, e ; -rius, a, um, of the road, 
viaticus, a, um, of a journey; N., 

travelling-supplies, prize-money. 
viator, oils, m., wayfarer, traveUery 

viatorius, a, um, of the journey, 
vibex, icis, f., scar, stripe, weal, 
vibia, ae, f., cross-plank. 
vibratus, us, M., flickering. 
vibro, I, brandish, shake, fling^ vi* 

brate, quiver, sparkle* 




yibumnm — vinctilnm. 

viburnum, 1, N., wayfaring-tree (a 

. shrub). 

▼icSnuB, a, um, of a village^ villager, 

vicarius, a, um, substituted; M., a 
substitute, deputy. 

vicatim, from street to street. 

vicenariuB, a, um, of twenty, 

viceni, se, a, twenty (each). 

vicennalis, e, of twenty years, 

vicesimus, a, um, the twentieth; 
F., tax of Jive per cent, 

vicia, 8B, F., vetch, 

vicies, twenty times, 

vicinSllB, e; -arius, a, um, neigh- 
boring, of the village, 

vicinia, se ; -tas, tStis, F., neighbor- 
hood, likeness, vicinity. 

vicinuB, a, um, near, neighboring, 
like; M., neighbor, 

viciB (gen.), em, e ; es, ibus, change, 
turn, lot, recompense ; ace, instead 
of, for ; in vicem, by turns, 

vicissatim, again, in return. 

viciaaim, on the other hand ; in turn, 

vicissitudo, inis; -tas, atis, F., 
change, alternation, 

victima, ae, f., victim (for sacrifice). 

victimarius, i, m., assistant at sacri- 
fice, or dealer in victims, 

victito, I, [vivo,] subsist, 

victor, oris, m., conqueror, 

victoria, ae, F., victory, 

victriz, icia, f., she that conquers, 

victualis, e, of provisions. 

victUB, [vinco,] conquered, 

victus, US, M., [vivo,] food, living, 
way of life. 

vicus,! M,,sti'eet (of houses), village, 

videlicet, manifestly, plainly, of 
course, namely, 

viden (videane), do you see f 

video, vidl, vis-, 2, see, observe^ un- 
derstand, provide; p., seem, appear, 
seem good, 

vidua, 8B, F., widow, 

viduitas, atis, F., dearth, lack, 

vidulus, i, N., knapsack. 

viduo, I, bereave, deprive. 

viduus, a, um, bereft, widowed, 

Vienna, ae, f., Vienne, in south- 
eastern Gaul, on the Rhone. 

vieo, et-, 2, to twist, plait, weave, 

viesco, 3, to shrink, wither, 

vietus, a, um, shrivelled, shrunk, 

vigenisvicSni, twenty each, 

vigeo, 2, to thrive, floufish, 

vigesco, vigui, 3, grow flourishing, 

"^esimus, a, um, twentieth. 

vigil, ills, awake, watchful, alert. 

vigilans, tis, watchful, anxious, 

vigilantia, se, F., watchfulness, vigi- 
lance, wakefulness, 

vigilia, 8B, F., wakefulness, watch, 
guard, night-watch {\ of the night). 

vigilo, I, watch, guard, be watchful. 

viginti, twenty. 

viginti viri, Board of twenty (for 
assigning lands). 

vigor, oris, m., energy, force, vigor, 

vilesco, vilui, to grow worthless. 

vilipendo, 3, [pendo,] hold cheap, 

vilis, e, cheap, worthless, abundant. 

vilitas, atis, f., cheapness, baseness, 

vDiter, cheaply. 

vilito, I, to cheapen, degrade. 

villa (-ula), ae, f., country-seat, villa. 

villaticus, a, um, of a villa. 

villico (-or), i, manage an estate, 

viUicus, a, um, of a villa; m., f., 
steward, overseer, 

villosus, a, um, hairy, shaggy, 

yillum, i, n., [vinum,] sup of wine, 

villus, i, M., shaggy hair, 

vimen, inis, n., slender twig, osier, 

viminalis, e ; -eus, a, um, of osiers. 

vin (visne), will you f 

vinacea, ae, F., grape-husk, 

vinaceum, i, N., grape-stone. 

vinSlis, e, of wine ; N. pi., toine- 
festival (in April and August.) 

vinarius, a, um, of wine; M., wine-\ 
dealer; pi., N., wine-pots, 

vinca, ae, F., periwinkle, 

vinceus, a, um, for binding, 

vincibilis, e, of conquest, 

vincio, vinzi, vinct-, 4, bind, windy 
fetter, confine, fortify. 

vinco, Tnci, vict-, 3, conquer, sub- 
due, surpass, prevail. i_ 

vinctura, ae, f., bandage. 

vinctus, [vincio,] bound, 

vinculum, i, n., bond, chain, cord* 


vindemia — visus. 




vindemia, so, F., vintage, grape- 

harvest ; grapes, wine, 
viudemiator, oris, M., vintager. 
vindemio, i, gather grapes. 
viudex, icis, c, defender, deliverer, 

protector, avenger. 
vindicatio, dnia, F., claim, defence, 

vindicise, arum, f., claim at law. 
vindioo, i, to lay claim, save, de- 
liver, avenge. 
vindicta, se, f., Uie liberating-rod ; 

defence, vengeance. 
vinea, ee, f., vineyard, pent-house 

(for besiegers). 
▼inetum, i, N., vineyard. 
vineua, a, um, belonging to wine. 
▼initori oris, m., vine-clresser, 
vinolentia, so, F., intoxication. 
idnoleiitas, a, um, drunk with wine. 
vinoaus, a, um,/ti^ or fond of wine. 
vinum, i, N., wine, grapes. 
vio, I, go, travel 
▼iola, ae, F., violet, gilliflower. 
violabilia, e, subject to harm, 
violSceuB, a, um, of violet-color. 
violariuB, a, um, of violet dye; N., 

bed of violets. 
violatio, 5ni8, F., injury. 
violator, Sris, M., injurer, profaner, 

violatUB, [violo,] harmed. 
violena, tia, {yiBjjviolent, impetuous. 
violentia, 8B, f., violence, fierceness. 
violentua, a, um, vehem£nt, violent, 

violo, I, to harm, profane, violate. 
vipera, se, F., viper, adder. 
vipereuB (-inua), a, um, of a viper 

or snake. 
vipio, onis, M., a small crane. 
vlr, viri, m., man, male, husband. 
virago, inia, F., [virgo,] a heroine. 
vireo, 2, to be green or vigorous. 
vireo, onis, n., green-finch (f) 
vires, ium, f., [via,] strength, forces. 
viresco, 3, grow verdanL 
viresco, 3, to grow strong. 
viretum, i, N., turf, greensward. 
virga, ae, f., twig, rod, wand. 
virgator, oria, m., aflogger. 

virgatua, a, um, of twigs, striped. 

virgetum, i, n., osier-thicket, 

virgeus, a, um, of rods or twigs. 

virgidemia, se, f., harvest of rods, 

vir|;ixialis, e; -eua, a, um, of a 
girl or maiden, maidenly, 

virginariua, a, um, of virgins. 

Virguiia, a Roman maiden, slain 
by her father, to save her from 
tne decemvir, Ap. Claudius. 

virgiuitaa, atia, f., maidenhood. 

Virgo, iuis, f., maiden, virgin, young 
woman. Vestal; dea, Diana, 

virgosuB, a, um,/tt// of twigs. 

virgula, ae, f., a small rod. 

virgultum, i, N., thicket, shrubbery. 

virise, arum, F., bracelets, 

viridarium, i, n., pleasure-garden. 

viridicatuB, a, um, green. 

viridia, e, green, verdant, youthful, 

viriditaa, atia, F., verdure, vigor. 

virido, i, to make or grow green. 

virilia, e, manly, belonging to a man* 

viiHitaa, atia, f., manhood, 

viiiliter, manfully. 

viriola, 89, F., a little bracelet 

virioBUB, a, um, robust, rude. 

viritim, man by man. 

viroBUB, a, um, [vir,] fond of men. 

virofiUB, a, um, [virua,] rank, slimy. 

vlrtUB, utia, F., manhood, courage, 
valor, virtue, power. 

virulentUB, a, um, poisonous. 

virua, i, n., slime, poison, stench. 

via, vim, vi, f., force, violence, 
abundance ; pi., virea, strength. 

viacatua, a, um, [vlsoum,] limed. 

viacera, um, n., flesh, bowels, 

viBceratio, onia, f., distributing or 
devouring of meat. 

viacidua (-obub)^ a, um, clammy, 

viacum, i, n., misdetoe, birdlime. 

viscuB, eria, n., [veacor,] an in- 
terior organ ; pL, flesh, entrails. 

viaibilia, e, visible. 

viaio, onia, f., sight, vision, idea. 

viaito, I, to see or visit often. 

viao, ai, aum, 3, view, look at, visiU 

viauB, [video,] seen; n., a vision. 

viauB, UB, M., act or object of sight* 


vita — volutns. 

▼ita, 8B, F., lif€f subsistence, way of 

life, shade or spirit. 
vitabundus, dodging, avoiding. 
"Italia, e, of life, vital, 
vitatio, onis, f., shunning, 
vitellus, i, M.y little calf, yolk. 
viteus, a, um, of the vine. 
vitiariuxn, i, N., nursery of vines. 
vitiator, oris, M., corrupter, 
viticula, as, f., little vine, tendril, 
vitifer, era, um, vine-bearing. 
vitigenus (-eus), a, um, vine-borne. 
vitilis, e, [vieo,] platted, braided, 

woven; N. pi., wicker-work. 
vitio, I, to corrupt, hurt, spoil, 
vitiosua, a, um, faulty, vicious, 
vitis, is, f., vine, esp. grape-vine, 
vitdsEtor, oris, m., vine-planter, 
vitium, i, n., fault, vice. 
:ifco, I, shun, avoid, escape, 
vitrarius, i, M., glass-blower, 
vitreus, a, um, of glass, glassy; 

N. pi., glass-ware. 
vitricus, i, m., step-father, 
vitrum, i, N., glass, wood. 
vitta, SB, f., band, fillet. 
vitula, ae, F., heifer-calf 
vitulinus, a, um, of a calf; F. 

(or N. pL), veal. 
vitulor, I, [vinco,] keep holiday, 
vitulus, i, M., calf, foal. 
vituperabilis, e, blamable, 
vituperatio, onis, F., blame, 
vitupero, i, to blame, censure, 
vivacitas, atis, F. (vivaz), vital 

force, length of life. 
vivarius, a, um, of living creatures ; 

N., park, fish-pond. 
vivax, acis, long-lived, vigorous. 
viverra, ae, F., a ferret. 
vivesco (-isco), 3, get life or vigor, 
vividus, a, um, living, animated, 

vivid, vigorous, 
vivifico, I, to restore to life, 
vivificus, a, um, quickening. 
viviradix, icis, F., a quickset. 
vivo, viad, vict-, 3, to live, subsist, 

endure, support life, dwell, 
vivus, a, um., alive, living, 
vix, scarcely, hardly, 
vizdum, scarce yet, ■ 

vizet (vizisset), had lived. 
▼ocabulum, i, N., name, noun. 
vocalis, e, loud, vocal; f., vowel. 
vocatio, onis, f., summons, 
vocator, oris, m., inviter, 
vocatus, us, M., call, invocation, 
vociferatio, onis, p., outcry. 
vSciferor, i, to cry aloud, shout. 
vocifico, I, to proclaim. 
vocito, I, call of en or loudly, 
voco, I, caU, summon, invoke, invite, 
vocula, 8B,F., a soft or feeble voice, 
vola, 8B, F., palm, sole, 
volaticus, a, um, winged, fleeting, 
volatilis, e, winged, swift. 
volatus, us, M. ; -tura, se, F., flight, 
VoIoanu8=Vulcanu8, Vulcan, 
volema (pira), N. pL, pound pear. 
volens, tis, [volo,] willing, ready, 

favorably inclined. 
voIg6=vulg6, commonly, 
volgU8=vulgus, common people. 
volito, I, fly, flit, hasten, hover, 
voInus=vuinus, wound. 
volo, velle, volui (§ 37, i.), wish, 

will, maintain. 
volo, I, to fly, hasten, 
vol5nes, um, m., volunteers, 
volpes=vulpes, fox. 
Volsci, orum, a people of Latium. 
volsella, ae, f., [vello,] tweezers, 
volsus, [vello,] plucked, 
voltus===vultus, face, 
volubilis, e, spinning, flotving, 
volubilitas, atis, f., whirling, fl^w. 
volucer, oris, cret flying, winged, 

fleet ; f., a bird, winged creature. 
volumen, inis, n., a roll, volume, 

voluntarius, a,um, voluntary; u., 

voluntas, atis, f., wiU, wish, choice, 

good-will, meaning, 
volupe, agreeably, 
voluptarius, a, um, voluptuous, 
voluptas, atis, F., pleasure, delight, 
voluptuosus, a, um,/M// of delight, 
volutabrum, i, n., wallotoing-place. 
volutatio, onis, f., wallowing, 
voluto, I, to turn, twist, roll, ponder. 
volutus, [volvo,] turned. 



volva — ^hnm. 


volva (-ula^ 89, F., wrapper^ womb, 
volvo, vi, ut-, 3, to roll, turn, revolve, 

vdmer (is), eris, m., phugJiskare, 
vomica, 8B, f., boil, tumor, plague. 
vomitoriuB, a, um, emetic ; N. pi., 

vomitns, us, m. ; -tio, onis, F., 

vomo, ui, it-, 3, vomit, discharge. 
vopiscus, i, M., the living twin, 
voracitas, atis, F., greediness, 
voraginosuB, a, 1x1x1, full of pits, 
vorago, inis, F., gulf, chasm, guUy. 
voraz, acis, devouring, greedy, 
voro, I, to devour, engulf, consume. 
vorso=ver80, turn, 
vor8U8:^verBus, towards, 
vortez=s=vertez, whirlpool, 
V08 (tu), you, 
voater^vester, your, 
votivns, a, um, pledged by vow, 

votive, longed for, 
votumi, i, N., a vow, solemn pledge, 

votive offering, desire, 
voveo, vovi. vot-, 2^ to vow, con- 
secrate, devote. 
vox, vocia, F., voice, sound, call, 

ti'ord, speech, proverb, 
Vulcanus, i, the god of Fire, 
vulgaris, e, common, ordinary, 
vulgatus, [vulgo,] commonlyknotvn, 
vulgd, commonly, publicly, 
vulgo, I, to publvih, divulge, mingle, 
vulgus, i, N. ; (or M.), common peo- 
ple, multitude, mob. 
vulnero, i, to wound, hurt, 
vulnificus, a, um, wounding, 
vulnus, eris, n., a wound, hurt, 
vulpes, is ; -cula, sb, f., fox. 
vulpinaris, e, crafty, foxy, 
vulpinus, a, um, oj a fox, 
vulsella=Bvolaella, tweezers. 

vulsus, [vello,] plucked. 

vulticulus, i, M., 7niei\, look. 

vultuosus, a, um,/tx// of airs. 

vultur, uris, m.. vulture, 

vulturinus, a, um, of the vulture, 

vulturius, i, m., vulture, extortioner, 
bad throw (of dice). 

Vultumus, i, M., a river of Cam- 

vultus, fis, M.,fac€, countenance* 

vulva=volva, wrapper, womb. 

Xanthus, i, n., a river near Troy. 

tzenium, i, n., a guest-gift, 

Xenophon, ontis, Athenian gene- 
ral and historian, B.C. 445-356. 

Xerzes, is, king of Persia, who 
invaded Greece, B.C. 480. 

f zystus, i, M., a covered porch. 


Zacynthus, i, f., the island Zante. 
Zama, ee, F., a town of N. Africa, 

where Hannibal was defeated 

by Scipio, B.C. 202. 
fzamia, se, F., hurt, loss, 
f zea, 86, F., spelt (a kind of wheat), 
t zelotypus, a, xan, jealous. 
Zephfrua, i, m., the west wind, 

fzona, ae, f., belt, girdle, zone, hem, 

zoniriua, a, um, of the bell ; sector, 

t zopissa, ae, F., cauJking-pkch, 
f zotheca, se, f., cabinet, niche, 
f zygia, as, F., hornbeam, 
fzythum, i, n., an Egyptian beer. 

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